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Silicone Material Selection Guide

MARKETSAircraftRailAutomotiveTelecommunications &Electrical EnclosuresPortable CommunicationsExterior LightingMedical DevicesWire, Cable & FiberopticsManufacturing EquipmentAPPLICATIONSEnvironmental SealsOutdoor Electrical GasketsEMI/RFI Shielding GasketsChip Package & BatteryCushionsAutomotive Heat ShieldsHID Lighting Sealsbusiness card slitsROGERS’ BISCO SILICONES –PERFORMANCE TO THE EXTREMEWhether your design calls for high performance sealing, cushioning orprotection - the BISCO Silicones broad portfolio of material optionswill provide the best design solution for your application.Our materials are resistant to temperature extremes, UV and ozone, andare extremely resilient to mechanical fatigue. BISCO Silicone materialsexhibit excellent compression set and creep resistance, and carry themost stringent UL flame ratings available.

WHY CHOOSE BISCO SILICONES?TIPS FOR MATERIAL SELECTIONBISCO Silicones are a full line of cellular, solid and specialty materialsproduced in roll-stock to be fabricated into gaskets, heat shields, fire stops,seals, cushions and insulation for a wide variety of applications.BISCO Silicone Materials offer Superior flame resistance Low flame, smoke and toxicity upon combustion Excellent performance at extreme temperatures Superior resistance to compression set and creepCELLULAR SILICONESAvailable in a wide range of firmnesses, BISCO Cellular Silicones are ideal forsealing, cushioning, vibration isolation and insulation. Open and closed-cell offerings available Withstand temperatures from -55 C up to 200 C (-67 F to 392 F). Unsurpassed compression-set resistance for excellent long-term sealing Pass stringent smoke and toxicity regulations Meets the most stringent UL-94 flame ratings available, V-0 and HF-1SOLID SILICONESBISCO Solid Silicone materials are designed for high temperature/high pressuregasketing applications. They are available in a range of thicknesses and durometers,offering flexibility in materials selection. Grades are also available with fiberglassreinforcement for added dimensional stability and increased tear strength.General Purpose Solids: Range of durometers from 40-70 Shore A Grades available with fiberglass reinforcement for added dimensionalstability and increased tear strengthPerformance Solids: Range of durometers from 10-40 Shore A Tight tolerances and softness, ideal for demanding sealing applicationsSPECIALTY SILICONESBISCO Specialty Silicone products are designed to meet specific industry needs.All of our specialty materials can withstand extreme temperatures and meetstringent industry flame tests.Materials Include: Acoustic barriers Patented fire blocking material Silicone coated fiberglass cloth Silicone foam combined with fabricsApplication NeedMarketFlame, Smoke, UL Rated Vibration Acoustic Softness Firmness EMIMoistureHeatToxicityMaterial Reduction PerformanceShielding Resistant Shielding AutomotiveEnergyLightingLegendBISCO Cellular SiliconesBISCO Solid SiliconesFor specific information regarding applications in additional market areas,please contact the Rogers' Solutions Center at 800.935.2940 or 607.786.8112,or visit us online at www.rogerscorp.comSPECIALTY SERVICESRogers Corporation, High Performance Foams Division, can offer thefollowing value added capabilities to BISCO Silicone material:ADHESIVE LAMINATIONPressure Sensitive Adhesive options Acrylic one or two sides of material Silicone one side onlyMATERIAL SLITTINGAbility to slit minimum width of 0.250" (6.35mm)Width of slit must be greater or equal to thicknessMaterial can be slit with or without adhesive appliedMaximum roll diameter is 14" (355.6mm)BISCO Specialty Silicones

CELLULAR SILICONESTypical Physical PropertiesPropertyFlammability & OutgassingCompressionCompression ptionDeflectionFlameSpread Smoke Density(Ds)Index(Is)Flame ResistanceTemperature ResistanceCollected Volatile al & ThermalToxic GasEmissionsRatingTotalMassLoss%ºC (ºF)Volts/milSecondsOhm-cmW/m ºKASTME 662SMP-800- CASTME 595ASTME 595ASTME 595Rogers InternalASTM D 746ASTMD 150ASTMD 150ASTMD 149ASTMD 495ASTMD 257ASTMC 518@ 1.5/4.0min4x10-6Torr4x10-6 Torr4x10-6Torr-55ºC (-67ºF)1 MHz1 MHzRecommendedConstant UseLowDielectric Dissipation Dielectric Dry Arc VolumeThermalTemperatureConstant Factor Strength Resistance Resistivity ConductivityEmbrittlementlb/ft3(kg/m3)psi (kPa)%psi (kPa)%MethodASTMD 1056ASTMD 1056ASTMD 412ASTMD 412Detail@ 25%Deflection@ 100ºC(212ºF)10 (160)1.5 (10.3) 525 (172)855Pass PassPassPass Pass251245Pass3.811.140.07200 (392)Pass1.280.015212510150.05Extra-Soft 12 (192)BF-10003 (20.7) 535 (241)905Pass PassPassPass Pass351231Pass3.461.120.04200 (392)Pass1.290.016612410150.06SoftHT-87015 (240)4 (27.6) 530 (207)905Pass PassPassPass Pass251750Pass1.190.340.02200 (392)Pass1.380.016512410150.07MediumHT-80022 (352)9 (62.0) 545 (310)805Pass PassPassPass Pass25535Pass0.980.250.03200 (392)Pass1.560.016712410150.07FirmHT-82023 (384) 16 (110.3) 550 (345)555Pass PassPassPass Pass352037Pass2.110.630.02200 (392)Pass1.470.016912510150.09Extra-Firm 27 (449) 22 (151.7)HT-840 560 (414)605Pass PassPassPass PassNANANANA2.080.570.01200 0%RogersASTMUL 94FMVSS302 FAR 25.853Internal (File #: E83967)E 16224 hrs @Burn Rate 12Room V-O HF-1 (mm/min) secTemp60 Flaming Flaming Flamingsec Mode Mode @ Mode @1.5 min 4.0 minGasketing & Sealing RatingUnderwriters Labs - JMLU2 Gasket and Seals / File #MH13898UL50, UL 50E (continuous / periodic compression), UL508, UL1570, UL1571,UL1572 (135C) and UL157, Oil ImmersionHT-800, HT 820, HT 870UV ResistanceSAE J1960All Materials Meet or ExceedOzone EffectASTM D 1171All Materials Meet or Exceed

SPECIALTY SILICONESSOLID SILICONESPERFORMANCE GRADE SILICONESTHERMAL SOLUTIONSTypical Physical essionSet%ASTMD 2240ASTMD 395 (B)ºShore A 70 hr @ º150 C(302 F)10 Durometer HT-62101020 Durometer HT-62202025-30TensileStrengthElongationpsi (MPa)%ASTMD 412ASTMD 412ASTMD 624ASTMD 2137-62ºC (-80ºF)250 (1.7)500TemperatureTear Strength LowEmbrittlementppi (kN/m)25 (4.4)BISCO FIRE BLOCK MATERIALS: FPCFlame retardant silicone foams designed to protect sensitive components from damage during fires.Typical Physical PropertiesPropertyDensitySurface FlammabilityMethodASTM F 1315ASTM E 162Smoke GenerationASTM E 662Pass / No CracksDielectric BreakdownDielectric StrengthArc Resistance25-30800 (5.5)65055 (9.6)Pass / No CracksASTM E 149-90ASTM D 149-90ASTM D 495-99BISCO REFLECTIVE FOAM: RF-120DetailFlame Spread Index (Is)Smoke Density (Ds) - Flaming Ds -1.5 minutesSmoke Density (Ds) - Flaming Ds -4 minutesUnitlb/ft3 (kg/m3)VoltsVolts/milSecondsValue32 (555)5124011009140Reflective silicone foam designed to aid in heat management applications by both insulating against heatand reflecting it away.35 Durometer HT-6135354040 Durometer HT-6240GENERAL PURPOSE SOLIDSPropertyMethodDetail50 Durometer HT-125025-30800 (5.5)800 (5.5)45025070 (12.3)75 (13.1)Pass / No CracksPass / No CracksTypical Physical PropertiesUnit40 Durometer HT-1240 15HardnessptsCompressionSet%ASTMD 2240ASTMD 395 (B)ºShore A 70 hr @ º150 C(302 F)40502020PropertyDensityAerial DensityMethodASTM F 1315Rogers InternalDetailSame as BF-1000 (Foam Only)Compression SetASTM D 1056,Method BSurface FlammabilityASTM E 16222hrs, 50% Compressed @ 70ºC (158ºF)50% Compressed @ 100ºC (212ºF)Flame Spread Index (Is)BISCO REINFORCED FOAM: IF-200TensileStrengthElongationpsi (MPa)%ppi (kN/m)ASTMD 412ASTMD 412ASTMD 624ASTMD 2137-62ºC (-80ºF)PropertyDensityAerial DensityMethodASTM F 1315Rogers InternalDetailSame as BF-1000 (Foam Only)825 (5.7)35050 (8.8)Pass / No CracksCompression SetASTM D 1056,Method BSurface FlammabilityASTM E 16222hrs, 50% Compressed @ 70ºC (158ºF)50% Compressed @ 100ºC (212ºF)Flame Spread Index (Is)950 (6.6)300TemperatureTear Strength LowEmbrittlementTypical Physical Properties70 (12.2)Pass / No CracksUnitlb/ft3 (kg/m3)lb/ft2% maxValue12 (208)0.3 1 51Abrasion resistant foam that allows users to place the foam in slightly harsher environments while minimizingthe potential for tearing the foam.Typical Physical PropertiesBISCO FR PERFORMANCE SOLID: HT-6360Unitlb/ft3 (kg/m3)lb/ft2% maxValue12 (208)0.3 1 5 25Formulated to be a solid flame resistant material that meets the strictest flammability ratings.Typical Physical Properties60 Durometer HT-126070 Durometer HT-1270607020251050 (7.2)1150 (7.9)25020075 (13.1)90 (15.8)Pass / No CracksPass / No CracksPropertyMethodDetailUnitValueDurometerASTM D 2240ptsTensile StrengthASTM D 412Shore Apsi (MPa)65300 (2.1)ElongationASTM D 412%175Surface FlammabilityASTM E 162Flame Spread Index (Is)6

SPECIALTY SILICONESSPECIALTY SILICONESACOUSTIC SOLUTIONSBISCO VIBRATION ISOLATOR: L3 PREMIERE BISCO EMI SHIELDING MATERIAL EC-2000BISCO L3 Première silicone foam technology is the next generation in dynamic flooring materials. The L3 Première isdeveloped specifically to meet global requirements for flammability, smoke and toxicity while providing superior vibrationisolation performance.BISCO EC-2000 Electrically Conductive Solid Silicones are an ideal EMI/RFI shielding solution when high shieldingeffectiveness is a must. These soft, conductive materials offer exceptional compression force deflection to increase designflexibility for all types of enclosures.Typical Performance ValuesTypical Performance ValuesUnitValueColorWhiteNominal Thicknessmm25kg/m3 (pcf)288 ccHardnessASTM D 2240Shore ATensile StrengthASTM D 412ElongationASTM D 412Volume ResistivityPropertySpecific GravityDensityASTM D 1056Compression DeflectionASTM D 1056Force Load Measured @ 25% StrainkPa (psi)120 (17.5)Compression SetASTM D 1056100ºC for 22 hours @ 50% Compression% 5Shielding Effectiveness2.181.974030psi9050%6050Rogers InternalOhm-cm 1 1MIL G83528100 MHz500 MHz1 GHz10 GHzdB1201201108510010011085Flame, Smoke & ToxicityFrench Mass Transit (Rail)25 mmNF F 16-101ValueEC-2040EC-2130M1 F0BISCO SOUND BLOCK: HT-200FIBERGLASS REINFORCED SILICONE HT-1500BISCO Sound Block materials are silicone elastomers designed to reduce the transmission of sound within interior spaces whilepreventing the spread of fire and smoke.Designed for press pad and high strength gasketing applications where durability and tear resistance are critical.Typical Performance ValuesPropertyFlame Spread (Is)Smoke Density (Ds)Oxygen IndexToxic Gas EmissionsSound Transmission Loss RatingMethodASTM E 162ASTM E 662ASTM D 2863SMP-800CASTM E 90Typical Performance ValuesDetailFlaming Ds -4 minutesFlaming Ds -1.5 minutesNon-Flaming DsAerial Density1.5 lb/ft21.0 lb/ft20.75 lb/ft20.50 lb/ft20.25 lb/ft2Unit%STCValue 5 75 5 STM D 2240Shore Apts75Compression SetASTM D 395(B)70 hr @ 150ºC (302ºF)%25Breaking StrengthASTM D 412psi (MPa)300 (5.3)Low Temperature EmbrittlementASTM D 2137-62ºC (-80ºF)Pass/No CracksProperty

BISCO SILICONE TOLERANCESBISCO SILICONE SPECIFICATIONSCellular Standard Thickness ToleranceAerospace Global 3.184.786.359.5312.7019.0525.40BF-2000 /- 0.025 /- 0.030 /- 0.040 /- 0.060 /- 0.060BF-1000 /- 0.016 /- 0.020 /- 0.025 /- 0.030 /- 0.040 /- 0.060 /- 0.050 /- 0.090HT-870 /- 0.020 /- 0.020 /- 0.025 /- 0.030 /- 0.040 /- 0.045 /- 0.050HT-800 /- 0.015 /- 0.020 /- 0.020 /- 0.025 /- 0.025 /- 0.030 /- 0.045 /- 0.050HT-820 /- 0.015 /- 0.020 /- 0.020 /- 0.025 /- 0.025 /- 0.030HT-840 /- 0.020 /- 0.020 /- 0.025 /- 0.025 /- 0.040mmFAR 25.853ABS 5006ABS 5026BMS 1-68AMS IALTYSILICONES1/32inFPCHT-6360HT-200BF-1005 (A) /- 0.090Global SpecificationsSolids Standard Thickness Tolerance0.010 - 0.0140.015 - 0.0250.026 - 0.0400.041 - 0.0940.095 - 0.1450.25 - 0.360.38 - 0.640.66 - 1.021.04 - 2.392.41 - 3.68HT-6210HT-6220 0.003,-0.002 /- 0.002HT-6135 /- 0.004 /- 0.006BS 6853*(Tested to)CELLULARSILICONESinmmMass TransitAutomotiveNF F 16-101*(Tested to)NFPA 130*(Tested to)MS-AY556*(Table 4)BF-1000HT-800* Indicated materials have been tested to specific sections of each safety standard. Ask your Customer Service Representative for detailed results. /- 0.008HT-6240HT-6360General Industry Specificationsin0 T 33 T 88 T 1212 T 1818 T 2626 T 36T 36mm0 T 7676 T 203203 T 305305 T 457457 T 660660 T 914T 914w/o PSA w/ PSA w/o PSA w/ PSA w/o PSA w/ PSA w/o PSA w/ PSAw/o PSA w/ PSA w/o PSA w/ PSA w/o PSA w/ PSACELLULARSILICONESWidth ToleranceCellularSolidsAMS 3195AMS 3196A-A59588AMS 3320AMS 3302 - altySPECIALTYSILICONESHF-1HT-820HT-870 /- 0.063 /- 0.031 /- 0.094 /- 0.031 /- 0.125 /- 0.031 /- 0.188 /- 0.031 /- 0.219 /- 0.063 /- 0.250 /- 0.063 1.0, -0 1.0, -0UL-94**** Underwriters Laboratories limits the ratings to specific colors and thicknesses. Consult for more details.*** 0.031 thickness

PRODUCT SE SOLIDSPERFORMANCEGRADE SILICONECELLULARSILICONEColorWidth mm 0.25 0.51 0.79 1.60 2.39 2.50 3.18 4.78 5.00 6.35 9.53 10.00 12.70 15.88 16.00 19.05 25.40Inch inch 0.010 0.020 0.031 0.063 0.094 0.100 0.125 0.188 0.200 0.250 0.375 0.390 0.500 0.625 0.630 0.750 irmHT-820Gray36Extra FirmHT-840Gray3610 DurometerHT-6210Gray3620 DurometerHT-6220Black3635 DurometerHT-6135Cream3640 DurometerHT-6240 Transparent40 DurometerHT-1240Red3650 DurometerHT-1250Red3660 DurometerHT-1260Red3670 DurometerHT-1270Red36Fire BlockFPCWhite36Reflective FoamRF-120White36Reinforced Foam IF-200White36FR PerformanceSolidHT-6360Black36Vibration Isolator L3 PremiereWhite*EC-2040Dk Gray36EC-2130Dk Gray36HT-1500Red36/39.4HT-1510Gray36/39.43636not red36Available from 4mm – 25mmEMI ShieldingDimensionallyStable MaterialSound BlockHT-200*Width varies per thicknessBlack36business card slitsSold by weight only, not thickness. See below for standard weights. Also available with adhesive (one side only) and/or fiberglass on one or two sides.LegendStandard ProductStandard Product Not w/AdhesiveCustom MaterialsNot AvailableHT-200 AvailabilityTarget Wt (lb/ft2)0.25 /- 0.0300.50 /- 0.0500.75 /- 0.0751.00 /- 0.1001.50 /- 0.150Thickness (in)0.025 /- 0.0030.050 /- 0.0050.075 /- 0.0080.100 /- 0.0100.150 /- 0.015

High Performance Foams DivisionCarol Stream, IL, USATel: 630.784.6200 Fax: 630.784.6201 Cust. Orders Toll Free: 800.237.2068Samples, Literature, Tech Support 607.786.8112 or Toll Free: 800.935.2940The Quality Management System at the Carol Stream facility is Registered to ISO 9001: 2008and AS9100, Rev. B by the Underwriters Laboratories (File # A-5857).www.rogerscorp.comContact InformationBelgiumRogers BVBATel: 32 9 2353611Fax: 32 9 2353658TaiwanRogers Taiwan Inc.Tel: 886.2.8660.9056Fax: 886.2.8660.9057SingaporeRogers Technologies (Singapore) Inc.Tel: 65.6747.3521Fax: 65.6747.7425JapanRogers Japan Inc.Tel: 81.3.5200.2700Fax: 81.3.5200.0571KoreaRogers Korea Inc.Tel: (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd.Tel: 86.21.62175599Fax: 86.21.62677913BeijingRogers (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd.Tel: 86.10.5820.7667Fax: 86.10.5820.7997ShenzhenRogers (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd.Tel: 86.755.8236.6060Fax: 86.755.8236.6123The information contained in this Material Selection Guide is intended to assist you in designing with Rogers’ BISCO Silicones. It is not intended to and does not create any warranties, express or implied,including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or that the results shown in this Material Selection Guide will be achieved by a user for a particular purpose. The user shoulddetermine the suitability of Rogers’ BISCO Silicones for each application.The Rogers logo, The world runs better with Rogers. and BISCO are licensed trademarks of Rogers Corporation. 2003, 2009-2011 Rogers Corporation, Printed in USA. 1110-1111-5.0AG, Publication #180-016

ASTM D 1056 ASTM D 1056 ASTM D 412 ASTM D 412 ASTM E 162 ASTM E 662 SMP-800- C ASTM E 595 ASTM E 595 ASTM E 595 Rogers Internal ASTM D 746 ASTM D 150 ASTM D 149 ASTM D 495 ASTM D 257 ASTM C 518 Flame Resistance Flame Spread Index (Is) Smoke Density (Ds) Toxic Gas Emissions Rating Total Mass Loss Collected Volatile Condensible Materials (CVCM) Water

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Product name : All-Bond Universal 1.2. Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against Use of the substance/mixture : For professional use only 1.3. Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet Bisco, Inc. 1100 W. Irving Park Rd. Schaumburg, IL 60193 T 847.

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