Ww 1 Xype Actual Size: 3” X 5” Seconds. Just A Few Xype .8 .

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Xype –the 2-in-1 x-ray ID and filing label.See inside backcover for details!Xype (pronounced zype) creates a film filinglabel plus youron-film patientidentification injust a fewseconds.Actual Size: 3” x 5”Xype - 2011 year with yellow color barXype - 2012 year with pink color barVialsYOUR SATISFACTIONIS GUARANTEEDWe’re committed toyour satisfaction. Ifyou aren’t completelylet us know and we’llmake it right! It’sthat simple and it’sthat solid!PRSTD STDU.S. POSTAGEPAIDPERMIT 288ANAHEIM, CA081131AXype the 2-in-1x-ray ID andfiling labelDoseMark LabelsPrescription LabelsGot Film? Label x-rays and file jacketsin a Flash!www.vetrimark.com1.800.773.5504Your VeterinarySupplies Source1.800.773.5504www.vetrimark.com

3 Advantage 3 AviMark3 Clientrax3 Clinic-Ware3 DVM Manager3 IntraVet3 MDS Vetinfo3 Paws Practice3 V-Tech3 VetStarHigh quality labels for your DYMO LabelWriter and favorite software.Guaranteed or your money back!ORNEW F ICSINCAT CLDYMO - 557748White/Red Price Group YCAUTIONMore Prescription Vials Medical Records Labels Communication Labels Liquid Med. Dispensers E-collars and Healing Aids Imaging Aidsand much more!2-3/4” x 2-1/8”500 Labels/RollDYMO - 557559White (Blank) Price Group NDYMO - 557558White/Red Price Group YDYMO - 557960White/Blue Price Group YDYMO - 557962White/Blue Price Group YDYMO LabelWriter 450 PrinterDYMO - 557961White/Blue Price Group YKEEP OUT OF CHILDREN’S REACH - FOR VETERINARY USE ONLYDYMO - 557910White/Red Price Group YDYMO - 557917White/Red Price Group YDYMO - 557911White/Blue Price Group YDYMO , LabelWriter , Zebra ,Microsoft Windows , andMacintosh are Registeredtrademarks of their respectivecompanies. Peels away to2-3/4” x 1-3/4”Match price groups below with those in eachproduct description. Price Per RollPrice Group1 roll12 rolls24 rollsNY 14.40 13.50 12.50 16.75 15.75 14.25557561 White/Red Price Group Y557562 White (blank) Price Group Nwww.vetrimark.com2DYMO LabelWriter 450Prints up to 51 labelsper minuteDYMO450 109.00 Connect to your PC or MAC and you’re ready toprint impressive prescription, mailing, filing andbarcode labels! Works with Windows XP or Windows Vista (32-bit, 64-bit) or Mac OS v10.4 or later USB Connected. Includes cords, cables, software, includingDYMO Label v.8, DYMO File andAddress Fixer and a cleaning card Crystal-clear text, graphics andbarcodes without ink or toner. New “sleep mode” conserves power.DYMO - 557959White/Blue Price Group Y24-hr FAX ordering: 1.800.667.3955www.vetrimark.com View our entire selection ofveterinary products online!Order toll free: 1.800.773.5504ls!We’ve Got Your Labe3

3” x 2”for DYMO Printers500 Labels/RollWorks with all DYMO LabelWriter printers, including Turbo, Twin Turbo and DUO plus the SE300.orels fLab ngsoft .iStr n Pg 7oare3-1/2” x 1-1/8”400 Labels/Roll3-1/16” x 1-13/16”fits3-1/10” x 1-4/5” too!500 Labels/Rollbels!We’ve Got Your LaManagerDYMO - 557971-A White (blank) Price Group CE3 AnimalIntelligence 3 Better ChoicenicClite3 Comple 3 Cornerstone3-7/16” x 9/16”DYMO - 557784White/BluePrice Group YDYMO - 557991White (blank)Price Group NDYMO - 557563 DYMO - 557998White (blank) Price Group NDYMO - 557978Zebra - 600978White Price Group D5 Matches DYMO# 30327400 Labels/Roll3-1/2” x 1-4/10”DYMO - 557965 DYMO - 557781White/Blue Price Group Y2 Rolls Per Pack* - 260 Labels/RollDYMO - 557989 White/Blue Price Group YDYMO - 557990White/Blue Price Group YDYMO - 557934Zebra - 600934White/BluePrice Group YMakes a great Cage Card!DYMO - 557972 Zebra - 600972White (blank) Price Group N3/4” x 2”Prescription Shield Label1 roll6 rolls12 rolls24 rolls 19.20 16.50 14.00 12.50Protect informationagainst drips & moisture!Label test tubes,x-rays and more!DYMO - 557920 WhitePrice Group CE Matches DYMO# 30330SpecimenLabel4Vials sold on page 9.DYMO - 557916 Zebra - 600916White/Blue Price Group ZDYMO - 557567 Zebra - 600567White/Red Price Group Z1” x 1”750 Labels/Roll557661DYMO - 557914White/Blue Price Group Y400 Labels/RollDYMO - 557919 WhitePrice Group T Matches DYMO# 30332Match price groups below with those in eachproduct description. Price Per RollPrice Group1 roll12 rolls24 rollsCED2D5NRCTYZ 9.75 13.95 8.45 14.40 8.99 12.50 16.75 11.52 9.40 12.95 7.95 13.50 7.99 11.99 15.75 10.43 8.75 12.50 7.30 12.50 7.45 11.50 14.25 9.75*2 roll packs are priced as 1 roll/pack.DYMO - 557918Zebra - 600918White/Blue Price Group ZDYMO - 557566 Zebra - 600566White (blank) Price Group CEContinuousReceipt Paper2-1/4” x 300’300’ per Roll (DYMO #30270)DYMO - 557883 White (Blank) Price Group RCwww.vetrimark.com3” x 2” Clear label500 Labels/RollDYMO - 557913White/Red Price Group Y3-1/2” x 1-15/16” Protects prescription labels and more.Just apply over original label to providelong-lasting protection against drips andmoisture. 500/Roll.DYMO - 557966White/Blue Price Group YDYMO - 557969 White Price Group D2 Matches DYMO# 3032124-hr FAX ordering: 1.800.667.39554” x 2-5/16”DYMO - 557564White/RedPrice Group Y DYMO - 557992White/RedPrice Group Y2 Rolls Per Pack*130 Labels/Roll3 DVM3 IntraVet3 Paws Practice3 V-Tech3 VPMOrder toll free: 1.800.773.5504Guaranteed to work with ANY software and DYMO LabelWriter More veterinary supplies onlinewww.vetrimark.com5

Get excellent print results with VetriMark prescriptionlabels and your Zebra printer. Guaranteed!400 Labels/RollLabels guaranteed to workwith your Zebra LP2824 orLP2844 printer and software!Order toll free: 1.800.773.5504Got Zebras in your practice?3-1/2” x 1-15/16”Zebra - 600916 White/Blue Price Group ZZebra - 600918White/Blue Price Group Z Zebra - 600566White (blank)Price Group CE3” x 2” forLP2824 printersZebra - 600567 White/Red Price Group ZPrinter feeddirection3” x 2” forLP2844 printers500 Labels/RollStringrecommesoftnded!We’ve Got Your Labeyls!by3 AnimalIntelligence 3 Cornerstone3 Stringsoft3 Infinit Impromed3 VPMand others3-1/2” x 1-1/2”500 Labels/RollZEBRA - 600992White/Red Price Group YZEBRA - 600784White/Blue Price Group YZEBRA - 600991White (blank) Price Group NMatch price groups below with those in eachproduct description. Price Per Roll/Pack.Price Group112243-7/16” x 9/16”2 Rolls Per Pack* - 130 Labels/Roll 8.50 9.75 8.45 14.40 16.75 11.52 7.80 9.40 7.95 13.50 15.75 10.43 7.10 8.75 7.30 12.50 14.25 9.75Printer feeddirectionZebra - 600937 White Price Group NZebra - 600555 White (blank) Price Group AZ400 Labels/RollProtect informationagainst drips & moisture!Protects prescription labels andmore. Just apply over originallabel to provide long-lastingprotection against drips andmoisture. 500/Roll.Peels away to3-1/2” x 1-15/16”3” x 2” Clear label63-1/2” x 2-5/16”1 roll6 rolls12 rolls24 rolls 19.20 16.50 14.00 12.50Makes a great Cage Card!Zebra - 600972 White (blank) Price Group N557661Vials sold on page 9.NEWSIZEwww.vetrimark.com4” x 2-5/16”400 Labels/Roll fits 4” x 2-1/4” too!PrescriptionShield LabelZebra - 600782 White/Blue Price Group CE Zebra - 600978 White Price Group D5 Matches DYMO# 30327*2 roll packs are priced as one roll.AZCED5NYZ24-hr FAX ordering: 1.800.667.3955500 Labels/RollZebra - 600938 White (blank) Price Group CE7

3 Guaranteed to work in any DYMO Labelwriter orZebra* Printer.3 Printed using the finest thermal label materialsand inks because your practice depends on it!1. Choose your styleAs Low As 2599per roll2. Choose your label sizeWhite (blank)SizeSize #Price per Roll8 rolls 12 rolls 20 rolls2-3/4” x 2-1/8” — 500 labels/roll3-1/16” x 1-13/16” — 500 labels/roll3-1/2” x 1-15/16” — 400 labels/rollC105C107C108 35.50 35.50 25.50 28.99 25.99 28.99 25.99 22.99 20.99RedBlueRed #CL1010CL1013CL1016CL1020CL1030CL1040CL1060With Warning MessageCadPaw HeaDrug LabelsNew Low Price!500 labels - 7.00 per rollVALIUM557930557930 Fl. Red 500/RollSize: 1-1/4”x 5/16” Price Group GCustom designed label sample!CHOOSE REDOR AMBERCENTRAL COAST PET HOSPITAL1234 Main Street Morro Bay, CA 93465(800) 555-1234 Dr@CentralCoastVet.comDual-Purpose EconomyVials to Flip Over!Meets all USP requirements and U.S.Consumer Product Safety Commissionregulations for child safety when cap isused in the child-resistant position.Labels shown reduced!Size indicated below labels.CEFAZOLIN557245 Fl. Yellow 500/RollSize: 1-1/4”x 5/16” Price Group G35 39 48 61 74 84 1.32557236 White 500/RollSize: 1-1/4”x 5/16” Price Group G557250 Fl. Pink 500/RollSize: 1-1/4”x 5/16” Price Group G557928557928 Fl. Orange 500/RollSize: 1-1/4”x 5/16” Price Group GGLYCOPYRROLATE557929557929 Fl. Pink 500/RollSize: 1-1/4”x 5/16” Price Group G557240 Fl.Red 500/RollSize: 1-1/4”x 5/16” Price Group G557927557927 Fl. Red 500/RollSize: 1-1/2”x 1/2” Price Group GDual-purpose flip cap included!Vial color - pharmacy amberSHIPSFREE!NO ACEPROMAZINE557931557931 Lt. Blue 500/RollSize: 1-1/4”x 5/16” Price Group GBUPRENEXDual-purpose child resistantor easy-to-open twist cap isincluded! AAHA Standards require allmedication syringes be labeled!Just let us know what you’d like printed. Upto 3 lines of text will be centered in the topportion of the label and to the right of logo!Indicate text (up to 3 lines) 69.70 68.15 71.80 73.30 59.10 58.95 59.60Size8 dram13 dram16 dram20 dram30 dram40 dram60 dramWith 2 casepurchaseProduct # Qty/Case Price/CaseEachSHIPPING41010 14 16 16 19 25 35 20270210160115 39.60 38.40 35.00 42.20 40.50 39.40 39.70*Free Shipping within the continental U.S.www.vetrimark.comReady to place your customlabel order? Use this orderform or order online www.vetrimark.comCall us: 800.773.5504Fax us: 800.667.3955200175150120807045Convenient “flip” cap.A child-resistant or seniorfriendly vial you’ll flip over.OwnWant to add your own logo? Send usyour logo in an electronic file and we’lladd it! Add 30 for custom logos.5. Include your practice name,address, phone, email, 40CL2060- An easy open reversible close cap. Child-resistantand senior-friendly!- An audible ”click” indicates the cap is secured properly.- Conforms to USP ”tight & light” standards.- Ease-of-use commendation by the Arthritis Foundation.Black Amber # Qty/Case Price/Case Each*Free Shipping within the continental U.S.4. Choose a FREE logo if you like! Logos will beprinted in the upper left corner.WithWarning8Meets all USP requirements andU.S. Consumer Product SafetyCommission regulations for childresistant, senior-friendly packagingwhen used in the child-resistantposition.Size10 dram13 dram16 dram20 dram30 dram40 dram60 dram24-hr FAX ordering: 1.800.667.39553. Choose your ink colorSHIPSFREE!Rexam 1-Clic - TheMost RequestedReversible Close Vial! 8 roll minimum orderVials Ship Free! Vials Ship Free!Order toll free: 1.800.773.5504Custom Prescription Labels for DYMOLabelWriter , or Zebra LP2824 and LP2844Printers, and your favorite software! Custom Prescription Labels More prescription vials and containers onlinewww.vetrimark.com9

Push-in Adapter Caps.500 labels - 4.95 per rollActual size: 1-1/2” x 1/2”557701 Fl. Yellow 500/RollPlease PhoneAhead For Refills557766Life LongMedication1 oz. Kit includes:24 9 24 9 30 10 - 1 oz. round plastic bottle (includes child-resistant cap).- 1ml oral medication dispenser.- Bottle adapter.Kit # OMK1001557703 Fl. Pink 500/Roll557769 Lt. Blue 500/Roll557923NON-RETURNABLE557747557747 White 500/Roll1 pack5 packs10 packs 12.60 12.00 11.00DispensersProduct #1ml3ml5ml10mlMD1001MD1003MD1005MD1010- Leak-proof “push & turn” child-resistant caps.- Easy-to-read graduations.- Flat back for easy prescription labeling.- 100% FDA approved materials.1 oz. bottle has a 20mm opening and nograduation markings.2 - 8 oz. bottles have a 24mm opening.12 & 16 oz. bottles have a 28mm opening.1-1/2”x 1/2”DoseMark SizeEconomy Push & Turn PlasticLiquid Bottles (Amber Ovals).Great size for1ml dispensers!Qty/Case Price/Case100100100100 22.00 22.00 25.00 30.00Each22 22 26 30 557933 Clear/Red 500/Roll 15.95 per rollSizeProduct # Qty/Case Price/CaseEach1 oz2 oz4 oz6 oz8 oz12 oz16 ozSL1001SL1002SL1004SL1006SL1008SL1012SL101639 28 30 34 37 79 69 1001001001001005050 38.95 28.00 29.50 34.50 36.65 39.50 34.75NEWSIZE2-1/4”x 1”DoseMark Perfect Size forall dispensers557939 Clear/Red 400/Roll 17.95 per rollDroppers, squeeze bottles and more onlinewww.vetrimark.com557923 Fl. Orange 500/Roll557925 Fl. Yellow 500/RollNEW10 kits per pack FOR PAINCap your pre-filled dispensersfor no-leak assurance. Fits alldispensers. 100 caps per bag.MD1100 7.75 per bag557704 Fl. Yellow 500/Roll557925 10.50Simplify at-home dosing! Wrap a clear DoseMark label aroundevery oral medication dispenser to mark correct dosage.3 Improves at-home compliance3 Reduces risk of improper medicating3 Clients love the easy-to-see dosage line557986 Fl. Red 500/RollFinish All Medication10 packs 11.50DoseMark LabelFINISH ALLMEDICATION557986ANTIBIOTIC5 packs 12.00Kit # OMK1002557768 Fl. Orange 500/Roll5579221 pack- 2 oz. round plastic bottle (includes child-resistant cap).- 3ml oral medication dispenser.- Bottle adapter.NEWWEAR GLOVESWhen Handling10 kits per pack2 oz. Kit includes:557746 White 500/Roll557922 White 500/Roll10EachDoseMark 557766 White 500/Roll 2.40 9.00 2.40 9.00 3.00 10.50- 2-piece design for smooth dispensing.- Individually wrapped for cleanliness.557458 Lt. Blue 500/Roll557921 Fl. Yellow 500/Roll101001010010100557746must be done beforerefilling this medication557120 White 500/Roll557921BLOOD WORKQty/Bag Price/Bag24-hr FAX ordering: 1.800.667.3955557457 Lt. Blue 500/RollProduct #MA1020MA1020-100MA1024MA1024-100MA1028MA1028-100 557457Size20 mm20 mm24 mm24 mm28 mm28 mmOral Medication Dispenserswith Clear Barrels andEasy-to-Read Graduations.MAY INCREASETHIRST AND URINE55745824-HOUR ADVANCENOTICE FOR REFILLEverything you need forno-mess, no-waste oralmedication dispensing!*Keep Oral Medication Dispenser inserted into adapter cap or twiston the liquid bottle cap for a leak-proof seal.557702 Fl. Pink 500/Roll557119 Fl. Orange 500/RollOral Medication Dispensing Kits!Liquid bottle caps twist securely overthese adapters for a leak-proof* seal.DoseMark MedicationInstruction LabelsOrder toll free: 1.800.773.5504Leak-Proof Oral Medication Dispensing! Your Prescription Depends on it!www.vetrimark.comDropper bottles with glass or plastic pipettes11

Extra-large 4” x 2-7/12” size (shown reduced)Extra-large 4” x 2-7/12” size (shown reduced) 557711 White 100/Roll Size: 4”x 2-7/12” Price Group C 557721 White 100/Roll Size: 4”x 2-7/12” Price Group CLarge 3-7/8” x 1-7/8” size (shown reduced)557722 White 100/Roll Size: 4”x 2-7/12” Price Group CLarge 3-7/8” x 1-7/8” size (shown reduced)Patient Comfort and Recovery AidsSAF-T-SHIELD COLLARSProvides comfortable post-operativeprotection of the neck, chest, flank, tail,head area, plus ears, face, fore feet and legs.Three rustproof, “tight-snap” fastenersprovide rapid, adjustable attachment forthe most proper fit and function. A lot lessstress for patients and caregivers.The “Less Stress” RemedyIdeal for longer care needsLarge 3-7/8” x 1-7/8” size (shown reduced)557676 White 300/Roll Size: 3-7/8” x 1-7/8”Price Group UDiagrams make notations easy!Large 3-7/8” x 1-7/8” size (shown reduced)(2) Integumentarynormal { } abnormal { }(3) Musculoskeletalnormal { } abnormal { } not examined { } normal { } abnormal { } not examined { }(4) Circulatory(5) Respiratorynormal { } abnormal { } not examined { }(6) Digestivenormal { } abnormal { } not examined { } normal { } abnormal { } not examined { }(7) Genito-Urinary(8) Eyesnormal { } abnormal { } not examined { }(9) Earsnormal { } abnormal { } not examined { } normal { } abnormal { } not examined { }(10) Neural Systems(11) Lymph Nodesnormal { } abnormal { } not examined { }(12) Mucous MembranesPrice Groupnormal { } abnormal { } not examined { } normal { } abnormal { } not examined { }Describe AbnormalUse Numbers Above T P R WI { } Scale { } Test 557124557124 White 300/Roll Size: 3-7/8”x 1-7/8”Price Group U557719 White 500/RollSize: 2”x 2” Price Group KYesPRE-SURGICAL SCREENYesNoX-RAYSYesProductAdjustable NeckCircumferenceCollarDepthPrice -9STS-10STS-115-1/2” - 6-1/2”6” - 8-1/4”6-1/4” - 8-1/2”6-1/2” - 9”10” - 13-1/2”9-1/4” - 12-1/4”10-3/4” - 14-1/2”11-1/4” - 15”13-3/4” - 18”13-1/2” - 18”21” - 36”36” 76.25 76.25 94.40 107.00 107.00 135.25 135.25 170.00 170.00 115.25 115.25Induction Method:Start Time: Stop Time:557386 Red557936 Small (fits 8” to 9.5”)Medium (fits 9.5” to 12”)Large (fits 12” to 14”)X Large (fits 14” to 21”)XX Large (fits 21” to 25”)Variety Pack - new smaller pack(1 each of every size above) 32.72 42.77 49.57 61.88 81.32 22.36Actual size: 1-5/8” x 1”CAUTIONMay Bite557744 Fl. Green557422557422557182 Lt. Blue557422 Fl. Yellow557170 Fl. Green557745 Fl. Green557175 Fl. Pink557176 Fl. Green557174 Fl. Yellow557171 Fl. Yellow557173 Fl. Pink557312 Fl. RedALLERGIC TO:L LOWER R557736Periodontal Disease YES { } NO { }557400557330 Lt. Blue Missing Teeth OcclusionFractures OtherPrice perpackCAUTIONMay BiteObservations:557936 White 100/RollSize: 2-7/12”x 4” Price Group C557729 Fl. RedAdjustable NeckCircumference557717 White 500/RollSize: 2” x 2”Price Group K557718 White500/RollSize: 2” x 2”Price Group K557937 Fl. Redwww.vetrimark.com557386Type of Monitoring:Surgeon: Assistant:ICP3P4M1702417015170181703017036170555 7.25/roll500 labelsATTENTION:Subq Roll with permanent adhesive.Closed System:CLOSURE: Musc. PertionICP2P3P4M1R UPPER LProduct Mfg. NoAnimal Care LabelsVaporizer: Open System:Patient DateSold by the Pack - 12 Collars per pack Anesthesia:557712 White 100/RollSize: 3-7/8” x 1-7/8” Price Group CPush-through snapassembly-- extra secure, yet pulls apartwhen desired.Sturdy-- ideal for long-term care andchronic conditions.Padded neck edge-- extra comfortble for pets.See-through-- less pet anxiety.NoStart Time: Stop Time:DENTAL12NoPre-Anesthesia:Dental Labels557400 White 200/RollSize: 3-7/8” x 1-7/8”Price Group K 9.20 9.30 17.35Date:CURRENT VACCINATION557481 White 200/RollSize: 2-7/8”x 1-3/4” Price Group UR UPPER L 10.25 12.60 20.15Procedure:SURGICAL SUMMARYHalitosis YES { } NO { }10 SURGICAL SUMMARYPre-Anesth Vital Sign MonitorInduction: Xylazine KetamineDiazepam OtherEndotracheal Tube Inhalation GasSurgeon TimeProcedureInternal Sutures: { } Absorbable { } Non-AbsorbableParenteral AntibioticNotes{ } Routine procedure w/o complications{ } Complication and other notes 557481CANINE1-9Pet:All labels shown reducedICP1P2P3P4M1M2M3L LOWER RCKU557720 White 500/RollSize: 2”x 2” Price Group KSurgery LabelsICP1P2P3P4M1M212 Collars/Pack (STS-10 and STS-11 - 6 Collars/Pack)Match price groups belowwith those in each productdescription.Price Per Roll/Pack.PHYSICAL EXAMINATION(1) General AppearanceSimple and gentle557678 White 300/Roll Size: 3-7/8” x 1-7/8”Price Group U24-hr FAX ordering: 1.800.667.3955557710 White 100/Roll Size: 3-7/8” x 1-7/8”Price Group C Push-through snap assembly!Order toll free: 1.800.773.5504Exam & Consent LabelsExtra-large 4” x 2-7/12” size (shown reduced)Lots more e-collars online!www.vetrimark.com13

Lightweight One-Piece FrontProtectionBack ��40”QEVL-XLWidth Front panel of the apron.Length Sternal notch downward.Xype (pronounced zype) creates a film filing labelplus your on-film patient identification in just afew seconds.This lightweight, all purpose protective apronprovides a fully adjustable fit with an EZ‐on / EZ‐offVelcro closure.Features:3 0.5mm Pb equivalency front protection.3 Lightweight lead—about 22% lighter than regularlead!3 Double Pocket—space to store your cell phone andthyroid collar.3 Shoulder Pads for comfort and durability.3 Two year Warranty. 205 205 205 220 220Free Embroidery!See options onlinewww.vetrimark.comYour choice of fabric (more colors online)Printed PolyesterPuppy Paws Fun Flowers#76#87Nylon (Liquid Repellent)Royal Blue#11Navy Blue#12Teal#213” x 5”Ripstop Nylon Filament Reinforced Diamond PolyesterChoose color-coded Xype for at-a-glanceyear coding or Xypette for uncoded filing.Using Xype is 3Add color # to item when ordering.Example: Medium in Puppy Paws QEVL-M-76 Take the X-ray as you normally would. Writeyour patient ID info on the Xype card – usinga pen or marker. Slip the Xype card with your film into anydarkroom ID printer. With one quick tap ofyour finger, Xype’s ID information is flashedonto your film.More Protective Apparel Onlinewww.VetriMark.comEasy to position immobilizers for a varietyof procedures.Disposable medical-gradeaesthetic foamMinimal attenuation for excellent x-rayimaging. Non-coated, non-covered andnon-sterile.Clear Molded AcrylicLightweight and sturdy, this clear moldedacrylic positioner is transparent to x-rayand will not draw body heat from thepatient. Easy to clean and autoclavable.14Foam riceIMF-200S 10”x4”x3” 17.02IMF-200M 15”x7”x5” 28.03IMF-200L 24”x11”x7” 53.05IMF-200X 36”x14”x9” 94.09Single-use poly-bag covers available online.Acrylic ImmobilizersSizeItem#LxWxHX-Small IMA-300XS 6.5”x5.5”Small8”x7”IMA-300SMedium 0A 1 ea - Small,Med & LargePersonalized for yourPractice Free!Includes 3 lines of custom printing.Allow 2-3 days for order processing.Xype works with any ID printer!Price 17.89 17.89 21.38 26.78 62.08 Once you’ve “flashed” your X-ray ID onto thefilm, peel off Xype’s special label backing andapply the label to your film filing envelope.Your film filing envelope is now labeled withthe exact same patient ID info.Minimum order 100 cards100250500Xypette - no year or color barXypeXypette 55 52Patent #5,195,123 120 107 205 1601000www.vetrimark.comVeterinary Immobilizers Xype - 2011 year with yellow color barXype - 2012 year with pink color bar24-hr FAX ordering: 1.800.667.3955Width Length Lightweight PriceLeadXype –the 2-in-1 x-ray ID and filing label. SizeGot Film? Label x-rays and filejackets in a Flash!Order toll free: 1.800.773.5504Veterinary EZ-Guard Adjustable Fit LightweightLead Apron with Hook &Loop Closure 350 27015

Stock up and save even more!*excludes custom labels and XypeXype –the 2-in-1 x-ray ID and filing label.See inside backcover for details!Xype (pronounced zype) creates a film filinglabel plus youron-film patientidentification injust a fewseconds.Actual Size: 3” x 5”Xype - 2011 year with yellow color barXype - 2012 year with pink color barVialsYOUR SATISFACTIONIS GUARANTEEDWe’re committed toyour satisfaction. Ifyou aren’t completelysatisfied for any reason,let us know and we’llmake it right! It’sthat simple and it’sthat solid!PRSTD STDU.S. POSTAGEPAIDPERMIT 288ANAHEIM, CA081131AXype the 2-in-1x-ray ID andfiling labelDoseMark LabelsPrescription LabelsGot Film? Label x-rays and file jacketsin a Flash!www.vetrimark.com1.800.773.550420% off All Labels*1.800.773.5504www.vetrimark.com

Guaranteed to work with ANY software and DYMO LabelWriter Works with all DYMO LabelWriter printers, including Turbo, Twin Turbo and DUO plus the SE300. bels! 3 Animal Intelligence 3 Better Choice 3 Complete Clinic 3 Cornerstone 3 VM Manager 3 et 3 ws Practice 3 h 3 VPM DYMO - 55799

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Size 16 : 111 N Electrical Voltage rating Test Voltage (Vrms) Contact resistance : standard contacts Size 22D : 5 m Size 16 : 2 m Size 20 : 3 m Size 12 : 1.5 m Size 8 : 5 m Insulation resistance : 5000 M (at 500 Vdc) Current rating Size 22D : 5 A Size 16 : 13 A Size 20 : 7.5 A Size 12 : 23 A Size 8 : 46 A

Wire Size Wire Size 20.75mm 1.50mm2 E1010RD EN2502 (10mm) (12mm) Wire Size Wire Size 21.00mm2 2.50mm E1510BK EN4012 (10mm) (12mm) Wire Size 21.50mm 4.00mm2 E2512GY EN6012 (12mm) (12mm) Wire Size Wire Size 2.50mm2 26.00mm E4012OR EN10012 (12mm) (12mm) Wire Size Wire Size 4.00mm2 10.00mm E6012GR EN61018 (12mm) Wire Size Wire Size 26.00mm2 16.00mm .

Equality Act 2010 and the Health and Social Care Act 2012). Colleagues in Local Government have a key role to play in this area. After all, good health starts at home, and local authorities manage many of the important assets: the housing, the budget for aids and adaptations, local planning decisions, green spaces etc. Hence, local areas are encouraged to take a joined-up, place-based approach .