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The CourseLicensed Instructor Coursein Mind MappingThe Training TeamDates and PricesBenefitsCase StudiesThinkBuzan, TecMarina, Terra Nova Way, Penarth CF64 1SA 44 (0) 20 71 177 173 (UK), (1)-800-961-4582 (US)

The CourseTable of ContentsThe Training TeamBackgroundThe CourseThe Training TeamSpecial BenefitsDates and PricesGroup DiscountsHow can I book onto a course?F.A.QsGeneral InformationBenefitsCase StudiesCase Studies 44 (0) 20 71 177 173 (UK)(1)-800-961-4582 (US)ThinkBuzan, TecMarina, TerraNova Way, Penarth CF64

BackgroundThe CourseOn this course, you will be learning from the world experts in creative thinking andMind Mapping training, who combined have over 40 years experience.Master the infinitely versatile creative thinking tool, used by over 250 million peopleworldwide and within organisations such as Apple, the United Nations, Disney andNASA. During this 4 day fully accredited Mind Mapping training course, you willlearn the core principles of Mind Mapping, the science behind why it works, andhow to effectively apply it using the iMindMap software.600 Locations trained in40 Hours’ worth ofresources availableGlobal Instructor Network‘It was the best course I have ever attended It wasboth enjoyable and inspiring! I learnt so much thatI can apply both professionally and in my personallife going forward’Dates and PricesThinkBuzan LicencedInstructors since 201113 The Training TeamThe ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Course provides the knowledge, skills and indepth training materials needed for you to go on and deliver official ThinkBuzanPractitioner courses of your own on Mind Mapping or iMindMap. Ideal forcorporations, educators, entrepreneurs, consultants, strategists and personalcoaches alike.The CourseLike any muscle, the human brain needs training. With over 40 years’ experience,ThinkBuzan’s Training Team present to you a fully accredited training course inMind Mapping and the iMindMap software; endorsed and delivered by the inventorof Mind Mapping and best-selling author, Tony Buzan.Kari Greaves, Head of Service Improvement, Guinness SouthMind Mapping FundamentalsLearn how to Mind Map and the coreprinciples behind it. Discover whyyou need keywords, colour, curvedbranches and plenty of imagery.Case StudiesThe science behind Mind MappingDiscover the science behind how andwhy Mind Mapping is so powerful,including research on memory,creativity, productivity and enlighteningcase studies.BenefitsOverview of the Course Content

Recall During LearningThe 7.5 laws of memory and behaviourthat underpin the Mind Mapping process.Mastering these powerful principles will notonly improve how you learn, but ensureall of your communications are morememorable and meaningful.Case StudiesThe iMindMap software masterclassMaster all of the hidden tricks andtreasures of the most creative MindMapping software available, withpowerful design, task management andpresentation features.One-to-one feedback fromthe course leaderThere will be a final overviewof the course content, whichwill consist of the delegatespresenting topics from thecourse. Delegates will receiveone-to-one feedback from thecourse leader.BenefitsApplications of Mind MappingMind Mapping and iMindMap areinfinitely versatile. We will teach youa wide range of ways to use MindMapping to improve specific taskssuch as: brainstorming, planning,performance coaching, studying,presentations, business processesand more.Dates and PricesHow to teach iMindMap &Mind MappingYou will not only leave thecourse an expert in MindMapping, creative thinkingand the iMindMap software;you will be able to train othersin these techniques using theskills we have taught you andthe exclusive resources weprovide.Fast access to creative ideasMind Mapping helps to stimulatecreative thinking and generate moreideas. We will show you how to tapinto that creative power and push yourbrain to its full potential.The Training TeamHow to improve productivity by 20%Mind Maps may look pretty, but theyare seriously good at getting youorganised. A radiant, hierarchicalstructure and strong visual triggerscan allow you to capture vast amountsof information clearly and concisely.Presentation SkillsLearn how to create beautifuland engaging presentations.Utilise Mind Maps to improveyour presentation preparation anddelivery, and make them morememorable for your audience.The CourseMeta-cognitionExplore how we think, the limitations ofour traditional thinking processes andthe impact this has on our ability to betruly creative.

This course is endorsed by the inventor of Mind Mapping, Tony Buzan.ThinkBuzan are the only training provider offering an official accredited course inMind Mapping. We provide you with a range of resources to assist you in your owntraining courses and to incorporate the creativity and Mind Mapping techniquesyou learn into your day-to-day life. These benefits include:‘After 35 years in business, I am usually verysceptical of training courses and am satisfied whenI take away one new thing per day. At this course, Ipicked up many new things in each hour’The Training TeamGregg DeSilvio, Senior Director of Strategy and BusinessDevelopment, Hertz Global HoldingsThe CourseThe AccreditationWhat have our previous delegates gone on to do?Keith Usher - Mind Mapping training in the UAEKeith Usher was accredited in 2011. Keith is the owner andManaging Director of Insight Learning Organisation, who areone of the most proactive companies promoting Mind Mappingcourses in the Middle East. Insight Learning Organisation haveworked with clients such as UAE government ministries andis now eager to promote learning through Mind Mapping to awider audience in the UAE through the Ministry of Education.SEE FULL CASE STUDIES AT THEBACK OF THE BROCHURECase StudiesFurther your training and achieve Senior ThinkBuzanLicensed Instructor status by demonstrating yourknowledge, skill and experience across all of ourdisciplines.Julie Cummings-Debrot - Consulted in the technology sectorJulie was accredited in London in 2013 and has extensiveexperience of training and consultancy in several industries, suchas pharmaceuticals, tourism, finance and technology. Julie usedthe accredited course in Mind Mapping as a means of furtheringher career. Julie found that there was a need among businessesfor increased efficiency and problem solving and used heraccreditation as a means of filling a gap in the market.BenefitsFull profile listing on the highly visited ThinkBuzanwebsite to promote your accredited coachingservices globally.Official ThinkBuzan Practitioner Certificates, signedby Tony Buzan and ThinkBuzan CEO, Chris Griffiths,for your delegates.Dates and PricesAccess to our ready-made one day Practitionercourses in Mind Mapping and iMindMap withagendas, materials and training resources so youcan deliver your own content straight away.Carl Peters - Trained teams at the European CommissionCarl was accredited in London in 2011. He found that theEuropean Commission had a demand for their employees to betrained in Tony’s Mind Mapping technique. Carl had to undergoa rigorous application process in order to deliver the trainingand found that his accreditation from the Mind Mapping coursehelped him to meet and exceed the criteria needed.

We are backed by expert trainers Tony Buzan, Owen Hardy and JenniferGoddard. They have over 40 years of research and experience in creative thinkingand innovation. We are constantly perfecting our techniques and exploring newideas, so that we can offer you relevant and powerful training.Through his consultative work for governments,Tony continues with his aim to instill a strategyfor creative thinking into the school curriculum,seeking to influence current government bodies,as well as inspire the leaders of tomorrow.The iMindMap software that we train you to use and teach is used withinorganisations such as.The Training TeamTony Buzan - Inventor of Mind MappingShe has a holistic approach to learning solutions,and has led the planning, delivery, assessment andevaluation of bespoke learning engagements.As a qualified coach, she has worked with individuals across a range of sectorsto support them to improve performance for themselves and their organisations.Liz is passionate about transferring and facilitating knowledge. She deliversengaging and memorable training sessions and creates learning environments toenable clients to reach their full potential.Case StudiesTony Buzan leads the majority of our coursesaround the world, building a network of highlyspecialised experts in creative thinking.Responsible for managing OpenGenius’ TrainingDepartment, Liz’s number one priority is to always ensureher clients needs are met. She has a long and strongtrack record with over 15 years experience within thetraining, education and coaching fields.BenefitsTony Buzan is the world-renowned inventor ofMind Mapping and expert on the brain, memory,Speed Reading, creativity and innovation.He has been named as one of the world’stop 5 speakers by Forbes magazine, alongwith Mikhail Gorbachev, Henry Kissinger andMargaret Thatcher.Dates and PricesLiz Oseland - Head of TrainingThe Training TeamWe’ve trained individuals and organisations across 6 continents and our trainershave been requested by international organisations such as the EuropeanCommission, the Petra Nobel Conference of Nobel Laureates, EuropeanParliament, European Academy of Direct and Interactive Marketing and variousroyal families across the globe, to help them apply innovative thinking to theirprojects.Tony has worked with governments around theworld on educational creativity and leadershipissues, including the governing bodies ofAustralia, Bahrain, China, UK, Jamaica,Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore and South Africa.The CourseWhy should you be trained by ThinkBuzan?

What are the perks of being a TLI?The CourseDanielle Hazell - Training and Events Co-ordinatorDani coordinates all of the ThinkBuzan LicensedInstructor Courses in Mind Mapping, Memory &Speed Reading and will be your point of contact as aTLI graduate after the course.From global TLI courses to global consultancy, Dani will guide you through thelogistics and practicalities for any event and will ensure that you and/or your clientshave a seamless experience training with ThinkBuzan.25% Off Courses30% CommissionPreview SoftwareRe-attend FreeOnline CoursesDroptask PROReceive 25% discount on our ThinkBuzanLicensed Instructor courses in Memory andSpeed Reading.Receive exclusive 30% Premium affiliatecommission on any sales of iMindMapwhich you generate.The Training TeamAs a ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor, you will spenda lot of time liaising with Dani who will provideyou with access to our online Training ResourceRepository, build and load your trainer profile ontothe ThinkBuzan website, take and process certificate orders, keep youup to date with the latest TLI news and be there for any assistance should yourequire it.Dates and PricesYou will be given a free, 6 month subscriptionto the newly developed visual taskmanagement tool, DropTask PRO. You canvisualise your workload, allocate tasks andaccess all of your work tasks in one place.Case StudiesAfter attending the course, you will be givenaccess to our newly developed range ofonline courses. You can refresh your MindMapping skills from the comfort of your ownhome.Refresh your skills and keep up-to-date onthe latest techniques by re-attending thecourse at anytime. All you need to do is paya small delegate rate – the course fee is free.BenefitsBe the very first to see the upcomingversions of iMindMap before they’rereleased and receive all upgrades for free.

Group DiscountsPlease contact or call on 44 (0) 207 1177 173 (UK)or (1)-800-961-4582 (USA) for an official quotation, and notify us of the number ofindividuals in your group and the course which you all wish to attend.Please note, discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Onlyone discount is applicable per booking.There are 3 main ways that you are able to book onto an accredited Mind Mappingcourse with ThinkBuzan.Email usYou can also contact ThinkBuzan and book a place via email and we aim to reply within 24 hours Monday toFriday.You can view our terms and conditions nce you have attended the Mind Mapping training course, your accreditation isvalid for 12 months. Every 12 months, you will be asked to pay a 250 renewalfee ( VAT if applicable) to renew your accredited trainer license with ThinkBuzanand continue to receive the benefits. If you have attended multiple ThinkBuzanaccredited training courses (such as our Memory and Speed Reading courses),you will only be required to pay one renewal fee to cover the 12 month period.How can I pay for the course?You can pay a 10% deposit or you can pay the full amount upon your booking.If you are only paying the deposit, then the rest of the payment is due 30 daysbefore the course begins. There are 3 methods of payment;1) Bank Transfer - if you would like to pay by bank transfer, you can find our bankdetails on the invoices we send out. Simply provide us with your bank remittanceslip once you have made the payment so our Finance team may locate yourpayment. Please also note that you will be required to cover any bank charges.2) Credit card - if you would like to pay by credit card, please contact us on 44 (0)207 1177 173 (UK) or (1)-800-961-4582 (USA) and we would be more than happyto process your payment over the phone. Alternatively, you can provide us withyour telephone number and a suitable time to contact you and we will be morethan happy to call you.3) Paypal - if you would like to pay by Paypal, simply provide us with your Paypalemail address and our Finance team will request payment from your account.BenefitsWebsiteYou are also able to book a place and pay via our long am I accredited for?Dates and PricesCall usGive us a call on 44 (0) 207 1177 173 (UK) or (1)-800-961-4582 (USA) - ouroffice hours are 8.30am - 6pm (UK time) Monday to Thursday, and 8.30am - 5pmFriday. We can also put you in touch with our Senior Trainer, Owen Hardy, todiscuss the course in more detail.We have delegates attending the Mind Mapping training course from multipledisciplines worldwide. Previous delegates hail from backgrounds includingbusiness consultancy, education, coaching, management, charity, medicine,psychology, government, and public services.The Training TeamHow can I book onto a course?Who attends the ThinkBuzan Mind Mapping course?The CourseWe offer great group discounts on our accredited training courses for employeesfrom the same company or educational institution.F.A.QsHow can I refresh my skills once I have attended the course?For more information, please contact our Training team at training@thinkbuzan.comCase StudiesOnce you have become an accredited ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor, you mayre-attend the Mind Mapping training course at any time and pay only your directcosts for the day, such as training materials, lunch and refreshments. This is theperfect opportunity to make sure your Mind Mapping skills and knowledge areup-to- date, and to share your accomplishments with new delegates. Please note,spaces are subject to availability. Please also ensure that you are up-to-date withyour TLI Renewal Fees.

General Information EnquiriesI have a training questionOr give us a call on 44 (0) 207 1177 173 (UK) or (1)-800-961-4582 (USA) - ouroffice hours are 8.30am - 6pm (UK time) Monday to Thursday, and 8.30am - 5pmFriday.1.0 Carl Peters: European Commission Registered TrainerWhat did Carl think of the resources provided by ThinkBuzan for deliveringthe Mind Mapping Practitioner course?The PreparationDates and PricesA new twist on training.Carl reviewed the Mind Mapping Practitionercourse content, provided to ThinkBuzan LicensedInstructors, and decided that he needed to grasp thenew content in the most efficient way possible. Hestarted by breaking down the course content intosummary Mind Maps using iMindMap. Theseindividual Mind Maps formed an overview of eachsection in the Practitioner manual.The Training Team“The Practitioner resources were engaging,packed with examples and a very goodPowerpoint presentation. The resources wereeasily adaptable and I was able to use my ownknowledge to build on the information and tailor itto meet the needs of the European Commission”The CourseIf you wish to find out more information regarding the courses we offer, simplycontact our training team for more information:training@thinkbuzan.comCase StudiesIndividual Mind Maps were created for each section of the courseCarl cut them out and arranged the maps together with the main aim of seeingthe bigger picture but also to assess the direction the course would take. Addingcoloured lines connected the maps and differentiated them on the page.Case Studies“This course overview MindMap was taped onto the bookcase in my office and I wasable to review it constantly”Benefits“I needed to understand the new information before teachingit to others. The process of working with the physical Mapsand putting them together helped me to implant the contentsinto my brain in a structured way”

Mind Mapping for collaborationRounding up the day.At the end of the workshop, Carl certified the delegates as official ThinkBuzanPractitioners in Mind Mapping. He found from the Practitioner feedback formthat delegates were eager to undertake more training and implement iMindMapat the institute. He is now planning to follow up with the iMindMap Practitionercourse.Why become an accredited trainer?“I had used Mind Mapping for a number of years before Idiscovered the TLI course which not only offered officialMind Mapping training but also iMindMap techniques. It wasan opportunity, which I was ready to take and one of the bestdecisions I’ve made in my career. The course was a naturalprogression for me and the ThinkBuzan accreditation gaveme the credibility I needed to take my corporate training to thenext level. I am very excited about the future!”Since graduating from the TLI course at the beginning of the year, Julie hassought to differentiate her business by setting up a parallel training company to herexisting language company, entitled The Mind Mapping Connection .To combat increasing pressure on businesses and employees, Julie sought tointroduce Mind Mapping to middle and senior executives. This technique zeroesin brilliantly on key information and saves so much time regardless of the industry,profession or individual workload.Case StudiesWhat are businesses looking for?With business executives experiencing increasing levels of stress, they areconstantly looking for new ways to enhance their efficiency, solve daily problems,overcome strategic challenges and improve their performance. Julie recognisedthe need for enhanced working practices amongst her corporate clients andrealised that there was a gap in the market, which she could fill.Benefits*Unfortunately, no photographs of the training session could be taken as thetraining took place in a high security area within the European Commission.Based in Paris, Julie has extensive experience as anindependent trainer and has consulted with companiesin various industries including tourism, finance, technology andpharmaceuticals. With a view to expanding her services as a corporate consultantand language trainer, she attended the ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Course inHenley, UK in January 2013.Dates and Prices“After lunch, we created a group Mind Map using iMindMapon the recent 50th anniversary of the European CommissionResearch Centre – a topic which they all had in common. Thisworked really well for the group session and they were bowledover by what iMindMap could do”In this post, Julie Cummings-Debrot, a ThinkBuzanLicensed Instructor and Language Trainer at The EnglishConnection, gives an insight into her accomplishmentssince becoming accredited, including how she hasintegrated Mind Mapping and iMindMap into herconsultancy business.The Training TeamAs part of the morning session, the delegates drew and presented many MindMaps which were presented on a pin board for comparison and discussion. Duringthe lunch break, they viewed a slide show of example Mind Maps which led to around of questions about Mind Mapping and, in particular, the iMindMap software.2.0 Julie Cummings-Debrot: Language Trainer at theEnglish ConnectionThe CourseThe ImplementationThe course delegates were from academic, scientific and administrative roleswithin the European Commission (EC). Even though the delegates worked withindifferent areas of the EC, Mind Mapping is an adaptable technique which can beintroduced across the board. They planned to use Mind Mapping for note taking,instructional communication, group workshops and even to create interestingvisual notices.

Since becoming ThinkBuzan Practitioners, the delegates have continued to MindMap not only for problem solving, but to consider new avenues and ideas, preparepresentations, take notes and generally avoid succumbing to the daily pressuresof working with a lot of data.What did Julie think of ThinkBuzan’s Practitioner course content?Having used official ThinkBuzan Practitioner course content to deliver herworkshops in iMindMap and Mind Mapping, Julie had plenty to say on this matter:“There is enough material to do a week’s training never mind 1 or 2 days.As the course progressed it was wonderful to see the reactions of eachparticipant as he or she became fully aware of the potential of the MindMapping. Each person is unique, and the material we have been givenhelps each individual reach his or her goals and fly. To be able to introducedelegates to Tony’s original (and so important) technique of Mind Mappingby hand and follow that up with the iMindMap software is truly amazing”What’s next for Julie?Julie is investing more of her time and resources into developing her new companyThe Mind Mapping Connection and is starting to translate her workshop contentinto French so that she can bring Mind Mapping to a wider audience and add anew dimension to her training offer.Case StudiesA pre-requisite of the course was thateach delegate had to bring a problem,which they were currently experiencingin work. Once they learnt how to Mind Map, Julie instructed the delegates to ‘powermap’ for 15 minutes about their individual problem. Following this, they werepaired up and asked to review their partner’s Mind Map and suggest solutions totheir problems. This activity was designed to encourage delegates from differentdepartments within the organisation to work collaboratively and assess problemsfrom a fresh perspective.After the course finished, delegates were required to submit an individualiMindMap in order to receive their official ThinkBuzan Practitioner Certificates iniMindMap and Mind Mapping.BenefitsDay 1 – Mind MappingOn the first day, Julie utilised the OfficialThinkBuzan Mind Mapping Practitionercourse resources to introduce delegatesto the concept of Mind Mapping inBusiness.With their I.T background, they were intrigued to see what the software could offerthem and they were impressed by the results.Dates and Prices“There is a definite demand in the technology sector forMind Mapping and iMindMap. Within this field, consultantsmust continually train and develop their skills. Introducingthem to iMindMap counts as continuous professionaldevelopment and allows individuals to see its widerimplications within their own roles”Day 2 – iMindMapOn the second day, Julie delivered theiMindMap Practitioner course to thedelegates. Armed with Mind Mappingknowledge, they were enthusiastic abouttackling iMindMap. The employeesembraced the software and got off to aflying start under Julie’s watchful eye.The Training TeamWith Mind Mapping at the forefront ofJulie’s training agenda, she recently heldan in-house two-day workshop for a leadingFrench data and cloud managementconglomerate. The company operateson a global scale and provides softwaresolutions for large FTSE multi-nationals.This is a continually evolving industry andtheir employees were looking to enhance their skillset and keep up-to-date withthe latest software developments. Delegates on the course included middle andupper managers from Research and Development, Marketing, Finance and IT.“The results were astounding! It helped of course that all of thecourse delegates were from the same company, as they understoodthe ethos of the company and the industry within which they work.However, it was really interesting for them to look at challengesfacing colleagues within other areas of the company”The Course“I have found that iMindMap compliments Mind Mappingperfectly and also adds a professional touch to a creative andenjoyable process”

“In 2013 alone more than 300 people attendedour two flagship programmes for iMindMap andMind Mapping.”What has Keith gained since attending the ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor course?:Since receiving the ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor accreditation, the InsightLearning Organisation has become one of the most proactive companies in theMiddle East promoting accredited ThinkBuzan Mind Mapping courses.“In 2013 alone more than 300 people attended our two flagshipprogrammes for iMindMap and Mind Mapping. We are workingclosely with ThinkBuzan to create a structured offering to ourclients, in terms of training content and design, software versions,books and the very highest standards of training design anddelivery. Our accredited courses are delivered over two or threedays to ensure learning is transferred into the workplace.”Case Studies“ he gave me a personal autographed copy of ‘The Book ofGenius’ and a personal message in a Mind Map format that said‘Use both sides of your brain to get ahead’. He has since re-signedthat book twice, once in the UK when I attended a course in Henleyin 2009, and again in Dubai in 2011 when I was fortunate enough tohave dinner with him and discuss his visits to Africa.”“A Mind Map is the best tool Ihave ever used for planning anddesigning, whether working on aproject, a speech or a businessplan, or as is most common inmy case a training programme.I also use Mind Mapping fordelivering programme content inlieu of PowerPoint, even for nonMind Mapping courses.”BenefitsHow it all started for Keith:Keith first learned about MindMapping 18 years ago, as aTraining Consultant with lifeassurance group, Allied Dunbar,in the UK. While attending aconference during this time, hemet Tony Buzan. He saysKeith is the owner and Managing Director of the Dubai based Insight LearningOrganisation, that offer specialised management and leadership developmenttraining and consultancy. He uses Mind Maps to design all of the organisation’scorporate training modules.Dates and PricesKeith grew up in Kenya, and went on to study for his BSc Honours degreein Psychology at Surrey University. In addition to his work as a ManagementConsultant and Trainer, Keith is passionate about wildlife conservation and spendsup to 3 months each year in Africa where he qualified as a FGASA Field and TrailsGuide. He enjoys photography and volunteer work, as well as developing hisknowledge of African wildlife and conservation.“The instruction provided by Tony and Chris was of the veryhighest standard, ably backed up by the comprehensive iMindMapsoftware tuition provided by Senior Trainer Owen Hardy.”The Training TeamThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor, Keith Usher, hasa career spanning 25 years as a ManagementConsultant and Trainer, ranging from internationalbased consultancy with Zurich Group to settingup Insight Learning Organisation, a specialisedmanagement consultancy and training operation in theMiddle East and Africa.Keith was an early exponent of primacy and recency learning, incorporating MindMap summaries in to all of his training programmes both at the end of each moduleand as a review of learning every morning. Because of this, he decided to takethe next step and attended a Mind Mapping course in 2009, and the ThinkBuzanLicensed Instructor Course in Dubai, in 2011.The CourseKeith Usher - Mind Mapping training in the UAE

What’s next on Keith’s Mind Mapping agenda?:BenefitsThis month we are running a programme for the PrimeMinister’s Office in Dubai, and are in discussion with the AbuDhabi Council for Economic Development for introducingMind Map workshops for UAE national school children.”Dates and Prices“In 2014 we introduced public programmes to complementour in-house training. To date we have delivered two coursesin Dubai with four others planned for Abu Dhabi, Qatar andagain in Dubai.The Training TeamKeith is eager to promotelearning through MindMapping to a wideraudience in the MiddleEast, particularly within theMinistry of Education, andhas met with Tony Buzanon a number of occasionsto discuss and plan futureMind Mapping initiativeswithin the UAE.The CourseMind Map clients of Insight Learning Organisation include the UAE GovernmentMinistries and many corporate organisations based both in the Middle East andinternationally.Case Studies

ThinkBuzan, Regus House, Falcon Drive, Cardiff, CF10 4RU, UK 44 (0) 20 71 177 173 (UK), (1)-800-961-4582 (US)

Mind Mapping Fundamentals Learn how to Mind Map and the core principles behind it. Discover why you need keywords, colour, curved branches and plenty of imagery. The science behind Mind Mapping Discover the science behind how and why Mind Mapping is so powerful, including research on memory, creativity, productivity and enlightening case studies.

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