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Home Menu . .1Navigation settingsMusic player . .3Music optionsVideo Player . . . .5AndroidNavigationUser ManualVideo formatVideo optionsBluetooth Phone call and Music .7Bluetooth ConnectionBluetooth MusicBluetooth SettingsRear View camera . 13ConnectionSettingsIntroduction of steering wheel control. . 14steering wheel button function.Settings . . 15AudioSystem SettingsMore SettingsDevice Update . . . 20Firmware UpdateMCU Software UpdateSpecifications and Accessories . . . 21SpecificationsAccessoriesFAQ . . . . 23

Home Menu2. How to use Navigation1.Home MenuEnter the second menu.Click icon “Navigation”,access into Navigation function.Please refer to the instruction manual for navigation softwareFirst PageSecond PageThird PageCommon apps1Car info2

Music Player1.Player interface3.Music FormatSupport Format:APE/FLAC/WMA/AAC/OGG/RA/WAV/MP3/MP22. Operating instructionsPlaying3USBSDLocal MemoryList4

HD Video Player1.Video Format4.Picture in Picture P/MP4/MOV/MPG/VOB/MKV/FLV/TS/TP/DAT2.Video player InterfaceClick it for achieving the PIP function.Watch Video in other menu,such as navigation.3.Operation MenuPlayingUSB5.Full ScreenSDLocal MemoryListTouch it and Play video infull screen56

Bluetooth Telephone and Music1.Bluetooth Connection3.Missed/Received callTurn on the Phone Bluetooth and search for Bluetooth devices;Note: Only check the call log that called after connecting Bluetooth.4.Bluetooth music (*Phone should with Music Player and turn it on)Default Device name:FSC-BT510/GocAndroidPassword:00002.Making a Phone CALL5.Phone BookUsers can synchronize their phone book and check here78

Reversing CameraIf you need check the reversing info, Car should be with camera.Support Original camera/Aftermarket camera/and 360 Camera3.Reversing camera1.Camera ConnectingSettingsDisplayRadarYou can settings the Brightness/contrast and the path line/RadarOnly can show the display of Radar if the original car with Radar.Video Input12V Power360 DetectionInput2.Camera OptionsSteering Wheel ControlIt can control some functions in Android systemAfter connecting well the camera, choose the correct options insettings.ModeVolume /Previous/Next TrackAndroid NaviAnswer /Hang up910

Original interface and instrument information1.Original Car infoThree modesRemaining Oiltemperature displayseat belt ReminderClick it and into OEM MENUIn original OEM menu,no touch function but control by IDRIVEEnergyingsaving mode2.Dashboard(Only show the data ,not change the driving mode of the original car)ComfortmodeSport modeClick it and into Dashboard app1112

SettingsPlease choose the option carefully before setting, the wrong operationmay not be the effect you need!4.Time1.Settings MenuPlease set it according the the preference of the customersSettingsCurrent Settings5.Audio2.Navigation SettingsChoose the Navigation Application you need.3.Language SettingsPlease set it according te the preference of the customers.The volume of Bluetooth and navigation can be set here.1314

Settings6.System SettingsSystem info is the version of the Device.and Convenient for after-salesidentification.8.More SettingsMainly for the following Settings1) Rear view mirror cameraThe camera ,right and left is the opposite2)Video while driving ban*For your safety, watching Video is forbidden when driving.3) Rear view camera typeChoose the correct one according the one you use.4) BrightnessPlease keep the Default brightness. If set it too bright,the screen will beheat.7.System info15It is Android original settings.Please set it according te thepreference of the customers*Note: Please do not revise the settings if you were not a professional.Update of our deviceOur device will Update irregularly;For APK update,if connected toInternet,it will remind you to update. For System update-MCU, pleasecontact technicians. Do not update it by yourselves before gettingany permission from technicians.16

Feature and CPU: A53*4 A72*2 1.6G 6core processorRam: 4G(or higher) Rom:32G(user can expandmemory) (Option:4GRam 64GRom)ISO Power Harness X1Display : 24:9Resolution:1280*480 RGB(Option:Resolution1920*720RGB)Touch screen: G G capacitive touch screenUSB Cable X12)SoftwareAndroid 9.03)SpecificationWorking Voltage :DC 10.8-16VWorking Temperature:-20--- 60 GPS Antenna X1Android Boot time: 40 secondsGPS positioning : 30seconds(Outdoors )GPS Precise positioning: 5 MetersReversing response time: 1 second1718

FAQS1:Wrong Display or showing not correctly.Reason:wrong resolutionSolution: Select the correct Cantype in FACTORY SETTINGSSteps: Factory Settings - Cantype.Solution:remove the optic fiber from Original power harness and plug itinto our power harness.3.Not allowing to installing APKReason:The option “Do not install third party software” is on.Solution: In Factory Settings, do not choose this option,then it is ok.2. Incorrect display or No sound.Important statements:Reason: Did not remove the optic fiber from Original power harness andplug it into our power harness.19Android devices are with frequently upgrading, Product you buy mightnot completely the same as the this user manuals. If any difference,please refer to the actual products.If any questions,please feel free tocontact us.20

Navigation User Manual . 1.Home Menu. First Page . Second Page Third Page . 2. How to use Navigation. Enter the second menu. Click icon “Navigation”,access into Navigation function. Please refer to the instruction manual for navigation software . 1 2 . Common apps Car info . Home. Menu . 1.Player .

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2.Navigation Settings. Choose the Navigation Application you need. 3.Language Settings 4.Time. Please set it according the the preference of the customers. 5.Audio. Please set it according te the preference of the customers. The volume of Bluetooth and navigation can be set here. Settings . Settings Current Settings. 13 14

Dial91 Android Edition User Guide 1 About Dial91 Android Edition Dial91 Android Edition is a SIP- based phone for an Android phone. With Dial91 Android Edition (Dial91), you can use the Wi-Fi internet connection on your Android phone to make and receive calls without using your mobile

ADT (Android Development Tool) bundle or ! Eclipse ADT plug-in Android SDK or ! Android studio ! Download earlier SDK versions using SDK manager if needed . Android Virtual Device (AVD) ! Android emulator allows . Android App Essentials ! Layout ! View objects: UI widgets such as buttons, text box etc. .

Android Development Tools ADT A plug-in for Eclipse (see Eclipse) to develop Android applications. Android Operating system for smartphones. Android Market The Android distribution service of mobile applications. Android Lifecycle A model Android uses to handle the lifecycle of an activity in applications.

ANDROID QUICK START GUIDE WELCOME TO ANDROID 1 1 Welcome to Android About Android 5.0, Lollipop Android 5.0, Lollipop is the latest version of Android, the oper-ating system that powers not just phones and tablets, but also wearables, TVs, and even cars. Android 5.0 features a bold and bright new design, 3D graphics

Cause: The GPS signal is poor, or the GPS antenna is poorly connected. Solution: Move the location or replace the GPS antenna or re-plug the antenna 1.Problem: The machine does not boot Reason: no car bus Solution: Properly configure the car bus 2.Problem: Cannot enter GPS navigation Reason: The GPS navigation path is not set correctly.

The Android runtime (Core libraries, Dalvik Virtual Machine), Android application frameworks, and Android libraries are linked to the native Core Services When an OpenMobile-enabled Android app is launched by a user icon touch, the app executes within the Dalvik virtual machine just as if it were running on an Android platform

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VN-100 User Manual Embedded Navigation Solutions . VN-100 User Manual UM001 VN-100 User Manual 2/129 Document Information Title VN-100 User Manual Subtitle Inertial Navigation Modules Document Type User Manual Document Number UM001 v2.02 Document Status Released VectorNav Technical Documentation In addition to our product-specific technical data sheets, the following manuals are available to .

Android provides a rich application framework that allows to build innovative apps and games for mobile devices in a Java language environment. The Android Software Development Kit (Android SDK) provides all necessary tools to develop Android applications. The Android SDK contains tools to create, compile and package Android application.

Android Studio Development Essentials - Android 6 Edition page 108. Android Application Fundamentals An android application consists of one or more components that are defined in the android manifest.xmlfile. Here are the four types of app components: 1. An Activity 2. A Service 3. A Broadcast Receiver

Bringing BlackBerry to Android BlackBerry and Android together have a long and storied history. The BlackBerry 10 OS runs an Android app player and features an Android app store, while BES and BlackBerry security apps support a wide range of Android endpoints. PRIV is the natural next step

running applications easier. ADT (Android Development Tools) – A plugin for eclipse that extends the Eclipse IDE by providing more tools to develop Android Applications AVD (Android Virtual Device) – An Android emulator that allows you to simulate how the application will run on an actual Android device.

9. Restart Eclipse after all the packages have been downloaded and installed. Updating the Android SDK 1. In Eclipse, select Window Preferences, and open the Android tab. Enter the SDK location. In the example given above, it would be: C:\\Android\\android-sdk-windows 2. In Eclipse, select Window Android SDK Manager.

The best way to develop applications for Android is using the Eclipse IDE and the Android plug-in for Eclipse called Android Development Tools (ADT). You can test your applications by running them on an Android Virtual Device (AVD), an Android emulator. To setup your environment, follow each of the steps below in order.

Android Development Tools (ADT): A plugin for eclipse that extends the Eclipse IDE by providing more tools to develop Android Applications. Java SE Development Kit (JDK): A popular Java SDK that is used to program Android applications. Android Virtual Device (AVD ): An Android emulator that allows you to

Overview of CS 282 and Android D. C. Schmidt 19 Developing Android Apps Android is a software stack for mobile devices that provides an operating system, middleware, & key services/applications The Android SDK contains libraries & development tools for creating applications Android uses the Eclipse Integrated

Android, dan Symbian.[5] 2.6. Android Android merupakan sistem operasi yang perkembangannya sangat masif dan cepat. Saat ini, android sudah identik dengan smartphone. Perkembangan aplikasi di android juga sangat cepat, bahkan tahun 2010, tiap bulan ada lebih dari 10 ribu aplikasi ditambahkan untuk

The Android System Android's security model Malware and exploit examples Best practices for improving security. The Android System: Overview Android is . Wireshark. Summary: Android Security Embedded and consumer Tradeoffs made against security Divided responsibi

Answer Key A Beast / Post-Reading / Activity 1 Hand out the worksheets to your students. Ask them to draw and describe the beast. When they finish, ask the students to walk around the class, find a partner, and then show and say what they have written. Display their worksheets on the bulletin board. Possible answer: The beast has got a very long body with brown spots A Beast / Post-Reading .