Air Combat Training Systems

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Headquarters Air Combat CommandAir Combat Training SystemsProvided byACC/A3ARAAC/EBYIMr. Randall S. KingThis Briefing is:UNCLASSIFIEDDISTRIBUTION STATEMENT AApproved for public release; distribution is unlimited.

Overview P5CTS OverviewBaseline Program DescriptionFielding StatusRetired SystemsDebriefing Capability2

P5 Combat Training SystemSpecificationsParticipant datalink:Data Link Relay:Accuracy:PerformanceGPS basedRangelessLive MonitoringAircraftF-15F-16A-10CF-18AV-8EA-6BF-580 nm (Air to Air)125 nm (Air to Grd)200 nm10ft x 10ft x 15ftRTKN/Wpn SimsInteroperable- Link 16- FAAEurofighterEPAF F-16sMirageTornadoSU-30AH-1UH-1Provides Realistic Air Combat Training to the Warfighter3

P5CTS/TCTS PodsP50001AP50001AAN/ASQ-T50(V)1Weight 138 lbsP50001AP50001AAN/ASQ-T50(V)2 UnballastedWeight 144 lbsP50001NP50001NAN/ASQ-T50(V)2 Ballasted142.00”Weight 190 lbsDoes not include end cap accoutrements4

Ground SubsystemTransportable Ground Subsystem (TGS)Transportable Ground Subsystem w/Live Monitor - TGS/LMGG ComputerGG ComputerDRD ReadersDRD ReadersLM ComputerLM ComputerICADS ComputerICADS ComputerDRD ReadersDRD ReadersHUD VTR’sXHUD VTR’sXTransformerTransformerFirewall/ GIMTransformerTransformerTGS w/ LM comes with 1 RRU however additional RRU’s may beaddedPortable Ground Subsystem (PGS)ProjectorLaptop ComputerandDocking PowerSupplyWinTVDeviceAC/DCPowerSupplyRRUHUD VTRRRUSwitchAssyFilterRRURemote RangeUnit5

Rangeless OperationsP5CTSGPS AccuracyReal Time Kill/Miss NotificationIndependent Pod-to-Pod Data LinkOn-board Advanced Weapons SimsAutomated Re-arm/RebirthData Link Inhibitfor FrequencyRestricted OperationExtended Rangewith Data Link RelayNo-Drop Weapon ScoringQuick Post-Mission Merge for DebriefTrain Anywhere, Anytime6

Integrated OperationsGPS NetworkAirborne ParticipantsThreatSystemsShip-Board StationGroundForcesJointThreatEmitterRRURCC or Squadron OpsGround Station/Live MonitoringDebriefStation77

Integrated P5/LVC OperationsGPS NetworkGlobal InformationGrid (GIG)Airborne NTC / DMONetworkRemote RangeUnit(Virtual)(Virtual)Ship-Board StationGroundParticipantsGround Station:- Live Monitoring-EW /Mux ServerRange Control CenterDebriefStation88

P5CTS Fielding Status – Oct 2011- First Fielding at Luke AFB - Oct 2006- Fielded Units:ACCEglinSeymour-JohnsonLangleyNellis/Ft Irwin (GF-W)Mountain OMPAFRCHomestead ARBCOMPANGSavannah CRTCGulfport CRTCAlpena CRTCMontana (Great Falls)Volk Field FERAF LakenheathSpangdahlem*Aviano*COMPCOMPCOMP- On the Horizon:2012 - Eielson2013 - Holloman (F-16 move from Luke), Nellis (Red Flag-N)2014/15 - PACAF* Awaiting European frequency approvalTBD9

P5CTS Air Force FieldingFielded: 779 PodsAF TOTAL: 1464 PodsContracted: 152 pods delivered in FY11Programmed: 165 Baseline Pods purchase in FY12 (del FY13)Planned: 368 Encrypted Pods (required FY 12, delivery TBD)MountainHome AFBEielson AFBVolk FieldCRTCAlpenaCRTC Langley AFBGreat FallsANGSeymourJohnson AFBShaw AFBSavannahCRTC ANGHill AFBRAFLakenheathHolloman AFBNellis AFBNTTRSpangdahlemABGreen FlagWestFt Irwin/NellisAviano ABGulfportCRTC ANGMisawaABEglin AFBKadenaABTyndall AFBLuke AFBHomestead ARBGreen Flag EastFort Polk/Barksdale

Transition Update - Retirement Retired Pods HAIS POD - Apr 06P4A (TACTS) – retired 2010P4AM – retired Jun 07P4AW – retired Aug 07P4BX – retired Dec 08P4G – retired Jun 09 Retiring Pods URITS - NLT FY 12 (Projected to retire Jan 2012)P4B - NLT FY12 (Projected to retire Jan 2012)P4NS - NLT FY13/14P4BE – NLT FY 14/15Down to 8 AF pod system baselines11

Ground Infrastructure Reduction P5 no relay P5 with relayOld tethered range needed 18 TIS towers to cover the area in white. P5covers the area in red with only 2.12

Cubic Metric (DRS) Cubic/Metric (DRS) ADTI/Cubic/Metric (DRS) Rockwell/CubicP3ASQ-T11 Interstate Electronics Corp General DynamicsPod Evolution1974P41977ASQ-T13 Raytheon Comptek/Metric KollsmanP4S* Navy onlyInternal StoresHAISP4A*Hill AISASQ-T211760GPS V)2ARDSURITSIsraelNo DatalinkNo datalinkASQURITSFMRI T38S-bandL-band T38DCRIISEncryptedP4KM1987BAISAISIK*ASQ-T25JBomber AIS19891990ASQ-T28ASQ-T27P4BXP4AWNo 66EncryptedASQ-T16P4AXNo Q-39T & 40TASQ-T27AKITSP4N(NACTS)ASQ-T35P4BENo )ASQ-T45P4R1No 23EncryptedAMODSMJTCTSASQ-T36 PlateASQ-T37 PodAKITSP4NSSAKITS(Saudi I)ASQT35A19942002MOKKITS(Misawa, Osan, Kunsan, Kadena)ASQ-T503ASQ-T50(V)1ASQ-T50(V)2 OBSOLETE/RETIRED2004201013AS OF 1 JAN 2011

F-22 ACTS Short-Term SolutionPost-Mission Merge Debrief – Fall 08Post-MissionP C M CIAuDTC56KMode 3 OnlyIN S E R T T H IS E N DuDTCRecorded EventsF-22 Information isEncryptedMergedMissionDebriefUnencryptedLiveF-22 long-term solution is an encrypted data link14

CDDT System OverviewPod DRDICADSAircraft DataCartridge FilePCDSGPSEAGPlus one-way conversions for:- ITAS- JDS- ARDS- 4 GPS variants15

Questions ?16

ICADS Computer. ICADS Computer. LM Computer LM Computer HUD VTR’s. HUD VTR’s Firewall/ GIM. GG Computer GG Computer. Transformer. Transformer. Transformer. Transformer DRD Readers DRD Readers. DRD Readers. DRD Readers. D. L. T. Computer AC/DC Power Supply DC/DC Power Supply. S