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INFORMATIQNMANUAL1980MODEL152For Flight Training Reference Only



\T10NSSPECIFICATIONSMODE!. 1521112MODELPERFORMANCE - SPECIFICATIONSSPECIFICATIONS,' Sf1:I:D:*SPEED:Maximum at Sea Level.,Cruise, 75% Power at 8000 FtCRUISE: Recommended lean mixture with fuel allowance forengine start, taxi, takeoff, climb and 45 minutes",. "" JT'IJ107 KNOTS., "'" ", "N,,li""reserve.75% Power at 8000 Ft24.5 Gallons Usable Fuel75% Power at 8000 Ft110KNOTSU K Range320 NMTime3.1 HRSTime ".UHfUj;5.2HRS ".,,. 'Range37.5 Gallons Usable Fuel.n. RangeMaximum Range at 10,000 FtnTime24.5 Gallons Usable Fuel545 NM415 NM"5 "' .5.2U HRSIlnsSERVICE CEILING"N'"TAKEOFF PERFORMANCE:Ground Roll725FT nMaximum Range at 10,000 Ft37.5 Gallons Usable FuelHan.RangenTime,.RATE OF CLIMB AT SEA LEVELr690 NM.,HR 8.7 HRS715 FPM".IO . FT.,.14,700, nTotal Distance Over 50-Ft Obstacle1340 FTLANDING PERFORMANCE:Ground Roll,"n475 FTTotal Distance Over 50-Ft Obstacle1200 FT nSTALL SPEED (CAS):Flaps Up, Power Off48 KNOTS. 43 KNOTS KNO'I'lIFlaps Down, Power OffMAXIMUM WEIGHT:Ramp, 1675LBSTakeoff or Landing, 1670LBSSTANDARD EMPTY WEIGHT:1521109"". LBSW:l8152 II,,. LBS1142nn—L.I !:IMAXIMUM USEFUL LOAD: ,566 LBS152. .,.w ,533 LBS152 IIBAGGAGE ALLOWANCE120 LBS10.5"" Ull WING LOADING: Pounds/Sq Ft"'"POWER LOADING: Pounds/HP15.2FUEL CAPACITY: TotalGAL. 26 011.1.39 GAI.GAL.'IIIStandard TanksLong Range TanksOIL CAPACITY6 QTSQ. . . .1.2CO-235-L2CENGINE: Avco Lycoming110 BHP at 2550 RPMPROPELLER: Fixed Pitch, Diameter'"SpeedSpo., .69 IN.,.w,.,.1.1. oqulppodp.performance lois allO nshown ,foran airplaneequipped with op """"optional speed fairings,which 'nincreas-3the speeds 1by 'PP"""",."llapproximately 2 1knots.,. "'". ",. . There is a correspondingpOn I'n difference'n ."""in range, while all other performance f;JY'"figures "'"are unchanged when .pooodspeed fairings are, '»00II.nlI, . ,."". Il O",, "'''Q.mom"".110 1.installed."nn. ,., .y,."." . ,." '."'n,.1979I1 JJulyuly .1179For Flight Training Reference Onlynn


CESSNACESSNAMOO&L 15211102MODELSECTION 11SECTIONG&N&RALGENERALSECTION 11GENERALTABLE OF CONTENTSPageT",.,Vi.wThree View1 21-2I.;)1-3I.;)1-31-31-31-31-3I.;)1-31-41-4II! uclionIntroductiono.crlpllve DataD.",DescriptiveEn . tificated WeightsMo.un""" C."Uiea Wel&"huoSlanda.-dAh'plane WeightsWe l. bl .Standard Airplane1-5I I 1-5CablI!Anel Enl')'Olmenslon. .Cabin AndEntry DimensionsBaggage Space 0I"'8nslon.DimensionsSa&",.pI 1-5Specific LoadingsS !fIot.oadln,.1-5l-b1-5I Symbnlo.Abbr."lalloD. AndAnel Terminolol()'Symbols, AbbreviationsTerminology . . .l-b1-5Gon.1 AirspeedAln:p.od Terrnino!oKYGeneralTerminology And BYllIbo!'SymbolsI 1-5MeteorologicalTerminologyMeIOKl't lolllc&! TorminololD'1-6&nl(ln.Pow r TerminologyTennlno!o&"l' .Engine PowerAlrpl&lIoPcrfo",,,nce And FU,h l PlanningPlann In, TennlnolncAirplane PerformanceFlightTerminologyWeight And Sal.n""Balance T.nnlnologyTerminology .We1lhlI1 JulyJuly 1m1979For Flight Training Reference Only.} 71-71·71-71-71 7I1-1I

SECTION 1ISECTIONCESSNACESSNAGENERAI.GENERALMODELMODEL 1521M!nn----.--- . ". ----- - ---- . --------- -- .-- .,.""",1.nWing span shown with conical camber wingtips and strobe lights installed.If standardwing tips without strobe lights are installed,wing span is 32' - 8 1/2".2.Maximum height shown with nose geardepressed, all tires and nose strut properly inflated and flashing beacon installed.-3.Wheel base length is 58".4. Propeller ground clearance is 12' -----5.-,.h-',u-- .".,,,-Wing area is 159 1/2 square feet. Minimum turning radius [sfcpivot point tooutboard wing. .tip) is .24' - r8".-,-,,I nn-/V,nf - - - - - - n-. - - - -- 'HnnFigure 1·1.1-1. ThreeThree V!ewView1'!8"'"July 1117111979I1 Ju!y1-2For Flight Training Reference Onlyn

CESSNAMOD L 1521 11MODELSECTIONS&CTION i1GEN&RALGENERALINTRODUCTIONT"il" . 1 contains"""IaIII.;.,UO"O. 1 includesin"i . d.u theIII .i.l require!f'OoQ1l1,.This handbook9 sections,andmaterialtoalso containsLo beINI furnishedtun." . toLo the bI pilotpilol byb)" CAR Partl'art 3.3. ItIl &la a nWn. supplementaIJUppl .""1I. lall. supplied""ppli. byb), CessnaCe. AircraftAlrera./I Company.Compen)'.dataSecdoaprov .Ie cl. ancIlnfonn ionor general,CI. nJ interest.'aUo,.L IISection 1I providesbasicdataand information ofalso contalnlcontains definitionsof symbols,abbreviations, am.Isodeflnlllolll oro. explanationsnpllOaUo"" 01.)'mbol . abb"",i.Uons.lD U1rmlnololO' commonlyoomlllo.l, UM.terminologyused.DESCRIPTIV E DATAD.t.TADESCRIPTIVEENGINEENGINE,l.an:Numbe. of Engines:E .I.Number1.,I.C'u".,E. Ii . Manufacturer:MIO .Avoo Lycoming.L)'comin,.EngineAvcoO-235-L2C.EngineE"Ii. Model Number:Numbe.: O.!35. UC .Enginedirect-drive,air-cooled,Enflnl Type: Normally-aspirated,Normall)' .pl Ioed. di '. dttve . i . . led. horizontallybori"'''laliyoppoH !. burelO. equipped,&qulpped. 10ur. oyUnd.r .n(lne.lIb .3cu.lnopposed, ccarburetorfour-cylinderengine with233.3 cu.indisplacement.dllph.c."'. LHo' powl. R.UngI::nglnl Sp :I LO ule !8HP.L lU'MHorsepowerRating .ndand EngineSpeed: HOrated BHPat 2550RPM.PROPEllERPROPELLERPropellerPropeUer Manufacturer:M.n"I""'" .r: McCauleyMc:Caule)' Accessory"'""""aory Division.Dlvilion.Propello.NumlNlr: 1A103/TCM6958.IA I 03ITCM8 8.Propeller Modo!Model Number:NumberNumbe' ofot Biades:BiAdeI: 2.Pro U.r DllmOIe . Maximum:Mulmum: 8 IlIcll .PropellerDiameter,69 inches.Minlmum: 87.5111,,11 .Minimum:67.5 inches.PropellerType: Fixedpitch.1'",,,,,lIe. 'l'ype;"''':ed pllell.FUElFUEL-Approved FuelP'uel O.s.Grades (ID (and Colora):Colors):100LLGrade AAviationFuel (BI".).(Blue).1000L Graclevl.1101I ""tl100 (1"0""'1'1)'(Formerly 100/130)Grade AvllUoliAviation FuolFuel 10(Green).ID" 130) Gride.01.NOTENonlsopropylIsopropyl Icobolalcohol 01or e byl."tethylene alycolglycol moaODU"lllylmonomethyl .!.berethermayto methe fuelsupply. AddltLveoonoen,,"lIonsAdditive concentrationsm.y be added Lotuel IUppLy.11 ncM' tor1.5% lo shallnot nCMdexceed l1%for lsopropylisopropyl Iloolloialcohol or .15%forglycol monoml"')'.monomethyl e.l e.ether. Referto SecUcnSection 88 lo.for ethylene bl'bo"'lfIl' 'O!Itotf.r LoIdd,tLonailn/cnn"dcD.additional information.I1 July IlI'7V1979For Flight Training Reference Only1-E

SECTION 1ISI CTIONGENERALOI NI ItALCESSNACI SSNAMODELI MODI L 152FuelFu"l Capacity:C"p.,l ,StandardS. nd.'"TotalTola.!nTanks:T k ",Capacity: 26gallons.C.p""l ,2 ,.110""To. , C.paei'yE""h Tank:fan k, 13 gallons.,o.Uon .TotalCapacity EachTotal Usable:24.5 ,".llo"'.gallons.fola.!U.olI"" 2t.linLongTanks:Ulnll" RangeIUngll TankO'Tola.!3W,alJ01l .Total Co.pOCHy:Capacity: 39gallons.Total CCapacityTank:Tol.'.pocl EachEocll T. :Total37.5 gallons.Tolal Usable:Il b1.: 37. II".Uouo.19.5 gallons.IW. lfaUo" .nNOTEDuebetweenthetanksshould0"0 toIO cross-feedingorn . I Jn bo.w""n fuelI"el tanks, nk . lh.k. ob uldberefueling toassurebo re-topped. "'p"*'" after each.,h !"&fuoUng'0 .'" maximummulm\Omo.p.,ilycapacity.of", OIL—011Oil Onod.Grade (Spoolllco.lonl:(Specification):MIL-L-6082Grade SIc&lr'"Straight MineralOil: Useto replenishMIJ.L·&oe:I AviationAvi . ion O.-.d.Min . ' 011,U. '". ple"'.hsupply dunnrduring firstat the25-hour olioil chchange.auppl.yilI" ! 25 hoursIl,,,,. and .!ho firsttlnt 2S--h"". "".Continuea total 01of 50 hoursaccumulated o'or olioilConIIn". toIO use"H untilunUl .100aiho,," hash . . o.ceu",,,lal dconsumption hasstabilized."""tu"'pIlO"h .bU''''''''.NOTEN 'TIIO .IholaetoryThe airp'onairplanewas iII"vo"""delivered from thefactory whhwith a no,.".corro.10"p.,v."Uv 1r :rafI ""glnosion preventiveaircraftengine ou.oil. ThIOThis 011oil obouJdshould bobed,alo"" theIh. Il.1 25I!:I hoursh""ro of opo,allOo.drained .nafterfirstoperation.MIL-L-22851Oil: 11 "This oUoil mustbe uoedused .ne,Ilafter first),IIL·L·Z285 1 AshlessAIIhl . DispersantOiolpor. .,,' Oll:m u" bo. ,50or oUoil cono"m" !o,,consumption hasSO hoursho,,'" o'b. astabilized. bllI.ed. mm.ndOodVI.,."y for Tempor.'",," Range:RAngo:Recommended ViscosityTemperatureMIL-L-6082Oil:MIJ.J.AOeIl AviationA,,'.Uoo GradeO'ado Straighta'ralr'" MineralMlner.l O": .bov.18' C ( 0"1').50above 16 C(60 F).SAli:bo'WH D ·l'CSAE 40 between-1 C (3O'p).,d:lrC(30 F) and 32 C (1iO'F).(90 F).SAE:IObolwHn ·-18 C18"C (001'")"C (7O"F).SAE 30 between(0 F) LIldand 2,21 C(70 F).SAE 20eo belowbol""," ·lIl'C-12 C (IO'P").(10 F).MIL-L-2Ii8Ii' AshlessAUlo . DispersantOtopenan' 011:MIL-L-22851Oil:SAli:40 OrSAI!: &OoJ ov. 16 CIS' C (M'p").SAE 40or SAE50 above(60 F).SAE 40 betweenbOl,""" -1 C. ' oc (3O"1'")d a2"C(30 F) .and32 C (9(I"i ').(90 F).SAl:30 oro. SAESAE iObolw"" ·18"C" C (7O"i ').SAE 3040 between-18 C (001'")(0 F) an Iand I21 C(70 F).SAE 30 belowbOlolO ·Irc10' 1'").-12 C ((10 F).SAE01'C.P""'Y:Oil Capacity:S"",p:Qu&J"t .Sump: 6 Quarts.10 1: 7 Quo.r\omIO' ;o. l1od).Total:Quarts (U(if 011oil filterinstalled).,-,For Flight Training Reference OnlyiIV7I1I July 19791-4n

SECT10N 1lSECTIONOENERALGENERALCESSNACJ':SSNAMODEL152MODEL It IlMAXIMUM CERTIFICATED WEIGHTSRamp: 1675 lbs.Takeoff: 1670 lbs.Landing: 1670 lbs.Weight in Baggage Compartment:Baggage Area 11.1(or passenger on child's seat)-Station 50 to 76: 120lbs.1201bo.' :,: : ;:,":'. . ",. ,.) "'""''.'''See note below."0". I IL SeoBO," below.bolO""Baggage Area 2 - Station76' .to .94:40 lbs.See note" "NOTEThe maximumcombined weightcapacity for'fUmudmum ""mblne !welKM cap"'''Ylo. baggage Of:II:'a.geare. 1I aandnd e2 laareasis 120 lbo.lbs;STANDAROSTANDARD AIRPLANE WEIGHTSSlandar !l':mplyStandard EmptyW oli"h 152:I . 11091101111 11.Weight,lbs.1152Il, 1142 lbs.lbo.152 II:Mu'm"",U I.! Load,Lc&d. 1M:.Maximum Useful152: 566 llbs.152It Ill!:II: 533 lbs.Ibo. CABIN AND ENTRY DIMENSIONSD1MENSIONSDetaileddimensionsand enl')'entry d ocoptningdoor openingsDeI. !!e ! dimonalon" of theIbe ccabinabln interiorlol.nor."d are ""illustrated Inin S"""OIISection 86.11I.""ate lDIMENSIONSBAGGAGE SPACE OIMENSIONSBaggage area dimensions are illustrated in detail in Section 6.-SPECIFIC LOADINGSLOADINGS,. / .Wl"5," . 10.5,o. lbs./sq. ft.r Wing .Loading:Pow., Loodln . /hp.PowerLoading: lbs./hp.SYMBOlS,ANOSYMBOLS, ABBREVIATIONS ANDTERMIN OlOGYTERMINOLOGYGENERAL AIRSPEEOANO SYMBOLSSYMBOlSGENERALAIRSPEED TERMINOLOGY ANDuc .KCASKnotsairspeed correctedKno" CalibratedCall b . AirspeedAI .p is'o indicated'M'C " OlUJ H '!orI.Slrum. '" eerror.ror .od. e ! inID 1 0""for '1100position oOdand instrumentand expexpressedknots.KnO. Calibro,""lnpHd isi. equalequa' toto KTASK'l"AS inID .standard'""dan;!Knotscalibrated .airspeedOImQ"ph.",lovel.atmosphere .,at .sea level.1'Ju!yJuly 1979For Flight Training Reference Only,.,1-5

SEC1'TONSECTION I1CESSNACEBBN aEN ER LGENERAL.S2MODEL 152KTABKIASteno. IndicatedIndi"" . Airspeed Irspeed is,. u.&Il"""" on 'hoKnotsthe spoodspeed showntheol. peed indicator,ndleato, and expressed in kno.airspeedknots.KTASK"" . Tnt Airspeed.0.1 .1'"" is'o , oI. uP. in knotsknol.KnotsTruethe .airspeedexpressed""p"' 'o'. "vo .,undLSlu,,*, ai,whlçh isl. KCAS corrected : rncto ! lo,relativeto undisturbedair whichfor.""udoaltitude oMand ,."']' t'.'UnI.temperature.VAManu v.rIDl! SpeedS isl. thet.h. maximumm .dm"m .pN l.t""hleh youy""Manueveringspeed at whichmay useuN abruptr.brupt ",, Iroltnvel.control travel.VpgM".I d","", Flop ExtendedI!.donded SptOedI. theth. blgh.",MaximumFlapSpeed ishighest .ptedspeedpennl iblo .!lh wlng flapsnopo in'n oa prescribedp . .,"'"., ".Iendo ",m St,.Clurnt.h. opeedMaximumStructural entlomiCruising Speed lois thespeed u.,that&IlQUI Io ! exIn smoothmooth al,.u.n onIy ., .should not be exeexceededexcept inair, thenonlywith""p'eauUoncaution.VNEVgN S. eedlo the"'. optedtn .t may notno, beNeverExceed SpoodSpeed isspeed 11m"limit that.exceededxe od .att any time.tlmo StalUnll: 8pMd, thetho minimummloim u '" .lo. ,. m. M speedop .StallingSpeed oorsteadyflightatu. ;""1",,. t.whieh the airplane is ç n'roU.bl .whichcontrollable."'OV«Stalling 8peedSpeed or the minimumflight speed8t&1l1011:",Inl", "", .steady"'''''y fili'"opeod .at,whleh thetlt. ,,""pI. n. I.o inIn 'ho10n,lIng ""nlll!"".whichairplaneis ".,."",IIr.blcontrollablethe landingconfigu"uloo .tbo mo.'l!"",,"!lyrationatt themost fono.n!forward """"',center of gravity.V.Bo Angle-of-ClimbA"II I·ClImb 8peedwhlc:lt ."1 loBestSpeed is the opeodspeed whichresultsin"'.11:.-",.1 alo l.llil"dologiv"" horizontalhori"""'lai distance.dI"ano .thegreatest gainof altitude in a givenVvBeo' . of-Cllnlb S"",,,. theIho oj * ldwhlch results inIn the'h.Best Rate-of-ClimbSpeed isspeed whichg,.a",. ga,oIn oll:iv,,",Im .greatestgain in alllludoaltitude ina given time.,.Ut." . u"oMETEOROlOGICAL TERMINOlOGVMETEOROLOGICALTERMINOLOGYOAT0".1. AirAI.- TemperatureTolApoOra . islo 'ho. alt .static. oUo ",mp.o . t" , oOutsidethe Ifreeairtemperature.Itis OXP"expressed 1.0in oiU.oceither d'JeT'"degrees C.I.!Celsiusor dO(IrMol'ol1·degrees FahI. O,",obol .renheit.Standard!ltandardTemperaTompoO . ·Sland. . T.mpo. iaI ' C a,.,a.1 pressureP'ti'u" "'U·StandardTemperatureis 15 Cat sea 1levelaltil""", an4. by y ","C"m feetfeo' 01tudeand 40 :decreases2 C lo.for o""heach 1000of a.lU'udoaltitude."'"OturePressurePro. .AltitudeAIU'"dePro"",,'" AIUlud.'o 'h.ad fromlrom "". .PressureAltitude isthe a.lliLudoaltitude .readan ol,hnaltimeterwhenthe "'tlmaltimeter'sscalebeen .set '"to 29.92IO"n n th. o'·. barometric m . rlc so. hash . '-oD .92ineheomerrury (1013 m ).inches of mercurymb).,.l1 Suly19'1IlJuly 19791-6For Flight Training Reference Only

CESSNACr:SSNAMODEL152MODEI.I -S.a,:CTIONSECTION I1OENERALGENERALENGINE POWERPQWER TERMINOLOGYBHPBH'Br . HorsepowerHo l,Llle power dovolopfldBrakeis thedeveloped by Ih"enel"a.the engine.RPMn'MRevolutions Per Minute is engine speed.Static8ta\1 RPM MStaticengineattained dI'M'.during a fuU·lII tlefull-throttle81&11 . RPMIU'M is, lIh speed Gualn""enginerunupairplaneis ""on 1.110the cn"'ndground .,dando" s"."" when. t.n theIhe &lrp,. laal'Mdstationary.\ahOOe'l'.AIRPLANEAND FUGHTFLIGHT PLANNINGAIRPLANE PERFORMANCE ANOTERMINOLOGYTERMLNOlOGYDemon-nc",oaou.1ed CrosswindC. wt . d V oc1l,.I. theIl. velocit)'DemonstratedVelocity isvelocity olth.of thestratedCrosswindC.,. . lndVelocityVeloollycrosswindforwhichadequate "",,1.,1control ollb.of the .,. . lncl componentoompOnenl 'o.McII .!.qualeairplaneduring u.k1Ol'1takeoff .anddemonallllle"e duri"," landinglandi . wasw . actuallyo.ctulll!y de",,,,,·.U"&Ied during"urina certificationOI" Uicalioa tests. Tbeval . showlIl,stratedThe valueshown is nOInotconsidered to be1 1 limiting.limlting.U . ble Fuell''uelUsableUMbla Fuel,. . al isII the\ . fuelf . l available&vallable fo.pl.t.llnln Usablefor flight planning.UIIII.tII.Unusable"'.UnuMbI. FuelFilali.U qu. tity 01nOt boUnusableis thequantityof f"clfuel th-.t".that can notbe saf"lysafelyFuelusedin flight.u ."flillbt.GPHGl'H0 .1100 0 PerPer HourH o. is\, thetbe .molino ofal fuelfu el (InGallonsamount(in g:oJlon.)gallons) .M""00".'''''. IO'.n. .fiI&! 'OI' nsume t perhOll.consumed per hour.Na . llc&! MilesMU . PerP GallonG.u"" is,. theIho dl.ta.m:"Nauticaldistance (io(in nautic&!nauticalNMI'GNMPGmU ) which. hleh canc ., beba upvcl Kip . r gallonlI.'allun l'tfu el consumed""n.u me !miles)expected perof fuel."111"" powerpow , Uua;fila;! 1 configuraat a specific enginesetting &Dd/otand/or flight., ."",,;Ucconfigu .1101 ,tion.uII" isla acceleration""""le IIOII duedue toIO gravity.IT&vllygI"gWEIGHT ANDANO BALANCEBALANCE TERMINOLOGYTERMIN OLOGYWEIGHTRefeAOCI DatumO.lIIm isI. anUl imaginaryImt.(lury vertical"'l'Ile&1 planeplUl& fromReferencewllicb all.U horizontalIl'''':OO1 1a1 distancesdi.Ia .",.aaund for!or Il.1. ,,,,whichare UonStationSI.aUon isII a locationlocall D along1l10"11.beIl1rpl&lll fuselager" .11lp !Jiv. inn,Stationthe airplanegivenlennl of01 the.be distancedlll fromhom the.be referencertf . oe datum.d.a.um.termsArmA." isla the1111 horizontalb . ri&:lnlal distancedlso.anoe fromfrom theIII. reference"""d.a.WI IOArmdatum toU,. centerce"la. ofof gravityVtvUy (eQ .) of01 anal item.I m .the(C.G.)""'omenlMomentMome . t isl, theIII. productP,"""UCl ofof theIII. weightW,"pl ofof an. item11 multipliedmuU.\pliedMomentme.July 1979IWII1I JulyFor Flight Training Reference Only1.7"

SECTION!1SECTIONCESSNACESSN AMOOl:LI!II!MODEL152GENERALGENERALby itsi. arm.ann (Moment(Momeflldlvlded.by theUl. constant004"' .1100.l1." Inbydivided by1000 is usedin11 1. handbookh.,dbook tolO simplifyalmpllfy balancebal.,çe calculationsca.loulatlOllt byb)' reduc.-.duc:thisu. ""m! .c.". of01 GravityO . vi\)'Centering,nll the number ofol digits.)di.s'lL)C. n . ofolCenter(c.c.)(C.G.),. the\h. pointpOmI atal whichwhicb an. airplane,alr-pl . e. oro.isequipment, wouldequlpm""l.wouLd balancebaL.,co ifIf suspended.a,.51 "" . Itsl'' distancedhl&llCG fromltomtbe referencereferenn datum".,um is1 foundloulld byby dividingdlvldinC the\ho total100aI momentmOmtnltheby theIh, totallO-.J weightwelcbl of01 the!.be airplane.alrplan .byC.G.Canla. of01 GravityO nvlty ArmArm isLa the11 . armann obtainednbl.lnod byby addingaddlnl" theIheCenterC.avII)'GravityArm.1r-pLarHI'. individualludlvldu .1 momentsmom"nL . andand dividingdlvldlng theIh. sumaum bybyairplane's\.Ile total1O\lI.I weight.we1l"hl.the00C.G.LimiteLimitsorCenterare theextremeCe ter of GravityOr."lt)' LimitsLiml\ll. ""'IIL .atrem" centerDeIIICt ofof gravityI"."lil'loeatlo". withinlIhln which"'bicI! theCh . airplane&.lrp!., . mustlDu5l beIl operatedO tatod atat a locations. n weight.weIC'".ClgivenSu.aliardi:mpt)' WeightWa bl is'a the!ho weight".;Chl of01.IIlandard .lI"Standard Emptya n .dudin« unusableUDusabl. i'uel, full OPOTIIU"Cfluid .,dplane,includingoperating fluidsandluU w«in.fullengine oil.oil.Ba.slc EmplyBasicEmptyWeightW"!a-htBuieEmpi)' WeightWellhl isil the\.Ile standardOI.dard empi)'welgbl plusplua theu.Basic Emptyempty weightw . LlhI 01lo"a1 oquip""'nLweightof op'optionalequipment.Uselu!UsefulLoadUseful 'Loadthe dlfle difference betweenand \betheU.lul- " isL.!.bebo'wotIn ramprllmp weight. Llbl."dbuiowellhl.basic emplyempty weight.MaximumMaxLmum Ramp Well"II1III . maximumm . lmum weightwollhlapprovedMaximumWeight 18is theapprovedRampInrm n.u"er. (ltIno1ud"'ll elhl 01for Croundground maneuver.(It includesthe we1weightof 8\1\11.start, \1\,.1taxiand runup fuel.)fuel.l"'"WeightMaximumT&l .,1fTakeoffW·'II'"ru.,. ruuMuh. "m TaltltOl1Che m. i'I1Um weightwelghl .p.MaximumTakeoff Wel.lfhtWeight 1.0is themaximumapprovadIbe IUII1n!!herull .proved lorfor thestart of the 1alr.e I!takeoff run.Weight!II.",mumMaximumLaIIdillll"LandingW. IIIWeightTare,.,1-8nMaz10nllmLI !.b. maximumm . lmum .llhI "pMaximum LLodlna:Landing W tllbtWeight istheweightapP.,Ve 'l. IUldl .proved lorfor UIthelanding ""'ebdotouchdown.Tare iais UItheweightof ohocko.,chocks, 1I1""lIa.blocks, Istands,etc. .usedwhenTare.11"111 01land.s."",Md whcnw. LlhlnC an .Irplane.w !.beweighingairplane, &Ddand 1.0is illChldR.included inthe ","aloscale I"t'adread .Inp.reading·."II.11Oings. TI""Tare lais ieducteddeducted lromfrom \bathe .,alscaleto oI)U.lnobtain Ibethe""'ualli",hLactual (nell(net) alrpLan.airplane wweight.nnnJuly 1m1979l1 hL)'For Flight Training Reference Only

SECTlO, 3SECTIOiLIMITATIONSLIM1TATIO." CI SSNACESSNAMODEL 1M!152MOOELSECTION 22LlMITATIONSLIMITATIONSTABlETABLE OF CONTENTS-IntroductionIDlrOduotlOQ .AirspeedAtnpeed LimitationsUm114U.".AirspeedAlrBpeed IndicatorSndS""IOT MarkingsMaMn,.l'u. r Plantl'lanl LimitationsLlmll.&t1on. . .PowerPowerPoWUT PlantPiani InstrumentIOMlrum . 1 MarkingsM&rl!inpWel,ltl LimitsWmj t WeightCenterCen"'r Of01 Gravity0 .,,11)' LimitsLimita .ManeuverManauver LimitsLimi" . . . .,. Page Flightl''llpt LoadLo& ! Factor1"000lOr LimitsLlmlUlKlndB OfOf Ol "r.\loo LimitsLlml t.KindsOperationFu.1 LimitationsLlmlt.o.Uon . FuelOther LimitationsOlberLimUation.FlapPlI.p LimitationsLi",h . I;"n.PlacardsPlacant. -62-72-72-72-8,-,' o,u:a.1 / -2 blank)b1anlr.)2-1/(2-21I JulyJUl y 1979limiJFor Flight Training Reference Only

-SECTION 2LIMITATIONSCESSNAMODEL152MCDEL 153INTRODUCTION'O".,Section 'I,,"lud2 includeslimitations,instrumentSect10n. . operatingoperatl"lllmlt.,,,,,,,,melll markings,marlrln,s. and! MIeplaeal"d. .-y forlor theu. safe"""penIlOlloltha itsI"enetnebasic placardsnecessaryoperation of the all"Jllanairplane,engine, lLmitatlon. includedInclude ! inIII standard1.aDdard systems and ,ta.ncIanIstandard equipma,, .equipment. 11 ,The limitationsIMa .,IIOll. bw. approvedappro . e ! by theu. FederalFede.!. AviationAvi .tIonthissection and in a.ctkmSection 'tla9 havebeenAdministration.Observance of theseAdmlnlaUaUon. Obeerv theM operatingoparatl"&" limitationsUmlu,.Ilou isIs requiredrequi.n d bybyFederal" . .!. AviationAvlallon Regulations.Replallo"a.0]'.".NOTENOTEotRefer9 of thisOperatingRef.r tote SectionSeeUon'lilla Pilot'sPUoI"a O"".Iin, HandbookH""dboolr. forIoramended.dod operatingo""nlill&" limitations,1Im1latlo. operating0po",U"1 procedures,p,.".,. .performancedata and KlIerother necessary""rfo'lIl&IIc. d&tan ry informationInformaUo" forfo.airplanesall"9l",," equipped with specific options.eq . lpped wllh epeelflo opllolI"Your Cessnaee.,,,a isl, certificated nln . 1tOd underUlld.,.I'"AAType CertificateC.nlflcar.e No.No. 3A193AI9 UYourFAA Typeas(;eMnaMoclei No.No. 152.1:11.Cessna ModelAIRSPEED UMITATIONSLIMITATIONSAirapetKllinlita.llonlUlai. operationaloperallona! significance"Jnlficanca are. shown!OhOWII ininAirspeedlimitations and theirfigurefl!l'u'" 2-1.2 1.Sl'UOSPEEDVNE'"[xc., l:pooIINever Exceed SpeedM "'""'. S,,,,,,,,,.KCAS "KI . SKIAS145149. .".", UI"" KSREMARKS .-. . . no' .rio'"Do00 not exceed this"' speed inany operation.- . ,. -. . -Opooo,---. -., vN0Maximum StructuralCn.o, ", SpeedSpoodCruising10811100 not " exceed .- thisspeedDoexceptand. ' in1ft smooth. "' air,.,Ion. onlyanIy withwi'" caution.then'.vAManeuvering Speed:1670 PoundsleM1011041500Pounds, -9698control movements above9193this speed.1350Pounds, -'VFE.F. ExtendedhMaximumFlapSpeedMaximum Window OpenSpeed'"" "" "8785145149" ",'"Donot make00 "'". full"'" or. abruptl1li .u o l . .-110 . , . Do not exceed this speed.00 . . .with flaps down.Do not exceed this speed withwindows open.l'"lpnt 2-1.2·1. AirspeedA.npNd LimitationsL lmltatto",Figure,.,Jul)' 1979111791I July2-3For Flight Training Reference Only

SECTlON 22SECTIONCI SSNACESSNA\.IMITAT10NSLIMITATIONSMODEL 1521f1,2MODEL-AIR S PEED INDICATORINDI CATO R MARKINGSMARKINGSAIRSPEEDAl.ap" ! indicatoriDd.i .lOr markingsmarkil1p and.,d their1.IIel. coloreolO' codeoode significance.1",lli a,.,. area .Airspeed111(\1.N10WD inIn figure 2-2.1-1shownW. !UHGMARKINGWhiteArcWII" .'".KIAS VALUEV . LIiEKIASSIGHI 'C"'NCI:SIGNIFICANCEOft RANGEft . HGEOR - 85350".""",FullF" FlapFIoo Operating Range.ft .wolG/1'-Lowerlimitis maximumlimi,,,""'. ,"""" weight VgVs" inio,-'''IIlanding configuration.conl .500.Upper1I limitlim i. speed.mil!li:llo withwTlh" maximumispermissible. . ,,-. motIIl'''',1101 1 .flaps extended.G· .Green Arc.j(\.- 111! Il40Normal Operating Range.LowerLo.- limitio maximum.,., weight. ' VgVa"isat most forwardc'GIII flapslIapo retracted.C.G.with limitM.itUpperio. cruising""""" speed.is .:.-.maximum structuralV.Yellow Arc111 ·148111- 149,.Red Line ,-149l'I",,,,, i·LFigure2-2.Opo bo U lwolhOperations must be conducted with.Iy II aIrcautionand onlyin smoothair.". -speed; 1 1.,.Maximumfor .all operations. I. peed IndicatorIndIcato. MarkingsMarkln,.AirspeedPOWER PLANT LlMITATIONSLIMITATIONSEnll'lne Manufactu.: Avco"'v,,", r: O· ·L.2C.Engine M lwlModel Number:O-235-L2C.Engln Engine OperalingOperating Iolmll'Limits to.for Tak",,{fTakeoff U1dand Con';nuou.Continuous O"",'&\lon&:Operations:Mn[mumMaximum Power: 110 BHP .alinlr.rating.MnlmumEngln8 Bpe-ed.;Maximum EngineSpeed: 2:;5()2550 RPM.NOTETt. I. (carburelOrThe .tallestatic RI'MRPM ""prange a'at full ththrottle(carburetor butheat oIfoff"",cl .,1Ml1Dand ",,,Uunomixture 1leanedto mUllmummaximum RPM) I. IOis 2280 to l::I8G2380 nPMRPM.Muim m 0.1.lu.: 2e FMaximumOil T ", Temperature:245 F (llIl"C).(118 C).Ol!.uu. Mln!wum:Oil PPressure,Minimum: 25 paiopsi.Muimum.Maximum: 115 p.i.psi.PropeUe'Propeller Manufr.c.urerManufacturer: MoCauleyMcCauley Ac«ssoryAccessory Dlvl.lon.Division.PropeUe'l03/TCM(l9.",8.Propeller Model NumberNumber: lA1A103/TCM6958.Propel1er . M."lmum:Propeller DlameteDiameter,Maximum: 6IIlnches69 inches.M!nlmum:Minimum:71I12-4For Flight Training Reference Onlynr1!7. 67.5 Inchu,inches.,.,nJuly 1979-n

SECTIONCESSNA 2l.lMITATIONSLIMITATIONSMODEL152MOD E LI POWER PLANT INSTRUMENT MARKINGSPower plantand theirsignificance""we.plani instrument1ll.lU',u"enl markingsmulLl.D,I. &DdlI el. colorooLor codeoode slenlflo."".1.0. in IiIlUf'Iare shownfigure 2,3.2-3.INSTRUMENTIHSTRUMtNTREDLINEAlO LINIGftlENAAeGREEN ARCAtO .Tachometer:T , .Sea Level 8000 Feet " 1100 - 2450 51) RPMR,.19001100 - ft""19002550 RPM100",- 245 F 5",100 25 psi -Oil Pressure,Fuel. QuantitytII.oPouw -2550 RPM.,Oil Temperature ,--, - 2350 RPM1900--4000 Feet. ,245 F60 - 90 psi115psi115 .------E(0.75Gal. Unusable1O,1 a., Etd T.k)Each Tank)4.5- 5.4 in. Hg4 . ·U"'-.Suctiona·3. 'lloluf'l 2-3.Figure----—powe . Plantl'I . nllll.llru,rumlMarklnpPowerInstrument MarkingsWE IG HT LIMITSUMITSWEIGHTMaximumMulmum RampIl . mp Weight:W.l r hl, 1675UI7S lbs.Ib .W.lgh!.!Lt.ndillgMailmo.uu WeightWelrhl inia BaggageB.rr e Compartment:Comp.t1&neo l.MaximumBaggageArea 11 (oron child's seat) -· Station50 to 76: 120IIq,"pArn(or passengerp .enp'O lIeh!ld''''''I)SIalloaOOw71l:120 lbs.Ib .MaximumMuunurn TakeoffT . k."rr Weight: 16701S70 lbs.Ib .MaximumMulmum Landing Weight:W i lhl' 16701870 lbs.III .s.note below.belew.See notes.1I&g AreaA . 22·- StationSUllon 767e toIO 94:i4: 40-ti) lbs.lb . See notenoloe below.belo. .BaggageN""NOTETheTh. maximumm . x lmum combinedeombl ned weightw.l,hl capacityoo.pachy forfo. baggageb. " .,o. 1I and.nd 2t isl, 120111:0 lbs.Ib .areasCENTER OF GRAVITYGRAVITY LIMITSUMITSCENTERCea. of O,. \ly R. 'e!Forw . nl' 31.031.0 inches!nelle. aftII/t ofof datumd.l. m at 135013l5(l111&.or less,lesa. withwlll straight.1"" lineli"'"Forward:lbs. oruri.llo . toIO 32.65:Ia.Mllle"'" ofor datumdeWm at 16701e'70 lbs.III&.variationinches.aftCenter of Gravity Range:I.,I.,1I JulyJul)' 197919792-5For Flight Training Reference Only

SECT10N2SECTION 2L1M1TATlON8LIMITATIONSCESSNACESSNAMODEL 152152MODELatr.lI.h: 36.536. inches11101108 aft of0 1 datum at allali weights. III'U.Aft:Relot."". Datum:Datum: Front"""'nt facelace ofolllrewaU.Referencefirewall.MANEUVE R LIMITSLlMITSMANEUVERTbil airplane. lrpl&lle is18 .rtll!calOd inla the1.IIe utilityuUUIy categorycaw.soI"Y andanello.d .lsnod forlorThiscertificatedis designedlimitedaerobaticcertificates suchUmL1ed .""baUe flight.fillbL InIII the\ILe acquisition.equtslUoa of01 variousvtonou s""rtlllcasucb as.""",me. :IaI pilotpllot and&lId flightn1lht instructor,t"tuue or .rt.o.ln maneuversm . v . are required.-.qulred.com

152 152 II MAXIMUMUSEFULLOAD: 152 152 II BAGGAGEALLOWANCE WINGLOADING: Pounds/SqFt POWERLOADING: Pounds/HP FUELCAPACITY: Total Standard Tanks LongRangeTanks OIL CAPACITY ENGINE: Avco Lycoming 110 BHPat 2550 RPM PROPELLER: Fixed Pitch, Diameter 110 K

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