Air Combat Training Systems

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Headquarters Air Combat CommandAir Combat Training SystemsProvided byACC/A3ARAAC/EBYIMr. Randall S. KingThis Briefing is:UNCLASSIFIEDDISTRIBUTION STATEMENT AApproved for public release; distribution is unlimited.

Overview P5CTS OverviewBaseline Program DescriptionFielding StatusRetired SystemsDebriefing Capability2

P5 Combat Training SystemSpecificationsParticipant datalink:Data Link Relay:Accuracy:PerformanceGPS basedRangelessLive MonitoringAircraftF-15F-16A-10CF-18AV-8EA-6BF-580 nm (Air to Air)125 nm (Air to Grd)200 nm10ft x 10ft x 15ftRTKN/Wpn SimsInteroperable- Link 16- FAAEurofighterEPAF F-16sMirageTornadoSU-30AH-1UH-1Provides Realistic Air Combat Training to the Warfighter3

P5CTS/TCTS PodsP50001AP50001AAN/ASQ-T50(V)1Weight 138 lbsP50001AP50001AAN/ASQ-T50(V)2 UnballastedWeight 144 lbsP50001NP50001NAN/ASQ-T50(V)2 Ballasted142.00”Weight 190 lbsDoes not include end cap accoutrements4

Ground SubsystemTransportable Ground Subsystem (TGS)Transportable Ground Subsystem w/Live Monitor - TGS/LMGG ComputerGG ComputerDRD ReadersDRD ReadersLM ComputerLM ComputerICADS ComputerICADS ComputerDRD ReadersDRD ReadersHUD VTR’sXHUD VTR’sXTransformerTransformerFirewall/ GIMTransformerTransformerTGS w/ LM comes with 1 RRU however additional RRU’s may beaddedPortable Ground Subsystem (PGS)ProjectorLaptop ComputerandDocking PowerSupplyWinTVDeviceAC/DCPowerSupplyRRUHUD VTRRRUSwitchAssyFilterRRURemote RangeUnit5

Rangeless OperationsP5CTSGPS AccuracyReal Time Kill/Miss NotificationIndependent Pod-to-Pod Data LinkOn-board Advanced Weapons SimsAutomated Re-arm/RebirthData Link Inhibitfor FrequencyRestricted OperationExtended Rangewith Data Link RelayNo-Drop Weapon ScoringQuick Post-Mission Merge for DebriefTrain Anywhere, Anytime6

Integrated OperationsGPS NetworkAirborne ParticipantsThreatSystemsShip-Board StationGroundForcesJointThreatEmitterRRURCC or Squadron OpsGround Station/Live MonitoringDebriefStation77

Integrated P5/LVC OperationsGPS NetworkGlobal InformationGrid (GIG)Airborne NTC / DMONetworkRemote RangeUnit(Virtual)(Virtual)Ship-Board StationGroundParticipantsGround Station:- Live Monitoring-EW /Mux ServerRange Control CenterDebriefStation88

P5CTS Fielding Status – Oct 2011- First Fielding at Luke AFB - Oct 2006- Fielded Units:ACCEglinSeymour-JohnsonLangleyNellis/Ft Irwin (GF-W)Mountain OMPAFRCHomestead ARBCOMPANGSavannah CRTCGulfport CRTCAlpena CRTCMontana (Great Falls)Volk Field FERAF LakenheathSpangdahlem*Aviano*COMPCOMPCOMP- On the Horizon:2012 - Eielson2013 - Holloman (F-16 move from Luke), Nellis (Red Flag-N)2014/15 - PACAF* Awaiting European frequency approvalTBD9

P5CTS Air Force FieldingFielded: 779 PodsAF TOTAL: 1464 PodsContracted: 152 pods delivered in FY11Programmed: 165 Baseline Pods purchase in FY12 (del FY13)Planned: 368 Encrypted Pods (required FY 12, delivery TBD)MountainHome AFBEielson AFBVolk FieldCRTCAlpenaCRTC Langley AFBGreat FallsANGSeymourJohnson AFBShaw AFBSavannahCRTC ANGHill AFBRAFLakenheathHolloman AFBNellis AFBNTTRSpangdahlemABGreen FlagWestFt Irwin/NellisAviano ABGulfportCRTC ANGMisawaABEglin AFBKadenaABTyndall AFBLuke AFBHomestead ARBGreen Flag EastFort Polk/Barksdale

Transition Update - Retirement Retired Pods HAIS POD - Apr 06P4A (TACTS) – retired 2010P4AM – retired Jun 07P4AW – retired Aug 07P4BX – retired Dec 08P4G – retired Jun 09 Retiring Pods URITS - NLT FY 12 (Projected to retire Jan 2012)P4B - NLT FY12 (Projected to retire Jan 2012)P4NS - NLT FY13/14P4BE – NLT FY 14/15Down to 8 AF pod system baselines11

Ground Infrastructure Reduction P5 no relay P5 with relayOld tethered range needed 18 TIS towers to cover the area in white. P5covers the area in red with only 2.12

Cubic Metric (DRS) Cubic/Metric (DRS) ADTI/Cubic/Metric (DRS) Rockwell/CubicP3ASQ-T11 Interstate Electronics Corp General DynamicsPod Evolution1974P41977ASQ-T13 Raytheon Comptek/Metric KollsmanP4S* Navy onlyInternal StoresHAISP4A*Hill AISASQ-T211760GPS V)2ARDSURITSIsraelNo DatalinkNo datalinkASQURITSFMRI T38S-bandL-band T38DCRIISEncryptedP4KM1987BAISAISIK*ASQ-T25JBomber AIS19891990ASQ-T28ASQ-T27P4BXP4AWNo 66EncryptedASQ-T16P4AXNo Q-39T & 40TASQ-T27AKITSP4N(NACTS)ASQ-T35P4BENo )ASQ-T45P4R1No 23EncryptedAMODSMJTCTSASQ-T36 PlateASQ-T37 PodAKITSP4NSSAKITS(Saudi I)ASQT35A19942002MOKKITS(Misawa, Osan, Kunsan, Kadena)ASQ-T503ASQ-T50(V)1ASQ-T50(V)2 OBSOLETE/RETIRED2004201013AS OF 1 JAN 2011

F-22 ACTS Short-Term SolutionPost-Mission Merge Debrief – Fall 08Post-MissionP C M CIAuDTC56KMode 3 OnlyIN S E R T T H IS E N DuDTCRecorded EventsF-22 Information isEncryptedMergedMissionDebriefUnencryptedLiveF-22 long-term solution is an encrypted data link14

CDDT System OverviewPod DRDICADSAircraft DataCartridge FilePCDSGPSEAGPlus one-way conversions for:- ITAS- JDS- ARDS- 4 GPS variants15

Questions ?16

ICADS Computer. ICADS Computer. LM Computer LM Computer HUD VTR’s. HUD VTR’s Firewall/ GIM. GG Computer GG Computer. Transformer. Transformer. Transformer. Transformer DRD Readers DRD Readers. DRD Readers. DRD Readers. D. L. T. Computer AC/DC Power Supply DC/DC Power Supply. S

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58 AIR FORCE Magazine / May 2016 Acronyms & Abbreviations AABactivated 1935. Named for Lt. Col. Frederick I. Eglin, Army Air Base AAFRG (ANG), RPA operations; 309th Aerospace Army Airfield AB Air Base ABG Air Base Group ABW Air Base Wing ACC Air Combat Command ACG Air Control Group ACS Air Control Squadron ACTS Air Combat Training Squadron ACWHistory: Air Control Wing

Real hand-to hand combat with "bare hands" is quick and transient, but a knife combat is still shorter. In a knife combat any well-aimed blow will be either mortal or disabling you. Unlike a combat with "bare hands" where you can beat off (block) enemy's blows with arms, it can not be done in a knife combat because you will receive a wound.

Precision Air 2355 air cart with Precision Disk 500 drill. Precision Air 2355 air cart with row crop tires attached to Nutri-Tiller 955. Precision Air 3555 air cart. Precision Air 4765 air cart. Precision Air 4585 air cart. Precision Air 4955 cart. THE LINEUP OF PRECISION AIR 5 SERIES AIR CARTS INCLUDES: Seven models with tank sizes ranging from

Keywords: Augmented reality Tactical combat casualty care Medical training Moulage 1 Problem and Motivation Combat Life Savers, Combat Medics, Flight Medics, and Medical Corpsman are the first responders of the battlefield, and their training and skill maintenance is of pre-eminent importance to the military.

Close Combat and Learning Infantry Tactics I have learned more about small-unit infantry tactics from the “Close Combat” simulation than I have from fourteen years of Marine Corps infantry experience. “Close Combat” is a computer combat simulation published by Atomic Games. The focus of the

Beyond-Visual-Range Air Combat Tactics Auto-Generation by Reinforcement Learning Haiyin Piao . adversarial self-play from scratch in a high fidelity air combat simulation environment during training. Furthermore, a Key . achievement of IBM Deep Blue in chess two decades earlier [14]. Unlike the hand

Training Aid – Refer to FM 7-22 for expanded training programs and additional exercises 1 Army Combat Fitness Test . Training Guide . INTRODUCTION. The purpose of the Army Combat Fitness Test .

combat lifesaver / tactical combat casualty care trainer course student handbook “the best form of troop . welfare is tough, realistic . training”File Size: 632KB

Unarmed Combat are not helpless even if caught unarmed. i. It is only by constant practice in actual hand-to-hand combat that men can be brought to that state of toughness and efficiency required of a capable Unarmed Combat man. 9. Initial Lesson — How to fall and tumble; balance a

Nov 16, 2012 · Infantry West for Marine Combat Training aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Calif. MCT is a 29-day course where non-infantry Marines are taught basic combat skills needed in a combat environment. There, they are taught more advanced skills in weapons handling, combat ma

at 150 fpm and the air conditioned air is delivered at 200 fpm. The air conditioned air completely pressurizes the untempered air toward the exhaust hood, thus preventing the hot air from entering the kitchen. The hot air is forced into the exhaust hood to be exhausted and the cool, air conditioned air is free to mix with the air in the conditioned

BQT Basic Qualification Training C2 Command and Control CAF Combat Air Forces CAM Centralized Asset Management CAMS Core Automated Maintenance System CAP Combat Air Patrol CAS Close Air Support CBA Capabilities-Based Assessment CBM Condition Based Maintenance Plus CBP Customs and Borde

Air-cooled chillers are used to produce chilled water to air-side systems such as primary air fan coil systems, constant air volume systems and variable air volume systems in different zones of the building. An air-cooled screw chiller generally comprises a shell and tube evaporator, an air-cooled condenser with

united states marine corps marine air ground task force training command marine corps air ground combat center box 788100 twentynine palms, california 92278-8100 combat center order 1020. llt from: to: subj : ref: encl: commanding general distribution list combat center uniform and civilian attire regulations (a)

Ventilation systems provide clean air by exchanging indoor and outdoor air and filtering. Air-conditioning systems can be part of integrated HVAC systems or stand-alone, providing air filtering and/or cooling/warming and dehumidification . Stand-alone systems usually recirculate the air with out mixing it with outdoor air .

US Army found the need to migrate away from the civilian standards and allow the combat medics to analyze situations in ways not previously thought of. These techniques are called "tactical combat casualty care" (TC3). These techniques and factors will be discussed in the following paragraphs. Factors influencing combat

B2B2377 Combat Orders Foundations 5 Basic Officer Course Combat Orders Fundamentals In the Marine Corps we define an order as, “A communication, written, oral, or by signal, which conveys instructions from a superior to a subordinate ” (MCRP 5-2A, 1-116) In essence, combat orders express the will of the commander.

B2B0287 Combat Orders Foundations 4 Basic Officer Course Combat Orders Foundations (Continued) Learning Objectives Terminal Learning Objectives TBS-PAT-2002 Given a squad with attachments, a mission with commander's intent, paper, and pen, write a combat order, to support the achievement of higher headquarters intent.

OPNAV N42 Navy Strategic Mobility and Combat Logistics OPNAV N81 Assessment Division SBF Subic Bay Freeport STONS Short Tons T-AE Ammunition Ship T-AFS Combat Stores Ship T-AKE Auxiliary Dry Cargo and Ammunition Ship T-AO Fleet Oiler T-AOE Fast Combat Support Ship TRANSCOM United States Transportation Command

Combat Combat in the Lands is real-time. Monsters won't wait for you to decide what to do. Fight or flee! Attacking To attack a monster, left-click on a character's combat button. That character will strike with the weapon in his hand (see Equipping, page 6). While recovering, the combat button is deactivated, and the character cannot