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ORIFICE PLATE & FLANGEOrificeTapping of differential pressure is done by this vener contractor tapOrifice. Since Orifice plate can be installed directly to flange of pipe,flow measurement by this Orifice plate can be performed moreeconomically than by orifice plates with rings, and it is generallysuited for large diameter pipes. As for large diameter pipes of500mm or greater, these Orifice plates are used to measure theaverage value of pressure by making some differential pressuretapping holes around the pipe and connecting thereto a loop formpressure equalizing pipe.DAEHAN Paddle-Type Orifice Plates are used with Orifice FlangeUnions.All outer diameters of the plates are machined, providing auniformlycircular disc. This results in a high degree of concentricity ofthe Orifice boreand the plate outer diameter. Next, handles are carefullywelded on. Theplates are then sanded in special machines to aprescribed finish. Bankplates and plates with popular bore size arestocked continuously. Eachplate is stamped on its handle with linesize, flange rating, Orifice bore andplate material. DAEHAN maintains astock in Type 304 and 316 StainlessSteel in standard thickness. Othersize and materials are available onrequest.Diameters of holes in paddle Plate Handles are as flows:Plate Size1/2”thru 2”11/2” thru 12”14” thru 24”26” and largerHole Diameter1/4”3/8”1/2”3/4”The bore and bevel is the standard of limiting the plate edge thickness.Thebevel is machined on a 45 angle to the desired edge thickness.Unlessotherwise specified, plates will be bevelled to 1/50 of the lineI.D. or 1/8of the Orifice bore, minimum governing.

ORIFICE PLATE & FLANGEEccentrically bored plates are plates with the Orifice offcenter,oreccentric, as opposed to concentric. The bore of theeccentric Orificenormally is inscribed in a circle with is 98%of the pipe diameter, sothat solids or slurries may passthrough, Eccentric Orifice plates areused in many industriesincluding heavy and light chemicals, steel,paper, atomic andpetrochemicals.Segmentally bore Orifice plates are provided formeasurements wheresolides are entrained in a gas or liquidflow stream. The circular portionof the bore is inscribedwithin a circle which is normally 98% of thepipe diameter.The segmental opening may be placed either at the toporbottom of the pipe. Industries using these bores includesewagetreatment, steel, chemical, water conditioning, paper,andpetrochemical.How DAEHAN Orifice Flanges Provide Better Measurement Orificeflanges one of the most economical means ofmeasuring flow, andDAEHAN Orifice Flanges are speciallymanufactured to be the mostaccurate. Automatic machinetools enable DAEHAN to meet the moststringent tolerancesand recommendations for flanges, with carefulattentiongiven to tap location, bore smoothness, bolt andflangefacings. DAEHAN Orifice Flanges are made of forged steel,A.S.T.M. A-105. Other materials are available on specialorder andextended delivery.

ORIFICE PLATE & FLANGEOrifice Plate & Flange AssemblyORIFICE BORE TYPEORIFICE FLANGE TYPE- Concentric Square Edge Type- Weld Neck Type- Eccentric Type- Socket Weld Type- Segmental Type- Slip On Type- Quadrant Edge TypeNOMINAL DIAMETERSFLOW CALCULATION STANDARDS- 25mm(1inch) to 3000mm(120inch)- ISO5167, JIS Z 8762, ASME, KS A 0612TAPS TYPEFLANGE RATING- Flange Taps Type- ANSI 150, 300, KS, JIS 10K 20K, AWWA.- Corner Taps Type- D-D/2 Taps TypeMATERIAL- 304SS, 304L SS, 316SS, 316L SS, Monel,MATERIAL- Hastelloy, Inconel, Cu-Ni, PTFE, Glass- A105, A182 F304, A182 F316, A182F11, A182- Ni, Cr, Mo Alloy Steel(A182 F11 to 91)F22, A182 F51, A350 LF2, etc

ORIFICE PLATE & FLANGEMODELSSUFFIX CODESOrifice Plate& FlangeAssemblyDHOP ------------------Plate OnlyDHOF-W --------------Flange Assembly(Bolt, Nut, Gasket Include)Tap TypeD --------------D-D/2 TapsF --------------Flange TapsC --------------Corner TapsNominal Pipe SizeMaterial : Plate/FlangeMounting ------------Pipe size in inch or mmCS ------------------------------------Carbon Steel4S ------------------------------------304SS4L ------------------------------------304L SS6S ------------------------------------316SS6L ------------------------------------316L SS11 ------------------------------------A182 F1112 ------------------------------------A182 F1251 ------------------------------------A182 F5191 ------------------------------------A182 F91OP ------------------------------------Option015 -----------------------ASME(ANSI) Class 150 LB030 -----------------------ASME(ANSI) Class 300 LB010 -----------------------KS(JIS) Class 10K020 -----------------------KS(JIS) Class 20K000 -----------------------Option1 -----------------NPT 1/22 -----------------NPT 3/43 -----------------SW 1/24 -----------------SW 3/4Diff' TapsN -------NoneY -------IncludeMeter RunOption

RING TYPE ORIFICEDESCRIPTIONSOrifice Ring Assemblies are used for flow measurement of smaller or medium sized pipes at lower pressuresEach assembly consists of one orifice plate and two orifice rings, Differential pressures are taken out in a cornertap system.Orifice Blocks, which are of a unit-construction type and provide higher pressure ratings than the Orifice RingAssemblied, also are abvailable. Differential pressures are taken out in a corner tap system.SPECIFICATIONSORIFICE BORE TYPE :MATERIALS- Concentric Square Edged Orifices- Ring and Pressure Tap Nipple : C.S, 304SS, 316SS- Quadrant Edged Orifices.- Plate : 304SS, 316SS, 316L, Monel, other- Minimum quadrant edged orifice diameter 4.5mm-Tab Handle : 304SS, 316SS- Minimum quadrant edged radius 0.5mmTAP CONNECTIONFLOW CALCULATION STANDARDS :- PT 1/2 or 1/2 NPT male,- ISO5167, JIS Z 8762, ASME, KS A 0612- Socket weld, butt weld or flange.(Flange rating to bethe same as the of the process pipeline)FLANGE RATING- JIS5, 10, 20, 30kg/cm2 ANSI 150#, 300#GASKET:Material : Asbestos, Non-Asbestos, TeflonThickness :1.5mm,2.0mm,3.0mm

RING TYPE ORIFICEMODELSRing TypeOrificeSUFFIX CODESDESCRIPTIONDHOF-RING ---------Coner Taps Plate & RingF --------------Flange IncludeN --------------Flange ExcludeFlangeNominal Pipe SizeMaterial : Plate/FlangeMounting ConnectionDiff' Taps-----------------------------------------Pipe size in inch or mmCS ------------------------------------Carbon Steel4S ------------------------------------304SS4L ------------------------------------304L SS6S ------------------------------------316SS6L ------------------------------------316L SS11 ------------------------------------A182 F1112 ------------------------------------A182 F1251 ------------------------------------A182 F5191 ------------------------------------A182 F91OP ------------------------------------Option015 -----------------------ASME(ANSI) Class 150 LB030 -----------------------ASME(ANSI) Class 300 LB010 -----------------------KS(JIS) Class 10K020 -----------------------KS(JIS) Class 20K000 -----------------------Option1 -----------------NPT 1/22 -----------------NPT 3/43 -----------------SW 1/24 -----------------SW 3/40 -----------------OptionB -------Ball ValveG -------Glove ValveN -------NoneO -------OptionTaps ValveOption

HIGH PRESSURE ORIFICEDESCRIPTIONThese flanges include both the welding neck type usedwith orifice plates or orifice plates with rings.They are available in the following typesModel DHOF-RTJUsed with Model DHOF-RTJ orifice with holding ringfor flange taps. Available only in welding neck type.Flange faces are ring-joint typesSPECIFICATIONS- Welding neck. Type DHOF-RTJFare only available with welding neck style.- Two per flange. Provided in Model DHOF-RTJFthe flange tap location specified in ISO5167ONOMINAL PIPE SIZE- 1-1/2B to 24B(40A to 600A)CONNECTIONS- 1, For threading directly to flange 1/2NPT F3/4NPT F, 1/2 S.W, 3/4 S.W- 2, For connecting with nipple 1/2NPT M,3/4NPT M, socket weld, butt weld or flangeFLOW CALCULATION STANDARDS- ISO5167, JIS Z 8762, ASME, KS A 0612FLANGE RATING- ANSI 600, 900, 1500, 2500LB RTJ Oval Typeor Octagonal TypeMATERIAL- Carbon Steel- 304SS, 304L SS, 316SS, 316L SS- Ni, Cr, Mo Alloy Steel(A182 F11 to 91)BOLTS & NUTS- 1,Bolt Type & Material : Stud & A193 Gr B7- 2,Nut Type & Material : Hex * A194 2H

HIGH PRESSURE ORIFICESUFFIX ---------------------------------------------Plate ----------------------------Flange IncludeDHOF-RTJNominalPipeSizeMaterialMounting --------Pipe size in inch or mmCS ------------------------------------Carbon Steel4S ------------------------------------304SS4L ------------------------------------304L SS6S ------------------------------------316SS6L ------------------------------------316L SS11 ------------------------------------A182 F1112 ------------------------------------A182 F1251 ------------------------------------A182 F5191 ------------------------------------A182 F91OP ------------------------------------Option060 -------------------------ANSI Class 600 LB090 -------------------------ANSI Class 900 LB150 -------------------------ANSI Class 1500 LB250 -------------------------ANSI Class 2500 LB000 -------------------------Option1 ------------------NPT 1/22 ------------------NPT 3/43 ------------------SW 1/24 ------------------SW 3/4Diff' TapsOption

HIGH ACCURACY ORIFICEDESCRIPTIONThese flanges & meter run tube, flow straightener Include high accuracy Orifice AssemblyThey are available in the following typesModel : DHOF-HUsed with Model DHOF-Horifice plate with weld neck flange, meter run tube, flow straightener, etcL (17Di)(12Di)(5Di)(10Di)SPECIFICATIONSMeter run tube typeDHOF-H are only AssemblyAccuracyFlange Material-- 1Bto 20B(40Ato 500A): 0.25%1-1/2Bto 20B(40Ato 500A): 0.25%-- 22Bto32B(550Ato800A)22B to 32B(550A to 800A) :: 0.3%0.3%- Carbon steel- 304(L)SS, 316(L)SS- Ni, Cr, Mo Alloy steel(A182 F11 to 91)Nominal pipe size-- 1Bto 32B(25Ato 800A)1-1/2to 32B(40Ato 800A)Plate MaterialFlange Rating- 304(L)SS, 316(L)SS- Ni, Cr, Mo Alloy steel(A182 F11 to 91)- Inconel, Hastelloy, Monel etc- ASME(ANSI) 300#, 600#, 900#- Standard : ASME B 16.36Meter run tubeFlow Calculation standard- ISO5167-2003- ASME PTC- AGA3- JIS Z 8762- KS A 0612- A106- 304(L)SS, 316(L)SS- Ni, Cr, Mo Alloy steel(A335 F11 to 91)Connection- 1. For threading directly to flange 1/2NPTF 3/4NPTF,1/2SW, 3/4SW- 2. For connecting with nipple 1/2NPTM, 3/4NPTM,socket weld, butt weld or flange

HIGH ACCURACY ORIFICEMODELSUFFIX CODESDHOF-HNominal Pipe SizeFlange RatingPipe size in inch or mm306090O1Plate MaterialFlange MaterialMeter run tube MaterialDiff' Pressure TapsFlow SSInconel 600Hastelloy-C 276OptionCarbon Steel304(L)SS316(L)SSA182 F11A182 F12A182 F22A182 F51A182 F91OptionCarbon Steel304(L)SS316(L)SSA335 P11A335 P12A335 P22A335 P51A335 P91OptionMFR STDNPT 1/2NPT 3/4SW 1/2SW 3/4OptionTube BundleEtoileAMCAK-LabNELOptionOne BodySeparation TypeOption4 20mA1 5Vetc

ORIFICE TYPE(INSTALLATION& PIPING REQUIREMENTS)Piping Requirements for Orifices, Flow Nozzels and Venturi Tubes

RESTRICTION ORIFICEDESCRIPTIONSThe restriction orifices are used for reducing fluid pressure and are designed somewhat different the orificeplates that are used for meassuring flow rates.There are some types of restriction orifices, including a single plate with a single hole, a single perforatedplate(having diffused holes), and a set of welded multi orifices (a multistage orifice) which are used forhigh-pressure high-temperature fluids.The bore edge of the restriction orifices can be surface-hardened with stellite welding or by nitrification.SPECIFICATIONSMOUNTING- Flange, Union, Butt Weld etcNOMINAL PIPE SIZE- 1/2B to 24B(15A to 600A)FLOW CALCULATION STANDARDS- ISO5167, JIS Z 8762, ASME, KS A 0612FLANGE RATING- ANSI 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, 2500LB RTJOval Type or Octagonal TypeMATERIAL- Carbon Steel- 304SS, 304L SS, 316SS, 316L SS- Ni, Cr, Mo Alloy Steel(A182 F11 to 91)- Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel etc

RESTRICTION ORIFICESUFFIX CODESMODELSRestrictionOrificeDESCRIPTIONDHRO-SH -----------Single HoleDHRO-MH -----------Multi HoleDHRO-MS -----------Multi StageF --------------Flange IncludeN --------------Flange ExcludeTypeNominal Pipe Size-----------------------------------------Pipe size in inch or mmCS ------------------------------------Carbon Steel4S ------------------------------------304SS4L ------------------------------------304L SS6S ------------------------------------316SS6L ------------------------------------316L SS11 ------------------------------------A182 F1122 ------------------------------------A182 F2251 ------------------------------------A182 F5191 ------------------------------------A182 F91I 5 ------------------------------------Inconel 625M0 ------------------------------------Monel 400HC OP ------------------------------------OptionMaterial : Plate/FlangeMounting ConnectionOption015 -----------------------ASME(ANSI) Class 150 LB030 -----------------------ASME(ANSI) Class 300 LB060 -----------------------ASME(ANSI) Class 600 LB090 -----------------------ASME(ANSI) Class 900 LB150 -----------------------ASME(ANSI) Class 1500 LB250 -----------------------ASME(ANSI) Class 2500 LB000 -----------------------Option

INTEGRAL ORIFICEDESCRIPTIONIntegral Orifice the One-Piece DP Flow MeterIntegral Orifice is an orifice-based flow meter with a difference- Its advanced design greatly simplifies installation and commissioningIntegral Orifice is a stand-alone, orifice-based flow meter that incorporates all the followingfeatures:- Integral 3-valve manifold- Integral connections between the carrier tappings and manifold- DP transmitter, factory-mounted onto the manifold and pre-configured for the application- Fully leak-tested and configuredDISTINCTIVEIntegral Orifice is an orifice-based flow meter with a difference- Combines primary element with DP Transmitter in a single flow meter assemblyOne-piece flowmeter, pressure tested as an assembly- Improved reliability with no leaks to trace and rectify- Integral multivariable transmitter and RTD for INTEGRAL reading of mass(liquids and steam) and corrected volume (gas) flow rates in a single unitIntegral impulse connections- No impulse piping installation required- Provides repeatable DP connection across installation locationsReduced cost of installation- Only one piece to install- Eliminates need to supply and connect separate manifoldEasy to specify- Single ordering code covers complete flowmeter- Only two orifice ratios simple specification process

INTEGRAL ORIFICEModel : DHIO-FMThe integral orifice is a flow element capable ofbeingclose coupled with differential pressuretransmitters tomake a complete flow meter.It provides easy-to-install, low-cost measurement ofthe small flows found frequentlyin plant meteringoperations and research projects.It can be ordered with internal NPT threads orflanged piperuns, welded both upstream anddownstream of the flowrestriction.The orifice assembly may be directlymounted to the transmitter or remote using optionaladapter kit 155S711.Model : DHIO-BNModel : DHIO-BYIntegral Orifice Block Type-a compact flow meter, providing measurementIntegrally in mass units for liquids and steam.Gas flow is measured Integrally in reducedvolume units.SPECIFICATIONSFluidsLine Sizes- Liquids, gases and saturated steam- 15A, 25A, 40A, 50A, 80A, 100A, 150A, 200AMaterials- Orifice assembly, stem and manifold : 316LOrifice Body : 304 SS, 304L SS, 316 SS, 316L SSProcess Connections- Wafer body to fit between the following flangedrillings:- ASME B16.5 (ANSI) Class 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500#(1/2", 1 in., 11/2 in., 2 in., 3 in., 4 in., 6 in., 8 in.)Temperature limited- Process : -40 to 121 C (-4 to 250 F)- Ambient : -40 to 70 C (-4 to 158 F)

INTEGRAL ORIFICEMODELDHIO-SUFFIX CODESDESCRIPTIONFMFlange & Meter Run IncludedBNBlock Type Meter Run ExcludedBYBlock Type Meter Run IncludedNominalPipe size in inch or mmPipe SizeMaterialPlate or Block /Meter RunCSCarbon Steel4S304SS4L304L SS6S316SS6L316L SSOPOption015ASME(ANSI) Class 150 LB030ASME(ANSI) Class 300 LB060ASME(ANSI) Class 600 LB090ASME(ANSI) Class 900 LB150ASME(ANSI) Class 1500 LB000OptionMounting ConnectionVVolumetricMMassIndicatorA4 20mAV1 5VOutPutOption

RESTRICTION ORIFICE MOUNTING - Flange, Union, Butt Weld etc NOMINAL PIPE SIZE - 1/2B to 24B(15A to 600A) FLOW CALCULATION STANDARDS - ISO5167, JIS Z 8762, ASME, KS A 0612 FLANGE RATING - ANSI 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, 2500L

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Orifice plate holders provide a paddle style orifice for RTJ flange unions. The 560 is an integral plate holder made with a non-removable orifice plate to eliminate bypass leakage around the plate. RTJ plate holders provide an excellent self-centering installation that does not rely on flange bolting for location. Model 590 Line Sizes 2 to 24 inch

Tag Plate of orifice plate projects out from Orifice flanges and it indicates the existence of Orifice plate. Details such as Tag NO /Orifice ID / Pipe ID / Plate Material are stamped on one side of the tag plate which faces upstream side of the pipe line. Technical Specification 50 mm to 800 mmSize for Flanged Design: MOC of Flanges: A105 .

The 405C Compact Conditioning Orifice Plate is supplied with a centering ring and assures a centered plate to within 1/32". If the orifice plate, whether it is a Conditioning Orifice Plate or a standard orifice plate, is not centered, there can be as much as 5% degradation in accuracy.

Volume and Mass Flow Rate Measurement, Page 2 Orifice flowmeter The obstruction in an orifice flowmeter is simply a blunt plate called an orifice plate with a hole of diameter d - an orifice - in the middle, as sketched to the right. V d D Orifice plate 1 2 We define β as the ratio of orifice diameter d to the inner diameter of the pipe D, β dD/ .