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IBM's Global Diversity LeadershipDiversity in the 21st CenturyYves VeullietDiversity & Inclusion Program ManagerOctober 2013 2009 IBM Corporation

Agenda IBM IBM's Diversity journey Why Diversity & Inclusion are critical to our business Diversity management framework Communication & Education Diversity in IBM‟s second Century: Cultural Adaptability2 2013 IBM Corporation

In 2012Revenue: 104,507 billionNet income: 16,604 billionGlobal PresenceServing clients in over170 countries3rdCorporate headquartersArmonk, NYemployees worldwideMost U.S. Patents foryears in a row20mostvaluable brand wwTriple - Afinancial status3 400,000Revenue outside USA 55% 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM is a leading technology and servicescompany in Belgium and LuxembourgConsultancy Servicesand IT DeliverySoftware41%Systems andFinancing44% 16%We have embraced progress and re-mixed our business to meetchanging client needs, enabling innovation, growth and efficiency.4 2013 IBM Corporation

Powering the latestgames consolesIBM microprocessors power theSony PS3, Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360.We are woven into the fabric of everyday lifeTaking cash out ofa hole in the wallIBM developed CICS softwarein 1969. Today it is used invirtually every cashpoint inBelgium and Luxembourg.5Keeping the shelves filledIBM provides analytical andtechnology services to improvesupply chain accuracy. 2013 IBM Corporation

Sharpening our visionwith LOFARAn innovative effort to unravel the secretsof the early universe, LOFAR is theworld‟s largest radio telescopes, combininglow-frequency radio signals from 20,000antennas over 350km in diameter and portingall data into a central processor to be analyzedby an IBM Blue Gene/P supercomputer.InterconnectingtransportWorking with a major Dutch truckmanufacturer, IBM created a solutionusing real-time data to ensure makinginformed decision-making. An integratedcommunication system meant the truck‟sdata and information were communicatedbeyond the truck itself.Technology and services make thingswork better6Improving mobilityIn Belgian‟s first trial ofRoad User Charging withIBM and NXP in Leuven,70% improved driving behaviorby avoiding rush hours and usinghighways instead of local roads– which improves mobility.Smarter CommerceIBM helped on of the large retailers in theNetherlands that is using tools that providepowerful analytics and coordinated crosschannel marketing so that marketers arecloser to customers and delivering the bestoffers with a more complete understanding ofhow customers interact and respond to theirbrands 2013 IBM Corporation

Empowering researchIBM technical infrastructure is used in theWorld Community Grid (WCG) – theworld‟s largest computing grid, allowingindividuals everywhere to contributecomputing power for research into cancer,AIDS and other diseases.Helping our citiesEurocities selected IBM softwarefor innovative collaboration. Their new onlineforum helps big cities collaborate on improvingsocial, environmental and economic conditions- and connects local government employeesin 140 large cities in 30 countries.We apply intelligence, reason and scienceto improve business and society.User-friendly taxesIBM helped the Belgian Department of Financeto launch its new generation of „My Minfin‟,an on-line access portal to tax files - givingpeople and companies access to their recordsin7 a handy virtual environment. 2013 IBM Corporation

Closing the digital gapIBM works with Hogeschool UniversiteitBrussel and Federations of ParentsOrganizationsKOOGO and VCOV to close thedigital gap amongchildren, encouragingthem to developtheir multimedia skillsthrough IBM's KidSmart computers.Helping others around the worldEvery year a number of IBM BeLuxemployees experience emergingmarkets, global teaming and diversecultures through Corporate ServiceCorps (CSC), performing communitydriven work for a month in developingcountries in Africa, Asia, EasternEurope and Latin America.We strive to make a difference in the communityCommunity contributionsAnnually, IBM invests more than200 million dollars in sociallyresponsible business.Active and involvedIn Belgium 745 IBM employees and 28 retiredIBM employees volunteered 30,517 hours in20128In 2012, IBM donated more than30 community grants to communityorganizations. 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM's Diversity journey9 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM & Diversity: Why IBM works10DiversityInclusionAt IBM, diversity means more than the race, sexor physical abilities of an employee. Diversityis also about cultural differences, lifestyle, age,background, experience, religion, economic andsocial status, sexual orientation and marital essential at work, so everyone has theopportunity to fully apply themselvesto the success of the organization – andso everyone is valued for their specific skills,experience and vision. 2013 IBM Corporation

Why Diversity & Inclusion are critical to our businessGlobal MarketplaceWorkforce EffectivenessOur customers, suppliers andstrategic partners are increasinglyglobal and multi-culturalOur workforce is DiverseGlobal “War” for TalentMaking Diversity our AdvantageThe competition to attract and retaintop talent is increasing11Our competitive advantage is throughleadership in building innovativesolutions to our customers mostdifficult problems. 2013 IBM Corporation

Diversity 3.0 – Our Journey, Our Future, Our liersDiversity Innovation& Growth‟50sWorkforceCommunityDiversity 3.0 Diversity 2.0Diversity 1.0 Compliance withthe law12 Respectful/inclusiveinternal environment Cultural and Global adaptability 2013 IBM Corporation

Diversity management frameworkSenior Executive and Employee PartnershipGlobal Diversity CouncilStrategy, Global Imperatives, Critical Practice, Integration across IBMGlobal Constituency &Imperative CouncilsWomen, GLBT, PwD,Cross-Generational, Work/Life,Marketplace, Supplier Diversity, Cultural AdaptabilityRegional/LocalConstituency CouncilsRegionalDiversity CouncilsExamples: Asian, Black, Hispanic,Multicultural, Native AmericanGMU, GMT, IOT, IMTLocal Diversity CouncilsBusiness Resource Groups / Communities of IBMersFour global constituencies: Gender / People with Disabilities / LGBT / Cross Generational13 2013 IBM Corporation

Communication14 2013 IBM Corporation

Education15 2013 IBM Corporation

Diversity in IBM‟s second Century:Cultural Adaptability16 2013 IBM Corporation

The Changing World of WorkIncreased global contacts demand a culturaladaptable workforce and result in the disappearanceof “9 to5” and fixed continuous schedulesEvolving family and social structures driveincreasingly diverse employee needs,perceptions and expectationsUbiquitous low cost technology enables andgenerates work 24x7x365 from any locationThe “New Normal”17 2013 IBM Corporation

Defining Diversity in the 21st Century Leverage Diversity to enhance cultural adaptability Embrace local identity while providing global consistency Enhance employee/seniormanagement partnership Refocus from „constituency‟to „community‟ Diversity in the 21st centuryis about talent18 2013 IBM Corporation

Winning in the Marketplacewith People with Disabilities19 2013 IBM Corporation

Organizational sAccessibility 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM Best Practices: Human ResourcesAttitude Global Executive People with Disabilities Council Regional Executive Diversity Councils Managers / employees educationAccommodations Cost recovery program Dedication to ongoingaccommodations innovation Business Resource GroupsAccessibility A tops-down commitment to accessibility (CI 162) Accessible and usable Learning for skills enhancement and career development Corporate eAaccessibility requirements IBM Worldwide Building Accessibility Guidelines21 2013 IBM Corporation

The road toemployment forpeople withdisabilities theroad to hell !!22What did you expect ramps? 2013 IBM Corporation

Why including people with disabilities in IBM‟s workforce Business: Because IBM develops and sells high standardproducts, services and technology in the area of eAccessibility Innovation: Because the IBM community has to be a mirror of thesociety in order to bring the world innovative solutions for higherquality of life to everybody. Society: With our focus on integrating skilled people withdisabilities into our workforce, IBM continues its efforts to be a trulyinclusive employer for all talent Talent: Because by maximising the previously untapped potentialthat people with disabilities bring to the workplace, we walk the talkof embracing people of all different abilities.23 2013 IBM Corporation

24 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM & Diversity: Why IBM works Diversity At IBM, diversity means more than the race, sex or physical abilities of an employee. Diversity is also about cultural differences, lifestyle, age, background, experience, religion, economic and social status, sexual orientation and marital st

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tion diversity. Alpha diversity Dα measures the average per-particle diversity in the population, beta diversity Dβ mea-sures the inter-particle diversity, and gamma diversity Dγ measures the bulk population diversity. The bulk population diversity (Dγ) is the product of diversity on the per-particle

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diversity of the other strata. Beta (β) Diversity: β diversity is the inter community diversity expressing the rate of species turnover per unit change in habitat. Gamma (γ) Diversity : Gamma diversity is the overall diversity at landscape level includes both α and β diversities. The relationship is as follows: γ

diversity leadership is a broader concept that includes diversity management. Diversity leadership is defined as “a process of acting respectfully, sensitively, and tolerably against the diversity

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