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Eaton Aeroquip Hose Assembly Master CatalogTriple Crown Advantaget Pressuret Temperaturet Abrasion Resistance

Table of ContentsSPECIALTY &TRUCK HOSEPart Number Index3-8Terms9Hose Application Reference Symbols10Hose Index11How to Order12LOW & MEDIUMPRESSURE HOSEAQP Hose14Synflex Thermoplastic Hose15-16AC and Refrigeration17PTFE18-19Specialty & Truck Hose StylesHIGH PRESSURE HOSEHOSE: Heater & Coolant EH225, EH226 Airbrake 2550/2554, 2570, EC038Railroad Airbrake - 1531/1531AAirbrake, Fuel, Oil, & 100R5 FC355, FC350, FC650, FC699,FC234, 2651, 303/302A, 1503,FC300, GH10020-34LPG (UL & CGA) - FC321,CR170PTFE - 2807, S-TW, FC465,2808, FC469, FC363, FC364,FC563 SOCKETLESS - 2575,FC332, FC647, 2556/25651 Wire EPDM - FC6112 Wire EPDM - FC693100R16 - FC310, FC510Constant Pressure 3000 PSI FC639, GH681, FC839BConstant Pressure 4000PSI - FC849, FC849B 100R2,100R2AT, EN 853 2SN GH120, 2766, FC735, 2781,GH781, GH793, GH195, FC195,EC230Low & Medium Pressure Hose StylesHOSE: 100R4 / Suction FC619, 2661 100R6 & LowPressure Fabric Braided FC466, FC498, FC598,2580, 2583100R1, 100R1AT, EN853 1SN 2681, GH663, GH19434-49HOSE FITTINGSHigh Pressure Hose StylesHOSE: Four Spiral EPDM FC636 AQP Hi-Temp Spiral-EC52549-57100R12 - GH493, FC736100R11 - FC254100R13 - FC273, FC273B, FC500EN856 4SH - GH506EN856 6SP - GH466WaterBlast - EC910100R15 - FC606, GH810, EC85010,000 PSI JACK HOSE - FC579FC310 & FC510 Reusable,100R2 Skive Type Reusable,100R2 TTC Reusable,Spiral Skive Reusable, SplitFlanges, Socketless, PowerSteering & Airbrake, PTFEReusableHose Fittings (Crimp & Reusable)ADAPTERS &TUBE FITTINGSFITTINGS: 05 55 55 Global Spiral TTC, SpiralSingle Skive,Spiral Internal Skive, PTFECrimp, Suction Hose Fittings,100R5 Reusable, 100R5 Crimp,58-195Adapters & Tube FittingsORS-TF, ORS Braze, ORS/ORing Boss, ORS-NPTF, ORS/SAE 37 Flare, ORS/ORS, ORSAccessories, Pipe/Pipe, Pipe/SAE 37 Flare,196-293ACCESSORIES &ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONSPipe/45 Flare, Pipe/SAEO-Ring Boss, Pipe/Braze &Weld, SAE 37 (JIC) FlareUnion, SAE 45 Flare Union,SAE O-Ring/37 Flare,SAE Split Flange/ORS, SAESplit Flange/37 Flare, SAESplit Flange/ SAE Split Flange,Braze & Weld/Split Flange,Braze & Weld/37 Flare,SAE Flareless/37 Union,Flare & Flareless, Specials,Accessories & Assembly instructionsProtective Coils, Sleeves,Clamps, Firesleeve,Nylon Abrasion Sleeve,Hose Cleaning System,Heavy Duty HoseSupport Clamps,294-326Hose Insertion Gages,Hose Protectors,Hose Spacers, Hose Looms,Hose Assembly EquipmentHOSE ASSEMBLYEQUIPMENTFT1380, FT1380P, FT1390,ET3000, ET1000, PortableReusable Assembly Machine,Production ReusableAssembly Machine,Assembly Mandrels,Cut-off Saws, Skiving Tools,Hose Proof Test StandsService Life RoutingInstallation Instructions,Analyzing Hose Failures, Howto Identify and Measure FluidConnectors, Hydraulic TubingInfo. Fitting Assembly TorqueValues343-382APPENDICIES2Assembly Instructions327-342AppendicesTechnical Data, FluidCompatibility,SAE Recommended Practices,Flow Capacity Chart,Metric Thread, ISO6149,BSPP Thread, BSPT Thread,JIS 30 Thread, O-Rings,7FSTJMt'MBSF &SNFUPEATON Aeroquip Fluid Conveyance Products A-HOOV-MC001-E2 May 2014

*FLE*1S*FLG*1S*JF*1S*JM*1S*KF*1S*KS*EATON Aeroquip Fluid Conveyance Products A-HOOV-MC001-E2 May 8580818283838494889596LOW & MEDIUMPRESSURE 104104103103103105878889908994909191PART NUMBERHIGH PRESSURE GEHOSE 8785868586808182838384PART NUMBERADAPTERS &TUBE LD*1B*FLE*1B*FLF*PAGEACCESSORIES &ASSEMBLY 81828383948895786869707174PART NUMBERHOSE B*1AR*FJC*1AR*FR*PAGEAPPENDICIESPART NUMBERSPECIALTY &TRUCK HOSEPart Number Index3

PART NUMBERSPECIALTY &TRUCK HOSELOW & MEDIUMPRESSURE 407.02607.036HIGH PRESSURE HOSEHOSE FITTINGSADAPTERS &TUBE FITTINGSACCESSORIES &ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONSHOSE 147146163181163162181146146147PART 36336336243243244244268243224234253233235236PART -122202222EATON Aeroquip Fluid Conveyance Products A-HOOV-MC001-E2 May 29232232231231227256249245245223226PART 278279156281156

EATON Aeroquip Fluid Conveyance Products A-HOOV-MC001-E2 May 2014SPECIALTY &TRUCK W & MEDIUMPRESSURE 255246246246246232232253248266249295295314, 317182182183261261259251262251295223223248PART NUMBERHIGH PRESSURE 00564900598900598-1900599PAGEHOSE 87182140169169171173174179189187169PART NUMBERADAPTERS &TUBE 93719094419095063-190990190992PAGEACCESSORIES &ASSEMBLY 195195195195195264263264263265246191106PART NUMBERHOSE AGEAPPENDICIESPART NUMBER5

PART NUMBERSPECIALTY &TRUCK HOSELOW & MEDIUMPRESSURE 49FC5050HIGH PRESSURE HOSEHOSE FITTINGSADAPTERS &TUBE FITTINGSACCESSORIES &ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONSHOSE ASSEMBLYEQUIPMENTAPPENDICIES6PAGE64, 131, 132131131, 132132110-11210610610613264, 1282081922092126564, 118-127656565118, 119, 123118, 12319264, 118-12726764, 13319164, 129-13064, 110-11264, 129-130129118, 123119, 125, 126119120120122, 126121130121, 126120, 125120, 125121119121118, 124119, 124118, 124121, 126120108110107107107107118118119119PART 20178178178179176147108110107107107107171PART 8625FC8627EATON Aeroquip Fluid Conveyance Products A-HOOV-MC001-E2 May 48148148148149149149133133133107107PART 23249249264246224228224266268269269

EATON Aeroquip Fluid Conveyance Products A-HOOV-MC001-E2 May 2014SPECIALTY &TRUCK 12122131, 4154154161161162162175175175175175LOW & MEDIUMPRESSURE 67167180118118119112131122112122, 128112122, 128112122, 7107107107107107112112112112126170170170PART NUMBERHIGH PRESSURE 25FJ9026PAGEHOSE 34134134185185185112128128128180132PART NUMBERADAPTERS &TUBE 188FJ6260FJ6274FJ6277FJ7023FJ7041PAGEACCESSORIES &ASSEMBLY 272272225273262250251261260262260262260PART NUMBERHOSE 39FF5540FF5541PAGEAPPENDICIESPART NUMBER7

PART NUMBERSPECIALTY &TRUCK HOSELOW & MEDIUMPRESSURE 9780FJ9781FJ9782FJ9783FJ9784FJ9785PAGEHIGH PRESSURE HOSEHOSE FITTINGS175175175106, 113106, 7107107107107113113115115115PART 112117117117117106106113334335PART 2FT1330-XLFT1355FT1380FT1380PFT1390FT1505ADAPTERS &TUBE FITTINGSACCESSORIES &ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONSHOSE ASSEMBLYEQUIPMENTAPPENDICIES8EATON Aeroquip Fluid Conveyance Products A-HOOV-MC001-E2 May 38PART 9829829829833933933933929

LOW & MEDIUMPRESSURE HOSE321771061911847818634634653HIGH PRESSURE HOSESOCKETLESS HoseSOCKETLESS SAESpiral Single Skive CrimpSplit Flange KitsSpring GuardStaplok Super GemULUSCG/MMTWaterblast HoseHOSE FITTINGSO-Ring Kits194PTFE18Railroad Airbrake Hose22Reusable Railroad Airbrake 185Reusable 100R2 BSP Skive 162Reusable 100R2 Skive Metric 163Reusable 100R2 Skive SAE 156Reusable 100R2 TTC165Reusable 100R5136Reusable 100R5 BSP145Reusable 100R5 Metric146Reusable Fittings136Reusable HI-PAC151Reusable Komatsu164Reusable Lifesaver138, 148, 152, 157, 166Reusable Power Steering/ 182AirbrakeReusable Sockets65Reusable Spiral Skive169Reusable TTC 100R1148SAE 100R Hose20Seal Materials192Socket Data64-65SOCKETLESS BSP/Metric180PAGEACCESSORIES &ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONSADAPTERS &TUBE FITTINGSFlow Capacities357Fluid Compatibility Charts 349-355Gladhand184Global BSP Fittings87Global Crimp Fitting Data66Global Crimp Socket Data63Global Metric Fittings90Global Nipple Crimp/Clamp 66Global OTC Crimp66Global Skive Crimp66Global Skive Socket66Global Spiral TTC Crimp97Global TTC Crimp66Global TTC12 Crimp66HI-PAC 41Internal Skive Crimp118Jack Hose (10,000 psi)57LPG27, 28MatchMate BLUE 39, 48MatchMate ICE 45MatchMate Global 39, 47-48, 51Mil/DOD346MSHA346O-Ring192PAGEHOSE 346(Government & Industrial)Airbrake Hoses21-23Air Compressor28-30Discharge HoseAQP v, 13-14BRUISER iii, 43, 44, 46, 53, 54, 56CGA28Connectors196Constant Pressure Hose 42-44Convoluted PTFE Hose31-32Crimp Fitting62-63Numbering SystemCrimp Socket Data64DIN346DNV346DOT346EN/CEN346EPDM/EPR40, 49FDA346Fittings58Flat Crimp/PTFE129PAGEAPPENDICIESPAGESPECIALTY &TRUCK HOSETermsEATON Aeroquip Fluid Conveyance Products A-HOOV-MC001-E2 May 20149

SPECIALTY &TRUCK HOSEHose ApplicationReference SymbolsLOW & MEDIUMPRESSURE HOSEIndustry symbols are provided for each hose indicatingwhere it is typically used.But remember, a hose canbe used in any industry,provided it meets the estab-lished application requirements. This list is providedas a guide. Final selectionis further dependent onpressure, fluid, fluid concentrations, temperature andintermittent or continuousexposures and governmentor industry specifications.GSEHIGH PRESSURE HOSEAIR CONDITIONINGGROUND SUPPORT EQUIPMENTAIR (HIGH PRESSURE)CHEMICAL TRANSFERRefer To A/C & R CatalogA-HOAC-MC001-E4FC611FC63615032661FC563HIGH PERFORMANCEJACK HOSELOW TEMERATURE (-70 )LPGRefer To Performance CatalogA-SPPE-MC001-E5(10,000 PSI Max. for all Hoses)FC579GH120GH810CR170MARINE (FUEL & OIL)RAILROAD AIR BRAKESHOP HOSE FITTINGSADAPTERS &TUBE FITTINGSACCESSORIES &ASSEMBLY 47Refer to Synflex CatalogE-HOOV-MC001-E2HOSE aterEngine 350EC038CoolantEH226102807FC350FC699GH100EATON Aeroquip Fluid Conveyance Products A-HOOV-MC001-E2 May 20142550FC300FC355Air CompressorPower SteeringS-TWFC300FC510FC310

SPECIALTY &TRUCK HOSEHose IndexAlphabetical IndexHydraulicAQP34-5735, 36, 39, 40,41, 45, 48, 49, 50, 51AQP39, 48, 49, 50AQP/Hi-Pac41BRUISER 43, 44, 46, 53, 54, 56Double wire braid42-49DESCRIPTIONPAGESFour spiral wireFour or six spiral wireHi-PacMatchMate BLUEMatchMate ICEMatchMate Global49-5354-564139, 484539, 47,48, 51Single wire braid38-42Textile braid21, 22, 32-37Wire inserted suction 34, 35DESCRIPTIONPAGESSpecial application20-34Airbrake21-23AQP23-25, 27, 33Convoluted PTFE31, 32Engine and airbrake23EPDM40, 49Fuel and oil23-27Jack Hose57LPG27, 28DESCRIPTIONPAGESPower steering41Railroad airbrake22Silicone rubber (coolant) 20Silicone rubber (heater)20SOCKETLESS32-34PTFE28-32Textile braid low pressure32-34, 35-37How to orderPTFE HoseThermoplastic HoseLOW & MEDIUMPRESSURE HOSEPAGESA/C and Refrigeration Hose17AQP Hose13-14Hose20-571218-1915-16HIGH PRESSURE HOSEDESCRIPTIONPart Number 54542741Eaton’s Aeroquip Hoseand Fitting AssemblyProduct WarningFlexible hose lines offermany advantages over rigidtubing including routingease, vibration absorption,sound deafening and theability to accommodatemovement of connectedcomponents. However,hose lines require cautionin use not only to providelong service, but also toguard against potentiallydangerous failure.ImportantThe user should carefullyobserve the precautionslisted in this catalog,including the recommendations on the selection ofhose and fittings on therelevant pages, and thepages on fluid compatibility. In addition, careshould be taken not toexceed the minimum bendradius listed for each hosesize and type in the hosePART 8FC500PG.2733232331312935303652section. Maximum operating pressure should notexceed pressures listed inthe hose data. Instructionsfor assembling fittings todifferent hose should befollowed carefully to ensurethe performance of thecompleted assembly.WARNING Eatonfitting tolerancesare engineered tomatch Eaton’s Aeroquiphose tolerances. The useof Eaton fittings on hosesupplied by other manufacturers and/or the use ofEaton’s Aeroquip hose withfittings supplied by othermanufactures may result inthe production of unreliableand unsafe hose assemblies and is neither recommended nor authorized byEaton or any of its affiliatesor subsidiaries.PART 9FC647PG.PART 45322WARNINGApplication considerations mustbe observed in selectingappropriate componentsfor the application of theseproducts contained herein.The failure to follow therecommendations set forthin this catalog may resultin an unstable applicationwhich may result in seriouspersonal injury or propertydamage.EATON OR ANY OFITS AFFILIATES ORSUBSIDIARIES SHALLNOT BE SUBJECT TOAND DISCLAIMS ANYOBLIGATIONS ORLIABILITIES (INCLUDINGBUT NOT LIMITED TOALL CONSEQUENTIAL,INCIDENTIAL ANDCONTINGENT DAMAGES)ARISING FROM TORTCLAIMS (INCLUDINGWITHOUT LIMITATIONNEGLIGENCE ANDSTRICT LIABILITY) OROTHER THEORIES OFPART 3GH810PG.4539485551553942474856PART #S-TWEC910EC850PG.295251HOSE FITTINGSPART #LAW WITH RESPECT TOANY HOSE ASSEMBLIESNOT PRODUCED FROMGENUINE AEROQUIPHOSE FITTINGS,HOSE AND AEROQUIPAPPROVED EQUIPMENT,AND IN CONFORMANCEWITH EATON’S AEROQUIPPROCESS AND PRODUCTINSTRUCTIONS FOREACH SPECIFIC HOSEASSEMBLY.ADAPTERS &TUBE C038PG.ACCESSORIES &ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS2626262222212134342132PART #Failure to follow theseprocesses and productinstructions and limitationscould lead to prematurehose assembly failuresresulting in property damage, serious injury or death.HOSE 56525702575PG.RoutingIf the user follows therecommendations on hoseline routing and installationas provide herein, improvedsafety and longer servicelife of any hose installationwill result.EATON Aeroquip Fluid Conveyance Products A-HOOV-MC001-E2 May 2014APPENDICIESPART #11

How to OrderSPECIALTY &TRUCK HOSELOW & MEDIUMPRESSURE HOSEHIGH PRESSURE HOSEHOSE FITTINGSAccurate processing andprompt delivery of yourorder depends on easyidentification of yourrequirements. Pleaseorder Aeroquip brand partsusing correct part numbersas described in this catalog. Inquiries and ordersshould be directed to yourAeroquip Distributor or:ADAPTERS &TUBE FITTINGSACCESSORIES &ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONSEaton14615 Lone Oak RoadEden Prairie, MN 55344952-937-9800;888-258-0222;Fax: numbers anddash sizesDash size designates thenominal size in 16ths ofan inch. This number immediately follows the partnumber and is separatedfrom it with a dash.HOSE ASSEMBLYEQUIPMENTDimensionsAPPENDICIESDimensions given in thiscatalog for Aeroquipproducts are approximateand should be used forreference only. Exactdimensional information fora given product is subject tochange and varying tolerances; contact Eaton directly forfull current information.12Cut length hoseWARNINGHose assembliesEaton manufactures theterminal ends of our hosefittings to the appropriaterequirements establishedby the SAE. Therefore,the performance ratings ofthese hose fittings meetthe SAE requirements. Itis possible to order a hoseassembly with a fittingterminal end that has aperformance rating lowerthan the hose rating. Whenordering hose assemblies,please keep the connectingend performance rating inmind since this may affectoverall hose assemblyperformance.Hose assembly components (hose and fittings)are easily assembled inthe field. However, factoryassembled reusable andcrimped hose assembliesare available.For complete information,contact Eaton.Cut lengths of hose should be ordered as shown below byspecifying lengths in inches.For numeric part numbers:2651- 10- 00484Hose typeHose size (in 16ths of an inch)Cut length (in inches)last digit is in 1/8ths of an inch 00484 481/2 inchesFor alpha-numeric part numbers:FC300- 08- 00484Hose typeHose dash sizeCut length (in inches)last digit is in 1/8ths of an inch 00484 481/2 inchesBulk hoseBulk hose should be ordered by specifying length in feet asshown below.Complete number500 ft.- 2651- 10Quantity (in feet)Hose typeHose size (in 16ths of an inch)Note: Length tolerance for hose, assemblies and sleeves is:Up to and including 12 inches: 1/8”Above 12 inches to and including 18 inches: 3/16”Above 18 inches to and including 36 inches: 1/4”Above 36 inches: 1% of lengthEATON Aeroquip Fluid Conveyance Products A-HOOV-MC001-E2 May 2014

The superior high-temperature, abrasion-resistanthose. Features extensivefluid compatibility.See page 27.LOW & MEDIUMPRESSURE HOSEFC300 AQP HoseSPECIALTY &TRUCK HOSEAQP HoseFC195 AQP/HI-IMPULSE HoseExceeds SAE100R2A, EN853 2ST, ISO1436-1 TYPE 2STFC510 AQP/Hi-Pac HoseCombines superior hightemperature resistance andextensive fluid compatibilityplus operating pressuresup to 40% greater thanSAE100R2 hose.See page 49.Combines the flexibilityand economy of Hi-Pachose with the temperatureand fluid compatibility ofAQP hose.See page 41.The revolutionary truckhose with superior abrasionresistance. Features anAQP tube for excellent fluidcompatibility and temperature requirements.See page 23.Ideal for truck maintenanceand piping conditionswhere fluid compatibilityand chemical resistance arerequired.Has a blue AQP elastomercover for fluid resistance.Fire resistant fuel hosemeets USCG AIrequirements. Offerspositive fire resistance incritical applications withoutusing a firesleeve.Offers extended fluidcompatibility and operatingtemperature range for lowpressure applications.Used with Aeroquip brandSOCKETLESS fittings forquick and easy assembly.For low pressureapplications.See page 36.HIGH PRESSURE HOSEExceeds SAE100R5Exceeds FMVSS-106 Type AllFC355 AQP HoseADAPTERS &TUBE FITTINGSFC350 AQP HoseHOSE FITTINGSExceeds SAE100R2 Performance RequirementsSee page 23.FC498 AQP HoseHOSE ASSEMBLYEQUIPMENTFC332 AQP SOCKETLESS HoseSee page 25.See page 33.APPENDICIESFC234 AQP HoseACCESSORIES &ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONSExceeds FMVSS-106 Type AllExceeds SAE100R6EATON Aeroquip Fluid Conveyance Products A-HOOV-MC001-E2 May 201413

AQP HoseSPECIALTY &TRUCK HOSE2661 AQP HoseLOW & MEDIUMPRESSURE HOSEThe dual-purpose hosewith extensive fluid compatibility is ideal for eithersuction or chemical transferapplications.See page 35.Exceeds SAE100R4GH194 MatchMate BLUE AQP/HI-IMPULSE Hose A thin cover, 1-wire versionHIGH PRESSURE HOSEExceeds SAE 100R1ATof AQP/HI-IMPULSE hosethat allows the useof Aeroquip MatchMatePlus Thru-The-Cover (TTC)fittings.GH195 MatchMate BLUE AQP/HI-IMPULSE Hose A thin cover, 2-wire versionExceeds SAE 100R2ATHOSE FITTINGSFC650 AQP HoseHigh Temperature Fuel and Oilof AQP/HI-IMPULSE hosethat allows the useof Aeroquip MatchMatePlus Thru-The-Cover (TTC)fittings.The revolutionary truckhose with superior abrasionresistance. Features anAQP tube for excellent fluidcompatibility and temperature requirements.ADAPTERS &TUBE FITTINGSACCESSORIES &ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONSHOSE ASSEMBLYEQUIPMENTAPPENDICIES14EATON Aeroquip Fluid Conveyance Products A-HOOV-MC001-E2 May 2014Pressures to 227,0 BAR[3250 psi].See page 39.Pressures to 397,0 BAR[5750 psi].See page 48.Pressure to 70,0 BAR[1000 psi].See page 24.

SPECIALTY &TRUCK HOSESynflex Thermoplastic Hose3R30 Low Pressure Hoset -PX WPMVNFUSJD FYQBOTJPOt 3VHHFE EFTJHOOperating temperaturerange of -40 C to 100 C[-40 F to 212 F].t -POH DPOUJOVPVT MFOHUITt -PX FMPOHBUJPOt #FTU WBMVF 3 IPTFOperating temperaturerange of -40 C to 100 C[-40 F to 212 F].t SAE J517 non-conductivehose constructiont -FTT UIBO NJDSP amperes leakage whensubjected to 75,000volts/ft for 5 minutest 'MFYJCMF JO MPX UFNQFSBUVSFTt "CSBTJPO 67 SFTJTUBOU coverOperating temperaturerange of -40 C to 100 C[-40 F to 212 F].t -POH DPOUJOVPVT MFOHUITt -PX FMPOHBUJPOt 'MFYJCMF JO MPX temperaturest "CSBTJPO 67 SFTJTUBOU coverOperating temperaturerange of -54 C to 100 C[-65 F to 212 F].t SAE J517 non-conductivehose constructiont -FTT UIBO NJDSP amperes leakage whensubjected to 75,000volts/ft for 5 minutest 'MFYJCMF JO MPX UFNQFSBUVSFTt "CSBTJPO 67 SFTJTUBOU coverOperating temperaturerange of -54 C to 100 C[-65 F to 212 F].t -POH MJGF JO JNQVMTF cycling and flexingt %FTJHOFE GPS QFSNBOFOU or reusable fittingsOperating temperaturerange of -40 C to 100 C[-40 F to 212 F].t SAE J517 non-conductivehose constructi

EATON Aeroquip Fluid Conveyance Products A-HOOV-MC001-E2 May 2014 Table of Contents Part Number Index 3-8 Terms 9 Hose Application Reference Symbols 10 Hose Index 11 How to Order 12 AQP Hose 14 Synflex Thermoplastic Hose 15-16 AC and Refrigeration 17 PTFE 18-19 Specialty & Truck Hose

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AEROQUIP MASTER CATALOG A-HOOV-MC001-E3—August 2017 A-3 Table of Contents Hose Hydraulic Hose Section B General Purpose Hose Section C Industrial Hose Section D Air conditioning and refrigeration Section E Transportation

Automotive Hose and Fittings CONTENT 6 6.1 6.2 6.3 Hose and Fittings 634 G-Line Hose and Fittings 634 Quick Release Couplings 645 600 - 700 Series Hose and Fittings 648 200 Series Hose and Fittings 673 Push Fit Hose and Fittings 679 Adaptors 683 Air Conditioning Hose and 695 Fittings . 634 6. 1 Series Page Hose 910 910 636 Hose 811 811 636 Hose 910 FC 910 FC 636 (Fuel Cell) G .

Eaton Char-Lynn 4000 Series 10 Eaton Char-Lynn 6000 Series 11 Eaton Char-Lynn 10,000 Series 12 Eaton Char-Lynn Spares 13 Eaton Xcel XLH Series 15 Eaton Xcel XLS Series 16 Eaton Xcel XL2 Series 17 Eaton Xcel Spares 18 Eaton Char-

Select a matching hose and fitting combination from the current Aeroquip catalog. Step 1: Cut the Hose Cut the hose squarely and to the proper length using a suitable cut off saw. The cut angle must not exceed 5 . Aeroquip recommends using saws similar to the S1104 or FT1500 for large bore and spiral hose, and the FT1258 for FC372 and FC373 .

Refrigerant Hose With Field Attachable Fittings. Eaton’s Aeroquip product line offers AE379 refrigerant hose with easy, field-attach-able fittings has been devel-oped in response to today's need for an aerospace qual-ity hose assembly that is lightweight, easy to fabricate in the field and requires only simple assembly tools. AE379 is a .

Eaton 15284 Beltsville, MD Eaton 02750 Bethel, CT Eaton 97484, 16780 Glenolden, PA Eaton 09790, 17472, 72121 Grand Rapids, MI Eaton 86090 Irvine, CA Eaton 62983, 90166 Jackson, MS Eaton 99643, 76050, 52906 Los Angeles, CA Eaton 77842 Warwick, RI Essex Cryogenics 19062 Saint Louis, MO Essex Industries 0HFY6 Saint Louis, MO Extant 22830 Melbourne .

c/s tube aeroquip flexmaster coupling c/s 90º tube elbow type 510 - fixed flange x aeroquip flexmaster t-321 stainless steel braided metal hose 125/150# a-36 carbon steel fixed flange c/s tube aeroqu p flexmaster coupling type 511 - fixed flange x 90º x aeroquip flexmaster

hose flame shield can prevent or delay hose lines from burning. See hose specifications shown in this catalog for the correct firesleeve to match each hose size. For other hose styles, select firesleeve with an I.D. slightly larger than the hose O.D. Features Ease of installation: 624 Firesleeve can be slid over line or

Victaulic Styles 470/480 Hose Nipple Assembly provides a lightweight, easily installed connection for joining hose to a standard grooved end piping system, Victaulic fittings and valves or hose-to-hose connections. The nipple slides easily into the hose and the three-

This page is part of a complete catalog containing technical and safety data that must be reviewed when selecting a product. 2 INTRODUCTION EATON Aeroquip Performance Products by Eaton A-SPPE-CC001-E November 2013 APPLICATION GUIDE APPLICATION GUIDE 3 *Nomex, Kevlar and Teflon are DuPont trademarks and under license by Eaton. Racing Hose, Teflon*

4 EATON PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS Differential Application Guide Eaton ELocker Eaton Detroit Truetrac Eaton Posi. No matter your application, Eaton Performance has a differential to meet your needs. Product On Road. Off-Road Drag Racing; Circle Track Restoration: Street and Muscle

For more information visit: IB01602009E Instruction Booklet Page4 Effective: January 2020 ATC-300 Automatic Transfer Switch Controller 1.5.2 Standard and Optional Features A variety of programmable features are available with the ATC 300 Controller to meet a File Size: 936KBPage Count: 28Explore furtherO & M Manual for the EATON ATC-300 Automatic Transfer .www.eaton.comAll Product Manuals - Eatontaa-ups.eaton.comOperators Manual ASCO SERIES 300 Automatic Transfer .www.ascopower.comEaton automatic transfer switch brochurewww.eaton.comATC-300 Power Series Transfer Switchwww.generac.comRecommended to you based on what's popular Feedback

Male 3/8” NPT with 5/16” hose barb 9-38022 Hose Barb Male 3/8” NPT with 3/8” hose barb 9-38023 Hose Barb Male 1/8” NPT with 1/4” hose barb 9-38030 Fuel Connector Replaces: Honda Clip-on Type 3/8” hose 9-38031 Fuel Connector Replaces: Mercury 30185Q 3 Male (tank end) bayonet type- w/hose barb 9-38032 Fuel Connector Replaces: Mercury 22831Q 3 Female (engine end) bayonet type 9 .

Cardboard Christmas Village Hose oor large 200% Hose Windo 1 large Ct Hose Windo 2 large 200% Ct Hose Cimney large 200% HSE PRY Hose large Hose 2 Window large 200% Ct Hose 2 Cimne 1 . House 4 Window 1 Enlarge 200% Cut 2 House 4 Window 2 Enlarge 200% Cut 2 House 4 Chimney Enlarge 200% HOUSE PARTY House 4 Enl

Hose is expensive, especially industrial hose. Our Hosebun product cradles the hose. When Hosebun product is used, the hose manufacturer’s maximum bending radius is prot ected, and your expensive hose is kept from kinking. The Hosebun is, by far, the proper method to suspend hose

Stripwound metal hose is a rugged product made from a strip of steel that is profiled and continuously wound around a mandrel to form a hose. Hose Master’s proprietary manufacturing process yields an extremely consistent and balanced profile that maximizes strength and flexibility. Stripwound hose is

the UH-60 landing struts (shock absorbers). These switches are used for pressure indication and/ or monitoring. Hose Assemblies Eaton’s Aeroquip hose assemblies are utilized extensively throughout the UH-60 aircraft. The assemblies can be found in the hydraulic system, the fuel system and the lube oil

System Temperature - The temperature generated by the hydraulic system itself is created by several factors, among them: a) the length of the hose assembly, b) the friction inside the hose and the size of the hose. See “Pressure Drop” on page 9. Selecting the Right Hose Hose I.D. (Inc

for the invention of the world's first all-powered aerial ladder Alcohol Lied to Me Lulu Enterprises Incorporated, 2012 They Laughed when I Sat Down An Informal History of Advertising in Words and Pictures, Frank