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Accessories rangeWOODSkirting rangeFinishingtouch for yourinterior1

Skirting rangeUnique colour,texture andcharacteristicdesign.Wood, as an element in interior design subtlybrings nature indoors. Although there aredifferences among wood species and variousdesigns, parquet and skirtings are usually easyto combine with other elements of interior.Tarkett offers different profiles of skirtings,in various designs and colours.60x16 mmRoman150x16 mmBaroque120x16 mm60x23 mm80x20 mm95x15 mmGothic150x16 mmModern80x16 mmBasic80x16 mmModern100x16 mmBasic100x16 mmRenaissance120x16 mmSkirting: Ash Frost 559527055Parquet: Salsa Premium Oak Carnelian 55017000923

Amazing selection of light designs that definedistinctive sense of beauty.Art White Pearl80x20 mm559541049Parquet andskirtings asintegral parts ofinteriorArt White Wedding80x20 mm559541061Harmonized naturalappearance of wooden flooris an ideal base to build on,towards specific interiordesign, fulfilling differentpersonal styles and tastes.Parquet creates generalimpression of the room, whilecarefully chosen skirtingcompletes its total look.Skirting in interior is just asimportant as the collar on theshirt – a small detail, makinga huge difference. A goodskirting provides better lookto the interior, completingoverall impression.4Ideo Oak Gery80x20 mm559541107Oak Robust White80x20 mm559541042Ideo OakModern Grey80x20 mm559541112Ideo OakLight Brown80x20 mm559541109Ash Arctic60x23 mm55954000460x16 mm559527003Oak Nordic60x23 mm55954002160x16 mm559527020Skirting range550184082 1.000 x 164 x 14 mm550184083 1.200 x 140 x 14 mm550184084 1.000 x 140 x 14 mmArt Violet Tokyo80x20 mm559541058Essential PureSkirting: Art White Moscow 559541057Parquet: Step Oak Snow 550184081 1.200 x 164 x 14 mmArt White Moccow80x20 mm5595410575

Rich color palette of natural and honey timeless designs, refined by surface effects.When it comes to choosingthe right skirting, there ismore than one approach.2. Skirtings in harmony withthe rest of the woodwork inan interior – doors, windows,etc. With this solution,interior is more cheerful, withaccentuated lines of interior,shape of windows, doors andthe whole room.3. Skirtings as neutraldecorative element in white.White skirtings are easilycombined in an interior withits neutral colour. They makethe interior more beautifulwith its simple and flat shape,wavy lines, or ornaments.Skirting: Oak Gold Sand 559541047Parquet: Tango Classic Oak Almond 550182007 1.200 x 164 x 14 mm6550182009 1.000 x 164 x 14 mmEssential Classic1. Skirtings in harmony withparquet (on the floor, wall,stairways.), where theylook as a natural extensionof parquet. Thanks to thischoice, the room appearslarger and more spacious.Oak Monsoon80x20 mm559541054Oak Scandinavian80x20 mm559541050Oak Original60x16 mm559527041Oak Gold Sand80x20 mm559541047Ash60x23 mm559540008Art Vanilla Clouds80x20 mm559541053Oak Robust White60x23 mm55954003060x16 mm559527064Oak Robust White80x20 mm559541042Oak Fine Line60x23 mm55954002560x16 mm559527021Oak Seashell80x20 mm559541055Oak Ivory60x23 mm55954002860x16 mm559527022Oak EU - American80x20 mm559541041Oak60x23 mm55954002060x16 mm559527019Oak EU - American95x15 mm559551001Oak Golden60x23 mm55954001660x16559527015Oak Copper60x16 mm559541106Oak Copper60x23 mm55954003860x16 mm559527057Oak Lava80x20 mm559541052Jatoba - Msasa60x23 mm55954001660x16559527015Skirting rangeSmall detailmaking a hugedifferenceArt White Pearl80x20 mm5595410497

Skirting heightStriking elegance of warm and dark designs with highlighted wood structure.Generally, high skirtings(80 - 150mm) are used forrooms with high ceilings, andfor rooms with not so highceilings can be used smallerskirtings, as well (60mm).Skirting: Oak Monsoon 559541054Parquet: Step Oak Baron Sienna 5501840211.200 x 164 x 14 mm550184022 1.200 x 140 x 14 mm550184023 1.000 x 164 x 14 mm550184024 1.000 x 140 x 14 mm8Essential BrownHow to choosethe right skirtingheightOak AntiqueBrushed80x20 mm559541048Oak Java Gold80x20 mm559541046Oak Copper80x20 mm559541106Oak Vintage60x23 mm55954002260x16 mm559527066Oak Lava80x20 mm559541052Oak Copper60x23 mm55954003860x16 mm559527057Oak Monsoon80x20 mm559541054Oak Chocolate60x23 mm55954002460x16 mm559527065Oak Walnut80x20 mm559541040Oak Cocoa60x23 mm55954001960x16 mm559527018Afr. Mahogany80x20 mm559541039Afr. Mahogany60x23 mm55954000360x16 mm559527002Art BrownBarcelona80x20 mm559541056Merbau-Acacia60x23 mm55954001860x16 mm559527017Art OakSchwarzwald80x20 mm559541066Oak Walnut60x23 mm55954003460x16 mm559527028Art CreamRhapsody80x20 mm559541051Ash Cognac60x23 mm55954003760x16 mm559527054Art VintagePorto80x20 mm559541045Oak Java60x23 mm55954002960x16 mm559527023Ash Cognac80x20 mm559541043Skirting rangeChoice of the skirting heightdepends on personal taste,and general style of theinterior.9

Remarkably versatile designs with distinctivestaining.Art White Pearl80x20 mm559541049Skirting shapes are most often harmonized with thestyle of interior.Flat profile with rounded, or sharper edges are simpleand modern solution. Curved profile has classicalskirting design, easily combined with classic interiors.Ornamental skirtings are especially effective ifdecorative details are used on ceilings, as well. Theyalso can be effective on flat walls in modern interiors.Oak Seashell80x20 mm559541055Shape of theskirtingOak EU-American80x20 mm559541041Oak AntiqueBrushed80x20 mm559541048Art VintageBaden80x20 mm559541063Art VintageBordeaux80x20 mm55954106410Art VintagePorto80x20 mm559541045Oak Vintage60x23 mm55954002260x16 mm559527066Skirting rangeSkirting: Art Oak Schwarzwald 559541066Parquet: Tango Oak Schwarzwald 550058029VintageArt OakSchwarzwald80x20 mm55954106611

Unique, distinctive and cosmopolitanstate of the art designs.Why do we needparquet skirtingsAsh White80x20 mm559541044Parquet skirtings contribute to general quality of interior,and finishing works, which used to be their main functionin the beginning.- Covering of expansion spaces, and cut edge of parquet- Hiding cables- Protecting the wall from damages and marks fromshoes- Easier maintenance / cleaning of parquet (walls areprotected from traces of cleaning)ADDITIONAL OFFERArt White Canvas80x20 mm559541067Art ShadesOf Grey80x20 mm559541068Art Grey Rome80x20 mm559541069Art Vintage Baden80x20 mm55954106312Art AmberJohannesburg80x20 mm559541071Oak Vintage60x23 mm55954002260x16559527066Oak Chocolate60x23 mm55954002460x16559527065Skirting rangeSkirting: Art White Canvas 559541067Parquet: Salsa Art White Canvas 550050022Art FashionArt OakSchwarzwald80x20 mm55954106613

Intelligent design. Unconventional,affordable premium designs.Ideo Oak Cream80x20 mm559541108Tarkett clips foreasy and simpleinstallation ofskirtingsOak Scandinavian80x20 mm559541050Advantages of using Tarkettclips for fixing skirtings:Ideo Oak Grey80x20 mm559541107- use of clips is very simple,even without the specialtraining- ecology/health – installationis finished without glue- possibility to take theskirtings off and put themback on easily (wheninserting cables, paintingwalls etc.)14Skirting rangeOakEU - American80x20 mm559541041IDEOSkirting: Ideo Oak Cream 559541108Parquet: Ideo Oak Cream 550204003Ideo OakLight Brown80x20 mm55954110915

Modern MDF 8080x16 mm559527060Basic MDF/F 8080x16 mm559527062Subtle eleganceof premium whitedesign, versatileprofile shapesand several sizesModern MDF 100100x16 mm559527061Basic MDF/F 100100x16 mm559527063Baroque MDF 120120x16 mm559527007Renesanse MDF 120120x16 mm55952702516Roman MDF 150150x16 mm559527026Skirting rangeSkirting: MDF White 559527060Parquet: Tango Oak Savanna Premium 550058044MDFGhotic MDF 150150x16 mm55952701417

Skirting rangeBlack and WhiteBronzeAsh Frost60x16 mm559527055Beech Premium PL60x16 mm559527069Oak Grey60x16 mm559527056Oak Bronze60x16 mm559527067Snow White60x23 mm55954003660x16559527043Oak Golden60x23 mm55954002660x16 mm559527068Oak Wenge60x23 mm55954003560x16559527029Kempas - Doussie60x23 mm559540017GreyIDEO OakModern Grey80x20 mm559541112IDEO OakAutumn Brown80x20 mm559541113IDEO OakShadow Grey80x20 mm559541114Skirting: Ideo Oak Modern Grey 559541112Parquet: Tango Oak Modern Grey 55005804618Skirting rangeOak Grey60x23 mm55954000660x16 mm55952700519

tial buildingCOUNTRYSerbia, BelgradeINSTALLATION YEAR2017TARKETT SOLUTIONSkirting:95x15 EU-AmericanParquet:Step Oak Baron BW2021

TARKETTREFERENCESSUN CITYCATEGORYResidential buildingCOUNTRYSerbia, BelgradeINSTALLATION YEAR2017TARKETT SOLUTIONSkirting:MDF 150x16 GothicParquet:Rumba Oak Savanna2223

TARKETTREFERENCESSUN CITYCATEGORYResidential buildingCOUNTRYSerbia, BelgradeINSTALLATION YEAR2017TARKETT SOLUTIONSkirting:MDF 150x16 GothicParquet:Rumba Oak Savanna2425

Contemporary,stylish solutionStair solutionsElegant and minimalist, our collection of stair nosings offers the optimalsolution for contemporary, stylish environments, thanks to its perfectcolour match with our selected exclusive wood designs.We offer stair profiles in two dimensions, depending on parquetconstruction (3-strip / 1-strip). And both options have basic stair profileand top stair profile, as shown below.Stair profile basic 3-strip127 mm48 mm60 mm127 mmParquet: Step Oak Royal Antique White26Stair profile basic 1-strip60 mm60 mm60 mm60 mmStair profile top 3-stripStair profile top 1-strip550184006 1.200 x 164 x 14 mm27

Beautifuland practicalsolution Perfect colour match withour on-trend most popularparquet designs Materials are natural andeasy to clean and maintain Achieve a beautiful, durablefinish with just a little care Suitable for installation inresidential projects as well asin shops and barsParquet: Step Oak Baron Brown 550184030 1.200 x 140 x 14 mm2829

A premium solution providingoptimal colour coordinationbetween stairs and floor.The stair nosing’s colourand surface effects form aseamless match with theadjacent stair, retaining thewood’s natural feel andsubtle variations in tone.SeamlessmatchParquet: Salsa Oak Nature 5500490693031

Stair nosing solution standard rangeModernminimalistdesignTotal compatibility with ourstandard floorboards comesvia the T-Lock installationsystem, ensuring a tight,gap-free join. The minimalistdesign of the 90 cornerscreates a modern-looking,elegant transition betweenthe stairs and the floor.STEPRO B3/14 OAK NATURE60X127X1141 550222004STEPRO Z3/14 OAK NATURE48X127X1141 550222006STEPRO L3/13 OAK ORIGINAL58X13X1141 550222008STEPRO O1/14 OAK BARON60X60X1200 550222001STEPRO Z1/14 OAK BARON60X60X1200 550222003STEPRO L1/14 OAK BARON60X14X1200 550222002STEPRO B1/14 OAK ROYALANTIQUE WHITE 60X60X1200STEPRO Z1/14 OAK ROYALAN.WH. 60X60X1200 550222012STEPRO L1/14 OAK ROYALAN.WH. 60X14X1200 550222011STEPRO B1/14 OAK BARON BROWN60X60X1200 550222013STEPRO Z1/14 OAK BARON BROWN60X60X1200 550222015STEPRO L1/14 OAK BARONBROWN 60X14X1200 550222014550222010Parquet: Step Oak Baron 5501840143233

Create anaccent wall inyour interiorParquet on wall solutionParquet is not just a great solution for floor, itcan also be used to create an accent wall inyour interior.With its natural warmth and beauty, dependingon specific solution and chosen design, it canbe used in unique and extravagant interiors, orin spaces with more classical tone.Parquet wall installation solution incorporatesspecial clips and aluminum profiles, providingeasy installation and perfect stability.In addition to parquet, for wall instalation canbe used stair profiles and skirtings for endings,corners and finishing touches.Parquet: Step Oak Baron 5501840143435

Enhancedtexture andnaturalcoloursParquet on the wall reflectscurrent trends in usingnatural materials, withenhanced texture and naturalcolours. Possibilities forcombining and creatingsolutions are numerous,where you can chooseamong options with invisiblejoints, bevelled edges,installing parquet on wallwith or without the frame,with vertical, or horizontalorientation of boards.Parquet: Step Oak Baron Rustic 5501840473637

Originaland uniqueinteriorsParquet on the wall reflectscurrent trends in usingnatural materials, withenhanced texture and naturalcolours. Possibilities forcombining and creatingsolutions are numerous,where you can chooseamong options with invisiblejoints, bevelled edges,installing parquet on wallwith or without the frame,with vertical, or horizontalorientation of boards.Parquet: Step Oak Baron 5501840143839

EndlesspossibilitiesThere are various possibilitiesfor decorating walls withparquet:whole wall, from ceiling to thefloor, one segment of the wallwith, or without the frame –e.g. bed headboard, behindthe tv set etc., differentgeometrical shapes - wallniches, corners, etc.Parquet: Step Oak Baron 550184014Step Oak Baron Brown 5501840304041

Decorativeand functionalsolutionAdvantages of using parquet on wall are notsolely decorative ones – parquet also protectsthe wall from dirt and damages. It can coverinstallations (cables, LED lighting, etc.), makingthe space safer, and at the same time, morebeautiful. Parquet is easy to be installed onthe wall, without gluing. It is also simple formaintenance, with stable performances –quality surface treatment and locking system,and it can be adapted to different areas andshapes.Parquet: Step Oak Royal Azure 5501840014243

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an interior – doors, windows, etc. With this solution, interior is more cheerful, with accentuated lines of interior, shape of windows, doors and the whole room. 3. Skirtings as neutral decorative element in white. White skirtings are easily combined in an interior with its neutral colou