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At Hershey’s we care about yourstudents as much as you do. In school year 2019-2020, Hershey’s Ice Cream proudlypartnered with No Kid Hungry .As a result of our efforts, we raised and donated 125,000 tofeed kids in need. Every 1 donated will supply up to 10 mealsto feed hungry kids.Show left to right: Tom Ryan, Hershey’s , Mary Kate Holder Grimes, Hershey’s , Matt Ryan, Hershey’s ,Zach Waite, Hershey’s , Shana Newman Fajado, No Kid Hungry , Abbey Voelker, No Kid Hungry ,George Holder, Hershey’s , Tim Ryan, Hershey’s , Jim Holder, Hershey’s .For more information please

Grab the attention of your students and drive moreà la carte sales with free tools that no other SmartSnacks dessert company gives you!Sample MenusWe help make meal planningeasier with pre-made menusto help schools with planning.Menu BoardsWe can provide durablemenu boards with reusable,ready-to-apply stickers toshow what is available atlunch everyday!Posters to DownloadWe help schools get students excited aboutlunch items with our pre-made 11”w x 17”h posters!Custom Order CardsWe know how busy FSDs are. That’s why we canprovide custom order cards that show only yourproducts, and make ordering easier.Free Promotional CalendarThis book which is available as a PDF download, contains pages geared to specific product information and aprintable mini poster for each product (shown below). We provide menu ideas and great promotions you can runeach month to excite students, andincrease your lunchtime participation.Social Media SupportOur Smart Snacks Resource pagehas ready-made posts a school candownload and use. They can alsouse any post we put up on ourSmart Snacks Facebook page!And so much more!For more information please visit: sources.html

Making lunch more memorable.Ice Cream Cones - With Real Ice Cream!Caramel Mochaccino ConeNEW! Low fat mocha and caramelflavored ice creams in a chocolate conetopped with espresso bark.Cookies & Cream ConeLow fat, artificially flavored cookie andcream ice cream cone.Crazy ConeWacky colored, low fat artificiallyflavored vanilla ice cream cone.Ice Cream Sandwiches - With Real Ice Cream!Cookies & Cream4 oz. low fat cookies &cream flavored ice creamand chocolate wafers.Llama PartyNEW! Low fat, cupcakeflavored ice cream and naturalrainbow sprinkles between twovanilla wafers.Vanilla4 oz. low fat artificiallyflavored vanilla ice creamand chocolate wafers.Brownie Batter4 oz. low fat, artificially flavoredbrownie batter ice cream andchocolate wafers.Mighty Mini2.5 oz. Reduced fat,artificially flavored vanillaice cream and chocolatewafers.Vanilla/ChocolateTwist ConeLow fat, artificially flavored, vanilla andchocolate twist ice cream cone.

Stick BarsChocolate ScooterA creamy chocolate centersurrounded by artificiallyflavored no fat vanilla icecream and cake crunch.Carnival Cotton CandyFrozen YogurtNon fat cotton candy frozenyogurt bar.Banana Cream Tropi-KoolFruit BarFat free, frozen fruit and cream barwith real bananas.Strawberry Tropi-KoolFruit BarFat free, fozen fruit bar withreal strawberries.Strawberry ScooterA strawberry center coveredwith artificially flavoredno fat vanilla ice creamand cake crunch.Orange Blossom Artificially flavored, low fatvanilla ice cream swirledwith non fat orange sherbet.Mango Tropi-KoolFruit BarFat free, frozen fruit and creambar with real mango.Salted CaramelBrownie CrunchRich brownie core surroundedin artificially flavored non fatsalted caramel ice creamcovered in chocolate crunch.Fudge-O A delicious, fat freechocolatey fudge bar!Fruit Punch FreezeArctic Apple Polar BlastPolar Blast Fruit Juice BarFruit Juice BarFat free, fruit punch flavoredfrozen fruit juice bar.NEW! Fat free, sour appleflavored frozen fruit juice bar.

3 oz. Dessert Cups - With Real Ice Cream!Birthday CakeSingle serving of low fatbirthday cake yogurt.Strawberry SundaeChocolateChocolate SundaeSingle serving of low fat chocolateice cream.Single serving of low fat vanilla ice creamwith strawberry sauce.Single serving of a low fat vanilla icecream with chocolate sauce.VanillaSingle serving of low fat vanilla ice cream.Cotton CandySingle serving of a low fat cottoncandy ice cream.All-Star SundaeSingle serving of low fat blue and white vanillaice cream with berry flavored sauce.3 oz. Seasonal Dessert Cups - With Real Ice Cream!Spooky SundaeSingle serving of low fat orangecolored vanilla ice cream withchocolate sauce.Candy CaneSingle serving of low fatpeppermint ice cream.Cherry Vanilla SwirlSingle serving of low fat cherry andvanilla ice cream.Spring PartySingle serving of low fat birthday cakeice cream.

.one meal at a time, everyday!Twister CupsSour Blue RaspberryFat free, sour blue raspberryfruit juice twister cup.Cotton CandyFat free, cotton candy flavoredfrozen yogurt twister cup.Unicorn HornNEW! Fat free, birthday cake flavoredfrozen yogurt twister cup.Juice Rush Cups - Equal to 1/2 cup fruit! Cherry Blue RaspberryFat free, cherry and blue raspberry frozensnack made from 100% fruit juice.Strawberry MangoFat free, natural strawberry mango flavoredfrozen snack made from 100% fruit juice.Mango HeatNEW! Fat free, natural spicy mangoflavored frozen snack made from100% fruit juice.Our team is dedicatedto extreme quality and safety.We’ve been serving schools with delicious products long before the Smart Snacks Initiativestarted. We have been producing delicious ice cream treats for over 125 years. We have used thisexpertise to craft America’s largest smart snack frozen dessert program with treats that are being enjoyedby millions of students every day, each year. To ensure the products served in schools are safe and delicious,our team performs rigorous daily cleaning, ongoing facility maintenance and adherence to a strict allergen programthat strives to eliminate cross contact. We are committed to accurately manufacturing and labeling our products, soat all schools we serve, directors and students can make decisions about which items meet their dietary requirements.

45 items - a variety students will love! Serving over 15,000 K-12 schools and growing. Turn-key program and resources thatattract kids to buy. No-cost use of freezer equipment* whichwill save you time and money! We are proudly family-owned and operatedsince 1894.Hershey’s Satisfaction Guaranteeand 60 Day PledgeLet us prove Hershey’s Ice Cream is the best choice. To convinceyou that Hershey’s products and programs are the best in the business,try us for 60 days.If you are not pleased with our program, products, or customer service, we will pick upthe remaining product and happily refund your money.You have NOTHING to lose! You have EVERYTHING to gain!Hershey’s Ice Cream 301 S. Cameron St.Harrisburg, PA 17101-2815Toll Free 888-240-1905Fax 717-233-7195Flavor and item selection may vary by region. Please ask your salesrepresentative about the products that are available in your area.* Must meet volume requirements. . PRODUCTS OF HERSHEY CREAMERY CO. — NOT AFFILIATED WITH HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE

At Hershey’s we care about your students as much as you do. In school year 2019-2020, Hershey’s

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Garden (now Hershey Gardens). Milton and Kitty Hershey with friends in High Point gardens, ca. 1911. Henry Hohman visited Hershey Gardens in 1971. He donated more than 400 varieties of conifers, Boxwoods, Hollies and other ever-green plants to Hershey Gardens, in 1967. During the 1950s and 1960s, Hershey . Gardens expanded with the addition of

Sustainable palm oil sourcing: Palm oil comes from the African oil palm tree and is used in a wide variety of products, include Hershey’s chocolate. However, the production of palm oil . 80 percent of Hershey’s packaging is recyclable, including syrup bottles, foil, paper wrappers, and boxes. Recyclin

Sustainable palm oil sourcing: Palm oil comes from the African oil palm tree and is used in a wide variety of products, include Hershey’s chocolate. However, the production of palm oil . More than 80 percent of Hershey’s packaging is recyclable, including syrup bottles, foil, paper wrappers, and boxes

The Hershey Company is a US based candy compa-ny and one of the largest chocolate producers in the world. Continuing Milton Hershey’s legacy of commitment to consumers, community and chil-dren, Hershey’s provides high-quality products while conducting our business in a socially respon-sible and environmentally sustainable manner. Created by

16 Marsanna Lane, Jonestown 17038 Indiantown Gap 717-865-8080 17 miles from trial site 10/nite pet fee LaQuinta Inn & Suites Harrisburg Airport 990 Eisenhower Blvd., Harrisburg PA 17111 Hershey 717-939-8000 17.5 miles from trial site LaQuinta Inn & Suites Harrisburg-265 N Hershey Rd.(RT39) Harrisburg PA Hershey 717 -566 7666 17112 13.9 miles

Hershey, Pa. Hershey, located in south central Pennsylvania, was founded in 1903 by chocolate entrepreneur Milton S. Hershey. Since the completion of the chocolate factory in 1905, the town has become home to 13,000 residents and welcomes thousands of people each year to its many cultural and entertainment offerings.

Hershey-Chase experiment finally provided convincing evidence that DNA is the genetic material. 5.3.1 Hershey and Chase experiment on T. 2. bacteriophage. Alfred Hershey. and . Martha Chase (1952) conducted experiments on bacteriophages that infect bacteria. Phage T. 2. is a

Trustee Joy Harris Jane Gardener Simon Hebditch Trustee Sarah Howell- Davies Jill Batty Cartriona Sutherland treasurer Verity Mosenthal Jenny Thoma Steve Mattingly Trustee Anne Sharpley Lynn Whyte Katy Shaw Trustee Sandra Tait Tina Thorpe Judith Lempriere The position of chair is contested so there will be an election for this post Supporting Statements David Beamish Standing for Chair I .