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fDURABILITYWITH OVE R 75 YEAR S I N B U S I N E S S, Rhino continuesto lead the herd when it comes to landscaping and groundsmaintenance equipment.RHINODurability. Safety. Diversity. A leader in the agricultureequipment industry, Rhino issynonymous with quality. Ourproducts—well respected for theirdependability and performance—are sold all over the world.In addition to the LandscapeEquipment product line, Rhinooffers flail mowers, a full lineof rotary cutters, finishingmowers, and hay tools.Rhino has been providing equipment for this market since 1934,when it produced its first road grader blade. Today this traditioncontinues with a full lineup of products for small to large acreagerequirements. In all Rhino products, durability is directly put intothe design to ensure maximum product longevity.SAFETYAT R H I N O, WE’R E D E D I CATE D to creating safeproducts as well as guidelines on how to keep them that way.In fact, the Alamo Group Ag Division (which includes the Rhino,EarthMaster , and Fuerst brands), along with other industrymanufacturers, developed the AEM/FEMA Industrial andAgricultural Mower Safety Practices video and guide book.DIVERSITYWE AR E CONTI N UALLY upgrading and adding to theLandscape Equipment product line. Whether you are using ourproducts as a commercial contractor or for personal use, Rhinoproducts are designed to meet your needs. From our PostholeDiggers to our Heavy Duty Rear Blades, we’ve got landscapeequipment for a number of applications, including: Seedbed or turf preparation Surface tillage, leveling, or smoothing a job site Spreading or leveling graveled areas and roadways Seeding and fertilizing Moving dirt and snowSO, W H ETH E R YOU N E E D to boost productivityor just need something a little more durable, we’ve gotthe Landscape Equipment that will get the job done.

RHINO LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENTTABLE OF CONTENTSPOSTHOLE DIGGERS3If you are building a fence,setting posts, planting avineyard or windbreak, orlandscaping, Rhino has aposthole digger for you.LANDSCAPE RAKESGreat for plantingpreparation, groundsmaintenance, raking upconstruction sites, or usingaround the farm or ranch!TILLAGE7For seedbed preparation,cleaning up orchards orvineyards, or heavy work sitesoil conditioning, Rhino tillersget the job done!29SEEDERSThe Fuerst Seeder/Spreaders provide greatcoverage when spreadingseed or fertilizer. They canalso be used to spread salt inicy conditions, making theman all-season tool.HARROWS25Fuerst harrows finish andlevel soil, allowing betterwater or fertilizer absorption,and stimulating new growthby aerating the soil andremoving thatch.31BLADES33When you need to move dirtor snow in a hurry, build aterrace, fill ruts, or just maintainfeed lots or parking lots, Rhinohas the right blade for you.


POSTHOLE DIGGERS 43-POINT MOUNTEDR H I N O OFFE R S A FU LL RAN G Eof professional posthole diggers forcontractors, farmers and ranchers, andhomeowners. Our 3-point-mounted optionscan match a wide range of soil conditions ortractor sizes, while our Planetary HydraulicDrive units fit heavy-duty requirementsof commercial fencing contractors.CAT 0, 1, or 2 3-point hitchmounting are available, dependingon the model.Provides shear boltauger protection.We offer 6”- to 24”-diameter augers,depending on the model.Features high-strengthsteel-tube boom and yoke.Rugged gearbox offersyears of dependable service.Models are sized to match homeowner,agricultural, and commercial applications.Optional hydraulic down force kit isavailable for models 240P through 440P.OptionalGuide LeverOptionalParking Stand

5 POSTHOLE DIGGERSPLANETARY HYDRAULIC DRIVEPlanetary Hydraulic Drive delivers hightorque level needed to power augers throughvery tough conditions.Industrial-grade augers with 3/8 ”-thick flightingare available in sizes from 6” to 36” (dependingon model) and for conditions ranging from loosesoil to solid rock or concrete.Mounting brackets include a dual swivel tokeep the auger vertical during operation.N-SeriesPictured with FrontEnd Loader MountingBracketMounting brackets for the constructiongrade H-Series models are available forfront end loaders, skid steer loaders,backhoes, and excavators.N-Series mounting brackets are availablefor front end loaders and skid steer loaders.H-SeriesPictured with UniversalSkid Steer Quick AttachFrame (centered)AvailableAuger TypesHRADAvailableonly forH- & N-SeriespostholediggersNote: Auger tips onlyavailable in black. Shown inyellow for visual effect only.Available onlyfor H-SeriespostholediggersHSRAHSDAT-Post

POSTHOLE DIGGERS 63-Point Mount Specifications130P240P340P440PMax. PTO HP25 HP35 HP65 HP95 HPPTOP Speed540 RPMOutput Shaft Diameter2"Hitch CategoryAuger DiametersAuger Overall LengthCAT 0CAT 1-26", 9", 12"6", 9", 12", 15", 18", 24"30"48"Driveline ProtectionShear BoltYoke Size½" x 3"2⅞"3½"3½"Boom Tubing2⅞"3"Down Force KitN/AOptionalGearbox Ratio3:13:1Gearbox Warranty3.18:14.1:1206 Lbs.210 Lbs.5 Year*Weight (Approx.)149 Lbs.160 Lbs.* Limited WarrantyPlanetary HydraulicDrive SpecificationsH200H300Drive TypeH350N20N30Planetary with Reversible MotorOutput Shaft SizeMount TypesN152" HexSkid Steer Universal, Euro 8, Loader BucketSkid Steer Universal, Loader Bucket, Backhoe, Euro 8Max. Auger Diameter (Dirt)30"36"36"18"30"36"Max. Auger Diameter (Rock)24"36"36"-9"12"Max. Output Torque (Ft. Lbs.)200829373582141917772632RecommendedHyd. MMax. System Pressure3000 PSIDigging Depth48"Drive ProtectionHydraulic Relief ValveHydraulic Hoses½" x 108" IncludedWarranty5-Year Limited2 Years

7 TILLAGETILLAGETHE RHINO REB, SRT, SRD, andSRM series of rotary tillersoffer state-of-the-art designand superior features forunparalleled quality andperformance in a numberof applications.APPLICATIONS: HOMEOWNER ORCOMMERCIAL GARDENING LANDSCAPING ORSOIL CONDITIONING ORCHARD ORVINEYARD CLEANUP

TILLAGE 8REBEL TILLERAll sizes available instandard or reverse rotation.SIX hardened "L" blades per rotor.Front-to-rear hitch pointscontinuously welded to mainframe.Slip clutch drivelineprotection is standard.Strong "all-gear" drivetrainfeaturing double-lip seals oneach end of the rotor shaft.REB72Slip clutch drivelineprotection is standard onall Rebel Series models.REB60The Rebel line wasspecifically designedfor use on 25-65 PTOhorsepower tractors.

99 TILLAGEREBEL TILLER B72REB84REB60RREB72RREB84RTilling Width59"70½"82½"59"70½"82½"Overall Width66"78"90"66"78"90"Tilling Depth (Max.)*7½"Standard HitchQuick Hitch7½"CAT 1CAT 1 & 2CAT 1CAT 1 & 2CAT 1 QHCAT 1& 2 QHCAT 1 QHCAT 1& 2 QHKnife Type"L""L"No. of Knives425466425466No. of Flanges7911791125/45 HP35/55 HP45/65 HP25/45 HP35/55 HP45/65 HPRec. PTO HP (Min./Max.)Rotor Speed211 RPM211 RPMDriveline SizeCAT 4CAT 4Slip ClutchSlip ClutchCastCastEnd Plate Thickness½"½"Rotor/Blade Rotation Dia.17"17"Rotor Shaft Dia.3"3"Rotor Drive TypeGear DrivenGear DrivenStandardReverseDriveline ProtectionGearbox HousingTine RotationWeight (Approx.)*Requires multiple passes673 Lbs.747 Lbs.817 Lbs.683 Lbs.759 Lbs.831 Lbs.

TILLAGE 10SRT STANDARD DUTYChain driveVariable rear deflectorCAT 3 drivelineRotor speed of 240 RPMCAT 1 quick-hitch compatibleSRT40SRT48SRT55SRT65SRT73Tilling Width40"48"55"65"73"Tilling Depth (Max.)7"7"7"7"7"Std.Std.Std.Std.Std.CAT 1CAT 1CAT 1CAT 1CAT 1CCCCCRecommended PTO HP10-3010-3020-3530-5030-50Rotor Speed (540 RPM)370370240240240Slip ClutchSlip ClutchSlip ClutchSlip ClutchSlip Clutch241 Lbs.318 Lbs.365 Lbs.462 Lbs.495 Lbs.SRT SpecificationsSupport StandHitchKnife TypeDriveline ProtectionWeight (Approx.)

911 TILLAGESRD MEDIUM DUTYF OR TOU G H E R TI LLI N G J OB S, the SRDMedium Duty rotary tiller is ideal in a variety ofapplications, especially for landscapers, rental yards,vineyards, vegetable farms, or nurseries.The rugged SRM Heavy Duty tillers are made forcommercial contractor and agricultural uses likesod and vegetable farms and vineyards.CAT 4 drivelineSlip clutch protectionGear driven3 1/6 ” hood¼” end platesQuick-hitch compatibleSRD SpecificationsSRD63SRD73SRD83Tilling Width63"73"83"Tilling Depth (Max.)8"8"8"CAT 1-2, CAT 1 QHCAT 1-2, CAT 1 QHCAT 1-2, CAT 1 QHCCCRecommended PTO HP (Min./Max.)35-6035-6035-60Driveline SizeCAT 4CAT 4CAT 4Slip ClutchSlip ClutchSlip ClutchRotor Drive TypeGearGearGearWeight (Approx.)871 Lbs.948 Lbs.1025 Lbs.HitchKnife TypeDriveline Protection

TILLAGE 12SRM HEAVY DUTYRotor speeds of 185, 208, 235,or 266 RPM with 4-speed gearboxCAT 4 drivelineSlip clutch protectionGear drivenVARIABLE SPEED GEARBOXQuick-hitch compatibleSRM SpecificationsSRM81VSRM91VTilling Width81"91"Tilling Depth (Max.)8"8"CAT 1-2, CAT 1 QHCAT 1-2, CAT 1 QHCCRecommended PTO HP (Min./Max.)40-7040-70Driveline SizeCAT 4CAT 4Slip ClutchSlip ClutchRotor Drive TypeGearGearWeight (Approx.)981 Lbs.992 Lbs.HitchKnife TypeDriveline Protection

13 TILLAGEPULVERIZERS (SINGLE ROLLER)Double-strap hitchFully welded rollerspikes for durabilityHeavy-duty CAT 1quick-hitch compatible1” bearingsSpecificationsPVS (Single Roller)PVB (Single Roller)Overall Height34 ⅞"34⅞"Overall Width60", 66", 72", 84"60", 66", 72", 84"Overall Depth24"24"3-Pt. CAT 1 & CAT 1 QH3-Pt. CAT 1 & CAT 1 Spikes (Non-Reversible)Bars (Reversible)⅝" Square x 8"½" x 2 x "Up to 60Up to 601"1"HitchLower Hitch Pin HeightWeight (Lbs.)ShanksType of ShanksShank SizeNumber of ShanksSpike/Bar SpacingHorsepower (2WD-4WD)Roller Bearing Size

TILLAGE 14PULVERIZERS (DOUBLE ROLLER)Double-strap hitchFully welded rollerspikes for durabilityHeavy-duty CAT 1quick-hitch compatible1” bearingsSpecificationsPVS (Double Roller)PVB (Double Roller)Overall Height34⅞"34⅞"Overall Width60", 66", 72", 84"60", 66", 72", 84"Overall Depth24"24"3-Pt. CAT 1 & CAT 1 QH3-Pt. CAT 1 & CAT 1 Spikes (Non-Reversible)Bars (Reversible)⅝" Square x 8"½" x 2" x "Up to 60Up to 601"1"HitchLower Hitch Pin HeightWeight (Lbs.)ShanksType of ShanksShank SizeNumber of ShanksSpike/Bar SpacingHorsepower (2WD-4WD)Roller Bearing Size

15 TILLAGEPG SERIES PLUGGERSF OR A LU S H LAWN OR G R E E N E R TU R F,OU R PLU G G E R S G O TH E D I STAN CE. Theyhave the strength to get deep in the soil, so air andnutrients can get to the roots and improve growth for ahealthier looking lawn or turf.A-frame CAT 1quick-hitch compatible¾” closed-design,hardened spoonsGrease zerks on each spoon hubWeight rack allows foreasy control of ground penetration1¼”-diameter axle shaftSpecificationsPG600PG720Overall Height39¼"39¼"Overall Width64½"76½"Overall Depth25"25"Working Width60"72"3-Pt. CAT 1 & CAT 1 QH3-Pt. CAT 1 & CAT 1 QH19¾"19¾"350390810HitchLower Hitch Pin HeightWeight (Lbs.)Number of HubsType of Spoons¾" Closed-Design, Hardened SpoonsNumber of Spoons6480Spoon Spacing8"8"Up to 60Up to 60Axle Shaft Diameter1¼"1¼"Weight RackStd.Std.Horsepower (2WD-4WD)

TILLAGE 16MPG SERIES PLUGGERSHeavy-duty CAT 1quick-hitch compatible A-frame¾” closed-design, hardened spoonsTapered spoons for easy groundpenetration and plug removalGrease zerks on each spoon hubParking stands on each cornerfor added stabilitySpecificationsMPG600MPG720Overall Height41⅞"41⅞"Overall Width67½"79½"Overall Depth25"25"Working Width60"72"3-Pt. CAT 1 & CAT 1 QH3-Pt. CAT 1 & CAT 1 QH22 ⅜"22⅜"Weight (Lbs.)460500Number of Hubs1012HitchLower Hitch Pin HeightType of Spoons¾" Closed-Design, Hardened SpoonsNumber of Spoons8096Spoon Spacing7"7"Up to 60Up to 60Axle Shaft Diameter1¼"1¼"Weight RackStd.Std.Horsepower (2WD-4WD)

17 TILLAGEPA SERIESTHE PA SERIES pasture aerators'shanks lift and break upcompacted soil. This helpswith water and nutrient intakeand can boost soil conditions.APPLICATIONS: HAY PRODUCTION SOD FARMS LANDSCAPING4” x 4” x 5/16 ” mainframe constructionHydraulically adjustable transport wheelAll-metal weight box welded to the frameRotors can be adjusted 2½ , 5 , & 7½ Heavy-duty greaseable bearings

TILLAGE 18PA SERIES SPECIFICATIONSSpecificationsPA8PA1040-90 HP40-90 HP86"116"Overall Height (w/ Tines on Ground)44.25"44.25"Overall Width97.38"127.63"Tractor HP RequiredWorking WidthOverall LengthWeight (w/o Added Weight)Weight BoxMaximum Weight Box CapacityNumber of TinesTine MaterialTine Hub SpacingTine PenetrationFrame ConstructionHitch TypeMain Tongue BeamHitch JackRotor Tine Support HangersRotor Bearings136" in Transport Position1700 Lbs.2200 Lbs.Std. (Welded to Frame)Std. (Welded to Frame)2200 Lbs. (Not Supplied)2900 Lbs. (Not Supplied)24 LH & 24 RH32 LH & 32 RHForged & Heat-Treated Steel7.5"Up to 8.125" Depending on Ground Condition4" Square Tubing; All-Welded ConstructionHeavy-Duty Pull-Type w/ Clevis Hitch 1.25" Maximum Pin Diameter4" Square10" Top Wind Jack Mounted to Frame1" x 7" Heavy-Duty HangersHeavy-Duty Greaseable BearingsRotor Bearing Protection.375" x 3.5" Metal HousingRotor Angle Adjustment2.5 , 5 , 7.5 Tires and Wheels9.5L x 15 8-Ply Tires on 15" 5-Bolt WheelsTine Depth ControlAdd Spacer Donuts to Cylinder Rod—IncludedHydraulic Cylinder3.5" x 8"Transport LockManual Cylinder LockRear Axle PivotGreaseable

19 TILLAGEAP PLOWCAT 1 quick-hitch compatible2½” x 2½” x 3/8 ”angle steel frameEasily adjustableReplicable and reversibleheat-treated plow pointsSpring-loadedauto-reset shanksSpecificationsWorking WidthOverall 6455794955Depth39¾"Height40⅜"Weight (Lbs.)206228Type of ShanksNumber of Shanks284Spring-Loaded Auto-Reset Shanks355Angle Iron Size2½" x 2½" x ⅜" Steel FrameHole SpacingEasily Adjustable 1" Hole SpacingHitch3 Pt. CAT 1 & CAT 1 QH5/16"PointsMinimum PTO HP72435x 2" x 10⅛" High Carbon Reversible3549

TILLAGE 20SUBSOILER HEAVY DUTY (1 SHANK)CAT 1 & 2quick-hitch compatibleTriple-lug hitch pointsParabolic shank foreasy ground penetrationHigh-carbon steel shanks withreplaceable heat-treated plow pointsOne 1¼” r Heavy-Duty 1 Shank—ShortSubsoiler Heavy-Duty 1 Shank—LongHitch3 Pt. CAT 1/CAT 2 & CAT 1/CAT 2 QHOverall Width41"41"Overall Height39½"43½"HorsepowerWeight (Lbs.)Shank SizeNumber of ShanksCutting PointMaximum Cutting DepthApproximately 35 HP Per Shank Up to 85 HP2612761¼" x 9 7/16" x 22⅛"1¼" x 9 7/16" x 26⅛"111" x 2½" x 9 ⅜"1" x 2½" x 9 ⅜"19⅛"23⅛"

21 TILLAGESUBSOILER HEAVY DUTY (2 SHANKS)CAT 1 & 2quick-hitch compatibleTriple-lug hitch pointsParabolic shank foreasy ground penetrationHigh-carbon steel shanks withreplaceable heat-treated plow pointsTwo 1¼” er Heavy-Duty 2 Shank—ShortSubsoiler Heavy-Duty 2 Shank—LongHitch3 Pt. CAT 1/CAT 2 & CAT 1/CAT 2 QHOverall Width49"49"Overall Height39½"43½"HorsepowerWeight (Lbs.)Shank SizeNumber of ShanksCutting PointMaximum Cutting DepthApproximately 35 HP Per Shank Up to 85 HP4204501¼" x 9 7/16" x 22⅛"1¼" x 97/16" x 26⅛"221" x 2½" x 9 ⅜"1" x 2½" x 9 ⅜"19⅛"23⅛"

TILLAGE 22SUBSOILER STANDARD DUTYCAT 1 quick-hitch compatibleShear-bolt protectedBolt on shank foot, hitch, & top link¾” x 6” shank made from1060 wear-resistant steelReplaceable heat-treatedplow pointsSpecificationsSS1Overall Width32 ⅜"Overall Height50"Hitch3 Pt. CAT 1 & CAT 1 QHHorsepower25-45Weight (Lbs.)113Shank SizeNumber of ShanksCutting PointMaximum Cutting Depth¾" x 6"1½" x 2½" x 12"25 ⅝"

23 TILLAGELAY OFF PLOWCAT 1 quick-hitch compatible¾” x 4” shank16” double-wing cutting bladeReplaceable heat-treated16” double-wing cutting bladeSpecificationsLPOverall Width32 ⅜"Overall Height38"Hitch3 Pt. CAT 1 & CAT 1 QHHorsepower25-45Weight (Lbs.)75Shank SizeNumber of ShanksCutting Point¾" x 4"116" x 4.75mm

TILLAGE 24ONE ROW CULTIVATORCAT 1 quick-hitch compatible2½” x 2½”x 3/8 ” angle frame3” x 3”x 3/8 ” angle tine frameReplaceable andreversible heat-treatedplow pointsEasily adjustabletine 3/16"Hitch3 Pt. CAT 1 & CAT 1 QHHorsepower25-45Weight (Lbs.)171Number of Shanks6Shank Size⅜" x 1¾"Row WidthsAdjustablePoint DimensionsCutting Point1.25" x 8" Reversible Curved Points¼" x 2½" x 11"


HARROWS 26FUERST DRAG HARROWS½”-diameter steel constructionNo lubrication pointsMulti-purpose useEconomicalLift-type and pull-type 6HDH20HDH24HD4'6'8'10'12'14'16'20'24'Overall Length7' 6"7' 6"7' 6"7' 6"7' 6"7' 6"7' 6"7' 6"7' 6"Overall Weight137 Lbs.214 Lbs.266 Lbs.368 Lbs.413 Lbs.510 Lbs.592 Lbs.806 Lbs.901 Lbs.NoYesYesYesYesYesNoNoNoHarrowing Width3-Point-LiftOption Available4 DifferentAggressive OptionsMaximumPenetrationLightPenetrationTines down, pointedslightly back.Tines down, pointedfarther back.Smoothing,FloatingTwo Jobs inOne PassTines up, pull ineither direction.Front section—maximum penetration;rear section—light penetration or floating.

27 HARROWS1D, 2D, 3D LIFT-TYPECOMPACT DISC HARROWSSpecifications1D60Hitch1D78CAT 1 Std. & QHWorking Width60"2D9678"18"3D118CAT 1, 2 Std. & QH96"3516"3D96CAT 1 Std. & QH78"Recommended HPDisc o. of Disc Blades7.5" Frt. & Rear1624202424289" Frt. & Rear1220162020249" Frt. & 7.5" Rear141818222226Weight (Lbs.)7.5" Frt. & Rear48353067272070077091298411861311134414849" Frt. & Rear38442064070067274074081511521275124613819" Frt. & 7.5" Rear49052553558069576685890211731299135614857.5" Frt. & Rear3033283035393841495548539" Frt. & Rear3235323542463741586452629" Frt. & 7.5" Rear353830323943394153595257Weight per Disc⅜" x 6" Plate withDual ½" U-Bolts⅜" x 6" Plate withDual ⅝" U-Bolts½" x 7" Plate withDual ⅝" U-BoltsBall Bearing TypeSelf-Aligning, SealedSelf-Aligning, SealedSelf-Aligning, SealedDisc Gang AnglesFrt. & Rear: 0, 7, 14, 21 Frt. & Rear: 0, 7, 14, 21 Frt. & Rear: 0, 7, 14, 21 Frame Tubes2" Square2½" Square3" SquareGang Tube3" x 1½"3" x 2"4" x 3"Gang Axle1"-Square High-Carbon Steel1"-Square High-Carbon Steel1⅛"-Square High-Carbon SteelBearing Hanger

HARROWS 28DHP PULL-TYPECOMPACT DISC HARROWSSpecificationsDHP8DHP10DHP12Tractor Drawbar HP40-6545-10055-100Pull-Type with Clevis and Hole for 1¼" PinHitch TypeApprox. Transport Width8' 10"10' 10"12' 4"Max. Cultivation Width8' 6"10' 6"12'Mainframe Width60"93.5"93.5"95-11484-9878-90Approx. Weight per Disc (Lbs.)20" or 22" NotchedDisc Blade Size & Type7.5", 9", or CombinationDisc SpacingGreaseable Triple-Lip Sealed Ball BearingDisc Bearing TypeNo. of Bearings812Forward Gang Angle Adjustment15, 16.5, 18, 19.5, 21 Rear Gang Angle Adjustment12, 13.5, 15, 16.5, 18 Hitch Frame Construction4" x 4" x ¼" TubingSlide Frame Construction4" x 3" x ¼" TubingGang Arm Construction4" x 3" x ¼" TubingGang AxlesFront to Rear Leveling SystemDepth ControlTransport Tires & WheelsParking JackOptions1⅛"-Square High-Carbon SteelManual Crank AdjustmentHydraulic Cylinder (3½" x 8" ASABE)(2)-9.5L x 15 w/5-Bolt WheelsStandardDisc Scrapers, Dual-Transport Wheel Kit12


LANDSCAPE RAKES 30LANDSCAPE RAKESForward or reverseworking direction5/16 ”x 1” rake teethIndividual rake teethfor easy repair1¼” kingpinOptionalgauge-wheel kitsSpecificationsLLR60LLR72LLR84Rake Width60"72"84"Rake Height15"15"15"CAT 1, QHCAT 1, QHCAT 1, QH353535Kingpin Diameter1¼"1¼"1¼"Adjustment TypesManualManualManualForward5 Up to 30 5 Up to 30 5 Up to 30 Reverse3 Up to 18 3 Up to 18 3 Up to 18 High-Carbon Spring SteelHigh-Carbon Spring SteelHigh-Carbon Spring SteelHitchMax. PTO HPPivotTine MaterialTine SizeTine SpacingWeight (Approx.)5/16"x 1"5/16"x 1"5/16"x 1"1"1"1"205 Lbs.225 Lbs.245 Lbs.


SEEDERS 32FUERST SEEDERSStandard stirring agitatorPoly hopper for corrosion resistance(FB1200 ONLY)Three spreading patternsto choose from2-9 MPH operating speeds3 models for a widerange of 12.781616Hopper Capacity (Approx.) - Liters230450450Hopper StyleSteelSteelPlasticSpreader Width: Powdered16' 5"-26' 4"16' 5"-26' 4"16' 5"-26' 4"Spreader Width: Granular39' 6"-52' 8"39' 6"-52' 8"39' 6"-52' 8"Spreading Speed2 to 9 MPH2 to 9 MPH2 to 9 MPH660 Lbs. (300 kg)1100 Lbs. (500 kg)1100 Lbs. (500 kg)1361501158-10 HP8-10 HP8-10 HPHopper Capacity (Approx.) - BushelsHopper Capacity (Approx.) - Cubic FeetMaximum Load CapacityUnit Weight (Lbs.)Minimum PTO Power

33 BLADESBLADESWITH MORE THAN 70 years ofexperience in manufacturingquality blades for a wide rangeof applications, Rhino is sure tohave a blade to fit your needs.From cleaning up a work siteto building a ditch, Rhino hasit covered.APPLICATIONS: RESIDENTIAL LANDSCAPING ROADWAY SMOOTHING INDUSTRIAL SITES TERRACE BUILDING FEED LOT OR PARKINGLOT MAINTENANCE

BLADES 34BOX BLADES4” x 4” mainframe constructionDouble-lug lower hitch points2 reversible high-carbonsteel cutting edgesForward and reverseaction for use in backfilling3” working depthon scarifier kitSBX Medium-DutyBox BladesMBX Heavy-DutyBox BladesRO Roll-OverBox 00RO-650RO-720RO-840Working Width48"60"65"72"84"72"84"96"60"65"72"84"Overall tionsMoldboard Height18"18"Box Depth21½"21½"22¾"Overall Depth27½"27½"43"Overall Height34"34"34¼"Cutting Edges½" x 6"½" x 6"½" x 6" (2 EA)Scarifier Size¾" x 2½"¾" x 2½"¾" x 2½"No. of Scarifiers45HitchMax. Tractor HP430656CAT 1, QHCAT 1, 2, QHCAT 1, QH50 2WD/35 FWA65 2WD/55 FWA60 2WD/40 4WD⅜"⅜"End Plate ThicknessWeight in Lbs. (Approx.)6490510550610640710790630680710780

35 BLADESGRADING SCRAPERSSmooths gravel driveways,roadways, and parking lots bycutting material from the highspots and moving it to the low spots.Uses two offset angled bladeswith ½” reversible and replaceablecutting edges for long life.CAT 1 hitch and quick-hitchcompatible for easy hook up.Tall side panels allow movinglarge volumes of materialwithout leaving spill-out ridges.SpecificationsGS60HitchWorking WidthOverall WidthGS72GS84HDGS84CAT 1 Std. and QHHDGS96CAT 1 & 2 ll Height31½"347/16"Overall Length49½"547/16"Box Height13¾"15⅞"3/16"3/16"4" x 4" x 5/16" Wall4" x 4" x ⅜" WallSide Panel ThicknessFront Beam Size3/16"Rear Beam Size2½" x 2½" xSkid Shoes⅜" x 2½" x 46¾" Long½" x 2½" x 52" Long3 Position withDimpled-On Hardened Tips¾" x 2½" x 19⅛" 4 Holes,Heat-Treated Plow PointScarifier ShanksNumber of ShanksCutting Edge44" x 4" x ¼" Wall6668½" x 6" Bolt-On, Replaceable,Reversible Heat-Treated Blades½" x 6" Bolt-On,Replaceable, Reversible6 6 20 3/16"20 5/16"50 HP - 2WD/40 HP - FWA90 HP - 2WD/72 HP - 4WDCutting Edge AngleCutting Edge SpacingTractor Min. HPWeight (Approx.)Wall500 Lbs.571 Lbs.642 Lbs.750 Lbs.828 Lbs.

BLADES 36DSP PULL-TYPE DIRT SCRAPERSSpecificationsDSP10DSP12Tractor HP (Min./Max.)70/12570/125Working Width120 3/16"144 3/16"Transport Width121"145"Moldboard Height18"18"2¼ Cubic Yards2¾ Cubic Yards39"39"5" Below Grade5" Below Grade21"21"Fixed or HydraulicFixed or HydraulicMax. Tilt Depth to the Right7⅝"8¼"Max. Tilt Angle3½ 3½ 4" x 4" Tube4" x 4" TubeEnd Plate Construction⅜" Plate⅜" PlateCutting Edge½" x 6"½" x 6"9.5L x 15 8 Ply9.5L x 15 8 PlyWeight BoxOptionalOptionalWeight (Approx.)*1645 Lbs.1700 Lbs.Box CapacityBox DepthMax. Cutting DepthDump ClearanceTilt AxleTongue ConstructionTires*Weights shown include optional weight box but not material in the weight box.

37 BLADESUTILITY REAR BLADESAS TH E R EAR B LAD E LEAD E R, Rhino has a rugged rearblade ready to work for you on 30 HP to 70 HP tractors.3 series to choose fromMultiple adjustment settingsReplaceable cutting edges5’ to 8’ moldboard widthsOptional skid shoes355070Specifications355070Moldboard Width5', 6', 7'6', 7'6', 7', 8'Moldboard Size¼" x 14"Cutting Edge½" x 6"½" x 6"½" x 19"CAT 1, QHCAT 1, QHCAT 1-2, QHMaximum HP (2WD)355070Maximum HP (FWA)3040551¼"1¼"2"HitchKingpin Diameter (Grade 8)5/16"Adjustment TypesOffset (Max.)x 15.5"½" x 19"Manual12" Left or Right16" Left or Right18" Left or RightPivot (Forward)5 Positions - Up to 30 5 Positions - Up to 45 Pivot (Reverse)3 Positions - Up to 15 5 Positions - Up to 45 15 30 Tilt (Up & Down)Parking StandWeight (Approx.)N/AStd.Std.5' 280 Lbs.6' 403 Lbs.6' 510 Lbs.6' 310 Lbs.7' 430 Lbs.7' 538 Lbs.7' 340 Lbs.8' 572 Lbs.

BLADES 38HEAVY-DUTY REAR BLADESHeavy-duty 3-pointand quick hitchesSolid-steel kingpins850½” x 6” replaceablecutting edgeOptional gauge wheels, quickattach end plates, and skid shoesto adapt to your needs2500950Fit tractors from70 to 275 d Width7', 8'8', 9'8', 10'8', 10', 12'12', 14'Cutting Edge½" x 6½" x 6"½" x 6"½" x 6"½" x 6"Hitch Types*CAT 1 & 2/CAT 1 & 2 QHCAT 1 & 2/CAT 1 & 2 QHCAT 2 & 3/CAT 2 & 3 QHCAT 2 & 3/CAT 2 & 3 QHCAT 3 & 4/CAT 3 & 4 QHMaximum HP (2WD)908' 1259' 958' 19010' 1608' 25010' 22512' 175N/AMaximum HP (FWA)708' 1069' 818' 16210' 1368' 22010' 20012' 16012' 30014' 2503" Solid Steel3" Solid Steel4" Solid Steel4.5" Solid Steel5" Steel BarKingpin DiameterAdjustment TypesOffset (Max.)Manual or Hydraulic20"30"Hydraulic37"Pivot Angle ForwardUp to 45 Pivot Angle ReverseUp to 45 Tilt Up & DownUp to 15 Weight (Approx.)46"50"7' 807 Lbs.8' 836 Lbs.8' 1339 Lbs.8' 2120 Lbs.12' 3463 Lbs.8' 827 Lbs.9' 876 Lbs.10' 1459 Lbs.10' 2260 Lbs.14' 3603 Lbs.12' 2400 Lbs.*Not compatible with "Tall" style hitches

LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT PRODUCT LINEREADY TO MAKE YOURNEIGHBORS JEALOUS?1020 S. Sangamon Ave. Gibson City, IL 60936TEL:800-221-2855 (Option 3) F AX: 877-408-3298W W W.RHINOAG.C O MLE0815-OSP

84" 650 670 Shanks Type of Shanks Spikes (Non-Reversible) Bars (Reversible) Shank Size ⅝" Square x 8" ½" x 2 x 12½" Number of Shanks Spikes Bars 60" 27 21 66" 29 23 72" 33

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ER Hay Rakes ER8 ER10 1020 S. Sangamon Ave. Gibson City, IL 60936 217-784-4261 This simple hay rake is available in 8 or 10 wheel configurations with 55" rake wheels. The hydraulic lift system saves you time and energy as you control the lift of the rake from the seat of your tractor! If you are ready to add

Tire and Wheel 3.75’’ x 15’’ Solid Rubber Tire 3.75’’ x 15’’ Solid Rubber Tire 3.75’’ x 15’’ Solid Rubber Tire . RhinoAg’s 400 Series rotary cutters are built for tough jobs. A 4 ½”-diameter cut capacity and deep reinforced domed deck design handle higher

campus locations' Conceptual Landscape Master Plan (CLMP) . The framework consists of the Bases of Design: Landscape Concepts and Landscape Elements. The TP/SS-CLMP, the RV-CLMP and the GT-CLMP define the landscape concepts and elements which must be followed when site and building landscape projects are designed for each campus.

LANDMAP is a complete All-Wales GIS based landscape resource where landscape characteristics, qualities and influences on the landscape are recorded and evaluated into a nationally consistent data set. LANDMAP comprises five spatially related datasets known as the Geological Landscape, Landscape Habitats, Landscape Habitats, the Historic

Landscape LevelsLandscape Levels Landscape -metrics are computed for the entire landscape. Class - metrics are computed by landscape classmetrics are computed by landscape class (e.g. cover types or habitat types) Patch - metrics are computed for each patch. A limited n mber of metrics are a ailablelimited number of metrics are available.

What Is "Landscape Design"? Landscape design is a process, rather than just plunking down plants. For existing landscapes, let the process guide the evolution of the design to become more water wise. Landscape design creates practical and pleasing outdoor living space. Landscape design develops a series of outdoor rooms. Landscape design

(Loaders), Tractors and Tractor Towed Equipment (PTO Driven), Self-Propelled Riding Mowers, Walk-Behind Mowing Equipment as well as equipment for Turf Maintenance Equipment, Recreation Area Equipment (Golf), Aerator Equipment, Blower Equipment, Seeding Equipment, Spraying Equipment and other miscellaneous ground maintenance equipment.

AMERICAN BOARD OF RADIOLOGY, ) ) CLASS ACTION ) Trial by Jury Demanded Defendant. ) CLASS ACTION COMPLAINT Plaintiff Sadhish K. Siva, (“Plaintiff”), for his Complaint against Defendant American Board of Radiology (“ABR” or “Defendant”) hereby alleges as follows: INTRODUCTION 1. This case is about ABR’s illegal and anti-competitive conduct in the market for initial board .