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THE CARLISLE AFTERMARKET ADVANTAGEAt Carlisle, we are proud to maintain our position as atop-tier supplier for providing highly engineered motioncontrol solutions for severe duty and high energyapplications. OE-grade product development processesand global capabilities ensure Carlisle has the capacityto provide high-quality, cost-competitive solutions.When choosing a Carlisle product, our customersexpect a quality solution that will keep their applicationoperating at an OE level of performance under thetoughest environmental conditions. Carlisle remainsdetermined to produce the highest qualitybrake system products available for todays on- and offhighway fleet owners and equipment operators.Carlisle product and design engineering teams areavailable to work with your technical support teams tooptimize an appropriate solution in order to meet thespecifications of your application.From an aftermarket service kit to a complete brakesystem solution, Carlisle’s engineering support andaftermarket sales representatives are prepared to helpcustomers obtain industry-proven solutions the firsttime, every time.TABLE OF CONTENTS2The Carlisle Aftermarket AdvantageCARLISLE FRICTION MATERIALS3Table of Contents16-29Wet Friction Discs & Components4About Carlisle Brake & Friction30-81On-Highway Disc Brake Pads82-86On-Highway Buttons & RivetsCARLISLE BRAKE & FRICTION AFTERMARKETADVANTAGE (OE GRADE PRODUCTS)6 REASONS TO CHOOSE CARLISLEAFTERMARKET PRODUCTSCARLISLE BRAKE ASSEMBLIES56-7123Original EquipmentHeritageDesign EngineeringQuality AssuranceAftermarket CapabilitiesMarkets Served8Brake Assemblies9Wet Friction Discs & Components87-9293-105106-107Park and Emergency Brakes KitsService Brakes KitsCombination Brakes Kits45610On-Highway FrictionLimited LifetimeWarrantyGlobal CustomerSupportExperiencedCustomer Service11Hydraulic Actuation108-119Standard & Boosted Master CylindersAftermarket Kits120-125Hydraulic Valves and Adjusters12-13CARLISLE OFFERS OE GRADE BRAKE AND FRICTION SOLUTIONS14Advanced Technology OE and Aftermarket products are manufactured in the same ISO-certified facilities15Customer Solutions ExpertiseCARLISLE HYDRAULIC CONTROL PRODUCTS OE and Aftermarket products are manufactured on the same production lines Production of OE and Aftermarket products are managed by the same quality control/SPC system Carlisle Aftermarket products offer specific features not available from most aftermarket suppliers2www.CarlisleCBF.com1-855-403-90833

ABOUT CARLISLE BRAKE & FRICTIONAFTERMARKET CAPABILITIESBRAKE ASSEMBLIESCALIPER BRAKE DEVELOPMENT - DESIGNAND TESTING: Extensive lab and field testing ensure performancecharacteristics meet all theoretical modelsCarlisle Brake & Friction is a global leader in thedevelopment and supply of severe-duty and highperformance brake, friction and hydraulic actuationproduct technologies, servicing both the OriginalEquipment and Aftermarket customer base in a varietyof end markets.Carlisle is committed to providing customers withpremium quality brake system product solutions forboth on- and off-highway applications. At Carlisle,the rigid quality, application testing and validationstandards of our products result in motion controlsystem components that demonstrate infallible fieldperformance and provide superior customer value.Carlisle products are performance proven, offeringthe best possible value for aftermarket distributors,fleet owners and off-highway operations. For decades,Carlisle products remain a preferred brake systemsolution by professional repair shops and fleets strivingto maintain the superior OE quality of their on-highwayvehicles and off-highway mobile equipment.Carlisle’s long-standing history of design successesand demonstrated performance can be attributedto years of experience in research and development,testing proficiency and manufacturing excellence ona global scale. Custom designed testing equipment simulates realworld conditions and confirms engineering premises Structural endurance testing machines andinertia dynamometers test overall strengthand performanceMore than 1,700 employees worldwide supportour diverse motion control market segments withinnovative solutions as well as a commitment andexpertise that only a company with decades ofindustrial braking experience can provide.Every day we are building stronger, closer relationshipswith customers, using our insight and experiencein order to specifically tailor solutions to meet theirindividual needs. From identifying the appropriatebrake, friction, hydraulic or aftermarket kit solutionfor your application to troubleshooting maintenanceinquiries‚ Carlisle provides the customer serviceand support necessary to keep your equipment upand running smoothly.GAS NITRIDING: Process designed to increase strength andhardness without affecting the rest of the part Provides part durability, reducing downtime dueto fatigue, distortion or breakage Performed on all Carlisle friction discs andopposing platesHYDRAULIC ACTUATIONCALIPER BRAKE VALIDATION ANDPERFORMANCE TESTING: Dynamic friction (torque) tests are designed tosimulate performance conditions under variousapplication loading Chemical and thermal analysis equipment measurestemperature saturation versus duty cycleBOOSTER AND MASTER CYLINDERTESTING PROCEDURES: Environmental chambers test performance undervarious possible conditions of a given application Hydraulic testing capabilities measure durabilityand validate lasting performance Failure analysis assessments ensure quality Heat fade tests evaluate performance characteristicsfollowing an extreme heat episode Torque fatigue procedures test performance anddurability under the most severe conditionsBegan production oftransmission liningsfor the Ford Model T19201930First use of sinteredmetal brake discs inGoodyear airplane brakes4Produced firstsintered metallicfriction for tanks19401950Supplied brakes forthe first generation ofCAT mining truckswww.CarlisleCBF.comLicensed FrendoAbex in Italy and builtnew plant19601970Introduced paperfriction for heavyduty applicationsCIBF originates fromBF Goodrich off-highwaybrake division19801990Among the first group ofsuppliers approved by theCAT quality audit teamAcquired Meritoroff-highway brakedivision20002010Acquired Hawk/Wellman ProductsGroupFRICTION PRODUCTSFURNACE FLATTENING:HYDRAULIC VALVE TESTING AND DESIGN: Provides stress relief for additional hardnesscontrol following heat treat and grinding Each and every Carlisle valve is both performanceand leak tested to ensure the highest level of quality Ensures part flatness, parallelism and hardnessfor proper fitment and performance Tested and proven capable of up to 3500 PSIinput pressures Performed on all Carlisle friction discs andopposing plates Flow rate measures and pressure tolerance testingdemonstrate superior flow capacity1-855-403-90835

MARKETS SERVEDMININGINDUSTRIALMINING PRODUCT SOLUTIONS: Wet Brake Friction Discs, Disc Brake Pads,Dry Caliper Service Brakes, Park and Emergency Brakes, Hydraulic Actuation,Manifolds, Charge Valves, Clutch Discs, Transmission DiscsINDUSTRIAL PRODUCT SOLUTIONS: Wet Brake Friction, Drum Brakes, Dry CaliperService Brakes, Disc Brake Pads, Hydraulic Actuation, Clutch FrictionCARLISLE SERVED MINING APPLICATIONS: Front-end Loaders, BackhoeLoaders, Wheel Loaders, Haulage Trucks, Tractors, ADT’s, Rough Terrain Cranes,Underground Mining, Winches and Tow Behind ScrapersCARLISLE SERVED INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS: Cranes, Material HandlingVehicles, Oil Rigs, Airport Tugs, Telehanders, Logging and Forestry EquipmentAGRICULTUREON-HIGHWAYAGRICULTURAL PRODUCT SOLUTIONS: Wet Brake Friction Discs, HydraulicActuation, Disc Brake Pads, Service Brakes, Park Brakes, Ball on Ramp Brakes,Drum Brakes, Clutch Discs, Transmission DiscsON-HIGHWAY PRODUCT SOLUTIONS: Disc Brake Pads, Clutch Buttons, BrakeBlocks, Brake Shoes and Lined Shoe AssembliesCARLISLE SERVED AGRICULTURAL APPLICATIONS: Tractors, CombineHarvesters, Roller Mills, Scrapers, Utility Vehicles, Material HandlingCARLISLE SERVED ON-HIGHWAY APPLICATIONS:Class 3 – 8 Commercial TrucksCONSTRUCTIONMILITARYCONSTRUCTION PRODUCT SOLUTIONS: Clutch Friction, Wet Friction, HydraulicActuation, Service Brakes, Park and Emergency Brakes, Disc Brake PadsMILITARY PRODUCT SOLUTIONS: Park Brakes, Service Brakes,Combination Brakes, Hydraulic Actuation, Clutch Discs, Transmission Discs,Wet and Dry FrictionCARLISLE SERVED CONSTRUCTION APPLICATIONS: Backhoe Loaders, Frontend Loaders, Wheel Loaders, Pavers, Graders, Excavators, Rollers, ScrapersBulldozers, Mobile Cranes, Haulage Trucks, Telehanders, ADT’s, Lift TrucksAEROSPACEAEROSPACE PRODUCT SOLUTIONS: Steel Brake Rings, Steel Brake Cups, SteelBrake InsulatorsCARLISLE SERVED AEROSPACE APPLICATIONS: Commercial and Military jets,Small Multipurpose Airliners and Helicopters.6MARKETS SERVEDwww.CarlisleCBF.comCARLISLE SERVED MILITARY APPLICATIONS: Light to Heavy-duty ArmoredVehicles, Tanks, Military Transports, and Aircraft Barriers (cable brake), LandAttack and Assault VehiclesMOTORSPORTSMOTORSPORTS PRODUCT SOLUTIONS: Disc Brake Pads, Clutch TransmissionFriction, Disc Brake RotorsCARLISLE SERVED MOTORSPORT APPLICATIONS: Circle Track, Dirt Track, RoadCourse, Drag Racing, Endurance, Rally and Stock Car Racing1-855-403-90837

BRAKE ASSEMBLIESBRAKE ASSEMBLIESOriginating from the acquisitions of such OEMoff-highway brake assembly pioneers as B.F. Goodrich,Meritor and Rockwell Automation, today Carlisle hasevolved to become the industry authority in brakesystem innovation. Adhering to tradition, Carlislecontinues to invest in the design, testing andimprovement efforts of both new as well as industryprominent Carlisle legacy brake assembly models.Designed to endure some of the world’s harshestdemands including off-highway earthmovingequipment, Carlisle brake assemblies are built to keepequipment in service under even the mostextreme conditions.In conditions of varying load, Carlisle Park andEmergency Brake assemblies are designed to retainpredictable and repeatable performance characteristics.Carlisle park brakes are world-renowned for deliveringthe ultimate heavy-duty solution for safety, reliability,durability and lasting performance. Our spring apply,hydraulic release caliper park brakes are specificallydesigned for high torque static applications with awide range of dynamic capabilities.Carlisle’s Combination Brake assemblies offer anintegrated park and service braking solution. One setof opposed pistons are the SAHR park brake while theother two sets of opposed pistons are the hydraulicallyactuated service brake. Combination brake assembliesreduce the overall weight and space limitationsnecessary in maintaining two separate braking systems.Large vehicles require increased braking capacity.Many of the world’s largest off-highway vehicleand equipment applications depend on the trustedprecision of Carlisle brake assembly performance.Decades of experience prove that Carlisle ServiceBrakes continuously meet the demands of a widerange of high energy, high torque severe-dutyapplications. Choose from any one of our hydraulicallyactuated, four to six piston caliper service brakeassemblies, each built to withstand and perform underany of today’s high energy, high torque dynamicbraking conditions.OE GRADE FEATURES CNC machining capabilities ensure proper casting Rigid design and quality tolerancesvalidate performance characteristics Cleanliness is made possible throughenforcement of the Carlisle Operating System(COS), a continuous improvement Engineered with high strength ductile iron orhigh grade aluminum to ensure lasting durability Torque spec procedure for hardware installationvalidates the performance of all assembly parts All Carlisle brake assemblies are tested tothe same OE specificationsWET FRICTION DISCS & COMPONENTSWET FRICTIONCarlisle wet friction product technologies set theindustry standard for durability, fitment, safety andquality. Each Carlisle friction material available tothe industrial aftermarket is specifically designedto maximize equipment uptime, reduce annualmaintenance costs and meet the harsh demands oftoday’s off-highway vehicles.MATERIAL TECHNOLOGYCarlisle Paper friction discs demonstrate considerableperformance advantages over the competition. Witha proven tolerance to high heat and pressure loadingconditions, our paper materials resist wear in order todeliver long-lasting, consistent performance.HDT Graphitic discs are a unique and proprietaryfriction technology available exclusively throughCarlisle’s aftermarket distribution and customrebuild channel partners.The HDT graphitic disc is specifically designed for powershift transmission, forward and reverse clutch and wetbrake applications.The quality of Steel disc opposing plates is critical to thedurability and performance of friction discs and motioncontrol systems. Surface finish, geometryand fitment are all critical to achieving expectedperformance from mating friction discs.All Carlisle steel opposing plates endure additionalsecondary operations and quality inspections to ensureproper flatness, parallelism and surface conditioning forstructural strength and fitment.Carlisle offers Sinter Metallic discs in a variety offormulations. Our Iron (Feramic), Bronze, Copper andCeramic products provide exceptional performanceand durability for power shift transmission, powertake-off, steering clutch, wet brake and other motioncontrol applications.Semi-Ceramic Premium disc brake friction materialoffering OE level performance, superior durability, frictioncoefficient, fade resistance and overall friction life.Carlisle’s Semi-Metallic, economy grade frictionmaterial demonstrates increased performance and wearcharacteristics compared to competitive aftermarketofferings on the market today.OE GRADE FEATURES Choose between OE level or higher friction profiles Superior wear rates minimize downtime and cost Best in class fade resistance Superior resistance to glazing1-855-403-90839

FRICTION PRODUCTS ON-HIGHWAYHYDRAULIC ACTUATIONON-HIGHWAY FRICTION HYDRAULIC ACTUATIONUnder the VelveTouch by Carlisle Brake and Frictionaftermarket brand name, Carlisle develops frictiontechnologies including disc brake pads and clutchfriction materials for light- to heavy-duty, on-highwayvehicle applications. As a world renowned OE brakeblock, clutch and transmission friction manufacturer,Carlisle is proud to maintain a proven track record indeveloping friction materials that consistently achieveflawless performance characteristics under even themost complex, severe-duty applications.VelveTouch Carbon Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Padswere designed for severe duty on-highway applicationsranging from class one through class six automotiveand commercial truck fleets. Our unique F1 and F3friction formulations combine the performance andheat resistance of carbon fiber composites with thedurability of traditional semi-metallic brake pads.Carlisle’s advanced friction technology capabilitiespartnered with the quality and safety of our aerospacedesign expertise is the foundation of Carbon SemiMetallic brake pads. Whether its cost per milereduction, improved drivability or safety, VelveTouch Carbon Semi-Metallic brake pads will meet or exceedyour expectations.VelveTouch Clutch Buttons provide rebuilders andclutch manufacturers with a substantial performanceadvantage to ensure repeat business throughexceptional performance advantages in terms offriction coefficient, durability, design and quality.CLUTCH BUTTONS:DISC BRAKE PADS: Designed for class 5 - 8 heavy-duty applications Mechanical bond friction material retention system High friction materials Lower cost per mile through lasting performance Increased life and reduced annual maintenance costs Extend vehicle up-time Extended life of pressure plate and fly wheel withultra-gentle friction formulations Noise minimize (NVH)www.CarlisleCBF.comCarlisle manufactures hydraulic and mechanicallyactuated braking systems including Standard andBoosted Master Cylinders. Carlisle’s standard actuationsystem offers a premium, fail-safe and cost effectivesolution for a variety of off-highway applications. Forincreased operator comfort and overall performance,Carlisle boosted master cylinder options deliver addedvehicle control, stability and decreased stoppingdistance to stimulate balanced braking performanceacross axles.Carlisle offers hydraulic control valves, specificallydesigned to provide the precise pressure modulationrequired in heavy-duty applications. For additionalversatility, Carlisle offers hydraulic control valveoptions for use in open center, closed center and loadsensing hydraulic systems. Carlisle valves also providehigh flow capabilities, allowing the brakes to fully applyin less vehicle traveling distance, therefore eliminatingthe need for additional braking capability.OE GRADE FEATURESOE GRADE FEATURES10Carlisle remains dedicated to the testing anddevelopment efforts of new and existing hydraulicactuation products including boosters, master cylinders,slave cylinders, hydraulic valves and actuators.BOOSTED MASTER CYLINDERS:VALVES: Designs offer reduced pedal effort and pedal travelto achieve operating pressure requirements Quiet, consistent, controlled operation Heavy-duty construction and proven quality Enhanced operator comfort due to progressive andcontrollable braking response characteristics High flow capabilities for increased pressure Proven to be the off-highway industry’s mostefficient method of applying the brakes Externally adjustable valve option withsettings for precise pressure requirements1-855-403-908311

AFTERMARKET KITSAFTERMARKET KITSMaintain the original equipment performancecharacteristics of your Carlisle brake system byreplacing all wear parts with top-quality, Carlisle original,aftermarket components to ensure the maximummileage and dependable operation of your equipment.Servicing your brake system assembly with genuinespare parts is your best guarantee for maintaining theoriginal performance.Each and every spare part required to maintain yourCarlisle assembly from the seals and O-rings to thepistons and the linings, are designed to work togetherin perfect harmony. Every part is factory-fitted,conforming to the Carlisle standard of quality.At Carlisle, we subject every spare part to a rigorousprocess beginning with the concept design, and endingwith an engineering release. All Carlisle aftermarket kitcomponents were developed and tested specifically foryour original Carlisle brake or hydraulic assembly.To ensure that our customers experience the samelevel of quality in our spare parts as experienced in ourbrake and hydraulic assemblies, each Carlisle spare partmust first undergo testing and validation. Only when ourskilled team of engineers have approved a part for form,fit and function will that part be added to a Carlisleaftermarket kit. By establishing thorough testing andvalidation standards, we are able to assure customersthat the same high quality performance characteristicsexperienced in the original equipment will continue.AFTERMARKET KITSAFTERMARKET KITSLINING KITSUnlike the many aftermarket replacement partssuppliers that makeup today’s deeply saturated market,Carlisle Lining Kits are manufactured to the standardsof your original brake assembly.CARLISLE LINING KIT BENEFITS: Thru molded to provide max shear strengthCarlisle aftermarket lining kits feature friction liningsdesigned and built to the OE specifications, deliveringoptimal performance in your heavy-duty equipment. Bychoosing to service your equipment with only a genuineCarlisle lining kit, you are providing the best possibletechnological and economical solution based on yourequipment’s total operating costs. Back plate surface hardness preventspiston embedding Soft carrier from non-original Carlisle linings can lead todamage in other brake components and to brake failure Non-genuine linings exhibit poor insulationcharacteristics allowing disc heat to dissipateinto the caliper Self-proclaimed “long lasting” non-original Carlislelinings can lead to early disc wearOVERHAUL KITSSEAL KITSCarlisle offers an extensive range of Seal Kit solutionsfor the aftermarket. Just as our brake and hydraulicassemblies are designed and manufactured, ourindustrial seal kits are developed using only the mostadvanced materials and technology to ensure theprolonged life and performance characteristics requiredin demanding off-highway applications.CARLISLE SEAL KIT BENEFITS: Premium seals for protection against leaks Designed to protect assemblies from damagingenvironmental contamination Wide variety of seal materials allow Carlisle tomaintain compatibility in all actuation fluids Specifically designed to meet the requirementsof your application Carlisle original seal kit components meet ourdimensional tolerances Meets the Carlisle standard for high heattemperature resistance12www.CarlisleCBF.comExtreme operating conditions, rough terrain and shortstopping distances all impact the length of timenecessary between scheduled maintenance.When you choose a Carlisle original aftermarketOverhaul Kit, you are restoring your assembly to itsprimary level of performance.Brake assemblies exposed to severe operatingenvironments and recurring stops may requiremore frequent preventive maintenance includingbrake and hydraulic system overhaul to ensurelasting performance.Carlisle replacement parts are specifically developedto compliment the performance characteristics ofyour assembly. Each component included in ouroverhaul kits are designed and tested for compatibilityand include all of the components you need fora thorough, lasting repair.CARLISLE OVERHAUL KIT BENEFITS: Complete repair solution, including seals, O-rings andlinings where applicable Premium oil seals for the best possible protectionagainst pesky leaks and damaging contamination All Carlisle original assembly parts ensure youmaintain the same performance characteristics of theOE parts they replace1-855-403-908313

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGYGLOBAL ENGINEERING AND APPLICATION SUPPORT: 26 inertia dynamometers 80 engineers 9 patents 4 seats mechanical FEA softwareThe Carlisle Industrial Aftermarket team is in chargeof replacement parts and service business withend-customers and distribution partners in all majorindustrial markets. Our top priority is to remain a reliablepartner in supplying our customers with high-qualityproducts and service.CREATE A WINNING SPIRITGrowth and continuous innovation do not onlyrequire investment into technology, but also intotalent and people. At Carlisle, our people do what ittakes to get the job done. Innovation is an everydayevent on our factory floors.Each factory’s innovative ideas and processes areenthusiastically shared across continents. As a result,the manufacturing environment in each of our plantsis charged with the positive energy of continuousimprovement. Our people make it work.CUSTOMER BENEFITS:SALES AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Global reach Aftermarket Program Marketing team overseesdevelopment and production efforts of specificcustomer requests Over 60 years of combinedrepresentative experience Specific support focused exclusivelyon aftermarket Field support and product training services availableupon requestFriction MaterialsFriction Materials 22 Pro-E seatsAt Carlisle, we regulate each aspect of the totalbraking system from the pedal to the brake gainingcontrol over braking performance. Our assurance of aquality system is possible because we design, developand manufacture our own friction materials, brakeassemblies and hydraulic actuation products.Carlisle is proud to maintain a veteran customer serviceand support team collectively representing over 100years of comprehensive experience to accommodateand answer your questions.Aftermarket AdvantageAftermarket Advantage 5 engineering laboratories located worldwide:Solon (US), Bloomington (US), Pontypool (UK),Orzinuovi (IT), and Suzhou (PRC)At Carlisle, we are thoroughly familiar with customerspecific requirements as a result of our closecooperation based on the individual customer need. Ourstate-of-the-art technology permits us to supply theappropriate brake, friction and hydraulic products aswell as offer related product testing and data validation,focusing on high dependability in even the toughestenvironmental conditions.Like many of our customers, Carlisle operates globally.Our experienced staff of motion control experts areready to assist you from any of our regional customersupport locations across the world. We work diligentlyto provide the most efficient, high-quality productsolutions based on the unique requirements of thecustomer in order to improve the overall experience.Table of ContentsTable of ContentsIntensive research and development as well as closework with OEMs result in high levels of operationalreliability for all Carlisle OE and aftermarket products.A combination of more than 80 years of experience indesigning innovative brake and friction solutions anda strong customer focus make Carlisle an excellentpartner that our distributors can depend on.At Carlisle, we go the extra mile to deliver ourcustomers unrivalled service and support. To ensurethat our customers benefit from our dependableexpertise and friendly service, we routinely refine theknowledge and proficiency of our customer supportteam through our internal product training programs.With Carlisle, you can expect world-class qualitynot only from our products, but also from ourtalented teams.About CarlisleAbout CarlisleAs a leading manufacturer of brake assembly, frictionmaterial, hydraulic actuation and related components,we never stop looking for better solutions. Carlisle isdedicated to continuously advancing our brake systemproduct technologies in each of the markets we serve,all across the world.CUSTOMER SOLUTIONS EXPERTISE Technical and engineering support availableupon requestBrake AssembliesBrake AssembliesHydraulic Control ProductsHydraulic Control Products14www.CarlisleCBF.com1-855-403-908315



2 1-855-403-9083 3 3 Table of Contents 4 About Carlisle Brake & Friction CARLISLE BRAKE & FRICTION AFTERMARKET ADVANTAGE (OE GRADE PRODUCTS) 10 On-Highway Friction 5 Aftermarket Capabilities 6-7 Markets Served 8 Brake Assemblies 9 Wet Friction Discs & Components 16-29 Wet Friction Discs & Compo

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