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CNC PLASMA CUTTING MACHINE3000X1500MM CUTTING TABLEMODEL: FLASHCUT/AC200Plasma cutting machine with a 3000x1500mm cutting tableTECHNICAL DATA:Power Voltage:Effective Cutting Width (mm):Rail width(mm)Effective Cutting Length (mm):Rail length(mm)Torch up-down moving distance(mm)Idle max speed (mm/min)Plasma cutting torch(pcs)Cutting thickness(mm)Critical component and benefetsPlasma power sourceservo motorDriving systemGear boxRailmetal plate presserAutomatic THC for plasmaCNC controllerNesting softwareDust removingPacking Type220V/380V, 50HZ1500180030003500170120001 by AC200Aluminium up to25mmVcitor AC200Panasonic motordual driving,with 2 panasonic driving motorNeugart High speed Gear box, ten years no need maintenanceLiner rails on X and Ysupplied withHugong THCHG613, 17‘’ monitorFastCAM ProwaterpoolWooden caseMain part brandPart namebrand nameLOGOOriginCNC controllerHugongChinaPlasma unitAmrican-VictorUSATorch height controllerHugongChinaNesting softwareAustralianFastCAMAustralia

Servo motor-on Y axisJapanese-PanasonicMade in ChinaServo motor-on X axisJapanese-PanasonicMade in ChinaServo motor-on Z axisJapanese-PanasonicMade in ChinaRelayJapaneseOMRONMade in ChinaBreakerFrench-SchneiderMade in ChinaLinear railHIWINTaiwan

AUTOMATED PLASMACUTTING SYSTEMSVictor Thermal Dynamics introduces AUTO-CUT XT SYSTEMSThe new Auto-Cut XT systems deliver the next step in flexibilityand reliability in heavy plate cutting applications. MaximumLife Parts to Lower Operating Costs Increased Productivity for Greater Profits Water Mist Secondary (WMS ) for Low Cost, High Quality Cuttingon Non-Ferrous MetalsWe Bring Intelligence to the Table.TM

Victor Thermal Dynamics introduces AUTO-CUT XT SYSTEMSAuto-Cut 200 XT & 300 XT systems deliver premium cut performance on both mild steeland non-ferrous metals. These power supplies are designed for reliable, low cost operation.Features like the XT -301 consumable parts cartridge and the Machine Status MessageCenter make the these models easy to operate.The Flexibility to Cut Thick or Thin on All Kinds Of MetalsXT-301 consumable parts are available for cutting metals from gauge .394" (1.0 mm) to a 1" (25 mm) plate[1¼" (35 mm) for Auto-Cut 300 XT]. Auto-Cut XT systems with the XT-301 torch, are normally operated usingeconomical air plasma and air shield gas for cutting mild steeland most non-ferrous metals. This results in high quality surfacefinishes and low dross cuts.For even better cut quality on mild steel, Auto-Cut XT models offersO2 plasma cutting capability. For lowest cost non-ferrous metalcutting and unmatched cut quality, use our unique Water MistSecondary (WMS ) process with nitrogen plasma and water shield.If heavy non-ferrous metal cutting is required, switch to Ar-H2 (H35)and Nitrogen shield for premium non-ferrous metal performanceup to 1" (25 mm) or 1¼" (35 mm) for Auto-Cut 300 XT.Cut fast with Air-AirVictor Thermal Dynamics’ patented XT TorchConsumable Technology is ideal for cutting fromgauge .394" (1.0 mm) to 1" (25 mm) [1¼" (35 mm)for Auto-Cut 300 XT]. Excellent quality cuts willbe achieved on both ferrous and non-ferrousmetals at higher speeds. Small heat affected zone and smooth cuttingedge surface Narrow kerf for tighter angles and radiusesat high speeds Wide low dross parameter windows Higher arc density for faster speeds withoutsacrificing cut quality Faster cuts with Air/Air on Stainless SteelRelative Cutting Speed20050801503810Auto-Cut 300 XTOxyfuel100501270IPM1/2"(12 mm)2540mm/min3/4"(20 mm)1"(25 mm)1¼"(35 mm)1½"(40 mm)

Auto-Cut XT systems offer maximum productivity with reliability and easeProductivityEase of Use High cut speed to produce more parts per hour With Water Mist Secondary (WMS) the cut speed can beup to 3 times faster than with similar cutting systems Highest kW output in its class Outstanding parts life Reduced downtime during parts changes due to theSpeedLok cartridge design of the XT 301-TorchReliability Exhaustive lab testing and field trials ensure on-goingperformance and reliabilityTechnology Microprocessor controlled to produce the best cut quality Precision torch design offers the best cut quality in its class Higher cut speed than H35 with the use of N2/H20on non-ferrous metalsXT 301-Torch TechnologyVictor Thermal Dynamics XT Torch Technology deliversproductivity and reliability. Keyless consumable cartridges for rapid process changes Precision construction insuring accurate re-centeringof consumable cartridge after parts change Rapid engagement SpeedLock retaining collar Liquid cooled consumable parts electrical connections Spring loaded leak-less coolant tube design Increased cooling of tip and electrode Improved life through patent alignment controlFast and easy installationSimple set-up and user-friendly gas consoleSpeedLok quick-change consumable designEasy to identify and troubleshoot problems

PLASMASHIELDRUNSETAWe Bring Intelligence to the Table.PLASMATMSHIELDRUNSETAFull Featured Gas ControlAC 200 XTPlasma, secondary pressures and flows are precisely controlled at thesecondary gas to water mist secondary is simple with the front power supply with individual single stage regulators. Changing from thePLASMASHIELDPLASMAmounted selector switch.等离子气体压力控制旋钮AC 300 ELDGASAH2O MISTH2O SETAH20 MISTSHIELD GAS保护气体选择器H20 Water Mist Secondary (WMS) optimizes non-ferrous metalcutting (optional for Auto-Cut 200 XT)WMS Benefits Excellent non-ferrous metal cut quality using N2 as plasmagas and ordinary tap water as the secondary Lowest operating cost Dross-free cutting from gauge .394" (1.0 mm) to 3/4" (20 mm) Oxide-free cut face surface Wide parameter window Easy-to-use High cut speeds compared to H35 cutting Standard with AC 300, Optional with AC 200N2 / H20 Plasma on Non-Ferrous

Victor Thermal Dynamics introduces AUTO-CUT XT SYSTEMSSpecificationsAuto-Cut 200 XTAuto-Cut 300 XTUnit Specifications*Unit Specifications*Rated Output (Amps)Output Range (Amps)Output (Volts)200 A5-200 A170 V380 V, 3 ph, 50-60 Hz,400V, 3 ph, 50-60 Hz,Input Volts(Volts, Phase, Hertz)480V, 3 ph, 50-60 HzDuty Cycle (@ 104ºF / 40º C)Max OCV @ 400VPlasma GasShield Gas300 A5-300 A180 VInput Volts380 V, 3 ph, 50-60 Hz,400V, 3 ph, 50-60 Hz,480V, 3 ph, 50-60 Hz65 A @ 380 V62 A @ 400 V52 A @ 480 VInput Amps(Amps, Volts)Rated OutputOutput RangeOutput97 A @ 380 V93 A @ 400 V77 A @ 480 VInput Amps100% (40 kW)425 VAir, O2, Ar-H2, N2 @ 120 psi (8.3 bar)Air, N2 @ 120 psi (8.3 bar)Duty Cycle (@ 104ºF / 40º C)Max OCV @ 400VPlasma GasShield GasWater Mist Secondary (WMS)(Optional)H20 @ 10 GPH (0.6 l/min)Power Supply Weight475 lbs (215 kg)Power Supply WeightDimensions (H x W x D)48.0" x 27.5" x 40.6" (1219 mm x698 mm x 1031 mm)Dimensions (H x W x D)Water Mist Secondary (WMS)Cutting CapacityAir, O2, Ar-H2, N2 @ 120 psi (8.3 bar)Air, N2 @ 120 psi (8.3 bar)H20 @ 10 GPH (0.6 l/min)590 lbs (268 kg)54.9" x 27.5" x 40.6" (1371 mm x698 mm x 1031 mm)Cutting CapacityMild SteelStainless SteelAluminumProduction Piercing1" (25 mm)1" (25 mm)1" (25 mm)Maximum Piercing1¼" (35 mm)1¼" (35 mm)1¼" (35 mm)2" (50 mm)2" (50 mm)2" (50 mm)Maximum Edge Start100% (60 kW)425 VMild SteelStainless SteelAluminumProduction Piercing1¼" (35 mm)1¼" (35 mm)1¼" (35 mm)Maximum Piercing1½" (40 mm)1½" (40 mm)1½" (40 mm)Maximum Edge Start 2 ¾" (70 mm) 2 ¾" (70 mm) 2 ¾" (70 mm)* Subject to change without notice

Victor Thermal Dynamics introduces AUTO-CUT XT SYSTEMSCut Speeds with Reliable PerformanceCutting Speed Chart For Auto-Cut XT SystemsMaterialMild SteelStainless SteelAluminumThickness(Inch)Speed(IPM)21 ga.10 5001901301507530201301006035110755035208416 ga.10 5456050356040100604016 56050357060907045AmpsPlasma Thickness 901320WMS Cut ExampleExample for 5/8" (15 mm) & 3/4" (20 mm) on AluminumAir/Air Cut ExampleNote: The cutting speed chart includes preliminary data and is subject to change without notice. Take care incomparison. The speeds noted above are best cut speeds. Often, competitors show maximum cutting speeds.Although much higher speeds can be achieved, edge quality and bevel angle may be compromised. The capabilitiesshown in this table were obtained by using new consumables, correct gas and current settings, accurate torchheight control and with the torch perpendicular to the workpiece. The operating chart does not list all processesavailable for the Auto-Cut 200 & 300 XT. Please contact Victor Thermal Dynamics for more information.U.S. Customer Care: 866-279-2628Form No. 63-1301 (03/07/13) Canada Customer Care: 905-827-4515 2013 Victor Technologies International, Inc.Example for 5/8" (15 mm) cutting with Air/Air on Mild Steel International Customer Care: 940-381-1212VictorTechnologies.comPrinted in U.S.A.


CNC PLASMA CUTTING MACHINE 3000X1500MM CUTTING TABLE MODEL: FLASHCUT/AC200 Plasma cutting machine with a 3000x1500mm cutting table TECHNICAL DATA: Power Voltage: 220V/380V, 50HZ Effective Cutting Width (mm): 1500 Rail width(mm) 1800 Effective Cutting Length (mm):

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of components they are CNC machine, controllers, machine table and most 2D software which used to convert images to some set of CNC codes to operate in specified coordinates. Keywords: Oxyfuel, Plasma CNC machine, Gantry, CNC controller, p2p software. 1. Introduction The plasma cutting is a process of cutting in which it uses a

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3 Lorsqu’un additif présent dans un arôme, un additif ou une enzyme alimentaire a une fonction technologique dans la denrée alimentaire à laquelle il est adjoint, il est considéré comme additif de cette denrée alimentaire, et non de l’arôme, de l’additif ou de l’enzyme alimentaire ajouté et doit dès lors remplir les conditions d’emploi définies pour la denrée en question .