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PRODUCT DATA SHEETSika AnchorFix -3001Epoxy high performance chemical anchoring materialDESCRIPTIONSika AnchorFix -3001 is an epoxy resin based, 2-part,thixotropic, 1:1 mixing ratio, high performance anchoring material. It is specifically designed for anchoring threaded rods and reinforcement bars in bothcracked and un-cracked dry or damp concrete.Suitable to use in hot and tropical climatic conditions.USESSika AnchorFix -3001 may only be used by experienced professionals.Anchoring material for fixing of non-expanding anchors in the following:Structural work Rebar / steel reinforcement anchoring in new and refurbishment works Threaded rods Bolts and special fastening / fixing systemsMetalwork, carpentry Handrails, balustrades and supports Railings Window and door framesSubstrates Concrete (cracked and un-cracked) Hollow and solid masonry Wood Natural and reconstituted stone Solid rockCHARACTERISTICS / ADVANTAGES Long open timeCan be used in damp concreteHigh load capacityETA to ETAG 001 for anchoring in cracked concreteETA to ETAG 001 for rebar connectionsProduct Data SheetSika AnchorFix -3001March 2021, Version 04.010202050100300000041/5 ESR to AC308 by ICC-ES, anchoring in cracked concrete for static, wind and earthquake loading Seismic tested (C1) Suitable for contact with drinking water Fire resistant Styrene-free Good adhesion to the substrate Shrinkage-free hardening Standard sealant guns can be used (250 ml cartridge) Low wastageSUSTAINABILITY Conformity with LEED v4 MRc 2 (Option 1): BuildingProduct Disclosure and Optimization – Environmental Product Declarations Conformity with LEED v4 MRc 4 (Option 2): BuildingProduct Disclosure and Optimization - Material IngredientsAPPROVALS / CERTIFICATES CE Marking and Declaration of Performance to ETA14/0157, based on ETAG 001 Part 1 and Part 5 - Bonded injection type anchor for use in cracked and uncracked concrete CE Marking and Declaration of Performance to ETA14/0368, based on ETAG 001 Part 1 and Part 5 - Postinstalled rebar connections Adhesive Anchors for Cracked and Un-cracked Concrete IBC/IRC, Sika AnchorFix -3001, ICC-ES, Evaluation report No. ESR-3608 Drinking Water System Components NSF/ANSI 61,Sika AnchorFix -3001, IAPMO R&T, Certificate No. K8319 Fire Testing ISO 834-1, Sika AnchorFix -3001, CSTB,Test report No. 26054326/B

PRODUCT INFORMATIONCompositionEpoxyPackaging400 ml side by side cartridge12 cartridges per boxpallet: 60 boxes12 cartridges per boxpallet: 36 boxes600 ml side by side cartridgeColourPart APart BA B mixedShelf life24 months from date of productionStorage conditionsThe product must be stored in original, unopened and undamaged sealedpackaging in dry conditions at temperatures between 10 C and 25 C.Always refer to packaging.DensityA B mixedoff-whitedark grey / blackgrey 1,49 kg/lTECHNICAL INFORMATIONCompressive strength 85 N/mm2 (7 days, 20 C)(ASTM D 695)Modulus of elasticity in compression 5 000 N/mm2 (7 days, 20 C)(ASTM D 695)Tensile strength in flexure 45 N/mm2 (7 days, 20 C)(ASTM D 790)Tensile strength 23 N/mm2 (7 days, 20 C)(ASTM D 638)Modulus of elasticity in tension 5 500 N/mm2 (7 days, 20 C)(ASTM D 638)Service temperatureLong termShort term (1–2 hours)-40 C min. / 40 C max. 80 C(ETAG 001, Part 5)SYSTEMSSystem structureAncillary products: Sika AnchorFix Flexible Extensions Sika AnchorFix Hole Cleaning Brushes-Steel Sika AnchorFix Static Mixers -Nozzles Sika AnchorFix Straight Extensions Sika AnchorFix Perforated SleevesAPPLICATION INFORMATIONMixing ratioPart A : Part B 1 : 1 by volumeLayer thickness 7 mm maxSag flowNon-sag, including overheadProduct temperature10 C min. / 30 C max.Ambient air temperature 5 C min. / 40 C max.Dew pointBeware of condensation.Substrate temperature during application must be at least 3 C abovedew point.Substrate temperature 5 C min. / 40 C max.Product Data SheetSika AnchorFix -3001March 2021, Version 04.010202050100300000042/5

Curing timeTemperature 40 C 35 C to 40 C 30 C to 35 C 25 C to 30 C 20 C to 25 C 15 C to 20 C 10 C to 15 C 5 C to 10 COpen time - T gel3 minutes4 minutes6 minutes8 minutes11 minutes15 minutes20 minutes—*Curing time - T cur3 hours4 hours5 hours6 hours7 hours8 hours12 hours24 hours* Minimum cartridge temperature: 10 CBASIS OF PRODUCT DATAAll technical data stated in this Data Sheet are basedon laboratory tests. Actual measured data may varydue to circumstances beyond our control.MIXINGPreparing cartridge: 400 ml and 600 ml1.Unscrew the capFURTHER INFORMATION For specific information on design refer to: TechnicalDocumentation Sika AnchorFix -3001 870 43 10 Sika Method Statement: Sika AnchorFix Sika AnchorFix : ApprovalsIMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS2. Pull out the red plug Natural / reconstituted stone and solid rock properties vary particular with regard to strength, composition and porosity. For each application, the suitabilityof Sika AnchorFix -3001 must be tested for bondstrength, surface staining and discoloration by firstapplying the product to a sample area before fullproject application.ECOLOGY, HEALTH AND SAFETY3. Screw on the staticmixerUser must read the most recent corresponding SafetyData Sheets (SDS) before using any products. The SDSprovides information and advice on the safe handling,storage and disposal of chemical products and contains physical, ecological, toxicological and othersafety-related data.APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONSSUBSTRATE QUALITYMortar and concrete must be at the required designstrength.Substrate tensile / compressive strengths (concrete,masonry, natural stone) must be confirmed by testing.The anchor hole must always be clean, free from oiland grease etc.Loose particles must be removed from the holes.Threaded rods and rebar's must be cleaned thoroughly and free from dirt, oil, grease, corrosionproducts or any other substances and particles whichcould affect adhesion.Product Data SheetSika AnchorFix -3001March 2021, Version 04.010202050100300000043/54. Place the cartridge intothe application gun readyfor useWhen the work is interrupted the static mixer nozzlecan remain on the cartridge after the gun pressure hasbeen released. If the resin has hardened in the nozzlewhen work is resumed, a new nozzle must be attached.

APPLICATION METHOD / TOOLSReference must be made to further documentationwhere applicable, such as relevant method statement,application manual and installation or working instructions.Anchors in solid masonry/concrete1. Drill hole with an electric drill to the diameterand depth required. Drillhole diameter must be inaccordance with anchorsize2. The drill hole must becleaned with oil free compressed air using an airlance, pressure: 6 Bar (90psi). Start from the bottom of the hole and cleanminimum 2x until returnair stream is free of dust3. The drill hole must bethoroughly cleaned withthe special steel brush (atleast 2x). The diameter ofthe brush must be largerthan the diameter of thedrill hole4. The drill hole must becleaned again as stage 27. Pump gun at least 2xuntil both parts are extruded as a one consistentcolour. Do not use thismaterial. Release the gunpressure and clean thestatic mixer opening witha cloth8. Inject the anchoringmaterial into the drillhole, starting from thebottom and slowly pullout the static mixer whileextruding the resin intothe hole. Avoid entrapping air. For deep holesuse extension tubing9. Insert the anchor witha rotary motion into thefilled drill hole within theanchoring material opentime. Some of the anchoring material mustflow out of the hole10. During the resinhardening time the anchor must not be movedor loadedImportant Note: Anchors in hollow blocks: Use SikaAnchorFix -1.CLEANING OF EQUIPMENT5. The drill hole must bethoroughly cleaned againas stage 3Clean all tools and application equipment withSika Colma Cleaner immediately after use. Hardenedmaterial can only be removed mechanically.LOCAL RESTRICTIONS6. The drill hole must becleaned again as stage 2&4Product Data SheetSika AnchorFix -3001March 2021, Version 04.010202050100300000044/5Note that as a result of specific local regulations thedeclared data and recommended uses for this productmay vary from country to country. Consult the localProduct Data Sheet for exact product data and uses.

LEGAL NOTESThe information, and, in particular, the recommendations relating to the application and end-use of Sikaproducts, are given in good faith based on Sika's current knowledge and experience of the products whenproperly stored, handled and applied under normalconditions in accordance with Sika's recommendations. In practice, the differences in materials, substrates and actual site conditions are such that no warranty in respect of merchantability or of fitness for aparticular purpose, nor any liability arising out of anylegal relationship whatsoever, can be inferred eitherfrom this information, or from any written recommendations, or from any other advice offered. Theuser of the product must test the product’s suitabilityfor the intended application and purpose. Sika reserves the right to change the properties of itsproducts. The proprietary rights of third parties mustbe observed. All orders are accepted subject to ourcurrent terms of sale and delivery. Users must alwaysrefer to the most recent issue of the local ProductData Sheet for the product concerned, copies of whichwill be supplied on request.SIKA NORTHERN GULFBahrain / Qatar / KuwaitTel: 973 177 38188sika.gulf@bh.sika.comgcc.sika.comSIKA SOUTHERN GULFUAE / Oman / SICTel: 971 4 439 8200info@ae.sika.comgcc.sika.comSIKA SAUDI ARABIARiyadh / Jeddah / DammamTel: 966 11 217 -en-AE-(03-2021)-4-1.pdfProduct Data SheetSika AnchorFix -3001March 2021, Version 04.010202050100300000045/5

Sika AnchorFix -3001 March 2021, Version 04.01 020205010030000004 PRODUCT DATA SHEET Sika AnchorFix -3001 Epoxy high performance chemical anchoring material DESCRIPTION Sika AnchorFix -3001 is an epoxy resin based, 2-part, .

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