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ContentsComplete Safety Solutions.4Hand and Finger DetectionType 4 Heavy-Duty Light Curtains.6Type 4 Compact Light Curtains.7Safety Light Curtain – Selection.8Safety Light Curtains – Model Keys. 10Safety Light Curtains – Accessories. 13Body DetectionType 4 Safety Light Grids. 14Muting Options for Safety Light Grids. 15Safety Light Grids – Selection. 16Safety Light Grids – Model Keys. 18Safety Light Grids – Accessories. 19Area DetectionSafety Scanner System. 20Safety Scanner System – Software. 22Safety Scanner System – Models and Accessories. 23Safety Relays and ControllersSafety Relays and Controllers – Overview. 24Safety Relays and Controllers – Software. 26Safety Relays and Controllers – Models. 29Safety Relays and Controllers – Selection. 30I/O Hybrid ModulesSafety Block I/O Modules – Overview. 32Safety Configurator – Software. 33I/O Hybrid Modules – Models. 34Safety Switch-Off Box – Overview. 35Safety SwitchesSafety Switches – Overview. 36Non-Contact Safety Switches. 37Safety Switches – Selection. 38EnablingEmergency Stop Buttons. 40Rope Pull E-Stop Devices and Switches. 41Two-Hand Control. 42Two Hand Control Run Bars. 43Enabling Devices. 43

Complete Safety SolutionsSGS Safety Grid Systems Multiple beam safety light devices foraccess and long-range perimeter guarding Available in emitter/receiver models and inEZ-SCREEN LS Safety Light Curtainseasy-to-deploy active/passive models Intuitive and easy-to-use and set up End-to-end sensing Heavy-duty aluminum housing and recessed window to avoid damage in harsh environments Highly visible alignment and diagnostic indicators IP69 Hygienic models available for washdown environments Cascade capable models available See page 6 Heavy-duty aluminum housing for toughenvironments Easy alignment and installation with onboard alignment lamp and indicators Muting arm kits available to simplify endof-line packaging applications See page 14XS26-2 Expandable SafetyControllers Up to eight expansion I/O modules can beadded as your safety application grows orchanges Configuration software is so simple that youwill be programming in minutes Simulator functionality allows users to testtheir configurations without being connectedto a controller See page 25Emergency Stop and Stop Control E-Stops available as panel mount, or as preassembledenclosures E-Stop models with illumination help operators to quicklyidentify actuated buttons Enabling devices provide ergonomic design with adetented enable position See page 40Safety Switches Non-contact RFID switches accommodate misaligned/vibrating doors in a compactpackage Hinge switch combines safety switch and load bearing hinge in a single package Locking switches ensures doors remained closed for safety and process criticalapplications See page 36Lighting and Indication Preassembled and preconfigured multi-segment LED towerlight indicators Programmable multicolor LED indicators, panel mountmodels available Pro Editor software offers a wide variety of color andanimation options4 www.bannerengineering.comSX5 Safety Laser Scanners Two-dimensional laser scanner with easy-to-use software Programming of irregular shaped warning and detection zones 275 scanning angle with selectable resolutions and 5.5 m range See page 205

Type 4 Heavy-Duty Light CurtainsType 4 Compact Light CurtainsRobust safety light curtains for harsh industrial environmentsCompact safety light curtains for safety in tight spacesBanner Engineering's easy-to-use, heavy-duty Type 4 safety light curtains with several resolution options available to detect fingers,hands, arms, or legs. Our heavy duty light curtains are built to withstand harsh industrial environments.Banner Engineering's easy-to-use, compact Type 4 safety light curtains are available with several resolution options available todetect fingers, hands, arms, or legs. Our compact safety light curtains are ideal for smaller machines and other space-constrainedareas.Due to its robust design, the EZ-SCREEN LS is the perfectfit in large robotic cell applications that require sturdy safetydevices and heavy duty enclosures.EZ-SCREEN LS light curtains in hygienic tubular enclosuressuccessfully protect operators from injury and remainhygienic for easy cleaning procedures.SLC4 are Type 4 safety light curtains specifically designedto safeguard smaller points of operation and access oncompact machines.The EZ-SCREEN LP safety light screen is compact andmounts in tight spaces with its continual end-to-endsensing that leaves no gaps.Threaded inserts forend‑mount bracketsLow-profile compactpackage for smallerproduction machinesRecessed WindowEnd-to-end sensing design(no blind zone)Rear right angle cableexit for easy flushmountingRugged metal end capsOptional EZLSA‑K30LGRstatus indicator availablefor use with cascadereceiversIP65 polycarbonateenclosureIntuitive bicolor red/greenalignment and blocked zoneindicator lightsSturdy aluminum housingBuilt-in attachmentslots to easilyadd EZLSA‑MBKmounting bracketsIntuitive bicoloralignment indicators forquicker installation andeasier troubleshootingEnd-to-end sensingdesign (no blind zone)Bicolor red/green status indicator showsif power is applied, and if the safetyoutputs are ON or OFF6 www.bannerengineering.comDiagnostic display indicates the totalnumber of blocked beams or specificerror conditionsBicolor red/green status indicatorshows if power is applied, and ifsafety outputs are ON or OFFSturdy interioraluminum housingIntuitive bicolor red/green alignment andblocked zone indicator lightsDiagnostic display indicatesthe total number of blockedbeams or specific errorconditionsRD Removable DisconnectPigtail connection7

Safety Light Curtain SelectionChoose your safety light curtain, suitable for a wide varietyof safety applications.Compact Type 4Compact Type 4Heavy-Duty Type 4Type 2SLC4EZ-SCREEN LPBasicEZ-SCREEN LPEZ-SCREEN LPwith MutingEZ-SCREEN LSBasicEZ-SCREEN SLSLS2Type IEC 61496‑1, -2Type 4Type 4Type 4Type 4Type 4Type 4Type 4Type 2Category 4 PL e;SIL3;SIL CL3Category 4 PL e;SIL3;SIL CL3Category 4 PL e;SIL3;SIL CL3Category 4 PL e;SIL3;SIL CL3Category 4 PL e;SIL3;SIL CL3Category 4 PL e;SIL3;SIL CL3Category 4 PL e;SIL3;SIL CL3Category 2PL cDimensionsW x D (mm)26.7 x 22.128 x 2628 x 2628 x 2636 x 4536 x 4536 x 45.225.4 x 31.8Resolution (mm)14, 24 mm14, 25 mm14, 25 mm14, 25 mm23 mm14, 23, 40 mm14, 30 mm30 mmMax Sensing Range(m)0.1 to 2 m0.1 to 4 m0.1 to 7 m0.1 to 7 m0.1 to 8 m0.1 to 12 m14: 0.1 to 6 m30: 0.1 to 18 m0.2 to 15 m160 mm240 mm320 mm270, 410, 550,690 mm270 to 1250 mm410 to 1250 mm350, 420, 630,910, 1050, 1190,1260, 1330, 1540,1820 mm280 to 1820 mm14: 150 to 1800 mm30: 150 to 2400 mm150 to 1800 mmNot applicableNot applicable140 mm140 mmNot applicable70 mm150 mm150 mm––Finger Detection Heavy-Duty Type 4 robust safety light curtains for harsh industrialenvironments Compact Type 4 safety light curtains for safety in tight spaces Type 2 cost-effective safety light curtains for lower riskHand DetectionapplicationsMuting / PresenceDetectionSafety RatingEN ISO 13849-1;IEC 61508;IEC 62061Defined Area (mm)Increments (mm)FunctionsReset––EDM––Scan Code––Reduced Resolution–––Fixed Blanking–––Integrated Muting–––Cascade––SLPCE-Stop / SafetySwitch Connect––SLPCBrackets Included––4-pin Integral PigtailM125-pin Pigtail M12 or8-pin Pigtail M128-pin Pigtail M128-pin Pigtail M12 and12-pin Pigtail M12IncludedOrder separatelyIncluded or orderseparatelyIncluded or ��–SLLCSLSC–––SLLCSLSC–5-pin Pigtail M12 or8-pin Pigtail M125-pin Pigtail M12 or8-pin Pigtail M128-pin M12 or8-pin Pigtail M128-pin M12Order separatelyIncluded or orderseparatelyIncluded (Pigtail)–Options8 www.bannerengineering.comLED on Top–––Accessory–Accessory––Different Housing–––––EZLSA-HTE IP69Tubular EnclosuresIP67–Available Finishing––--Yellow PaintedAluminum--Clear AnodizedAluminum--Nickel-Plated ESD–––--Yellow PaintedAluminum--Clear AnodizedAluminum--Nickel-Plated ESD–9

Safety Light Curtains – Model KeysSafety Light Curtains – Model KeysCompact Type 4: SLC4Compact Type 4: EZ-SCREEN LP with MutingFamilySystem TypeResolutionSLC4P14P Pair (Emitter and Receiver)E Emitter onlyR Receiver only14 14 mm24 24 mmDefined AreaTerminationFamilyResolution160P44SLPMP14160 160 mm240 240 mm320 320 mmP4 3 00 mm pigtail, 4-Pin M12 QD(individual Emitter or Receiver models)P44 300 mm pigtail, 4-Pin M12 QD (Pair)SLPE EmitterSLPMR ReceiverSLPMP Pair14 14 mm25 25 mm—Compact Type 4: EZ-SCREEN LP BasicDefined Area—FinishTermination410410 410 mm550 550 mm690 690 mm830 830 mm970 970 mm1110 1110 mm1250 1250 mmBlank Yellow powder coatN Nickel-plated ESDA Clear Anodized AluminumBlank Integral Removable DisconnectP8 8-pin Pigtail QD (SLPE)P12 12-pin Pigtail QD (SLPMR)P128 For SLPMP (Pair)Emitter with 8-pin pigtail QDReceiver with 12-pin pigtail QDHeavy-Duty Type 4: EZ-SCREEN LS BasicFamilySystem TypeResolutionSLPVAP14P Pair (Emitter and Receiver)E Emitter onlyR Receiver only14 14 mm25 25 mmDefined AreaFamilySystem TypeResolution410SLLVP23—P Pair (Emitter and Receiver)E Emitter onlyR Receiver only23 23 mm350 350 mm420 420 mm630 630 mm910 910 mm—Required:RD to M12 PigtailM12 Male QD to LP Custom RDConnector or RD cable RDLP-8xx(D)270 270 mm410 410 mm550 550 mm690 690 mmDefined AreaRequired:M12 PigtailEuro-Style Quick Disconnect to LSCustom Male Straight Connector orRD cable RDLP-8xx(D)DELPE-51D (5-pin)0.3 m (1 ft)DELPE-81D (8-pin)0.3 m (1 ft)Compact Type 4: EZ-SCREEN LP9101050 1050 mm 1540 1540 mm1190 1190 mm 1820 1820 mm1260 1260 mm1330 1330 mmDELSE-51D (5-pin)0.3 m (1 ft)DELSE-81D (8-pin)0.3 m (1 ft)Heavy-Duty Type 4: EZ-SCREEN LSFamilyCascadeSystem TypeResolutionSLPCP14C Cascade*Blank StandardP P air (Emitter and Receiver)E Emitter onlyR Receiver only14 14 mm25 25 mm—Defined AreaTerminationFamilyCascadeSystem TypeResolution410P88SLLCP14C CascadeBlank StandardP Pair (Emitter and Receiver)E Emitter onlyR Receiver only14 14 mm23 23 mm40 40 mm270 270 mm**410 410 mm550 550 mm690 690 mm830 830 mm970 970 mm1110 1110 mm1250 1250 mm—Defined AreaTermination910P88** Not available in cascade modelsP8 3 00 mm pigtail, 8-Pin M12 QD(individual Emitter or Receiver models)P88 3 00 mm pigtail, 8-Pin M12 QD(on BOTH Emitter and Receiver models) o pigtail, RD connectionBlank n(for RDLS-8.D or RDLS-5.D cordset)*8 -pin connection required for cascademodels and to enable EDM, Aux Output andReset features280 280 mm*350 350 mm420 420 mm490 490 mm560 560 mm630 630 mm700 700 mm770 770 mm840 840 mm910 910 mm980 980 mm1050 1050 mm1120 1120 mm1190 1190 mm1260 1260 mm1330 1330 mmP8 300 mm pigtail, 8-Pin M12 QD(individual Emitter or Receiver models)P88 300 mm pigtail, 8-Pin M12 QD(on BOTH Emitter and Receiver models)P5 300 mm pigtail, 5-Pin M12 QD(individual Emitter or Receiver models)P55 300 mm pigtail, 5-Pin M12 QD(on BOTH Emitter and Receiver models)Blank n o pigtail, RD connection(for RDLS-8.D or RDLS-5.D cordset)1400 1400 mm1470 1470 mm1540 1540 mm1610 1610 mm1680 1680 mm1750 1750 mm1820 1820 mm*N ot available in cascade models10 www.bannerengineering.com11

Safety Light Curtains – Model KeysSafety Light Curtains – AccessoriesHeavy-Duty Type 4 IP69 Hygienic: EZ-SCREEN LSFamilyEZLSA-HTESystem TypeResolutionR23E EmitterR Receiver23 23 mm—Defined Area—Termination910280 280 mm*350 350 mm420 420 mm490 490 mm560 560 mm630 630 mm—700 700 mm770 770 mm840 840 mm910 910 mm980 980 mm1050 1050 mmBlank 2 5 ft, 8-wire highdurometer PVCcordsetF R emote Fixed BlankingReceiver model withadditional 25 ft cordsetfor blanking configuration* Not available with remote fixedblanking optionSLC4A-MBK-10SLC4A-MBK-11 End Mount Bracket Rotation: Fixed Includes 4 brackets and Glass-filled polycarbonate Glass-filled polycarbonatehardwarehardware Side mount bracket Rotation: /- 15º Includes 2 brackets Glass-filled polycarbonateLPA-MBK-21 Pivoting cascade mountingbracket Includes 2 brackets andhardware 14 ga. steel, black zinc-platedLP BracketsFamilyCascadeSystem TypeResolutionSLSCP14C CascadeE EmitterR ReceiverP Pair14 14 mm30 30 mmDefined Area—150Q88150 150 mm*300 300 mm450 450 mm600 600 mm750 750 mm900 900 mm1050 1050 mm1200 1200 mm1350 1350 mm1500 1500 mm1650 1650 mm1800 1800 mm1950 1950 mm**2100 2100 mm**2250 2250 mm**2400 2400 mm**Blank Yellow powder coatN Nickel-plated ESD(ESD-safe models are notavailable with pigtail QD)A Clear Anodized AluminumS Nickel-plated (silver)LPA-MBK-10 End mount bracket Rotation: 40º Includes 2 brackets andQ8 8-pin QD(individual Emitter or Receiver models)P8 8-pin Pigtail QD(individual Emitter or Receiver models)Q88 For PairEmitter with 8-pin QDReceiver with 8-pin QDP88 For PairEmitter with 8-pin pigtail QDReceiver with 8-pin pigtail QDhardware 8 ga. steel, black zincplatedType 2: EZ-SCREEN LS2ResolutionLS2TP30E EmitterTR Trip ReceiverTP Trip PairLR Latch ReceiverLP Latch Pair30 30 mmDefined AreaTermination150Q88—150 150 mm300 300 mm450 450 mm600 600 mm750 750 mm900 900 mm1050 1050 mm1200 1200 mm1350 1350 mm1500 1500 mm1650 1650 mm1800 1800 mmQ8 8-pin QD(individual Emitter or Receivermodels)Q88 For PairEmitter with 8-pin QDReceiver with 8-pin QD Standard end mountLPA-MBK-12bracket Rotation: 360º Includes 2 brackets andhardware 14 ga. steel, black zincplated Standard side mountbracket Rotation: 10º and -30º Includes 1 bracket andhardware 14 ga. steel, black zincplatedEZLSA-MBK-16EZLSA-MBK-20 Center mount steel Side mount die-cast Rotation: /- 15º One supplied with each Rotation: 15º and -20º Optional end-mountbracket for slotted One bracket per optionalbracketSystem TypeLPA-MBK-11LPA-MBK-16 Side mount bracket Rotation: 15º and -20º Includes 1 bracket andhardware Black zinc die-castEZLSA-MBK-11 End mount steel bracket 360º rotation in 23ºincrements Two supplied with eachsensor Not included with LSBasic or IP69 HygienicmodelsLS BracketsEZLSA-MBK-12FamilyLS BracketsTerminationFinish* Not available in cascade models** Only available in cascade models www.bannerengineering.comSLC4A-MBK-12 End Mount Bracket Rotation: /- 20º Includes 4 brackets andHeavy-Duty Type 4: EZ-SCREEN12LP Cascade BracketsSLC4 Bracketssensor 980 mm Not included with LSBasic or IP69 Hygienicmodelsbracket 8-ga. black cold-rolledsteelaluminum framingkitEZLSA-MBK-HTE-1EZLSA-MBK-HTE-2 Stamped stainless steel Hygienic stainless steel 360º rotation for IP69 360º rotation for IP69 Two brackets per Two brackets perbracketenclosure modelsoptional kitbracketenclosure modelsoptional kitSafety Light Curtains Cables5-Pin M12/Euro-StyleQDE-515D4.5 m (15')QDE-525D7.6 m (25')QDE-550D15.2 m (50')QDE-575D22.8 m (75')QDE-5100D30.4 m (100')8-Pin M12/Euro-StyleQDE-815D4.5 m (15')QDE-825D7.6 m (25')QDE-850D15.2 m (50')QDE-875D22.8 m (75')QDE-8100D30.4 m (100')13

Type 4 Safety Light GridsMuting Options for Safety Light GridsEasy-to-use, heavy-duty Type 4 grids for perimeter guardingCertain SGS models are available with integral muting for specific types of entry/exit applicationsTwo to four beam Type 4 safety light grids protect personnel from injury and machines from damage by guarding access, areas, andperimeters. Able to detect a body in a cost-effective and heavy-duty safety light curtain package.Integral Muting allows monitoring of redundant mute device inputs and automatically suspends (mutes) the safeguarding function ofa device during the non-hazardous portion of the machine cycle.Integral muting models have muting technology built into thedevice eliminating the need for an external muting controller.Preassembled muting arm kits are available in T, L and Xconfigurations. The muting kits use premounted hardware andQ20 retroreflective sensors and reflectors.Benefits of Muting Maintain high safety standards while allowing for a predeterminedobject to break a beam Limit downtime by not unnecessarily shutting down a conveyoror robot cellApplications Assembly and packagingSGS Safety Grid Systems, with two, three, or four beams,are used to monitor the perimeter of the work area.SGS Safety Grid Systems are available in Emitter/Receivermodels capable of safeguarding over very long distancesand in easy-to-deploy Active/Passive models.machines Automated productionequipment Robotic work cells Automated warehouses PalletizersMute Arm KitsPreassembled (with mounting hardware) for plug-and-play connection to the SGS grid and LS Safety Light Curtains Wiring connection block or cable accessories available Adjusts easily for line changesAlignment & MuteIndication LampL-Configuration(right)(left)EmitterPower ONStatusSGSA-ML-L-LPQ20Built-in attachment slots toeasily add brackets and/ormute arm kits Includes 2 mute arms, 2 SGSA-Q20PLPQ5 mute sensors,and 2 retroreflectorsRugged metal bodySGSA-ML-R-LPQ20 Includes 2 mute arms, 2 SGSA-Q20PLPQ5 mute sensors,and 2 retroreflectorsReceiverT-ConfigurationOSSD Outputs ONOSSD Outputs OFFX-ConfigurationLast BeamSynch BeamEDM StatusDiagnostic display aides set-up,displays operating status orspecific error conditionsQD connector(s) foreasy installationSGSA-MT-LPQ20 Includes 4 mute arms, 4 SGSA-Q20PLPQ5 mute sensors,and 4 retroreflectors14 www.bannerengineering.comSGSA-MX-LPQ20 Includes 4 mute arms, 2 SGSA-Q20PLPQ5 mute sensors,and 2 retroreflectors15

SGS SelectionPerimeter Guarding Type 4SGS Active/PassiveUse with SGSBSGS Emitter/ReceiverSGS Long DistanceSGS Active/Passivewith MutingUse with SGSBSGS Emitter/Receiverwith MutingSGS MirrorUse withSGSSA / SGSMAFamilySGSSASGSSPSGSXPSGSMASGSMPSGSBTypeIEC 61496‑1, -2Type 4Type 4Type 4Type 4Type 4/Category 4PL e;SIL3; SIL CL3Category 4PL e;SIL3; SIL CL3Category 4PL e;SIL3; SIL CL3Category 4PL e;SIL3; SIL CL3Category 4PL e;SIL3; SIL CL3/52 x 56.952 x 56.952 x 56.952 x 56.952 x 56.952 x Active/PassiveEmitter/ReceiverMirror Assembly0.5 to 8 m (6.5 m†)0.5 to 30 m6 to 60 m0.5 to 8 m (6.5 m†)0.5 to 30 m/2/3/42/3/42/3/42/3/42/3/42/3/4300† / 400 / 500 mm300 / 400 / 500 mm300 / 400 / 500 mm300† / 400 / 500 mm300 / 400 / 500 mm300 / 400 / 500 mmChoose your safety light grids for perimeter guarding. 2, 3 & 4 beam Emitter/Receiver models with a broad feature set 2, 3 & 4 beam easy-to-deploy Active/Passive models, onlyBody Detectionrequire wiring to the active sideMutingSafety Rating EN ISO 13849-1;IEC 61508;IEC 62061Dimensions W x D (mm)Unit TypeMax Sensing Range (m)Number of BeamsBeam SpacingFunctionsReset/EDM/Scan Code–Integrated Muting–––Integrated Muting Lamp–––Override Input–––8-pin M128-pin M128-pin M12Connection–////12-pin M12 and5-pin M12 formuting sensorsE: 8-pin M12R: 12-pin M12E & R: 5-pin M12 formuting sensors/OptionsBracketsMuting Arms16–––17

Safety Light Grids – Model KeysSafety Light Grids – AccessoriesSGS Emitter/ReceiverConnection Options When compared to higher resolution light screens, a lower cost option for body detection applications Available with integral muting Long range, up to 60 mTypeEmitter & ReceiverEmitter & ReceiverEmitter & ReceiverProtectiveHeight (mm)500 (2 beams)8-Pin M12/Euro-StyleRange(m)6 to 60IntegralMutingNoModelSGSXP2-500Q88800 (3 beams)SGSXP3-400Q88900 (4 beams)SGSXP4-300Q881200 (4 beams)SGSXP4-400Q88500 (2 beams)0.5 to 30NoSGSSP2-500Q88800 (3 beams)SGSSP3-400Q88900 (4 beams)SGSSP4-300Q881200 (4 beams)SGSSP4-400Q88500 (2 beams)0.5 to 30YesSGSMP2-500Q128800 (3 beams)SGSMP3-400Q128900 (4 beams)SGSMP4-300Q1281200 (4 beams)SGSMP4-400Q128SGS Active/PassiveQDEG-1275E22.8 m (75')QDEG-12100E30.4 m (100')Mute Connection OptionsBracketModelDescriptionSGSA-MCBConnection box for X, L or T mute arm kitsSGSA-MCS-2Connection cable for X and L mute arm kitsSGSA-MCS-4Connection cable for T mute arm kitsSGSA-MBK-10-4 End-mount bracketSGSA-MCB-HWOptional hardware kit for mounting mute connection box, or mute connection cable tothe t-slot of SGS Receiver or Active UnitSGSA-S Series EnclosuresEnclosure ModelTypeActive TransceiverActive TransceiverProtectiveHeight (mm)Range (m)IntegralMutingNoModel500 (2 beams)0.5 to 8800 (3 beams)0.5 to 8SGSSA3-400Q8900 (4 beams)0.5 to 6.5SGSSA4-300Q81200 (4 beams)0.5 to 8SGSSA4-400Q8500 (2 beams)0.5 to 8800 (3 beams)0.5 to 8SGSMA3-400Q12900 (4 beams)0.5 to 6.5SGSMA4-300Q121200 (4 beams)0.5 to 8SGSMA4-400Q12YesTypePassive MirrorAssemblyProtectiveHeight (mm)500 (2 beams)800 (3 beams)900 (4 beams)1200 (4 beams)Range (m)Pair with ActiveTransceivers withmatching beams andprotective heightsSGSA4-S300Fits SGSModels# ofWindowsDistance from Floorto Bottom WindowEnclosure HeightDistance betweenBeamsSGS.4-300Q.41543 mm (60.75")300 mm (11.8")300 mm (11.8")SGS.3-400Q.31238 mm (48.78")300 mm (11.8")400 mm (15.8")SGS.4-400Q.41618 mm (63.69")300 mm (11.8")400 mm (15.8")SGS.2-500Q.21035 mm (40.75")400 mm (15.8")500 mm e Mirror www.bannerengineering.comQDEG-1215E4.5 m (15')QDEG-1225E7.6 m (25')QDEG-1250E15.2 m (50')QDEG-875D22.8 m (75')QDEG-8100D30.4 m (100')Stands and Corner Mirrors Active transceiver contains emitter and receiver Reduces overall wiring costs Available with integral muting Up to 8 m range18QDEG-815D4.5 m (15')QDEG-825D7.6 m (25')QDEG-850D15.2 m (50')12-Pin SGSA4-S400SGSA4-S400-MSGSA2-S500SGSA2-S500-MSSM Series Corner MirrorsMirror ModelSGSB4-400Reflective AreaMounting AreaMirror HeightSSM-550SGS.2-500.550 mm (21.7")661 mm (26.0")628 mm (24.7")SSM-825SGS.3-400.825 mm (32.5")936 mm (36.9")903 mm (35.6")SSM-975SGS.4-300.975 mm (38.4")1086 mm (42.8")1053 mm (41.5")SSM-1275SGS.4-400.1275 mm (50.2")1386 mm (54.6")1353 mm (53.3")MSA Series StandsSGSB3-400SGSB4-300Fits SGS ModelsStand ModelPole HeightUsable Stand HeightMSA-S66-11676 mm (66")1550 mm (61")MSA-A84-12134 mm (84")2007 mm (79")MSA-S105-12667 mm (105")2667 mm (100")19

Safety Scanner SystemSafety Scanner SystemHorizontal or vertical monitoring of both personnel and stationary or mobile systemsIncreased Machine UptimeSX Series safety laser scanners protect personnel, equipment, and mobile systems by continuously scanning a user-defined area ofup to 275 to create a two-dimensional protected zone.The SX5-B has on-board LED indicators and a large multi-segment color display that provide at-a-glance system status informationso users can quickly identify zone breaches and resolve issues with a minimal amount of equipment downtime.SX5 software configuration allows for Zone switching forFULL, RIGHT-SIDE and LEFT-SIDE Safety Protection duringthis forklift access application.Software interface makes it easy to create custom safetyand warning zones to safeguard large, complex, andirregularly shaped areas.Compact, one-piece safety device installs easily above andaway from area hazards without requiring time-consumingalterations to area infrastructure.An alert is triggered if an object enters the warning zoneand equipment will come to a stop if the safety zone isbreached.Rugged design for reliableindustrial use275 degrees of coveragemakes it easy to mount ona cornerMaximum range forSafety Zone: 5.5 mMaximum range forWarning Zone: 40 m27 different status, diagnostic,warning and error displaysDynamic Muting available andselectable detection capabilityfor vertical applicationsUp to 6 zone setsfree configurableLight Immune and dustresistant – Best-in-class20 www.bannerengineering.comLED 1: Object Detection in Safety Zone (OSSD)LED 2: Not AvailableLED 3: Assigned to Warning Zone 2LED 4: Assigned to Warning Zone 1LED 5: Interlock Status (waiting for Reset)KeypadM12 Ethernetconnector cover21

Safety Scanner System – SoftwareSafety Scanner System – Models and AccessoriesSimple Setup for Rapid DeploymentSX Series Safety ScannersThe SX5-B can be set up in just a few simple steps using Banner's free configuration software. This robust software features menudriven tools that guide users through setup and make it easy to design custom safety and warning zones to accommodate existinginfrastructure and meet the specific needs of any application.ModelSX5-BProtective FieldRange0.05 m to 5.5 mWarning FieldRange40 mScanningAngleDimensionsH x W x D (mm)275 152 x 112.5 x 102FeaturesLCD Display,MutingSX Series Safety Scanners SpecificationsDetectionCapability40 mm, 70 mmCurrent Consumption(24V dc)No output load: 0.3A at 24V dcWith maximum output load: 1.1A at 24V dcOSSD(Safety Outputs)2 OSSDAll inputs and outputs are protected fromshort circuits to 24V dc or dc commonMechanical DataHousing material: Aluminum AlloyHousing color: Yellow RAL1003Optics cover material: PCOptics cover surface: AcrylicZone SetsSixSafety DataType 3 (EN 61496-1)SIL 2 (IEC 61508)Category 3 (EN ISO 13849-1)SIL CL 2 (EN 62061)PL d (EN ISO 13849-1)EnvironmentalRatingIEC IP65Optical DataWavelength: 905 nmPulse duration: 3 nsecLaser class: CLASS 1 (EN 60825-1)OperatingConditions0 C to 50 C ( 32 F to 122 F)95% maximum relative humidity(non‑condensing)CertificationsUSSX Series Safety Scanners BracketsSXA-MBK-1 Pitch and roll angle adjustment bracket Bracket memory feature allows for fastSXA-MBK-2 Protection bracketscanner swap outSX Series Safety Scanners CablesThe software displays a graphic rendering of the monitored area, and provides configuration and management tools, such as dropdown menus, function-specific worksheets Administrative data: file title header, application description and more Safety-relevant data: startup process information Safety Zone or Warning Zone configuration data: contours and limits22 www.bannerengineering.com8-Pin M12/Euro-StyleStraight connectorSXA-815D4.5 m (15')SXA-825D7.6 m (25')SXA-850D15.2 m (50')SXA-8100D30.4 m (100')4-Pin M12 D-Code to RJ45Double endedSTP-M12D-4061.83 m (6')STP-M12D-4154.5 m (15')STP-M12D-4309.14 m (30')23

Safety Relays and Safety ControllersSafety Relays and Safety ControllersConfigurable controllers monitor multiple safetydevicesConnect safety devices easily to the safety controller Universal input safety relays E-Stop monitoring safety relays Muting safety relays Safe speed monitoring relays Safety mat relays Safety extension relaysIndustrial safety controllers and relays provide an interfacebetween safety devices and the machines and processesthose devices monitor for a complete and easy-to-usesafety control solution.Safety controllers can be tailored for a wide variety ofmachines, including machines with multiple processes.Various safety devices are monitored, such as E-stopbuttons, safety switches, safety light screens, two-handcontrols and rope pull switches.E-StopSafety RelaysSR-IM-9ACost-effective for simple safety circuits Preset Functionality: Configuration not required Safety Inputs: 1 Independently controlled Safety Outputs: 1; 4 to 7AHybrid Safety Controller plus 2 Safety RelaysIM-T-9ASC10Flexible and cost-effective solution for machines typically using2 Safety Relays PC Configurable: Flexible and easy-to-use Safety Inputs: up to 10; up to 14 using Automatic TerminalOptimization (ATO) Independently controlled Safety Outputs: 2; 6A each Convertible Safety Inputs: 4 Terminal LEDs for easy troubleshooting Industrial EthernetExpandable Safety ControllerXS26 www.bannerengineering.comSafety Mat2-HandControlRope PullSafety InputExpandable for Complex Safety applications where 3 or moresafety relays are typically used PC Configurable: Flexible and easy-to-use Safety Inputs: 26 (base unit) up to 154 Independently controlled Safety Outputs: up to 68; 0.5A to 6A each Convertible Safety Inputs: 8 (Base Unit) up to 40 LCD Display for easy troubleshooting Industrial EthernetSafetyOutput24LightCurtainStandardOutput25

Build System and Select EquipmentConfigure your system in minutesThe feature-rich SC10 and SC/XS26 safety controller software provides a seamless user interface for setting up and managingsafety systems. The software features an intuitive icon-based, drag-and-drop user interface to reduce the learning curve and speedup commissioning. Complex configurations made easy Simulate configurations before implementation Auto configure Industrial Ethernet for remote monitoring and diagnostic

SLC4 EZ-SCREEN LP Basic EZ-SCREEN LP EZ-SCREEN LP with Muting EZ-SCREEN LS Basic EZ-SCREEN LS EZ-SCREEN EZ-SCREEN Finger Detection Hand Detection Muting / Presence Detection Family SLC4 SLPVA SLP SLPMP SLLV SLL SLS LS2 Type IEC 61496-1, -2 Type 4 Type 4 Type 4 Type 4 Ty

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Cisco 819G-S-K9 Integrated Solutions Router 15.2(4)M6A Cisco 819HG-4G-G-K9 Integrated Solutions Router 15.2(4)M6A Cisco 891 Integrated Solutions Router 15.2(4)M6A Cisco 881 Integrated Solutions Router 15.2(4)M6A Cisco 1905 Integrated Solutions Router 15.2(4)M6A Cisco 1921 Integrated Solutions Router 15.2(4)M6A Cisco 1941 Integrated Solutions .

Delay analysis of PoC service solutions for Public Safety communications over LTE networks 1/48 DELAY ANALYSIS OF PUSH-TO-TALK OVER CELLULAR (P OC) SERVICE SOLUTIONS FOR PUBLIC SAFETY COMMUNICATIONS OVER LTE NETWORKS Author: Chengsui Lu Date: 27 August, 2012 Abstract - In this master thesis, the concept of public safety communication solutions over modern

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Demand Moore Reliability. Safety Signal Isolators and Splitters Safety Trip Alarm (Logic Solver) Safety Temperature . Transmitters Functional . Safety PLC Safety Frequency . Transmitter Safety Signal Monitor . and Display Safety Relay . Module/Repeater. 4-20mA 4-20mA with . HART 4-20mA. 4-20m

a'student safety program and three sections of shop safety. practices. in both English and Chinese. Safety. program foriat, safety committees, safety inspection, and student accideht. investigation are discussed in the section on developing a student safety program. Set forth in the section on general safety practicesare safety. instructions .