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United States Department of StateTelephone DirectoryThis customized report includes the following section(s):Organizational Directory10/21/2021Provided by Global Information Services, A/GISUNCLASSIFIEDCover

Organizational DirectoryUnited States Department of State2201 C Street NW, Washington, DC 20520Operations Center (S/ES-O)Office of the Secretary (S)SecretarySecretary of State of the United States Antony JBlinken HST 7226Chief of Staff Suzy George HST 7234AExecutive Assistant Timmy Davis HST 7226Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy Thomas SullivanHST 7226ADeputy Chief of Staff for Operations Jessica WrightHST 7226Office Manager to the Secretary Debra Filipp HST7226Office Manager to the Secretary Andrea Miller HST7226Office Manager to the Chief of Staff MoisesBenhabib HST 7234ADirector of Scheduling for the Secretary of StateSarah McCool HST 7234Trip Director for the Secretary of State Evan GloverHST 7234Special Assistant to the Secretary Kate Hoops HST7226Special Assistant to the Secretary Caroline SanfordHST 7226Special Assistant to the Secretary NursultanEldosov Remote 202-647-4000Executive Secretariat (S/ES)Executive Secretary Kamala S. Lakhdhir 7224Deputy Executive Secretary Tressa R Finerty 7224Deputy Executive Secretary Marc L Shaw 7224Deputy Executive Secretary Mark C. Johnson 7224Staff Assistant Marjorie McCracken 7224Staff Assistant Silvia Hanigan 02202-647-8448202-647-5302Executive Secretariat Staff (S/ES-S)Director David Schnier 7418 HSTDeputy Director for Records and Staffing DivisionClarence N. Finney, Jr. 7418 HSTDeputy Director for Secretariat Advance and StaffingDivision Jeffrey Reneau 7418 HSTLine Coordinator Christopher A. Jones 7418 HSTInteragency Coordinator Saadia E. Sarkis 7418 HSTRecords Branch Chief Debra Keene 7418 HSTOffice Management Specialist (OMS) Deborah Ash7418 HSTSecretariat Advance and Staffing Division The Line7418 HSTRecords and Staffing Division Records and FOIA7512FOIA Branch Chief Hysen Shala 12A53 -647-8879202-647-0140202-485-1544Director Belinda K Jackson Farrier 7419ADeputy Director for the Watch Jeremy Beer 7419AActing Deputy Director for Crisis Management andStrategy Jim Jay 7428(24 Hour Per Day) Senior Watch Officer 7427Military Representative Lt Col Hank Chilcoat 7427(24 Hours Per Day) Editor 7427(24 Hours Per Day) The Watch 7427CMS Crisis Management and Strategy 7428Emergency and Evacuations Planning CMS Staff7428Emergency Relocation CMS Staff 7428Task Force 5 Task Force 5 7522Task Force 6 Task Force 6 fice of the Executive Director (S/ES-EX)Executive Director, Deputy Executive SecretaryDwayne Cline 7507Deputy Executive Director Michelle Ward 7507Budget Officer Reginald J. Green 7507Bureau Security Officer Bruce Paluch 7822Human Resources Division Director Eboni CEdwards 7507Supervisory General Services Officer Robert WBunnell 7507OMS for Executive Director and Deputy ExecutiveDirector Martha E Hood 78202-647-5478202-647-8647202-647-6167ExecTech (S/ES-ET)Director Brett Gittleson HST 7526Deputy Director Lynn L Sweeney-Young HST 7526Deputy Director Eric V Crawford HST 7528Mobile Communications Division Chief Lee SmithHST 7526Digital Strategy Division Chief Anthony Ko HST7526DevOps Division Chief Andrew Staddon HST 7526Customer Experience Division Chief Esmail BaerdeHST 752624/7/365 ExecTech Service Center HST 7530(202) 647-2977(202) 647-2977(202) 647-2977(202) 647-2977(202) 647-2977(202) 647-2977(202) 647-2977(202) 647-8700Office of the Ombudsman (S/O)Executive Secretary of the Foreign Services Grievance Board(S/FSG)Chair Lawrence C Mandel 3100 S SA15Executive Secretary Katherine Kaetzer-Hodson3100 S SA15Deputy Chair Charles M Carron SA-15Senior Advisor Linda Jacobson SA-15Special Assistant Andrew Large SA-15Organizational 75-5155703-875-5154703-875-7385OD-1

Special Assistant Adam L Mitchell SA-15Office Manager Winderlyn Terry SA-15Secretary Alison Trimble SA-15Special Assistant Carolyn Wong SA-15Senior Advisor (WAE) Nancy M Serpa 161703-875-5174Procurement Analyst Vacant E. L820, SA6Procurement Analyst Thelma D. Edmunds L820,SA6Procurement Specialist Anna Urman L820, SA6Executive Assistant/Admin Manager Patricia FosterL820, 2Research & Design Center (S/ES-R&D)Innovation Catalyst Vacant 1124CDesign Strategist Vacant 1124CData Strategist Vacant 1124C202-647-9648202-647-6704202-647-8682Special Envoy for Climate Change (S/SECC)Office of the Deputy SecretaryDeputy Secretary of StateDeputy Secretary of State Wendy R. Sherman 7220Chief of Staff for the Deputy Secretary Mustafa M.Popal 7220Personal Driver for the Deputy Secretary James O.Davis 7220Senior Advisor - Strategic Communications Vacant7318Special Assistant Julia M Groeblacher 7220Special Assistant Craig A Halbmaier 7220Personal Assistant/Scheduler to the DeputySecretary Solveig C. Reeker 7220Special Assistant Shiva A Marvasti 7220Protocol Assistant Kenneth C Matthews 7220Senior Advisor Joshua A. Rubin 7220Special Assistant Meghan E Mercier 7220Special Assistant Grant H Morrow 7220Special Assistant Bintou F Njie 7220Staff Assistant to COS Nadia C Shepherd 7220Staff Assistant Hanna Tezera 7220Special Assistant Markus A. Thomi 7220202-647-8636202-647-819910/21/2021Counselor Derek H Chollet 7236Chief of Staff Laura Updegrove 7249ASenior Adviser Julie Smith 7249ASpecial Assistant Tom Niblock 7247ASpecial Assistant Patrick Tillou 7249ASpecial Assistant Todd Anderson 7247ASpecial Assistant Andrew E Kelly 7249ASpecial Assistant Nazih El-KhatibStaff Assistant Alma Pratt 2202-647-4686Office of the Under Secretary for Political Affairs (P)202-647-7993Office of the Under Secretary for Political -647-5089202-647-5623Under Secretary Victoria Nuland 7250Executive Assistant [S, D, C, S/ES, S/ES-O, S/ES-S,S/P] Alexander (Sasha) Kasanof 7258Senior Advisor Melania Arreaga 7253Senior Advisor Navarro Moore 7250Personal Assistant/Scheduler KathleenHelton-Floyd 7250Personal Assistant Vacant 7250Special Assistant [WHA, A, CA, CGFS, DS, EGB,GTM, INL, IRM, M, MED, M/SS, OIG, OBO, OFM,OSDBU, S/CPR, S/O, S/OCR, S/SRVZ] RachelOkunubi 7249Special Assistant [AF, BP, F, J/GCJ, J/TIP, PRM,S/GAC, S/GHD, USAID] Dan Murphy 7254Special Assistant [IO, CSO, DRL, IRF, S/GWI,USUN/W] Dina Shahrokhi 7247Special Assistant [NEA, S/SECI, S/IAG, S/SRS]Daniel Newman 7256Special Assistant [EAP, E, EB, ENR, GP, OCE, OES,S/DPRK, STAS] Tori Thoman 7252Special Assistant [EUR, S/AR] BrendanRivage-Seul 7254Special Assistant [SCA, CT, S/SPEHA, S/SRAR]Rajani Ghosh 7252Special Assistant [G7, Speechwriting, AVC, ECA,FSI, GEC, GPA, H, INR, ISN, L, PM, R, S/CCI, T]Nick Klinger 7256Staff Assistant Mavis Davis 7246Staff Assistant Cynthia Dial 7246Staff Assistant Maggie Robinson 647-1574202-647-5268202-647-0009Office of the Under Secretary for Economic Growth,Energy, and the EnvironmentOffice of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU)Director George L. Price L820, SA6Deputy Director Rich Vinnacombe L820, SA6Procurement Analyst James A. Josey L820, SA6Procurement Analyst Vacant P L820, SA6Counselor202-736-4340Deputy Secretary of State for Management and ResourcesDeputy Secretary of State for Management andResources Brian P McKeon 7240Chief of Staff Shelby V Smith-Wilson 7242Personal Assistant/Scheduler to the DeputySecretary Cynthia J Loyet 7240Senior Advisor Alex N Carnes 7244Senior Advisor Raph J Majma 7246Senior Advisor Lisa Y Browne 7248Senior Advisor Maren Brooks 7248Special Assistant Ernesto L. Alfonso 7245Special Assistant Staci Ali-Ibrahim 7245Staff Assistant/Personal Assistant to Chief of StaffRebekah K. Huskamp 7240Staff Assistant William D'Angelo 7243Personal Driver for the Deputy Secretary Hartley OFox 7243Counselor of the Department 0Office of the Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy, andthe EnvironmentUnder Secretary Jose W Fernandez 7256Chief of Staff Jonathan D Fritz 7256Organizational DirectoryUNCLASSIFIED202-647-7575202-647-7688OD-2

Deputy Chief of Staff John D. Duncan 7256Staff Assistant William D Bobo 7256Staff Assistant Fah Conn 7256Staff Assistant Yvette Y. Jenkins 7256Special Assistant Warren Wilson 7256Special Assistant Rodrigo Garza 7256Senior Advisor Melanie Hart 7256Special Assistant Gretchen Tietje 7256Special Assistant Charles Brown 7256Special Assistant Victoria King 7256Senior Advisor Stephanie A Miley 7256Special Assistant Beeta Ehdaie 7256Special Assistant Peter Dycaico 2-647-7190Office of the Chief Economist (OCE)Chief Economist Vacant 1913Deputy Chief Economist Vacant 1913Chief of Staff Mary Brett Rogers-Springs 1913Senior International Economist Dr. Kalamogo (Couli)Coulibaly 1913Economic Officer Miguel Rodrigues TeleworkResearch Economist Eric Fein 1913Jefferson Fellow Erick Jones 1913AAAS Fellow Vacant 1913Principal Assistant Brian Warnes 202-736-75707207Personal Assistant to the Chief of Staff Eleanor CChamberlin 7207Staff Assistant Brenda P. Harris 7207Special Assistant Kevin Brendle 7207Special Assistant Benjamin Peracchio 7207Special Assistant Alissa M Bibb 7207Special Assistant Valerie M Vass 7207Special Assisant Ann DeLong 87202-647-0166202-647-0164202-647-0728Office of Management Strategy & Solutions (M/SS)Director Janice L. deGarmo HST-5214Deputy Director Brett Pomainville HST-5214Special Assistant Maria Wells HST-5214Executive Administrative Assistant Christine (Chris)Donley HST-5214Executive Administrative Assistant Andrew (Andy)Pellerin HST-5214Managing Director Policy & Global Presence YuenHuang HST-5214Acting Managing Director Consulting & AdvancedProjects Margot Shoemaker HST-B656Chief Data Officer/Managing Director for Center forAnalytics Matthew Graviss HST-1252Special Assistant for the Chief Data Officer John W.Tegeler HST-1252Administrative Officer Flavia Bleahu 1564202-485-1515202-647-0093Office of Global Partnerships (E/GP)Managing, Director Thomas Debass SA-15,ROOM-540Program Analyst Ashley Archie SA-15, ROOM-540Vetting Officer Michael Ardovino SA-15, ROOM-540Staff Assistant Denise Banfield SA-15, ROOM-540Public Diplomacy Officer Melanie Bonner SA-15,ROOM-540Senior Program Officer Bryan Gerhart SA-15,ROOM-540Program Analyst Ana Gonzales SA-15, ROOM-540Foreign Affairs Officer Brian Hall SA-15, ROOM-540Program Analyst Brenda Hamicha SA-15,ROOM-540Chief of Staff Jason Haserodt SA-15, ROOM-540Senior Program Officer Ashwood Heffern SA-15,ROOM-540Foreign Affairs Officer Christine (CJ) JohnsonSA-15, ROOM-540Program Analyst Avery Rodriguez SA-15,ROOM-540Program Analyst John (Jack) Stanford SA-15,ROOM-540Director for Innovation Jim Thompson SA-15,ROOM-540Director for Partnerships Constance (Connie)Tzioumis SA-15, ROOM-540(703) 816-3775(703) 816-3775(703) 816-3775(703) 816-3775(703) 816-3775(703) 816-3768(703) 816-3775(703) 816-3769(703) 816-3775(703) 816-3776(703) 816-3765(703) 816-3772(703) atic Reception Rooms (M/FA)Director and Curator Marcee F. Craighill 8th Fl.Collections Manager Virginia B. Hart 8th Fl.Branding, Marketing & Design Specialist Brianne E.Brophy 8th Fl.Curator, Blair House Candace S. ShiremanProgram Operations Specialist Jessica A Wallace8th Fl.Program Operations Specialist Lisa T. Sellman 8thFl.Senior Advisor, Education, Marketing & OutreachAnne Menotti 8th 9202-647-1990202-647-1990202-647-1990Office of the Under Secretary for Arms Control andInternational Security (T)(703) 816-3774(703) 816-3767Under Secretary10/21/2021White House Liaison Abby Jones 7245Special Assistant Sara Grove 7245Special Assistant Nancy Barnett 7245(703) 816-3775Office of the Under Secretary for Management (M)Acting Under Secretary of State Carol Z Perez 7207Personal Assistant to the Under Secretary Tricia AWingerter 7207Sr. Advisor/Acting Chief of Staff Jennifer L Johnson7207Office of White House Liaison (M/WHL)202-647-1500202-647-1500202-647-1501Office of the Under Secretary for Arms Control and InternationalSecurityUnder Secretary Bonnie D Jenkins 7208Chief of Staff Hailey Robbins 7208Scheduler Linda Landers 7208Staff Assistant Ruth Wilson 7208Senior Advisor Maureen E Tucker 7208Senior Military Advisor Chris Tolliver 7208Special Assistant Tori Sanchez 7208Senior Advisor Rob Gile 7208Special Assistant Tammy Rutledge 7208Special Assistant Tim Piergalski 7208Organizational -0440202-736-7960202-647-4226202-647-9781OD-3

Senior Advisor Danny Ricchetti 7208Special Assistant Andy Strike 7208Senior Adviser Ari Tabatabai nal Security Advisory Board (ISAB)Executive Director Vacant 5443Special Assistant to the ISAB Director Vacant 5443202-736-4290202-647-8958Office of the Under Secretary for Civilian Security,Democracy and Human Rights (J)Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy, and HumanRightsUnder Secretary Uzra Zeya 7261Chief of Staff Alicia P. Allison 7261Personal Assistant/Scheduler Jennifer B. Garcia7261Senior Advisor Enrique Roig 7261Senior Advisor Merin Rajadurai 7261Special Assistant Noah B. Krystel 7261Management & Program Analyst Nicole L Lowery7261Foreign Affairs Officer David J. Mikosz 7261Public Diplomacy Officer Alaina R. Brown 7261Special Assistant Rachel E. Smith 7261Staff Assistant Laurie M. Mitchell 202-647-7609202-647-9736202-647-8877Office of the Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy andPublic Affairs (R)UndersecretarySenior Official Jennifer Hall Godfrey 7531Acting Chief of Staff Silvio Gonzalez 7531Staff Assistant Alicia A Pelton 7531Staff Assistant Geraldina Parker 7531Senior Advisor Stephanie Sutton 7531Special Assistant Kellee Farmer 7531Special Assistant Rebecca Archer-Knepper 7531Special Assistant Heera Kamboj 7531Special Assistant Robert J Tate 7531Expo Unit Director James Core 7336Expo 2020 Project Manager Kara Snesko 7531Expo Program Officer Douglas Mossman 7336Expo Senior Advisor Anthony Pahigian 7336Expo 2020 Project Coordinator Ethan Stanton 7336Expo Staff Assistant Britny Patterson 2-647-7442202-647-9145202-647-3533Office of Policy, Planning and Resources (R/PPR)Director R/PPR Paul H Kruchoski SA-5Managing Director for Resources Joni E ScandolaSA-5 05Z02Acting Managing Director for Policy and PlanningPaul H Kruchoski SA-5 05R06Chief of Staff David N Shelby SA-5 02M18Outreach and Communications Chief Marc H FriendSA-5Chief Budget Officer Anthony N Walker SA-5 05Z04Chief Technology Officer Sheila R Campbell SA-505Z03Professional Development Chief Roya M Ellis ting Research and Evaluation Chief Amelia HArsenault SA-5 05Y11PD Incubator Chief Saul A Hernandez SA-5 02M13Chief Compliance Officer Shawn E Hopson Sa-505S06Special Assistant Yuna Jacobson SA-5Special Assistant Esther K Kim SA-5Acting Policy Chief Adelle F Gillen SA-5Acting Director, National Museum of AmericanDiplomacy Jane H Carpenter-Rock SA-9Executive Assistant Kate C Fox 112202-679-1347N/A202-793-0671202-679-2234Global Engagement Center (GEC)Acting Coordinator Leah Bray 2419Deputy Coordinator for Support Joseph Parente2419Acting Deputy Coordinator for Operations KarlStoltz 2419Chief Strategist Amir Marzouk 2419Senior Advisor David Paine 2419Special Assistant Noah Rose 2419Operations Specialist Adelina Colaku 2419(202) 227-1454(202) 227-1454(202) 227-1454(202) 227-1454(202) 227-1454(202) 227-1454(202) 227-1454Office of the Chief of Protocol (S/CPR)Chief Of ProtocolActing Chief of Protocol Asel Roberts 1238Executive Director Chris Beenhouwer 1238Acting Assistant Chief of Protocol for Visits DavidSolomon 1238Assistant Chief of Protocol for Diplomatic Affairs NanKennelly 1238Assistant Chief /General Manager of Blair HouseMatthew L. Wendel Blair HouseStaff Assistant Jennifer Wham 1238Assistant Chief of Protocol for Major Events Laura B.WillsDeputy Chief of Protocol Sharon E Weber 1238Deputy Chief of Protocol Marcus Switzer 1238Assistant Chief of Protocol for DiplomaticPartnerships Alice J Russo 1238Assistant Chief of Protocol for Ceremonials KristinaB Jeter 202-647-4543202-647-4543202-647-1700Office of Civil Rights (S/OCR)DirectorDirector and Chief Diversity Officer Gregory B. Smith7428Acting Deputy Director Audrey B. Huon-Dumentat7428Senior Attorney-Adviser Jenniffer De Heer 7428Chief, Intake and Resolution Glenn C. Budd 7428Chief, Diversity Management and Outreach VerenaSander 7428Staff Assistant to A/S Jordan A. Hall 95202-647-9295202-647-9294Office of the Coordinator for Cyber IssuesOffice of the Coordinator for Cyber Issues202-632-2719Organizational DirectoryUNCLASSIFIEDOD-4

Acting Coordinator Michele Markoff HST 4212Senior Policy Advisor Liesyl Franz HST 4212Senior Policy Advisor Sheila Flynn HST 4212Policy Advisor Cari McCachren HST 4212Staff Assistant Karese Holmes HST 4212Senior Policy Advisor David Pemberton HST B931Policy Advisor JeeYoung Oh HST B931Senior Policy Advisor Joanna LaHaie HST B931Senior Policy Advisor Kathryn Fitrell HST 4212Policy Advisor Lisa Ji HST 4212Senior Policy Advisor Theodore Nemeroff HSTB931Public Diplomacy Advisor Wren Elhai B931Policy Advisor Elizabeth Vish B931Policy Advisor Fort Felker B931Policy Advisor Heather Dresser B931Policy Advisor Owen Fletcher B931Senior Technology Advisor Len Hause HST 403-7488Office of Foreign Assistance (F)DirectorActing Director of the Office of Foreign AssistanceTracy Carson 5923Deputy Director Tracy Carson 5480Special Assistant Ramzey Yousef 5923Division Chief, Management and Operations LynnMims-Jones 5927Managing Director, Policy Roman Napoli 3953Managing Director, Planning, Performance, andSystems Lacy Kilraine 5472Managing Director, Resources and AppropriationsAndrew Mosley 3667Acting Managing Director, Regional and GlobalPrograms Kyle Peterson 5480Regional Director, Africa Region Meredith Caligiuri1916Regional Director, South Central Asia Region DallasBrendan 5480Regional Director, Europe & Eurasia Region DallasBrendan 5480Regional Director, East Asia & Pacific RegionErnesto Uribe 1916Regional Director, Near East Asia Region AbrahamDashtara 5480Regional Director, Western Hemisphere RegionSharon Jakopchek 1916Functional Director, Global Issues and InitiativesLeah Tafara-Maddox 1912Acting, Communications and Legislative CoordinatorMiki Smith 5480Senior Advisor Sarah Scarcelli 5923Advisor Vacant 5923Staff Assistant Avon Bowe 5927Staff Assistant Tonya Makle 647-2608202-647-1086202-647-1086U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator and Special Representative forGlobal Health 63-2440202-647-2069202-647-4731202-647-9037Office of the U.S. Global Aids Coordinator (S/GAC)U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator and SpecialRepresentative for Global Health DiplomacyDeborah L. Birx Suite 10300 SA-22Deborah L. Birx Suite 10300 SA-22Principal Deputy Coordinator Mark Brown Suite10300 SA-22Deputy Coordinator for Management, Budget andOperations Max L. Aguilar Suite 10300 SA-22Chief of Staff Vacant Suite 10300 SA-22Deputy Coordinator for Strategy and Global HealthDiplomacy Angeli P. Achrekar Suite 10300 SA-22Deputy Coordinator for Program Quality John G.Palen Suite 10300 SA-22Deputy Coordinator for Financial and ProgrammaticSustainability Michael E. Ruffner Suite 10300 SA-22Deputy Coordinator for Affected Populations, HumanRights and Community Engagement Vacant Suite10300 SA-22Acting Deputy Coordinator for Country Oversightand Accountability Jennifer R. Smolin Suite 10300SA-22Director of Country Oversight and AccountabilityVacant Suite 10300 SA-22Deputy Coordinator for Multi-Sector ResponsibilityMamadi Yilla Suite 10300 SA-22Acting Deputy Coordinator for Program Results andImpact Monitoring for Epidemic Control Irum F. ZaidiSuite 10300 SA-22Director for Program Results and Impact Monitoringfor Epidemic Control Vacant Suite 10300 SA-22TA/TC Initiative Lead and Acting Chief MedicalOfficer Lisa J Nelson Suite 10300 SA-22Chief Strategy Officer Sandra L. Thurman Suite10300 SA-22Chief Policy Advisor A. Cornelius Baker Suite 10300SA-22Senior Advisor for Global Fund Partnership Julia C.Martin GenevaMain Number/Reception Linda D. McKoy Suite10300 SA-22Unclassified Fax Vacant Suite 10300 SA-22Acting Executive Director Vickie R. Walker Suite10300 SA-22Acting Director of Congressional Relations DonaldRozman Suite 10300 SA-22Director of Global Health Diplomacy JenniferBullock Suite 10300 SA-22Director of Private Sector Engagement Lauren A.Marks Suite 10300 SA-22Director of Research and Science Andrew D ForsythSuite 10300 SA-22Director of Public Affairs and CommunicationsVacant Suite 10300 SA-22Interdepartmental Liaison William Dilday HST 3636Legal Advisor Sandy Kupchan HST 5420202-663-2579Office of the U.S. Coordinator for the Arctic Region(S/AR)Office of the U.S. Coordinator for the Arctic Region S/ARU.S. Coordinator for the Arctic Region James (Jim)DeHart HST 4336Senior Advisor Hillary LeBail HST 4336Staff Assistant and Commercial Advocacy LeadChungsil (Sil) Hamilton HST 4336Senior Advisor Constantinos (Costa) Nicolaidis HST4336Organizational 85-2518202-485-2517OD-5

Office of the Special Envoy to Defeat ISIS (S/SECI)Office of the Special Envoy to Defeat ISIS (S/SECI)Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Acting SpecialEnvoy John T. Godfrey HST - 1428ADeputy Coordinator for Counterterrorism and ActingDeputy Special Envoy David A. Schlaefer HST 1428ADirector Douglas M. Hoyt HST - 1428ADeputy Director Dexter D. Ingram HST - 311Office of Global Criminal Justice (J/GCJ)Ambassador-At-LargeActing Ambassador-at-Large, Office of GlobalCriminal Justice Michael G Kozak 7806Senior Policy Advisor, Acting Director (Aug. 2021until present) David G Mandel-Anthony 7806Staff Assistant Marie A Ingram 7806Staff Assistant to Ambassador-at-Large Vacant C7806Senior Policy Advisor Jana C Ramsey 7806Senior Policy Advisor Hawa Ghaus 7806Senior Policy Advisor Jennifer L Glaudemans 7806Foreign Affairs Officer Lucy H Seyfarth 7806Senior Policy Advisor Ari S Bassin 7806Senior Policy Advisor Christina Q Li 7806Special Assistant Heath Bailey 7806Senior Program Analyst Kristin E Sullens 7806Senior Policy Advisor - on a Detail until Jan. 2022Susan A Notar 7806Director - out of office until Jul. 2022 Albert TGombis 2-647-XXXX7532Executive Assistant Valerie Keitt HST 7532Staff Assistant Hellen Nicodemus HST 7532Grants and Outreach Analyst Linsey J ArmstrongHST 5241Senior Evaluation and Analysis Specialist Alicia CCarra HST 5241Policy Advisor, EAP Jennifer Casto HST 5241Foreign Affairs Officer, EAP, Women, Peace andSecurity Program Sara L Curley HST 5241Economic Policy Advisor, W-GDP Leila ElmergawiHST 5241Foreign Affairs Officer, AF Elizabeth G Hanley HST5241Senior Policy Advisor, NEA Marci T Hodge HST7532Evaluation Analyst Olivia L Holt-Ivry n/aRegional Advisor, SCA Nayab A Khan HST 5241Senior Advisor for Legal and Political Reform,W-GDP Janelle Kuroda HST 5241ON DETAIL - Program Analyst Mark MurrayForeign Affairs Officer, SCA/EUR, Women'sEconomic Empowerment Regina F Neal HST 5241Senior Policy Advisor, GBV and Multilateral AffairsStephanie Ogorzalek HST 5241Senior Policy Advisor, Women, Peace, and SecurityBlake PetersonEconomic Policy Advisor, W-GDP Lauren Scott HST5241Senior Military Advisor, CVE, Women, Peace, andSecurity Rachel J Thomas HST 5241Regional Advisor, EUR and PA/PD Katherine AZitzer HST 5241202 647-7285202 647-6383202-736-4817202-647-3831202 647 3924202-647-XXXXOffice of Inspector General (OIG)Office of Global Food Security (S/GFS)Office Staff:Special Representative Vacant HSTCoordinator Paul A Brown 3822Foreign Affairs Officer Abigail Rockwell 3822Advisor Timothy A Evans 3822Senior Advisor Michael Bittrick 3822PMF W. Morgan Hyson 61202-374-8748202-322-5741Office of Global Women's Issues (S/GWI)Office of Global Women's IssuesActing Senior Official Katrina Fotovat HST 7532Director of Operations, Senior Advisor Joel MayburyHST 7532Director of Women's Economic EmpowermentAmelia Mitchell HST 7532Senior Policy Advisor, Afghanistan and Central Asiaand Functional Team Leader Lida Noory HST 7532Senior Policy Advisor, Regional Team Lead, AF andSA Inga Litvinsky HST 7532Senior Policy Advisor Irene MarrSenior Advisor for Programs and Partnerships,W-GDP Sandrine Rukundo HST 7532Program Support Specialist Shakyra McMillon HST753210/21/2021202-647-7285202 647-1982202-647-1627202-647-6388202-647-8575n/a202 647-2015202 647-6091Inspector GeneralActing Inspector General Diana R Shaw 800,SA39Chief of Staff Parisa Salehi 800, SA39Director of Congressional and Public Affairs RyanD. Holden 800, SA39Executive Assistant Isabella Strohmeyer 800, 55Office of Audits (OIG/AUD)Assistant Inspector General Norman P. Brown 720,SA39Deputy AIG - Audit Directorate Gayle L. Voshell 720,SA39Deputy AIG - Middle East Region OperationsDirectorate Beverly O'Neill 720, SA39MERO Director, Washington, DC Office David S.Bernet 720, SA39Financial Management Director Vacant J. 720,SA39Information Technology Director Ann E. Stoehr 720,SA39Audit Compliance & Follow-up Director Naomi A.Snell 720, SA39Security and Intelligence Director Regina Meade720, SA39Contracts, Grants, and Infrastructure DirectorDenise M. Colchin 720, SA39MERO Director, Washington, DC Office Bernard M.Vennemann 720, SA39Organizational -5492571-348-5540571-349-8037571-349-8061OD-6

MERO Director, Frankfurt Germany Office Tinh T.Nguyen Frankfurt 49-69-7535-Office of Evaluations & Special Projects (ESP)Assistant Inspector General for Evaluations andSpecial Projects Jeffrey D McDermott SA-39Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Evaluationsand Special Projects Nicole S Matthis SA-39Evaluations Officer Claire Barnard SA-39Senior Investigative Counsel Amy Bowser SA-39Evaluations Officer Juliann Vadera SA-39Evaluations Officer Julie E Silvers SA-39Evaluations Officer Johanna L Nathanson SA-39Senior Investigative Counsel Brian T Volsky SA-39Senior Investigative Counsel Alison R Roach 3480166Office of Executive Director (OIG/EX)Acting Assistant Inspector General/ExecutiveDirector Connie W. Yates 1400, SA39Deputy Assistant Inspector General forManagement/Deputy Executive Director Connie WYates 1400, SA39Associate Executive Director of Human Capital BisaCunningham 1400, SA39Director of Budget, Finance and Travel JasonParker 1400, SA39Chief Information Officer Greg S. Cottone 1400,SA39Director of Office of Controls and Compliance IreneB Porter 1400, SA39Director of Administrative Operations Molly E. Hines1400, SA39Bureau Security Officer Theodore T. Aposporos1400, Office of Investigations (OIG/INV)Hotline HotlineAssistant Inspector General for InvestigationsVacant T. 100

Senior International Economist Dr. Kalamogo (Couli) Coulibaly 1913 202-647-7860 Economic Officer Miguel Rodrigues Telework 202-304-2731 Research Economist Eric Fein 1913 202-647-2788 Jefferson Fellow Erick Jones 1913 202-647-6053 AAAS Fellow Vacant 1913 202-647-6053 Principal Assistant Brian Warnes 1913 202-736-7570

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Telephone Directory. Whenever there is a change in telephone numbers, e-mail and fax, the same may please be uploaded on the telephone directory portal immediately, so as to update the information in the database/website. The telephone directory is based on information uploaded by the concerned units/SMDs/ Institutions upto 31-01-2018.

150092 Edwards Telephone Company, Inc. 330880 The Farmers Telephone Company, LLC 330930 Grantland Telecom, LLC 100010 Hampden Telephone Company 542321 Happy Valley Telephone Company 100011 Hartland & St. Albans Telephone Company 123321 Hollis Telephone Company, Inc. 320777 The Home Telephone Company of Pittsboro, Inc. 320778 Home Telephone .

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d’annuaires LDAP, notamment: v IBM Tivoli Directory Server V5.2 v IBM Directory Server V4.1, V5.1 v IBM SecureWay Directory Server V3.2.2 v eNetwork LDAP Directory Server V2.1 v eNetwork X.500 Directory Server for AIX v Sun ONE Directory Server L’API LDAP offre des fonctions de serveur d’annuaires classiques, telles que l’écriture, la .

Oracle Directory (fka. SunOne) Oracle Internet Directory Microsoft Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) Siemens DirX OpenLDAP eB2Bcom View500 Directory Server CA eTrust Directory SAP IDM Virtual Directory Server Any LDAP v3 compliant directory server SAP Busines

DNS is a requirement for Active Directory. Active Directory clients such as users computers) use DNS to find each other and locate services advertised in Active Directory by the Active Directory domain controllers. You must decide whether DNS will be integrated with Active Directory or not. It is easier to get Active Directory up and

An Active Directory forest is a collection of one or more Active Directory domains that share a common Active Directory schema . Most Active Directory environments exist with one Active Directory domain in its own Active Directory forest .

Active Directory: Microsoft's modern directory service for Windows, originating from the X.500 directory and supports LDAP. Apache Directory Server: Directory service written in Java, supporting LDAP, Kerberos 5 and the Change Password Protocol. eDirectory: This is NetIQ's implementation of directory services.