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CITY OF PLAINFIELD.D#DeliciousPlainfieldRestaurantGuideOne Plainfield.One

Mayor’s GreetingIt is with greatpleasure that Ipresent the City ofPlainfield’s firstRestaurant Guide.The City of Plainfieldis one of the most diverse communitiesin New Jersey. We are blessed thatpeople from all over the world arechoosing to live and invest here. Ourcultural tapestry is evident in our eclecticcollection of restaurants. Fromtraditional Italian eateries, to cozy soulfood spots, to Central American momsand pops, we have a plethora ofdelicious options.

AmericanAmerican Bay Seafood300 East Front Street(908) 822-2020The City’s Restaurant317A East Front Street(908) 222-4038Backyard Barbeque249 East Front Street(908) 222-0041Mellow One131 North Avenue(973) 985-5220Grant BBQ Restaurant200 Grant Avenue(908) 561-5333Red Tower500 Park Avenue(908) 561-0353Friends TEXAS Pizza & Chicken208 West Front Street(908) 829-7107AsianChina King334 East Front Street(908) 222-9688China King Restaurant521 Park Avenue(908) 754-1808China One Restaurant221 West Front Street(908) 754-1966Chinatown Kitchen815 West Front Street(908) 561-1191Goody206 Watchung Avenue(908) 753-8881Han Hin Restaurant46 Watchung Avenue(908) 756-8367Hunan Wok1239 West 7th Street(908) 753-1952Panda Kitchen310 West Front Street(908) 756-2256Sin Yu619 Park Avenue(908) 754-7975South Star Chinese304 East Front Street(908) 668-4900The Boil Crab129 East Front Street(908) 769-9888

BakeryBread Basket Bakery615 Park Avenue(908) 757-7470Danny’s Bakery211 North Avenue(908) 756-2104Doña Irma’s Panaderia239 Park Avenue(908) 755-9922GuatePan LatinAmerican Bakery218 East Front Street(908) 941-5090Isabel’s Bakery432 West Front Street(908) 561-7331Joyce’s Bakery andRestaurant Chilaquil339 Park Avenue(908) 822-7002LiVay Sweet Shop104B Watchung Avenue(908) 755-1313Mi Guatemala Bakery408 Watchung Avenue(908) 753-8009Mi Guatemala Bakery II1218 West Front Street(908) 444-8805Delicias Restaurant & Bakery133 East Front Street(908) 226-5544Un Nuevo Renacer Bakery500 Watchung Avenue(908) 941-5560Coffee & PastryThe Coffee BoxDunkin’ Donuts1359 South Ave(908) 756-3285215 West Front Street(908) 757-7773Dunkin’ DonutsPlainfield Donut Shop1 Clinton Avenue(973) 856-8261131 Watchung Avenue(908) 756-4033Dunkin’ Donuts190 Terrill Road(908) 755-3092

Catering5ive Chefs1041 South Avenue(732) 343-5080CaribbeanAdrian’s Restaurant andCatering Service1100 East 2nd Street(908) 754-8532Derry’s Jamaican CuisineOga’s Jamaican Cuisine1015 East 2nd Street(908) 222-9817226 East Front Street(908) 757-3300Elma’s KitchenPlainfield’s Best In Town1109 South Avenue(908) 668-6882225 Garfield Avenue(908) 941-5198DeliLeland Liquors & DeliR.K. Deli296 Leland Avenue(908) 561-79731127 West 3rd Street(908) 561-0379M & N DeliRob’s Deli and Grocery LLC443 East 5th Street(908) 756-8983823 South 2nd Street908-731-2626

DinerBIll’s LuncheonetteTexas Weiner I106 East Front Street(908) 769-5571100 Watchung Avenue(908) 756-5480Nassy’s Waffle HouseWhite Star Restaurant515 Park Avenue(908) 757-4848715 West Front Street(908) 756-5411Pharaoh’s Texas Weiner204 Watchung Avenue(908) 226-8772Fast FoodBuffalo WingsKFC101 East Front Street(908) 755-88581240 West 7th Street(908) 222-9833Burger KingKFC1200 South Avenue(908) 922-4758Burger King1225 West 7th Street(908) 731-5462Crown Fried Chicken435 West Front Street(908) 222-1200Crown Fried Chicken 21224 West Front Street(908) 941-4179Kennedy Fried Chicken501 Park Avenue(908) 753-51531235 South Avenue(908) 668-5148Little Caesars715 Park Avenue(908) 205-8340McDonald’s1235 South Avenue(908) 769-0047McDonald’s234 West Front Street(908) 753-2773Papa John’s Pizza319 East Front Street(908) 769-7272

Pizza HutWhite Castle1220 South Avenue(908) 756-67001335 South Avenue(908) 791-2804Wendy’s1477 South Avenue(908) 755-6558Fish MarketChu’s Fish Market303 West Front Street(908) 753-3778Fig Tree Market(Chung’s Fish)1220 South Avenue(646) 808-5659Ice CreamPete’s Fish Market205 East 2nd Street(908) 756-1656Dairy QueenSugar Cubes1367 South Avenue(908) 755-5994326-332 West Front Street908-342-9010ItalianCasanova Restaurant & PizzariaGiovanna’s Restaurant103 East Front Street(908) 561-23191462 South Avenue(908) 753-6900Ferraro’s PizzaItalian Village Pizza600 Park Avenue(908) 756-08861304 South Avenue(908) 561-0031

LatinAngel’s PalaceRestaurantEl EncuentroHondureñoGuatelindaRestaurante321 Park Avenue(908) 222-8707119 Watchung Avenue(908) 755-1010326 Park Avenue(908) 222-0339Anita’s RestaurantEl Gitano RestaurantIsabella’s Grill410 West Front Street(908) 769-1114164 East 2nd Street(908) 755-4924Antojitos BBQEl Jardin Restaurant317 Park Avenue(908) 222-1919321 Park Avenue(908) 222-8707Bohio BBQEl LenadorRestaurant433 Park Avenue(908) 755-3555Carnitas MichuacanRestaurant221 Clinton Avenue(908) 668-0003Caribe ComidaRestaurant434 Watchung Avenue(908) 821-8045Carmen Restaurant129 Church Street(908) 754-0103Casa Chapina416 West 7th Street(908) 561-3760Cielito PupuserÍaRestaurant408 Plainfield Avenue(908) 205-5590Comedor Latino609 Park Avenue(908) 753-4444Costa Azul403 Watchung Avenue(908) 755-6564412 West Front Street(908) 561-0137Josefina “El Bonito”Restaurant216 Watchung Avenue(908) 561-5426La Bamba Inn410 West Front Street(908) 769-1114128 North Avenue(908) 668-8528El Padrino MexicanRestaurantLa Cantera Express113 Watchung Avenue(908) 791-2703El PalacioRestaurant123 Watchung Avenue(908) 222-9922El Paso Restaurant132 North Avenue(908) 753-0272El Sombrero AzulRestaurant319 West Front Street(908) 222-1517Freppe's Tex Mex1442 South Avenue(908) 791-3773Frituras Restaurant127 North Avenue(908) 444-843918 Somerset Street(908) 941-5751La Caravana BBQ177 North Avenue(908) 222-0113La Esquina Grill417 West Front Street(908) 757-7070La Tia RosyRestaurant420 Watchung Avenue(908) 222-0009Los AntojitosRestaurant25 Watchung Avenue(908) 222-8009Mama DominicanaBBQ48 Watchung Avenue(908) 444-8878

Mexican Grill117 Park Avenue(908) 205-8861Mi Buenaventura Restaurant185 North Avenue(908) 668-5827Mi Cabaña Restaurant103 Watchung Avenue(908) 822-8902Mirauchito II330 East Front Street(908) 757-1733Mi Ranchito ViejoRestaurant #1210 West Front Street(908) 222-9110Mi Ranchito Viejo1222 West Front Street(908) 753-6747Pollo Campero301 East Front Street(908) 822-9081Pueblo Viejo311 West Front Street(908) 222-1100Punto Colombiano314 Watchung Avenue(908) 754-0214Punto Peruano36 Watchung Avenue(908) 753-1655El Paraiso Restaurant146 Central Avenue(908) 222-0349Rincón Ecuatoriano150 North Avenue(908) 757-2711Sabor Arte CatrachoMi Ranchito ViejoRestaurant #31472 East Front Street(908) 205-0743400 Park Avenue(908) 222-0220Salud PreventivaPicanteria Sevillita249 East Front Street(908) 502-2324PollererÍa El Sol Peruvian Cuisine433 West Front Street(908) 205-8096214 Watchung Avenue(908) 462-1783Tradiciones de Mi Pueblo307 Park Avenue(908) 226-9066Victor’s Restaurant401 Park Avenue(908) 668-1887PortugueseGrove BBQ IIJumax Portuguese317 Park Avenue(908) 222-1919433 Park Avenue(908) 755-3555

Restaurant/BarFaraones Night ClubTequila Club & Grill111 East Front Street(908) 755-9069313 East 5th Street(908) 917-9789Hugo’s Lounge108 Church Street(908) 754-2825Latin Sport Bar662 South Avenue(908) 941-5077Soul FoodThe Family Soul Spot108 East 7th Street(908) 757-8700The City of Plainfield in conveniently locatedwith access to Route 22, 287, and I-78. Wehave quick daily transport to New York Cityvia 2 NJ Transit train stations: Plainfield TrainStation and Netherwood Train Station. We’realso less than 30 minutes from NewarkLiberty International Airport (EWR).

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Bread Basket Bakery 615 Park Avenue (908) 757-7470 Danny’s Bakery 211 North Avenue (908) 756-2104 Doña Irma’s Panaderia 239 Park Avenue (908) 755-9922 GuatePan Latin American Bakery 218 East Front Street (908) 941-5090 Isabel’s Bakery 432 West Front Street (908) 561-7331 Joyce’s Bakery

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