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Guam Provider Directoryaetnainternational.comProprietary

Your comprehensive networkThe care you need, when and where you need itOur mission is to provide you withaccess to the highest quality healthcare available. In partnership withNetCare, CVS Caremark, Maxicare,and others, Aetna has developed anetwork of the best doctors andhealth care facilities in Guam andaround the world.ProprietaryThis provider directory will help youfind doctors and health care facilitiesthat can give you the care you need,when and where you need it. Becauseproviders listed in this directory aresubject to change without notice,before you visit a doctor or healthcare facility, make sure they are acurrent participating provider andaccept the plan or network noted onyour Member ID Card.

Guam participating providersBlue Ocean Medical GroupHealth Partners, LLCLLC dba IHP MedicalGroup*GRMC Specialty Care Clinic*Guam Memorial Hospital*Micronesia Medical &Guam Regional Medical City ENT/OtolaryngologyAnesthesia Associates,AnesthesiologyGRMC Specialty Care Clinic* PCCLOlivia Cruz, M.D.Guam E.N.T., LLC*AC Micro Guam*Pacific HealthCare Clinic*GRMC Specialty Care Clinic* Family MedicinePacific Medical Group*Guam Specialist Group dbaThe Doctor’s Clinic*Hafa Adai Specialist Group* American Medical Center*Central Medical ClinicYoung Chang, M.D.*MHV Anesthesia*DPHSS: Northern RegionalGurusamy Inc, dba HealthBehavioral HealthCommunity Health Center* Services*DPHSS: Southern RegionalAMC Mental Health, LLCCommunity Health Center* NephrologyDoris L.G. Tolentino MSW,Express Care Health andAmerican Multi- SpecialtyMPH, IMFTSkin ClinicGroupGuahan Behavioral HealthFHP Health Center*Pacific Medical Group*ClinicGRMC Specialty Care Clinic* GRMC Specialty Care ClinicHope Cristobal, PhDRotating*Blue Ocean Medical Group Guam Medical CareGurusamy Inc, dba HealthLLC dba IHP Medical Group Guam Seventh- DayServices of the Pacific*Adventist Clinic*I’Gima’-Ta CounselingServicesGuam Urgent Care, LLC dba NeurologyHagatna Med Clinic*Joan Swaddell, MFT, LPC,GRMC Specialty Care Clinic*LMHCGurusamy Inc, dba HealthThe Neurology Clinic*Services of the Pacific*Kallingal’s ClinicHospitalsKirk Bellis, D.O., MSW,GCSWLisa V. Baza, PhD, LPC, IMFTLisa Linda S Natividad, PhD,LCSW, IMFTPara Oceana BehavioralHealth ServicesRisha Aguon, LPCS. Wayne Butler, MFTTricia Lizama, PhDBirthing CenterSagua ManaguCardiologyByungsoo Kim, M.D.*GRMC Specialty Care Clinic*Guam Seventh- DayAdventist Clinic*Dr. Juan Quiros, M.D.*RotatingPacific CardiologyConsultants, LLC*Blue Ocean Medical GroupLLC dba IHP MedicalGroup*Marianas PhysiciansGroup*Pacific HealthCare Clinic*Pacific Medical Group*Premise Health dba UnitedFamily Medical Center*The Doctor’s Clinic*GeriatricEvergreen Health CenterGurusamy Inc, dba HealthServices of the Pacific*Infectious DiseaseAdult Health Care Clinic*Guam Seventh- DayAdventist Clinic*GRMC Specialty Care Clinic*Internal MedicineAdult Health Care Clinic*American Medical Center*DermatologyEvergreen Health CenterGuam Seventh- DayFHP Health Center*Adventist Clinic*GRMC Specialty Care Clinic*Emergency MedicineGuam Adult & PediatricClinicGRMC Specialty Care Clinic*Guam Medical HealthCareCenter*EndocrinologyGuam Seventh- DayAmerican Medical Center*Adventist Clinic*Guam Seventh- DayHealth Partners, LLC*Adventist Clinic**Indicates accept mologyAdvanced Eyecare, LLC dbaLomard Health*Eugene Ng, MDGRMC Specialty Care ClinicRotating *Guam Seventh- DayAdventist Clinic*Island Eye Center*Pacific Retina Specialists*St Lucy’s Eye Clinic*Westpac Hematology &Oncology Center Inc. dbaCancer Center of Guam *FHP Health Center*GRMC Specialty CareCenter*Latte Stone Cancer CareGRMC Specialty CareClinic*Darius RichardsonSurgery – OrthopedicsGRMC Specialty CareClinic*Guam OrthopedicsAssociates*Guam Seventh- DayAdventist Clinic*Pain ManagemenGuam Specialist Grou PeMar Place, SaguaManagu- Birthing CenterDLS- The Doctor’s ClinicHorinouchi Wellness ClinicDr. D Chiropractic &NutritionNewGen Physical TherapySDA Wellness Center*MammographyRadiologyPhysical MedicineGuam ic Sleep Care &WellnessPacific Sleep Center*Speech PathologyGRMC Specialty CareClinic*Fitness Center/Studios / GymCrossfit HitaCrossfit Latte StoneOccupational TherapyCustom FitnessGurusamy Inc, dba HealthGym GuahanServices of the Pacific*Hilton Wellness & FitnessOptometry CareCenterAdvanced Eyecare, LLCInternational Sportsdba- Lombard Health*CenterFHP Vision Center*Paradise Fitness Center DededoGuam SDA Eye Clinic*Paradise Fitness Center PathologyHagatnaGRMC Specialty Care Clinic* UOG Fitness CenterUrban Fitness CenterPhysical TherapyUnifiedActive Life ChiropracticCustom Fitness, LLCGRMC Specialty Care Clinic*Gurusamy Inc, dba HealthMagnetic ResonanceServices of the Pacific*ImagingNewGen Physical TherapyGRMC Specialty Care Clinic* Premise Health dba UnitedFamily Medical CenterGuam RadiologyConsultants*S.O.A.R. Physical TherapyMDX Imaging Center*SDA Physical Therapy*GRMC Specialty Care Clinic*Guam RadiologyConsultants*MDX Imaging Center*Nuclear MedicineGuam Medical ImagingCenter*Guam RadiologyConsultants*FHP Health Center*Guam RadiologyConsultants*Guam Seventh- DayAdventist Clinic*GRMC Specialty Care Clinic*MDX Imaging Center*Sleep MedicineGRMC Specialty Care Clinic*Guam Sleep Center*

Participating providersSaipanObstetrics/ GynecologyCommonwealth HealthcareCorp.Pacific Fertility Institute INC.Sagan Hinemlo Family ClinicSaipan Health Clinic*CHC Women’s Clinic*Medical ClinicsOccupational TherapyHospitalsPacific Medical Center*Saipan Health Clinic*Marianas Medical Center*Medical Associates of thePacific*Behavioral HealthPacific Clinical & ConsultingMedical Associates of thePacific*Dialysis CenterSt. Jude Renal Care*Family MedicinePacific Medical Center*Saipan Health Clinic*Marianas Medical Center*Medical Associates of thePacific*Home HealthMarianas Health Services*Tri Enterprise dba MarianasVisiting Nurses*Eucon Medical HealthServices*Tri Corp. dbaHealthcareSpecialties*Tri Corp. dba PacificSleep Center*Marianas MedicalSupplies*OphthalmologyDental SpecialtiesMarianas Eye Institute*Hardt Eye Clinic*Warren Creed, DDS,MSRobert Gatewood,DMD*Rotating SpecialistOutpatient PhysicalTherapyPacific Wellness Center*Eucon Medical HealthServices*MVN, Inc. dba PT RehabCenterSleep MedicineTri Corp dba Pacific SleepCenter*Surgery - Plastic &ReconstructiveMedical Associates of thePacific**Indicates accept MedicareProprietaryDurable MedicalEquipmentFitness Center/Studios / GymsMarianas Fitness, Ltd.dba Gold’s GymLaboratories*Pacific LaboratoriesDiagnostic LaboratoryServices*TinianHealth ClinicsTinian Health Centernetcarelifeandhealth.comRotaHealth ClinicsRota Health Center

PharmacyGuamCommunity PharmacyCommunity Pharmacy IICommunity Pharmacy IIIDPHSS: Northern Regional CommunityHealth Center*DPHSS: Southern Regional CommunityHealth Center*Express Med PharmacyFHP Pharmacy*Guam Rexall DrugsHarmon DrugsITC PharmacyITC Pharmacy IIKmart PharmacyMega Drug Pharmacy IMega Drug Pharmacy IIMinutes Rx PharmacyOka PharmacyPacific Health Care PharmacyPerezville PharmacyPolymedic PharmacySagan Amot PharmacySDA PharmacySuper Drug Pharmacy- DededoSuper Drug Pharmacy- HagatnaSuper Drug Pharmacy- HarmonSuper Drug Pharmacy- OkaPHI Pharmacy IPHI Pharmacy IISaipanCHCC PharmacyBrabu Pharmacy & Wellness CtrAll services outside of Guam require pre-authorizationTo obtain a pre-authorization please call 47 AETNA (472-3862)Philippines NetworkTo find a provider please visit:

Location:Julale Center 2nd floor, HagatñaAddress:Aetna International424 West O’Brien DriveJulale CenterHagatña, Guam 96910Claims Submission:Email:aiservice@aetna.comMail:Aetna International/AetnaP.O. Box 981543El Paso, TX, 79998-1543 USAPhone:Local: 47 AETNA (472-3862)24/7 customer service:Toll Free: 800-231-7729Direct or collect: 813-775-0190AetnaTM is a trademark of Aetna Inc. and is protected throughout the world by trademark registrations and treaties.Aetna does not provide care or guarantee access to health services. Not all health services are covered, and coverage is subject to applicable laws andregulations, including economic and trade sanctions. See plan documents for a complete description of benefits, exclusions, limitations and conditions ofcoverage.Plans and programs are underwritten and administered by Aetna Life Insurance Company. 2019 Aetna Inc.46.02.582.1-GU (9/19)

Consultants, LLC* Adult . Dermatology . Guam Seventh- Day Adventist Clinic* . U.S. Renal Care-Dededo* U.S. Renal Care-Finegayan* U.S. Renal Care-Sinajana* . Community Pharmacy Community Pharmacy II Community Pharmacy III DPHSS: Northern Regional Community .

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Provider Directory Validation Ensure provider directory contains accurate information for members Baseline Study: 80% for initial provider accuracy rate Subsequent Studies: 95% accuracy rate Phase 1: Provider Access Study The four activities included in Phase 1 are described in Figure 1: Phase 1—Provider Access Studies.

as the printed directory The online provider directory is updated more frequently than the printed directory Click on the “Getting Care” tab or on Provider Finder to access the print directory To see the most current list of doctors and other providers in the Blue Cross Community Centennial plan network, use

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