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Girl ScoutDaisy LaunchFamily Activity Book

What Daisies DoGirl Scout Daisies try lots of new things,but the thing they do best is have fun!Every Daisy activity—be it science, outdoors,entrepreneurship, or character building—expands her imagination as she makes newfriends, tries new things, and builds skillsthat will help her in school and beyond. Allthe while, she’ll be singing songs, playinggames, and earning badges to wear proudlyon her uniform.2Head to to learn about the badgespictured below and all the other funadventures she can have as a Daisy.Plus, she’ll have the chance to take trips,sell cookies, and make the world a betterplace with her new Girl Scout sisters. Ifshe loves laughing, learning, and lifetimefriendship, she’s ready to be a Daisy!

Hey, Future Daisy!As a Girl Scout Daisy, you’ll earn badges(some are called petals and form a flower!)and pins to add to your blue tunic or vest.In this book, you’ll find four excitingactivities to do with your family and asheet of sticker “badges” you can earn asyou do them. Look for a picture in a circlenext to each activity. Find the matchingpicture on the sticker sheet and add it tothe Daisy tunic on this page when you’redone.Don’t forget to color in your Daisy tunicand draw in your face and hair—or add aphoto of yourself to see what you’ll looklike as a Girl Scout! Check the back coverto see what your uniform can look likeonce you’ve earned some badges.Psst Grown-ups! Look for thissymbolfor tips on how you can take herexploring and learning to the next level.3

Twinkle, Twinkle, All the StarsWhen you look up at night, you can seestars shine in the sky. People sometimesimagine there are lines between the starsthat make different shapes or pictures—like a bear, a lion, or even people. Thoseshapes and pictures are calledconstellations. They’re like dot-to-dotactivities but in outer space!4You can make your own constellation onthis page. Place one of your hands in thearea above, trace it, then draw stars (or usestore-bought star stickers) around it tomake the same shape.Get a stargazing app and find realconstellations to look at in the nightsky. Dream up stories to go with the oneyour girl likes best.

Make Something Old NewDo you know what an entrepreneur is? It’ssomeone who comes up with new ways tosolve problems by making improvementsor even inventing new things. Tryingsomething new can take bravery andimagination.Practice being an entrepreneur by thinkingof your favorite toy or food. If you couldchange it to make it even better, whatwould you do? Draw a picture of how itwould look in the space below.Practice saying “entrepreneur”together as a family. Point out how itsounds like it has the word “new” in it toremind you of what that person does!5

Be a Tree DetectiveJust like there are different types of dogs,cats, and birds, there are different kinds oftrees too! They can be very tall or not sotall, wide or narrow, and have big leaves ortiny leaves—or even needles instead ofleaves!Go for a walk with a grown-up in yourfamily and see how many types of treesyou can find in your area. Then draw6pictures of them on this page, or have agrown-up help you look up photos of thesame types of trees that you can print andpaste here.Place leaves your girl finds outside on aflat surface and cover them with plainpaper. Have each family member rub acrayonor pencil over the top to make pretty leaf art.

Get Instant CourageCourage means being brave and confidenteven when you feel scared or sad. Couragecan help you try new things, stand up forwhat’s right, and even make friends!of that animal in this area, then hang it byyour bed to remind you to have courageevery day!Think of an animal who has courage. Is it alion who roars for all the jungle to hear? Amouse who is small but mighty? Yourfamily pet who doesn’t like going to the vetbut goes anyway? Draw or paste a pictureDo certain songs make you and yourgirl feel more courageous? Have your girlhelp you pick songs for a courage-themedplaylist that you can listen to wheneveryour family needs a boost.7

Ready, Set DAISY!Don’t miss a moment of fun and friendship—signup now to become a Daisy Girl Scout family atGirl Scouts of Kentuckiana.If you have questions or want to learn more, reach out!We’re always here to help.Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana2115 Lexington RoadLouisville, KY 40206888-771-5170www.gskentuckiana.orgWhere Does Everything Go?As your Daisy earns her petals, badges, and awards, she’ll want to display them on hervest or tunic. Here’s your cheat sheet on how she can show off her accomplishmentswith pride.Daisy Insignia TabAmerican Flag PatchGirl Scout Council IdentificationWorld Trefoil PinSet Troop NumeralsGirl Scout Daisy Membership PinMembership Stars and DiscsJourney Summit Award PinCookie Entrepreneur Family PinMy Promise, My Faith PinsCookie Business LeavesYear OneYear OneYear TwoYear TwoDaisyDaisyFaith PinFaith PinWorld Thinking Day AwardSafety Award PinFinancial Literacy LeavesIt !Petal and Promise Center SetIt’suYorBusiness–RunGlobal Action AwardGirl Scout Daisy BadgesGirl Scout Daisy BadgesJourney Award Badges8

Girl Scout Daisy Badges Girl Scout Daisy Badges World Thinking Day Award Global Action Award Cookie Business Leaves. 8. Ready, Set DAISY! Don’t miss a moment of fun and friendship—sign up now to become a Daisy Girl Scout family at Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana. If you have questions or

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