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Phonak Reference nCoget im eExpesUsertPorfoliDeafnessoSingle-SidedUsersAudéo VLyricBolero VVirto VNaída QRoger PenCROS IIBaseo QTao QerPowLyricAudéo VVirto VAudéo VBolero VVirto VSky QRoger PenCoioPedcnsiatCoricstusTinnitus

Product portfolioRICBTECustomPowerPediatricsPhonak Audéo V90Phonak Bolero V90Phonak Virto V90Phonak Naída Q90Phonak Sky Q90Performance levelPremiumAdvancedPhonak Audéo V70Phonak Bolero V70Phonak Virto V70Phonak Naída Q70Phonak Sky Q70StandardPhonak Audéo V50Phonak Bolero V50Phonak Virto V50Phonak Naída Q50Phonak Sky Q50EssentialPhonak Audéo V30Phonak Bolero V30Phonak Virto V30Phonak Naída Q30Phonak Baseo Q15Phonak Tao Q15BasicPrograms & featuresPhonak VentureProgramsSpeech in WindSpeech in Loud NoiseSpeech in 360 Acoustic olFlexVolumeReal Ear SoundSoundRecoverUltraZoomauto AcclimatizationWhistleBlockNoiseBlockTinnitus Balance noise generatorQuickSyncChannels30Speech in Noise50EssentialCalm SituationStandardComfort in Noise70MusicAdvancedSpeech in Car90Speech in Loud NoisePremiumComfort in EchoAutoSense OS 20 Phonak Quest 16 Programs 12 8Features FlexControlEchoBlockFlexVolumeReal Ear verauto nelsEveryday Automatic Acoustic phone15 ZoomControlBasic auto ZoomControl30 StereoZoom50Essential Speech in WindStandardSpeech in Noise70Calm SituationAdvancedComfort in Noise90Speech in Loud NoisePremiumMusicSoundFlow 20 16 12 8 4

Color range01P1P2P3P4P5P6P7P8P9Q1BeigeSand BeigeAmber BeigeSandalwoodChestnutChampagneSilver GrayGraphite GrayVelvet BlackRubyPetrol062335T313BlackGrayTaupePrecious PinkPure TransparentQ2Electric Green3837Purple TransparentQ3Q4Q5Q6Q7Caribbean PirateDragon OrangeVanity PinkBlue Lagoon Trans.Royal Purple ange1Blue TransparentFaceplate colors14222628TanCocoaPinkBrown06Black (only for nano)Shell arentRedTransparentBlueTransparentHousing colors01P1P2P3P4P5P6P7P8P9Q1Phonak Audéo V Phonak Bolero V Phonak Naída Q Phonak Sky Q Phonak Baseo Q Ear hook colorsR1R2R3R4Q6Q7Phonak Sky Q 1 Ear hook colors only 06 23 35 Q2Q3Q4Q5Q6Q7T3133738

Hearing aid stylesPhonak VentureRICPhonak Audéo V (90/70/50/30)10312312TBTEPhonak Bolero V (90/70/50/30)13MPSPCustomPhonak Virto V (90/70/50/30)nano10 NW O10 O1031213Phonak QuestPowerPhonak Naída Q (90/70/50/30)RICSPPediatricPhonak Sky Q (90/70/50)UPBasicPhonak Baseo Q15MPRICM13SPPhonak Tao Q15SP1031213UP

Wireless communication portfolio compatibilityPhonakVenturePhonakQuestPhonakTVLink Phonak ComPilot Air II Phonak ComPilot II Phonak ComPilotPhonak DECT II Phonak DECTPhonak EasyCall II Phonak EasyCallPhonak PilotOne II Phonak PilotOne iCube II Roger technology Roger X

SpecificationsPhonak Audéo VPhonak Bolero VPhonak Baseo 3131313Push button (Program/Volume) Volume controlWireless/BVST 4 TelecoilIP ratingIP57IP57Roger 1 1Max. Gain (dB) / MPO (dB SPL)2 cc coupler IP57IP67IP67IP67IP67IP57IP57IP57 1Roger 18 /AS182 1AS92AS92AS92 56/125 63/132Roger 18 / AS182xS (46/114)SlimTube HE HE10 68058/129xP (57/127)68/13153/12863/13368/134HE 10 680 66/13470/134xSP plus (63/131) Phonak Virto V / Phonak Tao Q15ModelPhonak Virto V-nanoBattery10Power levelMPhonak Virto V-10Phonak Virto V-10 OPhonak Virto V-10 NW OPhonak Tao Q-10Phonak Virto V-312Phonak Tao Q-31210MPhonak Virto V-13Phonak Tao Q-13312PSPM13PSPMUP 5PSPUP 5Max. Gain (dB) - 2 cc coupler404050604050607040506070MPO (dB SPL) - 2 cc coupler109112118122112118122130112118122130Shell styleIICCIC / MC / ITC / HS / FSITC / HS / FSAOV 3 Virto V-10 O / Virto V-10Virto V-312Virto V-13BVST 4Virto V-10Virto V-312Virto V-13Telecoil Wireless (connectivity & QuickSync)Phonak Naída QITC / HS / FSPhonak Sky QModelRICSPUPRICM13SPUPBattery1313675131313675Push button (Program/Volume) Volume control Telecoil IP ratingIP67IP67IP67IP67IP67IP67IP67Roger 15 /AS152Roger 11 /AS112Roger 10 /AS102Roger 11 /AS112Roger 10 /AS102 RogerWireless/BVST 4xS (46/114)Max. Gain (dB) / MPO (dB SPL)2 cc couplerHE7 (75/140)Roger 15 / AS152 xS (45/112)SlimTube HE (55/126) xP (57/127)HE7 (82/142)xP (55/126)HE 10 680 (63/132)HE7 (82/142) xSP plus (63/131)xSP plus (65/133) 1 requires Phonak ComPilot II streamer and Roger XHE7 (75/140)2 requires Roger X3 Acoustically Optimized Venting4 Binaural VoiceStream Technology 5 Only available in specific countries

Phonak VenturePhonak Venture hearing aids Available in four performance levels (V90, V70, V50, V30). Come in newly designed housings and hardware made from high-tech material:- BTE (M, P, SP)- RIC (10, 312, 312T, 13)- Custom (nano, 10 NW O, 10 O, 10, 312, 13) Wireless and offer user control options via push button and selected models additionally with volume control.State-of-the art chip technology Double the processing capacity of its predecessor allowing new and enhanced features such as adaptive StereoZoom. Up to 30% less battery consumption.AutoSense OS Over 200 distinct settings in 1 unique operating system. Seamless adaptation to the wearer‘s listening situation with unrivalled accuracy and precision. Clinically proven to always select the best settings and maximize hearing performance.1New and enhanced automated programs, including:Music Offers an expanded dynamic range, slow compression speed and more gain for a fuller and richer music experience.Speech in Loud Noise Zooms in on a single voice in a diffuse noisy environment, improving speech intelligibility. The program’s key feature, StereoZoom, now adapts to moving and asymmetric noise sources, improving speechintelligibility by up to 60%.2AutoSense OS - programs by performance levelAutoSense OSCalmSituationSpeechin NoiseComfortin NoiseMusicSpeechin Loud NoiseSpeechin CarComfortin EchoV90 V70 V50 V30 1 Überlacker E, Tchorz S; 2015: Automatic classification of acoustic situation versus manual selection: Hörakustik magazine2 StereoZoom improved speech understanding even with open fittings. Phonak Field Study News, April 2011

Life is onWe are sensitive to the needs of everyone who depends on ourknowledge, ideas and care. And by creatively challenging the limitsof techno logy, we develop innovations that help people hear,understand and experience more of life’s rich soundscapes.Interact freely. Communicate with confidence.Live without limit. Life is on.027-0241-02/V1.00/2015-06/cu Printed in XXX Phonak AG All rights

Housing colors 01 P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8 P9 Q1 06 23 35 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 T3 13 37 38 Phonak Audéo V Phonak Bolero V Phonak Naída Q Phonak Sky Q Phonak Baseo Q Ear hook colors R1 R2 R3 R4 Q6 Q7 Phonak

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Phonak Quest Custom Phonak Virto V (90/70/50/30) nano 10 NW O 10 O 10 312 13 Phonak Tao Q15 Basic Phonak Baseo Q15 M P SP 10 312 13 BTE Phonak Bolero V (90/70/50/30) M P SP RIC Phonak Audéo V (90/70/50/30) 10 312 312T 13 Pediatric Phonak Sky V (90/70/50/30) RIC M P SP UP Power Phonak Naída V (90/70/50/30) RIC SP UP

Phonak Virto V-10 NW O V90/V70/V50 Phonak Virto V-10 O V90/V70/V50 Phonak Virto V-312 V90/V70/V50 Phonak Virto V-13 V90/V70/V50 Phonak Virto V-10 V90/V70/V50 Roger Roger X / Phonak ComPilot II Roger MyLink Trådlösa tillbehör Phonak DECT II Phonak PilotOne II EasyCall II Phonak ComPilot II Phonak ComPilot Air II Ph

Phonak Bolero V70-P Phonak Bolero V70-SP Phonak Bolero V50-M Phonak Bolero V50-P Phonak Bolero V50-SP Phonak Bolero V30-M Phonak Bolero V30-P Phonak Bolero V30-SP CE mark applied 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 This user guide is valid for: 3 Your hearing aid details Model c

Phonak Virto V-312 V90/V70/V50/V30 Phonak Virto V-13 V90/V70/V50/V30 Phonak Virto V-10 V90/V70/V50/V30 Roger Roger X / Phonak ComPilot II Roger MyLink 2 Accessoires sans fil Phonak DECT II Phonak PilotOne II EasyCall II Phonak ComPilot II Phonak ComPilot Air II 1Phonak TVLink II 1Phonak RemoteMic 1 Phonak Re

Phonak Audéo P90-312 Phonak Audéo P90-13T Phonak Audéo P70-312 Phonak Audéo P70-13T Phonak Audéo P50-312 Phonak Audéo P50-13T Phonak Audéo P30-312 . exposing the hearing aids to rain shower or sweat. However, these hearing aids are not intended to be used i

Phonak DECT II Phonak PilotOne II EasyCall II Phonak ComPilot II Phonak ComPilot Air II Phonak TVLink II Phonak RemoteMic 1 Roger Roger 18 Roger 19 Roger X / AS18 Roger X / AS19 Roger X / Phonak ComPilot II Roger MyLink Gamme d

Phonak PilotOne II EasyCall II Phonak ComPilot II Phonak ComPilot Air II Phonak TVLink II 1 Phonak RemoteMic 1 Roger Roger 18 Roger X / AS18 Roger X / Phonak ComPilot II Roger MyLink Phonak Target 4.0 ya da daha yüksek versiyon iCube II*, NOAHLink, HI-PRO, HI-PRO2 Yazılım Arayüzler * iCube

geomagnetic field Magnetic “Operative” physical property Method Measured parameter. Further reading Keary, P. & Brooks, M. (1991) An Introduction to Geophysical Exploration. Blackwell Scientific Publications. Mussett, A.E. & Khan, M. (2000) Looking into the Earth – An Introduction to Geological Geophysics. Cambridge University Press. McQuillin, R., Bacon, M. & Barclay, W .