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Networking 101

AgendaAgenda DisneyIntroductionNetworking DefinedPurpose of NetworkingTypes of NetworkingMeet & GreetsRecap

IntroductionDid You Know? Approximately 70 percent of all jobs arefound through networking Most people you meet have at least 250contacts You are only four or five people away fromanyone you might want to meet or contactFisher & Vilas“ Power Networking” Disney

Networking DefinedWhat Is Networking?The development of an extended group ofpeople with similar interests who interact andremain in informal contact for mutualassistance or support. Disney

PurposeWhat Is the Purpose of Networking? Meeting othersGathering InformationCareer DevelopmentPartnering for an efficient workenvironment BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS Disney

Types of NetworkingTwo Types of NetworkingInformal You don’t even know it’s happening! There are constant opportunities if you areopen to themFormal A specific networking event or meeting You initiate a meeting with an individual Disney

Types of NetworkingInformal Networking – In Person Classes/Organizations Special projects at work Community and volunteer events Recreation sports or fitness clubsThese opportunities are all around you, it is a matterof taking advantage of the situations you findyourself in day-to-day. Disney

Types of NetworkingSocial MediaSocial media includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, andBlogs Qualities companies are looking for: Extroversion Agreeableness Conscientiousness Being a “Team Player” Openness to experience Consider your privacy settings, and remember your onlinepresence is an impression of you. Disney

Types of NetworkingFormal Networking Networking events Online platforms - Meet and greet or informational interviews Disney

Meet and Greets TipsMeet and GreetsMeeting with an individual to gatherinformation 30 minute conversation that you initiate The purpose is to obtain information,not to get a job Disney

Meet and Greets TipsPreparing for Meet and Greets Identify your objective Why are you meetingwith them? Do the research be prepared and focused. Identify how your interests relate Develop a list of questions Disney

Meet and Greets TipsDuring the Meet and Greet DisneyDress appropriatelyBring your résuméBe prepared to ask and answer questionsAllow for a natural two way conversation

Meet and Greets Tips30 Second CommercialThis is your chance to introduce yourselfquickly and professionally. It includes: Who you are Where you currently work Relevant background information Your career interest and purpose for talkingwith this person Disney

Meet and Greets TipsFollow upSend a thank you note on a note card or viae-mail 49% of people fail to send thank younotes 87% of HR professionals perceive thankyou notes as a higher level ofprofessionalism Disney

Recap Take advantage of all formal and informalnetworking opportunities Do your research Develop new relationships and nurtureexisting ones Disney

Thank You for YourService Disney

Networking 101 . Agenda Introduction Networking Defined Purpose of Networking Types of Networking Meet & Greets Recap Disney Agenda . Did You Know? Approximately 70 percent of all jobs are found through networking Most people you meet have at least 250 contacts

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