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VOLUME 99OCTOBER 2018NUMBER 4 SUPPLEMENTSIXT Y- SEVENTHANNUAL MEETINGSheraton New Orleans and New Orleans Marriott New Orleans, LA USAOctober 28 – November 1, 2018“There will be epidemics ”EBOLA: WORLD GOES ON RED ALERT-2014Cholera Epidemicin Yemen NowAffects OneMillion PeopleSix Dead, 17 Sick FromDrug-Resistant TBSpread of Spanish Flu Menaces War ProductionPanic as1,500-2017-1918Die ofMalariaCharity to Help Fight Ebola Out of Control Success in Tests of Yellow-2017Brace forDengue-2017Malaria in Africa-2014-2010Dengue DengueDeath Toll Growing as InfluenzaClaims Many Score Victims-1918Fever Serum Reported-1932Officials: Texas Sees GrowingEVERYWHERENumber of Typhus CasesAfrican Countries to Plot New Malaria Vaccine-2017-2013-2017-2017Island Declares State of EmergencyZika Spreads Worldwide-2016Over Zika Virus, Dengue Fever Outbreak-2016ASTMH Annual MeetingCanceled Due toSpanish Flu Outbreak-1918QUARANTINE WANTEDas Yellow Fever Spreads-1878An AmericanPlague:Yellow FeverEpidemic of 1793-1998FDA Busts FakeMalaria MedicinesZIKA THREATON OURDOORSTEP-2016New Hopefor AIDS Drug-1996DIPHTHERIA:Why Is It Back?Been to an Ebola-affected country?Stay away from ASTMH meeting, Louisiana nt toThe American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene-2017Malaria Caseson the Rise inLast 3 Years-2016

BEHIND THE 2018 ANNUAL MEETING DESIGNThis year’s Annual Meeting design recognizes the 100th anniversary of the influenza pandemic, also called the Spanish flu. It is comprised of real headlineson infectious disease outbreaks over the last three centuries.* Each headline notes its publication date, ranging from “Quarantine Wanted as Yellow FeverSpreads” in 1878 to “Cholera Epidemic in Yemen Now Affects One Million People” in 2017.At the top of the design is the phrase, “There will be epidemics ”, an excerpt of a quote from Society President Regina Rabinovich, MD, in January 2018.At that time, she was offering her forecast of what 2018 will bring in terms of tropical infectious diseases: “There will be epidemics . somewhere. becausewe face these every year.”(*The headline “ASTMH Annual Meeting Canceled Due to Spanish Flu Outbreak” was created for this design and while the meeting was canceled for thisreason, we are not aware of any headline in a publication.)

Welcome to TropMed18, our annual assembly of stimulating research, clinical advances and special lectures fromthe brightest scientific experts and thought leaders in tropical medicine and global health!Our keynote speaker is Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, WHO Regional Director for Africa. Dr. Regina Rabinovich will deliver thePresident’s Address. Other highlighted speakers include Dr. Beth Kirkpatrick delivering the Charles Franklin CraigLecture, Dr. Kelly Chibale delivering the Commemorative Fund Lecture and Dr. David C. Christiani delivering theVincenzo Marcolongo Memorial Lecture.Walgreens’ Get a Shot. Give a Shot. has returned for 2018. Get your free flu shot on site and, for each one,Walgreen’s will provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need via the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign.We offer a number of novel new sessions and bonus features this year to inspire, motivate and intrigue: ook for images from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History’s current exhibit, “Outbreak:LEpidemics in a Connected World,” displayed throughout the Sheraton and Marriott. n Tuesday evening, attend a special session on “Tackling Outbreaks” with global leaders who shape theOworld’s outbreak responses (and will look into their crystal balls to tell us what we can expect in the future). ant to get out of the hotel? Enjoy “Global Health by the Pint” to be held off-site at The Vintage café and bar,W7-9 PM, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Come support your friends and colleagues and share yourwork with local New Orleanians. Want something different? Tune into the “Shark Tank”-style outbreak innovations pitch competition. oung and early-career investigators will benefit from workshops on manuscript writing andYcommunications training. The “Tropical Bookshelf” will feature award-winning authors Richard Preston and Doug Preston. s part of ASTMH’s new Community Outreach program, we’ll be inviting local high school students toAget an introduction to tropical medicine and global health by attending our meeting and speaking toresearchers in person.All this is, of course, in addition to all the other great science you have come to expect, along with free Wi-Fi andmeeting App, and webcasts (MP4 recordings) of every session available to attendees within 48 hours after a sessionhas taken place.Lastly, thanks to our sponsors and exhibitors, who make all the above possible. Check out their offerings andinformation at the Opening Reception, along with complimentary food and drink, all with a special New Orleans flair.Glad you have joined us.Daniel G. Bausch, MD,MPH&TM, FASTMHScientific Program ChairRegina Rabinovich, MDPresident3Karen A. GoraleskiExecutive Director

Bienvenidos a TropMed18, nuestro encuentro anual de investigación estimulante, avances clínicos y conferenciasespeciales de los expertos científicos más brillantes y líderes concienzudos en medicina tropical y salud global.Nuestra oradora clave es la Dra. Matshidiso Moeti, Directora regional de la OMS para África. La Dra. ReginaRabinovich dará el Discurso del Presidente. Otros oradores destacados incluyen a la Dra. Beth Kirkpatrick que darála Conferencia Charles Franklin Craig, el Dr. Kelly Chibale que dará la Conferencia del Fondo Conmemorativo, y el Dr.David C. Christiani que dará la Conferencia Homenaje Vincenzo Marcolongo.Get a Shot. Give a Shot. de Walgreen’s ha vuelto para 2018. Reciba su vacuna contra la gripe gratis en el sitio y, porcada uno, Walgreen’s proporcionará una vacuna que salva vidas para un niño necesitado a través de la campañaShot@Life de UN Foundation.Ofrecemos muchas nuevas sesiones noveles y atractivos extras este año para inspirar, motivar e intrigar: Busque imágenes de la exposición actual del Museo Nacional de Historia Natural de Smithsonian Institute,“Outbreak: Epidemics in a Connected World”, exhibido en Sheraton y Marriott. El martes a la tarde, asista a una sesión especial sobre “Tackling Outbreaks” con líderes globales quedeterminan las respuestas ante los brotes del mundo (y mirarán sus bolas de cristal para decirnos lo quepodemos esperar en el futuro). ¿Quiere salir del hotel? Disfrute de “Global Health by the Pint” que se realizará fuera del sitio en el café barThe Vintage de 7 a 9 p.m., el lunes, martes y miércoles. Venga a apoyar a sus amigos y colegas y compartirsu trabajo con los habitantes locales de Nueva Orleans. ¿Quiere algo diferente? Sintonice la competencia de innovaciones sobre brotes al estilo “Shark Tank”. Los investigadores jóvenes y noveles se beneficiarán con talleres sobre escritura manuscrita y capacitaciónen comunicaciones. “Tropical Bookshelf” presentará a los autores premiados Richard Preston y Doug Preston. Como parte del programa Community Outreach de ASTMH, invitaremos a los estudiantes de la escuelasecundaria local a recibir una introducción a la medicina tropical y salud global asistiendo a nuestra reunióny hablando con los investigadores personalmente.Por supuesto, a todo esto se suma toda la otra excelente ciencia que usted esperaba, junto con Wi-Fi gratis y App dereuniones, y emisiones por Internet (grabaciones en MP4) de cada sesión disponible para los asistentes dentro de las48 horas posteriores a la realización de una sesión.Por último, gracias a nuestros patrocinadores y expositores que hacen posible todo lo anterior. Consulte sus ofertase información en la Recepción de Apertura, junto con comida y bebida de cortesía, todo con un estilo especial deNueva Orleans.Felices de que nos hayan acompañado.Daniel G. Bausch, MD,MPH&TM, FASTMHScientific Program Chair#IAMTROPMED#TROPMED18Regina Rabinovich, MDPresident4Karen A. GoraleskiExecutive Director

Bienvenue à TropMed18, notre assemblée annuelle de conférences sur les recherches stimulantes, les avancées cliniqueset les spécialités données par les plus brillants experts scientifiques et leaders d’opinion en médecine tropicale et en santémondiale !Notre conférencière principale est la Dr Matshidiso Moeti, Directrice régionale de l’OMS pour l’Afrique. Le Dr ReginaRabinovich prononcera le discours de la présidente. Parmi les autres conférenciers invités, mentionnons la Dr BethKirkpatrick qui a a été choisie pour présenter la conférence Charles Franklin Craig, la Dr Kelly Chibale qui a été choisie pourprésenter la conférence du Fonds commémoratif et le Dr David C. Christiani qui a été choisi pour présenter la conférenceVincenzo Marcolongo.La campagne de vaccination « Get a Shot. Give a Shot. » (Recevez et donnez un vaccin) de Walgreens signe son retour en2018. Faites-vous vacciner gratuitement contre la grippe sur place et, pour chacun, Walgreen’s fournira un vaccin qui sauverala vie d’un enfant dans le besoin grâce à la campagne Shot@Life de la Fondation des Nations Unies.Cette année, nous offrons un certain nombre de nouvelles sessions et de nouveaux bonus pour inspirer, motiver et intriguer : Recherchez des images de l’exposition actuelle du Musée national d’histoire naturelle de la Smithsonian Institute,intitulée “Outbreak : Epidemics in a Connected World” (épidémies dans un monde connecté) disponibles dans tousles hôtels Sheraton et Marriott. Mardi soir, assistez à une session spéciale sur le thème « Tackling Outbreaks » (Lutter contre les épidémies) avec lesdirigeants du monde entier qui formulent des ripostes aux épidémies mondiales (et regarderont dans leurs boulesde cristal pour nous dire à quoi nous pouvons nous attendre dans le futur). Vous voulez sortir de l’hôtel ? Profitez de l’événement « Global Health by the Pint » (parlons santé mondiale autourd’une pinte !) qui se tiendra hors de l’hôtel au café et bar The Vintage, de 19 h à 21 h, les lundi, mardi et mercredi. Venezsoutenir vos amis et collègues et faire part de votre travail aux habitants de la Nouvelle-Orléans. Vous voulez quelque chose de différent ? Ne manquez pas le concours de promotion des innovations en matière delutte contre les épidémies de type « Shark Tank ». Les jeunes chercheurs de même que ceux en début de carrière bénéficieront d’ateliers sur la rédaction demanuscrits et la formation en communication. Les auteurs Richard Preston et Doug Preston, lauréats de plusieurs prix, seront à l’honneur à la « TropicalBookshelf » (La bibliothèque tropicale). Dans le cadre du nouveau programme de sensibilisation communautaire de l’ASTMH, nous inviterons les élèves deslycées locaux à se familiariser avec la médecine tropicale et la santé mondiale en assistant à notre réunion et enéchangeant en personne avec les chercheurs.Vous pourrez bien sûr profiter de tous ces événements, en plus de toutes les autres grandes sciences auxquelles vous vousattendez, ainsi que des applications sans fil et de rencontres gratuites et des webcasts (enregistrements MP4) de chaquesession qui seront disponibles aux participants 48 heures après la fin de la session.Enfin, nous tenons à remercier nos sponsors et exposants, sans qui rien de tout cela n’aurait été possible. Consultez leursoffres et renseignements à la réception d’ouverture, ainsi que la nourriture et les boissons gratuites proposées, le tout avecune saveur spéciale typique de la Nouvelle-Orléans.Nous sommes ravis de savoir pouvoir vous compter parmi nous.Daniel G. Bausch, MD,MPH&TM, FASTMHScientific Program ChairRegina Rabinovich, MDPresident5Karen A. GoraleskiExecutive Director



SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH AND TROPICAL MEDICINEThomas A. LaVeist, PhDDean and Weatherhead Presidential Chair in Health EquityDear Researchers, Scientists, Clinicians, and Global Health Practitioners:It is my great pleasure to welcome you all again to New Orleans!As the new dean of Tulane’s School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, I’m honored to be leading one ofthe foundational institutions in the field of public health in the United States. Tulane’s roots in tropicalmedicine go even deeper, to our founding in 1834 as an institution to combat the diseases plaguing NewOrleans: cholera, yellow fever, malaria, and smallpox. We are proud that this legacy continues in our globalworkforce training and research that improves the lives of those around the world.This is a critical time in global health and tropical medicine. Novel infectious diseases can become worldwideconcerns now in a matter of days, and vector-borne illnesses are spreading wider and faster than ever before.More than at any time in history, we have better tools and methods to combat these threats to health andwell-being thanks to ASTMH and its members. New Orleans is the ideal location for TropMed18 to bringtogether professionals at all levels to advance innovations and develop methods to deliver them to thoseimpacted most by these devastating diseases.With the meeting located at two collaborating hotels along Canal Street, you are at the meeting place ofhistory and the modern era. I hope you will take the time, as I have, to explore the many fine restaurants andattractions that are steps away from the Sheraton and Marriott. I know that the sights, sounds, flavors, andambiance of this great city, coupled with the cutting-edge science and information you’ll find in the seminars,will refresh and renew you for the pressing work ahead.Best regards,Thomas A. LaVeist, PhDDeanWeatherhead Presidential Chair in Health Equity1440 Canal St., Suite 2400, #8301, New Orleans, LA 70112#IAMTROPMED#TROPMED188tel 504.988.5397fax

October 2018Dear Friends,The Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History welcomes you to the 2018 AnnualMeeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene in New Orleans, wherethousands of tropical infectious disease experts are

VOLUME 99 OCTOBER 2018 NUMBER 4 SUPPLEMENT Supplement to The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene ANNUAL MEETING SIXTY-SEVENTH “There will be epidemics ” Malaria Cases on the Rise in Last 3 Years-2016 Ebola Out of Control-2014 Zika Spreads Worldwide-2016 Island Declares State of Emergency Over Zika Virus, Dengue Fever Outbreak-2016 EBOLA: WORLD GOES ON RED ALERT-2014 An .

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VOLUME 99 OCTOBER 2018 NUMBER 4 SUPPLEMENT Supplement to The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene ANNUAL MEETING SIXTY-SEVENTH “There will be epidemics ” Malaria Cases on the Rise in Last 3 Years-2016 Ebola Out of Control-2014 Zika Spreads Worldwide-2016 Island Declares State of Emergency Over Zika Virus, Dengue Fever Outbreak-2016 EBOLA: WORLD GOES ON RED ALERT-2014 An .

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