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More than treatment unitsSeries 1Since 1958Since 1958GO UP IN THEWORLD!In innovation,in design,in expectationsSeries 5QS4 LEA 028 V.1Subject to design and/or specifications changeswithout prior notice. Made in Europe. January 2014.Antoni Carles, S.A.Volta dels Garrofers, 41-42 Polígono Industrial “Els Garrofers”08340 Vilassar de Mar (Barcelona-SPAIN)Tel. (34) 93 754 07 97 Fax (34) 93 759 26 / e-mail: SmartSolidSeries 3

Series 1Sd-150Sd-175Sd-25Sd-60Electro-pneumatic treatment centre(Whip arm delivery system)Electro-pneumatic treatment centre(Hanging hose delivery system)Orthodontic and hygienist treatmentcentre Sd-60 mobile delivery cart Cd-25Orthodontic treatment centreSolidErgonomicReliableCd-25Mobile delivery CartAncar 3200Ambidextrous chair fororthodontic treatmentsAncar 3100Dental Chair with assistantssupportAncar 3000Dental chair3

The new Ancar Series 3,Series 3electronic treatment centre, represents theculmination of our extensive experience in thedentistry world.A flawless design and the planned and anaudited construction are meant to last, therebyit is the proven and current touch technologyinnovation.Our interpretation of how machine-userinteraction should be. A new experience thatmakes your work more intuitive, precise, safe,dynamic and profitable.’Touching technology’ is Ancar’s promise tooffer professionals more benefits, maximumprecision and informative details with aperfection of quality.Sd-300Sd-350Electronic treatment centre(Hanging hose delivery system)Electronic treatment centre(Whip arm delivery system)SimpleSmartSolidSd-80Electronic treatment centre(Unit Cd-80Mobile delivery cart)Cd-80Electronic mobile delivery cart5

Welcome to the New Series:Series 5treatment units with suspended chair andvertical elevation. Open space under the chair,without obstacles, allowing total freedom ofleg movement for dentist and their assistants.The ergonomic design means all componentsare integrated and coordinated together, sothat any dental work can be done as well,comfortably and efficiently as possible.The perception of looking at such atechnologically advanced, customizable anddifferent treatment unit that is almost unique,is transferred into the design and look of theconsulting room. And, of course, made ofaluminium.New Series 5: undoubtedly the best choice!Sd-550Sd-575Electronic treatment unit(Hanging hose system)Electronic treatment unit(Whip arm delivery system)GO UP IN THEWORLD!In innovation,in design,in expectations.Sd-580Electronic treatment unit(Unit cart Cd-80)7

FOR LEFT AND RIGHT - HANDED USERSInnovation is alsoambidextrous:An electro-pneumatic unit designed forbothright and left handed use to assist the dentistfully during their professional practice.Along with the sturdiness, ergonomics andreliability of its equipment, Ancar now has anindependent water unit that can be installedon the left side (standard) or right side(optional) of the chair.This solution provides a bi-functional unit forthe professional and the dental chair that bestadapts to the features and availability of thespace.Sd-150Electro-pneumatic treatment centre(Whip arm delivery system)Sd-300Right-handed working position.Electronic treatment centre(Whip arm delivery system)Sd-25Electro-pneumatic treatment centre(Centre Sd-60 mobile delivery cartCd-25)Sd-60Orthodontic treatment centreSd-80Electronic treatment centre(Unit cart Cd-80)Workambidextrous.Left handed working position.9

DETAILSTHATMAKE THEDIFFERENCETHE QUALITY IS ALSO INSIDECUSPIDOR COVER COLOURS128Dental White400Yellow405Lilac425Silver Grey435Pearl Black807Soft Pastel Green465Orange Pearl475Garnet806Soft Light Blue“STANDARD” UPHOLSTERY COLOURS400Yellow405Lilac410Pastel Blue425Silver Grey435Pearl Black440Pastel Green445Pearl Green455Pearl Blue465Orange Pearl470Dark Blue805Soft DarkBlue806Soft LightBlue807Soft PastelGreen808Soft PistachioGreen809Soft Grey810Soft Black475Garnet480Gold“SOFTDRIVE” UPHOLSTERY COLOURS801Soft LilacALUMINIUM CORE802Soft Yellow803Soft Orange804Soft Garnet11

Pearl Green 455 Pearl Blue 465 Orange Pearl 470 Dark Blue 475 Garnet 480 Gold 801 Soft Lilac 802 Soft Yellow 803 Soft Orange 804 Soft Garnet 805 Soft Dark Blue 806 Soft Light Blue 807 Soft Pastel Green 808 Soft Pistachio Green 809 Soft Grey 810 Soft Black 128 Dental White 400 Yellow 405 Lilac 425 Silver Grey 435 Pearl

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