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Q&A WITH BARRY SLATT MORTGAGE’SDAN FRIEDEBERGSEE PAGE 19MORTGAGE FINANCESpring 2018NEWSTechnology and Today’sMortgage EmployeeSEE PAGE 12IN FOCUS:MortgageTechnologycmba.comww.wtsausitA publication ofVi

Opes Advisorsplus Flagstar BankLocal PeopleMore PowerOpes Advisors is now a Division of Flagstar Bank. Same local control of processing and underwriting More loan products – including equity lines, fixedsecond mortgages, and construction loans Personal financial modeling to show the futureimpact of your real estate decision Ability to handle your home financing needs acrossthe nationInterested in building your business for tomorrow?Visit orcontact us at 2017 Opes Advisors, A Division of Flagstar Bank Member FDIC Equal Housing Lender

FINANCING REAL ESTATE.INVESTING IN RELATIONSHIPS.Hayward, CASanta Ana, CA 6,250,000 14,175,000Alameda, CA 3,500,000Los Angeles, CAMULTIFAMILY LENDING 1MM to 15MM30 year loan / 30 year amortization3, 5, or 7 year fixed rateFlexible step-down prepayment scheduleNo impounds for taxes, insurance,or capital improvementsUp to 75% LTV and 1.15:1 DSCRNon-recourse availableInterest only availableEarnout option availableMultifamily, mixed-use and mobile home parksEarly rate lockUMPQUACRELENDING.COM 4,740,000San Francisco, CAFullerton, CA 3,030,000 3,000,000Wendy HejnaRegional DirectorSouthern frey PinedaRegional DirectorNorthern

1st Annual Members-OnlyChairman'sConferenceApril 8-10, 2018The Lodge at Torrey Pines11480 N. Torrey Pines Rd.La Jolla, CA 92037Featured Speakers Include:U.S. Rep. Ed RoyceFirst American’s Chief Economist Mark FlemingMajor Brian Shul, USAF (Ret.)Jen Shirkani

In This Issue SPRING 2018CHAIRMAN’S CORNER 6EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S LETTER 7LEGISLATIVE REPORT 8MEDIA & MARKETING 11COVER STORY 12ROUNDTABLE 15WHO’S WHO 16FEATURED RESIDENTIAL 18FEATURED COMMERCIAL 19LATEST COMMERCIAL DEALS 20RESIDENTIAL 23California Mortgage Finance News ispublished by the California MBA fourCOMMERCIAL 25times each year: Spring, Summer, Fall,and Winter.2018 CONFERENCES & EVENTS 26EDITOR:Dustin HobbsNEW MEMBERS 27PUBLISHER/LAYOUT:Wolfe Design MarketingPHOTO GALLERIES 41California MBAROAD TRIP 44520 Capitol Mall, Suite 440Sacramento, CA 95814PHONE:FAX:(916) 446-7100(916) 446-7105EMAIL:info@cmba.comCALIFORNIA MORTGAGE FINANCE NEWSSP RINwww.CMBA.comG18205

CHAIRMAN’S CORNERNew Year, New Challenges forCalifornia MBAbyCHARLES W.HALLADAY,As the new begins, American businessleast from the new leadership at the Consumerhas quite a bit to be optimisticFinancial Protection Bureau (CFPB). On theabout. Overall economic indicatorscommercial/multi-family side of the businessChairman,from unemployment to stock market value toincreasing rates will be a challenge for lenders;California MBAwage growth seem to be trending in the righthowever, strong employment and economicSenior Managingdirection. Housing and real estate are moreexpansion should help industry weather theDirector, HFF, LPof a mixed bag right now – if you’re looking tochallenges.sell a home, ATTOM Data Solutions reportsOne issue that will continue to be felt inthat home seller profits are at a 10-yearthe residential industry this year is ongoinghigh; however, buyers are facing affordabilityconsolidation, as companies take advantage ofchallenges, particularly in California (see belowtheir market position, or simply have reached afor more), and MBA forecasts a significantpoint where the cost of doing business, or thedecrease in residential originations in 2018.regulatory burdens lead them to the inevitableAdditionally, MBA (and virtually every leadingconclusion that finding a partner makes theeconomist) expects interest rates (andmost sense for their businesses, employees,mortgage rates) to rise this year. MBA expectsand rates to edge near 5% by the end ofthe year, and cross over that psychologicallyimportant barrier mid-way through 2019.And that’s before President DonaldTrump’s much debated and discussed taxreform has a chance to go into effect. Whilemuch of the dialogue surrounding the issue1st Annual Members-OnlyChairman's Conferencefocused on the decrease in the individualtax rate, the real impact will be felt by thedrop in the corporate tax rate – from a highof 35% to 21%. As for the results, not onlyhave we seen a number of large corporationspromising wage increases, bonuses and more,but consumers will also see a big differencewhen the lower tax rate is combined withSPregulatory relief, which we’ve begun to see, atRING18206CALIFORNIA MORTGAGE FINANCE NEWSApril 8-10, 2018The Lodge at Torrey Pines11480 N. Torrey Pines Rd.La Jolla, CA 92037

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S LETTERWhat’s New in 2018?SUSAN MILAZZO,Executive Director,California MBAWe’re kicking off 2018 with areason that you should not be clearing yourrenewed focus on creatingcalendar to attend! Member companies will bevalue for your Californiareceiving their personal invitations via email.MBA membership. The support from ourOur next addition for 2018 is somethingmembership allows us, among other things,we’ve been working on for quite some time!to maintain the strong advocacy presenceThe California MBA has formed a programwe have in our State Capitol, host cutting-to allow member companies to apply foredge education conferences with speakersdiscounted employee medical benefits. Inrecognized nationally for their industrytoday’s healthcare market, this expense hasexpertise and a cadre of networkingrisen dramatically in the past several yearsopportunities to keep us all connected! Weand its tough for small to mid-size companieswant to enhance the list of reasons ourto receive competitive quotes for employeemember companies continue to provide thismedical benefits. This program allows us tosupport with these two opportunities in 2018.pool our resources and compete at levels thatThis Spring we will host our Inauguralhave previously only been available to largeChairman’s Conference (April 8 – 10 at Thecompanies. We’re seeing that this programLodge at Torrey Pines). This is an exclusivecan typically provide a 15-25% annual savingsopportunity for the members of the Californiafor our members, while significantly improvingMBA to network at the highest levels in anthe benefit plan options and features.intimate setting! This annual event is designedThis is an exciting opportunity for ourwith the CEO/Company President in mind.association and our members. Our goal isYou’ll be networking with and learning fromto help you manage operating expenses andcolleagues in the mortgage industry who faceoffer high quality employee benefits. If yourthe same challenges you face! Additionally,company is interested in learning more aboutonly one registration (plus one guest) isthis program, please contact me (susan@cmba.permitted per company, ensuring an intimatecom) and we’ll get you all the information youatmosphere.need!Participants will be invited to golf withLastly, we are proud to announce thatindustry colleagues at one of the most amazingwe have plans underway to be a part of acourses in the world as well as enjoy siteCalifornia based fundraiser for the MBA Opensseeing in this exquisite part of our beautifulDoors Foundation. This charity founded bystate! The focus is on building industrythe national MBA uses 100% of monies raisedrelationships so there will be no exhibit hall,to help families with critically ill calendar of back-to-back meetings, and no Executive Director’s Letter continued on page 27CALIFORNIA MORTGAGE FINANCE NEWSSP RINbyG18207

LEGISLATIVE REPORTSession Resumes withSeveral Mortgage-Related BillsUnder ConsiderationLegislative Counsel,TCapitol’s longest-running rituals. Early everya minority in both houses of the Legislature,KP Public AffairsJanuary the governor presents a proposedare already taking the position that the budgetstate budget for the fiscal year that will beginsurplus is proof that California taxes are tooin six months. This year’s budget proposalhigh.byPAT ZENZOLA,California MBAhe beginning of the second year of theon additional entitlements like expandedtwo-year California legislative sessionhealthcare, childcare and poverty reductionin January also ushers in one of theprograms. In contrast, Republicans who arewas special in that it was Governor Brown’s16th and final of his gubernatorial career,cautious budget proposal is the uncertaintyspanning two eight-year terms separatedCalifornia faces about the fiscal impact of theby 28 years. His first budget for the 1975-new federal tax law. It caps mortgage interest76 fiscal year was 11.5 billion. His currentdeductions to interest on mortgage debt upbudget proposal is 190.3 billion, a little moreto 750,000 and imposes a 10,000 limit onthan 16 times his first. This budget proposal isfederal tax deductions for state and local taxalso unique in that the governor wants to addpayments. State policymakers are concernedan additional 3.5 billion to the state’s rainy-that these changes will entice many high-day fund, raising the fund to 13.5 billion andearning Californians to leave the state. Thisfor the first time totaling 10 percent of thewould have a dramatically negative impactstate general-fund revenue. Brown’s primaryon state revenue because state taxes heavilyreasoning for the historically high rainy daydepend on income taxes paid by the wealthiestfund is that it is necessary to weather the nextresidents.recession.This budget proposal, however, is justimpact on the legislative front in that twostate lawmakers have introduced Assemblybe months of negotiations with legislativeConstitutional Amendment 22 (ACA 22) toleadership before a final budget is passedclaw back what they describe as a tax windfallinto law. And there is little doubt thatbenefiting corporations at the expense ofthe Legislature, dominated by progressiveworking class families. The federal tax planRING18208The federal tax overhaul has also had anthe starting point for what is expected toDemocrats, will negotiate to spend moreSPA second reason cited for the Governor’sCALIFORNIA MORTGAGE FINANCE NEWS Legislative Report continued on page 28

We serveneighborhoods and communitiesRanked #1“Highest in Customer Satisfaction withPrimary Mortgage Originations — J.D. Power”Find uswww.guildmortgage.comGuild Mortgage Company is an Equal Housing Lender; Licensed by the Department of Business Oversight under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act. OR ML-176; Georgia Residential Mortgage Licensee; GA #6268; NV Banker#1076/NV Broker #1141; AZ BK #0018883; Licensed by the Mississippi Department of Banking and Consumer Finance. Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee. Kansas Licensed Mortgage Company. Licensed by the New Hampshire BankingDepartment. Company NMLS ID 3274. All loans subject to underwriter approval. Terms and conditions apply. Guild Mortgage Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Guild Mortgage Company5898 Copley Drive San Diego, CA 92111 State of Missouri Principal Location: 1730 Fenpark Drive, Suite 1003, Fenton, MO 63026. Guild Mortgage Company received the highest numerical score in a tie among 23 lenders in the J.D. Power2017 Primary Mortgage Origination Satisfaction Study, based on 5,893 total responses, measuring the opinions of customers who originated a new mortgage or refinanced within the past 12 months, surveyed July – August 2017. Yourexperiences may vary. Visit

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MEDIA & MARKETINGMedia Malpractice ‘Reveal’ed inRecent News StoriesDirector,Iand again—“fake news.” While it began as alending accounts for nearly half of mortgageCalifornia MBApejorative aimed by then-candidate Donaldlending to African-Americans and Hispanics),Trump at what he determined to be less thanand then notes major racial/ethnic gaps inaccurate reporting, it has now become a catch-lending numbers by examining data submittedall for people on both sides of the politicalto the government per the Home Mortgageand cultural spectrum to dismiss news thatDisclosure Act (HMDA). As many reading thisthey disagree with, regardless of the facts. Inknow, that data is missing several key factorsa sense, “fake news” has been used so muchthat determine a borrower’s creditworthiness,it seems to have lost any meaning at all. Thatincluding credit score, DTI, and LTV – whichsaid, I wanted to draw your attention to aare the predominant reason lenders denyrecent report that is truly an example of mediamortgage applications. It’s not until paragraphmalpractice.15 that the authors even cite those factorsDUSTIN HOBBS,Communicationsf you watch news of any kind these days,can lead a reader to a wrong conclusion. Theor surf the wild swells of social media,story purposefully excludes FHA lendingone phrase seems to crop up againstatistics and data from its analysis (FHAMid-February brought us the release of anas important, and then only in alleging thatinaccurate, biased, and shamefully slanderouslenders are somehow keeping that information“report” by Reveal (from the Center for“secret” from the public.Investigative Reporting) and the AssociatedNonetheless, the authors allege despicablePress. The report purports to examinemotives to lenders for those racial/ethnicinstances of legal “redlining” in conventionaldisparities. All of that despite evidenceloans in many cities across the country,that minority homebuyers are no longer anincluding several in California. The “legal”‘emerging’ market, but are the backbone ofaspect refers to how mortgage companiestoday and tomorrow’s lending landscape.have applied the Community ReinvestmentAccording to the 2016 State of HispanicAct (CRA). The report cites lower mortgageHomeownership Report, authored by theapproval rates for Hispanic and African-National Association of Hispanic Real EstateAmerican borrowers, despite a 99% rate ofProfessionals (NAHREP), Hispanic householdsCRA conformity.accounted for nearly three-quarters (74.5%)However, despite the wide circulationof net growth in U.S. homeownership in 2016.of the story, it is misleading at best, and isa good example of how cherry-picked facts Media & Marketing continued on page 29CALIFORNIA MORTGAGE FINANCE NEWSSP RINbyG182011

COVER STORYTechnologyEmployeesandToday’s MortgagebyThere is a lot of talk these days about technology disrupting the residentialSTACY MOHR,SVP Capital Markets,Mountain West Financial, industry. It is impossible to go to a conference without there beingat least one session about technology. In fact, there are entire conferenceswith this as the main subject. There is no denying that our industry is undergoing anexciting technology revolution.This revolution touches all facets of our companies. One facet that may often beoverlooked is the human side of technology. More precisely, how is your companyusing technology to connect with your employees and to support your company’sculture? Just as a one-size-fits-all approach does not work with all customers, thesame can be said for employees. Is your internal technology strategy attractingemployees? Distracting them? Or maybe even driving them away? This area deservessignificant attention because it can result in high costs if not done well.A company’s internal technology strategy includes topics such as email, texting,video conferencing, telecommuting, instant messaging, and use of the internet. Let’stake a look at a few of these in more detail.EMAILEmail is a necessity. However, in some instances, this piece of technology canturn ugly. Have you ever been part of a seemingly unending chain of emails? Haveyou ever zoned out of an email conversation because you were cc’d on a battlebetween other parties? Have you ever experienced a misunderstanding becausetyped communication lacks tone of voice and visual cues? (When is someone goingto invent a sarcasm font?)Senior management should set the standards for when email use is appropriateand when other forms of communication would be better. A written policy is best,but keep in mind that such policies can vary among companies and should be suitedto your company’s culture. In addition, this is a learned skill and employees willbenefit greatly from coaching on how to use email effectively.SP Cover Story continued on page 13RING182012CALIFORNIA MORTGAGE FINANCE NEWS

Cover Story continued from page 13 TELECOMMUTINGmessaging a major distraction and areasome of the consequences of it. In thoseof frustration. Another company mayinstances, consider how you can balanceoption has mixed support. Some majorplace a high value on collaboration andany negatives by increasing other non-companies have moved in this direction,communication. The benefits of usingtechnological aspects of your business.only to reverse course a few yearsinstant messaging may far outweighlater. Telecommuting has the benefit ofthe social distraction component forof technology that call for carefulincreasing your pool of job candidates.that company.consideration. The fact is that theThe use of telecommuting as a workWe’ve touched on a few areasHowever, companies must carefullyconsider whether this arrangement fitspiece that needs to be considered.While the topics covered so far areThe human factor, as it relates to angeneric and not exactly “new”, a newerindividual company’s culture, shouldwidely across both job duties andtechnology is currently being discussedbe addressed before any technologyindividual employees. Some employeesat many of our organizations. There is ais added to the mix. Giving carefulthrive in an environment where they havehuge focus on offering new technologyattention to this aspect will go a longmore control and autonomy over thingsto borrowers in our industry. It seemsway towards ensuring the success oflike temperature, sounds, and workspace.that employee acceptance of suchyour technology implementation.Others find out that working from hometechnologies is often taken for distracting or that they miss the humanHowever, these changes can be drasticinteractions that occur in the office.and can have an impact on employeeConsider, too, how your company handlesengagement. For example, you maystaff meetings and other activities. Howhave an employee who thrives on verbalimportant is it that staff members attendinteraction with borrowers. How willsuch events in-person? One other itemthis employee feel when all interactionto consider: how does the authorizationnow takes place through a computerof telecommuting for certain employeesscreen? By having a discussion with staffaffect the morale of those who remainregarding upcoming changes well inin the office? Such arrangement may fitadvance, decision makers can factor inyour company’s culture perfectly, or mayany concerns prior to implementation.Telecommuting’s success variescontradict some company values.Another area of mixed success isThe LARGER the group.The LOUDER the voice. in with a company’s culture prior toimplementing it. It’s important to takethe use of instant messaging amonga look at this on a regular basis. If youremployees. Is instant messaging acompany has already implementeduseful tool that increases productivity?technologies such as instant messaging,Or, is it merely another socialtake a step back and consider howdistraction? The reality is that both ofthis is fitting with your company’sthese are likely to be true for a portionculture. Then, take a step forward andof employees. The important piece isget feedback from those who use thehow such uses align with or divergetechnology. If you don’t like what youfrom your company’s culture. Onesee or hear, it’s never too late to makecompany may be quite structured,some changes.where output is priority #1. Sucha company is likely to find instantJOINOften times it is impossible to knowexactly how a new technology will fitINSTANT MESSAGINGMAKE ADIFFERENCE! some cases, a technology (such asemail) is necessary, even if we don’t likeCALIFORNIA MORTGAGE FINANCE NEWSSP RINwell with the company’s culture.technological aspect is not the onlyWEB-BASED LENDINGG182013

ROUNDTABLETech and the Mortgage IndustryEDITOR’S NOTE—This is the latest in a series dealing with the issues facing the real estate financeindustry. Each issue we touch on a different topic, asking CMBA’s experts for their thoughts on theissue at hand. In this issue of CMFN, we talk to three execs neck-deep in the tech revolution sweepingthe industry. Linn Cook, is Director of Sales & Marketing at LendingQB, a SaaS provider of mortgageorigination solutions, headquartered in Costa Mesa; Brian Kneafsey is Head of Client Operations forBlend, a San Francisco-based technology firm; and Paul Gigliotti is VP of Operations for West CoastMortgage, located in Sacramento.The views and opinions expressed are solely those of the authors.CALIFORNIA MBA: HOW ARE APIS AREwould have to build custom integrations forMAKING IT SIMPLER TO DESIGN ANDeach tool they wanted to use—a costly andUTILIZE SOLUTIONS FOR A SHORTCUT TOtime-consuming process.A GENUINELY ‘DIGITAL’ MORTGAGE?Cook: The nature of an API is that itThe spread of APIs across industries hasled to software created to be pieced into largerprovides a more flexible and powerful methodproducts. Today we have an “API economy”for systems to work seamlessly with eachof programs that do one action or processother. This is key because the cost to buildextremely well and integrate easily. This hasand maintain an integration largely determineshelped lenders streamline complex processes—the feasibility of any integration. The lesssuch as mortgage applications—with platformsexpensive it is to integrate, the more likelylike Blend. By making it easier for lenders toinnovative services will be available for lendersadopt powerful point solutions and createto utilize. It terms of the integration itself, APIstech stacks customized to their needs, APIsenable vendors to do more than just exchangehave helped make borrower-centric digitaldata. Unique functionality can be invokedmortgages a reality.or accessed through an API, creating moreGigliotti: API’s have allowed the mortgagevalue from an integration and delivering moreindustry to automate the communication of‘digital’ capabilities to the end in a more consistent, secure, and timelyKneafsey: APIs—tools for buildingmanner. Anyone who has been throughand defining software interactions—havea mortgage transaction knows that theempowered lenders to leverage the best toolspaperwork can feel endless at times. API isright out of the box. Without APIs, lendersCALIFORNIA MORTGAGE FINANCE NEWSSP RIN Roundtable continued on page 30G182015

WHO’S WHOJOSEPH SCHMITT & SKYLER NASRALLAHAlight is pleased toAlight’s mortgage solutions businessChairman and Chiefcontinuation ofSchmitt, both of whom are workingExecutive Officer ofits partnershipon Alight’s professional servicesArch Capital Groupwith Northeasternteam, implementing Alight MortgageUniversity(Boston) and its world-renownedLending at some of the country’s topindependent mortgage banking firms.Skyler majors in economics andEducational Cooperative and CareerLtd. [NASDAQ:ACGL], will berecognized as the St. John’s UniversitySchool of Risk Management 2017Development (Co-op) program. Thepreviously held a Co-op position atInsurance Leader of the Year at thelatest Northeastern students to joinState Street Bank in Boston. Josephorganization’s 23rd Annual Insuranceis pursuing a bachelor of businessLeader of the Year Award Dinner onadministration with a concentrationJanuary 17 in New York City.Congratulations to ourFuture LeadersClass of 2018!Jason Alderton,MQMRJennifer Armstrong,One Reverse MortgageMatt Clegg,Catalyst MortgageAmanda Coffrini,Sierra Pacific MortgagePhil Garcia,loanDepotPhilip George,CMG FinancialJosh Gibson,American Pacific MortgageMichael Gonzales,McCalla Raymer Leibert Pierce, LLCJennifer Khouri,AAA-AMCErica Connors-Newberry,Catalyst MortgageTheo Newson,CBRE, Inc.Kimberly Shipp,American Pacific MortgageRekha Siddani,AmeriHome Mortgage CompanyTaylor Sims,RWM Home LoansJuly White,AmeriHome Mortgage Companyin finance. Prior to Alight, he heldThe award, traditionally awardeda finance analyst Co-op positionto an insurance industry leader forat The Boston Consulting Group.distinguished achievement over a“We’re thrilled to welcome the nextlong career or special achievement,generation of professionals to Alightrecognizes Iordanou’s careerand, as a graduate of Northeasterncontributions to the insurancemyself, I can vouch for how utterlyindustry, his philanthropic efforts andinvaluable the Co-op experience is—ithis work in helping build Arch Capitalset me on a path of success that myGroup into a 13 billion has continued to follow right up“I’m truly honored to be receivinguntil today,” said Michele McGovern,this award,” said Mr. Iordanou. “I’veCEO, Alight, Inc. “And, it’s part of ourbeen fortunate to be connectedcommitment as a company—ensuringto phenomenal people over thethat we bring new talent into thecourse of my life and could not haveindustries we serve. Best of all, weachieved this level of success withoutlearn as much from our Co-op studentstheir help. I feel that this award is aand interns as they learn from us!”reflection of what the team at ArchIn addition, Alight is pleased tohas been able to build, and I acceptannounce the promotion of Smit Bankerthis award on behalf of our 3,500to the role of Product Manager foremployees around the world.”Alight Mortgage Lending. A two-yearveteran of Alight, Banker most recentlywas a professional services consultantresponsible for some of Alight’s mostprominent and sophisticated mortgagebanking customers.RING182016Dinos Iordanou,are Skyler Nasrallah and Josephannounce theSPDINOS IORDANOUCALIFORNIA MORTGAGE FINANCE NEWS

WHO’S WHODEBRA JOHNSONJOE MCKONETODD MCKENNALand Home FinancialEvergreen HomeRedwood MortgageLoans, a full-Services, Inc. (LandCorp. is pleasedservice directHome), a nationalto announce Toddhome loan lendermortgage banker,McKenna hasoffering origination,introduced Joejoined the firm as anMcKone as its newfunding and homeloan servicing with offices in sixArea Manager for the Bay Area,Western states, announced thatSouthern California, and Nevada.Debra “Debbie” Johnson joinedAccountExecutive. Todd started inDecember and will be covering SanMr. McKone, a 20-year veteran inFrancisco and Marin Counties.the company’s executive team asthe mortgage industry is charged withchief financial officer, executive vicecontinuing the company’s successfulEconomics from University of Sanpresident reporting to President Dongrowth pattern with an emphasisFrancisco and a B.A. in supporting our loan officers withMathematics from UCLA. Todd holdsbuilding strong relationships withinSeries 7, 63 and 65 Licenses and justour communities.recently passedJohnson brings a strong financialservices background to Evergreen,having served in executive positions“Joe has a history of being aMcKenna has an M.A. inthe Cal BRE Salesperson licenseat Opus Bank, Cascade Bank, andstrong leader and has the characterexam. Prior to joining RMC he wasHomestreet Bank. She most recentlyto retain solid relationships with bothV.P. of Corporate Sales at IPREO.served as Chief Financial Officerour sales people and our customers”,at Northwest Bank. With over 25says Brad Waite, President & CEO& Company as well as JMP Securitiesyears’ experience in the financialat Land Home. He has an excellentin Institutional Equity industry, her expertisetrack record of driving production andincludes strategic planning, financialyielding positive results – somethingFederal Bank and Shearson Lehmanmanagement, cost analysis, andwe are very excited to put to use inMortgage Corp. in San Francisco.productivity improvements.the Bay Area, Southern California andyears and I’m pleased to announcePrior to that Todd was at CoastNevada regions.”Mr. McKone comes to Landthat she will join our Evergreen familyHome from First California Mortgageas chief financial officer,” said DonCompany (First CAL) where heBurton. “Debbie is a well-known localwas the Executive Vice Presidentleader in the mortgage and bankingresponsible for Wholesale, Retail,community. I believe her contributionsConsumer Direct, Affinity Sales andwill strengthen our unique culture attheir Operation’s teams. He has overEvergreen and our commitment to15 years of executive level productionproviding affordable lending solutionsand operations team managementfor our customers.”experience.If you would like to submit an employee tobe recognized in an upcoming issue, for more information.CALIFORNIA MORTGAGE FINANCE NEWSSP RIN“I’ve known Debbie for over 20He has worked for OppenheimerG182017

FEATURED RESIDENTIALTechnology in theMortgage IndustryResolve to EvolvebyJOE WELU,CEO, Total Expert, Inc.There’s a gap in the mortgage industrytransactions. An apartment complex in Dubaithat’s growing wider all the time: It’sis offering first-choice units to people whothe difference between companieswant to pay in bitcoin. Once a buyer decideswho are embracing and mastering the useto go ahead with the purchase, they get aof technology in their businesses and those15-minute price guarantee. Last fall, a flatwho are struggling to deal with it. There’s noin Ukraine became the first property to beshortage of excuses for failure to incorporatesold using a blockchain. What wil

Mortgage Tech Mortgage Tech Leading a ' 3 §32-2 31'3 2'89,-6S SEE PAGE 12 NEWS MORTGAGE FINANCE C M Y CM MY CY CMY K CMFNcvr_18(1)Spr.pdf 1 3/16/18 3:28 PM Q&A WITH BARRY SLATT MORTGAGE’S DAN FRIEDEBERG SEE PAGE 19 IN FOCUS: Mortgage Technology Spring 2018

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