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The Pawnee Nation Law Enforcement Center Ground-Breaking heldArticle on page 4Pawnee Nation Diabetes Program receives national recognitionArticle on page 9February/March 2012

Page 2Chaticks si Chaticks - FEBRUARY/MARCH 2012Message from the PresidentNOWA!Happy New Year Everyone!In the week between Christmas and theNew Year holiday, the Pawnee BusinessCouncil challenged the Nasharo Council toa Handgame. Although the Business Council lost, everyone had a lot of fun and fellowship. We want to thank everyone whocame out to join us.Herb Adson and his family had a Handgame as well and everyone enjoyed thecompany and games. Many of our tribalmembers reminisced on when our tribewould have a Handgame every night of thatweek during years past and how they wouldlike to see that come back. Taking initiative from the stories told Lilly Cummingswill be sponsoring a Handgame where thewomen challenge the men and Herb Adsonand family have said they will have a Handgame as well. We hope that the PBC andNasharo Council will do the same and weare looking forward to it.Many of our young adults and childrenstarted back to school and we have enjoyedattending some of the back to school dinners and meetings. It is always good to see our youngPawnee People continuing with their education, they are and will be our future leaders of thisNation.It’s always a good sign when we get to see our Pawnee People come home during the holidays, especially those serving in the armed forces. We had a Marine home for the holidays, andit was really good to see him. Please remember in prayer all our service men and women.Let’s not forget Valentine’s Day. It’s a day to celebrate those we love! I hope everyone gottheir sweetie a big chocolate heart and flowers.The Pawnee Nation has a lot going on this year. There was the ground breaking for the newLaw Enforcement Center and it is moving right along. Also the start of the refurbishment to theRoundhouse will soon begin and we are looking forward to that. Many plans are underway andwe will keep everyone posted on everything coming up.I know in the past year we had many folks who have lost loved ones, not just our own PawneePeople but our Pawnee community as well. It is always hard to lose a loved one and my heartgoes out to those who are in mourning. Continue to pray for our people and community for withour prayers, words of encouragement and compassion, we can find strength to live another day.This year will be busy and we look forward to the challenges that are ahead. We are a strongNation for the tests and struggles we have faced, but we have overcome with strength and prayerand we will continue to overcome the obstacles which are put in our path with perseverance andthe help of our people for we are the greatest Nation on the face of the earth.Photo Caption: President Marshall Gover. Photo by Jamie ll GoverVice President:Charles “Buddy” Lone ChiefSecretary:Linda JestesTreasurer:Roy TaylorCouncil Seat 1:Richard TildenCouncil Seat 2:Karla Knife ChiefCouncil Seat 3:Jimmy FieldsCouncil Seat 4:Carol L NuttleChaticks si ChaticksPawnee NationCommunications ManagerToni HillMedia Contact:communications@pawneenation.orgCover Photo:Front Row: Kim Adams (BUI),Marshall Gover, Cheryl Lockstone(Anishinabe Design)Second Row: Steven Wright (BUI),David Kanuho, Barrett Williamson(Anishinabe Design), Justin Gallas(Anishinabe Design).Photo Credit: Toni HillDesigned by Toni HillSpecial thanks to Muriel Robedeaux.

Chaticks si Chaticks -FEBRUARY/MARCH 2012Page 3February/March 2012educationFree General Educational Development (GED)classes are ongoing until May. Classes are heldon Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 - 8 p.m. inthe Cultural Learning Center. For moreinformation, contact Chris Hill, Youth Servicecoordinator at (918)762-3227.Pawnee nation CollegeClasses are offered for eight-week coursesstarting in March. For more information,contact Marcy or Staci at (918) 762-3343.Visit www.pawneenationcollege for moreinformation about PNC.HealthSubstance Abuse Program (SAP)Every Wednesday of the month, the SAPsupport group meets from 7 - 8 p.m. in theSAP building. For more information, call( 918) 762-2153.Title Vi senior ProgramEvery Wednesday and Friday the DiabetesProgram provides blood sugar and bloodpressure checks from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.Feb. 6 - March 12 - REACH US will host asix-week Tobacco Cessation Course on Mondays at 6 p.m. in the Health and CommunityService Building Conference Room.Feb. 11 - The Office of Historic PreservationEvery other Wednesday from noon to 1:30 p.m., will host a meeting focused on developing aElder’s Bingo will be held at the Title VI Din- Comprehensive Historic Preservation Plan. (Seeing Room.article on page 7.) Meeting held at 1 p.m. at thePawnee Nation Cultural Learning Center, 657Every other Wednesday from 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 Harrison. For more information, contact Gordanp.m. the elders will host a raffle/auction at the Adams at (918) 762-3621.Title VI Dining Room. For more information,please contact the Title VI Senior Program atMarch 30 - estate Planning Services at Roam(918) 762-4042.Chief. See back cover for details.General:The Pawnee nation will be closed Feb. 20,The Pawnee Business Council meeting will be 2012 in observation of President’s Day.held Feb. 8 and 22 at the Roam Chief. For moreinformation, call (918) 762-3621.Visit www.pawneenation.org for additionalevents.Tax Preparation assistance offeredPawnee Nation will serve as a sponsor in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) or Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE)volunteer tax return preparation programs. Several Pawnee Nation employees committed to providing this service to the PawneeNation and the Pawnee Community.Services will be offered Feb. 6, 2012 through April 16, 2012. Hours are Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.Walk-in clients will be served on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and appointments taken Tuesday and Thursdays. No services willbe offered on holidays or weekends.For more information, contact HCS Division Director/VITA Site Coordinator M. Angela Thompson at (918) 399-5156 or (918) 762-3873.Help Clear The airBy Whitney NuttleREACH US AssistantThere are new and exciting opportunities coming through the Pawnee Nation REACH US Program.Beginning Feb. 6, 2012 through March 12, 2012, REACH US will host a six-week Tobacco Cessation Course. The class will meet every Monday at 6 p.m. in the Health and Community Service Building Conference Room.Also, the Pawnee Nation REACH US will host two M-Power Workshops, presented by the Osage Nation, on Wednesday, Feb. 22 and Wednesday, Feb. 29 at 10 a.m. in the Health and Community Services Building Conference Room. The Feb. 22 workshop facilitators will discuss Secondand Third Hand Smoke and the Feb. 29 workshop presenters will focus on Smoke Free Homes.For more information, contact Whitney Nuttle at (918)762-3873, option #5 or Suzy Knife Chief at (918) 762-2153.2012 american indian Festival of wordsThe 2012 American Indian Festival of Words will be held during the month of March. Sponsors include the Tulsa City - County Library andPawnee Nation of Oklahoma. On March 20, President Marshall Gover will present the “History of the Pawnee Nation Warrior “ at the PeggyV. Helmerick Library located at 5131 E 91 St, Tulsa, from 2 - 3 p.m. Members from the U.S. Army Bravo/Pawnee Company will accompanyGover. For more information, contact Communications Manager Toni Hill at (918) 399-1344 or visit www.pawneenation.org.

Page 4Chaticks si Chaticks -FEBRUARY/MARCH 2012The Pawnee Nation Law Enforcement Center Ground-Breaking HeldPhoto by Toni Hillby Toni HillCommunications ManagerMembers of Pawnee Nation Business Council, Law Enforcement and Anishinable Designmark the building site. (L to R) George Horn, Chief David Kanuho, Gene Howell, Steve Wright,Pat LeadingFox , President Marshall Gover, Cheryl Lockstone, Richard Tilden and Linda Jestes.The Pawnee Nation held a Ground-Breaking Ceremony for the newPawnee Nation Law Enforcement Center on Friday, Dec. 16, 2011 at 2 p.m.The event occurred at the new site, the corner of Click Field Road, RoundHouse Road and Heritage Circle Drive.This new facility is funded by U.S. Housing and Urban Developmentunder the FY 2010 - Indian Community Development Block Grant. Pawnee Nation’s Transportation Department contributed additional fundingfor the development of access entrances and parking areas. Constructionshould commence this winter.“This facility will not only benefit the Pawnee Nation, but the city ofPawnee, the County, and the federal government as well,” said MarshallGover, president of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma. “The Pawnee Tribewill be on the forefront of helping with the economic development of theCity of Pawnee.”This new facility was designed by Anishinabe Design of Norman,Okla. with construction provided by Builder’s Unlimited of Tulsa, Okla.Amenities include seven offices, a reception area and a conference roomthat doubles as a safe area during inclement weather to accommodate morethan 150 people.“Even though the Pawnee Tribe is a small tribe, we are the greatest Nation on the face of the earth,” Gover said. “We need to install this pride inour children.”ThePawnee Nation Law Enforcement Center Ground-Breaking HeldPawnee translation by Warren Pratt Jr.“Even though the Pawnee Tribe is a small tribe, we are the greatest Nation on the face of the earth,” Gover said. “We need to install this pride inour children.””Marshall Gover ahee wakoo eesa oo, Pawnee Akeeta oo chahiks ti kakoo ka ee. Ti i i akeeta oo kitoo’oo a eewee]at oosookoo. ]ahikski ee pakee ti a.Round House – Aka a du tauConstruction- We tih ka ookuPhoto by Toni HillCeremony - ahiseeLaw Enforcement – Ee ku takuThe cake decorated with the new building design.Winter – PitseekutWeather – Ka hoo a u’Photo by Toni HillWord Translations from above articleLaw enforcement officers and members of council during the ceremony. (L to R) Gene Howell, George Horn, Chief David Kanuho, Pat LeadingFox, President Marshall Gover, RichardTilden, Linda Jestes and Roy Taylor.

Page 5Chaticks si Chaticks -FEBRUARY/MARCH 2012Weight Loss Challenge Inspires Healthier Lifestyles And CompetitionPhoto by Toni Hilloff on Jan. 9 and ends March 12.A healthy, complimentary lunch was catered by Subway in conjunction with the initialweigh-in and registration. Forty-seven teamsengaged in the challenge, 94 members overall.All participants are in teams of two andpaid an entry fee of 10 per person. Firstplace winners will receive the consolidatedentry fee that amounts to 940, in addition to, 1 paid if members miss a weigh in and/or 1for every pound gained at each weigh in. Second and third place winners will receive a sixmonth membership and three month membership (respectively) to the Pawnee Nation Fitness Center.Weight Loss challenge contenders, (l to r) Brian Seigle, FredaThe challenge is based on weight loss perTippeconnie, Wilma Seigle, Lisa Gooday, Shelby Exum and Loucentage. The WHPP Advisory Board voted forise Stevens, gear up for a stimulating competition.this portion of the challenge to provide a healthThe Pawnee Nation’s Wellness and Healthier method towards weight loss due to each parPromotion Program (WHPP) Advisory Boardticipant’s unique body shape, size, height andformed the Weight Loss Challenge, which kickedweight.Photo by Toni HillBy Suzy Knife ChiefHP/DP Healthy Nation CoordinatorContestants Donald and Rheadon Poteet join another competitor by participating in a mandatory weigh in at thePawnee Nation Fitness Center.The percentage of weight lost can be calculated by dividing the total amount of weight lostusing the beginning weight of the individual andmultiplying by 100.Good luck to all competitors!For more information, please contact theHPDP Healthy Nations Program at (918) 7622153.Congratulations To President GoverCongratulations to President of the Pawnee Business Council Marshall Gover for his recent appointment to the Direct Service Tribes (DST) Advisory Committee as a representative for the Indian Health Service (IHS) Oklahoma Area. The DST Advisory Committee (DSTAC) is consultivecommittee to the IHS Director that offers leadership in the areas of advocacy and policy interpretation for tribes that utilize IHS services.Carol Nuttle Selected To ServeCarol Nuttle, Pawnee Nation Business Council Seat 4 representative, was selected to service on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services(HHS) Self-Governance Tribal Federal Workgroup (SGTFW). This agency aids the HHS in creating agendas focused on increasing Tribal Self-Governance. With the assistance of Tribal representatives, the SGTFW seeks the assistance of HHS programs in determining how studies may encouragelegislation in the event that the HHS may not have demonstration authority.Human Resources Application Procedures ChangeIn an effort to become paperless and more efficient, the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma’s office of Human Resources will now require applicants toapply online at www.pawneenation.org. Applicants will be able to access a link to our online application. A valid email address is required in orderto apply for any vacancies.For more information, contact Shelby Exum, Human Resource specialist at (918) 762-3621 x52 or via email at hrspecialist@pawneenation.org.news from Human ResourcesPa w n e eN at i o nwelcomesRoberta Ahdunko was selected as Dispatcher/Administrative Assistant for the Law Enforcement department onJan. 23, 2012.Jessie Britt was selected as Lead Teacher (3&4 year olds) for the Learning Center on Jan. 10, 2012.Tammy Tubbs was selected as Lead Teacher (Infant) for the Learning Center on Jan. 10, 2012.Louise Stevens was selected as Receptionist/Assistant on Nov. 14, 2011.

Page 6Chaticks si Chaticks -FEBRUARY/MARCH 2012Construction Update For The U.S. 64 Entrance To Tribal ComplexBy Toni HillCommunications ManagerConcrete beams form the foundation of the bridge. Picture taken Jan. 11, 2012.manager. “This development couldalso ease traffic burdens on existingvenues of travel without having anyknown negative effects on businessrevenue.”The project is starting to looklike a bridge. The bridge work isgoing according to plan, and theContractor is finished with the abutments, columns, beams, and upstream rip rap. The bridge deck isbeing formed and the reinforcingsteel for the deck and sidewalk is being placed. This will take a coupleof days and concrete will be placedjust as soon as the weather allowsconcrete placement. Other minorconstruction activities such as metalrails and approach slab curbing willfollow the deck work, along withsome cleanup, while the concreteis being allowed to properly cure,and tests completed. With continued good weather, this bridge workphase will be complete by the end ofFebruary, and then the second phasewill begin.Any concerns regarding theconstruction should be directed tothe Pawnee Nation Department ofTransportation and Safety at (918)762-3655.Editor’s note: Article updatesprovided by Pawnee Nation Transportation Director Cecil Riding In.Photo by Cecil Riding InPhoto by Cecil Riding InPhoto by Cecil Riding InBrawleyEngineering Inc. designed the newentry following specifications required by the Federal Highway Administration to ensure establishedfederal standards. One areaof focus included ensuringthat the project allowed forproper water disbursementto avoid flooding.“This project was notdesigned to compromiseexisting business revenuefor Pawnee,” said CecilRiding In, Pawnee Nationtransportationdirector.“However, based on thenumber of commuters thatcurrently use the existingpathways, more than 2,700Cranes larger than the men who control them are used to lay the concrete beams. Picture taken Jan. 11,cars daily, the Pawnee Na2012.tionfelt that another optionsion for more than a decade due towasnecessaryto ensure safe andPhase One of the construction of a need for additional access to theunrestrictedtravel.”a bridge over Black Bear Creek by Pawnee Nation headquarters that inProject completion for PhaseOklahoma Bridge Contractors from cludes Indian Health Services, PawOneis targeted for April 2012. VeryEdmond, Okla. is now under way. nee Nation Law Enforcement andlittleinconvenience is expected reThis segment will involve the cre- Pawnee Nation District Court, Pawgardingday-to-day operation alation of the bridge leading to Phase nee Nation College and many otherthough travel within the work areaTwo, pavement construction. This tribal offices and programs.Currently, the only routes to the is prohibited due to the use of heavystructure will eventually link theAdministrative Complex and the In- Tribal complex utilize the green equipment for clearing and dirtdian Health Services Center to U.S. bridge located on East Harrison work.“We would like to thank the citiStreet that turns into Agency road64 East.zensof Pawnee for their support,”This project had sparked discus- and Morris road is often blockedsaidJim R. McCormick, projectdue to railroad usage.The newly constructed bridge will allow for greater access.

Chaticks si Chaticks -FEBRUARY/MARCH 2012Office of Historic Preservation Safeguards Pawnee Heritage and CulturePage 7By Gordon AdamsTribal Historic Preservation OfficerPawnee’s Council Oak from Nebraska Homeland.In 2011, the Pawnee Nation Office of Historic Preservation assumedresponsibility for the activities offive programs on Pawnee Triballands which the State of Oklahomapreviously administered.The fact that the State of Oklahoma released partial jurisdictionon the Pawnee land and the PawneeNation assumed that responsibility firmly established the PawneePeople one step closer to true sovereignty.This article will describe thefive areas of responsibility (bolded)the Pawnee People now administerthrough the Office of Historic Preservation.The National Register of Historic Places (Register). The Register is the national catalogue of archeological and historic properties, theplaces and things which influencedthe Tribe to become the People weare today.The Register is also the foundation for all Tribal and State HistoricPreservation programs.Two important advantages attachto listing on the Register. First is theprotection a place or thing enjoysagainst destruction or other adverseeffects, and, second is its eligibilityfor funding to help provide that protection.Section 106 Review and Compliance. Section 106 Review andCompliance (106 Review)is the largest, most complex part and the mostinteresting part of historic preservation work.Very simply stated, 106 Reviewrequires any agency using federalfunds, or requiring federal permitsor licensing that proposes a significant ground disturbance in the statesof Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska,Iowa, Missouri, South Dakota, Colorado, Texas or New Mexico to submit a request for 106 Review to thePawnee Nation Office of HistoricPreservation.The 106 Review process is theteeth of Tribal historic preservation.Federal funding, permits or licensesare issued to agencies only uponcompletion of the 106 Review process which flows from the NationalHistoric Preservation Act of 1966(NHPA).NHPA provides the legislationthat ensures all negotiations regard-Photo by Gordon AdamsPhoto by Gordon Adamsing mitigation, avoid- tion efforts over the coming years.ance or any otherPublic Outreach, Education,kind of adverse effect and Technical Assistance. Thisagreementbetween service is offered to academic, corTribes and federal porate, civic, governmental or comagencies are conduct- munity groups in matters of historiced in a government- preservation.to-government manIncreasing public and inter-govner just as the United ernmental awareness and educationStates would nego- of the Pawnee heritage and potentialtiate with any other threats is a powerful tribal historicsovereign nation.preservation tool.Survey and InUse of media to distribute inforventory(Survey). mation about tribal historic preserThe Survey is the vation issues and methods is impor“very thorough inves- tant.tigation of the releProviding college lectures,vant facts” mentioned classes, workshops and public andabove.special presentations for groupsThe content of the upon request is an excellent wayinformation collected to distribute tribal historic preseris called the Survey, vation information. Tribal historicand determines whether a Preservation Officers also provideplace or thing qualifies for Register technical assistance on specific triblisting. The Survey includes maps, al historic preservation topics uponphotographs, geology, history, GPS request.location, information on local floraFor more information, contactand fauna and any other informa- Gordon Adams at (918) 762-3227.tion available. After the Survey isTed Moore, Tribal planning dicomplete, the information is placed rector, developed the plan for thein our database and constitutes the Tribal Comprehensive Historic Presinventory.ervation Plan to be funded throughComprehensive Historic Pres- the U.S. Department of Interior Naervation Plan (the Plan). The tional Park Service.Plancoversour reservation, our trustand restrictedlands, any archeological,architectural,historic, or sacred sites, aswell as historic districts andlandscapesanywhere andestablishesthe goals andobjectivesfor furtheringPawnee his- Ceramics, more than 1000 years old, were used by members of thetoric preserva- Pawnee Tribe.

Page 8PAWNEE BUSINESS COUNCIL MEETING NOTESDisclaimer: Please understand thatthe following are only a brief synopsis of topics and actions takenby the Pawnee Business Council(PBC). The PBC minutes rangefrom seven or more pages. Due tospace limitation, it is not possibleto print the entire sets of minutesin the newsletter.Nov. 22, 2011, PBC Meeting:Seven Council members werepresent. Linda Jestes was excused. Due to deaths in the tribe,the Council will shorten the agenda. There were no CommitteeReports, no Executive Director orTDC reports.Under Old Business:1.Interview and selection ofthe A&E Firm for the 2011 ICDBGProject. The Council interviewedthree firms for this project whichis slated to be for the Roundhouserenovation and water system upgrade. The three firms interviewedwere Robert “Buzz” Johnson, OneArchitecture and Anishinabe. Anishinabe was selected.Under New Business:1.The Title VI Program hasidentified a funding shortfall dueto a reduction in the amount thegrant was funded. They have requested an additional 42,053 beprovided to finish out the year.They will need additional fundsfor 2012 as well, but this action isfor 2011 only. Approved.2.The Council had approved(by telephone and e-mail) Roofingbids to repair several roofs damaged by hail. The insurance payment has been received and thework needed to commence. Council voted unanimously to ratify thevote taken by phone and e-mail.3.Dr. Joseph Bohanon visitedwith the Council about the needsand vision of the Pawnee NationCollege.4.Resolution 11-85 was approved for the drawdown of the2012 Annuity Funds.5.Muriel Robedeaux reportedto Council regarding the progressmade meeting with the Elders onthe design and concept of the proposed Elder’s Center. This information will be used to submit thegrant proposal.Executive Session.After Executive Session: TheCouncil approved the SuitabilityDetermination for Gaming Commissioner Stephen Bird. His application will be forwarded to theNIGC.Dec. 14, 2011, PBC Meeting:All Council members were present. Council members, the Executive Director, and the TDC General Manager provided reports ontheir activities since the previousPBC meeting.The minutes of the Nov. 9, 2011and Nov. 22, 2011 PBC meetingwere approved.Under Old Business:1. Theumba Lieb gave a short report on the Youth Football Fieldand was requested to bring back abusiness plan and other pertinentinformation. The request to usetribal reserve land for the youthfootball program will be tableduntil this information is received.Under New Business:1.Resolution 11-86, Changeof Agriculture Lease was tabledfor additional information.2.Council approved the purchase of taser’s for the PawneeNation Law Enforcement officers.3.The Council approved a revision to the fiscal policies – travelChaticks si Chaticks -FEBRUARY/MARCH 2012policy only.4.Council approved a Government-to-Government Agreement between the City of Pawneeand the Transportation Department to provide mutually beneficially services to both areas.5.The Council approved aplan to reduce costs and selectoptions for the Title VI Programshortfall. These options includeraising the eligible age to 60 andover, eliminating take out mealsexcept for home-bound patients,adding one to two soup and sandwich days and raising the cost fornon-eligible participants to 7.6.The Council approved a request to separate the budgets forthe Elder’s Assistance, HandicapAssistance and Emergency Assistance and impose new requirements on each type of assistance.7.The Council approved arequest from President Gover tochallenge the Nasharo Council toa Handgame.8.The Council approved the2012 Holiday Schedule.9.The Council tabled the2012 budget approval and willpass continuing resolutions at thenext PBC meeting.10. The Council approved thepurchase of chairs for events atvarious buildings.11. The Council discussed theAffordable Health Care, the possible repeal and the affects on Indian Country. Council agreed toinform Congress to hold IndianCountry harmless and continuethe approval of the Indian HealthCare Act that was contained in theAffordable Health Care legislation in the event of repeal.12. Dr. Bohanon requested thatthe Pawnee Nation consider forgiving a 25,000 loan given tothe Pawnee Nation College a fewyears ago. This will be discussedduring the budget call process.Dec. 28, 2011, PBC Meeting:All Council members were present. All Council provided reportson the meetings, conferences andtraining they attended since thelast meeting. Executive Director Dawna Hare and TDC GeneralManager Roger Foster also provided reports to Council.The minutes of the Dec. 14, 2011PBC meeting were tabled.Under Old Business:1.The Council approved Resolution 11-86 – Change of Lessee on the Agriculture lease at theTribal Reserve.Under New Business:1.Council approved Resolution 11-87 – Enrollment for 23 applicants.2.Council approved Resolution 11-88 – Enrollment - Document Deceased members3.Council approved Resolutions 11-89 through 11-109 - Enrollment for 20 Conditional Relinquishments.4.Council approved Resolution 11-110, 11-111 and 11-112 forthe submission of the 2012 ICDBGGrant Proposal.5.Council approved a requestto purchase thermal imaging devices for Pawnee Nation Law Enforcement officers.6.Council approved the purchase of a “Gator” vehicle for theProperty Department7.Council was presented witha Letter of Intent for a businessdeal regarding payday loans. Itwas tabled to get the opinion of thePN Attorney General.8.Resolution 11-113 and Resolution 11-114 for the appointment to the TDC Board were bothtabled.

Chaticks si Chaticks -FEBRUARY/MARCH 2012Pawnee Nation Diabetes Program Receives National RecognitionBy Crystal UnderwoodDiabetes CoordinatorPhoto by Angela ThompsonThis acknowledgment comes after a successful year of blood glucose screeningswithin the community.Although the number of participants hassteadily improved over the year, the DiabetesProgram staff continues working to improvediabetes awareness throughout the community.Listed below are a few screenings thattook place during 2011:1.Twice a week a PN SDPI representative provided blood glucose and bloodpressure screenings at the Title VI Buildingfrom 11 a.m.– noon. The screenings are opento the public (diabetics and non-diabetics).Participants were informed of their results,(L to R) Jaime Jestes, Diabetes Program administrative assistant.Crystal Underwood, Diabetes Program coordinator.educated on how to improve glucose levels andOn Nov. 21, 2011, the Pawnee Nation (PN) overall nutrition.2. For the first time, the Pawnee PublicSpecial Diabetes Program for Indians (PN SDPI)was notified that we were one of three Oklahoma School Board approved and allowed PN SDPI totribal diabetes programs selected for a Commu- provide voluntary blood glucose screenings at thenity Diabetes Screening Best Practice Revision 2011 Pawnee Middle School/High School HealthFair. As a result, 14 students and six teachersfor FY 2012.Page 9were screened.3. To recognize national health observancesthroughout the year, the PN SDPI collaboratedwith the Pawnee Nation Community Health Representatives, PN Wellness and Health Promotion Program (WHPP) Committee and the IndianHealth Services Community Health Department.The goal was to promote personal health andwellness. Also provided were prevention tips,diabetes awareness and blood pressure and bloodglucose screenings.4. Each year the PN SDPI sponsors 10-15native youth (ages: 8-12) to attend the NativeYouth Preventing Diabetes (NYPD) SummerCamp. In 2011, eight native youth were sponsored to attend.The Diabetes Program staff would like tothank all participants and organizations for helping and encouraging others to become aware ofthe health concerns happening in our community.For more information, please contact the Diabetes Program at (918) 762-4045.FOURTH QUARTER 2011 RESOLUTIONS#11-85 – Table Creek Treaty - Approved - This resolution is to drawdown the 2012 Annuity. Vote of six for, one absent, and one not voting. Nov. 22, 2011.#11-86– Assignment of Agriculture Lease - Approved - This resolution is to approve the assignment of the agriculture lease formerly held by Tony Gordon to BillyBledsoe. Vote of six for, one abstaining, and one not voting. Dec. 28, 2011.#11-87 – Enrollment - Approved This resolution is to add 36 applicants for enrollment to the Pawnee Nation rolls. Vote of seven for and one not voting. Dec. 28,2011.#11-88 – Enrollment - Approved - This resolution is to document 12 Pawnee Nation members have passed away. Vote of seven for and one not voting. Dec. 28,2011.#11-89

Free General Educational Development (GED) classes are ongoing until May. Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 - 8 p.m. in the Cultural Learning Center. For more information, contact Chris Hill, Youth Service coordinator at (918)762-3227. Pawnee nation College Classes

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Thank you to the Pawnee Nation Employees, the Veterans Organization, War Mothers, Pocahontas Club, Employees Club and all those who support this great nation. My prayers and best wishes go out to all and may the Lord bless his people and the Pawnee Nation. Marshall R.

i Index Pawnee Nation Fourth Quarter Reports 2019 Pawnee Nation Organizational Chart 1 Executive Director’s Report, Muriel Robedeaux, Executive Director 2 Human Resources, Roberta Ahdunko, Acting Manager 8 Divis

ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION Adopted on March 6, 1968 Amended on July 10, 1968 February 20, 1969 March 20, 1969 June 16, 1969 February 7, 1970 February 6, 1971 November 23, 1971 February 4, 1972 November 29, 1972 February 12, 1973 February 5, 1974 February 8, 1975 February 6, 1976 February 8, 1977 February 25, 1978 .

Wichita Tribe Main: Fax: Absentee Shawnee Tribe (405) 275-4030 or (405) 214-4238 BIA Pawnee Agency (918) 762-2585 ext. 211 (918) 762-3201 (800) 256-3341 Pawnee Tribe Alabama Quassarte Tribal Town (405) 452-3987 ( 405) 878-4535 Ponca Tribe Cherokee Nation Tonkawa Tribe Catoosa .

Marshall Gover Dear Pawnee Tribal Members: First, on behalf of my family, I thank all those kind people who offered us prayers, gentle thoughts, condolences, contributions, food sharing, and keeping vigil upon the recent passing of my younger sister, Barbara Howell Chevarillo on February 17, 2011. The support shown our family was consoling.

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Dec 22, 2014 · February 5th PPR 4 February 10th Cognitive Approaches 8 February 12th PPR 5 February 17th Thinking, reasoning and problem solving, Exam Review 9 February 19th February 24th Exam 1 Study! February 26th Motivation 10 PPR 6 March 10th March 12th Student Diversity 6 PPR 7 March 17th March 19th Quiz 2 (O

The development of tourism in natural areas (adventure tourism, ecotourism, rural tourism, etc.) necessarily raises the question of the environmental protection of these areas. Current status of nature conservation & biodiversity Ecotourism as a way to make tourism based on the desire to discover nature and to respect, preserve and enhance the natural balance and cultural places and local .