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WHEEL LOADER 406Max. Engine power: 36.4kW (49hp)Max. Operating weight: 5020kgFull turn tipping load: 3250kgStandard shovel capacity: 0.8m³

Hydrostatic drive makes the 406very easy to operate even for theinexperienced.PRODUCTIVE PERFORMANCE.THE JCB 406 IS A HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE WHEELEDLOADER WITH OPTIMAL POWER-TO-WEIGHT RATIO,MAKING IT THE PERFECT TOOL CARRIER. IT’S APERFECT CHOICE FOR RENTAL FLEETS LOOKINGFOR A LOW COST, SIMPLE, PRODUCTIVE MACHINE.JCB Diesel by Kohler.2JCB has worked in close collaboration with Kohlerto produce the ultimate compact wheel loader engine.No engine power is wasted on a DPF and, with peakpower and torque produced at low revs, you get goodfuel economy too. Our design also makes dimensionscompact for small turning circles.12 The 406 has an easy-maintenance mechanical JCBDiesel engine by Kohler offering potent performance.3 JCB standard hydraulic quickhitch makesattachment changing quick and efficient.2406 WHEEL LOADER13

PRODUCTIVE PERFORMANCEMoving with the times.Versatility by the bucketload.5 JCB’s articulated steering boasts an easy-to-usebuilt-in sideshift – ideal for pallet handling andchanging attachments.8 By splitting power between the transmissionand the hydraulics, our inching pedal allows precise,efficient, stepless load handling.So that you can tailor your wheeled loader toany application, we offer limited slip diffs that excelon soft muddy terrain.3 or 4 spool hydraulics enable many attachmentsto be used for extra versatility.697 Power from the driveline is transferred to theground very efficiently through an innovative chassis,with perfect harmony between all components.This makes our machines the best possible wheeledloader solution.76589406 WHEEL LOADER3

QUALITY, RELIABILITY AND DURABILITY.We’ve used only the very finest engine, drivelineand axle components from suppliers like DANAand Bosch.AT JCB, WE UNDERSTAND THAT A WHEELLOADER IS A KEY PART OF ANY ON-SITE PROCESS.THAT’S WHY THE 406 IS BUILT ON A FOUNDATIONOF QUALITY AND RELIABILITY, ENSURING THATTHEY’LL ALWAYS BE A KEY PART OF YOURWORKING PROCESS.1Built to last.1 We understand how tough materials handling canbe, so our machines are developed to be highlydurable. A case in point is our heavy-duty centre joint,which oscillates through 10 .2 These machines benefit from a strong chassis andthe best possible weight distribution; this allows forthe best possible absorption of external forces.4406 WHEEL LOADER2

QUALITY, RELIABILITY AND DURABILITYQuality design.The rear lights are recessed within the solidcounterweight casting for good impact protection.36Hydraulic hoses are always well protected;they’re neatly routed, properly clamped, andpositioned well away from potential pinching spots.45 We use state-of-the-art manufacturing processeslike robot machining, precision paint technology andinnovative assembly techniques to achieve the veryhighest levels of quality.6 Precision machining provides high tolerances andaccurate location of pins and bushes.7 Finite element analysis and rig testing ensuresuperior structural strength and durability. Cold celltesting guarantees starting performance attemperatures as low as -20 C.3457406 WHEEL LOADER5

COMFORT AND EASE OF USE.In-cab noise levels on thesemachines are lower thanoutgoing models.JCB COMPACT WHEEL LOADERS LIKE THE 406 AREDESIGNED TO MAKE WORK MORE STRAIGHT FORWARD.THEY’RE EASY TO ACCESS, INTUITIVE TO OPERATE,AND THEY’RE OPERATED FROM THE CENTRE OFTHE MACHINE FOR SUPERB VISIBILITY. AFTER ALL,A COMFORTABLE, CONFIDENT OPERATOR IS A MOREPRODUCTIVE ONE.5A comfortable operator.The JCB 406 benefits from a comfortable andspacious cab. The operating position is designed foroptimum all-round visibility, unhindered bycomponents like silencers.12 Our tilting telescopic steering column is easy toadjust for an ergonomic driving position.1All the instruments needed to operate a JCBwheeled loader are within easy reach of the seat,so there’s no need to hunt around for informationwhilst working.34 With a fully opening right-hand window operatorscan enjoy increased ventilation whilst still beingprotected from dust.5 These compact wheel loaders are equipped witha new ergonomically designed joystick control systemfor comfortable and intuitive operation.6406 WHEEL LOADER234

SERVICEABILITY.A WHEEL LOADER NEEDS TO SPEND AS MUCH TIMEAS POSSIBLE HARD AT WORK. THAT’S WHY THEJCB 406 BENEFITS FROM INNOVATIVE DESIGN ANDQUALITY COMPONENTS, ALLOWING IT TO OFFERMAXIMUM UPTIME WITH LONG SERVICE INTERVALS.Access all areas.1 Our large single piece bonnet ensures quick andconvenient access to the engine bay and cooling packareas of your wheel loader. All daily check points areeasily accessed under the bonnet.1Simple analogue in-cab display provides runninghours, fuel status and error alerts.23 There’s a traditional cylinder-type air filter that’sperfectly sized for the smaller engine, ensuring robustand cost-effective performance.Your local JCB dealer will be able to supply allparts for your 406, even JCB Diesel by Kohler enginecomponents. The machine also shares parts withother JCB machinery, which makes everything evenmore readily available.4234406 WHEEL LOADER7

SAFETY AND SECURITY.BECAUSE SAFETY AND SECURITY ARE PARAMOUNT ONANY SITE, THE JCB 406 IS DESIGNED TO PROTECT ITSOPERATORS, THEMSELVES, AND ANY BYSTANDERS ATALL TIMES. GREAT VISIBILITY, ANTI-THEFT FEATURESAND NON-SLIP SURFACES ARE JUST THE START.Safety first.The 406 can be equipped with a immobiliser option,which can help prevent thefts from your fleet.With no exhaust after treatment, our JCB Dieselby Kohler engines are extremely compact, so there’sno compromise to visibility. The sloping rear bonnetprovides an unimpeded view, with the exhaustsilencer and air intake filter both packaged out of sight.112 We’ve fitted an in-cab electronic 2-stagequickhitch isolation system to prevent uncontrolledrelease of attachments.The access step is complemented by wellpositioned handles so that operators have threepoints of contact whenever they’re entering orexiting the cab.3238406 WHEEL LOADER

LIVELINK, WORK SMARTER.VALUE ADDED.JCB LIVELINK IS AN INNOVATIVE SOFTWARE SYSTEM THATLETS YOU MONITOR AND MANAGE YOUR MACHINESREMOTELY – ONLINE, BY EMAIL OR BY MOBILE PHONE.JCB’S WORLDWIDE CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS FIRST CLASS.WHATEVER YOU NEED AND WHEREVER YOU ARE, WE’LL BEAVAILABLE QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY TO HELP MAKE SUREYOUR MACHINERY IS PERFORMING TO ITS FULL POTENTIAL.Productivity and cost benefits –Machine location information can improvefleet efficiency and you may even enjoyreduced insurance costs courtesy of theadded security that LiveLink brings.* Note: Please consult your local dealer for Livelink availability1Our Technical Support Service provides instantaccess to factory expertise, day or night, while ourFinance and Insurance teams are always on hand toprovide fast, flexible, competitive quotes.1Maintenance benefits – Accurate hoursmonitoring, maintenance history records,critical machine alerts and service alertsimprove maintenance planning.Security benefits – Real-time geofencinglets you set operating zones and curfewalerts that tell you when your machineryoutside of pre-determined times. Locationinformation helps you store machines safely.JCB Assetcare offers comprehensive extendedwarranties and service agreements, as well asservice-only or repair and maintenance contracts.Irrespective of what you opt for, our Maintenanceteams around the world charge competitive labourrates, and offer non-obligation quotations as well asfast, efficient insurance repair work.2The global network of JCB Parts Centres isanother model of efficiency; with 16 regional bases,we can deliver around 95% of all parts anywhere inthe world within 24 hours. Our genuine JCB partsare designed to work in perfect harmony with yourmachine for optimum performance and productivity.2Note: JCB LIVELINK and JCB ASSETCARE may not be availablein your region, so please check with your local dealer.406 WHEEL LOADER9

SPECIFICATION406 WHEEL LOADERSTATIC DIMENSIONSTRANSMISSIONFTypeHydrostaticModelRexroth A6VM – 2 speedLow rangekph6High rangekph20LOADER DIMENSIONSModel (assumes machine is fitted with )JGeneralpurposeBucket typeBucket equipmentEGBCDBucket widthABucket weightOverall Lengthmm5133BAxle to pivot pinmm906CWheel Basemm2100DAxle to counterweight facemm1268EGround clearancemm313FWidth over cabmm1468GWidth over tyresmm1727HWheel trackmm1390JHeight Over Cabmm2500Front axle weightkg1475Rear axle weightkg3398Total weightkg4873Inside Turn Radiusmm2010Maximum Turn Radius over Shovelmm4160Articulation Angledeg 40 Maximum radius over tyremm3800Max. width across tyresmm17614 stroke, MechanicalCapacitylitresNormally aspiratedCylinders4Max gross power toSAE J1995/ISO 14396Max torqueEmissionskW (hp)Nm @ 100Tipping load straightkg42254148405540144033Tipping load full 41.936.532.229.741.9PayloadMaximum breakout forceMDump angle maximumdegrees4545454545NRoll back angle full heightdegrees5656565656ORoll back at carrydegrees5454545454PRoll back at ground leveldegrees4242424242QLoad over heightmm29912991299129912991RDump height (45 deg dump)mm24892418234822952489SDig depthmm105105105105106TReach at dump heightmm764835905958.5764Reach maximum (45deg dump) – horizontal armmm14941465163516891494Operating weight (includes 80Kg operator and full fuel tank)VPin heightMTV QR36.4 (49) @ JCB Diesel by Kohler - KDI 2504 Mm³mm2050NModelTeeth ortoeplateToeplatekgData based on machine equipped with pin mounted 0.8m³ bucket with toe plates and Camso SLR4 12.5-18 tyres.TypeclamLight duty 6-in-1shovelkg/m³Maximum material densityALight dutyTeeth or toeplateBucket capacity (SAE heaped)HGeneralpurposeOStage IIIASPkg48734907493849695020mm31203120312031203120

406 WHEEL LOADERSPECIFICATIONELECTRICAL SYSTEMTYRE SIZEDimensionsTyre sizeSystem voltageManufacturerTypeOperating weight (kg)Vertical (mm)Width (mm)335/80 R18DunlopSPT9 EM41.2-40365/70 R18DunlopSPT9 EM64-1469405/70 R18DunlopSPT9 EM949113HYDRAULICS335/80 R20DunlopSPT9 MPT77.622-22Pump type340/80 R18MichelinXMCL71.62825Pump max. flow340/80 R18MichelinBIBLOAD65.6-1513Pump max. pressureMitasMPT-0431.69-6Auxiliary flowNokianTRI 255.6612Hydraulic cycle times at max. engine12.5-18340/80 R18Volt12Alternator outputAmp hour80Battery capacityAmp hour100Tandem Gear ms raise (full bucket)Seconds4.9400/70 R18TrelleborgTH400111.6-15137Bucket dump (full bucket)Seconds3.5Arms lower (empty bucket)Seconds3.1Total cycleSeconds11.5Loader dimensions quoted on Camso SLR4 12.5-18 tyres.LOADER DIMENSIONS – FORK FRAME WITH FORKSSERVICE FILL CAPACITIESFBEHydraulic systemlitresFuel tanklitres7080Engine oil sumplitres11.2Axle oil (front)litres4.4Axle oil (rear)litres6.05ASTANDARD EQUIPMENTDCParallel forkGENERAL MACHINE FEATURESParallel lift geometry, JCB Hydraulic Quickhitch, articulated steering, front and rear fenders, one pieceopening bonnet, recovery hitch, lifting lugs.TRANSMISSIONTwo speed, neutral start, inching function, forward/reverse switch on joystick control lever.In board oil immersed brakes with combined handbrake; cable operated parkbrake.Fork carriage widthmm1345BRAKESLength of tinesmm1200ELECTRICFull Road Lighting, Direction Indicators and Battery Isolator.AReach at ground levelmm710HYDRAULICSSingle lever manual control, gear pump with priority steer, emergency steer back up.BReach at arms horizontalmm1232CBelow ground levelmm84CABROPS/FOPS safety structure, fully adjustable seat, interior light, adjustable tilt steering column, safetyglass, front and rear screen wash/wipe, 3 speed heater fan with replaceable filters, sun visor.DArms, horizontal heightmm1426EArms, maximum heightmm3012FReach at maximum heightmm506Payload*kg2033Tipping load straightkg3184Tipping load full turn (40 )kg2541Attachment weightkg191*At the centre of gravity distance 500mm. Based on 80% of FTTL as defined in IS0 8313. Manual fork spacings at 50mm increments.Fork section 100mm x 50mm.AXLESTypeStraight beamMake and modelDana 111Chassis angle oscillationSTEERINGHydraulic power steering system emergency steering.degrees 10OPTIONAL EQUIPMENTHBCV, 4th Spool aux circuit manual, LSD axles, fully opening RH window with lock back, immobiliser, livelink, under bonnet batteryisolator, worklights, bio oil, shovel level indicator, stowage box. See dealer for full list.NOISE AND VIBRATIONUncertaincy Measurement conditions.LpA77 dB /- 1 dBDetermined in accordance with the test method defined in ISO 6396and the dynamic test condition defined on 2000/14/EC.Noise emission from the machineLWA101 dB /- 1 dBGuaranteed equivalent sound power (external noise) determined inaccordance with the dynamic test conditions defined in 2000/14/EC.Whole body vibrationm/s20.59 /- 0.11 dBISO 2632-1:1997 normalised to an 8h reference period and basedupon a test cycle comprising of loader work (soil).Hand-arm vibrationm/s2 2.5N/ANoise at the operator stationISO 5349-2:2001 dynamic test conditions.

ONE COMPANY, OVER 300 MACHINES.Your nearest JCB dealerWheel Loader 406Max. Engine power: 36.4kW (49hp) Max. Operating weight: 5020kgFull turn tipping load: 3250kg Standard shovel capacity: 0.8m³JCB Sales Limited, Rocester, Staffordshire, United Kingdom ST14 5JP.Tel: 44 (0)1889 590312 Email: salesinfo@jcb.comDownload the very latest information on this product range at: www.jcb.com9999/5906 en-GB 10/16 Issue 2 2009 JCB Sales. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any other means, electronic,mechanical, photocopying or otherwise, without prior permission from JCB Sales. All references in this publication to operating weights, sizes, capacities and other performancemeasurements are provided for guidance only and may vary dependant upon the exact specification of machine. They should not therefore be relied upon in relation to suitabilityfor a particular application. Guidance and advice should always be sought from your JCB Dealer. JCB reserves the right to change specifications without notice. Illustrations andspecifications shown may include optional equipment and accessories. The JCB logo is a registered trademark of J C Bamford Excavators Ltd.

2 The 406 has an easy-maintenance mechanical JCB Diesel engine by Kohler offering potent performance. 3 JCB standard hydraulic quickhitch makes attachment changing quick and efficient. 1 3 2 2 406 WHEEL LOADER THE JCB 406 IS A HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE WHEELED LOADER WITH OP

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JCB WHEEL LOADER 426 HT Helping You Get the Job Done! JCB WHEEL LOADER 426 HT MAX. ENGINE POWER: 165hp (123kW) MAX. OPERATING WEIGHT: 3247lb(14210kg) MAX. LOADER CAPACITY: 3.5yd3(2.7m3) ft-in (mm) A Overall length with standard bucket 22-5 (6831) B Axle to pivot pin 3-7(1096 ) C Wheel Base 9-8 (3000) D Axle to counterweight face 5-11 (1816)

JCB BACKHOE LOADER 3CX World Leader by Design The JCB braking system ensures effective, fade-free braking. The self-adjusting, multi-disc arrangement is inboard mounted and is oil immersed for minimum maintenance and a long operating life. A 3 position switch allows the selection of 2 wheel drive with two wheel braking; 2 wheel drive with four wheel braking or 4 wheel drive with four wheel .

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