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GED Academy Curriculum guide

[-] GED Matho [-] GED Test Overview [-] GED Math Test Overview Why Math? Math formulas for geometry [-] GED Math Test Overview Managing your time on the GED MathTest Introduction to GED Math Test [-] GED Test Math Overview GED Test Answer Grido [-] Number Operations and Number Sense [-] Recognizing Numbers Ordering Numbers [-] Addition and Subtraction of WholeNumbers Addition and Subtraction [-] Multiplication and Division of WholeNumbers Multiplication & Division [-] Operational Properties Number Operations Number Operations I Number Operations II Number Operations III Number Operations IV Number Operations V Number Operations VI Number Operations Review [-] Developing Operational Sense Order of Operations [-] Fractions Introduction to Fractions Fractions Adding and Subtracting Fractions Multiplying Fractions Dividing Fractions

[-] DecimalsDecimals Converting Decimals to Fractions Operations with Decimals[-] Solving Problems and EvaluatingSolutions Word Problems I Word Problems II Solving word problems[-] Estimating Estimating How to estimate numbers[-] Rate and Interest Interest Rate I[-] Solving Money Problems Money Money and Rate[-] Working with Percentages Introduction to Percentages Solving Percentage Problems[-] Ratios and Proportions Ratios and Proportions[-] Using Calculators Using Calculators The Casio fx-260 GED Test Calculator[-] GED Math Practice Practice with GED math questions[-] Review of Number Operations Review of Number Operations

oo[-] Measurement [-] Appropriate Units and ConvertMeasurement Units Introduction to Measurement Metric Measurement Measurement Operations [-] Perimeter Measuring Perimeter, Area, and Volume [-] Volume Volume I Volume II Volume III Volume IV [-] Time Time[-] Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability [-] Graphs Graphs I Graphs II Graphs III Graphs IV Graphs V Graphs VI Graphs VII [-] Mean, Median, and Mode Data Analysis/Mean [-] Charts, Conclusions from Data Tables and Charts Charts I Charts II Charts III Charts IV [-] Probability and Statistics Simple Probability Dependent Probability Independent Probability

[-] Mean, Median, and Mode Math Formulas for Central Tendency Mean, Median, and Mode Data Analysis/Median [-] Review Review of Using Data[-] Geometry and Spatial Sense [-] Perimeter and Area Perimeter and Area [-] Geometry and Spatial Sense Coordinate Geometry [-] Lines and Angles Lines & Angles Angles I Angles II [-] Plane Figures Similar & Congruent Figures [-] Triangles and Quadrilaterals Triangles & Quadrilaterals [-] Irregular Figures Irregular Figures [-] Pythagorean Theorem Pythagorean Theorem Pythagorean Theorem II Pythagorean Relationship [-] Review of Geometry Terms and Concepts Review of Geometry[-] Patterns, Functions, and Algebra [-] Integers Using Integers [-] Linear Equations Solving Equations Linear Equation I Linear Equation II Linear Equation III [-] Missing Element Missing Element I Missing Element II oo

Simplifying Expressions[-] Quadratic Equations Quadratic Equation I Quadratic Equation II[-] Variables, Expressions, and Equations Graphing Equations Factoring Expressions[-] Inequalities Functions, Graphs & Inequalities Inequalities[-] Exponents and Scientific Notation Exponents & Roots[-] Review of Algebra Terms Review of Algebra Terms

[-] GED Readingo [-] Comprehension [-] Restate or Paraphrase Information Make Music with Your Life: Title’sMeaning Bartlby, The Scrivener: ComprehendingConcepts Bartlby, The Scrivener: Paraphrasing The Crisis: Paraphrasing a Quote Reading: Interpreting RentalAgreements Rental Agreement: Interpreting aPassage Barn Burning: Comprehending a Phrase Good Benito: A Word in Context The Great Gatsby: A Word in Context Gladiator Review: Restating Concept Univeristy of Colorado Honor CodePolicy: Restating a Concept University of Colorado Honor CodePolicy: Word Meaning Life of Pi: Recalling Concepts I Felt a Cleaving in My Mind: WordMeaning The Jungle: Comprehending Concepts Disciplinary Procedure: Meaning of“Disciplinary” Disciplinary Procedure: Meaning of“Procedure” Walden: Word Meaning in Context Restating and Summarizing [-] Summarize Main Ideas Make Music with Your Life: Poem’s MainIdea Conversation: Main Idea The Great Gatsby: Summarizing aRelationship Gladiator Review: Main Idea

Long Day’s Journey into Night:Summarizing Stage Direction The Jungle: Summarizing Information Walden: Main Idea [-] Explain the Thought or Clear Implicationof the Text The Horse Dealer’s Daughter:Implication of the Title Bartlby, The Scrivener: UnderstandingDescription Barn Burning: Comprehending a Detail Good Benito: Comprehending Details Gladiator Review: Recall Details University of Colorado Honor CodePolicy: Detail Describing Students University of Colorado Honor CodePolicy: Detail Desribing Responsibility Life of Pi: Recalling Details Life of Pi: Recalling an Example The Jungle: Comprehending Details The Jungle: Explaining Implications Disciplinary Procedure: ComprehendingDetails[-] Application [-] Transfer Concepts and Principles Fromthe Reading to a New Context Death of a Salesman: Applying CharacterTraits Death of a Salesman: Biff in a NewContext Mission Statements: Applying theConcept The Crisis: Application in a New Context The Crisis: Applying Paine’s Values Rental Agreement: Applying TenantResponsiblities Rental Agreement: Applying Terms ofAgreement o

Affirmative Action: Applying Concepts toa New Argument The Great Gatsby: Applying CharacterTraits Disciplinary Procedure: Applying thePolicy Application[-] Analysis [-] Draw Conclusions, UnderstandConsequences, and Make Inferences Death of a Salesman: AnalyzingCharacter Death of a Salesman: Making Inferences Mission Statements: Outcomes andConsequences Affirmative Action: Identifying aConclusion Barn Burning: Making an Inference University of Colorado Honor CodePolicy: Inference I Felt a Cleaving in My Mind: Inference The Jungle: Inferring a Meaning Hogan’s Goat: Making an Inference The Horse Dealer’s Daughter: AnalyzingMotivation Inferences Good Benito: Making an Inference [-] Identify Elements of Style and Structure Death of a Salesman: CharacterMotivation Make Music with Your Life: Poem’s Form Conversation: Character’s Attitude Conversation: Metaphor Barn Burning: Analyzing Imagery Barn Burning: Figurative Language Good Benito: A Character’s Emotions In Just: Poem’s Structure o

Long Day’s Journey into Night:Characters’ Relationship Long Day’s Journey into Night: CharacterDescription Hogan’s Goat: Character Motivation Hogan’s Goat: Character State of Mind The Horse Dealer’s Daughter: FigurativeLanguage [-] Distinguish Conclusions From SupportingStatements and Recognize UnstatedAssumptions Affirmative Action: Identifying Supportfor the Conclusion Affirmative Action: Evaluating Evidence Affirmative Action: IdentifyingAssumptions[-] Synthesis [-] Interpret the Organizational Structure orPattern of a Text In Just: Effect of Children’s Names In Just: Effect of “balloonMan” I Felt a Cleaving in My Mind: Effect of thePoem [-] Interpret the Overall Tone, Point of View,Style, or Purpose of a Work Make Music with Your Life: Poem’sAudience Make Music with Your Life: Poet’s Tone Bartlby, The Scrivener: Tone Mission Statements: Author’s Purpose Reading: Interpreting Thomas Paine The Great Gatsby: Tone of Narration The Great Gatsby: Narrator’s Point ofView In Just: Poem’s Point of View Life of Pi: Point of View I Felt a Cleaving in My Mind: Tone Disciplinary Procedure: Purpose o

Recognizing Point of View [-] Make Connections Among Parts of theText Barn Burning: Synthesizing CharacterInformation Good Benito: Connecting Parts of theText The Great Gatsby: SynthesizingCharacter Traits Hogan’s Goat: Characters’ Relationship [-] Compare and Contrast Conversation: Compare and Contrast Long Day’s Journey into Night:Comparing Characters [-] Integrate Information From Outside thePassage With Elements Within the Passage Gladiator Review: Looking Beyond thePassage Life of Pi: Synthesizing Life of Pi: Evaluating Information Walden: Extending Meaning to Today Synthesis[-] Reading Background [-] Terms Reading and Literature Terms [-] Reading Skills How to Get to Be a Better Reader [-] Deciphering Words Words You Don’t Know [-] Types of Reading Different Types of Readings [-] Skimming Skimming and Scanning for Answers [-] Tone Recognizing Tone [-] Vocabulary Vocabulary Questions o

o[-] GED Reading Test [-] Background The GED Reading Test[-] Practice Reading Practice Questions

[-] GED Scienceo [-] Unifying Concepts and Processes [-] Systems, Order and Organization [-] Life Science — Comprehension Protein - Animal vs. Vegetable Gene Summary Skin Diagram [-] Physical Science — Comprehension Phase Diagram Atom Pattern [-] Earth and Space Science —Comprehension Fossil Skulls Energy Summary Earth Systems [-] Earth and Space Science — Analysis Absorbed Energy [-] Earth and Space Science —Application Which Way’s the Sun Moving? [-] Life Science — Application Polar Bears Genetics and Heredity Cells [-] Earth and Space Science —Evaluation Energy Conclusion [-] Earth and Space Science — Synthesis The Dark Ages [-] Physical Science — Application Forces, Motion, and Work Matter Energy [-] Life Science — Analysis Ecosystems [-] Evidence, Models, and Explanations [-] Life Science — Comprehension Yawning

[-] Physical Science — Comprehension Absorbing Light [-] Earth and Space Science —Comprehension Rocks [-] Physical Science — Analysis Sherpa Dude [-] Physical Science — Evaluation Wrong Textbooks [-] Physical Science — Application Isaac Newton [-] Life Science — Analysis Evolution [-] Change, Constancy, and Measurement [-] Physical Science — Comprehension Sound Waves Charles’s Law General Relativity [-] Form and Function [-] Life Science — Comprehension Photosynthesis [-] Life Science — Synthesis DNA Inference [-] Earth and Space Science —Application Our Place in Space[-] Science as Inquiry [-] Asking Questions [-] Life Science — Comprehension Too Cerebral! Defining DNA Dinosaur Relatives [-] Life Science — Evaluation Sleep Deprivation [-] Physical Science — Application Sunlight [-] Understanding Data — Analysis Understanding Data and Evidence o

[-] Scientific Method — Analysis Science Experiments[-] Planning and Conducting Investigations [-] Physical Science — Comprehension Disappearing Ions Hypothesis [-] Life Science — Analysis Experimental Design [-] Physical Science — Evaluation Temperature vs. Time [-] Life Science — Evaluation Electric Bean Car[-] Using Appropriate Tools and Techniquesto Gather Data [-] Life Science — Evaluation Measuring Time [-] Charts and Graphs — Application Charts, Graphs, Tables, andDiagrams[-] Thinking Critically and Logically AboutRelationships Between Evidence andExplanations [-] Life Science — Comprehension Smoking and Health [-] Earth and Space Science —Comprehension The Age of the Universe [-] Life Science — Analysis Explaining Bat [-] Physical Science — Application Hot Air Phase Difference [-] Physical Science — Evaluation It’s An Ollie What’s a Theory [-] Life Science — Evaluation Best Exercise

[-] Earth and Space Science —Evaluation Lunar Eclipse[-] Constructing and Analyzine AlternativeExplanations [-] Earth and Space Science —Comprehension Eruption Effects Water Pressure Tree Rings [-] Life Science — Analysis Smart Animals Disappearing Predators [-] Earth and Space Science —Evaluation Cold Geysers[-] Applying Scientific Knowledge [-] Physical Science — Comprehension Electron Shell What’s in a Body [-] Physical Science — Analysis Rapper Dude Electronics Soap Box Derby Pendulum [-] Earth and Space Science —Application High Altitudes [-] Life Science — Application Frog Effects [-] Physical Science — Application Newtonian Principle Painting a House [-] Earth and Space Science —Application Plants and the Carbon Cycle [-] Life Science — Synthesis Virus Reproduction

[-] Physical Science — Evaluation Forms of Matter Galileo’s Evidence [-] Life Science — Evaluation Bread Mold Food Chain[-] Science and Technology [-] Decision-making Abilities in Identifyingand Stating a Problem [-] Physical Science — Comprehension Steam Power [-] Life Science — Analysis More TV, Less Smarts [-] Earth and Space Science — Analysis The Moon Landing [-] Physical Science — Application Pulley Problem [-] Earth and Space Science —Evaluation Outer Limits [-] Physical Science — Evaluation Types of Levers Second Class Levers Third Class Levers [-] Background [-] Techonology — Analysis Technology[-] Science in Social and Personal Perspectives [-] Personal and Community Health [-] Life Science — Comprehension LDL and HDL Who’s Messing with My Genes? Virus [-] Life Science — Application Cigarette Smoke Immune System [-] Physical Science — Application Safety oo

[-] Life Science — Evaluation A Favorite Breakfast [-] Environmental Quality [-] Earth and Space Science —Comprehension Rachel Carson The Greenhouse Effect [-] Life Science — Analysis Airborne Chemicals [-] Earth and Space Science —Application Healthy Soil Organic Fertilizer [-] Life Science — Application Building Muscle [-] Natural and Human Induced Hazards [-] Life Science — Evaluation[-] Ged Science Test [-] Science Test Background [-] Science Science Test Overview [-] Science Test Practice [-] Science Questions Practice Questions o

[-] GED Social Studieso [-] Interpret Graphic Information [-] Understanding Charts, Graphs, and Tables [-] Economics Flat Screen TV I China Tech Growth Surplus! [-] Geography State of the World [-] Charts and Graphs Charts and Graphs Showing Information in Charts andGraphs [-] Thinking Visually [-] Civics and Government Campaign Financing We The People Federal vs. State [-] U.S. History Freedom of Choice [-] Pictures Showing Information in Pictureso [-] Words in Context [-] Decoding Meaning [-] U.S. History Emancipation Proclamation IIo [-] Construct Meaning [-] Understanding and Restating Information [-] Civics and Government Political Action Committees [-] U.S. History Aliens Dressed in Black [-] Main Ideas [-] Economics Trade Unions [-] Civics and Government House Lobby? Branches of Government

[-] Summarizing Ideas [-] U.S. History Jefferson’s View on Religion Pocahontas Summary[-] Restating Ideas [-] Geography Dust Bowl Dunes Prime Meridian [-] U.S. History Emancipation Proclamation I [-] Restating Restating Information and Ideas[-] Finding Facts [-] Civics and Government Congress’s Power [-] Economics Equilibrium Point [-] U.S. History The Californian, 1848 [-] Facts and Opinions Facts and Opinions [-] Facts Finding a Fact[-] Recognizing a Principal [-] Civics and Government Pentagon Papers Checks and Balances Checks and Balances II [-] Economics Movie Rental Economics [-] Geography Population Patterns Map Principle [-] U.S. History Honest Abe [-] Principles Applying a Principle Recognizing a Principle

[-] World History Age of Enlightenment [-] Understanding Points of View [-] Civics and Government Finding Loopholes Fluoridation of Drinking Water [-] World History Massacre in the Temple Carolus Coins Growth in India [-] Points of View Point of View [-] Implications and Inferences [-] Civics and Government Supreme Court Quote [-] Economics Salad Implications [-] Geography Time Zoning Divisions, Divisions. [-] U.S. History McCarthyism [-] Analytical Thinking Implications and Inferences[-] Recall Information [-] Summarize Details [-] Civics and Government Miranda’s Wife [-] Restating Ideas [-] U.S. History Eisenhower on Civil Rights [-] World History Sign of Tyranny[-] Application [-] Using Information In a New Context [-] World History Dark Ages oo

[-] Solve Problems That Require Skills orKnowledge [-] World History Greek Influence [-] Translate Knowledge Into New Contexts [-] Civics and Government Freedom March [-] Applying a Principal [-] Economics Flat Screen TV II [-] Geography Population Application [-] U.S. History Demonstrating Freedom Miranda Rights Around the World [-] World History Foreign Relations Tools [-] Principles Identifying Examples of a Principle [-] Identify an Illustration of aGeneralization, Principle, or Strategy [-] World History Napoleonic Reforms [-] Apply the Appropriate Abstraction to aNew Problem Without Prompting orInstruction [-] Economics Smokey’s Friend [-] U.S. History Simple Solutions[-] Analysis [-] Drawing Conclusions [-] Economics Moby Dick Outfoxed o

[-] U.S. History Mexican Immigration Slavery Compromise? Pocahontas Conclusion [-] Conclusions Making Conclusions[-] Identifying Patterns [-] Geography U.S. Highway System[-] Distinguishing Fact From Opinion [-] U.S. History Gore vs. Bush Slavery Opinion [-] World History Opinion of Hitler[-] Recognizing Hidden or Unstated Meaning [-] Economics About -isms[-] Identifying Cause and EffectRelationships [-] Civics and Government Did You Vote? [-] Economics Guards at the Gate [-] World History Wages & Prices[-] Making a Series of Related Inferences [-] U.S. History Ralph Nader [-] World History Apartheid Free At Last[-] Distinguishing Conclusions FromSupporting Statements [-] Economics Why Women Live Longer [-] World History Hitler the Dictator

[-] Recognize Information That is Designedto Persuade an Audience [-] Economics Subsidy Pyramid[-] Recognize Unstated Assumptions [-] World History Enlightening Dude [-] Geography Globalization[-] Recognize Fallicies in Logic in Argumentsor Conclusions [-] Civics and Government Who’s Driving the Bus? [-] Economics Stock Crash Argument[-] Recognize Point of View of a Writer in aHistorical Account [-] Civics and Government Author’s Point of View Role of the Citizen [-] U.S. History The Nobel Experiment[-] Identify Comparisons and ContrastsAmong Points of View and Interpretations [-] Economics Credit Rating [-] Compare and Contrast Comparing and Contrasting[-] Determine Implications, Effects, andValue of Presenting Visual Data in DifferentWays [-] Geography Ocean Pollution [-] U.S. History Civil War [-] World History Egypt’s Pyramids Picture of Freedom

o[-] Evaluate/Extend Meaning [-] Compare and Discriminate Among Ideas [-] Civics and Government Which Amendment? Declaring Independence [-] U.S. History The Invisible Man [-] Assess the Value of Theories, Evidence,and Presentations [-] Economics Flat Screen TV III [-] Make Choices Based on ReasonedArgument [-] Economics Credit Reports Who Would You Hire? [-] Recognizing the Role That Values Play inBeliefs and Decision Making [-] Civics and Government Constitution Values [-] Values and Beliefs How Values and Beliefs AffectDecisions [-] Identifying Logical Fallacies in Arguments [-] World History Why’d They Drop the Bomb? Logical Fallacy [-] Role of Values in Making Choices [-] Civics and Government Long Hair Is Okay [-] Assess the Appropriateness ofInformation to Substantiate Conclusions,Hypotheses, and Generalizations [-] Economics A Deal You Can’t Refuse [-] Geography Information Evaluation Colonial Africa

[-] Persuasion Persuasive Arguments[-] GED Social Studies Test [-] Social Studies Test Background [ ] Social Studies Social Studies Test Overview [ ] Important Documents Important Historical Documents [ ] Practice Practice Questions o

[-] GED Writingo [-] Multiple Choice Test [-] Introduction [-] Introduction Introduction to the GED MultipleChoice Writing Test [-] Organization, Sentence Structure, Usageand Mechanics [-] Editing Practice Editing Practice: “Most Proud Of”Essay Editing Practice: Environment Essay Editing Practice: School versusExperience Editing Practice: Preserving Nature Writing: Editing a Student Essay Editing Practice: What I’m MostProud Of. Editing Pracitice: Learning fromTelevision Editing Practice: Nuclear Weapons Edting Practice: Goals in Life Editing Practice: Learning from Lifeversus the Classroom [-] Sentence Structure and Usage [-] Review Sentence Structure Review ofSubjects and Verbs Sentence Structure Review [-] Usage [-] Cliches, Awkwardness and Shifts District Representative Letter VII Cliches and Awkwardness Shifts in Person [-] Pronoun Reference Errors Resolution Letter VII Pronouns [-] Subject-Verb Agreement

District Representative Letter I District Representative Letter II Resolution Letter IV Subject-Verb Agreement Using the Correct Verb with Groupsand Titles [-] Verb Tense Errors District Representative Letter III Farwest Memorandum VIII Regular & Irregular Verbs Verb Shifts in Time[-] Sentence Structure [-] Subjects, Verbs and Phrases Introduction to Subjects and Verbs Verb Phrases Verbs Prepositional Phrases Transitive and Intransitive Verbs Sentence Patterns [-] Sentence Fragments Sentence Fragments Farwest Memorandum IX [-] Run-on Sentences and CommaSplices Run-On Sentences [-] Improper Coordination andSubordination Resolution Letter IX Clauses [-] Modification Farwest Memorandum I Resolution Letter III Resolution Letter VI Dangling Modifiers [-] Parallelism Farwest Memorandum VII Parallel Structure[-] Mechanics

[-] Spelling District Representative Letter IV Farwest Memorandum III Resolution Letter I How to Spell Better Commonly Confused Words Spelling: i before e Spelling: “y” endings Spelling: silent e Spelling: end consonants Spelling Contractions Spelling Possessives Spelling Review[-] Capitalization Farwest Memorandum II Farwest Memorandum IV Farwest Memorandum VI Capitalization of First Words, Titles,and Proper Nouns Capitalization of Months and Days,Titles, and the Pronoun “I” Capitalization Review[-] Punctuation District Representative Letter VI Resolution Letter V Resolution Letter VIII End of Sentence Punctuation Colons, Semicolons, and Dashes Commas in Compound Sentences,Series, and Introductory and EndingExpression Commas around Inessential Phrases Quotes, Underlines, and Italics Punctuation Review

[-] Topic Sentences, Effective TextDivisions, Unity and Coherence Organizing Paragraphs Organizing Articles & Essays Organizing Letters Review of Organization [-] Unity and Coherence Farwest Memorandum V [-] Effective Text Divisions Resolution Letter II [-] Topic Sentences District Representative Letter V[-] Essay Test [-] Writing Essays [-] Writing Fundamentals Essay Prompt: Future Dreams Essay Prompt: Courage Essay Prompt: Free Time Essay Prompt: Excelling Essay Prompt: Time Capsule Essay Prompt: An ImportantInvention Essay Prompt: The Value ofEducation Essay Prompt: Trucks versus Cars Essay Prompt: Cats versus Dogs Essay Prompt: Pictures and Images Essay Prompt: A Favorite Place Essay Prompt: Obesity Essay Prompt: Heroes Essay Prompt: Qualities of a Friend Essay Prompt: The Perfect Job Essay Prompt: Television’sInfluence on Children Essay Prompt: Reasons to Get theGED Essay Prompt: Our Country’sProblems o

Essay Prompt: The Internet Essay Prompt: An Eye for an Eye [-] Organization Applying Organization[-] Writing Test Background [-] Intro to Essay Introduction to the GED Essay [-] Time Your Essay How to Time Your GED Essay [-] Writing the Essay The Writing Process for the GEDEssay [-] Sample Essays Sample GED Essays [-] Scoring the Essay GED Self-Scoring System andOrganizer [-] Common Mistakes Common Mistakes and Problems onthe GED Essay

[-] GED Math o [-] GED Test Overview [-] GED Math Test Overview Why Math? Math formulas for geometry [-] GED Math Test Overview Managing your time on the GED Math Test Introduction to GED Math Test [-] GED Test Math Overview GED Test Answer Grid o [-] Number Operations and Number Sense [-] Recognizing Numbe

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tests that make up the GED test battery, an individual can demonstrate an acquired level of learning that is comparable to that of U.S. high school graduates. The international GED testing program gives individuals greater access to the GED Tests by providing computerized GED

Additional Details From GED Testing Service: . GED Subsidy Code Update: MNGED30 Still funding left, though not . GED Ready Promotion Those with a cancelled test are getting a free GED Ready voucher. All others can take GED Ready for 50% off. Promo which will be introduced later this month for all. 26. GED Grad Day: May 14, 2020 # .

SAMPLE GED PRACTICE TEST All sample GED Questions taken from the 2002 Test of General Educational Development: A Preview published by the GED Testing Service This sample for self instructional purposes only Actual GED questions vary. Remember you cannot Take the official GED test online. For your local GED

Grants to local programs for wrap-around services to support GED students Two new staff to support local programs and student Increase partnership with GED Testing Service : Online access for GED candidates Records are now housed at GED Testing Services GED Certificates -Now produced and processed GED .

Peterson's Master the GED 2012, 2011, 2010, or 2009 Cracking the GED 2012 by Geoff Martz Barron's GED Math workbook Barron's GED, High School Equivalency Exam (e-book) McGraw-Hill's GED Mathematics: The most Comprehensive and Reliable Stud

GED Ready Promotion Offer: Get GED Ready for 2.99 (more than 50% off!) Dates: 10/15 –10/31 Promo Code: TREATYOURSELF (note this code will not be active until 10/15) Purchase Channels: and GED Marketplace Communications: In Session educator newsletter, student emails, website, social media 53

g. Emphasize "Free GED Testing in Virginia" campaign and offer free GED testing to those who enroll in adult education classes, attend a minimum of 12 hours, and who earn a passing score on each subject matter GED Ready practice test; and/or h. Purchase testing vouchers, both for the GED Ready and the operational GED test.

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