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CAMBRIDGE ASSESSMENTINTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONNearly a million students inover 10,000 Cambridgeschools in 160 countriesA 150-year historyof providinginternationalexams.Part of theUniversity ofCambridge

CAMBRIDGEPATHWAYSFour levels ofCambridge ProgrammeCambridgePrimaryCambridgeSecondary 1Cambridge PrimaryCheckpointCambridgeCheckpointGrade 5Grade 8CambridgeSecondary 2CambridgeAdvancedCambridge IGCSECambridgeInternationalGrade 10External Assessmentwill be conducted by CIE'AS' and 'A' LevelGrade11Grade 12


CAMBRIDGE LOWERSECONDARY PROGRAMME (CLSP)Builds skills, knowledge and understanding in:ENGLISHMATHEMATICSIN FUTURE: GIIS will explore offering Global Perspectives and ICTSCIENCE

CAMBRIDGE LOWER SECONDARYPROGRAMME (CLSP) ENGLISH 1111PhonicsGrammarReadingWritingSpeaking,Listening Spelling Vocabulary Reading Writing Punctuation Fiction, Nonfiction Poetry Fiction, NonFiction Presentation Art ofconversationThe curriculum is presented in five content areas or ‘strands’

CAMBRIDGE LOWER SECONDARYPROGRAMME (CLSP) ENGLISH 1112NumbersIntegers, powers, rootsFractions, essions, Equations,FormulaeShapes and geometricreasoningSequences, functions, graphsPosition and movementPlace value, roundingThe curriculum is presented in six content areas or ‘strands’

CAMBRIDGE LOWER SECONDARYPROGRAMME (CLSP) MATHS 1112MeasureHandling DataLength, Mass, CapacityTimes, Rates of ChangesPlanning, collectingProcessing, presentingArea, Parameters, VolumeInterpreting, discussingProbabilityThe curriculum is presented in six content areas or ‘strands’Problem SolvingUse of techniques andskillsUse of understandingand strategies

CAMBRIDGE LOWER SECONDARYPROGRAMME (CLSP) SCIENCE 1113Scientific Inquiry Ideating; Investigating; Obtaining and presenting evidence; Considering evidence andapproachBiology Plants; Human Organisms; Cells; Living things in their environment; Variation andclassificationChemistry States of matter; Material properties; Material changesPhysics Force; Energy; MotionThe curriculum is presented in four content areas or ‘strands’

CAMBRIDGE LOWER SECONDARYPROGRAMME (CLSP) ASSESSMENTProgression Tests Uses internationallybenchmarked tests Helps assess learnerperformance andreport progress Gives learners,parents extra trust inthe feedback theyreceiveMarked by SchoolTwo Assessment OptionsPrimaryCheckpointMarked byCambridgeExaminers

CAMBRIDGE LOWER SECONDARYPROGRAMME (CLSP) PROGRESSION TESTSEnable learning to be assessed each yearEnable teachers to give structured feedback to learners, parentsEnable teachers to compare strengths, weaknesses of individuals, groupsMarked by teachers in schoolCome with clear guidance, standards, marking schemesProvide valid internal assessment of knowledge, skills and understanding in English, Mathematicsand Science. The tests:

CAMBRIDGE LOWER SECONDARYPROGRAMME (CLSP) ASSESSMENT INTERVALTerm ITerm IICyclic Test1CyclicTest 2Semester 1ExamCyclicTest 3CyclicTest 4Semester 2Exam10%10%80%10%10%80%

RESOURCESWork with third party publishers to produce high quality resources to support theframeworksü Aligned with Cambridge Primary curriculum frameworkü Appropriate focus on knowledge and skillsü Truly internationalü Promotes effective teaching and learning


CAMBRIDGEPATHWAYSFace toFaceTrainingSchem esofworkClassroomActivitiesPlanningP la nGuidancen in gG u id a n c eF a c e toFaceT ra in in gO n lin eT ra in in gTeacherSupportTeacherMaterialTeacherS u p p o rtW e b s iteSupportmaterialSchem es ofW o rkC la s s ro o mA c tiv itie sTeacherSupportW ebsiteOnlineTraining

RESOURCES TEACHINGMATERIALSTeachersGuidesBring togetherschemes ofwork, samplelesson plans,planning uderesourcesendorsed andrecommendedby Cambridge,& suggested byteachersEndorsed byCambridge aswell as othersuggestedmaterialsprepared byleadingeducationalpublishers.

RESOURCES INFRASTRUCTUREScience LabLanguage RoomComputer LabsLibrary

AT GLOBAL INDIANINTERNATIONAL SCHOOLComplementaryset ofbooks/eBooks forinaugural batchof 2018Session tocommencesoon aftercompletion ofSept 2018examsBridginglessons tostudentswherenecessary

USEFUL INFORMATION ON IGCSE d-qualifications/cambridge-secondary-1/ cula/cambridge-lower-secondary-curriculum

Checkpoint Grade 5 Cambridge Secondary 1 Cambridge Checkpoint Grade 8 Cambridge Secondary 2 Cambridge IGCSE Grade 10 Cambridge Advanced Cambridge International 'AS' and 'A' Level Grade 11 Grade 12 External Assessment will be conducted by CIE. Reflective Innovative Confident Engaged Responsibl e

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2 Contents Page The Song Tree Introduction 3-7 Programme 1 Fly, golden eagle 8 Programme 2 Magic hummingbird 9 Programme 3 It’s hard to believe 10 Programme 4 Another ear of corn 11 Programme 5 The door to a secret world 12 Programme 6 Song of the kivas 13 Programme 7 Mighty Muy’ingwa 14 Programme 8 Heavenly rain 15 Programme 9 Rehearsal 16 Programme 10 Performance 17

Mapping Cambridge Secondary 1 English (Stages 7 to 9) to Common Core State Standards English (Grades 6 to 8) Introduction . Cambridge International Examinations has mapped the Cambridge Secondary 1 English (Stages 7to 9) to CCSS Engish (Grades 6to 8). This mapping document shows where the CCSS (English) standards are covered in the Cambridge Secondary 1 English Framework and scheme of work .

Cambridge Lower Secondary Mathematics curriculum framework continues the journey from the Cambridge Primary mathematics framework and provides a solid foundation upon which the later stages of education can be built. The Cambridge Curriculum is founded on the values of the University of Cambridge and best practice in schools.

Cambridge University Press 978-1-107-63581-4 – Cambridge Global English Stage 6 Jane Boylan Kathryn Harper Frontmatter More information Cambridge Global English Cambridge Global English . Cambridge Global English Cambridge Global English

Cambridge International Advanced Level (A Level) Cambridge International Project (CIPQ) Cambridge International Certificate of Education (ICE Diploma) Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE Diploma) Cambridge Checkpoint and Cambridge Primary Checkpoint qualifications are part of the May 2020 series.

2nd Language - Hindi (Based on Curriculum issued by the council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi First – Edition Nov 2016, Published by RDCD) 1st Term Syllabus GunjanHindi Pathmala – 4 1.Bharat ke bacche 2.Idgaah 3.Swami vivekanand 4.Prakrati ki sushma 5.Hamara tiranga jhanda 6.Everest e saath meri bhet 7.Chiti aur kabootar 8. Kabaddi Bhasha Adhigam evam Vyakaran .