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Agenda NFC solution for easy Bluetooth and WiFipairing. Multi-audio wireless speaker demo: Hardware 1details. Softwarearchitecture and application logic. Softwareintegration details. Availableresources.Wrap up & Q&A

Use case:Bluetooth & WiFi pairing with NFC2

Many use cases for Bluetooth & WiFi pairing with NFCView images and videos on alarge screen with a tap of yourmobile device to the set-top b oxAllow friends to tap your NFCenabled gateway to establish aWiFi connection3Tap your phone to the camera totransfer pictures quickly over thecamera’s own WiFiPair with Bluetooth speakers orheadphones with just a tapUse NFC to pair your phone toyour new wearable deviceMulti-audio systems that sharemusic between two headphonesor speakersMulti-audiowireless speakerdemo presentedtoday

NFC pairing offers benefits for both consumers & manufacturersFor consumers Faster, simpler connections – no need for BT/WiFi sub-menus or searching throughlists to find devices No conflicts – pair only the devices you want to pair Secure exchanges – share credentials securely with just a tap Easier disconnects – tap twice to unpair Save power – use NFC to enable / disable sleep mode from a battery-driven BT/WiFideviceFor manufacturers4 Add value – NFC is an easy upgrade to existing products Simplify interactions – devices are easier to use Reduce support cost – fewer requests for tech help Eliminate cables – support the trend toward wireless peripherals.

Pair Bluetooth headphones with just a tapStep 1. Play a musictrack in your NFC phoneStep 2. Pair your headphone with a tapStep 3. Music is streamed via BT to theheadphoneNFC is the faster, simpler way to connectwireless devices, without creating conflicts.Just tap your mobile phone to establish a secure,two-way connection. No menus, no waiting* For the scenario where pairing is only performed to an NFC phone, NTAG213 or NTAG I2C plus solution would be sufficient5

Share music by pairing two headphonesStep 1. Pair your secondheadphone with a tapStep 2. Music is streamed via BT to the twoheadphonesIf all speakers are equipped with an NFC chip,you simply tap one speaker to another toestablish the connection.6Step 3. You have your ownsilent disco!

Easy disconnect – tap twice to unpairStep 1. Tap again to unpair the headphoneStep 2. Second headphone is disconnectedand music stops being streamedEasier disconnect. Instant identification of thedevice to unpair. No probability of error7

NXP multi-audio wireless speaker demoSilent discoMulti-audio wireless speaker demo hardwareMulti-audio wireless systemNXP multi-audio wireless speakerprototype presented today8

Hardware detailsMulti-audio wireless speaker demo9

Hardware architecture - Multi-audio wireless speaker demoPMUVREGXTALSoCBT controllerVBATBattery /Power supplyWAKEPVDDVBATEEPROMGNDIRQPN7120NFC moduleSCLBTantennaFig 1. Wireless audio speaker simplified HW architecture10SDAVENNFCdevice

Application circuit for Bluetooth power on by NFC triggeringPN7120 ICPin No.Pin NameDescriptionOthers1Wake upWake up indicatorOutput pin2PVDDPower supply for digitalinterface1.65V – 1.95V for 1.8V system3V – 3.6V for 3.3V system3VBATPower supplySupport range of 2.7V to 5.5V4GNDGround5IRQInterrupt output pin6SCLI2C clock inputOpen drain7SDAI2C data pinOpen drain8VENReset pinLow activate ( 0.4V)11Antennamatching circuitFig 1. PN71xx NFC moduleConnector to hostMCU NCI over I2CAntenna coil

PN71xx family of NFC controllersPlug-and-play solutions equipped with: Full NFC Forum-compliant Microcontroller core with integrated firmware Accompanied by Linux, Android, WinIoT drivers and severalsoftware examples NCI host interface Integrated power management unit allowing direct supply from abattery Industry-standard form factor packagesMore info about PN71xx solutions: face:PN7150B0HN12

PN71xx family positioning Higher output powerNFC Forum Type 3 card emulationLower PCB manufacturing costActive load modulationHVQFN40 Requires less PCB space Works with 4-layers PCBVFBGA49More info about PN71xx solutions: face:PN7150B0HN13

PN71xx NFC controller single board computer (SBC) kitsPN7150PN7120PN71xx demokits cover integration with Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoneBlack and any board with Arduino-compatible headerMore info about PN71xx demokits & ordering details: er:OM557814

PN71xx pinning adaptation to any platformTB3 connectorpinoutTB2 connectorpinoutTB3 connectorpinoutTB2 connectorpinout15TB2PN7150 signal#1VBAT / VDD (PAD): 3.3V supply voltage#2VANT: 5V optional supply voltage#3Not connected#4GND: ground#5IRQ: interrupt request output#6VEN: reset pin#7Not connected#8Not connectedTB3PN7150 signal#1I2CSDA: I2C-bus serial data#2I2CSCL: I2C-bus serial clock input#3Not connected#4Not connected#5Not connected#6Not connected#7Not connected#8Not connected

SW architecture & application logicMulti-audio wireless speaker demo16

Block diagram - Multi-audio wireless speaker demoPMUSoCBT controllerBT VREGcontroller &app codeNFCapplicationcodeEEPROMNCI driverBTantennaTransportMappingLayer driverBattery /Power supplyPN7120 NFC moduleNCIfirmwareI2C hostinterfaceTransportMappingLayer driverRFtransceiverXTALVBATFig 1. Wireless audio speaker simplified HW architectureStandardized hostcontroller interface17Software components blocksNFCdevice

NFC Controller Interface (NCI) specification detailsNCI interfaceNCI modules provide a well-definedfunctionality to the host device.Define NCI control messages, datamessages, packet formats,command, responses andnotifications for the differentoperationsDefine how the NCI messaging ismapped to an underlying physicalconnection (e.g I2C, SPI, UART)*More info about NFC Controller Interfacespecification here18NFCEE interfacesNFCEE discoveryRF interfacesRF discoveryRF discovery & interfaces moduleconfigures the NFC controller todiscover and communicate with NFCtags or other NFC devicesNCI modulesOur demo is configured to operate inReader/Writer, Card emulation andP2P modes( )NCI coreOur PN71xx family use I2C bus asphysical connectionTransportmapping 1Transportmapping 2Transport 1Transport 1( )Transportmapping nTransport nNCI is the NFC Forum standard interface specifyingthe communication protocol between the NFCcontroller and the host device.

NCI – RF EN NFC-ALISTEN NFC-BLISTEN NFC-FLISTEN NFC-ALISTEN NFC-ACMPOLLINGMODEPOLLNFC-VPOLLNFC-ACMThe principle used to combine the variousmodes of operation (i.e. R/W, CE, P2P) is tobuild a cyclic activity which will sequentiallyactivate various modes of operationThis loop alternates listening phase (NFCcontroller behaves as card or target) andpolling phase (NFC controller behaves asa reader/writer or an initiator).The RF technologies and modes to bepolled and listened to can be configuredwithin the discovery loopRF discovery sequence:1. Start a polling phase.2. If no card or target detected, enter in Listen phase.3. If no device to interact is detected, switch back to pollingphase after a programmable timeout.19*In a typical set-up, the polling phase is approximately 20ms long while the listeningphase is usually in the range 300ms to 500ms long

Demo NCI RF configurationThe wireless speaker demo is configured to:1. During the polling phase, it polls for NFC-A cards or P2P remote devices.2. If no card or target P2P device is detected, enter in Listen phase.3. If no P2P initiator or NFC-A reader is detected, switch back to polling phaseafter a programmable timeout.Listens for a remoteNFC-A reader deviceExposes an NDEFpairing message to theremote wireless speakerPolls for NFC-Acompliant cardsLISTENNFC-APOLLINGNFC-AReads an NDEF pairingmessage from theremote wireless speakerPOLLINGNFC-ACMListens for a remoteP2P initiator devicePulls an NDEF pairingmessage from theremote wireless speaker20In our demo, the remote device/tagis the other wireless speaker whenthey are tapped together.LISTENNFC-ACMPolls for a remoteP2P target devicePush an NDEF pairingmessage to the remotewireless speakerThe communication between the two speakerswill change depending in the polling loop intervalthey are when they are tapped together.

Block diagram - Multi-audio wireless speaker demoPMUSoCBT controllerBT VREGcontroller &app codeNFCapplicationcodeEEPROMNCI driverBTantennaTransportMappingLayer driverBattery /Power supplyPN7120 NFC moduleNCIfirmwareI2C hostinterfaceTransportMappingLayer driverFig 1. Wireless audio speaker simplified HW architecture21Software components blocksLogic for NFC e

NFC pairing application is based on NFC Forum specsCard emulation modeReader/writer modePeer-to-Peer modeApplications (e.g. Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing with NFC)Device internalNFC Forum spec for theestablishment of a 2nd out of bandcarrier exchanging the configparameters via NFC (e.g BT pairing).Connection handoverDataformatsNon-NDEFappsRTD ( Text, URI,Smart poster )NDEFExisting smart cardspecificationsTag 1-5 TypeoperationBasicprotocolsOur demo uses static handover ornegotiated handover depending onthe discovery loop status when theyare tapped.SNEPLLCPNFC controller interface(NCI)Analog / Digital / ActivityFig 1. NFC Forum specifications & architecture22NFC pairing application also make use ofthe underlying NFC Forum specs (i.e.NDEF / SNEP LLCP, NDEF / Tag Type)

NFC pairing: Static handoverRF pollingRemote card detectedRead pairing NDEF (using T4TcommandsReturn pairing NDEF (BT OOBdata record)BT data exchangeDiscovery loop in one of thespeakers is currently pollingNFC-A technology23Discovery loop in the other speakeris currently showing an NDEFmessage in a T4T emulated tag.

Simplified tag format for a single BT carrier Simplified format without the Handover Select record.In case the device advertises only one alternative carrier (i.e., aBluetooth carrier)The NFC Tag contains an NDEF message with only the BluetoothOOB information.Bluetooth addressUser friendly nameof the devicee.g. Desktop,headset, mobile*More info Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing Using NFC: public/download.php/18688/NFCForum-AD-BTSSP 1 1.pdf24

NFC pairing: Negotiated handoverRF pollingRemote P2P target detectedSend Handover request message(BT carrier config)Send Handover select message(Accept BT carrier)BT data exchangeDiscovery loop in one of thespeakers is currently polling NFCACM technology (P2P initiator)25Discovery loop in the other speakeris currently listening for NFC-ACM(P2P target)

Negotiated handover: Handover Request & Select messagesMessage #1Handover request NDEFrecord sends the BT carrierconfiguration dataMessage #2Handover select sends backthe selected carrier that will beused for out of band data TXBluetooth addresse.g. Desktop, headset, mobile[Optional] If secure pairing isrequestedUser friendly name of thedevice*More info Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing Using NFC: public/download.php/18688/NFCForum-AD-BTSSP 1 1.pdf26

Software integrationMulti-audio wireless speaker demo27

Block diagram - Multi-audio wireless speaker demoPMUSoCBT controllerBT VREGcontroller &app codeNFCapplicationcodeEEPROMNCI driverBTantennaTransportMappingLayer driverBattery /Power supplyPN71xx NFC moduleNCIfirmwareI2C hostinterfaceTransportMappingLayer driverRFtransceiverXTALVBATNFCdeviceFig 1. Wireless audio speaker simplified HW architecture28Software components blocksAvailable SW drivers forintegration into anyplatform!Included as part ofPN71xx embeddedfirmware

PN71xx software drivers for SW integration into any platformLinux NFC architectureLinux integration is offeredthrough NXP’s Linux libnfcnci SW stack29Android NFC architectureAndroid integration is offeredthrough the Android AOSPSW stack for which NXPdelivers dedicated patches.Windows NFC architectureWindows integration is offeredthrough Microsoft Windowsuniversal NFC device drivermodel,Multi-audio wirelessspeaker demo is basedon this SW stackNullOS/RTOS architectureNullOS/RTOS integration isdemonstrated with codeexamples running on NXP’sLPC , Kinetis and i.MX MCUs

Detail on PN71xx software driver for RTOS/NullOS integrationNXP-NCI module offers high level NFC API forconnection and configuration of the NFCcontroller: Start of the NFC discovery Wait for NFC discovery Process the NFC discoveryApplicationNXP-NCI NullOS / RTOS libraryNFC libraryNXP NCITML module brings HW abstraction to NFClibrary (abstract how the connection to NFCcontroller IC is managed).NDEF libraryTransport Mapping Layer (TML)* Including Kinetis, and LPCXpresso platforms30NDEF library module is composed of independentsub-modules: RW NDEF implements NDEF extraction fromNFC Forum tags (all 4 NFC Forum defined tagtypes) P2P NDEF implements NDEF data exchangewith P2P device (over NFC Forum LLCP andSNEP protocols) T4T NDEF emu implements NDEF messageexposure through card emulation (NFC ForumType 4 Tag protocol)

Source code example descriptionNdefLibraryApp logic for the NFC pairingapplicationDrivers for the connected host MCUImplements dedicated API for the NDEF handling for Reader/Writer mode f( T1T, T2T, T3T and T4T) Card emulation mode (T4T emulation) P2P mode (Initiator and target)NXP-NCI lib functionsNxpNciConnect( );NxpNci ConfigureSettings( );NxpNci ConfigureMode( );NxpNci CheckDevPres( );NxpNci HostTransceive( );NxpNci WaitForReception( )NxpNci WaitForDiscoveryNotification( )NxpNci StartDiscovery( )NxpNci StopDiscovery( ) TML libraryImplements the low level hardware abstraction for the physical connection with PN71xx over I2C31 Source code download here Available for Kinetis, and LPCXpresso platforms

Multi-audio wireless speaker application workflowOpen connectionwith NFC controllerPower onresetProcess card modeNCI connectIf activated fromremote speakerPN71xx controller relatedconfiguration (CLOCK, RF confTVDD; NCI extension, etc)NCIconfiguresettingsPoll and listen RFprotocols configDiscovery loopconfigurationWait for discoveryloop notificationIterates between polling andlisten modes as configuredStart discoveryloopProcessP2PmodeIf P2P mode is detectedfrom remote speakerWhile (1)Process reader modeShow NDEFmessage to theremote speaker(T4T tagemulation)If card emulationis detected fromremote speakerRead NDEF inT4T tagParse NDEF &send BT data toupper layer32BT stack handlesthe BT connectionP2PtargetP2ProleP2PinitiatorPull NDEFmessage fromremote peerPush NDEFmessage (SNEPPut)HandoverrequestmessageSend responseto remote peerReceiveresponse fromremote e NDEF &send BT data toupper layer


Summary of available resources PN71xx NFC controllers with embeddedfirmware tp:// PN71xx Reference source code SW3241&appType license&Parent nodeId 1464844405019729073788&Parent pageType product34

Software development in Android and iOSEmbedded software for MCUsJCOP, Java Card operating SystemsHardware design and developmentDigital, analog, sensor acquisition, power managementWireless communications WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth, BLEContactless antenna RF design, evaluation and testingWe help companies leverage the mobileand contactless revolutionMIFARE applicationsEnd-to-end systems, readers and card-related designsEMVco applicationsReaders, cards, design for test compliancy (including PCI)Secure Element managementGlobalPlatform compliant backend solutionsSecure services provisioning OTA, TSM servicesMobileKnowledgeRoc Boronat 117, P3M308018 Barcelona(Spain)Get in touch with com35

NFC pairing for audio devicesJordi Jofre (Speaker)Angela Gemio (Host)Thank you for your kind attention!Please remember to fill out our evaluation survey (pop-up)Check your email for material download and on-demand videoaddressesPlease check NXP and MobileKnowledge websites for upcomingwebinars and training

Applications (e.g. Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing with NFC) Connection handover Basic protocols Data formats NFC controller interface (NCI) Non-NDEF apps NFC Forum spec for the establishment of a 2nd out of band carrier exchanging the config parameters via NFC (e.g BT pairing). NFC pairing

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