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Sybase Adaptive ServerTMEnterprise Troubleshooting andError Messages GuideVolume 2Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise11.9.x-12.5

DOCUMENT ID: 39995-01-1250-01LAST REVISED: May 2002Copyright 1989-2002 by Sybase, Inc. All rights reserved.This publication pertains to Sybase software and to any subsequent release until otherwise indicated in new editions or technical notes.Information in this document is subject to change without notice. The software described herein is furnished under a license agreement,and it may be used or copied only in accordance with the terms of that agreement.To order additional documents, U.S. and Canadian customers should call Customer Fulfillment at (800) 685-8225, fax (617) 229-9845.Customers in other countries with a U.S. license agreement may contact Customer Fulfillment via the above fax number. All otherinternational customers should contact their Sybase subsidiary or local distributor. Upgrades are provided only at regularly scheduledsoftware release dates. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, or translated in any form or by any means, electronic,mechanical, manual, optical, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Sybase, Inc.Sybase, the Sybase logo, AccelaTrade, ADA Workbench, Adaptable Windowing Environment, Adaptive Component Architecture,Adaptive Server, Adaptive Server Anywhere, Adaptive Server Enterprise, Adaptive Server Enterprise Monitor, Adaptive ServerEnterprise Replication, Adaptive Server Everywhere, Adaptive Server IQ, Adaptive Warehouse, Anywhere Studio, ApplicationManager, AppModeler, APT Workbench, APT-Build, APT-Edit, APT-Execute, APT-FORMS, APT-Translator, APT-Library, BackupServer, BizTracker, ClearConnect, Client-Library, Client Services, Convoy/DM, Copernicus, Data Pipeline, Data Workbench,DataArchitect, Database Analyzer, DataExpress, DataServer, DataWindow, DB-Library, dbQueue, Developers Workbench, DirectConnect Anywhere, DirectConnect, Distribution Director, e-ADK, E-Anywhere, e-Biz Integrator, E-Whatever, EC-GATEWAY,ECMAP, ECRTP, eFulfillment Accelerator, Embedded SQL, EMS, Enterprise Application Studio, Enterprise Client/Server, EnterpriseConnect, Enterprise Data Studio, Enterprise Manager, Enterprise SQL Server Manager, Enterprise Work Architecture, Enterprise WorkDesigner, Enterprise Work Modeler, eProcurement Accelerator, EWA, Financial Fusion, Financial Fusion Server, Gateway Manager,ImpactNow, Industry Warehouse Studio, InfoMaker, Information Anywhere, Information Everywhere, InformationConnect,InternetBuilder, iScript, Jaguar CTS, jConnect for JDBC, MainframeConnect, Maintenance Express, MDI Access Server, MDI DatabaseGateway, media.splash, MetaWorks, MySupport, Net-Gateway, Net-Library, New Era of Networks, ObjectConnect, ObjectCycle,OmniConnect, OmniSQL Access Module, OmniSQL Toolkit, Open Biz, Open Client, Open ClientConnect, Open Client/Server, OpenClient/Server Interfaces, Open Gateway, Open Server, Open ServerConnect, Open Solutions, Optima , PB-Gen, PC APT Execute, PCNet Library, Power , power.stop, PowerAMC, PowerBuilder, PowerBuilder Foundation Class Library, PowerDesigner,PowerDimensions, PowerDynamo, PowerJ, PowerScript, PowerSite, PowerSocket, Powersoft, PowerStage, PowerStudio, PowerTips,Powersoft Portfolio, Powersoft Professional, PowerWare Desktop, PowerWare Enterprise, ProcessAnalyst, Rapport, Report Workbench,Report-Execute, Replication Agent, Replication Driver, Replication Server, Replication Server Manager, Replication Toolkit, ResourceManager, RW-DisplayLib, S-Designor, SDF, Secure SQL Server, Secure SQL Toolset, Security Guardian, SKILS,,, smart.script, SQL Advantage, SQL Anywhere, SQL Anywhere Studio, SQL Code Checker, SQL Debug, SQL Edit, SQLEdit/TPU, SQL Everywhere, SQL Modeler, SQL Remote, SQL Server, SQL Server Manager, SQL SMART, SQL Toolset, SQL Server/CFT, SQL Server/DBM, SQL Server SNMP SubAgent, SQL Station, SQLJ, STEP, SupportNow, S.W.I.F.T. Message Format Libraries,Sybase Central, Sybase Client/Server Interfaces, Sybase Financial Server, Sybase Gateways, Sybase MPP, Sybase SQL Desktop, SybaseSQL Lifecycle, Sybase SQL Workgroup, Sybase User Workbench, SybaseWare, Syber Financial, SyberAssist, SyBooks, System 10,System 11, System XI (logo), SystemTools, Tabular Data Stream, TradeForce, Transact-SQL, Translation Toolkit, UNIBOM, Unilib,Uninull, Unisep, Unistring, URK Runtime Kit for UniCode, Viewer, Visual Components, VisualSpeller, VisualWriter, VQL,WarehouseArchitect, Warehouse Control Center, Warehouse Studio, Warehouse WORKS, Watcom, Watcom SQL, Watcom SQL Server,Web Deployment Kit, Web.PB, Web.SQL, WebSights, WebViewer, WorkGroup SQL Server, XA-Library, XA-Server and XP Server aretrademarks of Sybase, Inc. 04/02Unicode and the Unicode Logo are registered trademarks of Unicode, Inc.All other company and product names used herein may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.Use, duplication, or disclosure by the government is subject to the restrictions set forth in subparagraph (c)(1)(ii) of DFARS 52.2277013 for the DOD and as set forth in FAR 52.227-19(a)-(d) for civilian agencies.Sybase, Inc., 5000 Hacienda Drive, Dublin, CA 94568.

ContentsAbout This Book . xvCHAPTER 3Error Message Writeups.Error Message Severity Levels .Variables in Error Message Text .Finding Object Names from Error Message Text .How to Determine Your Adaptive Server Version .Field Order in Version String .Creating Error Messages .Reporting Errors .Faxing Error Log Fragments .Reproducing Problems .Error Message Writeups.Parser Errors .Error 102 .Error 107 .Error 195 .Sequencer Errors .Error 207 .Error 208 .Error 213 .Error 216 .Error 225 .Error 226 .Error 229 .Error 232 .Error 233 .Error 241 .Error 247 .Error 257 .Error 259 .Error 265 .Error 266 .Error 268 47148150151153154155156157159160162163165166169iii

ContentsError 277 .Query Processor Errors .Error 301 .Error 311 .Error 313 .Error 314 .Error 403 .Error 404 .Error 414 .Error 428 .Error 511 .Error 512 .Error 515 .Error 530 .Error 539 .Error 540 .Error 546 .Error 547 .Error 551 .Error 584 .Access Method Errors.Error 601 .Error 603 .Error 605 .Error 611 .Error 614 .Error 622 .Error 623 .Error 624 .Error 625 .Error 629 .Error 631 .Error 644 .Error 678 .Error 691 .Error 692 .Error 693 .Error 694 .Error 695 .Error 696 .Error 697 .Memory Manager Errors .Error 701 .Error 702 15216216218219220222223224225225227

ContentsError 703 .Error 706 .Error 707 .Error 709 .Buffer Manager Errors.Error 803 .Error 804 .Error 806 .Error 813 .Error 820 .Error 821 .Error 822 .Error 823 .Error 832 .Error 834 .Error 835 .Error 840 .Error 842 .Error 847 .Error 849 .Error 852 .Error 855 .Error 861 .Error 863 .Open Database Manager Errors .Error 903 .Error 905 .Error 906 .Error 908 .Error 911 .Error 913 .Error 916 .Error 921 .Error 924 .Error 925 .Error 926 .Error 930 .Error 935 .Error 940 .Error 941 .Error 945 .Error 950 .Page Manager Errors.Error 1105 267268270272273275276277279281281v

ContentsError 1108 .Error 1120 .Error 1124 .Error 1127 .Error 1129 .Error 1131 .Error 1133 .Error 1141 .Error 1142 .Error 1143 .Lock Manager Errors.Error 1203 .Error 1204 .Error 1205 .Error 1243 .Error 1249 .Error 1265 .Error 1279 .Sort Manager Errors.Error 1501 .Error 1505 .Error 1508 .Error 1509 .Error 1510 .Error 1514 .Error 1530 .Error 1531 .Initialization Errors.Error 1601 .Error 1602 .Error 1603 .Error 1605 .Error 1608 .Error 1613 .Error 1621 .Error 1622 .Error 1623 .Create Utilities Errors .Error 1702 .Error 1732 .Error 1803 .Error 1808 .Error 1809 .Error 1810 33334335336337339339339340342343344

ContentsError 1813 .Error 1820 .Error 1902 .Error 1903 .Error 1916 .Error 1928 .Error 2110 .High Availability Utility Errors .Error 2243 .Character Set Conversion Errors .Error 2401 .Error 2402 .Error 2409 .dbcc Errors.Error 2501 .Error 2502 .Error 2503 .Error 2506 .Error 2507 .Error 2509 .Error 2510 .Error 2511 .Error 2513 .Error 2514 .Error 2517 .Error 2520 .Error 2521 .Error 2524 .Error 2525 .Error 2529 .Error 2540 .Error 2546 .Error 2547 .Error 2550 .Error 2558 .Error 2559 .Error 2572 .Error 2573 .Error 2574 .Error 2575 .Error 2578 .Error 2582 .Error 2583 .Error 2591 392394401403404405406407408410412vii

ContentsError 2596 .Insert Errors .Error 2601 .Error 2610 .Error 2615 .Error 2619 .Error 2620 .Error 2626 .Error 2628 .Create Utilities Errors (continued) .Error 2714 .Error 2729 .Error 2753 .Error 2762 .Procedure Manager Errors.Error 2805 .Error 2806 .Error 2811 .Error 2812 .Error 2824 .Error 2835 .dump and load Errors.Error 3019 .Error 3020 .Error 3105 .Error 3120 .Error 3201 .Error 3203 .Error 3211 .Error 3212 .Error 3216 .Error 3225 .Error 3230 .Error 3233 .Error 3240 .Commit and Abort Errors .Error 3301 .Error 3307 .Recovery Errors .Error 3401 .Error 3403 .Error 3404 .Error 3414 .Error 3418 6447448449450450451454454455456457458

ContentsError 3425 .Error 3429 .Error 3434 .Error 3445 .Error 3446 .Error 3447 .Error 3452 .Error 3454 .Error 3470 .Error and Exception Handling Errors .Error 3604 .Error 3621 .Error 3624 .Error 3626 .drop Errors .Error 3701 .Error 3702 .Error 3703 .

Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.9.x-12.5. DOCUMENT ID: 39995-01-1250-01 LAST REVISED: May 2002 . Adaptive Server Enterprise, Adaptive Server Enterprise Monitor, Adaptive Server Enterprise Replication, Adaptive Server Everywhere, Adaptive Se

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"active/passive" support. For "active/active" support for ASE Enterprise Edition, contact Sybase for their agent. Supported software for the VCS agent for Sybase The VCS for Sybase agent for Sybase supports the following software versions: Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) Enterprise Edition 1

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