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w w w . j g a . c o mD E S I G N I N G T H E S T O R E S Y O U L O V E T O S H O P TMR E TA I L F O C U SNEWS & VIEWS FROM JGA, INC.LUXURY GOES CASUALConspicuous consumption is out.Sophisticated style is in. Luxury goods,upscale brands and top-line serviceremain crucial components for today’scustom-made lives.Consumers proclaim pretension as passé.Paradoxically our schizophrenic shoppersdesire indulgence. Jog around town ina Jag. Get a makeover for the personyou’re becoming. Trek up the northface of the mountain. Retail becomesthe communication tool for the newexperience, where sophistication andstyle reign over status and splendorcreating the casualization of luxury.

Luxury Oasis"Give me the luxuries of life and I willwillingly do without the necessities."Frank Lloyd WrightObjective: To enhance the accessibility of luxury through innovative lifestyle displays, sophisticated materials andunique merchandising techniques.Result: Harmonizing the practical and the visual, the store is approachable, warm and contemporary; its linesexhibit a balance between luxury and accessibility."JGA understood the nuances of ourbusiness and incorporated thatunderstanding into a first-rate,innovative design. We are very happy,and more importantly, so are ourcustomers."Darrell S. RossPresident, Ross-SimonsRoss-SimonsDesign/Architecture: JGA, Inc.Lighting Consultant: Illuminating ConceptsPhotography: Laszlo RegosJGA

Uncommon Luxury"We can do without any article of luxurywe have never had; but once obtained,it is not in human nature to surrenderit voluntarily."Thomas Chandler HaliburtonResult: Elements within the environment create an eclectically contemporary space, where interactive features make theselection process as exciting as the brand itself.Objective: To create a purchase experience reflecting the prestige of the brand in a casually sophisticated setting.JGA"This is a breakthrough project - ablending of art and lighting inarchitecture that becomes retail."Vilma BarrContributing Editor, DDI MagazineJaguarDesign: JGA, Inc.Lighting Consultant: Illuminating ConceptsPhotography: Laszlo Regos

Affordable Luxury"There is nothing that makes its way moredirectly to the soul than beauty."Joseph AddisonObjective: To create a point of contact appealing to a customer segment not currently drawn to the Avon distributionmethod, who is favorably inclined to try the brand.Result: This new lifestyle-driven retail channel of distribution allows the customer to be drawn to the productin an environment that celebrates the woman she is becoming."The beComing shops are built aroundan ‘assisted open selling’ conceptwhere customers can browse or seekhelp from ‘beauty lifestyle’ consultantstrained by Avon.”Advertising AgebeComing - Avon CenterNational Launch Partner: J.C. PenneyDesign: JGA, Inc.Design Collaborator & Construction: Ledan, Inc.Lighting Consultant: Illuminating ConceptsJGA

Adventurous Luxury"Adventure is an attitude we must apply tothe day-to-day obstacles of life, facing newchallenges, discovering our own uniquepotential."John AmattJGAObjective: To celebrate the premium adventure brand’s commitment to exploration through the creation of a new designstandard in outdoor retailing.“You have this great yin and yang goingon. The intention was to celebrate thetechnical aspects of exploration, as wellas the athletes and the places they goand the people they touch. Thatparadox is a great habitat for The NorthFace product.”Women’s Wear DailyThe North FaceDesign: JGA, Inc.Lighting Consultant: Lighting Management, Inc.Photography: Laszlo RegosResult: Artifacts and architectural details become key focal elements for establishing the unique brand positioningthat inspires shoppers to "remember the journey as well as the destination."

Everyday Luxury" Lif e is playf ulness. We need t o play so t hatw e can rediscover t he magic around us."Flora ColaoObject ive: To invent a diff erent iat ed approach t o t he creat ive process of making cust om-plush animals in an environmentt hat inspires gif t giving and brand connect ivit y.Result : The bear-making process st eps are cleverly depict ed as areas w it hin a myt hical depart ment st orebecoming a colorf ul and experient ial easy-t o-shop environment ." Our mission w as t o develop a st oret hat cut across all age lines, a st oret hat w as not only kid-f riendly, butt een- and adult -f riendly as w ell. Sof ar, Paw senclaw s has exceededexpect at ions. We see a w onderf ulopport unit y t o expand t he conceptnat ionw ide."St eve M andellPresident , Paw senclaw s & Co.Paw senclaw s & Co.Design/Architecture/Branding/Graphics: JGA Inc.Photography: Laszlo RegosJGA

LUXURY GOES CASUALStart with the consumer’s enhanced sense of visualsophistication in everyday living, add a dash of prestige,and masstige becomes the watchword of today’sindulgent society. Shifting attitudes dictate the form andformat of how we deliver luxury to consumers.Considerably different from the past, shoppers no longerlook for and sometimes even bypass experiences or placesthey consider pretentious and formal. While stillacknowledging status, many prefer to experience placesthat concentrate on style rather than those where the giltis too bright or the chandeliers say, “don’t touch.”As lifestyle realities set in with consumers, yesterday’slifestyle of conspicuous consumption seems to beincreasingly viewed as insensitive, if not in blatant badtaste. The result, if not less consumptive, is lessconspicuous in a move toward casualization within theluxury category.It is also clear that people’s sense of what defines luxury ischanging. At one point luxury might have only related toexpensive things that were occasionally touched, butoften just viewed. Today’s consumers seek the addedsense of luxury and indulgence in everyday categories andwith mass brands. Luxury may be about a four-dollar cupof coffee, a whimsically dressed plush bear or a beautifulnew shade of lipstick.At the heart of it all is the recognition that the consumingpublic includes a much broader, ethnically anddemographically eclectic foundation than those in thepast. Yet they often share a common definition of whatconstitutes the good life, the best way to furnish,embellish or enhance that life, and the desire to do it in away that is less structured, more casual and far morestimulating than ever before.Kenneth Nisch - ChairmanSeveral JGA projects have been recognized recently forexcellence in environmental and graphic design:American Museum of Natural History Store - EnvironmentDickson CyberExpress - Environment, FixturesFossil at Universal CityWalk - EnvironmentFred Lavery Company - EnvironmentNature’s Northwest - Environment, FixturesPawsenclaws & Co. - GraphicsPerfumania - EnvironmentRipley’s Cargo Hold Gift Shop - EnvironmentRose Center for Earth and Space Store - EnvironmentRue 21 - GraphicsSamsung Plaza - EnvironmentTorrid - Environment, Fixtures, GraphicsZehnder’s of Frankenmuth - Environment, GraphicsABOUT JGAJGA is a leading retail design, brand strategy andarchitecture firm committed to providing clients withthe most innovative and consumer-responsive designrequired to compete in today’s fast-pacedmarketplace. A visionary balance of space planning,brand identity, imaging, graphics and merchandisingsucceeds in heightening the shopping experience,helping clients convert tomorrow’s trends into today’sbusiness opportunities.We offer a diverse range of design andimaging services including: Brand StrategyConceptual Retail DesignGraphic DesignArchitectural DevelopmentProject ImplementationFor more information, visit us on theInternet at www.jga.comemail [email protected] call 248.355.0890JGA, Inc.JGA 29355 Northwestern Highway, Suite 300Southfield, MI 48034 USARetail Focus is a publication designed and produced by JGA, Inc. MMII

Fred Lavery Company - Environment Nature’s Northwest - Environment, Fixtures Pawsenclaws & Co. - Graphics Perfumania - Environment Ripley’s Cargo Hold Gift Shop - Environment Rose Center for Earth and Space Store - Environment Rue 21 - Graphics Samsung Pla