Mission Trip 2014: Burlington NJ Congregational Prayer Journal

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HOPE LUTHERAN CHURCHJune 28-July 9Mission Trip 2014: Burlington NJCongregational Prayer JournalHow to use this resource:in this booklet for your ownpersonal devotions.Second, you can PRAY forus throughout our journey.Third, you can follow alongwith our journey online athopebozemanyouthtrips.blogspot.com.Special points ofinterest: Youth will spend the weekworking in Burlington, NJ, asmall town outside ofPhiladelphiaThis is a new resourcecreated with the intentionof connecting those of youat home with the youth whoare on our mission trip.Youth depart on Saturday,June 28 for 10 days ofmission, service, learningand fun. You can stayconnected to our trip inseveral ways. First, youcan use the daily readings We will be doing homerepair workWhy Burlington? Work will probablyinclude paintingand home restorationWhy Burlington? Whenpeople have asked uswhere we are going andwe tell them New Jerseythey are regularlyconfused. The simplestanswer to “why Burlington”is for a completely new and Each day in the prayerswe’ve named 3-4 youth oradults to pray for!If you use the dailyreadings in this booklet,you will be unpacking theexact same texts that ourteenagers will bediscussing during theirevening learning times.Hopefully this will connectyou to the trip in a newway, and it will inform yourprayers for our teens.We have includedinformational readings foreach day, along withprayer requests. On thedays that we will bedifferent encounter with adiverse, impoverishedpopulation. Youth willencounter Christ in thestrangers (who will soonbecome friends) that wemeet in New Jersey andin New York City!working, we’ve alsoincluded a bible passageand some contemplativequestions. Feel free toread these together withyour family and discussthem, or contemplate themon your own. Many of thesequestions will be the sameones that our teens arewrestling with this week.Please note that all photosin this devotional are fromlast year’s mission trip toRed Mesa, AZ!Mission trips are lifechanging events for manyteenagers and we want tothank you for being a partof that journey. God bless!-Paul Goodman and the2014 Mission Team

Page 2Mission Trip 2014: Burlington NJSaturday, June 28Travel DayToday we will arrive at the airport at5am for a full day of travel. We willarrive in New York City at 3:45pm anddrive to a Lutheran church in Summit,New Jersey. We asked thiscongregation if they would be willingto host our teenagers and theygraciously accepted. In fact, we havealready been blown away by theirhospitality without even meetingthem!Upon arriving at the church we will bejoining together for a grouporientation.sponsor, consider the reasons that yousponsored a youth and what yourhopes are for that young person.We will participate in group buildingactivities and talk about our hopes andexpectations for the week.Prayer Requests:As you pray for us tonight, take a quietmoment to center yourself. Considerwhat you hope our teenagers will getout of this week. If you are a parent,consider what you hope your childwill gain from the event. If you are aFor the members of the congregationin Summit, New JerseySunday, June 29On Sunday, June 29, we will arrive atour site in Burlington, NJ. We willmeet several hundred other highschool students who have also givenup their week to make a difference inthis community. We will find outwhere we will be living and workingfor the week, and we will receive ourassignments for the week. We willbegin to learn about the theme:Repair.Last year on this evening we facedwhat appeared to be a daunting task.We received our assignments. Onegroup of four received the following:prepare and paint a home, build aporch, put a new roof on a home in 5days?! Really? Are you kidding me?I can remember our evening grouptime being a time of excitement,anticipation, fear, and much more. Iimagine that as we sit down toconsider what we will be doingthroughout the week that we willencounter all of these emotions andmore!Safe travelsChaperones (health, safety, sanity)That youth will go into our experiencewith an open mind and heartFor the “repair” work that will takeplace, both literally (home repair) andin the lives of our youth and theresidents of Burlington, NJ.Prayer requests:Reassurance as we face seeminglyun-accomplishable goalsExcitement and energy for the weekaheadTonight, as you think about our group,consider what daunting tasks exist inyour life right now.That our teenagers will gain a newunderstanding of themselves throughthis weekWhat is your usual response to thiskind of thing? Do you tend to runaway from big tasks or face them headon? Do you like a big challengeor do you give up easily? Whatrole does your faith play inhelping you accomplish yourgoals?That our youth will grow closer to Godand to one anotherAfter reflecting on these ideaspray for our group.

Page 3Monday, June 30Today we are awakingto new possibility. Wewill be meeting ourresidents, seeingfirsthand what we willbe doing and gettingdown and dirtybeginning our work.Monday is usually agreat day on a missionexperience as it is thefirst time that weactually get to do whatwe’ve set out do to.Tonight we willparticipate in the first of our eveningprograms. We will look at the story ofthe rich young ruler and Jesus.The Story of the Rich Young Ruler (Mark10:17-22)After a deep conversation with Jesus,the rich young ruler walked away sad.He couldn’t see that the value of aAs a devotional tonight:Read Mark 10:17-22Discuss (or consider) the followingquestionsrelationship with Jesus was greaterthan the value of all his wealth andthings. The young man wanted to haveit all and was upset that he had tochoose. As the week begins, what’skeeping you from following Jesus?Your own story doesn’t have to endthe same way as the rich youngruler’s did .What gets in your way offollowing Jesus?What are some things that get inthe way of teenagersfollowing Jesus?What are things that might beconsidered “more important”than following Jesus today?What are some ways that we canre-focus on Jesus?Prayer requests:That the excitement experiencedtonight can continue to growthroughout the weekThat youth will grow closer to theirteam across the weekThat youth will experience Christthrough their residentsFor Kurt, Ben and MarissaTuesday, July 1Tuesday is usually the point of theweek where relationships amongyouth really start to blossom. Youthhave now been together for enoughtime that the nice ties and “do you likeme” behavior starts to segue to kidsbeing real. This is great andchallenging all at the same time.Work will continue throughout the dayand youth will hopefully really getgoing with their projects.Tonight we will encounter the story ofLegion, a man possessed by demonswho is forever changed after hisencounter with Jesus.The Story of Legion (Mark 5:1-20)Sometimes, transformation isgradual—taking weeks, months, evenyears. But sometimes, it happens inthe blink of an eye. Powerful.Memorable. Miraculous. That’s thestory of a lonely man trapped inisolation and demon possession,literally wandering in tombs andcutting himself. As people ran away,Jesus walked toward him and turnedhis life around in a moment. Life forthat man wasn’t just better. It wasamazing. What’s in your life that Jesuscould transform in a moment?(For the devotion and prayer requestssee the next page)

Page 4Mission Trip 2014: Burlington NJTuesday, July 1 (continued)For a devotion today, read Mark5:1-20 and consider (or discuss) thefollowing questions:*What “demons” do youth encounteron any given day?*Are there any things in your life thatact like demons?*We don’t really see the end of thestory how do you think this man’s lifewas changed?*How can an encounter with Christchange the way you live your life?Prayer requests:Specifically for the residents whowe are working with (for theirnames check our blog hopebozemanyouthtrips.blogspot.com)For the demons that youth wrestlewith.For those in Bozeman who arefacing demonsFor Taylor, Alyssa, and MaggieWednesday, July 2Wednesday is a “storming day.” Thisis the day that we look at our projectand consider that there is no way thatwe can finish our goals. It is alsoregularly the day that the “cute”mannerisms that we all have that are alittle quirky on Sunday DRIVEEVERYONE CRAZY.When processedeffectively, this is actually a positiveform of group development. Youthsuddenly realize that even the nicestyouth has a grumpy side and yet this“being real” with one another allowsyouth to actually grow through theirdifferences and become actualfriends!Tonight we will look at the story ofLazarusWednesday: The Story of the Death ofLazarus (John 11:1-44)If Jesus can do anything, why doesn’the do something for me right now?That’s the question Mary and Marthasurely asked when their brother,Lazarus, died. Jesus loved their family,but as Lazarus lay sick and dying noJesus. Four days later, however, Jesusshowed up, on his own time schedule,and raised Lazarus from the dead.We’ll dig into our own disappointmentand anger with God over things wethink he should have done, and see if,perhaps, there is still more to comefrom a Savior who can make anythinghappen.For a devotion: read John 11:1-44 andconsider/discuss the followingquestions:When in your life have you beendisappointed with God?Why do you think Jesusintervenes in the ways wewant him to?What disappointments do youthink today’s youth face?How can being in relationshipwith Jesus help us duringtimes of trial?Prayer requests:That difficulties in relationshipsamong our teenagers can beworked throughThat youth gain the tools to realizethat God is present, even inour darkest timesThat residents can gain a newunderstanding of Jesus’ lovethrough our teen’s witnessFor Ashley, Kayla L., and Cecilia

Page 5Thursday, July 3Last night, as a part of our eveningdevotions, youth were given one onone time with one another to sharestruggles and pray for one another.This is always a powerful timetogether as youth who may not haveconnected yet are given thatintentional opportunity. Our hope isthat by Thursday we are almost donewith our project growing closer toone another and growing in ourfaith while learning and connectingto the community that we are living in.Tonight we will look at Zacchaeus, andconsider how Jesus offers usforgiveness and acceptance.Thursday: The Story of Zacchaeus (Luke19:1-10)A short, sinful man in a tall treestraining to see Jesus. Zacchaeusdidn’t make excuses, and he didn’tcare what others were thinking.Anyone could have written the list ofwrongs committed by Zacchaeus, butonly Jesus could see past the list tolove the person and offer forgivenessand new life. Sometimes we forget thatJesus doesn’t expect us to haveeverything together when weapproach him. Like Zacchaeus, we cango to him just as we are, and let himtake care of the rest.Tonight there is an event for all theresidents (people who we’ve beenworking with) including a programand reception.For a devotion, read Luke 19:1-10.Consider/discuss the followingquestions:after his encounter withChrist?Prayer requests:Forgiveness in our own lives and inthe worldcontinued growth among youthContinued safety during the tripThat we can finish our project tomorrowThat the lives of our residents will beforever changedFor Paul, Liz, Kayla B and SkylarWho is the hardest person inyour life to forgive?Who is the easiest to forgive?What things in life areunforgiveable?How does knowing that Jesusforgives unconditionallyaffect you?How was Zacchaeus changedFriday, July 4Friday is the last full day of programs.This is a day of closure. We aresaying goodbye to our new friends both our residents and other teens.HOPEFULLY we will finish our projectstoday. Our group will continue theirjourney for the next few days.Tonight we will look at the story ofAnanias and Saul“Repair: Be A Story of Transformation”doesn’t stop when camp comes to aclose. In fact it’s just the beginning ofa new story with Jesus. But fear can getin the way. Fear of the unknown, fearof what others will think, and fear ofthings not working out very well as welive out our Christian faith back athome. Ananias received a missionfrom God that was laced with fear: Goto Saul who hated Christians and putthem to death—and restore his sight.Yikes! Yet Ananias trusted Jesus morethan he trusted his own fear. Will you?Devotion: Read Acts 9:10-19Consider the following questions:What risks have you taken in thelast year in the name of yourfaith?Do you think that God calls us totake risks on a regular basis?What is your comfortability withtaking risks?What risks do you think that youthare faced with on a regularbasis?How can our relationship withGod strengthen us to take lifegiving risks?

Page 6Mission Trip 2014: Burlington NJPrayers for FridayFor a devotion today, read Mark 5:120 and consider (or discuss) thefollowing questions.What “demons” do youth encounteron any given day?Are there any things in your life thatact like demons?Prayer requests:Specifically for the residents who weare working with (for their names checkour blog hopebozemanyouthtrips.blogspot.com)For the demons that youth wrestle with.For those in Bozeman who are facingdemons.We don’t really see the end of thestory how do you think this man’s life For Olivia, Ellie, Kahlee, Rachaelwas changed?For Elizabeth L and Anna who will joinHow can an encounter with Christus tomorrow!change the way you live your life?Saturday, July 5We will say our final goodbyes to people whobegan this week as strangers but becamefriends. We will be sent with the challenge tocontinue to do repair work in the lives ofpeople throughout our lives.Today we will spend the majority of the day atSix Flags Great Adventure.I am a large proponent of taking teens toamusement parks here’s why. While wespend time in line waiting to enjoy rides,youth are forced to communicate. At the endof a week like this, youth dwell on memories,consider the work that was done, tellunrelated stories and jokes, and continue togrow closer to one another. Also, we get toride awesome rides.Prayer requests:For a fun and safe dayThat youth will continue to grow closer to oneanotherThat God will be at work through fun.For Cecilia, Kurt, and RachaelSunday, July 6Sunday is a day of debriefing. We will spend some ofthe day traveling to New York City, some of the day atthe beach, and a good portion of the eveningintentionally debriefing our program.One activity that we will be participating in isaffirmations. We will go around the circle and haveyouth verbally affirm other members of our group.This is always a powerful “ending” to our program while we will be in New York City for two days, thiswill be the unofficial “ending” of the mission portion ofour trip.Prayer requests:That youth will feel affirmed through our debriefprocessSafety as we ride subways, walk in Times Square, etc.For the City of New YorkThat youth will encounter God in the chaotic world ofNew York CityFor Alyssa, Marissa, Skylar and Kahlee

Page 7Monday, July 7Monday we will experience New Yorkculture in several big ways. We willspend the morning at the MetropolitanMuseum of Art followed by an eveningon Broadway at a play.Prayer requests:For a safe and fun dayThat we will be open to the way thatGod is at work todayThat relationships will continue togrow, even as we grow tiredFor God to work through the rest ofthe tripFor Maggie, Ashley, Olivia and TaylorTuesday, July 8Tuesday is our last day. We will go on a tour of the city, see theStatue of Liberty, learn about immigration at Ellis Island, and(weather permitting) attend a Mets game. We will depart earlytomorrow morning for home.Prayer requests:For a fun and safe final dayFor the city of New YorkFor safe travel in the morningFor the things we’ve learned to stay with usFor Kayla L., Ben, and EllieWe hope that this devotional has been helpful for you in connectingwith our youth and their trip! Thank you for praying for us.Don’t forget to join us on Sunday, July 13 to hear our stories inperson at both worship services!

working in Burlington, NJ, a small town outside of Philadelphia We will be doing home repair work Work will probably include painting and home restoration Each day in the prayers we’ve named 3-4 youth or adults to pray for! Mission Trip 2014: Burlington NJ Congrega

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