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Miller Outdoor TheatreTech Pack2018Miller Outdoor Theatre Stage & House InformationBuilding CapacitiesStage DimensionsFly RailLoading DockOrchsetra PitBuilding Occupancy (Including Miller Staff)Seating Capacity (Covered)Seating Capacity (Hill)Proscenium WidthProscenium HeightStage WidthStage Depth (Curtain to Back Wall)Apron Depth (Curtain to Upstage Edge of Pit)Deck to GridDeck to Bottom of Split RailPlaster Line @ Center to Front-of-House Control BoothPlaster Line @ Center to Front-of-House Lighting Catwalk (Bridge)System PipesSystem Pipe LengthPipe Trim #2-12 (Split Rail)Pipe Trim #1 (Split Rail) & #13-54Arbor CapacityCounter Weight (30,000 lbs. total)Loading Dock Door DimensionsOrchestra Pit WidthOrchestra Pit DepthOrchestra Pit Rate of Travel (DOWN)Orchestra Pit Rate of Travel (UP)Pit Low TrimWeight Capacity of Orchestra PitItemGrand DrapeSplit Black (2 Panels)Black BordersBlack LegsSharkstooth ScrimPlastic / Front Projection ScreenBounceLinesets120, 542, 11, 21, 31, 40, 453, 12, 22, 32, 41, 46424453DraperiesFabric32 oz. Cherry IFR; 100% Fullness25 oz. Black IFR; Flat25 oz. Black IFR; Flat25 oz. Black IFR; FlatBlackRosco Twin White PlasticRosco Twin White PlasticFiber Optic Star Drop43BlackMylar Curtain52Rear Projection Screen82" Holographic Mylar StripsDa-Lite Curved Series 300 Lace andGrommet FrameItemSizeQuantity1’ Height2’ Height3’ Height8’ x 3’6’ x 3’4’ x 3’66688215017086000 (Blankets) / 9000 (Standing)58' 8"25’ 10”64' 2"41' 2"8' 2"65' 8"8' 1"135' 6"82'54 (Grand Drape & 10 Electrics Are Motorized)1½” Schedule 40; 63' longHigh trim 52' 6"; Low trim 4' 3"High trim 60' 10"; Low trim 4' 3"1750 lbs.(1) Brick 20 lbs.W: 7' 9" H: 10' 0"78' (Refer to drawings)20' (Refer to drawings)1 Minute 8 Seconds52 Seconds7' 6"27,000 lbs.Size30' H x 63' W (7’ Overlap @ Center)30' H x 34' W (Each Panel)10' H x 60' W30' H x 15' W30' H x 60' W30' H x 60' W30' H x 60' W30' H x 60' W (3 Vertical Panels; 2Fiber Trunks per Panel)30' H x 8' WQuantity1166 Pairs111Weight945 lbs.300 lbs.120 lbs.150 lbs.90 lbs.240 lbs.240 lbs.1465 lbs.890 lbs.18' H x 32’ W1240 lbs.Properties5' x 8' Band RisersPlastic TablesItemMusic StandsPadded Orchestra ChairsAria LED Music Stand LightsWenger Conductor’s Podium, Stand, Chair & TechBridgeRosco Black/White Dance Floor (60’ L x 63” W)10’ Ballet BarresQuantity605050184

Miller Outdoor TheatreTech Pack2018Lineset ScheduleDistanceLineset Travel From PlasterLine10' 6"21' 3"31' 10"42' 7"53' 4"64' 3"Travel is74' 11"48'-3"85' 7"96' 3"106' 11"117' 7"128' 3"139' 0"149' 9"1510' 8"1611' 4"1712' 0"1812' 8"1913' 4"2014' 0"2114' 8"2215' 4"2316' 1"2416' 10"2517' 9"2618' 5"2719' 1"2819' 9"2920' 5"3021' 1"3121' 9"3222' 5"Travel is3323' 2"56'-7"3423' 11"3524' 10"3625' 6"3726' 2"3826' 10"3927' 10"4028' 10"4129' 6"4230' 2"4330' 11"4431' 8"4532' 4"4633' 0"4733' 9"4834' 6"4935' 2"5035' 10"5136' 6"5237' 2"5337' 10"5438' 6"NameNotesWeightRed Grand Drape#1 Black Border#1 Black Legs#1 Electric Audio Monitors - House Trim is 28'-0"#2 Electric - House Trim is 28'-0"Titan Adjustable Speed MotorN/A15 wts.11 wts.N/AN/A22' From CenterPower Assist Motors; Pipes AreMarriedBarco Projector (Rear Clamps)18' x 32' Rear Porjection Screen6 wts.15 wts.Barco Projector (Front Clamps)#2 Black Border#2 Black Legs#3 Electric - House Trim is 27'-0"#4 Electric - House Trim is 28'-0"Spare Batten Storage7 wts.8 wts.11 wts.N/AN/A20 wts.Mid-Stage Split Black Curtain#3 Black Border#3 Black Legs#5 Electric - House Trim is 27'-0"#6 Electric - House Trim is 28'-0"#4 Black Border#4 Black Legs#7 Electric - House Trim is 27'-0"#8 Electric - House Trim is 28'-0"Spare Batten Storage22' From CenterPower Assist Motors; Pipes AreMarried22' From CenterPower Assist Motors; Pipes AreMarried22' From CenterPower Assist Motors; Pipes AreMarried14 wts.7 wts.10 wts.N/AN/A7 wts.10 wts.N/AN/A20 wts.#9 Electric (CyberLights) - House Trim is 27'-0"#5 Black Border#5 Black LegsBlack Sharkstooth ScrimFiber Optic Star DropRosco Twin White Plastic (Front Projection Screen)#6 Black BorderPower Assist Motor#10 Electric (Cyc Lights) - House Trim is 27'-6"Power Assist MotorN/A#6 Black Legs22' From Center9 wts.22' From CenterHolographic Mylar CurtainRosco Twin White Plastic (Bounce)Black Cross Over CurtainLinesets #2 through #12: Travel is 48'-3".Linesets #1 and #13 through #54: Travel is 56'-7".Loft blocks are permanently installed (ie, kicking sheaves in the grid to adjust lineset spacing is not possible).House Electrics are on 22ft./min. Arbor Assist Motors.Pipes are 1½" Schedule 40 and are 63' long.Weights are ⅞" Cut Steel: 20lbs.Arbor maximum capacity is 1750 lbs.N/A6 wts.9 wts.5 wts.42 wts.12 wts.7 wts.2 wts.11 wts.15 wts.

Miller Outdoor TheatreTech Pack2018Audio System1Sound SystemMixing ConsoleSSL L500 Plus 256 Channel Digital Mixing System10 Left / 10 Right5 Left / 5 RightStereo Main ArraysElectro-Voice XLC (with DVX Driver) Full Range CabinetElectro-Voice XLC 2x15 Sub Enclosure6 Left / 6 RightStereo Delay ArraysElectro-Voice XLC (with DVX Driver) Full Range Cabinet11Monitor Mix SystemMixing ConsoleSSL L500 Plus 256 Channel Digital Mixing SystemMidas PRO1 Digital Mixer (Back-up Console)88Wedge MonitorsElectro-Voice XW12A 12” WedgeElectro-Voice XW15A 15” Wedge2Overhead MonitorsElectro-Voice EVF-1152D Full Range Cabinet66Center ClusterElectro-Voice EVH-D15 Full Range CabinetElectro-Voice EVF 2151D Sub Enclosure2Side Fill MonitorsElectro-Voice EVF-1152D Full Range and EVF-2151D Sub8Pit Front Fill SpeakersElectro-Voice EVU 1062/952Drum Fill MonitorsElectro-Voice EVF-1122D Full Range and EVF-2121S Sub38AmplifiersElectro-Voice TG-5264Powered MonitorsGalaxy Audio Hot SpotAnchor AN-130Behringer B205-D156Electro-Voice TG-5Crown XTI60022ProcessingFIR Processing via Electro-Voice IRIS-NetElectro-Voice DC-ONE Processor (Drum and Side Fill Monitors)ProcessingFIR Processing via Electro-Voice IRIS-NetAmplifiers2111Rack Gear / PlaybackTascam 1U CD PlayerTascam SS-CDR200 CF/SD PlayerTascam DV-RA1000HD Audio RecorderMacBook Pro with MOTU 828x Audio Interface and QLab 3Pro Bundle LicenseMicrophones122614414815810381217Dynamic MicrophonesShure SM57Shure Beta 57Shure Beta 57AShure SM58Shure Beta 58ASennheiser 409Sennheiser 609Sennheiser 906Sennheiser MD421IISennheiser MD441Electro-Voice N/D468Electro-Voice RE-20Beyer Dynamic M88 TGBeyer Dynamic M88 N(C)Neumann KMS105Direct BoxesCountryman Type 85 FETActive DI2Whirlwind Director PassiveDI2Radial Engineering R800Passive Stereo DISmall Diaphragm Condenser Microphones8169553734Audio-Technica Pro 835Shure KSM137Shure SM81AKG C451 EBAKG SE300BAKG C 460BKM184BKM184SAudix SCX OneLarge Diaphragm Condenser Microphones6111227246Audio-Technica 4050AKG C414BSpecialty MicrophonesHelpinstill Model 280 Piano PickupAudix D6AKG D112Shure Beta 98DSShure Beta 91ACrown PCC 160Bartlett Floor Mics1224282412Wireless MicrophonesAKG DSR700 RF ReceiverAKG DHT700 Hand-Held Transmitter w/ AKG D5 Super-Cardioid CapsuleAKG DPT700 Body-Pack TransmitterPoint Source Audio CO-8WL Lavalier MicrophoneDPA d:fine FIO66 Omni-Directional Headset Microphone1124204264CommunicationClear-Com 4-Channel, 12-Matrix Base Station SB-412 AClear-Com 4-Channel, 10-Matrix Base Station SB-704Clear-Com Beltpack/HeadsetClear-Com Listening StationClear-Com RM-440 4-Channel Remote StationClear-Com RM-120A 2-Channel Remote StationHME Pro-850 2-Channel Wireless ComTelex BTR-80N 2-Channel Wireless ComStage Management6-Circuit Cue Light Control Switchbox4-Channel Clear-Com Base StationDressing Room Paging MicrophoneShow Feed MonitorFront-of-House Video Camera MonitorOptional Orchestra Pit Conductor Video Camera MonitorBackline InventoryPianoBoston by Steinway & Sons 7’ Grand PianoDrum Kit - Mapex Saturn Series Silver Sparkle DrumsZildjian A-Custom Cymbals22” Diameter x 18” Depth Bass Drum14”x14” Floor Tom20”/51cm Medium Ride Cymbal20”/51cm China Cymbal18” Diameter x 14” Depth Bass Drum16”x16” Floor Tom16”/40cm Medium Thin Crash Cymbal10”/25cm Fast Splash Cymbal10”x8” Mounted Tom14”x5” Snare with 2.3mm Power Hoops18”/45cm Medium Thin Crash Cymbal14”/36cm New Beat High Hats12”x10” Mounted Tom13”x6” Black Panther Maple SnareAdditional CymbalsZildjian Avedis 16” Crash CymbalSabian Solaris 14” High HatsDrum HardwareMapex Falcon P1000TW Chain Drive(4) Mapex Combination Straight/BoomPercussion / AccessoriesDouble Bass Drum PedalCymbal StandsRhythmTech Hat Trick (High Hat Mounted Tambourine)Gibralter Prowler 5611 Chain DriveMapex Heavey Duty High Hat StandLP 229 Mambo 9” CowbellRoc-N-Soc Drum ThroneSingle Bass Drum Pedal“Dogbone” Boom Arm for Splash CymbalZildjian Stick BagLP Microphone ClawsMapex Snare StandYamaha Snare StandDrum Rug

Miller Outdoor TheatreTech Pack2018Lighting InventoryETC Eos Lighting NetworkItemQuantityETC Eos TI Console (Front-of-House and Stage Right Booth)2ETC Gio Console (Portable Remote Console)1ETC Eos RPU3 Primary Processor (4,096 Outputs)1ETC Eos RPU3 Tracking Backup Processor (4,096 Outputs)1ETCnomad Puck (Front-of-House Designer Display)1Quantity326194599128House Plot FixturesFixture TypeWattage750w750w750w750w575w575wETC Source 4 5 ETC Source 4 10 ETC Source 4 14 ETC Source 4 19 ETC Source 4 26 ETC Source 4 36 37288ETC Source 4 FresnelETC Source 4 PAR WFLSelecon Aurora 4-Cell Cyc UnitSelecon Aurora 4-Cell Groundrow Unit12832772LR CyberLight SVETC Selador Vivid R 11" LEDMartin RUSH FiberSource 1 LED Fiber IlluminatorReel EFX DF-50 HazerRosco I-CueCity Theatrical DMX IrisLycian 1290XLT Follow SpotsItemTemplate Holders for Source 4DonutsColor Extenders750w750w1kW per circuit1kW per circuitSizeABGlass BG (79mm)Glass B (86mm)6 1/4" (2 1/2" Aperture)6 1/4" (3 3/16" Aperture)7 1/2"6 1/4"1200w125w87w480w17w6w2kWQuantity11211ETC Eos AccessoriesItemEos Motorized Fader Wing 20Eos Motorized Fader Wing 102x20 Universal Fader Wing2x10 Universal Fader WingETC Net3 Show Control re FixturesFixture TypeETC Source 4 Fixture BodyETC Source 4 5º LensETC Source 4 10º LensETC Source 4 14º LensETC Source 4 19º LensETC Source 4 26º LensETC Source 4 36º LensETC Source 4 50º LensETC Source 4 PAR (VNSP, NSP, MFL or WFL)PAR 64 (VNSP, NSP, MFL or WFL)Altman 3-Circuit Strip (EYC or EYF Lamps)Martin Atomic 3000 StrobeLightwave Research Multi-RayBarco FQ-100 Fog MachineLightwave Research F-100 Fog MachineAquaFog 3300City Theatrical EFX Plus2Mirror Ball w/ American DJ DMX MotorRosco I-CueApollo EZ IrisDrop-In Irises for Source 4AccessoriesQuantity In House Plot4836436219102316ItemTop HatsHalf HatsSide ArmsWattage / Size575w or 750w750w1kW750w per circuit3kW575w18"17wSize6 1/4"7 1/2"12"14"6 1/4"7 1/2"18"24"Quantity In House Plot244829216716121616Data '75'100'125'Quantity In House Plot102886832354261411Cable InventoryPower CableCable TypeLength5'10'15'25'12/3 S-Cable with 20A Stage Pin Connector35'50'75'100'5'10'15'12/3 S-Cable with 15A Edison Connector25'50'100'25'12/3 S-Cable with 20A L6-20 Twistlock50'Connector100'125'Socapex 6-Circuit Multi Cable with 14-PinConnector10'25'50'Cable TypeQuantity In House Plot203-Pin DMX Cable20151685-Pin DMX Cable82310105654-Pin Scroller Power/Data Cable24452Multi-Circuit Extension Cables4Socapex Fans104Fan OutBreak-OutBreak-In366

Miller Outdoor TheatreTech Pack2018DMX AddressesDMX AddressUnitCyberlight #1Cyberlight #2Cyberlight #3Cyberlight #4Cyberlight #5Cyberlight #6Cyberlight #7Cyberlight #8Cyberlight #9Cyberlight #10Cyberlight #11Cyberlight #12PositionLS 39LS 39LS 39LS 39LS 39LS 39LS 39LS 39LS 39LS 39LS 39LS 39Start Address121416181101121141161181201221Range1 - 2021 - 4041 - 6061 - 8081 - 100101 - 120121 - 140141 - 160161 - 180181 - 200201 - 220221 - 3.221ETC Selador Vivid-R #1ETC Selador Vivid-R #2ETC Selador Vivid-R #3ETC Selador Vivid-R #4ETC Selador Vivid-R #5ETC Selador Vivid-R #6ETC Selador Vivid-R #7ETC Selador Vivid-R 91301311241 - 248251 - 258261 - 268271 - 278281 - 288291 - 298301 - 308311 - 3.2713.2813.2913.3013.311DiCon LED Emitter #1DiCon LED Emitter #2DiCon LED Emitter #3LS 43LS 43LS 43321331341321 - 326331 - 336341 - 3461345135513653.3213.3313.341Martin RUSH FiberSource 1Martin RUSH FiberSource 1Martin RUSH FiberSource 1LS 43LS 43LS .3553.361Rosco I-Cue #1Rosco I-Cue #2Rosco I-Cue #3Rosco I-Cue #4Rosco I-Cue #5Rosco I-Cue #6Rosco I-Cue #7Rosco I-Cue #8CoveCoveCove#2 Electric#2 Electric#2 Electric#2 ElectricSpare366371376381386391396401366 - 369371 - 374376 - 379381 - 384386 - 389391 - 394396 - 399401 - 3.3813.3863.3913.3963.401City Theatrical DMX Iris #1City Theatrical DMX Iris #2City Theatrical DMX Iris #3City Theatrical DMX Iris #4City Theatrical DMX Iris #5City Theatrical DMX Iris #6City Theatrical DMX Iris #7Apollo EZ-Iris #1Apollo EZ-Iris #2Apollo EZ-Iris #3Apollo EZ-Iris #4Apollo EZ-Iris #5CoveCoveCove#2 Electric#2 Electric#2 Electric#2 4073.4083.409FQ-100 #1FQ-100 #2F100Mirror Ball MotorMartin Atomic Strobe #1Martin Atomic Strobe #2Martin Atomic Strobe 5441411421431443444445441 - 442411 - 416421 - 426431 - 13.4113.4213.431Aria Music Stand Light #1Aria Music Stand Light #2StorageStorage501504501 - 503504 - 506152515283.5013.504

Miller Outdoor TheatreTech PackProjectorPreviewMonitorsProjectionSurfacesRack GearAdditionalNotes2018Miller Outdoor Theatre Video InventoryBarco FLM HD20 20,000 Lumen HD ProjectorBarco 0.67 HD Fixed Lens (34’W x 19’H image when front projected)Lenses:Christie 1.16 – 1.49 HD Zoom Lens (21’-26’W x 12’-15’H image when front projected)BlackMagic SmartView HD 17” MonitorBlackMagic SmartView Duo Dual 8” MonitorsDa-Lite Curved Series 300 18’H x 32’WRosco Twin White Plastic (Front Projection: Lineset 44 or 53; Rear Projection: Lineset 8)Barco DCS-200 SwitcherDenon DN-500BD Blu-Ray PlayerMOTU 112D Digital Audio Signal ConverterMac Pro with QLab 3Maximum distance from switcher to projector is 150’. Signal is over HD-SDI cable.Switcher has 6 Analog (VGA, 5-wire, or Composite) inputs.Switcher has 2 Digital (DVI or HDMI) inputs.When used for front projection, projector hangs on linesets 6 & 9 (Linesets 7, 8, & 10 CANNOT be used).Image is projected onto the Rosco Twin White Plastic on lineset 44 or 53.When used for rear projection, projector mounts to stand up-center stage. Image is projected onto the Da-Lite18’H x 32’W on lineset 8.

5' x 8' Band Risers Miller Outdoor Theatre Stage & House Information 2 1 465 lbs. 1 240 lbs. 8 8 Music Stands Padded Orchestra Chairs Aria LED Music Stand Lights Wenger Conductor’s Podium, Stand, Chair & TechBridge Black Rosco Twin White Plastic Rosco Twin White Plastic Da-Lite Curved Seri