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Tele : 2301970243285/CMPT/ f 11- /Des-2(274 -Sep 2021ENGINEER-IN-CHIEF's BRANCHSUB DTE OF DESIGN (E-2 DESIGNLIST OF APPROVED PRODUCTS : UPLOADING ON MES WEBSITE1.Updated "List of Approved Product" is fwd herewith.2.Please upload the same on open domain of MES website under heading "List of ApprovedProducts: 27 Sep 2021.3A confirmation in this regard may also be intimated at the earliest.Encls: (As above)v% Automation Cell( ergh—i— umarIDSEDir (Des)

CONSOLIDATED LIST OF PRODUCTS APPROVED : E-IN-C'S BRANCH AS ON 27 SEP 2021PLEASE REFER THE APPROVAL LETTER FOR FURTHER DETAILSOF PRODUCTS APPROVED)CIVIL CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTSALL RUNWAY RELATED PRODUCTS1.(a)SI.Noi.ii.iv.SI.NoiiPOLYMER MODIFIED BITUMEN (PMB)Name of firmProduct Description"Ooms Polymer" Brand'Polymer Modified Bitumen(Elastomeric SBS Modified)Confirming to IRC SP :53/2002/2010 and IS 15462:2004/2019Source of base mtrl : Govtrefineries / Govt approvedPSUs.M/s Hindustan Colas "Hincol" Brand 'PolymerModified Bitumen (PMB)Ltd(Elastomeric SBS Modified)Confirming to IRC SP :53/2002 or latest, and IS 15462:2004/2019and prepared with basebitumen sourced only from anyof PSU refineries of India.Source of base mtrl: Govtrefineries/ Govt approvedPSUs"STYRELF" Brand 'PolymerM/s IndianOil TotalModified Bitumen (PMB)Pvt Ltd (ITPL)Confirming to IRC SP : 53/2010and IS - 15462:2019Source of base bitumen : Govtrefineries/ Govt approvedPSUs"SHELL CARIPHALTE" BrandM/s Tiki Tar and'Polymer Modified BitumenShell India Pvt Ltd(PMB)Confirming to IRC SP : 53/2010and IS - 15462:2019Source of base bitumen : Govtrefineries/ Govt approvedPSUsPOLYMERIC BITUMEN EMULSION (PME(b)M/s Ooms PolymerModified BitumenPvt LtdName of firmProduct DescriptionPolymer Modified EmulsionsM/s HindustanBrand Name : HINMAT PLUSColas PrivateLimitedM/s L N Petro Chem Polymer Modified EmulsionsBrand Name : EMULCOTEPrivate LimitedM/s Ooms Polymer Polymer Modified EmulsionsModified BitumenPvt LtdApproval letter No anddate43285/CMPT/580/Des-2dt 07 Feb 2020Validupto06 Feb202343285/CMPT/573/Des-2dt 20 Sep 201919 Sep202243285/CMPT/615/Des-2dt 18 Aug 202108 Feb202343285/CMPT/608/Des-2dt 28 May 202127 May2023Approval letter No anddate43285/CMPT/590/Des-2dt 13 Nov 2020Validupto12 Nov202343285/CMPT/591/Des-2dt 13 Nov 202043285/CMPT/611/Des-2dt 14 Jul 202112 Nov202303 Jun2024Contd.

-2(c)SI.Noi.BITUMEN EMULSIONName of firmM/s HindustanColas Ltdii.M/s IndianOil TotalPvt Ltd (ITPL)iii.M/s Tiki Tar andShell India Pvt Ltdiv.M/s Ooms PolymerModified BitumenPvt LtdM/s STP Limited.v.(d)SI.Noi.ii.iii.Approval letter No anddate43285/CMPT/573/Des-2dt 20 Sep 2019Validupto19 Sep202243285/CMPT/615/Des-2dt 18 Aug 202108 Feb2023"SHELL SPRAMUL" Brand'Bitumen Emulsions RS-1, SS1 and CSS-1.Catonic Bitumen EmulsionsRS1, RS2, MS, SS1 and SS243285/CMPT/608/Des-2dt 28 May 202127 May202343285/CMPT/611/Des-2dt 14 Jul 202103 Jun2024ShaliMulsion (C) confirming toIS-8887:2004 and ASTM D239743285/CMPT/613/Des-2dt 02 Aug 202107 Jun2024Approval letter No anddate43285/CMPT/562/Des-2dt 17 Jan 201943285/CMPT/595/Des-2dt 07 Dec 202043285/CMPT/605/Des-2dt 01 Apr 2021Validupto16 Jan202206 Dec202131 Mar2022Approval letter No anddate43285/CMPT/589/Des-2dt 13 Nov 202043285/CMPT/613/Des-2dt 02 Aug 2021Validupto12 Nov202307 Jun2024Product DescriptionHincol Bitumen Emulsionconfirming to IS-8887:2004and ASTM D 2397"EMULSIS" Brand 'BitumenEmulsions — CRS1 and CSS-1GLASS GRID / FIBRE GLASSName of firmM/s GiridharTechfab Pvt LtdM/s Saint GobainAdfors IndiaM/s MaccaferriEnvironmentalSolutions Pvt LtdProduct DescriptionGTF Glass Geogrid,Saint Gobain Brand - GlassGridMacGrid AR 10A.7(e) OTHER RUNWAY RELATED PRODUCTSSI.NoiiiiiiivName of firmM/s The SupremeIndustries LtdM/s STP Limited.M/s RelianceIndustries Limited,New DelhiM/s Maruti BitumenPvt LtdProduct DescriptionDURA BOARD HD 100DURA ROD(a) ShaliMark(b) SEJ Board(c) ShaliMarkW'Recron 3S' Triangular Fibre (6 43285/CMPT/607/Des-2dt 20 May 2021mm, 12 mm & 18mm)(a) MARUTI REFLO MARK(Road Marking Material)43285/CMPT/571/Des-2dt 18 Sep 201911 Apr202417 Sep2022Contd.

-32.Construction Chemicals And Waterproofing Products :M/s Choksey Chemicals Pvt. Ltd, approved vide letter No 43285/CMPT/559/(a)Des-2 dated 05 Dec 2018 and approval is valid upto 04 Dec 2021ADMIXTURES(a) Masterplast SPL 8(b) Masterplast SPL 10CURING COMPOUNDS(a) Mastercure RB 2M & WBJOINT SEALANT(a) Techseal RDL 940/941(b) Techseal PU-2 - Polyurethane Sealant(c) Techseal RDL 941 EH - Polysulphide Sealant(d) Techseal EH HPP - Polysulphide Sealant(e) Primer RDL 942 - Primer for Polyurethane &Polysulphide SealantWATERPROOFING CHEMICALS /MATERIALS(a) Masterproof IWP-1&2(b) Mastercrete M-81(c) Mastercrete URP(d) Tar 0 Thane(e) Techoxy(f) Techcoat(g) Futura 5(h) Master Latex (SBR)(j) Coal Tar Epoxy(k) Techforce Grey(I) Sunsheild-100Am) Techrepel WB/SBCONCRETE SURFACEIMPROVEMENT(a) Mastergrout EP-150(b) Masterbond EP(c) Masterock Basic(d) Mastergrout CNS 50/100EPDXY / POLYURETHENEINDUSTRIAL FLOORING(a) Techfloor (flooring)(b) Masterprime 52(c) Mastercoat PU-150MEMBRANE & LIQUID MEMBRANE/ COATINGS(a) Techothane-700POTHOLE REPAIRFlex 0 patchOther Construction Chemicals(a) Masterol WD/MRAM/s Thermax Ltd., approved vide letter No 43285/CMPT/601/Des-2 dated 22 Feb(b)2021 and approval is valid upto 21 Feb 2024:Admixtures.(i)Tecnos 94Tecnos 95(ii)(iii)Tecnos RPNeutrol 100(iv)Neutrol 200(v)Neutrol 500(vi)(vii)Accelerator NT(viii) Warep 1000/LWarep 1000/P(ix)MuCis AD 28 Tecnos(x)Joint Sealant(i)MaxFlex PSMaxFlex PU1(ii)MaxFlex PSPR(iii)MaxFlex PUPR(iv)MaxFlex ACS(v)(vi)MaxFlex PS 500Curing Compound(i)Maxcure CC 75(ii)Maxcure CC 80(iii)Maxcure CC 90(iv)Maxcure RR(v)Maxcure MRA 102Reinforcement/Concrete Protective Coatings(i)T-Guard AC(ii)T-Guard WBPT-Guard EC 200T-Guard ENCT-Guard CTE 45T-Guard CTE 65T-Guard BCT-Guard BCPFLOOR HARDENERTecFloor HT(i)(ii)TecFloor HTSContd.

-4(b)Water(i)(ii)(iii)(iv)(v)M/s Thermax Ltd products contd/.Proofing Chemicals/MaterialsElastplast Rol 10 MuCisAnticorr 280 II MuCisTecnoseal V1Maxshield PF 900CRYS TECO PWDMaxshield RoofkotMaxshield WallkotMaxshield T15Maxshield P 600Maxshield Primer(xi)MuCis Mia 200(xii)Maxshield PF 100 PWEpoxy/Polyurethane IndustrialFlooring(i)TecFloor EC 500(ii)TecFloor ET 1000/2000/3000/4000(iii)TecFloor UL(iv)TecFloor PU CEM(v)TecFloor EC 100(vi)TecFloor PR(vii)TecFloor ESDRepair & Rehabilitation, Bonding Agents &Grouts(i)BS 66 MuCis(ii)BS 5F(iii)Maxtreat Patchup(iv)MuCis Protezione Ferro Mono(v)Maxtreat Fibrenet C(vi)Maxtreat Fibrenet G(vii)Maxtreat Carbon Rod(viii)Maxtreat Laminate(ix)Maxtreat EHS(x)Seismocrete UHP(xi)Rapido fix(xii)Flash Tixo(xiii)Maxtreat EFC(xiv)Maxtreat EPG(xv)Maxtreat Primer(xvi)Maxtreat Saturant(xvii)Maxtreat Glue(xviii)Maxtreat LM(xix)TM-Bond AR(xx)TM-Bond EP(xxi)TM-Bond SG(xxii)TM-Bond SBR(xxiii)Maxtite MP(xxiv)Maxtite MG(xxv)Maxtite Grout EPMaxtite Grout(xxvi)(xxvii) Maxtite Block Fix(xxviii) Maxtite LG(xxix)MaxGrout 100(xxx)MaxGrout MMAMaxGrout E 10(xxxi)(xxxii) MaxGrout PAF(xxxiii) MaxGrout 45(xxxiv) MaxGrout 60(xxxv) MaxGrout LE(c)M/s Trimurti (India), approved vide letter No 43285/CMPT/575/Des-2 dated 25 Nov2019 and approval is valid upto 24 Nov 2021:Other CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS :(a) Rustonil FZ-105 (Water based Rust Remover cum Rust Converter and RustProtector SolutionContd.

-5M/s Sika India Pvt Ltd, approved vide letter No 43285/CMPT/593/Des-2 dated 19(d)Nov 2020 and approval is valid upto 18 Nov 2023 :Joint Sealants.Sikasil 728NS/SLSika PolysulphideSikafex Construction Sikaflex PRO-3Sikadur Combiflex SGSikaflex 11 FCSikaflex Pro 3 SLSikaflex 402 AirportSika Emseal Joint SystemsSikaSeal 106 ConstructionSikaflex 118 Extreme GrabSikaflex 406 KCSikaHyflex 160 ConstructionRefurbishment(a) Sikawrap glass Fibre.(b) Sikawrap Carbon Fibre(c) Sika Anchofix 2/3 (d) Sikadur 31(e) Sikadur 32(f) Sikadur 32 LP(g) Sikadur 41(h) Sikadur 43(j) Sika FerroGard 903(k) Friazinc R(I) Sikagard 550W Elastic(m) Sika Rep Microcrete 1&2(n) Sika Rep Microcrete 3 UW(o) Sika Rep Microcrete 4(p) Sika Carbo Dur(q) Sikadur 12 Pronto(r) Sika Top 77(s) Sika Top 122.(t) Sika Top 122HS.(u) Sika Top Armatec 108(v) Sika Top Armatec 110 Epo Ce(w) Sikagard 551S Elastic Primer(x) Sikagard PU UR/Sikagard PU UR (W)(y) Sika MonoTop 122 F/R(z) SikaGrout Precast 40(aa) Interol Poxitar(ab) Sikagard 552W Aquaprimer(ac) Sikagard 625 Clearcoat(ad) Sika Anchorfix 3030(ae) Sikawrap FX 50(af) Sika carbodur BC Rod(ag) Sika Carbodur NSM(ah) Sika Monotop 412N(aj) Sikagard XT(ak) Sika Rustoff 100(a)(b)(c)(d)(e)(f)(g)(h)(j)(k)(I)(m)(n),g' o 'w (6.* *.tf -','1:!. iWaterproofing(a) Sikaplan WP 1120-15HL/20HL(b) Sikalastic 450h/4501(c) Sika Cemflex(d) Sika Latex(e) Sika 101h(f) Sika Topseal 107(g) Sika Topseal 109hi(h) Sika 2(j) Sika 4a(k) Sika Swell P Profile(I) Sika Fuko Swell 1(m) Sika Injection 101h(n) Sika Waterbar h(o) Sikalastic 830N(p) Sikalastic 842BG(q) Sikalastic 618 MTC(r) Sika WP Shield 103P/PM/104P/PM(s) Sikaplan 12G/15G(t) SikaProof P 12/Al2HC/T10(u) Sika Swell A/S2(v) Sika WP Shield 103F/102F(w) Sika Fuko VT1/VT2/Eco1(x) Sarnafil G 41OUG476/S327L(y) Sikalastic 560/614(z) SikaBit T 130PG/140PG/ 130MG/140MG(aa) SikaBit T 130 SG/140SG(ab) Sikalastic 851/851R/901(ac) Sika Injection 202IN/2010E/306/307/310(ad) Sika MultiSeal(ae) SikaCim Pink(af) Sika Raintite I(ag) Sika FlexiCoat 1K(ah) Sika CoolCoat/Sika CoolCoat Primer(aj) Sika Cemcrete(ak) Sika Control WT 200 P IN(al) SikaSeal Tape S(am) SikaBit W 15(an) Sikalastic 853 RAP(ao) Sika Monotop 160 Migrating(ap) Sika WP Shield 103Grout(a) Sika Grout 104(b) Sika Grout 214(c) Intraplast EP.(d) Intraplast N 200.(e) Intraplast NN(f) Sikadur 42(g) Sikadur 42 HES(h) Sikadur 52(j) Sikadur 53 OFonto.

-6(d)M/s Sika India Pvt Ltd products contd/Floorin (a) Sika Chapdur(b) Sika Chapdur C(c) Sikafloor 20N PurCem(d) Sikafloor 21N PurCem(e) Sikafloor 29N PurCem(f) Sikafloor 31N PurCem(g) Sikafloor 81 EpoCem(h) Sikafloor 82 EpoCem(j) Sikafloor 105(k) Sikafloor 161(I)Sikafloor 220 W Conductive(m) Sikafloor 262 ASN(n) Sikafloor 264(o) Sikafloor 381(p) Sikafloor 381 ECF(q) Sikafloor 7530(r) Sikafloor Curehard 24(s) Sikafloor Proseal 22(t) Sikagard 63(u) Sikagard 63/1(v) Sikagard 67(w) Sika Ceram(x) Sika Tilofix(y) Sika Wall Decor(z) Sikafloor 235 ESD(aa) Sikafloor 315(ab) Sikafloor 325(ac) Sikafloor 359(ad) Sikafloor 25 N Purcem (CN)(ae) Sikafloor 326(af) Sika Extender T(ag) Sikafloor Joint S/EXA/XS/X(ah)Sikafloor Leitset (Earthing Kit)(aj) Sikafloor 290 Primer(ak) Sikafloor 291(al) Sikagard 720 Epocem(am) Sikafloor Multidur System(an)Sika Deco Flake(ao) Sika Block Joining Mortar(ap) Sika Tilogrout/Epoxy Tilogrout(aq) Sika Ceram Grey/155/212/255 (White &Grey)/288 (White & Grey)Grout contd/ .(k) Rokkon 1(I) RokkonR(m) Sikadur 42 MP (IN)(n) Sikadur 52 LP (IN)(o) Sikagrout 60 RR(p) Sikagrout 295 INAdmixture(a) Sika AER(b) Sika FerroGard 901(c) Sika Rapid 1(d) Sika Antifreeze(e) Sikament 2004NS(f) Sikament 4003NS(g) Sikament 4211 PQ(h) Sikament NN(j) Sikament 1016NS(k) Sikament 2002NS(I) Sika Viscocrete 5101 NS(m) Sikaplast 5201NS(n) Sikaplast 4201NS(o) Sikaplast 3001NS(p) Sika Viscocrete 20 HE. (q) Sika Viscocrete 2004NS(r) Plastiment BV 40(s) Plastocrete Plus(t) Singunit L(u) Singunit L54AF(v) Singunit Powder 1(w) Antisol A(x) Antisol EWP.(z) Sigunit Powder (K)(aa) Separol(ab) SikaRapid C100(ac) Sikament 3070NS/2009PQ(ad) Sika Viscocrete 4107PQ(ae) Sikaplast 3144PQ(af) Sika Control WP-200P (IN)Contd.

-7(e)M/s Bostik India Pvt Ltd, approved vide letter No 43285/CMPT/578/Des-2 dated 28 Jan2020 and approval is valid upto 27 Jan 2023 :Tile AdhesiveFix AllSuper Fix AllTile GroutEpoxy Tile GroutCuring Compounds(a) Bostik CCCJoint Sealants(a) Bostik Seal N Flex 1(b) Bostik Seal N Flex FC(c) Bostik Seal N Flex 2K(d) Bostik No More NailsReinforcement/Concrete ProtectiveCoating/Systems(a) Epoxy Coat UW(b) Rainshield PU(c) Procoat PU(d) Scratch Coat(e) Bostik CTE(f) Magic Repellent SB(g) Magic Repellent WB(h) Exterior CoatMembrane & Liquid Membrane I Coatings(a) Aquablocker(b) Boscoseal PU(c) ElasocoatMisc Construction Chemicals(a) Bostik IWP(b) Boscomate Plaster(c) Bostik LW(d) Bostik Two in One(a)(b)(c)(d)Repair & Rehabilitation / Bonding Agents /Grouts(a) Bostik EP Bond(b) Boscocem 475(c) Bostik Plug Leak(d) Bostik Patch Fix MC(e) Bostik Patch Fix Concrete(f) Bostik LVEP(g) Bostik Grout Admix(h) Bostik ERM(j) Bostik Anchor Grout(k) Bostik Evo Stik Flashband original(I) Bostik Flowfill Grout GPEpoxy Polyurethane Flooring(a) Bostik Ultralevel ESL 1000(b) Bostic Ultralevel ESL 2000(c) Bostik Ultralevel EUL 1000(d) Bostik ESMFloor Hardner(a) Bostik Floor HardnerWaterproofing Chemicals / Materials(a) Boscocem Slurry(b) Bostik K11 Slurry(c) Boscocrete(d) Moisture Seal(e) Bostik CWP(f) Hydroment 476(g) BoscolasticM/s Fosroc Chemicals, approved vide letter No 43285/CMPT/610/Des-2 dated 09 Jul(f)2021and approval is valid upto 29 Jan 2024 :Admixtures(a) Auramix 400(b) Auramix 300(c) Conplast SP430Curing Compounds(a) Concure WB(b) Concure LP90(c) Concure 1315Joint Sealant(a) Colpor 200 PF - Cold applied, highperformance, pitch free, polyurethanepavement joint sealant(b) Expoband OneReinforcement / Concrete ProtectiveCoatings / Systems(a) Nitozinc Primer(b) Dekguard S(c) Nitocote EP410(d) Nitocote EP405Repair & Rehabilitation / Bonding Agents /Grouts(a) Renderoc S2(b) Nitomortar S(c) Renderoc RG(d) Renderoc HS Xtra(e) Nitowrap EP (CF)(f) Nitowrap EP (GF)(g) Nitowrap (CFP)(h) Nitobond EP(j) Nitobond AR(k) Nitobond SBR(I) Nitofill EPLV(m)Conbextra EP10(n) Conbextra GP2(o) Conbextra GP3,(p) LokfixContd.

-8(f)M/s Fosroc Chemicals products contd/.Reinforcement I Concrete ProtectiveCoatings / Systems Contd/.(e) Nitocote UR512(f) Nitocote BCS300(g) Nitocote ET140(h) Nitocote ET550(j) Nitocote SN522Membrane & Liquid Membrane / Coatings(a) Proofex Engage(b) Proofex PGP(c) Proofex ORG(d) Proofex OGP(e) Proofex Self Adhesive PR20(f) Proofex Self Adhesive Geotext(g) Proofex Self Adhesive Antiroot(h) Fosroc Polyurea WPE(j) Brushbond(k) Brushbond RFX(I) Nitocote CM210(m) Brushbond Roof Guard(n) Brushbond TI Flexicoat(o) Nitoproof 600 std.Epoxy I Polyurethane Industrial Flooring(a) Nitoflor SL 2000(b) Nitoflor FC 150(c) Nitoflor TF 5000(d) Nitoflor EU5(e) Nitoflor SL Conductive(f) Nitoflor SL Dissipative(g) Trafficguard UR150(h) Nitoflor SL 3000UTWaterproofing Chemicals / Materials(a) Conplast(b) Supercast SW20(c) Supercast PVCConcrete Surface Improvement(a) ReebolMisc Construction Chemicals(a) Cebex 100(b) Nitoflor HardtopPothole Repair(a) PatchrocM/s STP Limited, approved vide letter No 43285/CMPT/613/Des-2 dated 02 Aug 2021and(g)approval is valid upto 07 Jun 2024Admixtures(a) ShaliPlast SP/HP/MCl/PCERepair & Rehabilitation I Bonding Agents /Grouts(a) TarFelt APP(b) CPRX Compound(c) ShaliCrete(d) ShaliCryl 215(e) ShaliTile Glue(f) ShaliTile Grout(g) ShaliGrout IP/73(h) ShaliBond Concrete(j) ShaliFix MC(k) Sha!iSBR Latex(I) ShaliSlip SB(m) TarPlastic(n) PipeWrap CT/BT(o) ShaliPrime PW CT(p) TankMastic(q) ShaliPrime RCWaterproofing Chemicals / Materials(a) SuperTene(b) STP No 1App Membrane(a) SuperThermoLay(b) Superior Shaliplus(c) Industrial BitumenConcrete Surface Improvement(a) ShaliFix EMCuring Compounds(a) ShaliCure PA/SSJoint Sealant(a) ShaliSeal PS PG/GG(b) ShaliSeal PU GG/PG 2K(c) ShaliTex/ShaliJet Sealing Compound(d) ShaliSeal CSS AReinforcement / Concrete ProtectiveCoatings / Systems(a) ShaliSeal RS TC(b) ShaliPlast LW (c) ShaliPlast LW (d) ShaliProtek PuR40(e) ShaliUrethane PC(f) ShaliPoxy CTE 503Epoxy / Polyurethane Industrial Flooring(a) ShaliFloor SL PU(b) ShaliFloor SL AS 3PU(c) ShaliFloor SL AS 3E(d) ShaliFloor NM(e) ShaliFloor 3ES(f) ShaliPoxy SL/FC(g) ShaliScreed SL UL 3ES(h) ShaliDeck SLThermal Insulation Coating(a) ShaliCryl LM HI(b) Shali XPSContd.

-9(g)M/s STP Limited products contd/.Membrane & Liquid Membrane I Coatings(a) ShaliUrethane LM(b) ShaliCryl LM(c) ShaliTex Primer(d) ShaliUrethane LHM/BTD(e) ShaliKote T-32(f) ShaliPVC/HDPE SA(g) TarFelt LM(h) ShaliDrain 08(j) ShaliCem EWPPothole Repair(a) ShaliPatchMisc Construction Chemicals(a) ShaliPatch EC 20(h)M/s Maruti Bitumen Pvt Ltd, approved vide letter No 43285/CMPT/571/Des-2 dated 18 Sep2019 and approval is valid upto 17 Sep 2022 :AdmixturesMARUTI PLAST SP 100/200/300 & 400MARUTI PLAST SR 100/200/300 & 400MARUTI PLAST PCMARUTI PLAST XLMARUTI PLAST FACuring Compounds & Shuttering Oils(a) MARUTI CURE WB(b) MARUTI CURE RB(c) MARUTI DEMOULD OB (Oil Based)(d) MARUTI DEMOULD WB (Water Based)Protective Coating(a) MARUTI GARD AC(b) MARUTI COAT ZRFloor Hardener(a) MARUTI FLOOR MH(b) MARUTI FLOOR NMHLiquid Membrane(a) MARUTI (e)(f)(g)(h)(a)(b)(c)(d)(e)Grouts & AnchorsMARUTI GROUT 50MARUTI GROUT 60MARUTI GROUT AGMARUTI GROUT EG-65MARUTI FLOWADD 100Joint SealantMARUTI SEAL ASMARUTI SEAL PS PGMARUTI SEAL PS GGMARUTI SEAL EMSMARUTI SEAL SSMARUTI SEAL PUMARUTI SEAL BSMANRUTI SEAL CTSWaterproofing ChemicalsMARUTI VARSHA GARD 2KMARUTI LATEX SBRMARUTI CRETE EMARUTI CRETE PMARUTI PLAST LW (Liquid & Power)M/s Torchtar Membranes & Bitumen Product Pvt Ltd, approved vide letter No(j)43285/CMPT/577/Des-2 dated 22 Jan 2020 and approval is valid upto 21 Jan 2023 :App MembraneCa) Torchtar Brand APP Membrane, Flashing Tapes and Wrapping Coat(k)M/s Tiki Tar Danosa (India) Pvt Ltd, approved vide letter No 43285/CMPT/581/Des-2 dated18 Feb 2020 and approval is valid upto 17 Feb 2023 :App Membrane(a) HYDROSTOP Waterproofing Membrane, in all its permutations and combinations as also TikiPrimers-WB & OB & Tiki Flash (Bitumen based Aluminum Paint)(I)M/s Shivam Tar Products, approved vide letter No 43285/CMPT/588/Des-2 dated13 Nov 2020 and approval is valid upto 12 Nov 2023 :App Membrane(a) Shivam brand Superior Multi Polyster felt and Multi PolyplasContd.

-10(m)M/s Asian Paints Ltd, approved vide letter No 43285/CMPT/596/Des-2 dated 23 Dec 2020and approval is valid upto 25 Oct 2021 :Liquid Applied Membrane(i)Smartcare DampProof(ii)Smartcare Damp Block 2KSmartcare APP Membranes(i)(ii)(iii)Glass fibre sheet reinforced (2mm, 3mm, 4mm)Hybrid Sheet reinforced (2mm, 3mm, 4mm)Polyester sheet reinforced (2mm, 3mm, 4mmL(n)M/s Bengal Bitumen, approved vide letter No 43285/CMPT/604/Des-2 dated 16 Mar 2021and approval is valid upto 15 Mar 2024 :App MembraneAPP Modified Polymeric Membranes- Bengal Aquaflex, Bengal Aquaflex Aluminum and BengalSuperMat.3.PEB/LGSF & HANGAR DOORS(a) PEBSI.Noi.Name of firmM/s RCC Eco-BuildSystems LtdiiM/s BNAL PrefabsPvt LtdiiiM/s Kirby BuildingSystems andStructures India PvtLtdM/s Niagra MetalsPvt LtdivvviM/s Zamil SteelBuildings India PvtLtdM/s ParamountBuilding SolutionsPvt LtdProduct DescriptionDesigning, Manufacturing,Supply and Execution of SteelStructures i.e Pre EngineeredBuildings facturing, supply andexecution of steel structures"Designing,Manufacturing,Supply and Execution of SteelStructures i.e. (PEB)Designing,Manufacturing,Supply and Execution of steelstructures i.e. (PEB) with arestriction up to 40 meters ofclear span.Designing,Manufacturing,Supply and Execution of SteelStructures i.e. (PEB)Designing,Manufacturing,Supply and Execution of SteelStructures i.e. (PEB)Approval letter No anddate43285/CMPT/565/Des-2 dt08 Mar 2019Validupto07 Mar202243285/CMPT/585/Des-2 dt03 Aug 2020.02 Aug202343285/CMPT/594/Des-2 dt19 Nov 2020.18 Nov2023.43285/CMPT/598/Des-2dated 15 Jan 202114 Jan202343285/CMPT/603/Des-2dated 16 Mar 202115 Mar202243285/CMPT/614/Des-2dated 12 Aug 202111 Jun2024Contd.

-11(b)LGSFSI.NoName of firmProduct DescriptionM/s Nipani Infra &Industries Pvt Ltd(c)Light Gauge(LGSF)SteelFrameApproval letter No anddate43285/CMPT/600/Des-2dated 12 Feb 2021Validupto12 Dec2021HANGAR DOORS.SI.Noi.ii.Name of firmM/s RCC Eco-BuildSystems LtdM/s Jugapro4.Product DescriptionAutomated Hangar Doors.Butzbach GmbH, Germany madeTORRITE and TENALITE BrandElectromechanical/Auto modesliding Aircraft Hanger DoorApproval letter Noand date43285/CMPT/565/Des2 dt 08 Mar 201943285/CMPT/616/Des2 dt 19 Aug 2021ValiduptoOi Mar2( 22lE Aug -12( 22NEW TECHNOLOGYSIName of firmProduct DescriptionM/s CofforConstructionTechnology Pvt Ltd.Product manufactured using "StructuralStay in Place Formwork System" to build"monolithic concrete structures for on trialbasis for limited use for structures like drain& compound walls.Noi.Approvalletter No anddate43285/CMPT/584/Des-2 dt03 Aug 2020Validupto02 Aug2022ODGW(67.)1-F,AContd.

-12ELECTRICAL / MECHANICAL PRODUCTSSTPs / WTPs / WATER TREATMENT PRODUCTS / FOOD GRADE CHEMICALS /1.ADDITIVES TO WATER SUPPLY(a) SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANTSSI.Noi.n.Name of firmM/s NitashaConstructionsM/s SophisticatedIndustrial MaterialsAnalytic (SIMA)Labs Pvt LtdiiiM/s HydrotechParyavaran (India)Pvt LtdIVM/s Ion Exchange(India) LtdM/s SombansiEnviro Engg Pvt.Ltd. (SEEPL)TechnologyDesign, supply & installation,testing and commissioning ofSTPs based on MBR, attachedgrowth system based onFBBRMBBR,andTechnologies under variousnames like FAB, FMR, SAFFetc., SBR, ASP technologyfiltersincludingsuitable(excluding reverse osmosissystem) for tertiary treatment".(a) ASP(b) EAS(c) FBR(d) MBBR(e) MBR(f) FBBR(g) FAB(h) Bio Towers(j) MBR(k) RBR(I) SBR(m) Package type WasteWater treatment plant.(a) MBBR(b) SBR(c) ASP(a) Sewage Treatment Plant MBBR technology(a) MBBR(b) MBR(c) FBBR(d) FAB(e) FMR(f) SAFF(g) SBBR(h) FBR(j) AGAR(k) RBC(I) Package type Waste Watertreatment plant(m) Electrical Panels, AMFPanels, Control Panels,SCADA/PLC MonitoringSystem as integral part of theSTP/ETP OEMApproval letter No anddate43285/CMPT/612/Des-2dt 16 Jul 2021Validupto23 Apr2024.43285/CMPT/570/Des-2Dt 06 Aug 201905 Aug202243285/CMPT/574/Des-2Dt 11 Oct 201910 Oct202243285/CMPT/579/Des-2Dt 07 Feb 202043285/CMPT/576/Des-2Dt 06 Dec 201906 Feb202305 Dec2022Contd.

-13-(a) SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANTS CONTD/.SI.NoviName of firmM/s OptimusEnviropro Pvt. Ltd.Technology(a) MBBR(b) SBRApproval letter No anddate43285/CMPT/667/Des-2Dt 20 Sep 2021Validupto09 Aug2024Approval letter No anddate43285/CMPT/602/Des-2Dt 05 Mar 2021Validu to04 Mar202443285/CMPT/570/Des-2Dt 06 Aug 201905 Aug202243285/CMPT/576/Des-2Dt 06 Dec 201905 Dec202243285/CMPT/667/Des-2Dt 20 Sep 202109 Aug2024(b) WATER TREATMENT PLANTSSI.NoName of firmM/s Sathya SaiAqua Pura ServicesM/s SophisticatedIndustrial MaterialsAnalytic (SIMA)Labs Pvt LtdM/s SombansiEnviro Engg Pvt.Ltd. (SEEPL)iv). M/s OptimusEnviropro Pvt. Ltd.Technology(a) Silver Ionisation Plant/Dual Ionisation Plant(b) Water filtration plant(c) Gaseous Chlorinator,(d) Chemical Dosing System(a) Package type watertreatment plants(b) UF(c) RO Plants(d) Softening desalinationlants(a) RO Plants,(b) Filters & Water Softners(c) Package type watertreatment plant,(d) Desalination Plant(a) RO(b) UF(c) Iron Removal filter(d) Water softener(e) Water filters(f) Packaged water treatmentI plantsContd.

-14(c)SI.NoWATER TREATMENT PRODUCTSName of firmM/s Innow India PvtLtd.iiMs/ ION Exchange(India) LtdTechnologyApproval letter Noand date43285/CMPT/586/Des2 dated 23 Oct 2020(a) Voltea BV. (Water Softenertreatment plant)(b) AdEdge AD 26 Oxidation(Mineral Removal Plant forArsenic, Iron, Fluoride and HeavyMetals)(c) Biowish (Odour RemovalProduct and Treatment enhancerfor Waste water treatment.)(a) New Generation Multigrade 43285/CMPT/606/Des-2 dated 08 AprFilters (NGMF).(b) New Generation Activated 2021Carbon Filters (NGMA).(c) LAMPAK-Filtration.(d) Specific Filters - Iron RemovalFilters (with Iron Specific Resinmedia) Fluoride, Nitrate removalfilters and Arsenic Removalfilters.(e) Lamella Filters/AVGF/Continuous Sand Filters.(f) New Generation SofteningSystems (NGS).(g) Reverse Osmosis Rangelndromatic (Standard 200-1000Iph).(h) Reserve Osmosis Plants- allcapacities.(j) Hydramem PerformanceMembrane.Validupto22 Oct202107 Apr2022(d) FOOD GRADE CHEMICALS / ADDITIVES TO WATER SUPPLYSI.Noi.iiName of firmTechnologyM/s SreeRayalaseema HiStrength Hypo LtdCalcium Hypo Chlorite 65% to70% Chlorine content ingranular and tablet form"Brand Name : Puri Chlor"M/s Bharti WatersPvt LtdSCS 10 K (Chlorine DioxidePowder)Generic Description.Chlorine based disinfectantchemical (Solid)Approval letter No anddate43285/CMPT/592/Des-2dt 20 Nov 2020Validupto30 Jan202443285/CMPT/587/Des-2dt 02 Nov 202001 Nov2022Contd.

(e)SI.Noi.CRANES.Name of firmM/s Dinesh Enterprises-15-Product Description(a) Single Girder EOTCranes(b) Double Girder EOTCranes(c) Under Slung Cranes(d) HOT Cranes(e) Mono Rail(f) Jib Cranes(g) Goliath Cranes(h) Hoist(j) Gear BoxApproval letter No anddate43285/CMPT/609/Des-2dt 14 Jun 2021Notes :1.As per policy No 08/2021, further renewal/approval for cranes shall be accorded at CEsComd/ADGs level.2.Approval letters issued to various firms shall be referred for further details of productsapproved.

(f) Sikaflex 11 FC (f) Sika Topseal 107 (g) Sikaflex Pro 3 SL (g) Sika Topseal 109hi (h) Sikaflex 402 Airport (h) Sika 2 (j) Sika Emseal Joint Systems (j) Sika 4a (k) SikaSeal 106 Construction (k) Sika Swell P Profile (I) Sikaflex 118 Extreme Grab (I) Sika Fuko Swell 1 (m)

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Edelman - Video Conferencing 101: Tips for the Early Childhood Field (4/7/20) Video Conferencing 101 Guidance for early interventionists on using video conference for home visits (and other purposes) during the COVID-19 Pandemic Larry Edelman, M.S. Whether referred to as tele-intervention, tele-health, tele-practice .

The ultimate selection of a Tele-ICU vendor is dependent on multiple factors, however this scorecard is intended to provide an objective comparison of available solutions. I. Vendor Partnership An organizational commitment to Tele-ICU is significant.

Feb 05, 2003 · A1 Instrument Cluster 5 A2/18 AM/FM Antenna and Amplifier 3 A2/22 CTEL/Secondary TELE AID 4 Antenna A2/23 GPS Antenna 3 A2/50 Primary TELE AID Antenna 4 A2/65 RCL Antenna and Amplifier 4 A7/3 Differential Lock Vacuum Pump 14 A32/m1 Air Conditioning Blower 10 A35/8 TELE AID Contro

Uptown Girls . 22.00 DISNEY CH. Liebe auf Umwegen 22.20 TELE 5 The Quest – Die Herausforderung 22.25 3SAT se. SitcomSarahs Schlüssel 22.30 VOX Welcome to the Jungle 22.45 BR III Wer’s glaubt, wird selig 23.25 WDR Die Lebenden reparieren 23.30 RBB Liebe 0.10 mich hier raus! TELE 5 Ohne Ausweg 1.55 TELE 5 Dark Skies – Sie sind unter uns

Tele: 930-0525 Amsterdam C. Holland JOHN ASHCRAFT á CO. W. J. M. Sanders, Mgr. for Benelux á Germany Herengracht 365 Tele: 020-240908 Tokyo, Japan INTERNATIONAL MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES LTD. 1, Shiba-Kotohiracho, Minatoku Tele: 502-0656 iUBP ELECTRONIC SE

(2) Ten topic-subject trees: We are also developing a complete course, called Tele-healthcare Engineering Design (TED), which consists of 10 TED topic-subject trees on medical data processing, mobile health protocols, tele-medicine security, and other topics. Each topic is decomposed into a few small subjects.

The total length of the study period will be 15weeks; patients will undergo a 3-week drain care . (shoulder flexion ( 150 ) or elbow extension/flexion ( 0/145 ) respectively). . tele-rehabilitation (including shoulder and arm exercise, and self-arm massage). During the physical rehabilitation period, patients (in the tele-rehabilitation .

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A300 (Part 6) – 2012 Transplanting for Tree Care Operations – Tree, Shrub, and other Woody Plant Maintenance Standard Practices (Transplanting) Drip line The hole should be 1.5-2 times the width of the root ball. EX: a 32” root ball should have a minimum wide 48” hole