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Global Scripture Access Report2016 Annual Progress

2016 – Reaching FurtherIn 2016, Bible Societies assisted in the completion of translations in 61languages spoken by over 428 million people.2016 was ‘a first’ for no fewer than 30 languages, spoken by over 95million people. 17 communities now have their very first Bible, 6have a New Testament and 7 communities have their first, oradditional, portions of Scripture.Languages are constantly developing so Bible Societies are alsocommitted to revising existing translations and providing newtranslations, when requested, to help as many people as possibleengage with the message of the Bible today. In 2016, this resulted in afurther 28 new translations and revisions plus 3 study editions withthe potential to reach over 333 million people.For full details of the languages published in 2016 see the Appendix.

Alexander M. Schweitzer, United Bible Societies Head of Global BibleTranslation, commented:“Pursuing our mission to help people access the Bible in their heartlanguage, United Bible Societies in 2016 has provided first translationsas well as new translations and revisions for over 60 languagecommunities. This is an incredible privilege as well as a continuingchallenge. Please pray for the Bible translators and the teamssupporting them, so that 2017 will also bring significant progress inthis vital mission.”Reaching Visually Impaired People285 million people are estimated to be visually impaired worldwide, ofwhom 40 million are blind. A Braille Bible usually consists of more than40 bulky volumes, making the transcription and production asignificant undertaking. To date only 44 languages have a full Bible inBraille. In 2016, new Braille portions were made available in Spanish(Dios Habla Hoy), German and Kirundi.

Sign Language Scriptures for the Deaf CommunitySign Languages are the first or ‘heart’ language for 70 million Deafworldwide and there are over 400 unique sign languages. The NewTestament is only available in American Sign Language and this is thelargest portion of Scripture currently available in any sign language.The UBS, in close partnership with other international ministries, isseeking to meet this Scripture need for what is now recognised as amajor unreached people group. Bible Societies are currently partnersin 16 ongoing projects and another 9 are in the planning stages. Intotal, these projects have the potential to reach 12.1 million Deaf whoso far have no access to the Bible in their sign language.In 2016, the ViBi Team in Japan completed Leviticus 1-14 and Luke 1-6so, for the very first time, Japanese Deaf people had the wholeChristmas story available in their language. In Lithuania, Hungary andThailand the teams continued well with Mark’s Gospel and in Cuba theteam made good progress with the first 11 chapters of Luke. In Mexicothe team published the DVD of John’s Epistles, which was in demandeven before it was dedicated. The DVD of Jude also made a big impact;after the dedication in June a Deaf pastor signed, ‘Thank You, God, forgiving us Your Word!’

Scripture Access Today1There are currently6,880 languages inthe world spoken byover 7.4 billionpeople. 1648 languages(spoken by over 5.1billion people) nowhave a complete Bibleand a further 1,432languages (spoken by657 million people)have a NewTestament.This leaves 434 million people with only some portions of Scriptureand a further 253 million people with no Scripture translated in theirlanguage at all.United Bible Societies is committed to working towards the day wheneveryone can access the full Bible in the language of their choice. BibleSocieties are currently working on over 400 translation projectsaround the world.1Figures as as 31.12.2016. We thank Bible Societies, Wycliffe Global Alliance andTMprogress.Bible for their help in compiling these statistics. 6,880 languages (7,099 languagesless 219 languages with no reported first language speakers – Ethnologue). Figures for thenumber of first language speakers are based on the best available data, which in 2016 totalled6.5 billion, less than the actual world population of over 7.4 billion.

Scripture Access & EngagementThe increasing use of the internet offers people greater choice in howand where they connect with the Bible.The Digital Bible Library (DBL) is central to our strategy to make theBible as widely and easily accessible as possible. By the end of 2016,the DBL contained 1,474 Bibles, Testaments and portions in 1,134languages. These languages are spoken by over 5.2 billion people.Significant progress was made last year in adding audio Scriptures, sothere are now 403 audio Scriptures in 345 different languages.The DBL is owned and maintained by United Bible Societies inpartnership with other Bible agencies and with the support of theEvery Tribe Every Nation alliance. It makes the Bible accessible byproviding Scripture texts to the public through partners such asBibleSearch and YouVersion.

AppendixIn 2016 United Bible Societies assisted in the completion of Scripturesin 61 languages spoken by over 428 million people.Country/TerritoryBurkina FasoCameroonCameroonLanguageSanMusgumKapsiki (Psikye)ChinaChinaChinaCrimeaDemocratic Republic ofCongoIndiaIndiaIndonesiaMozambiqueRussian FederationRussian FederationBlack YiEast Lisu/LipoWa, VoCrimean Karen, Pwo NorthernLumasaabaUzbek**Bunong (Cambodian)Cree, Northern East(Coastal James Bay)San Andrés IslanderCreoleLautu Chin (Lutuv)Mro Khimi ChinBicol RinconadaOjicree (Ojibway,Severn)Egyptian ColloquialArabicKoronubu-Ba ilippinesCanadaEgyptFijiBurkina FasoNaga, Tangsa bleBibleBible *FirstFirstSpeakers200 000164 40052 500FirstFirstFirstFirstFirst800 000250 00040 700573 540761 100BibleBibleBibleBibleBibleBible withDeuterocanonBibleBibleBibleNew TestamentNew TestamentFirstFirstFirstFirstFirstFirst40 100209 923230 000224 0005 184 610339 800FirstFirstFirstFirstFirst60 0001 120 00024 042 10037 5005 310New TestamentFirst12 000New TestamentNew TestamentNew TestamentPortion - GospelsFirstFirstFirstFirst15 00075 000385 00010 500Portion - Habakkuk(pilot)Portion - MarkFirst***Portions DeuterocanonFirst***First58 412 0005 0001 042 500

CameroonLamnsoCanadaInupiaqMauritiusMauritian ic Republic ofCongoIndiaIndiaKenyaPortions DeuterocanonPortions - Genesis(12-50), Obadiah,EstherPortion - GenesisFirst***240 000First***13 000First***1 135 000BibleBibleNewNew200 0001 367 000BibleBibleBibleNewNewNew1 500 0001 600 000850 332BibleBibleNew TestamentNew TestamentNew TestamentPortions - Gospels ActsPortion - Mark (pilot)Portions - History &Prophets booksNewNewNewNewNewNew116 311126 40010 000 00082 900562 1005 000 000NewNew3 020 38039 818 hasiOluluyia (Oluwanga,Olumarama, Olushisa,Olutsotso dialects)KiribatiSranan ianPolishDenmarkDanishPortions - Judges,Daniel, Jonah (pilots)New5 520 860UkraineUkrainianNew34 598 620TurkeyKurdish KurmanjiPortions Pentateuch, Psalms &ProverbsPortions - Ruth,Ecclesiastes, JonahNew15 126 130KyrgyzstanKyrgyzNew4 568 480CambodiaCameroonKhmerFulfulde, TuvaluGermanHakha ChinFalam ChinJinghpawConfidential**EnxetTuvaluPortions - Ruth,Esther & JonahBibleBible eRevisionRevision15 900 000999 nRevision98 000 000125 000107 300940 00010 0003 84012 510

IndiaIndonesiaBoro ta RicaSpanish - Dios HablaHoyGermanyGerman - Luther Bible,2017 revisionKirundiBurundiNew TestamentNew TestamentStudy EditionsNew TestamentBible (Fire StudyBible)Portion - ActsBraille EditionsPortions - Proverbs,Romans, 1 & 2Corinthians,Galiatians-PhilemonPortion - ditionStudyedition1 348 6756 10031 80068 579 63023 000 000NewNewNew* Published in 2015 but not included in the 2015 report** UBS support to partnership project*** First translations of these portions - other books of the Bible have been translated in theselanguages.United Bible Societies Association, a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England andWales No 2264875. Registered Charity No 800058 Registered Office: Stonehill Green, Westlea,Swindon, Wiltshire, SN5 7PJ, England.

Myanmar Hakha Chin Bible Revision 125 000 Myanmar Falam Chin Bible Revision 107 300 Myanmar Jinghpaw Bible Revision 940 000 Myanmar Confidential** Bible Revision 10 000 Paraguay Enxet Bible Revision 3 840 Tuvalu Tuvalu Bible Revision 12 510 India

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