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SprintNavigationpowered bySprint Navigation v 2.8GPS Navigation Suite for Sprint BlackBerry DevicesTo see whether your device is supported, please r’s Guide 2003-2009 Sprint Nextel. All rights reserved. Sprint PCS and its families of related marks, images, and symbols are theexclusive properties and trademarks or registered trademarks of Sprint Nextel. Sprint Navigation is a trademark of SprintNextel. All other trademarks, registered trademarks, and servicemarks are acknowledged as the exclusive property oftheir respective owners. 2008-2009 Tele Atlas. All rights reserved. This material is proprietary and the subject of copyright protection and otherintellectual property rights owned by or licensed to Tele Atlas North America, Inc. The use of this material is subject to the terms ofa license agreement. You will be held liable for any unauthorized copying or disclosure of this material.No part of this manual may be reproduced, transmitted, copied, or stored in any storage medium, for any purpose, without priorwritten consent from Sprint. Sprint hereby grants the right to download one copy of this manual onto a hard drive for personaluse. This manual is copyrighted and contains proprietary information that is subject to change without notice. For moreinformation, visit http://navigation.sprint.com/. TELENAV, INC. 2003-2009PAGE 1 OF 79

Table of ContentsWelcome.6Safety and Legal Notices.7Data Service Options .7The Device Controls.8Getting Started with Sprint Navigation .9Sprint Navigation Account .9Software Installation .10Network Access.10Launching Sprint Navigation.11Terms of Service .12Registration.12Product Tour.13Upgrade from Free Trial.13Sprint Navigation Menu Overview .14Main Menu.14Drive To Menu.14Search Menu .15Maps & Traffic Menu.15Share & More Menu.16Drive To Menu .17Using a Bluetooth Headset.17Getting Driving Directions .18Resume Trip .20My Favorites .20Saving a Location to My Favorites .21Deleting a Location from My Favorites .21Recent Places .22Address – Type It .23Address – Call It .24Intersection .25City .26Businesses .26Airport.27 TELENAV, INC. 2003-2009PAGE 2 OF 79

Contact.27Navigation Options (Going To Screen) .27Initial Driving Directions.29GPS Origin Refinement .29Miss a Turn?.29Navigation Views.29Stop Navigating .30Recalculate Route.30Turn Icons Only.302D Moving Map .303D Moving Map .31Traffic Alert .31Route Summary .33Map Summary.33Traffic Summary.33Search Along Route.35Re-routing Options .35Manual .35Avoid Ahead (audio detour).36Search Menu .37Sponsored Results.40Search for Gas by Price.42Most Popular Category .42Map Results.43Maps & Traffic Menu.44Check Traffic.46Share Location .47Share & More Menu .48Share Address.49Select Address .49Select Contact (Send To) .50My Stuff.51 TELENAV, INC. 2003-2009PAGE 3 OF 79

My Favorites .52Received Addresses.52Add a New Favorite .53Add to Category .53Create New Category .53Delete a Category .54Rate a Location .55Read Reviews .56Submit Your Own Rating.56Recent Places .57Commute Alerts .58Create New Alert.59Sent Addresses.59Movies.60Search Movies.61Search Theaters.61Weather .62Record Location .63Refer a Friend.63Product Tour.64Preferences .65General .65Navigation.66Navigation Audio .66Speech Input .67Opt-In Features .68About.68About Sprint Navigation .69Support Info .69Your PIN Number.69Feedback Survey .69Cancel Sprint Navigator Subscription .70Diagnostic Tools.70Phone Calls.71Making a Phone Call from Sprint Navigation.71 TELENAV, INC. 2003-2009PAGE 4 OF 79

Taking an Incoming Call .71Interruption of Other Services.71Change your PIN number.71Exit Sprint Navigation .72The Sprint Navigation Website.72Error Conditions.73FAQs.74Customer Support .76Sprint PCS .76TeleNav Services Warranty.77Appendix A: Sprint Navigation v2.8 Product Features Matrix.78 TELENAV, INC. 2003-2009PAGE 5 OF 79

WelcomeSprint Navigation uses the integration of GPS position determination technology, the Java programmingenvironment, and access to your wireless carrier’s data network. The Research in Motion BlackBerry devicesprovide both the Java environment and access to the wireless network. The Sprint Navigation application provides: Multiple subscription account options with Free Sprint Navigation Lite, Sprint Navigation Standard, andSprint Navigation Premium account types. GPS navigation that punctually guides you turn-by-turn to any destination address in the ContinentalU.S. and Canada. If you miss a turn or get off-track, Sprint Navigation will calculate a new route foryou. You can enter one or more destination addresses by calling an automatic voice recognitionsystem, keying them into the device, or pulling them directly from the BlackBerry Address Book.Optionally, you can input a remote origin and receive Driving Directions from that origin address to theselected destination address. Audio and visual traffic alerts while driving or viewing maps, as well as traffic rerouting capabilities tominimize delays on your trip. A Search feature that allows you to find businesses or points of interest near your current location,around a waypoint, around an entered address, or around an airport. You can call the business first tocheck availability of an item or get a reservation and then navigate to it. You can also save the addressfor use later in the day. Points-of-Interest search result ads that offer merchant review, deals, and restaurant menus (dependson availability). Maps of the area around your current location, a marked Favorite, or an address you enter manuallyor have previously entered. You can pan the map (adjust left/right/up/down), and zoom in or out. Youcan also mark a point under the cursor as a Favorite. The ability to mark the current location as a Favorite that can be labeled. A Movies feature to search for movies based on location or theaters. A Weather feature to view current weather conditions, as well as a 7-day forecast, for a location thatyou choose. Commute Alerts for frequent commutes. Specify the origin, destination, alert time, and frequency, anda text message or email will be sent to you at the alert time with any traffic information for the specifiedroute. The ability to personalize the application by selecting the use of U.S. customary or metric distanceunits, the language for audible guidance, the volume and backlight level, etc. Diagnostic Tools for self-troubleshooting.NOTE: Depending on your subscription plan, not all these features may be available.You can also use many of Sprint Navigation’s features on the Sprint Navigation website, such as getting drivingdirections (Route Planning) and using the Search directory to find businesses such as restaurants, gas stations, TELENAV, INC. 2003-2009PAGE 6 OF 79

and hotels. You can also use the Sprint Navigation website to add an address to your My Favorites list and manageyour My Favorites and Recent Places lists.Sprint Navigation’s servers support these enhanced services via the carrier’s data network.Safety and Legal NoticesPlease read this section carefully before using Sprint NavigationSprint Nextel and TeleNav, Inc. will not accept any responsibility whatsoever for accidents resulting from failure toobserve common sense precautions. Your personal judgment, traffic regulations, and common sense must alwaystake precedence over any driving direction produced by Sprint Navigation.WARNING: Keep your eyes on the road.It is your responsibility as the vehicle operator to keep your eyes on the road and be an alert driver at all times,ESPECIALLY when the vehicle is moving. The vehicle operator should not be distracted by the applicationdisplays, by audible cues, or by manually interacting with the controls. When you need to enter data on your deviceusing the keypad or study the display, only do so while the vehicle is parked, not while the vehicle is in motion. Turnoff your device if your ability to drive responsibly is decreased by using the Sprint Navigation application.WARNING: Install the equipment safely.If you are using a device mounting kit, make sure that it does not obstruct your vision. You may wish to charge thedevice while using Sprint Navigation. If so, make sure that the charging cable does not interfere with any of thevehicle’s controls.WARNING: Drive safely and use common sense.The vehicle operator’s personal judgment, traffic regulations, and common sense must always take precedenceover the instructions provided by Sprint Navigation.It is your responsibility as the vehicle operator to drive safely, observe all traffic rules, and use your own personaljudgment while driving. If you feel that a route suggested by the navigation software instructs you to perform anunsafe or illegal maneuver, places you in an unsafe situation, or routes you into an area that you consider to beunsafe, do not follow the navigation instructions.Data Service OptionsThe Sprint Navigation application that you install on your device requires a means of accessing the public Internet,which is typically provided by your carrier’s data network.The Sprint Navigation application on your device communicates with the Sprint Navigation servers to get routing,maps, and points of interest via your carrier’s data network. You do not need to purchase additional data services ifyou already have a data or email services plan for your phone. However, if you do not already have a data or emailservices plan, you must order one from Sprint so you can use the Sprint Navigation application.Sprint PCS1-800-777-4681 (1-800-SPRINT-1) TELENAV, INC. 2003-2009PAGE 7 OF 79

The Device ControlsThe following graphic shows the control buttons for the BlackBerry 8830 device. Other Blackberry devices mayvary.Speaker on/offHeadset jackUSB portMENU KeyAudio volumeESCape keyTrackballALT KeySpace keyDELete keyEnter keySpeaker ( )keyTIP: To advance through Sprint Navigation, press the trackball or use the Enter key. Use the trackball on forms toadvance row by row. TELENAV, INC. 2003-2009PAGE 8 OF 79

Clicking the Menu key or the trackball while using the Sprint Navigation application may give you a variety ofoptions, depending on what screen you are on. The options are discussed in the appropriate sections below. Thereis usually an option for Help and one to take you back to the Home Screen to reduce the number of times youwould have to press the Escape key.Getting Started with Sprint NavigationThe Sprint Navigation application that resides within your BlackBerry requires a Sprint Navigation subscription andmeans of accessing the public Internet.Sprint Navigation AccountYou can create a Sprint Navigation account by calling 1-800-777-4681 to speak to a Customer SupportRepresentative or by purchasing directly from your device (click on the Sprint Navigation icon).There are three types of accounts available, and the features you can access will vary depending on account. ThisUser’s Guide discusses all features as offered by the Premium plan; if you are subscribed to a different plan, whatyou see on the Sprint Navigation screens will be different.For details on the features offered by each plan, please refer to Appendix A on page 78. Lite – This account comes free and offers static drivingdirections. It comes with a limited features set. If at any timeyou would like to upgrade your account, choose the “Upgrade”option below “Share & More.” Standard – This paid account offers moving maps and voicedirections during navigation. It has more features than the Liteaccount, but not as many as the Premium account. Premium – This paid account gives you access to the fullfeatures of the Sprint Navigation application. TELENAV, INC. 2003-2009PAGE 9 OF 79

Software InstallationSprint Navigation can be downloaded directly onto your BlackBerry. Simply click the Sprint Navigation logo to beginthe download. Alternatively, you can also download Sprint Navigation Over-the-Air (OTA) using your BlackBerry’sInternet Browser. Follow the instructions below.NOTE: The OTA approach may take 5-30 minutes, depending on your coverage.1. From the BlackBerry Main Menu, launch the Web Browser.2. Press the Menu key and select “Go To ”3. Input the OTA download link: http://ota.telenav.com/ota/sn/nav4. Press Enter and select OK.5. After the download process has completed successfully, locate theSprint Navigation application icon in the applications menu.Sprint Navigation iconNetwork AccessSprint Navigation uses the public Internet to access its servers for mapping, routing, and search services from yourdevice. If you are not using your BlackBerry for e-mail services, you will still need to add an individual BlackBerry email plan to have access to data services. There are three different network settings for you to select from. Wait 90 TELENAV, INC. 2003-2009PAGE 10 OF 79

seconds after turning on your BlackBerry to allow these services options to register. These access methods areautomatically determined by Sprint Navigation when it launches, but you can change the settings from within theSprint Navigation Preferences menu.Launching Sprint NavigationIf the application menu is hidden, press the Menu key to expose it. Highlightthe Sprint Navigation icon on the BlackBerry Home Screen and press thetrackball or the Enter key.Sprint Navigation iconIf you are using a list theme, scroll down to Applications and enter theapplications menu. Then scroll down to “Sprint Navigation” and press Enter.After starting Sprint Navigation, the splash screen will appear for a fewseconds.The first time you use Sprint Navigation, you must grant Sprint Navigationaccess to the network so it can authenticate your account, fetch maps, getnavigation routes, and search for businesses. Click Ok on this screen tocontinue.Click View to go to the Permissions screen. TELENAV, INC. 2003-2009PAGE 11 OF 79

Use the trackball to allow Sprint Navigation to have access to allconnections.Choose Menu Save.Terms of ServiceThe Terms of Service screen appears. If you agree to the terms, choose“Accept.”NOTE: If you do not want to accept the Sprint Navigation Terms Of Use,select “Exit Sprint Navigation.”RegistrationYour Phone Number is automatically generated on the Register screen.Enter your First and Last Name and Email address. This name will bedisplayed to others if you share addresses with them.You may also see an important message from Sprint regarding upgrades,scheduled downtime, pending account expiration, etc.After the initial login, Sprint Navigation wi

Sprint Navigation’s servers support these enhanced services via the carrier’s data network. Safety and Legal Notices Please read this section carefully before using Sprint Navigation Sprint Nextel and TeleNav, Inc. will not accept any responsibility whatsoever for accidents re

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