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EMS User’s ManualEMS Enterprise 7.0EMS Professional 13.0EMS Campus 4.0EMS Legal 7.0EMS Workplace 7.0EMS District 7.0

CopyrightLimit of Liability 2013. Dean Evans and Associates, Inc., All rights reserved. Theinformation contained herein is proprietary and confidential and is theexclusive property of DEA, Inc. It may not be copied, disclosed, used,distributed, edited, or reproduced, in whole or in part, without the expresswritten permission of DEA, Inc.DEA, Inc. has used their best effort in preparing this guide. DEA, Inc. makesno representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completenessof the contents of this guide and specifically disclaims any implied warrantiesof merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Information in thisdocument is subject to change without notice and does not represent acommitment on the part of DEA, Inc. or any of its affiliates.The accuracy andcompleteness of the information contained herein and the opinions statedherein are not guaranteed or warranted to produce any particular results, andthe advice and strategies contained herein may not be suitable for every user.The software described herein is furnished under a license agreement or anon-disclosure agreement. The software may be copied or used only inaccordance with the terms of the agreement. It is against the law to copy thesoftware on any medium except as specifically allowed in the license or thenon-disclosure agreement.TrademarksCustomerSupportEMS, the EMS logo and EMS Regics are registered trademarks of Dean Evans& Associates, Inc. Event Management Systems, EMS Enterprise, EMSProfessional, EMS Campus, EMS Workplace, EMS Legal, EMS District, EMSMaster Calendar, and Virtual EMS are trademarks of Dean Evans &Associates, Inc. Microsoft, Windows and Outlook are registered trademarksand SQL Server is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Lotus Notes andDomino are registered trademarks of IBM Corporation. Other products,brands and trademarks are property of their respective owners/companies.Customer support is available to organizations that purchase EMS and thathave a current Annual Service Agreement (ASA). Contact DEA, Inc. at:Dean Evans and Associates, Inc.6465 Greenwood Plaza BlvdSuite 600Centennial, CO 80111800-288-4565 (Phone)303-796-7429 (Fax)support@dea.comwww.dea.com

Table of ContentsChapter 1: Getting Started with EMS . 27Starting EMS. 29To start EMS. 29The EMS Window . 31Title bar. 31Menu bar. 32Toolbar. 32To customize the toolbar . 32Main menu . 33An EMS Browser Window. 35To group data by columns in an EMS Browser window . 36To rearrange the columns in an EMS Browser window. 36To change the width of the columns in an EMS Browser window . 37To use the context menu for data columns in an EMS Browser window. 37To filter the data in an EMS Browser window . 38To change the sort order of data in an EMS Browser window. 40Chapter 2: Reservations and Bookings. 41Reservation Structure . 43Reservation and bookings . 43Booking details . 43Event Timeline . 44Making a Reservation Using the Reservation Wizard. 45To specify the event date. 46To specify the event time and status . 49To select the event location . 50To search for a standard room . 50To search for a best fit room. 535

EMS User’s ManualTo search for a specific room. 55To specify the event information . 57Viewing and Editing Reservations in the Reservation Book. 62Reservation Book. 62To change the Reservation Book display. 64List of Rooms (Room Properties). 65List of Rooms (Specific Rooms). 66Reservation Book view . 66Display Options. 67Tooltips . 69Display Date (Calendar). 69Display Date (Scroll Features) . 70To view reservation information . 70Room Bookings. 71Room Properties . 71Room Pricing . 72Room Images. 72Room UDFs . 73Room Information . 73Time Zone. 73To make a new reservation. 74To edit an existing reservation . 74Chapter 3: The Navigator.77Navigator Overview . 79Opening a reservation in the Navigator. 79Opening a reservation directly in the Navigator . 79Opening a reservation through the Reservation Book . 806

EMS User’s ManualOpening a reservation through a group. 80Opening a reservation through a search . 80Layout and folder structure . 81Reservation folder . 81To allocate charges to multiple billing reference numbers and/or PO numbers. 83Booking folder. 86Booking detail folder . 88Navigator commands. 89Navigator Options dialog box . 90General tab . 90At A Glance tab . 92Highlight Categories . 93Other Navigator commands. 94Adding Bookings to a Reservation in the Navigator. 97To add bookings to a reservation . 97Editing a Reservation in the Navigator. 98To edit a reservation in the Navigator. 98Repricing Categories and Room Charges for a Reservation. 100To reprice categories and room charges for a reservation . 100Changing the Status for a Reservation from the Reservation Summary tab . 102To change the status for a reservation . 102Copying a Reservation in the Navigator . 106To copy a reservation in the Navigator . 106Editing a Booking in the Navigator. 109To edit a booking in the Navigator . 110Editing Multiple Bookings in the Navigator. 112To edit multiple bookings in the Navigator. 112To edit the booking date and/or time . 1137

EMS User’s ManualTo edit the booking status. 116To edit the rooms for bookings . 118To search for rooms . 119To select a specific room . 123To edit miscellaneous booking information. 125Moving Bookings to a Different Reservation . 127To move bookings to a different reservation . 127Copying Multiple Bookings in the Navigator. 129To copy multiple bookings in the Navigator . 129Booking Details and Items Overview. 133Service order. 136Adding Booking Details and Items to Individual Bookings . 138To add booking details and items to individual bookings . 138To add a booking detail from a non-resource category . 139To add setup notes . 139To add attendees. 140To add an agenda (activities) . 141To add a room charge . 142To add a booking detail from a resource, service order, or catering category. 144Adding Booking Details and Items to Multiple Bookings . 148To add booking details and items to multiple bookings. 148To add a booking detail from a non-resource category . 149To add a booking detail from a resource, service order, or catering category. 151Adding Booking Detail Items to Multiple Bookings . 155To add booking detail items to multiple bookings . 155Editing Booking Detail Items for Individual Bookings . 157To edit booking detail items for individual bookings. 157To edit a booking detail item from a non-resource category. 1588

EMS User’s ManualTo edit a booking detail item from a resource, service order, or cateringcategory. 158Editing Booking Detail Item Charges for Multiple Items. 161To edit booking detail item charges for multiple items. 161Editing Count Information for a Booking . 163To edit count information for a booking . 163Applying a Reservation Discount . 165To apply a reservation discount. 165Copying Booking Details Between Bookings . 167To copy booking details between bookings . 167Deleting Booking Detail Items from Multiple Bookings . 170To delete booking detail items from multiple bookings . 170Deleting Booking Details from Multiple Bookings . 173To delete booking details from multiple bookings. 173Working with Comments and Reminders in the Navigator . 175To work with a comment or reminder in the Navigator . 175To add a comment. 176To edit a comment. 177To delete a comment. 177To view the history for a comment. 177Adding Multiple Comments and Reminders to a Reservation . 179To add multiple comments and reminders to a reservation. 179Working with User Defined Fields in the Navigator. 181To work with user-defined fields in the Navigator . 181To add a user-defined field. 182To edit a user-defined field . 182To delete a user-defined field . 182To the view history for a user-defined field. 1839

EMS User’s ManualWorking with Attachments in the Navigator. 184To work with attachments in the Navigator . 184To add an attachment to a reservation or booking . 185To edit an attachment for a reservation or booking . 186To delete an attachment from a reservation or booking . 186To view an attachment for a reservation or booking . 187Working with Drawings in the Navigator. 188To work with drawings in the Navigator . 188To attach a stored drawing to a booking. 189To create a drawing “on the fly” and attach it to a booking . 190To detach a drawing from a booking. 190To edit a drawing for a booking. 190To view a drawing for a booking . 191Running the Resource Utility Conflicts Tool . 192To run the Resource Utility Conflicts tool . 192Chapter 4: Search Tools .195Searching with the Browser or with the Web Reservation Tool . 197To carry out a search in the Browser . 197To carry out a basic search in the Browser.

EMS User’s Manual EMS Enterprise 7.0 EMS Professional 13.0 EMS Campus 4.0 EMS Legal 7.0 EMS Workplace 7.0 EMS District 7.0

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