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Coffee MachineGaggia AnimaServiceServiceServiceService ManualRev. 00 July 2015General InformationDescriptionValueHousing materialThermoplastic typeSize (w x h x d) Anima OTC AMF CMF221 x 340 x 430 mm (data may vary depending on the model)Size (w x h x d) Anima XL221 x 386 x 430 mmWeight OTC AMF CMF7,5 kg (data may vary depending on the model)Weight Anima XL8 kgPower cord length800 - 1200 mmControl panelFront typeCup sizeUp to 152 mmWater tank OTC AMF CMF1.8 litres - Removable typeWater tank Anima XL2.5 litres - Removable typeCoffee bean hopper capacity Anima OTC AMF CMF 250 gCoffee bean hopper capacity Anima XL500 gCoffee grounds drawer capacity15Milk carafe capacity0,5 l (OTC version)Pump pressure15 barBoilerStainless steel boilerSafety devicesThermal fuseEnergy saving mode 1 WhNominal voltage - Power rating - Power supplyRead the data plate placed inside the service doorAll parts of this document are the property of Philips.All rights reserved. This document and all the information herein is provided without liability deriving from any errors or omissions. Furthermore, no part may be reproduced, used orcollected, except where express authorisation has been provided in writing or through a contractual agreement.Published by PhilipsSubject to modificationEN 4219 400 000332015-July-30

Table of . requiredTools and equipment requiredMaterialSafety warningsService PolicyExternal machine parts Anima XLExternal machine parts Anima OTCExternal machine parts Anima AMF - CMFInternal machine parts2.Technical specifications2. specificationsSpecification for the measurement of the coffee productstemperatureSpecification for the measurement of the milk productstemperatureMachine parameters and performance2. instructions3.1.3.2.Customer menuOperation, cleaning and maintenance4.Operating logic4. circuitMilk carafeSingle microswitchTemperature sensorCoffee grinderDetection of coffee bean absence, dose adjustment,blocked coffee grinder.Dose self-learning (SAS) only for 120vCoffee grinderAutodose sistem descriptionCoffee lack detection and coffee grinder blocked.Coffee cycleWater level detection (water tank)Descaling requestWater leshooting5. mode IncantoSteamOutError CodesPageTable of d checks6.1.Repair schedule16.2.Service schedule16.3.Final test27.Disassembly7.1.Outer Shell17.2.Dispenser27.3.Coffee grinder37.4.Grinder blades37.5.Coffee grinder adjustment47.6.Carafe connection and hot/Steam water dispenser57.7.Central plate57.8.Pin boiler67.9.Gear PU board87.14Programming access for SSC (Saeco Service Center)87.15.KYB interface and display87.15.Fitting and removing Oetiker clamps98.Notes9.Water circuit diagram10Electrical diagram179GAGGIA ANIMA


GAGGIA ANIMA1.101 INTRODUCTIONDocumentation requiredThe following documentation is needed for repair procedures: Instruction booklet for specific model Technical documentation for specific model (diagrams, exploded view, sympton cure andservice manual)1.2Tools and equipment requiredAs well as the standard equipment, the following is required:Qty.11111DescriptionScrewdriverPliers for Oetiker clampsCC -A - Vdc testerDigital thermometerSSC (Saeco Service Center)1.3Scale limit 150 CProgrammer (for programming and diagnostics mode)MaterialDescriptionThermal pasteDescalerGrease solventSilicone grease1.4NotesNotesHeating element 200 CSaeco descalerPersonal choiceSafe to use with foodSafety warningsWe recommend you consult the technical manual of the machine before performing any maintenance work.Observe all applicable standards relating to the repair of electrical appliances.Always disconnect the power plug from the mains before beginning repair work.Simply turning off the main machine power switch is not an adequate safetyprecaution.This domestic appliance is rated as insulation class I.On completion of the repair work, insulation and dielectric rigidity tests must beperformed.Disassembling the machine, the operator must pay attention to hot and underPressure parts: boiler, pin-boiler, valves, dispensing, steam tube, brew unit,connections and pipes to avoid burns. Please refer to specific hydraulic circuit(Image1) to know the parts in detail.The machine hydraulic circuit can reach maximum pressure of 16/18 bar.To operate in safety condition is recommended to perform the Steam Out procedure inorder to remove the pressure and hot water inside the hydraulic circuit.Pag. 1/6

GAGGIA ANIMA01 INTRODUCTIONWaterFlowmeterFlowmeterHot water /steamImage 1Two-way solenoidsolenoid valveTwo-wayvalveFrom this point circuitin pressureFrom this point circuitHigh temperaureSteamhotpipewaterSteam andWater tankWatertankPumpPumpBrewing UnitBrewingUnitSafety lerBoilerService POLICY grid as used for coffee machineFor IN WARRANTY repairs is mandatory to use the single components (not the assembly) available in the exploded views of the coffee machines or of the specific components. If you find theinformation “SEE THE EXPLODED VIEW E.” in the assembly description field, it means thatthe single components of the assembly are available in the other pages of the exploded view. It’spossible to use the assembly only if there is a specific Symptom Cure that include this possibilityor when the single components are not available for the order.List of principal assembly present in all our coffee machinesComponentsAssembly useSingle components availableCOFFEEGRINDEROnly for OOW repairsYES, to consult the specific exploded-view of the machine orof the Coffee Grinder on websiteBREWING UNITOnly for OOW repairsYES, to consult the specific exploded-view of the machine orof the Brewing unit on websiteBOILEROnly for OOW repairsYES, to consult the specific exploded-view of the machine onwebsiteGEARMOTOROnly for OOW repairsYES, to consult the specific exploded-view of the machine onwebsiteFILTERHOLDEROnly for OOW repairsYES, to consult the specific exploded-view of the machine onwebsiteMILKCARAFEOnly for OOW repairsYES, to consult the specific exploded-view of the machine onwebsiteTHERMALCARAFEOnly for OOW repairsYES, to consult the specific exploded-view of the ThermalCarafe on websiteMILK ISLANDOnly for OOW repairsYES, to consult the specific exploded-view of the Milk Islandon websitePag. 2/6

GAGGIA ANIMA01 INTRODUCTION1.6.1. External machine parts Anima XLMain components12MAX32MINXAM1STAND-BY button2Water tank seat3Coffee bean hopper4Removable water tank5Main switchI. ON40. OFF6Power cord socket117Coffee grounds drawer108Drip tray9Drip tray grill10Coffee dispensing spout11Hot water dispensing spout12Milk carafe198765Main removable parts121113101238614MAXMINPU SH59N471ESPRESSO1ESPRESSO LUNGO2AROMASTRENGTH38456CAPPUCCINO23LATTE MACCHIATOMENU4756781Water tank lid2Coffee bean hopper lid3Service door4Coffee residues drawer5Brew group6Coffee dispensing spout7Drip tray8Coffee grounds drawer9‘Drip tray full’ indicator10Hot water dispensing spout11Milk carafe lid12Milk carafe top13Milk frother dispensing spout14Milk containerESPRESSO buttonESC buttonESPRESSO LUNGO buttonAROMA STRENGTH buttonOK buttonCAPPUCCINO buttonUP buttonLATTE MACCHIATO buttonMENU buttonDOWN buttonSTAND-BY buttonDisplayIn the example:Main menu; ready for brewingPag. 3/6

GAGGIA ANIMA01 INTRODUCTION1.6.2. External machine parts Anima OTCMain components13MAX2MIN3XAM1STAND-BY button2Water tank seat3Coffee bean hopper4Pre-ground coffee compartment5Removable water tank6Main switchI. ON50. OFF411211109867Main removable parts11214211313715MAXM49INPU SH610N58Control buttons and display OTC1ESPRESSOESPRESSO LUNGOAROMA STRENGTH18234CAPPUCCINO5LATTE MACCHIATO6MENU234756787Power cord socket8Coffee grounds drawer9Drip tray10Drip tray grill11Coffee dispensing spout12Hot water dispensing spout13Milk carafe1Water tank lid2Coffee bean hopper lid3Pre-ground coffee compartment lid4Service door5Coffee residues drawer6Brew group7Coffee dispensing spout8Drip tray9Coffee grounds drawer10‘Drip tray full’ indicator11Hot water dispensing spout12Milk carafe lid13Milk carafe top14Milk frother dispensing spout15Milk containerESPRESSO buttonESC buttonESPRESSO LUNGO buttonAROMA STRENGTH buttonOK buttonCAPPUCCINO buttonUP buttonLATTE MACCHIATO buttonMENU buttonDOWN buttonSTAND-BY buttonDisplayIn the example:Main menu; ready for brewingPag. 4/6

GAGGIA ANIMA01 INTRODUCTION1.6.3. External machine parts Incanto AMF CMF1STAND-BY buttonMain components2Water tank seat13 A3Coffee bean hopper4Pre-ground coffee compartment5Removable water tank6Main switch13B235XAMI. ON40. OFF112111098767Power cord socket8Coffee grounds drawer9Drip tray10Drip tray grill11Coffee dispensing spout12Steam/hot water dispensing spout13A Automatic milk frother (AMF)13B Classic milk frother (CMF)Main removable parts123129411137PU SH610N581Water tank lid2Coffee bean hopper lid3Pre-ground coffee compartment lid4Service door5Coffee residues drawer6Brew group7Coffee dispensing spout8Drip tray9Coffee grounds drawer10‘Drip tray full’ indicator11Steam/hot water dispensing spoutSteam wand (fixed)Rubber grip12Automatic milk frother top13Milk frother suction tubeControl buttons and display CMF and AMF8ESPRESSO14STEAMESPRESSO LUNGO25HOT WATERAROMA STRENGTH3641AMFMILK FROTH234MENU75678ESPRESSO buttonESC buttonESPRESSO LUNGO buttonAROMA STRENGTH buttonOK buttonSTEAM or MILK FROTH buttonUP buttonHOT WATER buttonMENU buttonDOWN buttonSTAND-BY buttonDisplay In the example:Main menu; ready for brewingPag. 5/6

GAGGIA ANIMA01 INTRODUCTION1.6.4 Internal machine partsPower ent insertCoffee grinderSafety valve2-waysolenoid valveCoffeedispenserBoiler pinPag. 6/6


GAGGIA ANIMA2.1.02 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSTechnical specificationsPower supply and output:Temperature monitoring:Safety system:Coffee heat exchanger output:Stainless steelGear motor:Pump:Overpressure valve:Water filter:Coffee grinder:Automatic dosage:Power consumption:Dimensions: W x H x D in mm:Weight:Water tank capacity:Coffee bean hopper capacity:Dreg drawer capacity:Water circuit filling time:Heating time:Grinding time:240 V 50 Hz 1850 W - 230 V 50/60 Hz 1850 W120 V 60 Hz 1500 W(NTC) variable resistor sensor - transmits the value to theelectronic card2 thermostats at 190 C one shot(230 V ) 1900 W - (120 V ) 1300 W - (100 V ) 1100 Wfor coffee, hot water and steam dispensing2 rotation directions; power supply 24VCUlka Type EP5/S GW approx. 13-15 bar with reciprocatingpiston and thermal switch 100 C 48 W, 230V, 50 Hz, 120V,60Hz 100V, 50/60 HzOpening at approx. 16-18 barIn tankDirect current motor with flat ceramic grinder bladesDose adjustment controlled by the electronic systemDuring heating phase- approx. 5.6 A221 x 340 x 430 mm (Anima OTC AMF CMF)(data may vary depending on the model)221 x 386 x 430 mm (Anima XL)7.5kg (Anima OTC AMF CMF)(data may vary depending on the model)8kg (Anima XL)1.8 l. (Anima OTC AMF CMF) 2.5 l. (Anima XL)250 g. (Anima OTC AMF CMF) 500 g. (Anima XL)15Approx. 15 sec Max. on first filling cycleApprox. 45 sec.Approx. 8-10 sec.Pag. 1/5

GAGGIA ANIMA02 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS2.2.1. Specification for the measurement of the coffee products temperature.The temperature is influenced by the flow from the dispenser and stratification of temperatures inthe glass. In order to consider these phenomena and to introduce measures that allow comparisonsin controlled conditions, below guidelines must be followed:Conditions:a) Water temperature in tank: 23 C ( /-2 C).b) It must be used a plastic cup (see picture N 1).c) It must be used a thermocouple thermometer (e.g. type K - see picture N 2).d) The coffee machine is tested without any change of parameters or calibrations, which mayaffect the temperature of products, so the measurement of temperature must be done withmachine in default factory setting.Procedure:1. The temperature must be measured in the cup, immediately after dispensing. Cup has to beplaced on a non-metal surface using a thermocouple thermometer (Picture 1).2. The temperature in the cup is measured by immersing the probe of the thermometer up to touchthe bottom.The probe then must be moved in a circular motion for 5/6 rotations. At the of the rotations, stop in the center of the cup (Picture 2).3. The highest temperature measured during the rotations is the value we are searching for, andthat must be reported;4. Test measurement: from end of dispensing to the end of rotations must be completed within 12seconds.5. the distance of the probe from the bottom of the glass is a function of the quantity of coffee dispensed: 10mm for 35gr - 17mm for 60gr - 35mm for 120gr and superior (Picture 3).Limits of acceptabilityThe acceptance limits are divided by features andproducts and are the following:OFFEspresso Coffee Italy Q.ty 25/40 gr.Temperature of 1st product 69 C 85 CTemperature of 2nd product 72 C 85 CONDISPLAYCoffee Q.ty 70/120 gr.Temperature of 1st product 69 C 85 CTemperature of 2nd product 72 C 85 CPicture 1TareØ max 2mmPicture 2Picture 3for 120gr andsuperiorfor 60grfor 35gr35 mm17 mm10 mm02Pag. 2/5

GAGGIA ANIMA02 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS2.2.2. Specification for the measurement of the Milk products temperature.Milk evaluationTo carry out the test, a partially skimmed UHT milk with a percentage of grease between 1.5-1.8%at a refrigerator temperature Trefr. (between 4 to 10 C) must be used.The milk product must be checked on a beaker of 250 ml of capability and with an inner diameterof 70mm, brewing 100gr of product.Parameters to be respected:The parameters to be respected are: milk temperature and height of the cream. Each of these parameters, however, must be evaluated depending on the type of system used for the production ofhot milk.Actually three types of devices are present on the appliances: Manual system (pannarello)Semi-Automatic system (cappuccinatore)Automatic system (carafe, Pinless wonder system, etc.)Milk temperature in the beaker:System without Pinless Wonder: e.g. Xelsis, Exprelia, Syntia, Intelia.With milk at Trefr. (about 4-10 C): 36System with Pinless Wonder: e.g. New royal, Energica Pure, Intelia EVO Latte.With milk at Trefr. (about 4-10 C): 45Height of the milk cream in the beaker:Manual system (pannarello) 15mm on 100gr. of brewed productSemi-automatic system (cappuccinatore) 20mm on 100gr. of brewed productAutomatic system: carafe, cappuccinatore, Pinless wonder e.g. (New Royal, Energica Pure, InteliaEVO latte) 20mm on 100gr. of brewed productHow to measure the temperature of the milk.1. The measurement is carried out in the beaker, immediately after the end of milk brew, positionedon a non-metallic surface, using a thermocouple thermometer (eg. Type K). Stop the preparationof mixed product: at the end of milk brewing, where “One Touch product” function is present.2. The temperature is measured by immersing the probe of the thermometer, positioning the probeinside the beaker at about 10mm from the bottom of the container, then the probe moves ina circular motion for 3-5 turns, stopping at the end, at the center of the beaker. It detects themaximum temperature reached in a time of relief between 3 to 5 seconds. It is important themixing of milk before the measurement at 10mm from the bottom of the beaker. If the mixing iscorrect, temperature, for a few fractions of a second, during the measurement should not oscillate.Pag. 3/5

GAGGIA ANIMA02 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSHow to measure the milk cream.The temperature (Trefr or Tamb) of the milk doesn’t affect as much the test result on measuringthe milk cream; by convection is assumed to always use milk at refrigerator temperature Trefr.Manual systems (Pannarello)Pour 100cc. of milk at Trefr. in a beaker of 250 ml of capacity and with a inner diameter of 70 mm;with machine in steam mode:1.2.3.Open the steam knob to discharger water circuit for 4 sec, then close the knob.Place the beaker with the frother dipped in milk, open the steam knob to maximum andstart the chronometer.After about 30 to 60 seconds, close the knob and check the result on milk.Semi-automatic systems (cappuccino)Pours milk at Trefr. in a container ; with the machine in steam mode:1.2.3.Open the steam knob to discharge water circuit for 4 sec. then close the knob.Insert the silicone tube in the milk container, placing a beaker of 250 ml capacity and withan inner diameter of 70 mm under the cappuccino maker and open the steam knob.After having provided 100gr. of product, close the knob and check the result obtained onmilk. Note: The same applies to machines which have a steam key on the user interfaceand a solenoid valve in place of the steam tap.Automatic: Carafe, Cappuccino Pinless wonder e.g.:(New Royal, Energica Pure, InteliaEVO Latte), etc.After setting the machine to delivery of 100gr. of product:1.2.Launch the “hot milk” function.Collect the product in a beaker with a 250ml of capacity and with an inner diameter of70 mm, and verify the result obtained on milk. Carry out the test using milk at a Trefr.In case the machine allows modify of the emulsion through the menu, use the machine with theemulsion set to the default value.Related to the above testing procedure derives the following table of acceptability:Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic’s Milk SystemGrams of ProductMinimun Height of the milk cream 130120110100908070 30mm25mm22mm20mm16mm13mm 11mmNB: To verify more accurately the height of the cream, a practical expedient dictated by experience is to add to the product just delivered a small amount of coffee. The addition of coffeeimmediately put in evidence the surface of separation between liquid and cream.Pag. 4/5

GAGGIA ANIMA2.3.02 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSMachine parameters and performancePRODUCTQUANTITYProgramm. byProduction /Service40 /- 10grYesNo120 /- 14%YesNoContinues until the water supply has been exhausted (capacitive sensor)Default quantity(Grams)EspressoEspresso lungoHot out 03 minutes.DREG DRAWERDescription and values5 sec.Time-out for dreg drawerReset dreg counterDreg emptying alarm, if the dreg drawer isremoved for more than 5 seconds.STANDBYInlet time (default)Inlet time programmed by Production/ServiceBoiler temperature during StandbyWATER TANKWater reserve (pulses) with water filterWater reserve (pulses) with no water filterWater reserve modifiable by Production/Servicedepartments"Fill tank" alarm"No tray" alarmWater mainsHardness1234Description and values15 minutesYesBoiler OFFDescription200200NoYesYes (Fill tank)NoDescaling frequencyWithout anti-scale filter240 litres (480,000 pulses)120 litres (240,000 pulses)60 litres (120,000 pulses)Water hardnessWith anti-scale filterSoft (up to 7 dH)480 litres (960,000 pulses)Medium (7 - 14 dH)240 litres (480,000 pulses)Hard (15 - 21 dH)120 litres (240,000 pulses)Very hard30 litres (60,000 pulses)60 litres (120,000 pulses)(over 21 dH)The default water hardness level is 3. Each litre of water corresponds to approximately 2,000 pulsesPag. 5/5


GAGGIA ANIMA3.1.03 USER INSTRUCTIONSCustomer menuList of default settingsDisplaySettingMAXMEDMINCOFFEETEMP180 60 30 15 rageDescriptionCoffee brewing temperature setting.Stand-bytime15 minuStand-by time setting.tesContrastaverageDisplay contrast setting.Waterhardness4 (veryhardwater)Water hardness setting.INTENZA water filterOFF (notINTENZA settings.installed)Changing the default settingsIt is possible to customise the machine functions through the programmingmenu. The machine must be turned on and ready to work.If necessary, refer to the “8.1 List of default settings” chapter. Press the MENU button and scroll through functions list to select thefunction whose settings are to be modified:DISPLAYNote: the images at the side refer to a sample function.CONTRAST Press the OK button to select the desired functionOnce selected:Press the UP button to increase the value.Press the DOWN button to decrease the value.Press the OK button to confirm the change.When the change has been implemented, the OK message will bedisplayed.The modified but unconfirmed values will not be stored.Press the ESC button to exit the programming function.The machine automatically exits the programming mode if no button ispressed for 3 minutes.Pag. 1/3

GAGGIA ANIMA03 USER INSTRUCTIONSReset to the default settingsIt is possible to restore the default settings through the programmingmenu. The machine must be turned on and ready to work.Press the MENU button and scroll through functions list to select the RESET function. Press the OK button to select the function.RESETWhen the change has been implemented, the OK message will bedisplayed.Press the ESC button to exit the programming function. The machine automatically exits the programming mode if no button ispressed for 3 minutes.Alarm signals summary: red displayDisplayDescriptionDisplayDescriptionPut back the drip trayand coffee groundsdrawer; close theservice door.Coffee groundsdrawer full.Coffee beanhopper empty.Water tank empty.Brew group notinserted.The machine isout of service.XXWarnings signals summaryDisplayDescriptionFILTERThe machine is ready tobrew products: coffeebean hopper emptyCLEANDisplaySTARTCALCCLEANDescriptionThe machine must bedescaled.The machine is ready tobrew products: replacethe INTENZA water fillter.The machine is heatingup.The machine is waitingto start the water circuitpriming process.The machine is rinsing.Only OTCThe milk carafe ductsshould be cleaned.10Brew group rebooting.Pag. 2/3

GAGGIA ANIMA03 USER INSTRUCTIONSThe machine is out of serviceRed DisplayXXErrorcodeIf the machine error alarm signal is triggered, the error code isdisplayed in the bottom right corner of the display.(Following table)BehaviourCause1Coffee grinderblocked3-4The brew group isBrew group locked,incorrectly positiocannot be taken outned.5Water circuit error3.2.Coffee outlet ductcloggedAir in the watercircuitActionClean the coffee outlet duct thoroughly.Close the service door. Turn the machine offand back on again. Wait for the ‘Ready forbrewing’ signal and then remove the brewgroup.Remove and restore the water tank a coupleof times, making sure to position it correctly.Check that the water tank seat is clean.Operation, cleaning and maintenanceOperating the machine1234567ABCDEFHFill water tankFill the coffee bean hopperSwitch on the appliancePress the button to startthe applianceHeatingRinseMachine readyWhen the heating phase begins, wait for it to finishCarry out a rinse cycle for the internal circuitsThe machine is ready to dispense beveragesCLEANING AND TECHNICAL SERVICINGEmpty the dregs drawerWhen indicatedEmpty the drip trayAs necessaryClean the water tankWeeklyClean the coffee bean hopperAs necessaryClean the casingAs necessaryClean the brewing unitEvery time the coffee bean hopper is filled or weeklyAfter 500 dispensing cycles or when the grease isLubricate the brewing unitno longer present on the brewing unitClean the unit housingWeeklyDescalingWhen indicatedPag. 3/3


Safety valveSafetyvalvePumpPumpSteamhotpipewaterSteam andWaterWaterdischargedischargeBrewing ay solenoidsolenoid valveTwo-wayvalve4.1.Water tankWatertankHot water /steamWaterGAGGIA ANIMA04 OPERATING LOGICWater circuitPag. 1/10

GAGGIA ANIMA04 OPERATING LOGIC4.2. Milk Carafe123Steam1)Steam input2)Bring the cappuccino maker into dispensingposition3)Milk tankThe milk is heated by thesteam and taken towardsthe emulsion chamberwhere it is mixed withair and transformed intofoamThe steam passesthrough the pipe creatinga sucking effect that pullsthe milk upwardsPag. 2/10

GAGGIA ANIMA4.3.04 OPERATING LOGICSingle microswitchSwitching onWhen the machine is switched on, the gear motor repositions itself as follows:- It acts on microswitch 1- The gear motor changes its rotation direction and moves upwards again by approx. 1-2 mm.- The boiler begins to heat the water for approx. 45 sec., at full power, in order to reach theoptimal temperature. The temperature will then remain at a constant level.The gear motor is powered by a direct current motor that engages with the smallerdouble toothed wheel using a worm screw.The unit is mounted on the axle of the largegear wheel and when a coffee is requested, itmoves from the standby position to the dispensing position, and then back to the standby position again.2- Standby position: 1- Dispensing position: 214.4.Temperature sensor (adjustment)Temp. ( C) R nom 003.31251.6531500.893ΔR ( /- %) NTC is used as a temperature sensor; in the event of overheating this reduces boiler elementpower consumption.The electronic system detects the current boiler temperature from the drop in voltage of thesensor and adjusts it accordingly.Heating element values and corresponding temperatures: see table.Pag. 3/10

GAGGIA ANIMA4.5.04 OPERATING LOGICCoffee grinder only for 120v564123The coffee grinder is activated by a direct current motor (1) via helicoidal wheel transmission anda worm screw (2).The worm screw (2) activates a plastic toothed wheel (3), which turns the lower grinder blade (4)and the increment pin (5).There are two magnets (6) in the toothed wheel and with every rotation they transmit two pulsesto a Hall sensor, which in turn transmits them to the electronic system.4.6.VDetection of coffee bean absence, dose adjustment,blocked coffee grinderWithout beans n 100%t1With beans n 100%t2No coffeeWhen no coffee beans are present, this is detected by the Hallsensor due to variations in the pulse frequency (with or withoutcoffee).If there are no coffee beans (operation while empty), the numberof rotations and therefore the number of pulses, will be greatert1 no coffee signalIf there are coffee beans, the number of rotations will belower due to the force created during the grinding processt2 no signalWithout beans n 50%t3t4t3 and t4 this reading is takenat the end of each grinding processDose quantity adjustmentThe dose quantity is adjusted in accordance with the pulsesdetectedWith beans n 50% (number of rotations proportional to the weak, medium andstrong flavour selection)Blocked grinder bladesIf the coffee grinder is blocked for any reason, pulses will nolonger be transmitted to the electronic system and the grinderstopstPag. 4/10

GAGGIA ANIMA4.7.04 OPERATING LOGICDose self-learning (SAS) only for 120vThe aim of this function is to automatically regulate the average dose of ground coffee (SELFLEARNING); this takes place with an algorithm based on the following values and setting by theuser:1. Number of coffee grinder pulses during the grinding cycle.2. Max. average value of the power consumed by the gear motor during the coffee brewing cycle.3. Aroma selected by the user.The algorithm compares the maximum average value of the power consumed by the gear motorwith the value listed in the table for the selected aroma, in order to calculate the new grindingpulse value for the next coffee produced.If the power consumption value is less than the minimum current value, the grinding pulses willbe increased by 2.If the power consumption value is greater than the maximum current value, the grinding pulseswill be decreased by 4.If the power consumption value falls within the “over-torque” interval, the product will be dispensed and the grinding pulses will be decreased by 10.If the power consumption value falls within the “abort cycle” interval, the dreg will be expelledand the grinding pulses will be decreased by 10.If the “pre-ground” flavour is selected by the user, no modification will be made.This guarantees that, regardless of the coffee type used, the grinding level settingand the wear on the grinders, the ground coffee dose always remains constant.DOSE ADJUSTMENT (NUMBER OF GRINDER IMPULSES)TO APPLY TO MED AROMAAAromaof thegrindedproduct3 levels5 levelsLightVery LightLightBMedStrong0-4-10-10 andCYCLEABORTEDMAX CURRENT mA 150mA 150mAMAX CURRENT mA 250mAMAX CURRENT mA 250mAMAX CURRENT mA 800mAMAX CURRENT mA 1000mAMAX CURRENT mA 250mA 250mAMAX CURRENT mA 350mAMAX CURRENT mA 350mAMAX CURRENT mA 800mAMAX CURRENT mA 1000mAMAX CURRENT mA 350mA 350mAMAX CURRENT mA 500mAMAX CURRENT mA 500mAMAX CURRENT mA 800mAMAX CURRENT mA 1000mAMedStrongC 2Very StrongImportant:For perfect operation, machine adjustment should take place in the area of the fieldshighlighted in green (A, B, C). When the type or brand of coffee is changed, there may bevariations in the size of the beans and their stickiness or roasting level. This leads to variationsin power consumption (mA), with resulting excessive or insufficient doses (until the necessaryadjustments have been made to compensate for this change).Caution: In the case of excessive dosage, powder may be expelled into the dregdrawer. This is not a fault, but can occur during preliminary operation or after aservice.Pag. 5/10

GAGGIA ANIMA4.8.04 OPERATING LOGICCoffee grinder54123The coffee grinder is driven by a direct current motor (1) using a worm screw helicoidal wheeltransmission (2).The worm screw (2) drives a plastic gear wheel (3), which turns the lower grinder (4) and theincrement pin (5)4.9.Autodose system descriptionmAAroma 4/5I0 200Aroma 2/3I0 100Aroma 1I0 55I0Auto-Zero100 I0 300I0 current when the BU is moving without load, i.e. without coffee. It occurs, for example, during the rinsing phase of coffe

GAGGIA ANIMA 01 INTRODUCTION Pag. 3/6 1.6.1. External machine parts Anima XL 1 ESPRESSO button ESC button 2 ESPRESSO LUNGO button 3 AROMA STRENGTH button OK button 4 CAPPUCCINO button UP button 5 LATTE MACCHIATO button 6 MENU button DOWN button 7 STAND-BY button 8 Display In the example: Main

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gaggia anima deluxe full automatic machine. the gaggia soul, tradition and more than 75 years of experience finally combined in one coffee machine: gaggia anima. brings home the mastery of a professional barista together with the innovation

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