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Phonak Bolero VThe finest in performance and reliability

The Venture continuesContinue with us on our Venture and give your clients a listeningexperience that is as unique and individual as they are.With the launch of Venture, Phonak has set the industry benchmarkfor innovative hearing solutions designed to meet clients’ individualneeds. Delivering exceptional speech understanding while enhancingsound quality and battery performance, the Venture technology hasnow been incorporated into the latest product offering, thePhonak Bolero V BTE hearing aid family.Phonak Bolero VThe finest in performance and reliabilityThe new Phonak Bolero V hearing aids incorporate high-performance Venture technologyin an aesthetically appealing design combined with reliability and ease of use.Bolero V highlights: Three models – a streamlined product offering serving a wide range ofhearing loss levels Newly designed housings – made from high-tech, light-weight compositematerials for comfort and extra durability IP67 rated – all models are water resistant and dust tight to ensure extrarobustness and reliability1 AutoSense OS – the next generation of technology automation forseamless adaptation to the wearer’s listening situation with unrivalledaccuracy and precision2 Tinnitus Balance noise generator – provides a means of sound enrichmentthat can be used as part of any tinnitus management program Phonak Support App – used on the go and helps new users get the mostfrom their Phonak hearing aids Full wireless accessory compatibility – Bolero V connects to the entirePhonak Wireless Communication Portfolio1. IP67 indicates that the hearing aid is water resistant and dust tight. It survived immersion in 1 meter of water for30 minutes and 8 hours in a dust chamber as per the IEC60529 standard. No traces of dust were evident within the housing.2. Überlacker E, Tchorz S; 2015: Automatic classifi cation of acoustic situation versus manual selection: Hörakustik magazine23

Phonak is renowned for offering outstanding quality in the BTE hearing aidsegment for decades. Hearing care professionals and clients will continue to selecta BTE over other styles of hearing aids for a number of reasons. Therefore, Phonaknow offers the high performance of the Venture technology in this very importanthearing aid style. Phonak Bolero V hearing aids fulfil the needs of clients by: performingwith accuracy andprecision in a multitudeof listeningenvironments beingdiscreet withoutcompromising onperformance being durableand withstandingvariousenvironmentsUnderstanding needsIn order to successfully cater to clients’lifestyles and preferences, our strongpartnerships with hearing careprofessionals around the world andextensive research have helped usto further understand consumerneeds and driven us to create thebroadest portfolio of hearing solutionsavailable on the market.We are constantly listening to yourneeds and recognize that sound quality,reliability and excellent speechunderstanding in every listeningsituation are at the forefront of yourclients’ expectations.3, 4, 5 encouragingconfidenceregardless oflifestyle appealingto the wearer’sindividuality andexpectations beinglow maintenanceofferingreliability offering aseamless listeningexperience througheasy operation3.  Kochkin S., November 2007, Increasing hearing aid adoption through Multiple Environmental ListeningUtility , The Hearing Journal4.  Hickson L, Clutterbuck S, Kahn A; International Journal of Audiology; 2010, Factors associated withhearing aid fitting outcomes on the IOI-HA5.  Phonak consumer needs survey, n 1800, March 2014 Phonak45

“Since having Phonak Venture hearingaids, my life has just started to change.I can hear people, I can hear the musicPhonak Venturebetter. Lots of my friends haveA seamless lifecommented on how my confidenceis coming back and how I can justjoin in a conversation.Music-wise, it just sounds so muchOur innovative and powerful PhonakVenture platform provides a seamlesslife experience and marks the beginningof a next generation of hearingsolutions. It reflects our mission tocontinuously challenge the limits oftechnology and provide innovative,unrivalled solutions to meet clients’individual needs. This is where thesignature operating system at the heartof the Venture platform, AutoSense OS,excels.Powered by a state-of-the-artproprietary chip which providesdouble the processing capacity of itspredecessor, Phonak Bolero V allowsclients to benefit from better all-aroundhearing performance in even morelistening situations. Additionally, powerconsumption is reduced by 30%. Thisequates to an extra two days of batterylife which means less hassle for yourclients.6nicer, like it did when I was younger.It is so much better, it is somuch clearer.”Julie Horne from Nottingham, England, Phonak Venture hearing aid wearerS tate-of-the-art chip technologyin Phonak Venture: Increased sound brilliance thanksto the widest input dynamic rangein the industry Reduction in power consumptionof 30% More than double the processingpower of our previous proprietarychip“I am really most impressed.This feels much clearer.It sounds natural .I am very excited.”Patricia Bailey from Amersham, England,Phonak Venture hearing aid wearer6.  Phonak internal validation study, results arebased on a 16 hour day with a 312 battery7

Pinnacle performanceAutoSense OSTinnitus Balance noise generatorOver 200 distinct settings in 1 unique operating systemFlexible tinnitus solution for the first time with Phonak BTEsSound changes constantly and variesnot only in loudness and type, but alsoin the mix and predominance of onesound over another. This makes thetask a hearing aid has to perform verycomplex. Clients want to hear it all, butstill have the ability to focus and pickout what is important for them.As part of the Phonak Tinnitus BalancePortfolio, the Tinnitus Balance noisegenerator is designed to be flexible enoughto adapt to most common tinnitusmanagement philosophies or your owncombined approach. This feature providesAutoSense OS does this in a way likeno other. Featuring over 200 distinctsettings to draw from, it accuratelycaptures and analyzes sounds in realtime to precisely match clients’ exactlistening environments. With nomanual interaction required, it createsan exceptional listening experienceas transitioning from one soundenvironment to another is seamless.AutoSense OS makes use of yet anotherindustry-leading technology, known asBinaural VoiceStream Technology .This streams the full audio bandwidthin real-time and bi-directionallybetween the two hearing aids forunmatched speech understanding andimproved sound quality.7, 8a means of sound enrichment that can beused as part of your tinnitus managementprogram and offers fitting flexibility throughthe Phonak Target software. It is nowavailable in every Phonak Bolero V model,in every performance level.AutoSense OS is clinically proven toalways select the best settings andmaximize hearing performanceautomatically so that your clientsdon’t have to.97.  StereoZoom Improved speech understanding even with open fittings. Phonak Field Study News, April 20118.  DuoPhone Easier telephone conversations with both ears. Phonak Field Study News, February 20109.  Überlacker E, Tchorz S; 2015: Automatic classification of acoustic situation versus manual selection:Hörakustik magazine89

Complexity simplifiedPhonak Wireless Communication PortfolioStreamlined portfolioBoost the performance of your clients’ Phonak hearing aidsA compact product offering serving a wide range of hearingloss levels from mild to severePhonak Bolero V is a high-performancehearing aid. If needed, clients can evenfurther boost the performance in the mostchallenging listening situations with ourcomprehensive Wireless CommunicationPortfolio.The streamlined Phonak Bolero V product family is easy to become familiar with.All 3 models are IP67 rated10 and include a telecoil. In addition, the Bolero V-M hasmore power than our previous 312 BTE, and design-integrated Roger receivers areavailable for the Bolero V-P and V-SP.All these models can be easily fitted with the Phonak Target 4.1 fitting software.Whether on the move, at work or at home,it has never been easier to receive phonecalls, listen over larger distance or watch TV.In addition Bolero V is compatible withour new single-sided deafness solution,Phonak CROS II.Phonak Bolero V-MPhoneConversationPhonak Bolero V-PPhonak Bolero V-SP ControlRoger Clip-On MicRemoteMicEasyCall IIDECT IIRoger Pen/Roger Easy PenRemoteControl AppPilotOne II Telecoil IP ratingIP67IP67IP67 Push buttonVolume ControlTV and musicSingle-sided deafnessMaximum Power Output (dB SPL)ComPilot Air IITVLink IICROS II-13CROS II-3121313125*129*134**Ear simulator126*130*135**2cc coupler56*58*70**Ear simulator60*62*75**Design-integrated Roger receiver Direct Audio Input Maximum gain (dB)ComPilot II3122cc couplerBattery size* SlimTube HE ** HE 10 680 Bolero V-SP available June 201510. IP67 indicates that the hearing aid is water resistant and dust tight. It survived immersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutesand 8 hours in a dust chamber as per the IEC60529 standard. No traces of dust were evident within the housing.1011

Captivating looksPhonak Bolero V gives you something newand appealing to show to your clients.Available in 3 new designs and 11 colours,clients can match their personality withvibrant or discreet tones. The smallergonomic design has a high value-feel andsits comfortably behind the ear.Phonak Support AppHelping clients help themselvesWhen the client leaves your office you wantto make sure they continue to successfullyuse and maintain their hearing aids.Phonak Bolero V-M is the smallest everPhonak IP67 rated hearing aid, ensuringextra robustness and reliability.The intuitive Phonak Support App11 can beused on the go and helps new users get themost from their Phonak hearing aids.Amber Beige (P2)Sandalwood (P3)P2Sand Beige (P1)P3P1TraditionalP401Beige (01)Hair & SkinChestnut (P4)P5Q1Champagne (P5)Petrol (Q1)P6P9FashionP8P7Silver Gray (P6)Ruby (P9)Graphite Gray (P7)Velvet Black (P8)11.  Caposecco A, Timmer B, Hickson L;2014: Validation of the Phonak support app for hearing aid managementand trouble shooting: University of Queensland internal publication1213

Simply ingenious solutions for everyhearing needBenefits at every levelThe more benefits hearing aids can offer, the more valuable they are perceived.Phonak Bolero V hearing aids now feature more Phonak signature technology acrossfour performance levels (V90, V70, V50, V30), offering the finest in performance andreliability to ensure long lasting satisfaction.Our commitment to tearing down the barriers faced by the peoplewith hearing loss has driven us to develop the broadest portfolio ofhearing solutions available. Together, we can truly make a differenceand connect people to the beauty of sound.Phonak Bolero V is a worthy addition to the Venture portfolio and truly embodies theexpertise that you would expect from nmg eteT imExpesUserCoFor further information on Phonak Bolero V, please ngle-SidedUsersAudéo VLyricBolero VVirto QNaída QRoger PenCROS IIBaseo QTao QerPowLyricAudéo VBolero VVirto QAudéo VBolero VSky QRoger PenCoioPedcnsiatCoricstusTinnitus1415

Life is onWe are sensitive to the needs of everyone whodepends on our knowledge, ideas and care. And bycreatively challenging the limits of technology, wedevelop innovations that help people hear,understand and experience more of life’s richsoundscapes.Interact freely. Communicate with confidence.Live without limit. Life is on.028-1442-02 / V1.00 / 2015-03 / MF / Printed in Australia Phonak AG All rights

Phonak Bolero V hearing aids now feature more Phonak signature technology across four performance levels (V90, V70, V50, V30), offering the finest in performance and reliability to ensure long lasting satisfaction. Phonak Bolero V is a worthy addition to the Venture portfolio and truly embodies the expe

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M. Peskin and D. Schroeder, An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory This is a very clear and comprehensive book, covering everything in this course at the right level. It will also cover everything in the \Advanced Quantum Field Theory" course, much of the \Standard Model" course, and will serve you well if you go on to do research. To a large extent, our course will follow the rst section of .