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NiceLabelproduct line overview

Segments and EditionsDesktopSolutions

NL2019 PlatformWidest product range for business of all sizesSegmentsLabel LMS ProServicesLMS EnterprisePSGPowerFormsPowerForms SuiteDesigner ExpressDesigner Pro4k Windows driversSMA

NL2019 Platform Products & Feature ktop PrintOnly UtilityApplicationBuilderIntegrationSystemWeb PrintingSystemDocumentManagementSystem (DMS)QualityManagementSystem (QMS)Desktop solutionsDesignerExpressDesignerPro PowerForms Label management systemPowerFormsSuiteLMSProLMSEnterpriseLabel Cloud 4


NiceLabel 2019 PlatformSegmentsProductsDesignDesigner ExpressServicesDesigner Pro4k Windows drivers

Quickly design and print barcode labels without It helpNiceLabel Designers help you quickly design labels and create an efficient printing process.Quickly produce professional labels without making investments in training and coding.Design interfaceOperator printing interface

Label designEverything you need to design labels quickly Modern user interface, Familiarity withMS Office – Word Quickly design without IT help Universal, portable label templates Design once, print on any hardware Smart templates with dynamic data Less templates to maintain, muchimproved consistency and agility8

Label PrintingPrint accurate labels quicklyEverything you need to print in one form: Locked templates prevent errors Print preview enables the operator to checkall information before printing Responsive form layout allows for greaterflexibility

PositioningWho is it for?Small or medium sized businesses withfew users, few label variations or lowvolume printing requirementsWhat need does it solve?Design and print professional labelswithout IT helpDesigner ExpressDesigner ProUsers (seats)1 user1 user, 3,5,10 printer seatsDatabases or FileExternal data: MS Excel & Text files.All capabilities including MS Access,SQL Server and OracleDynamic Data (Variables)Basic counter / Basic variables / Nofunctions(no concatenation or subsets)All counters & serialization / Allvariables / All functionsDynamic ObjectsNoneVariable graphics, relative positioning,fit-to-boxOperator Printing FormAll-in-one fixed formAll-in-one adaptable form10

PricingProductNumber of users/ workstationsNumber ofprintersDesigner Express1unlimited29559149Designer Pro*1unlimited595119299Designer Pro 3**unlimited3895179449Designer Pro 5unlimited51.395279699Designer Pro 10*unlimited102.1954391.099Designer Pro 5Add-Onunlimited51.095219549Hardware KeyExpress & Pro1 userunlimited* Call for more users** The product we recommend in this segmentList price 1 Year SMA 3 Year SMA 2511

Desktop solutions12

NiceLabel 2019 rmsPowerForms SuiteDesigner ExpressDesigner Pro4k Windows drivers

Drag&drop Application builder: Configure. Don’t code.Rapidly create custom printing forms & data management applications Manual printing Customization without coding Simplify the print process for printoperators Streamline complex printing processes Build efficient data managementapplications No need for Visual Studio No need for SDKs or APIs

What is a Form application?

Easy Automation BuilderIntegrated printing with your existing business systems reduces risks of labelingerrors and improves print productivityAutomation empowers you to streamline complexprinting processes, eliminate errors and improveprint productivity. Integrate printing with existingbusiness systems and hardware devices such asPLCs or weight scales. Integration without coding Works with all printers Data mapping Unmatched performance and reliability Business rules for maximum flexibility

How does Automation Easy work?Triggers Existing software creates anew record (saves data in thepredefined form Hardware event occurs (weightscale, PLC )Filters NiceLabel Automation capturestrigger data and extracts itActions NiceLabel Automationexecutes the predefinedworkflow (prints labels,updates a database etc.)17

PositioningWho is it for?Small or medium sized businesses where:Operators print labels, accuracy is criticaland productivity is importantWhat need does it solve?Streamline printing to control labor costs,eliminate errors & improve productivityPowerFormsPowerForms SuiteUsers (seats)1 user3,5,10 printer seatsApplication on Easy & .NET API18

PricingNumber of users/ workstationsNumber ofprintersPowerForms1unlimitedPowerFormsSuite 3*unlimitedPowerFormsSuite 5ProductList price 1 Year SMA3 Year FormsSuite 10**unlimited102.9955991.499PowerFormsSuite 5 Add-Onunlimited51.495299749Hardware KeyPowerForms1 userunlimited* The product we recommend in this segment** Call for more users2519

Label ManagementSystem20

NL2019 PlatformWidest product range for business of all sizesSegmentsLabel LMS ProServicesLMS EnterprisePSGPowerFormsPowerForms SuiteDesigner ExpressDesigner Pro4k Windows driversSMA

The hidden costs associated with legacy approachesVISIBLEINVISIBLE

It’s time to digitally transform labelingADesign labelsfasterBCImprove QAprocessBoostefficiency23

A) Design labels fasterReduce IT burden Empower business users Make label changes quickly Reduce label variations“Previously IT required aminimum of 8 weeks and 3Kfor each change request”Aloys PrünteSegment Marketing ManagerEasy label designer

B) Digitalize labeling QAReduce risks and QC costs Eliminate paper-based processes Faster review and approval Prevent unauthorised changes“Go from catching errors topreventing errors”Dipika SolankiQuality engineerDigitalized quality control

C) Boost labeling efficiencyAchieve end-to-end operational improvement Improve print speed and productivity Eliminate downtime and shipping delays Standardize supplier labelingManufacturing“We went from 8seconds to 300ms toprint each label”Supplier labeling“30 minutes to get anew supplier printingcorrect labels”Leon McDonnellSiemens ITSimon KochWuerth IT

What is the NiceLabel Label Management System?ModuleLabel designerEasy design with a familiar MS Word interfaceDocument management systemControls security, changes, history, devices, etc.Application builderRapidly build customized printing and datamanagement applications without codingWeb printing systemDeploy centralized printing and data managementapplications across the businessIntegration systemPrint from your existing business systemsBenefitReduces IT costs and increases agilityImproves QA process andreduces labor costsImproves productivity and accuracyfor manual printingIncreases consistency, scalability andoperational efficiency for manual printingImproves end-to-end operational efficiency27

Document Management System (DMS)Centralized Document Storage Role based accessIndexing and searchVersion controlApproval workflowsLabel comparisonLabel reports & digitalcatalogue Print history Label promotion andsynchronization Print queue managementImproves control, visibility, enables label consolidation andefficient collaboration28

Web Printing SystemDeploy manual printing forms via a browser Centralize management and deployment forall manual printing forms Deploy consistent labelling instantly withoutthe label design or print only software installedon operator workstations Extend to remote locations Extend to business partners Contract manufacturers Suppliers 3PL29

Web Printing System UNIQUE client-side technologyConfigurability (PowerForms)SpeedScalabilitySelf serviceable (Add and manageprinters easily) Cloud and on premise deployments Offline support

Integration SystemRapidly integrate labelling with existing business systemsPrint from existing business systems Includes ABAP package for SAP Universal Connectors and Datamapping provide integrationwithout coding for any otherbusiness systemPrint from iOS or Android devices

Integration System100% next generation architectureExtensively configurable withoutcoding Rapid development Easy to supportArchitected for reliability & scalability Mission critical printingUltra fast performanceNext generation print engineMarket proven

Deployment optionsPerpetual / On-PremiseLMS Enterprise is an on-premise edition ofour label management system that is hostedon your own IT infrastructure.SaaS / CloudLabel Cloud is a public cloud edition of ourlabel management system. It is multi-tenantand hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud. It isour out-of-the-box service that requires no ITinfrastructure, installation or IT support.33

PositioningWho is it for?5 to 5000 usersSME to enterprise with QMS or Regulatoryrequirements (ISO 9001, EU or FDAGMPs)What need does it solve?Manage quality and security of labeling todecrease risks and hidden costs.LMS ProLMS EnterpriseDocument management systemControl Center ProControl Center EnterpriseWeb printing systemPowerForms WebPowerForms WebIntegration systemAutomation ProAutomation Enterprise34

PricingNumber of users/ workstationsNumber ofprintersLMS Pro 5unlimited53.4956991.749LMS Pro 10unlimited105.9951.1992.999LMS Pro 20*unlimited209.9951.9994.999LMS Enterprise 5unlimited57.4951.4993.749LMS Enterprise 10unlimited1012.9952.5996.499LMS Enterprise 20**unlimited2021.9954.39910.999Product* Call for more users** The product we recommend in this segmentList price 1 Year SMA 3 Year SMA 35

Benefits of the CloudQuick and easyimplementation Lower TCO andpay as you goReduction of ITcostsGlobalscalabilitySecurity and highavailabilityFutureproof andup-to-date

ProductsLabel CloudEssentialsLabel CloudBusinessLabel CloudUnlimitedEntry level LabelManagement System forup to 20 printersFull featured LabelManagement Systemfor business of any sizeDeeply customizableLabel Management Systemfor large enterprises5-20 printers5 printers100 printers35 /printer/month*65 /printer/month*Call for price*12 month minimum subscription

FeaturesEditionsLabel Cloud EssentialsLabel Cloud BusinessLabel Cloud UnlimitedDocument Management System Full digital DMS 1GB storage space 3 months print history Full digital DMS5GB storage space1 year print historyOrganizational Users (ActiveDirectory integration) Change and transport system Label Design and ApplicationBuilderYesYesYesManual On-demand Web PrintingYesYesYesIntegration SystemN/A Yes incl. Cloud trigger Runs on private infrastructure Yes incl. Cloud trigger Runs on private or hostedinfrastructureCustomer Labelling Data StorageAccess & Excel in DMS5GB cloud SQL database100GB cloud SQL databaseSupportPartner network & emailPriority email and phone duringregional office hours (StandardSMA)24/7/365, 1 hour response time(Platinum SMA)Payable Options 1GB cloud SQL database50 /month Extended print history (1 year)50 /month Standard support5 /printer/month Standard sandbox environment*150 /month Extended print history (5 years)100 /month Platinum support5 /printer/month *Standard Sandbox Environment 5 printers, 1GB storage, 3 months print historyFull digital DMS20GB storage space5 years print historyOrganizational Users (ActiveDirectory integration) Change and transport systemMultiple global deploymentsFlexible sandbox environmentHosted integration systemFlexible update schedule

Services andsupport

Professional services groupWe UNDERSTAND your challenges, so wecan DELIVER the right solutions, andSUPPORT your business You can do it We can do it with you We can do it for you40

Software Maintenance Agreements (SMA)Avoid unplanned downtime and assure you have access to NiceLabel expertsThe NiceLabel Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) assures you have access to NiceLabelexperts to quickly resolve any issues with your labelling system.Benefits: Direct access to NiceLabel’s expert technical support Assurance of minimal unplanned downtime Assurance of access to the NiceLabel development team (if needed) Software updatesDirect access to the experts and the developers The NiceLabel technical support teams work closely with the NiceLabel developers to ensure youreceive the fastest and best possible support avoiding any unplanned downtime.Software updates We regularly enhance NiceLabel to incorporate new features and fixes. You receive notificationsabout and access to the latest software updates.41

Designer Pro* 1 unlimited 595 119 299 Designer Pro 3** unlimited 3 895 179 449 Designer Pro 5 unlimited 5 1.395 279 699 Designer Pro 10* unlimited 10 2.195 439 1.099 Designer Pro 5 Add-On unlimited 5 1.095 219 549 Hardware Key Express & Pro 1 user unlimited 25 * Call for

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The main product lines include NiceLabel Suite, NiceLabel Pro, NiceLabel Express, NiceLabel SE and Pocket NiceLabel. For demanding enterprise environments NiceLabel

Designer Pro & PowerForms. Rev-2019-11 NiceLabel 2019 . 8.6.6 Spooler Status ID 429 9 NiceLabel Print 431 9.1 Managing Document Locations 431 9.2 Opening the Documents 431 9.3 Printing Using NiceLabel Print 431 10 Reference 43

NiceLabel software that is not compatible with current version, you are offered to uninstall the previous version first. For example, this happens if you make an upgrade from NiceLabel Express to NiceLabel Pro or from NiceLabel Pro Standard to NiceLabel Pro. All existing lab

l Recommended: NiceLabel Designer Pro or NiceLabel PowerForms Desktop, both V6.0 or higher l Minimum: NiceLabel Pro V5.4 l Recommended printer drivers: NiceLabel Printer Drivers V5.1 or higher Installation Before you begin

designed using the NiceLabel Pro label designer (sold separately). This release includes NiceLabel Engine 4.0, which supports the new features that are available in the latest version of NiceLabel Pro. NOTE: Version 4.0 of the NiceLabel Engine is fully compatible with labels created in previous

NiceLabel Programming Guide August 2011 Page 1—5 of 299 1. Introduction 1.1 Overview of software integration The most common method of labe

NiceLabel Cloud integrates label printing with your product data, giving you a single source of truth and preventing errors and mislabeling. Designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, NiceLabel Cloud also enables you to integrate printing with your cloud or on-premise business systems, such as SAP, Oracle, Workday, NetSuite

NiceLabel Suite NiceLabel Pro Euro Plus d.o.o. English Edition Version 040526-07File Size: 2MB

This manual contains necessary information to print on Euro Plus "NiceLabel Pro 6.3.1" (NiceLabel), using TM-C3500. Here we will use the following print data as an example. Change the content based on the actual use environment. Media Type: Matte Label (Roll Paper) Label

NiceLabel Automation is a service-based application. Execution of all rules and actions runs as a background process under credentials of the user account that is defined for the Service. NiceLabel Automation consists of three components. l Automation Builder: Develo

NiceLabel is a global provider of label and marking productivity software solutions that help business mitigate risk, increase agility and optimize the performance and effi ciency of their printing and marking processes. NiceLabel solutions are built on

NiceLabel compatibility: transfer of NiceLabel print layouts using REA JET’s own printer drivers. 6 HR pro Controller for mounting in machines, HR pro OEM Controller for complete integration in switching cabinets and machines

5 What Are Lines And Stanzas? Line A line is pretty self-explanatory. Line A line of a poem is when it jumps Line To a new, well, line, Line Like this! Line Sometimes a line is a complete sentence. Line But it doesn’t Line Have to be! Line A stanza is kind of like a paragraph. Line Stanzas are made up of lines. Line This “stanza” has five lines.

software, such as NiceLabel Automation, or printer drivers. BENEFITS No local NiceLabel footprint. REQUIREMENTS Cloud-enabled printers that can connect to Label Cloud service. Any Zebra Link-OS printer and

Ruler 12 Scroll bar 12 Selected printer 13 Mouse Wheel support 13 Using the Keyboard and Mouse Effectively 13 Label Security 14 Tracking Label Design and Printing 14 . label printing solution to desktop and enterprise users. NiceLabel is used all over the world by com- panies in all industr

6.3 Check Digit 143 4. 6.4 Human Readable 143 6.5 Bearer Bar 144 6.6 Details 145 6.7 Position 145 6.8 Relative Position 145 6.9 General 146 6.10 Barcode Types and Available Settings 148 6.10.1 1D Barcodes 148 6.10.2 2D Barc

6 months from NiceLabel fundamentally transforms legacy approaches to labeling Beneits Challenges of legacy labeling Beneits of our label management system Disparate and fragmented applications Standardized all-in-one platform IT d

NiceLabel Pro designer. or Pervasive.SQL version In this version, when you install CounterPoint on a workstation using the CounterPoint Workstation Setup installer (CPWRKSET.EXE), you will be prompted to select the version of the Pervasive.SQL Client (V8.6 or v9) that matches the version

NiceLabel empowers businesses . DESIGNER PRO POWERFORMS POWERFORMS SUITE LMS PRO LMS ENTERPRISE. 4 Design like a pro, even if you’re a novice Guidelines, positioning, anchoring, alignment, grouping and other features help you qui

NiceLabel Barcode Software NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro comes with templates, wizards, barcodes, and symbols as well as advanced designed features. Not only can you quickly create a compliant barcode or label, this