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703 / 704 / 705 / 706 / 707 / 709 / 711TCM Skid Steer Loaders (SSL)Designed and built to meet customer needs and toughmaterial handling requirements, thus enjoying the topmarketshare of skid steer loaders in Japan.Ecology& ActivitySafety& Comfort01703/704705/706707/709711Bucket capacity Rated capacityBucket capacity Rated capacityBucket capacity Rated capacityBucket capacity Rated capacity0.14m 3(703) 270kg (703)0.17m 3(704) 320kg (704)0.22m 3 (705) 430kg (705)0.28m 3 (706) 500kg (706)0.31m3 (707) 580kg (707)0.35m 3 (709) 690kg (709)0.40m 3840kg02

Act ivit achHydraulic Bucket-Leveling MechanismTop-Class Dumping Reach and ClearanceThe bucket can always be leveled during raising for efficient loadingwith less load spill. While raising the bucket, no pedal control isrequired for simple, easy operation.Ideal matching of dumping reach and clearance helps ease loadhandling for higher job efficiency. The new R-shaped bucketenhances smooth load discharge. The increased bucket roll-backangle minimizes load falling.Min. Turning Radius, Front with Std Bucket:2090mm (Model 706)E colog yModel703704705706707HST System(Hydro-Static Transmission)The dual-pump, dual-motor HST system brings excellentmaneuverability, pivot turn, agile movements, and plenty of tractionforce even on slippery ground. The big-power clean enginegives the machine extra power and speed, and enhancesenvironment friendliness.Big Loading CapacityEfficient Cooling SystemThe oil cooler is arranged before theradiator fan for efficient cooling andnoise reduction.The machine features compact, sleek body, and the biggest loadingcapacity in its class. This means the machine provides high jobefficiency in a variety of applications, including gardening, firming,stock-breeding, snow plowing, and civil engineering work.ModelPowerful Clean EngineThe engines complying with the 2nd stage emission controls delivermore power with less emissions. The fuel combustion system isfurther improved to reduce ment (cc)Rated Output 433.5/2400V3300331847.8/2500Low Noise DesignLow noise operation is achieved with an array of noisesuppression measures:・Sound-absorbing mat・Engine rubber-mount・Efficient cooling system・Large-capacity muffler・Boxed-in engine pumps and valvesRated 1840709711 Dumpingclearance(mm) sed Travel Speed and Drawbar-PullTravel speed and drawbar-pull can be continuously controlled withthe HST system and steering lever according to job needs for efficientuse of engine horsepower.ModelMaximum speed(km/h)7039.09.87049.010.815.7Maximum traction 71110.029.4Quick CarrierThe quick carrier allows replacement of the attachment by levercontrol. The lever linkage section prevents the foreign particles suchas mud and sand, when the lever is locked.04

Co m for tAssured SafetyEasy-to-Read Instrument PanelTransparent ScreenInstrument panel, controls and meters are ergonomicallyarranged for easy operation. Meters and switches are groupedin front of the operator for easy control.The transparent acrylic screen is provided as standard at the cabintop for better upward visibility even in the rain. The screen is easilydetachable.S afet ySafety Lever and Loading PedalLights for Safer OperationThe bucket, boom, and attachment can be locked with the safety lever.The safety lever is interlocked with the loading pedal. Even when thesafety lever is released, the loading pedal is locked. The safety lever isopened sideward to left or right for easy operation.Headlights (Halogen type) and turn signal lights on both sides areprovided standard for safe operation even in the rain. On themid-sized models (705 and larger), the brake light is provided asa combination light.Easily Accessible Roomy CabinTravel Levers and ArmrestsThe instrument panel, meters and controls are functionally arranged to give wider operatorspace for comfortable operation. On large-sized models,the entry is widened and the stepis lowered for easy access to the seat.Travel levers are fitted with soft-touch resingrips for pleasant handling. Armrestsreduce operator fatigue in long, continuousoperation. The turn signal, and hornswitches are mounted on the top of the leftand right levers, respectively.HST PumpChain ReductionHST MotorsAxle Shaft(Model 707・709)Rugged Drive ChainsEasier Inspection and MaintenanceThe heavy-duty drive chains in two short loops on each side are ruggedenough for long service life in tough operations.The cabin and one-touch tailgate hood can be opened for quickinspection and maintenance of the engine, hydraulics, etc.05Durable, ComfortableOperator SeatBig Power with LessVibrationThe operator seat is monolithically formed,using high-quality, water-resistant material.The seat is designed for seating comfortand durability. On the mid-sized model(705 and lager), the deluxe wider operatorseat is provided along with side support,seat belt and pocket.A four-point rubber mount systemreduces vibrations.Fuel Port LidThe fuel port is located below the side panelfor easy refueling. The fuel port is fitted witha lid for sealing.06

These photos are the examples of the application of attachments in Japan. Some of the trucks are with special arrangements.AttachmentVarious Attachmentsfor Diversified ApplicationsVarious attachments of Skid Steer Loaders are available for diversified purposes including material handling, stackingand digging in agricultural scenes, snow removing and civil engineering. These attachments have increased the valuesof Skid Steer Loaders in the industries, with utilized applications.07For FarmingFor FarmingFor FarmingFor Industrial Waste, PaperUtility ForksPallet ForksFork GrappleBucket GrappleFor Industrial Waste, PaperFor Snow RemovingFor StackingFor FarmingWing BucketLight BucketToothed Dirt BucketDigging Forks08

SSL 706Power unitDiesel opearating capacitykg270320430500580690840Tipping .32.82.9Lower(empty) /hMaximum traction force(w/rated 830309031603330mm D895104011801270Bucket stdmm C90010501230142015351540mm F720830930mmJ107511401300Rear overhangmm K720840740/740825/825965/96516801670Front overhang, bucket on groundmm G262515Loader bodyfront/ rear29.417Wheel 70*1345/1345Overall height at CABmm E17701830Overall operating heightmm31103430366020401995/2025*4010Height to hinge pin(fully raised)mm2390270028353120Dumping clearance, max.height, full dump positionmm H1815213022002400Dumping reach max.height,full dump positionmmI47048061068037Rollback angle(at carry position)deg.363735Dump angle(max.)deg.40403740Ground clearancemm155170185220Drawbar heightmmService 43.3184 cycle, water cooledTypeDisplacementlit0.7783444mm67.0 x 73.678.0 x 78.487.0 x 102.498.0 x 110.0Number of cylindersBore x stroke1.498Rated output11.5kW/ 2800rpm20.1kW/ 2400rpm33.5kW/ 2400rpm47.8kW/ 2500rpmMaximum torque43.1N.m/ 2200rpm90.0N.m/ 1600rpm156.4N.m/ 1600rpm210.7N.m/ 1800rpm 220.1N.m/ 1400rpmAir-cleanerDry cyclon typeFuel inj. pumpPlunger typeLubricating oil filterFull flow / Spin-on cartridgeAlternatorStarter motorBatteryAC 0.48kW, 12VAC 0.36kW, 12V12V - 1.2kW12V - 1.4kW1 x 12V/ 32AH/5h1 x 12V/ 55AH/5hTypeHST pumpHST motorBrake system12V - 3.0kW1 x 12V/ 64AH/5hCapacityVariable capacity, axial piston pumpcc/rev.0 〜 16.40 〜 43.5TypeCapacity0 〜 45.9Constant capacity, trochoid motorcc/rev.195311195Gear & chain single reductionDrive systemTyresAC 0.54kW, 12V12V - 2.0kWHydraulic driveTypeReductionAxles4-wheel driveFrontFrame 23x8.50-12-6PR 27x8.50-25-6PR 27x9.50-15-6PRType10-16.5-6PR12-16.5-8PRTraction lugServiceHST motor shaft braking, multiple wet discParkingLoading mechanism & linkage45 x 60250 x 70360 x 71563 x 85345 x 34550 x 38160 x 44963 x 51222.827.8TypeGear pumpcc/rev.9.0816.8TypeGear pumpDisplacementcc/rev.9.0816.822.822.9Main control valve Set relief press.Mpa12.314.717.216.7858687686772Operator's ear at max.governor speedNormal travelling modeSSL 707SSL 709SSL 709V(OPT.)SSL L 703SSL 704SSL 705SSL 706SSL 707SSL 709SSL 709V(OPT.)SSL le operator seatFront widow's glassHeaterOperator hand tool kitOverhead roof with resinified screenRear window's glassRoom mirrorSafety seat leversSteel cabin with front doorAircleaner dust indicatorAuxiliary hydraulic valve modules(3spool)Body coloring paint(White)Cycropac aircleanerDual-element aircleanerFuel-cap with key(Vandalism)Hydraulic bucket leveling mechanismHydraulic control valve(2spool)Lever operational, attachmentLifting-eye deviceLoading pedal lock systemOil-cooler dust screenPedal under coverPlate-fin type radiatorQuick carrierRadiator dust screenUnder cover(Guard)Unique cushion tyreWheel-rim, galvnizedWheel-rim off-set typeAttachment pedalBack buzzerBoom pedalBrake pedalBucket pedalCombination meter:(Hourmeter)(Engine oil pressure warning)(Engine water temp. gauge)(HST oil pressure warning)(HST oil temp. warning)(Fuel gauge)(Battery charge warning)Horn & switchLighting switchStarter switch(inc. Glow switch)Turn signal switchBrake lightsHead lightsParking lightRear working lightTail lightsTurn signal lights(Front & Rear)Bucket, dirtBucket, dirt reignforced typeBucket, double edgeBucket, utilityBucket, utility, galvanizedBucket, utility, double edgeBucket, utility, double edge, galvanizedBucket, utility, stainlessBucket with toothBucket, lightBucket, wing type ABucket, wing type BBucket, wing type CBladeForks, industrial palletForks, utilityForks, utility, grapplesForks, diggingSTD: Standard configulationBucket cylinder(bore x stroke mm) 2pcsCharging pumpSSL 705SSL 706OPT: OptionsHyd.automatic bucket leveling systemBoom cylinder(bore x stroke mm) 2pcsDisplacementSSL 703SSL 704Service brake pedal lockingSkid-steering, independent RH/LH wheelsSteerng systemMain pump INSTRUMENTS & 0MakeEngine & electrical system22.5301670mm12.015.7Equipment & OperationRaise(w/rated load) secHydraulic cycle time DumpOverall widthModelSSL 711m3Overall length,bucket on ground mm BPower trainSSL 709V(OPT.)HeapedMin.turning radius,rearNoise Loading & hydraulic Brake & Axles & wheelssteeringlevelSSL 709SeatedOperationMin.turning radius,front with std bucket mm A09SSL 707Front end typeGreadeabilityDemensions & WeightsSSL 705Operators CABSSL 704Instruments & controlSSL 703TypeTravel speed STANDARD EQUIPMENTS & OPTIONSUNICARRIERSModel designationBucket capacityPerformance STANDARD DIMENSIONSManufacturerBuckets & Loading attachmentsCharacteristics STANDARD SPECIFICATIONSdB(A)――*Figures for CIS markets (EXR figures)①②③④⑤⑥⑦⑧⑨⑩Operator seatSteering leverBrake pedalAccelerator leverStarter switchLighting switchHour meterFuel gaugeTurn signal switchHorn button⑪⑫⑬⑭⑮⑯⑰⑱⑲⑳Engine thermometerEngine oil pressure indicatorHST oil filter pressure indicatorHST oil temperature indicatorBattery charge indicatorEngine glow indicatorParking brake indicatorBoom pedalBucket pedalOptional pedal SERVICE REFILL CAPACITIESModelEngine coolant(Engine & Radiator)Fuel tankEngine crankcaseTransmission(HST) caseHydraulic oil tankLit.Lit.Lit.Lit.Lit.10

UniCarriers Corporation retains the right to change these products and specifications without incurring any obligation relating to such changes.These products and specifications are subject to change without notice.Photos and illustrations may or may not include optional equipment and accessories.Features and specifications may vary depending on markets.Produced in ISO certified factory.Bellport E,6-22-7,Minami-Oi,Shinagawa-ku Tokyo 140-0013,JapanTEL: 81-3-6730-3200UniCarriers UE No. KS12-56M/EPrinted in Japan SI-1312-03

TCM Skid Steer Loaders (SSL) Designed and built to meet customer needs and tough material handling requirements, thus enjoying the top marketshare of skid steer loaders in Japan. Bucket capacity Rated capacity Bucket capacity Rated capacity Bucket capacity Rated capacity 705/706 0.22m3 (705)

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