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March 2014CLUB HEADQUARTERS/ PARENT CHAPTERBethpage, New YorkPresident, Betty Bohlander, (516-575-3777)CHAPTERS / MEETING LOCATIONS:California - Golden West / Pt. MuguPresident, Fred Syrett (805-647-4934)California - San Diego / San DiegoPresident, Cliff Robinson, (760-749-8183)Florida - First Coast / St. AugustinePresident, Fred Bauer (904-819-9817)Florida - Manasota West / BradentonPresident, Ted Martnes (941-926-8891)Volume 47 , Issue 3Circulation: 3363March Page 1 fotoMarch Page 1 fotoMarch Page 1 fotoMarch Page 1 fotoMarch Page 1 fotoFlorida - Mid-West / Spring HillPresident, John Cornacchia (813-995-2902)Florida - Southwest / Locations VaryPresident, Carolyn Moors (239-283-8294)Florida - Spacecoast / MelbournePresident, Bob Prais (321-242-5782)Florida - Suncoast / Pinellas ParkPresident, Benjamin Hurley (727-527-7281)Florida - Treasure Coast / Port St. LuciePresident, Bob Watkins (772-283-8638)Georgia - Peach Pit / MilledgevillePresident, Ted Zarkowsky (478-452-6442)Maryland - Glen Arm / BelairPresident, Frederick Kief (410-661-5098)New England - New England North / Dorset, VTPresident, Bill Egner (802-446-2062)New Jersey - Garden State / LakehurstPresident, Bill Staples (732-350-9454)New York - Bethpage Chapter & Club HQPresident, Betty Bohlander, (516-575-3777)New York - Eastern Long Island / RiverheadPresident, Bert Moller (631-864-4377)North Carolina - Eastern Carolina / Locations VaryPresident, Peter McNamee (252-288-4569)Pennsylvania - Northeast PA / So. SterlingPresident, Charles Dowd (570-491-2125)South CarolinaCoastal Carolinas / Myrtle BeachPresident, Ronald Girardin (843-903-7116)Texas - Houston / HoustonPresident, Angelo LaCognata, (281-326-1665)Virginia - Central Virginia / MonticelloPresident, MaryAnne Muller (434-589-5565)L to R: David Grumman; Kip Towl; Phil Swirbul; Bill Schwendler, Jr.“An annual reunion of Grumman senior retirees has evolved over theyears in Vero Beach, Florida. Various speakers have been invited toaddress the group, and last year was particularly significant since thesons of the four founders were invited. Kip Towl, Phil Swirbul, and BillSchwendler, Jr. were able to attend, but David Grumman had to backout due to knee replacement surgery just before the event.However, thanks to the magic of photo-shopping, coupled with theoutstanding skills of a friend of David, he was later added to the photoso we could all enjoy seeing these four distinguished guests togetherat one time.All Grummanites, past and present, should be proud that these men, asyoungsters, were part of the families who devoted themselves to makingGrumman the company that it became – evolving from fighter andexecutive aircraft, to campers/boats/postal vans/transport containers, . . and our pride and joy: the Lunar Module that successfully landed 12astronauts on the Moon!”By: Anonymous*******************************Note: Please see page three for important Club messagesIf you have not paid your dues for 2014 by March 31,this will be your last Newsletter.

Scholarship Fund ContributorsThank You!to the following for their recent donations to ourScholarship ProgramArcas, NoeCervellino, LawrenceCollorone, PeterFawcett, JamesFigalora, RoccoFishberg, IrwinGabriel, EdwardHaytaian, JohnLinger, FredLitterini, CesareMackey, SamuelMarrocco, AnthonyMurphy, LawrenceMurray, JamesMyers, RobertNorth, LeePoveromo, LeonardSchineller, JosephTilford, JohnWeihs, SydneyWirth, AlZirkel, William********Please Keep Your (Tax Deductible) DonationsComing . . .Grumman Retiree Club2014 All Chapter Scholarship Awards ProgramApplication forms and materials for our 17th AnnualAll-Chapter Scholarship Awards Program areavailable at regular Chapter meetings. Applicationmaterials may also be obtained by sending a selfaddressed envelope to Scholarship Fund, PO Box0748, Bethpage, NY, 11714-0748, or via Internetdownload at: www.grummanretireeclub.orgIt is up to you, Club Members, to Start TheBall Rolling for your eligible graduating HighSchool Seniors! They need your participation. Theapplication process needs a lot of time, so do it now!The application delivery is in your ****************2014 SCHOLARSHIP 50/50 RAFFLEMembers of All Chapters May Participate!Enter often. Multiple winners possible.Max prize: 500 for any one person, in any onedrawing.Winners announced in the Newsletter, after eachquarterly drawing.Send a filled-in raffle ticket (below) and a check(payable to Grumman Retiree Club ScholarshipFund), to PO Box 0748, Bethpage, NY, 117140748. Each raffle entry is 5. (Please indicate howmany raffles you are purchasing.)Send your checks (payable to Retiree ScholarshipFund) to: Scholarship Fund, PO Box 0748,Bethpage, NY, 11714-0748.Everyone has a chance to win.This Raffle benefits the Scholarship Fund only.GRUMMAN RETIREE CLUB NEWSLETTER2014 Scholarship ProgramSCHOLARSHIP 50/50 RAFFLE TICKET(USPS # 023-096) Volume 47, Issue 3, March2014, is published monthly except August byGrumman Retiree Club, Inc., 600 Grumman RoadWest, M/S Z49-25 Bethpage, NY 11714-5000.Periodical postage rates paid at Bethpage,NY. Subscriptions rates of 11 are paid throughmembership dues.POSTMASTER: Sendaddress changes to: Grumman Retiree Club,Inc. c/o Command Printing, P.O. Box 9040,Farmingdale, NY, 11735.2NameAddressTown State ZipPhone (optional)Number of Raffles Purchased

Important Information for Retiree Club Members(1) Final Reminder: Retiree Club Newsletters will not be sent to anyone who has not paid dues for 2014by the end of March. Newsletter mailing will resume if dues are received later.(2) Please Note: Payments for Scholarship Fund Raffles are not considered to be donations to the Fundunder IRS rules, and are not tax-deductible.(3) The “website registration approval” e-mail that was sent to members in February was unintended.These e-mails were not spam. Problems in the computer that hosts the Retiree Club website causedthose e-mails to be sent. The problem has been addressed. The company responsible for managingour website has assured us that the program is now running correctly.A Club e-mail explaining the problem will be sent to all listed members. That e-mail will be followed bya system-generated e-mail advising listed members of their new User IDs and Temporary Passwords.Please note: This ID/Password information is only for access to the “Member Search” capability of ourwebsite. No password is needed to access our website ( Once your newID and Password are received, if you have a problem accessing the Member Search function, pleasecontact the Club, but by email only. Be sure the subject of the email is just: “Web Access”.(4) Many members have called to complain about our apparent failure to process dues and ScholarshipProgram checks quickly.Everyone is asked to keep in mind that all of the Club’s office operations are handled by fellowmembers, who volunteer to help with the operation of the Club. When weather and/or road conditionsare bad, we are not able to travel to Club HQ, in what was known as Plant 25, in Bethpage.This Winter has been particularly difficult for travel. On many occasions, our office volunteers and ourClub officers were unable to handle any Club work for two and three days at a time.And, everyone should understand that normal everyday Club functions need to be kept runningalongside of check processing. There is only so much that can be done in any one workday.Again, we ask every member to be patient and to not rush to call the office. Each phone call and eache-mail is handled as a priority: while we respond to calls and e-mail, other aspects of Club operationare delayed.Please help us to keep the Club running in an orderly and efficient manner.3

Bethpage ChapterMembership luncheon-meetings are generallyheld on the fourth Wednesday of the month.course, included the ever-popular Milleridge Inn hotpopovers. After coffee and dessert, the meetingstarted with 2nd VP Pat Sullivan leading the Pledgeof Allegiance.March 26, 2014 - Milleridge InnSpeaker: Peter Rettaliata,former Director of Procurement for GrummanLuncheon Coupon: Page 19President Betty Bohlander asked for corrections oradditions to the January minutes as published in ourFebruary newsletter. There being none, the minuteswere accepted as printed.April 23 - Crest Hollow CCLuncheon Coupon: Page 19First VP Bob Ripp introduced guest speaker OwenSmith. Owen brought a unique perspective to themeeting since he is the owner-proprietor of theMilleridge Inn. He gave us a fascinating talk abouthis family’s history, starting in 1929, when hisNorwegian mother came to the USA and started tearooms in Brooklyn and – later - the Lorraine Murphyrestaurants.May 28 - Crest Hollow CCJune 25 - Scholarship *************2014 Defensive Driving CourseAs of January 1, 2014, the cost for theAARP Defensive Driving course is:Members: 20; Non-Members: 252014 ScheduleJune 10, Sept 10, Nov 5.Classes are held in Plant 25, 8:30AM Sign-InTo register, call Liz McGowan 516-221-6573Week Days Only; Between 6PM and 9PM, OnlyClasses fill up quickly.Check your expiration date and sign-up *************Bethpage Chapter MeetingWednesday February 26, 2014Frosty weather, along with another LI snow, greetedour retirees, but that didn’t stop them from coming tothe February luncheon and business meeting at theMilleridge Inn.The arriving retirees were met with a blazing fire inthe Milleridge Inn’s hallmark dining room fireplacethat made everyone forget, at least for the moment,the snowy afternoon outside. Everyone enjoyed thefamous Milleridge cinnamon bread and chitchat.We all enjoyed the rest of the meal, which, of4The family bought the Milleridge Inn in 1963, andOwen remembered one Summer working in therestaurant and being asked by his mother if hepreferred babysitting his smaller cousins or becomingthe head popover maker. He chose the latter and thepopover has become a Milleridge mainstay.Owen also played a significant role in LI politicswhen he was Deputy Nassau County Executiveunder Francis Purcell. It was during this period thatplanning for Mitchell Field expansion started andOwen was a major player in the effort.He knew that many old aircraft were being stored inSands Point, many of which were Grumman built.He was involved in both moving them and in thebeginning stages of the Cradle of Aviation. Owenhas had a long relationship with Grummanites of allstature. He thanked us for our continuing relationshipwith him and the restaurant.Business- Betty related that the office is being swamped withcalls from retirees wondering what happened totheir Membership renewal checks, as those checkshave not cleared the members’ banks in over amonth. Betty reminded the callers that we havehad a major snowstorm each week in the monthof January, sometimes two. It was not possiblefor the office volunteers to come in to process theannual renewals more than one or two days a week.

However, the period of good weather has permittedus to catch up with all of the mail received to date.Keep in mind that, after the mail is opened, sortedas to type of mailing (annual renewal, scholarshipdonations, club donations, etc.), all the personaldata from the applications has to be typed into thedatabase. Bob Ripp added that our procedure is tonot deposit checks until the data has been enteredinto the database in case questions arise when theinformation from the application form is added to thedatabase, so mid or late February checks are still notdeposited. This procedure has identified a numberof retirees who sent duplicate checks. These retireesthen have to be directly contacted as to the dispositionof the “extra” money.Betty thanked the office volunteers. She explainedthat altogether we have ten people who do this workand we process almost 4000 pieces of mail, just for thedues. Most volunteers come in one day a week anda few come in two to three days a week. Specifically,Betty cited and thanked volunteers Marge Cornell,Dorothy Leogrande, Tony Scaturro, Barbara Abarmi,Barbara Nilsen, Bob Ripp, Marion Abbott, FrankCarroll, Jim Oakes, Liz McGowam, Diane Bryers, andLynn Wesnofske. Frank Carroll picks up our mail fromthe post office boxes, Jim Oakes takes the hundredsof tabs that members donate and brings them to arecycling facility in Farmingdale, and Liz McGowanhandles our defensive driving course classes** Another problem that occurred with the duesapplications this year was that members included,in the envelopes with their dues checks, additionalchecks to buy Scholarship Fund raffle tickets andlisted the raffle check as a donation to the ScholarshipFund. Raffle tickets are not considered as a taxdeductible item under IRS rules. This meant thatthe applications had to be amended to delete the“donation” and to take the raffle ticket and check andleave it for Lynn Wesnofske. That action might notsound like a lot, but it slows the process down.** Marion announced that our Retiree Club, along withthe original Northrop retirement club. was written upin a recent article in the NGC in-house publication,Inside Aerospace.** The Aviation High School will host a CareerOpportunity Day on March 13. They are looking forspeakers to talk to students about their careers inGrumman. Call the office if interested.Community Relations- Past President Marion Abbott and 2nd VP PatSullivan are now making all luncheon arrangements.Great job today, ladies!- Marion announced that the June ScholarshipLuncheon is scheduled for Wednesday June 25, atthe Crest Hollow Country Club. The weather will bebeautiful and it’s a fun day and very satisfying to honorthe outstanding student award recipients.Website Problems - Bob Ripp:- A while back, the server crashed and the site dataand Member Search database was lost. However,during the repair period, incorrect e-mails wereinadvertently sent to members telling them that theirregistration had been accepted/approved along witha new user ID and Password.- If you tried to use the ID and Password, youdiscovered that they didn’t work.- Bob will ask the site vendor to send out an e-mail toall listed members, explaining the recent problems,along with a new ID and temporary Password. TheID will follow the convention of first five letters of lastname and the first two letters of your first name. Forexample: Joseph Smith would have the ID “smithjo”.- Once you receive that e-mail, you will be able to go toour website and have the capability of doing a membersearch. This database contains member name, cityand state of residency, and e-mail address. We donot include street address and telephone number. Asa reminder, the password is required only to log onto Member Search. Access to our website does notrequire a password.Treasurers’ Reports- Retiree Club: Frank Rizzo presented the treasurer’sreport. It was accepted as read. Frank announcedthat he and Rich Pawlowski are starting the IncomeTax assistance that they provide this time of the year.They do the taxes on Tuesdays. Call the office for anappointment.- Scholarship Fund: Harry Daum presented theScholarship Fund treasurer’s report. It was acceptedas read. Harry also reminded us that the QuarterlyScholarship 50/50 raffle tickets are not tax deductible.Travel - Nick Bazzicalupo (Prime Time Travel):** April 16 (Wednesday): “New York Rockettes – “Heartand Lights” at Radio City Music Hall. All travel to/fromNYC; lunch at a famous NYC restaurant. 139 pp5

Happy Birthday to: Zeke Witkin (87 on 2/8); WilburLindstadt (93 on 2/20); Ernest Finamore (88 on 2/22);Angela Matuza-Sessa (85 on 3/8); Charles Schmitz(69 on 3/17); Ernest Derryberry (93 on 4/4); and BobKopac (84 on 2/28).Anniversaries: Irene & John Wallace (65 yrs); Lillian& John Giunta (58 yrs). Congratulations on yourmilestones.Get Well messages were sent to David Reichel,Philip Blum, and Antoinette Santamaria. We sendour hopes and prayers for each to Get Well, soon.Prize Winners- Community Relations 50/50: Marvel Popolo, FredTreubig, Elaine Visconti, and Claudia Cinelli. Claudiagraciously donated 20 of her winnings to theScholarship Fund. Thank You, Claudia.- Scholarship 50/50: Sid Weihs, who graciouslydonated 30 of his winnings to the Scholarship Fund.Thank You, Sid.- Door Prizes: Bart Verga and Anne Donohue- Scholarship Mail-In Raffle: William Powers andRichard FoxNext Meeting: March 26, at the Milleridge Inn. Lunchat Noon ( 10/member; 20/non-member). Businessmeeting at 1:30PM. Send luncheon reservationcoupons and checks (payable to Grumman RetireeClub, Inc.) to: Grumman Retiree Club, Inc., PO Box476, Bethpage, NY 11714. Please write “Luncheon”on the envelope so that it stands out from duesapplications.The guest speaker will be Peter Rettaliatta, formerDirector of Procurement for Grumman. Peter currentlyis the President of Air Industries in Bay Shore, NY.A motion to adjourn the meeting was made, seconded,and approved. The meeting was adjourned at 3PM,and - as is the case on LI - the snow had stoppedand the sun was shining.By: Lou Kubat, *************CALIFORNIA / Golden WestMeeting dates: 3/11 (2nd Tues.) and 4/8 (2nd Tues.)6Our February 11th meeting was held at the FraternalOrder of Eagles, in Oxnard. President Fred Syrettopened the meeting at Noon with the Pledge ofAllegiance and a prayer for our members andfamilies who are suffering illnesses. He also offereda prayer for our service members all over the world.Vice-President John Torkelsen has been ill andunable to attend the meetings for the past severalmonths. We all wish him a very speedy recovery.We went over our roster of members, calling out thenames of those who were absent and asked for inputas to their current status. Some of us will contactthe absentees and invite them to attend our nextmeeting.A video program about life aboard the space stationwas presented by Craig Kaston. It was about all thethings we take for granted as normal here on earth.We normally think of sitting down at a table to eat ourlunch. However, on the space station, living is verydifferent. The food containers must be hand-heldor in some way tethered, as the containers will floataway. Sleeping requires you to be in a small cageto keep you from floating off to some place you maynot want to go. To use the bathroom, a small vacuumis created in the toilet to expel the excrement intospace where it floats forever. How would you like tobe on some future spacecraft and have to explain tomission control what you just ran into?Life on the space station requires a new way ofthinking and a different way of doing things we takefor granted here on earth.We saw a short spoof video showing F-14s in adogfight with some Japanese Zeros. You can guesswho won. It made for some interesting conversationafter the video.Next Meeting: March 11, 11AM, at Fraternal Orderof Eagles building in Oxnard.By: Paul Aanerud, ************FLORIDA/ First CoastThirty-seven members and one guest attended ourFebruary 18, luncheon meeting. President FredBauer called us to order and led us in the Pledge of

Allegiance, which was followed by an opening prayerby Chaplain Janet.After our meal, Fred introduced two new members,Charlie Baldwin and Bob Wolk. With Bob was his wifeFran. Welcome, folks, and we hope to see you often.Fred has not received any new club businesscorrespondence or any health/welfare reports fromour members.Recently, several members have received emailsconcerning a Retiree Club site with passwords.Answers to our inquiries about this site have notbeen forthcoming and we hope to learn more details.The site is having technical problems so we advisemembers to wait until more information is available.Fred announced the following Birthdays for Feb:Audrey Umbach, William Lainhart, Josephine Solt,Donald Schroeder, and Betty Rosone.Anniversaries: Mary & Lloyd Gillespie, and Fran &George Deangelis.Treasurer Bob Rathje reports we have 83 paidmembers and about twelve (2013) members not yetpaid for 2014. Bob plans to send all required fundsto headquarters in New York the first week in March.To those who have yet to pay this year’s dues: Wehope to see your check arrive soon. Please remit 15to Bob Rathje, 11046 Castlemain Cir. E, Jacksonville,FL 32256. Checks should be made out to GrummanRetiree Club.Don Kowalski donated a hardcover book as a prizein the 50/50 draw. Ironically Don was one of today’seight cash winners.Next Meeting: March 18, at the New Century Buffet,US 1 South, St. Augustine.By: Steve Cacace, Sec’y. ************************FLORIDA / Manasota WestOur February 12, 2014 meeting was called to orderby President Ted Martines, with the recitation of thePledge of Allegiance. There were fourteen membersand four guests in attendance on a beautiful Floridawinter day. We enjoyed lunch while overlooking theboating activities at the Pier 22 marina in Bradenton,FL.Treasurer Jim Murray gave his financial report,indicating our treasury is starting to build with thenew year. Secretary John Zinna informed us of JimWinding’s continued recovery and of Jim & Nancy’splan to attend next month’s meeting. VP Bob Nybergand wife Beth are traveling to Australia this month; welook forward to an update of their travels in March.President Ted spoke of the many scams focused onsenior citizens in Florida, with a cautionary warningto be on the lookout for these: if approached byphone, mail, or email, be sure to not provide anypersonal information, including SSN, credit cardnumbers, etc. It is also recommended to checkyour credit card statements regularly, as manyscammers will hit for small amounts and then - if notpicked up - repeat it monthly.We have two speakers planned for this season:1.At our March 12 meeting, we will have Mr. JoeMathis, from the Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium.Mr. Mathis will give an overview of the Lab’s activitiesand their on-going scientific investigations of RedTide, which affects our area periodically.2.On May 14, our guest speaker will be RonMcCarty from the Ringling Museum. Ron is the“Keeper” of Ca’d’Zan, which was the winter home ofJohn & Mabel Ringling.We are working on a speaker from the South FloridaMuseum for our April meeting. More info on that willfollow next month.Following Ted’s comments, we all gathered onceagain for our “Year End” photo, which - due totechnical difficulties in the past - didn’t meet our highstandards for the Club photo album. Now, with 18smiling faces, we got it right.Retiree Ned Sweeney and his wife Ann were two ofour guests. Ned told of his Grumman history, workingon the business side of many aircraft projects thenon to space projects. Now retired 21 years, his onlyboss is Ann, who keeps him in line. We also had Bob& Anne Moncski visiting, from Cary, NC. Bob retired7

from Grumman in 1994; he had worked across manyfacilities and programs, from the A-6E to the LM, andHouston to Calverton. Bob and Ned’s stories broughtback many fond memories to us all.We had our 50/50 Club drawings, and the winners,Diane Martines and Joan Goldblatt, made TreasurerJim happy by donating their winnings back into theClub. And, on the topic of finance, our own BobAlloca has offered his services in answering Taxquestions from our members.We encourage our members to bring guests. Ifthere are any Grumman retirees in the area, pleasejoin us at Noon on March 12, at Pier 22 Restaurantin Bradenton, FL: good company, great stories,beautiful views, and good food.By: John Zinna, Sec’y ****************************************FLORIDA/ Mid-WestOur February 20, 2014, meeting was opened byPresident John Cornacchia at 11:30AM.Greetings: Welcome to the Grumman Retirees Club,Mid-West Florida ChapterChaplin Gus Krayer opened our meeting with theinvocation and the Pledge of Allegiance.There were 24 members in attendance and noguests.Our only February birthday is: Art Bellion. Actually,Art’s “real” birthday is in October. However, wealways have our picnic that month and his birthdayusually isn’t recognized. We decided to observe Art’sbirthday this month so we are sure to be able to enjoythe celebration.There were no Anniversaries for the month ofFebruary; however Joan & Art Bellion celebratedtheir 69th Anniversary in January and were unableto attend last month’s meeting. We felt that it wasimportant to not pass up the opportunity to “ Wishthem the Best”.There was one correction to the minutes for January:8The date of our meeting in April. The Motion to acceptthe minutes as corrected was made by Gus Krayerand seconded by Ruthann Grieshammer. Theminutes of our January meeting, as corrected, wereaccepted unanimously.The Treasurer’s report was given by Gus Krayer. Themotion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made byRuthann Grieshammer, seconded by Madeline Arso,and accepted unanimously.Sunshine Committee:Citrus County: All is wellHernando County: It has been reported that Bea Hallis in rehab at Hartland, on US 41, in Brooksville. Wewish her the best for a speedy recovery.The entertainment for this month was Tony D andwhat we called his “magic guitar”. The sounds wereamazing.We had seven 50/50 winners. Congratulations to all.The meeting adjourned at 1:15PM.A fun time was had by all.Future Meetings: All meetings start at 11:30AM, andare held at the Buffet City restaurant, Route 50, inBrooksville:March 20; April 17; May 22. Summer Recess. Sept18; Oct 16; Nov 20; Dec 18.Our meetings are a great time to meet old friendsand new people who have a common bond of yearsof service with Grumman.By: Kathy ****************FLORIDA / SpaceCoastFebruary 19, 2014A beautiful and sunny day brought 88 membersand guests to the Suntree Country Club to socializeand to hear the latest news on the activities ofNorthrop Grumman and, in particular, NGC”s plansfor the Melbourne facility. Following the traditionalopening of the Pledge of Allegiance, led by PastPresident Peggy Graefe, and a meaningful prayer

by Sergeant-at-Arms Ed Romano, our membersshared a sumptuous buffet and heard Vice PresidentJohn Lau brief us on the outstanding career of ourdistinguished speaker, Rick Matthews.Rick’s career as a Colonel in the U.S. Air Forceincluded service overseas where he was exposedto the singular capabilities of the J-STARS aircraft.Hence, he was no stranger to our technical prowesswhen he came to work for Northrop Grumman. Duringhis rise to his present position as VP Military AircraftSystems; Manufacturing Operations and MelbourneSite Manager, he learned of the unique Grumman“family” culture and vowed to enhance the tie betweenhis existing employees and the local retired Grummanworkers . . . a goal he repeated several times.Rick led us through the differences in managementstyle under the past several corporate CEOs, leadingto the present leaders as expressed in the creationof five Centers of Excellence, two of which arecentered in Florida. The company now is really aGlobal Security Company, embarking on spreadinginternationally: NGC is currently opening officesoverseas. The Air and Space businesses have beenmerged and this sector is a 10 billion business, withAero alone representing 4 billion annually.Rick noted activity in the J-STARS and E-2 programs,stating that with the move of the E-2 program officeto Melbourne this Summer, we will have 600 peoplein the Melbourne area - “and growing”.Showing slides of the new facilities under construction,Rick informed us that there was much more underwaythan the 210,000 square-feet building scheduled forcompletion by June 9. With the refurbishing of theold buildings and the site renovation, his plan isto create a “scalable, walk-able, flexible campus.”Rick humorously indicated that his dedication to thisproject had already been demonstrated by paying 15,000 to extract and relocate the gopher tortoisesfrom the site.In closing, Rick re-stated his desire to have thecompany “re-connect” with the community, includingmany of the same organizations that our club workswith. Along this line, Northrop Grumman will be thesponsor of this year’s Melbourne Air Show, featuringthe USAF Thunderbirds. He is attempting to havethe show put on at Melbourne Airport, over ourrenovated facility.As part of the effort to re-connect with retirees, heis hoping to have a Family Day Program after theBethpage group arrives. As he left for a meetingand dinner with our Governor, Rick stated that helooked forward to “breaking bread” with us again inthe future.SpaceCoast March fotoSpaceCoast March fotoSpaceCoast March fotoSpaceCoast March fotoSpaceCoast March fotoSpaceCoast March fotoL to R:Past Chapter Presidents Peggy & GeorgeGraefe; NGC VP Rick Matthews; Chapter VP JohnLau; Chapter President Bob Prais.Community Relations:Chet Emery reported that get-well cards were sentto Gene Sirota, Ed Lecun, Joe German, and JerryErnst.New Members:We had the pleasure of welcoming new membersKaren Warsinski and Tom Lewis to our club. Tomcomes to us via Westinghouse (a subsidiary of NGC),where he was Director of Undersea Operations.Treasurer’s ReportBill Waldron provided details of January’s financialactivities, including receiving our Tax Exemptcertificate, sending a check for 730 to the VeteransHonors Flight, and finishing the month with solidbalances in both our regular account and ourScholarship Fund.Travel and Entertainment - Maureen Ayers:** The New Smyrna Balloon Festival, March 2830. In addition to numerous balloons, there will bevarious demonstrations, music, helicopter rides, andmuch more. Admission is 10.** For something really different, try the BrevardParks Big Kids Adventures. The May program9

features the “Titanic Dinner”, where each visitor willbe assigned an actual passenger’s name. The visitorwill find out at the close of the

Mar 04, 2018 · Grumman Retiree Club, Inc., 600 Grumman Road West, M/S Z49-25 Bethpage, NY 11714-5000. Address Periodical postage rates paid at Bethpage, NY. Subscriptions rates of 11 are paid through membership dues. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Grumman Retiree Club, Inc. c/o Command P

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September: 2013 33,391.18 9/24/2013 October: 2013 33,391.18 10/24/2013 December: 2013 65,031.50 12/20/2013 January: 2014 33,099.37 1/23/2014 February: 2014 33,099.37 2/24/2014 March: 2014 33,099.37 3/24/2014 April: 2014 31,662.23 4/25/2014 May: 2014 31,662.23 5/22/2014 June: 2014 31,662.24 6/26/2014 392,881.03

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