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Replacement parts to fitHay PartsCONTENTSSECTION 1Disc Mower Parts.Hay-1-1 through Hay-1-34SECTION 2Rotary Cutter Parts.Hay-2-35 through Hay-2-67SECTION 3Tail Wheels.Hay-3-68 through Hay-3-73SECTION 4Gauge Wheels.Hay-4-74 through Hay-4-77SECTION 5Sickle Assemblies & Sections.Hay-5-78 through Hay-5-200SECTION 6Guards.Hay-6-201 through Hay-6-211SECTION 7Bale Spears.Hay-7-212 through Hay-7-213SECTION 8Flail Mower Parts.Hay-8-214 through Hay-8-219SECTION 9Teeth.Hay-9-220 through Hay-9-239SECTION 10Rake Wheels.Hay-10-240 through Hay-10-240SECTION 11Tedder Tires.Hay-11-241 through Hay-11-241SECTION 12Pickup Fingers.Hay-12-242 through Hay-12-242SECTION 13Baler Parts.Hay-13-243 through Hay-13-263SECTION 14Bearings & Seals.Hay-14-264 through Hay-14-267SECTION 15Chain.Hay-15-268 through Hay-15-275SECTION 16PTO Parts.Hay-16-276 through Hay-16-287SECTION 17Belts.Hay-17-288 through Hay-17-289SECTION 18Lights & Accessories.Hay-18-290 through Hay-18-296Alphabetical Index Followswww.tiscoparts.comfax: (800)356-5487tel: (800)338-0145 2013 Woods Equipment Company/TISCO All rights reserved.Hay-I

Replacement parts to fitHay PartsALPHABETICAL INDEXAAGCOSickle Assemblies, 81 to 83Sickle Sections, 83AgriquipDisc Mower Blades, 5AlamoFlail Mower Parts, 214Rotary Cutter Blade Bolts, 38Rotary Cutter Blades, 38Tail Wheel Assemblies, 68Allis ChalmersBale Counters, 255Gauge Wheel Components, 74Guards, 201Pickup Finger, 242Rake Teeth, 220Sickle Assemblies, 81 to 83Sickle Head, 80Sickle Sections, 78AllowayFlail Mower Parts, 215AtlasRake Teeth, 220BBale CountersAllis Chalmers, 255Ford, 258Freeman Baler, 258International Harvester, 258John Deere, 255Massey Ferguson, 258New Holland, 259White, 263Bale Spears, 212 to 213Display, 213Mounting Hardware, 213Baler BearingJohn Deere, 255Massey Ferguson, 258New Holland, 260 to 261Baler Cross & BearingJohn Deere, 255Baler Lacing Tools, 254Baler PartsFreeman Baler, 258Baler ShearboltHesston, 258John Deere, 255Massey Ferguson, 258New Holland, 259Baler Teeth(see Teeth, Baler), 221, 223 to 224, 226 to 227, 230, 232, 234 to 235,237www.tiscoparts.comHay-IIBalzerFlail Mower Parts, 215BCSDisc Mower Blades, 5Bearings, BalerJohn Deere, 255Massey Ferguson, 258New Holland, 260 to 261Bearings, Tail WheelJohn Deere, 75BearingsBurch, 264Bush Hog, 264Caldwell, 264Ford, 265Forrest City, 265Hardee, 265John Deere, 264Marvel, 265Massey Ferguson, 266New Holland, 266Pillow Block, Bush Hog, 45Sidewinder, 266Woods, 267BefcoTedder Teeth, 220Belts, MowerBush Hog, 288Ford, 288Land Pride, 288Massey Ferguson, 288New Holland, 288Woods, 289BlackwelderSickle Sections, 84BMBRotary Cutter Blades, 39Tail Wheel Assemblies, 68BoltsRotary Cutter Blades, Terrain King, 39Guard, 198, 211Plow, 198Rotary Cutter Blades, Alamo, 38Rotary Cutter Blades, Bush Hog, 44Rotary Cutter Blades, Ford, 50Rotary Cutter Blades, Hardee, 50Rotary Cutter Blades, Hico, 52Rotary Cutter Blades, Schulte, 55Rotary Cutter Blades, Servis-Rhino, 57Rotary Cutter Blades, Sidewinder, 58Rotary Cutter Blades, Tiger, 59Sickle Guard, Massey Ferguson, 161Sickle Section, New Holland, 179Sickle Sections, 197fax: (800)356-5487tel: (800)338-0145 2013 Woods Equipment Company/TISCO All rights reserved.

Replacement parts to fitHay PartsBradyFlail Mower Parts, 215BrentFlail Mower Parts, 215BrillionFlail Mower Parts, 216Gauge Wheels, 74BuffaloFlail Mower Parts, 216BurchBearings, 264Gauge Wheel Assemblies, 74Bush HogBearings, 264Belts, 288Clutch Disc, 45Disc, 45Disc Mower Blades, 5Flail Mower Parts, 216Pillow Block, 45Rotary Cutter Blade Bolts, 44Rotary Cutter Blades, 40Tail Wheel Assemblies, 68 to 69Top Link, 45BushwackerRotary Cutter Blades, 46Chain (continued)Roller, Import, 268Stainless Steel, 269T-Bar Detachable, 272Tools, 274 to 275Transmission-Type, 271ChallengerGuards, 201Sickle Sections, 83ClaasDisc Mower Blades, 9Guards, 201Clutch Disc, 287Bush Hog Rotary Cutters, 45Ford, 50Terrain King, 38Clutch Repair Kit, Friction-Type, 286Clutch Repair Kit, Overrunning, 285 to 287Clutch, Friction, 285CNHSickle Sections, 102CO-OPSickle Assemblies, 102Combine PartsSection, Sickle, 193 to 194Condor-RossiRake Teeth, 220Corsicana GraderRotary Cutter Blades, 47Cross & Bearing, BalerJohn Deere, 255CCaldwellBearings, 264Rotary Cutter Blades, 46Slip Clutch, 46Slip Clutch Attachment Yokes, 46Case/IHDisc Mower Blades, 8Guards, 201Knifehead, 102Pitman Parts, 102Sickle Assemblies, 88 to 101Sickle Sections, 84 to 87CaseGauge Wheel Assemblies, 74Idler Sprockets, 255Rake Teeth, 220Chain, BalerJohn Deere, 257ChainBreaker Tools, 274 to 275Conveyor-Type, 271Detachable Steel Link, 272 to 273Diamond, 270 to 271Double Strand, Domestic, 270Double Strand, Import, 268Extended Pitch, Domestic, 270Extended Pitch, Import, 268Metric, 271Puller Tools, 274Roller, Domestic, 269DDandlFlail Mower Parts, 216DarfRake Teeth, 221Detachable Steel Link Chain, 272 to 273DickeyGauge Wheel Assemblies, 76Disc Mower BladesAgriquip, 5BCS, 5Bush Hog, 5Case/IH, 8Claas, 9Fahr, 11Farendlose, 12Fella, 12Fort, 13Galfre, 13Gehl, 13Hesston, 14International Harvester, 16J-F, 16John Deere, 9Krone, 17Kuhn, 18www.tiscoparts.comfax: (800)356-5487tel: (800)338-0145 2013 Woods Equipment Company/TISCO All rights reserved.Hay-III

Replacement parts to fitHay PartsDisc Mower Blades (continued)Lely, 23M & W, 24Marangon, 24Massey Ferguson, 24New Holland, 25New Idea, 27Rhino, 29Sitrex, 29Taarup, 30Vermeer, 30Vicon, 31Zweegers (PZ), 34Disc Mower PartsVicon, 33DriveshaftsRotary Cutters, Sidewinder, 58Dunham-LehrGauge Wheel Assemblies, 76Flail Mower Parts (continued)Rears, 219Southeast Mfg, 219Stan Hoist, 219Tiger, 219Vrisimo, 219Woods, 219FordBale Counter, 258Bearings, 265Clutch Disc, Rotary Cutters, 50Flail Mower Parts, 217Gauge Wheel Components, 76Grassboard, 118Guards, 203Knife Head, 118Mower Belts, 288Pitman Parts, 123Rake Teeth, 224Rivet, Sickle Section, 118Rotary Cutter Blade Bolts, 50Rotary Cutter Blades, 49Sickle Assemblies, 119 to 122Sickle Sections, 117Tail Wheel Assemblies, 70Forrest CityBearings, 265FortDisc Mower Blades, 13FoxFlail Mower Parts, 218Freeman BalerBale Counter, 258Baler Parts, 258Baler Teeth, 224EEnd Sections, 196End Sections, Chrome, 196FFahrDisc Mower Blades, 11Tedder Teeth, 223FarendloseDisc Mower Blades, 12FarmhandRake Teeth, 224FastenersSickle Sections, 198FellaDisc Mower Blades, 12Field QueenGuards, 203Flail Mower PartsAlamo, 214Alloway, 215Balzer, 215Brady, 215Brent, 215Brillion, 216Buffalo, 216Bush Hog, 216Dandl, 216Ford, 217Fox, 218John Deere, 217Kelly Ryan, 218Loftness, 218Long, 218Mighty Max, 218Mott, 214Owatonna, 219RAU, 219GGalfreDisc Mower Blades, 13Tedder Teeth, 224Tedder Tires, 241Gauge Wheel AssembliesBMB, 68Brillion, 74Burch, 74Bush Hog, 68 to 70Case, 74Dickey, 76Dunham-Lehr, 76Glencoe, 76Hardee, 70, 73International Harvester, 77John Deere, 74 to 75King Kutter, 70 to 71Lilliston, 77Massey Ferguson, 77Modern, 71Servis-Rhino, 72www.tiscoparts.comHay-IVfax: (800)356-5487tel: (800)338-0145 2013 Woods Equipment Company/TISCO All rights reserved.

Replacement parts to fitHay PartsGauge Wheel Assemblies (continued)Sidewinder, 72Terrain King, 72Gauge Wheel ComponentsFord, 76Kinze, 77White, 77GehlDisc Mower Blades, 13Guards, 203Idler Sprockets, 258Rake Teeth, 225Sickle Assemblies, 124 to 126Sickle Sections, 123GleanerSickle Assemblies, 81 to 83Sickle Sections, 78, 83GlencoeGauge Wheel Assemblies, 76GramipRake Teeth, 225GrassboardFord, 118John Deere, 107Massey Ferguson, 161Grease Guns, 293 to 294Accessory Kit, 294Hose, 293Grease Guns, Rechargeable, 294Grease GunsAccessory Kit, 294Hose, 293Gregory-RoanokeRotary Cutter Blades, 50GuappoRake Teeth, 225Guard Bolts, 198, 211Guards, Aftermarket, 210GuardsAllis Chalmers, 201Case/IH, 201Challenger, 201Claas, 201Field Queen, 203Ford, 203Gehl, 203Hart-Carter, 204Hesston, 204International Harvester, 205J.E. Love, 206John Deere, 202Kosch, 205Kuhn, 206Lowe, 206MacDon, 206Massey Ferguson, 206Minneapolis Moline, 207New Holland, 208Guards (continued)New Idea, 209Oliver, 209Owatonna, 209Versatile, 209Vicon, 210White, 210HH&SRake Teeth, 225HardeeBearings, 265Rotary Cutter Blade Bolts, 50Rotary Cutter Blades, 51Slip Clutch, 50Slip Clutch Attachment Yokes, 50Tail Wheel Assemblies, 70Harrow Teeth(see Teeth, Harrow), 230Hart-CarterGuards, 204Sickle Assemblies, 127 to 128Sickle Sections, 127HarvestmanRake Teeth, 225Headlights, 290Assemblies, 290Bulb, Sealed-Beam, 291HeathWindrower Teeth, 225Height Stabilizer, Mower Deck, 295HenryWindrower Teeth, 225HesstonBaler Teeth, 226Disc Mower Blades, 14Guards, 204Pickup Finger, 226Shearbolts, 258Sickle Assemblies, 133 to 142Sickle Head, 140Sickle Sections, 128 to 130, 132HicoRotary Cutter Blade Bolts, 52Rotary Cutter Blades, 52HowseTail Wheel Assemblies, 70HumePickup Finger, 242IIcamRake Teeth, 226Idler Pulleys, 275John Deere, 257New Holland, 260www.tiscoparts.comfax: (800)356-5487tel: (800)338-0145 2013 Woods Equipment Company/TISCO All rights reserved.Hay-V

Replacement parts to fitHay PartsIdler Sprockets, 275Case, 255Gehl, 258John Deere, 257Massey Ferguson, 259New Holland, 260Vermeer, 263International HarvesterBale Counter, 258Baler Teeth, 227Disc Mower Blades, 16Gauge Wheel Assemblies, 77Guards, 205Rake Teeth, 227Knife Head Repair Kit, 196KnifeheadCase/IH, 102Ford, 118KoehnRake Teeth, 228KoschGuards, 205Sickle Assemblies, 142KroneDisc Mower Blades, 17Tedder Tires, 241KuhnDisc Mower Blades, 18Guards, 206Knife Disc, 23Tedder Teeth, 228Tedder Tires, 241JJ-FDisc Mower Blades, 16J.E. LoveGuards, 206Sickle Assemblies, 143 to 144Sickle Sections, 143John DeereBale Counters, 255Baler Bearings, 255Baler Chain, 257Baler Cross & Bearing, 255Baler Shearbolts, 255Baler Teeth, 221, 223Bearings, 264Disc Mower Blades, 9Flail Mower Parts, 217Gauge Wheel Assemblies, 74 to 75Grassboard, 107Guards, 202Idler Pulley, 257Idler Sprocket, 257Pickup Finger, 242Pitman Parts, 107Rake Teeth, 221Rotary Cutter Blades, 47Sickle Assemblies, 108 to 116Sickle Sections, 103 to 107Tail Wheel Bearings, 75Tedder Tires, 241LLacing Tools, Baler, 254Land PrideMower Belts, 288Rotary Cutter Blades, 53Tail Wheel Assemblies, 71LelyDisc Mower Blades, 23Lights, 290Bulb, Sealed-Beam, 291Headlight Assemblies, 290LED Lamps, 291Taillights, 291Warning, 291Warning, Magnetic, 291Work Lamp, 292Work Lamp, Halogen, 292Work Lamp, Magnetic, 292Work Lamp, Portable, 293LillistonGauge Wheel Assemblies, 77Link Chain, Detachable Steel, 273Lockwood-InnesWindrower Teeth, 228LoftnessFlail Mower Parts, 218LongFlail Mower Parts, 218LorenzaRake Teeth, 229LoweGuards, 206KKelly RyanFlail Mower Parts, 218Rake Teeth, 228King KutterTail Wheel Assemblies, 70KinzeGauge Wheel Components, 77Knife Clips, 196Knife DiscKuhn, 23Vicon, 33MM&WDisc Mower Blades, 24Rake Teeth, 229Tedder Tires, 241www.tiscoparts.comHay-VIfax: (800)356-5487tel: (800)338-0145 2013 Woods Equipment Company/TISCO All rights reserved.

Replacement parts to fitHay PartsMacDonGuards, 206Sickle Assemblies, 145 to 149MacdonSickle Sections, 145MarangonDisc Mower Blades, 24MarvelBearings, 265MaslerRake Teeth, 229Massey FergusonBale Counter, 258Baler Teeth, 230Bearing, Baler, 258Bearings, 266Disc Mower Blades, 24Gauge Wheel Assemblies, 77Grassboard, 161Guard Bolts, 161Guards, 206Idler Sprockets, 259Mower Belts, 288Pickup Finger, 242Pitman Parts, 161Rake Teeth, 229Shearbolt, Baler, 258Sickle Assemblies, 153 to 160Sickle Head Parts, 161Sickle Sections, 150 to 153MidwestHarrow Teeth, 230Mighty MaxFlail Mower Parts, 218Minneapolis MolineGuards, 207ModernTail Wheel Assemblies, 71MohawkRotary Cutter Blades, 54MorrillRake Teeth, 230MottFlail Mower Parts, 214Mower BeltsBush Hog, 288Ford, 288Land Pride, 288Massey Ferguson, 288New Holland, 288Woods, 289Mower Deck Height Stabilizer, 295Mower PartsSection, Sickle, 193 to 194New Holland (continued)Bale Counter, 259Baler Bearings, 260 to 261Baler Shearbolts, 259Baler Tines, 259Bearings, 266Bolts, Sickle Section, 179Disc Mower Blades, 25Guards, 208Idler Pulleys, 260Idler Sprockets, 260Mower Belts, 288Rake Teeth, 231Rivet, Sickle Section, 179Sickle Assemblies, 166 to 178Sickle Sections, 162 to 164Tedder Tires, 241New IdeaBaler Teeth, 234Disc Mower Blades, 27Guards, 209Rake Teeth, 233Sickle Assemblies, 180 to 181Sickle Sections, 179NiemeyerTedder Teeth, 234OOliverBaler Teeth, 235Guards, 209OtmaRake Teeth, 235Overlap Sections, 196OwatonnaBaler Teeth, 235Flail Mower Parts, 219Guards, 209Sickle Assemblies, 124, 183Sickle Sections, 182PPickup Finger(see Teeth, Pickup Finger), 226, 237, 242Pillow BlockBush Hog, 45Pitman PartsCase/IH, 102Ford, 123John Deere, 107Massey Ferguson, 161Plow Bolts, 198PMISickle Sections, 184 to 185PollardRake Teeth, 235PortageSickle Assemblies, 186NNew HollandBaler Teeth, 232www.tiscoparts.comfax: (800)356-5487tel: (800)338-0145 2013 Woods Equipment Company/TISCO All rights reserved.Hay-VII

Replacement parts to fitHay PartsPressure Gauge, BalerVermeer, 263PTOClutch Disc, Bush Hog Rotary Cutters, 45Clutch Disc, Terrain King, 38Disc, Bush Hog, 45Driveshafts, Rotary Cutters, Sidewinder, 58Friction Clutch, Universal, 285Friction-Type Clutch Repair Kit, 286Overrunning Clutch Repair Kit, 285 to 287Slip Clutch Attachment Yokes, Caldwell Rotary Cutters, 46Slip Clutch Attachment Yokes, Hardee Rotary Cutters, 50Slip Clutch Disc, 287Slip Clutch Disc, Ford Rotary Cutters, 50Slip Clutch, Caldwell Rotary Cutters, 46Slip Clutch, Hardee Rotary Cutters, 50Slip Clutch, Rotary Cutters, Servis-Rhino, 57Slip Clutch, Rotary Cutters, Woods, 59Torque Limiter Repair Kit, 285RRacolitaRake Teeth, 235Rake Teeth(see Teeth, Rake), 220 to 221, 223 to 231, 233, 235 to 236, 238 to239Rake Wheels, 240RAUFlail Mower Parts, 219RearsFlail Mower Parts, 219Repair Kit, Friction-Type Clutch, 286Repair Kit, Overrunning Clutch, 285 to 287Repair Kit, Torque Limiter, Ratchet-Type, 285Repair KitKnife Head, 196RexRake Teeth, 235RhinoDisc Mower Blades, 29Rivet Vise, 198Rivet, Sickle SectionFord, 118New Holland, 179Rivet, Sickle Sections, 197Rolla-RakeRake Teeth, 236Roller ChainConveyor-Type, 271Diamond, 270 to 271Domestic, 269Double Strand, Domestic, 270Double Strand, Import, 268Extended Pitch, Domestic, 270Extended Pitch, Import, 268Import, 268Stainless Steel, 269Transmission-Type, 271www.tiscoparts.comHay-VIIIRossiRake Teeth, 236Tedder Tires, 241Rotary Cutter BladesAlamo, 38BMB, 39Bush Hog, 40Bushwacker, 46Caldwell, 46Corsicana, 47Ford, 49Gregory-Roanoke, 50Hardee, 51Hico, 52John Deere, 47Land Pride, 53Mohawk, 54Schulte, 54Servis-Rhino, 56Sidewinder, 57Taylor (Midland), 58Terrain King, 38Tiger, 59Woods, 60RowseSickle Assemblies, 185 to 186SSchulteRotary Cutter Blade Bolts, 55Rotary Cutter Blades, 54Section, Sickle, 193 to 194Servis-RhinoRotary Cutter Blade Bolts, 57Rotary Cutter Blades, 56Slip Clutch, 57Tail Wheel Assemblies, 72Shearbolt, BalerHesston, 258John Deere, 255Massey Ferguson, 258New Holland, 259Sickle AssembliesAGCO, 81 to 83Allis Chalmers, 81 to 83Case/IH, 88 to 101CO-OP, 102Ford, 119 to 122Gehl, 124 to 126Gleaner, 81 to 83Hart-Carter, 127 to 128Hesston, 133 to 142J.E. Love, 143 to 144John Deere, 108 to 116Kosch, 142MacDon, 145 to 149Massey Ferguson, 153 to 160New Holland, 166 to 178fax: (800)356-5487tel: (800)338-0145 2013 Woods Equipment Company/TISCO All rights reserved.

Replacement parts to fitHay PartsSickle Assemblies (continued)New Idea, 180 to 181Owatonna, 124, 183Portage, 186Rowse, 185 to 186Triumph, 187Versatile, 188 to 190White, 191 to 193Sickle Clips, 211Sickle Head PartsMassey Ferguson, 161Sickle HeadAllis Chalmers, 80Hesston, 140Sickle Section, 193 to 194Sickle Section Bolts, 197Sickle Section Fasteners, 198Sickle Section Rivets, 197Sickle Sections, End, 196Sickle Sections, End, Chrome, 196Sickle Sections, Overlap, 196Sickle Sections, Twin Point, 195Sickle SectionsAGCO, 83Allis Chalmers, 78Blackwelder, 84Case/IH, 84 to 87Challenger, 83CNH, 102Ford, 117Gehl, 123Gleaner, 78, 83Hart-Carter, 127Hesston, 128 to 130, 132J.E. Love, 143John Deere, 103 to 107Macdon, 145Massey Ferguson, 150 to 153New Holland, 162 to 164New Idea, 179Owatonna, 182PMI, 184 to 185Triumph, 186 to 187Versatile, 187White, 191SidewinderBearings, 266Driveshafts, Rotary Cutter Blades, 58Rotary Cutter Blade Bolts, 58Rotary Cutter Blades, 57Tail Wheel Assemblies, 72SitrexDisc Mower Blades, 29Rake Teeth, 236Tedder Tires, 241Slip Clutch & DiscBush Hog Rotary Cutters, 45Caldwell Rotary Cutters, 46Slip Clutch & Disc (continued)Ford Rotary Cutters, 50Hardee Rotary Cutters, 50Servis-Rhino Rotary Cutters, 57Terrain King Rotary Cutters, 38Woods Rotary Cutters, 59Slip Clutch Attachment YokesCaldwell Rotary Cutters, 46Hardee Rotary Cutters, 50Slip Disc, 287Slow Moving Vehicle Sign, 295SMV Emblem, 295Southeast MfgFlail Mower Parts, 219Spear, Bale (see Bale Spears), 212 to 213Stabilizer, Mower Deck Height, 295Stan HoistFlail Mower Parts, 219TT-Bar Detachable Chain, 272TaarupDisc Mower Blades, 30Tail Wheel Assemblies(see Gauge Wheels), 68 to 73Taylor (Midland)Rotary Cutter Blades, 58Tedder Teeth(see Teeth, Tedder), 220, 224, 228, 234, 238 to 239Tedder Tires, 241Teeth, BalerFreeman Baler, 224Hesston, 226International Harvester, 227John Deere, 221, 223Massey Ferguson, 230New Holland, 232New Idea, 234Oliver, 235Owatonna, 235Vermeer, 237Teeth, HarrowMidwest, 230Teeth, Pickup FingerJohn Deere, 242Allis Chalmers, 242Hesston, 226Hume, 242Massey Ferguson, 242Universal Reel, 237Teeth, RakeMassey Ferguson, 229Zweegers (PZ), 239Allis Chalmers, 220Atlas, 220Case, 220Condor-Rossi, 220Darf, 221www.tiscoparts.comfax: (800)356-5487tel: (800)338-0145 2013 Woods Equipment Company/TISCO All rights reserved.Hay-IX

Replacement parts to fitHay PartsTeeth, Rake (continued)Farmhand, 224Ford, 224Gehl, 225Gramip, 225Guappo, 225H & S, 225Harvestman, 225Icam, 226International Harvester, 227John Deere, 221Kelly Ryan, 228Koehn, 228Lorenza, 229M & W, 229Masler, 229Morrill, 230New Holland, 231New Idea, 233Otma, 235Pollard, 235Racolita, 235Rex, 235Rolla-Rake, 236Rossi, 236Sitrex, 236Tonutti, 236Vermeer, 238Vicon, 238Teeth, TedderBefco, 220Fahr, 223Galfre, 224Kuhn, 228Niemeyer, 234Tonutti, 236Vermeer, 238Walton, 239Teeth, WindrowerHeath, 225Henry, 225Lockwood-Innes, 228Terrain KingClutch Disc, 38Rotary Cutter Blade Bolts, 39Rotary Cutter Blades, 38Tail Wheel Assemblies, 72TigerFlail Mower Parts, 219Rotary Cutter Blade Bolts, 59Rotary Cutter Blades, 59Tine, BalerNew Holland, 259TonuttiRake Teeth, 236Tedder Teeth, 236Tedder Tires, 241ToolsChain Breaker, 274 to 275Chain Puller, 274Chain Repair, 274Top LinkBush Hog, 45Torque Limiter Repair Kit, 285TriumphSickle Assemblies, 187Sickle Sections, 186 to 187Twin Point Sections, 195UUniversal ReelPickup Finger, 237VVermeerBaler Teeth, 237Disc Mower Blades, 30Idler Sprockets, 263Pressure Gauge, Baler, 263Rake Teeth, 238Tedder Teeth, 238Tedder Tires, 241VersatileGuards, 209Sickle Assemblies, 188 to 190Sickle Sections, 187ViconDisc Mower Blades, 31Disc Mower Parts, 33Guards, 210Knife Disc, 33Rake Teeth, 238Vise, Rivet, 198VrisimoFlail Mower Parts, 219WWaltonTedder Teeth, 239Wheels, Gauge, 68 to 77Wheels. Tedder, 241WhiteBale Counter, 263Gauge Wheel Components, 77Guards, 210Sickle Assemblies, 191 to 193Sickle Sections, 191Windrower Teeth(see Teeth, Windrower), 225, 228WoodsBearings, 267Flail Mower Parts, 219Mower Belts, 289Rotary Cutter Blades, 60Slip Clutch, 59Tail Wheel Assemblies, 73www.tiscoparts.comHay-Xfax: (800)356-5487tel: (800)338-0145 2013 Woods Equipment Company/TISCO All rights reserved.

Replacement parts to fitHay PartsYYokes, AttachmentCaldwell, 46Hardee, 50Sidewinder, 58ZZweegers (PZ)Disc Mower Blades, 34Rake Teeth, 239www.tiscoparts.comfax: (800)356-5487tel: (800)338-0145 2013 Woods Equipment Company/TISCO All rights reserved.Hay-XI

Disc Mower PartsREPLACESBlades for Disc Mowers by 561-511-0047774111019010271202220-101BLENGTH3.897" (99mm)3.267" (83mm)3.267" (83mm)3.740" (95mm)3.425" (87mm)3.543" (90mm)3.543" (90mm)3.543" (90mm)WIDTH1.575" (40mm)1.575" (40mm)1.575" (40mm)1.748" (44.4mm)1.575" (40mm)1.575" (40mm)1.575" (40mm)1.772" (45mm)THICKNESS.118" (3mm).118" (3mm).118" (3mm).138" (3.5mm).118" (3mm).118" (3mm).118" (3mm).157" (4mm)4-141-071-0MT52S659483.543" (90mm)3.543" (90mm)3.858" (98mm)1.575" (40mm)1.575" (40mm)1.724" (43.8mm).118" (3mm).118" (3mm).138" 4R4561-500-00978-186-056151210K3.57" (90.68mm)3.661" (93mm)3.661" (93mm)3.661" (93mm)3.661" (93mm)3.661" (93mm)3.671" (93.24mm)3.701" (94mm)3.701" (94mm)3.740" (95mm)3.740" (95mm)3.740" (95mm)3.740" (95mm)3.740" (95mm)3.740" (95mm)3.740" (95mm)3.740" (95mm)3.740" (95mm)3.779" (96mm)3.779" (96mm)3.779" (96mm)3.779" (96mm)3.779" (96mm)3.779" (96mm)3.779" (96mm)3.779" (96mm)3.780" (96.01mm)1.57" (39.88mm)1.575" (40mm)1.575" (40mm)1.575" (40mm)1.575" (40mm)1.575" (40mm)1.614" (40.99mm)1.575" (40mm)1.575" (40mm)1.709" (43.4mm)1.709" (43.4mm)1.772" (45mm)1.709" (43.4mm)1.709" (43.4mm)1.772" (45mm)1.709" (43.4mm)1.709" (43.4mm)1.709" (43.4mm)1.575" (40mm)1.630" (41.4mm)1.575" (40mm)1.890" (48mm)1.890" (48mm)1.575" (40mm)1.630" (41.4mm)1.575" (40mm)1.850" (46.99mm).14" (3.56mm).118" (3mm).118" (3mm).118" (3mm).118" (3mm).118" (3mm)56151310K3.780" (96.01mm)1.850" (46.99mm)121712LH121713RH3.858" (98mm)3.858" (98mm)1.890" (48mm)1.890" (48mm)www.tiscoparts.comHay-1.118" (3mm).118" (3mm).139" (3.5mm).139" (3.5mm).139" (3.5mm).139" (3.5mm).139" (3.5mm).139" (3.5mm).139" (3.5mm).138" (3.5mm).138" (3.5mm).118" (3mm).118" (3mm).118" (3mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm).138" (3.5mm).118" (3mm).118" (3mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm)fax: (800)356-5487HOLE DIA.787" (20mm).748" (19mm).748" (19mm).642" (16.3mm).640" (16.25mm).748" (19mm).748" (19mm).807" x .933"(20.5mm x 23.7mm).748" (19mm).748" (19mm).646" (16.4mm)FORM1119 LH9 RH117OEM ZWEEGERFORT,GALFRE/RHINOKUHNNEW HOLLANDNEW HOLLANDGEHLKUHNKUHNKUHNKRONEKRONEGEHLNEW HOLLANDNEW HOLLANDSITREXSITREXKUHNKUHNJOHN DEEREJOHN DEEREFELLANEW HOLLANDKRONEKRONEKRONEINTERNATIONALKUHNCLAASKUHN, GEHL,JOHN DEERE,NEW HOLLANDKUHN, GEHL,JOHN DEERE,NEW HOLLANDFELLAFELLA.64" (16.26mm).640" (16.25mm).640" (16.25mm).640" (16.25mm).640" (16.25mm).640" (16.25mm).65" (16.51mm).787" (20mm).787" (20mm).640" (16.25mm).640" (16.25mm).640" (16.25mm).640" (16.25mm).640" (16.25mm).640" (16.25mm).640" (16.25mm).640" (16.25mm).640" (16.25mm).787" (20mm).640" (16.25mm).787" (20mm).787" (20mm).787" (20mm).748" (19mm).640" (16.25mm).748" (19mm).65" (16.51mm)19 LH9 RH9 RH9 LH9 RH10 RH10 LH9 LH9 LH9 RH9 RH9 LH9 LH9 RH9 LH9 RH11110 LH10 RH811LH.65" (16.51mm)RH.748" (19mm).787" (20mm)1010tel: (800)338-0145 2013 Woods Equipment Company/TISCO All rights reserved.

Disc Mower PartsBlades for Disc Mowers by Size continued.ReplacesLENGTHWIDTH3.858" (98mm)1.575" (4mm)DM3033.858" (98mm)1.575" (40mm)DM3043.93" (99.82mm)1.57" (39.88mm)5802909553.93" (99.82mm)1.57" (39.88mm)5802909664.134" (105mm)1.850" (47mm)CM1204.134" (105mm)1.850" (47mm)CM153.858" (98mm)1.890" (48mm)122329LH3.858" (98mm)1.890" (48mm)122330RH4.21" (107mm)1.77" (45mm)TP-E802064.21" (107mm)1.77" (45mm)TP-E802084.213" (107.01mm)1.850" (46.99mm)61559K4.213" (107.01mm)1.850" (46.99mm)61560K4.213" (107.01mm)1.850" K4.213" (107mm)4.213" (107mm)4.213" (107mm)4.213" (107mm)4.213" (107mm)4.213" (107mm)4.213" (107mm)4.213" (107mm)4.252" (108mm)4.252" (108mm)4.213" (10.70mm)4.213" (107mm)4.213" (107mm)4.213" (107mm)4.213" (107mm)4.213" (107mm)4.213" (107.01mm)4.213" (107.01mm)4.213" (107.01mm)4.213" (107.01mm)4.213" (107.01mm)4.213" (107mm)4.213" (107mm)4.528" (115.01mm)4.252" (108mm)4.213" (10.70mm)4.213" (10.70mm)4.330" (109.98mm)1.772" (45mm)1.772" (45mm)1.772" (45mm)1.772" (45mm)1.890" (48mm)1.890" (48mm)1.772" (45mm)1.772" (45mm)1.890" (48mm)1.890" (48mm)1.850" (4.70mm)1.772" (45mm)1.772" (45mm)1.772" (45mm)1.890" (48mm)1.890" (48mm)1.85" (46.99mm)1.85" (46.99mm)1.85" (46.99mm)1.85" (46.99mm)1.85" (46.99mm)1.772" (45mm)1.772" (45mm)1.85" (46.99mm)1.575" (40mm)1.850" (4.70mm)1.850" (4.70mm)1.850" (46.99mm)55903310K4.330" (109.98mm)1.850" (46.99mm)D21212KD21222K9847683K9847684K659474.33" (109.98mm)4.33" (109.98mm)4.333" (110.05mm)4.333" (110.05mm)3.858" (98mm)2" (50.8mm)2" (50.8mm)2.00" (50.80mm)2.00" (50.80mm)1.724" 09" (111.98mm)4.409" (111.98mm)4.410" (112mm)4.410" (112mm)4.528" (115mm)1.850" (46.99mm)1.850" (46.99mm)1.890" (48mm)1.890" (48mm)1.850" (47mm)www.tiscoparts.comTHICKNESS.157" (4mm).157" (4mm).117" (2.97mm).117" (2.97mm).118" (3mm).118" (3mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm)0.157" (3.99mm)0.157" (3.99mm)0.157" (3.99mm)0.157" (3.99mm)0.157" (3.99mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm)0.157" (3.99mm).118" (3mm)0.157" (3.99mm)0.157" (3.99mm)HOLE DIA.640" (16.25mm).640" (16.25mm).74" (18.8mm).74" (18.80mm).827" (21mm).827" (21mm).787" (20mm).787" (20mm).720" (18mm).720" (18mm).728" (18.5mm).728" (18.5mm).728" (18.5mm)4110105 LH5 LHRHLHRH.716" (18.2mm).716" (18.2mm).716" (18.2mm).716" (18.2mm).895" (22.75mm).895" (22.75mm).716" (18.2mm).716" (18.2mm)72" (18.5mm).72" (18.5mm).728" (18.5mm).716" (18.2mm).716" (18.2mm).716" (18.2mm).728" (18.5mm).728" (18.5mm)0.719" (18.26mm)0.719" (18.26mm)0.728" (18.49mm)0.787" (19.99mm)0.719" (18.26mm).716" (18.2mm).716" (18.2mm)0.748" (19mm).807" (20.5mm).728" (1.850mm).728" (1.850mm).719" (18.27mm)LH.719" (18.27mm)RH.138" (3.5mm)0.89" (22.61mm)0.89" (22.61mm).890" (22.7mm).890" (22.7mm).646" (16.4mm).157" (4mm).748" (19mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm)0.157" (4mm).787" (20mm).787" (20mm).748" (19mm)fax: (800)356-5487FORM9 LH9 RHRH9 LH9 RH99RHLH9 RH9 LH999 LH9 RH110 RH10 LH991RHLHLHRH9 LH9 RHRHOEM NAMEHESSTONHESSTONBCSZWEEGERZWEEGERFELLAFELLAJOHN DEEREJOHN DEEREVICONVICONHESSTON, CASE,NEW HOLLANDGEHLGEHLNEW HOLLANDNEW NKUHNKUHNVICONVICONHESSTONHESSTONHESSTONHESSTONNEW HOLLANDJOHN DEEREJOHN DEERECLAASTAARUPNEW HOLLANDNEW HOLLANDKUHN, GEHL,NEW HOLLANDKUHN, GEHL,NEW HOLLANDNEW HOLLANDNEW HOLLANDNEW HOLLANDNEW el: (800)338-0145 2013 Woods Equipment Company/TISCO All rights reserved.Hay-2

Disc Mower PartsBlades for Disc Mowers by Size continued.ReplacesLENGTHWIDTH4.53" (115.06mm)1.77" (44.96mm)559061014.724" (120mm)1.890" (48mm)586994.724" (120mm)1.890" (48mm)587004.724" (120mm)1.890" (48mm)1117244.724" (120mm)1.890" (48mm)1117254.724" (120mm)1.890" (48mm)5262154.724" (120mm)1.890" (48mm)5262164.724" (120mm)1.890" (48mm)4-1201-1473-04.724" (120mm)1.890" (48mm)4-1201-1474-04.724" (120mm)1.890" (48mm)604658LH4.724" (120mm)1.890" (48mm)604659RH4.724" (120mm)1.890" (48mm)058699214.724" (120mm)1.890" (48mm)058700214.75" (120.65mm)2" (50.8mm)D21132K4.75" (120.65mm)2" (50.8mm)D21142K4.75" (120.65mm)2" (50.8mm)D21152K4.75" (120.65mm)2" (50.8mm)D21162K4.750" (120.65mm)2.00" (50.80mm)527746KTHICKNESS.16" (4.06mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm)1.57" (4mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm).157" (4mm)0.157" (4mm)0.157" (4mm)0.157" (3.99mm)0.157" (3.99mm)0.157" (3.99mm)0.157" (3.99mm).157" (4mm)HOLE DIA.72" (18.29mm).728" (18.5mm).728" (18.5mm).728" (18.5mm).728" (18.5mm).728" (18.5mm).728" (18.5mm).728" (18.5mm).728" (18.5mm).728" (18.5mm).728" (18.5mm).728" (18.5mm).728" (18.5mm)0.72" (18.29mm)0.72" (18.29mm)0.89" (22.61mm)0.89" (22.61mm).890" (22.7mm)FORM5 RH10 LH10 RH10 LH10 RH10 RH10 LH10 LH10 RH1010RHLHRRH527747K4.750" (120.65mm)2.00" (50.80mm).157" (4mm).890" (22.7mm)LH527748K4.750" (120.65mm)2.00" (50.80mm).157" (4mm).890" (22mm)RH527749K4.750" (120.65mm)2.00" (50.80mm).157" (4mm).890" (22.7mm)LH58699K4.750" (120.65mm)2.00" (50.80mm).720" (18.29mm)LH58700K4.750" (120.65mm)2.00" (50.80mm).720" .724" (120mm)4.750" (121mm)4.724" (120mm)4.724" (120mm)4.75" (120.65mm)1.878" (47.7mm)2.00" (50.80mm)1.878" (47.7mm)1.878" (47.7mm)2" (50.80mm).889" (22.6mm).889" (22.6mm).889" (22.6mm).889" (22.6mm).72" (18.3mm)9 RH9 LH10 RH10 LH37302226M14.75" (120.65mm)2" (50.80m

Fox, 218 John Deere, 217 Kelly Ryan, 218 Loftness, 218 Long, 218 Mighty Max, 218 Mott, 214 Owatonna, 219 RAU, 219 Flail Mower Parts (continued) Rears, 219 Southeast Mfg, 219 Stan Hoist, 219 Tiger, 219 Vrisimo, 219 Woods, 219 Ford Bale Counter, 258 Bearings, 265 Clutch Disc, Rotary Cutters, 50 Flail Mower Parts, 217 Gauge Wheel Components, 76 .

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The critical steps in hay-making are the following: Grass - both natural and planted - can be . used for hay-making. Legumes can also be used for hay-making, and these can be mixed with grass. Hay can be stored in heaps or bales. Loose hay can be heaped into a dome-shaped stack and covered with a plastic sheet. Hay can also be baled to reduce

the green hay cut as if it was a normal hay cut. If aftermath grazing is the usual management, this should be continued. The only difference between normal hay cut management and taking green hay is the timing as green hay is taken slightly earlier. Green hay should only be taken once every three years from donor grassland.

Making High Quality Grass Hay and Missed Perceptions Grass hay is so hard to make Grass hay takes so long to dry Grass hay must lay in the windrow for 10 days before baling No such thing as 'high quality' grass hay

electric forsaire counterflow furnace 54 furnace assembly replacement parts 300 modles 54 direct vent gravity furnaces 56 furnace assembly replacement parts 140 modles 56 control assembly replacement parts 140 models 57 blower accessory replacemnt 2303 kit for model 1403822 / 14h3822 58 furnace assembly replacement parts 220 / 300 modles 60 .

Facts of Hay: Legume (alfalfa and clover) hay is higher in protein and energy than grass hay; there-fore, you need to feed more (weight) grass hay then legumes. Grass hay will keep the horse busy eating longer, preventing boredom. Second and third cutting hays are higher in protein (18-24%) and energy than first cutting.

La soluci on que propuso a su problema fue: \Si hay m as de dos zonas en las que desemboca un numero impar de puentes, no hay soluci on. Si esto ocurre exacta-mente en dos zonas, hay soluci on si empezamos en alguna de estas dos zonas. Si no hay zonas con esta caracter stica, hay soluci on empezando desde cualquier sitio.

Acid detergent fiber (ADF) & Neutral detergent fiber (NDF) . EWE requirements HAY content WEEKS OF GESTATION Energy content of grass hay and energy requirements of ewes. 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 T 0 5 10 15 ON20 EWE Requirements HAY contnet WEEKS OF GESTATION Protein content of grass hay and protein requirements of ewes .

THE ESSENTIAL LOUISE HAY COLLECTION (comprising You Can Heal Your Life, Heal Your Body, and The Power Is Within You in a single volume) All of the above are available at your local bookstore, or may be ordered by visiting: Hay House USA: Hay House Australia: Hay House UK: