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MEP Altistart 01 EN/2 4mj10/12/0312:10Page 3Soft startersAltistart 01The starting solution For single-phase and 3-phase asynchronous motorsfrom 0.37 to 75 kW / 3 to 85 A.

MEP Altistart 01 EN/2 4mj10/12/0312:10Page 4Altistart 01Welcome to the Simply Smart* world, compliments ofTelemecanique.The Altistart 01 combines compactness and simplicity for motorstarters whilst providing complete smoothness.The most compact in its category!Put an end to surges that cancause unnecessary wear to yourmachines, adversely affect yourproduction or even be thesource of incidents!Select soft starting and stoppingfor your asynchronous motors inoptimal conditions for:the machine being driven,the mains supply,the motor.Maximum simplicity!Very easy to set-up:- Simplified cablingand connection (samecomponents as used foran electromechanical starter).Quick adjustments:- adjustable startingand deceleration times:5 s or 10 s.- Adjustable unjammingtorque.Simple diagnosticsby two LEDs.Signalling on completionof starting.24 V integrated power supply(ATS01N2.).Functions relatedto the requirementsof your machine.Minimumdimensionsto further reducethe size of yourenclosures.For suppressingtorque surgeson starting(freewheel stop).Dimensions:(up to 6 A)Altistart 01N1from 3 to 12 AStarting-up assuredusing the “Boost”function (for difficultstarting conditions).Plug-in connectorfor control part.For suppressingtorque surges onstartingand soft stopping.Limitation ofcurrent peaksand suppressionof voltage drops.Dimensions:Altistart 01N2from 6 to 32 AEMC pollution masteredIntegrated bypass contactor.Assured economySave time withquick setting-up,prevent premature wearof your machines.Standards and certificationsIEC/EN 60947-4-2, C-TICKwidth : 22,5 mmheight : 100 mmdepth : 100 mm(up to 12 A)width : 45 mmheight : 124 mmdepth : 113 mmControl andcommunicationfunctions withTeSys model U.For suppressingtorque surges onstarting, softstopping.and for controlat any instant ofyour application.Altistart 01model Ufrom 6 to 32 ASA012723*Simply Smart: more ingenuity and intelligence for continually improving ease of use

MEP Altistart 01 EN/2 4mj10/12/0312:11Page 5Tailor-made solutions.Ease of use withcomplete motor startersIncrease performance and simplifythe design and setting-up of yourinstallations by combining the Altistart 01starter with Telemecanique components.Guaranteed combinations!Selection guides with the variousappropriate components.Circuit-breakers,Differential ctors.Simplified integration in enclosuresPerfect mechanical assemblyfor ease of mounting.Minimum dimensions.Optimal safetyMagnetic protection in eventof short-circuitThermal protection in eventof overload.A small investmentfor big advantages1st motorstarter-controller:TeSys model U.Mounting kitSimplified mounting,optimised size.With TeSys model U, benefit froma unique motor starter solution:Perfect integrationin automation systemsInformation regarding the motor status.Remote access to this informationby bus or local access usingthe multifunction control unitand PowerSuite parametering software.Openness to applicationsprovided by function modules.

MEP Altistart 01 EN/2 4mj10/12/0312:11Page 6.for your applicationsPower: from 0.37 to 5.5 kWSmall compressors.Fans.Small conveyors.Automatic doors.Reduction of surges on starting:Suppression of mechanical wearby eliminating slipping belts.Increase in service life of machines.Reduction of mechanical shocks.Power: from 0.75 to 15 kWPumps.Fans.Conveyors, mats.Washing gantries.Controlled deceleration:pressure surges eliminated,protection of loads being handled,soft stopping.Limitation of current peaks on starting:reduction of power installed,voltage drops limited.Starting “Boost”:starting assured whateverthe conditions (gantry).Power: from 0.75 to 15 kWAdvanced systems.Decentralised architectures.Pumps.Fans.Conveyors.Washing gantries.Open to all communication protocols.Be aware of the various machine states:overload, underload,machine wear (number of operations,operating time, etc.).Protection of motors.

MEP Altistart 01 EN17/12/0317:22Page 1Selection guideSoft start units from 0.37 to 5.5 kW3-phase 200 to 480 V210 V230 V400 V460 VNominal P0.51.52357.5A3StarterATS 01N103FTwidth x height x depthCircuit-breaker(1) Contactor22.5 x 100 x 100 mmGV2ME LC1K06 or LC1D096ATS 01N106FT22.5 x 100 x 100 mmGV2ME LC1K06 or LC1D09912ATS 01N109FTATS 01N112FT45 x 124 x 113 mm45 x 124 x 113 mmGV2ME14LC1K09 or LC1D09GV2ME16LC1K12 or LC1D12(1) Please refer to our catalogue to obtain the complete reference.Soft start - soft stop units from 0.75 to 15 kW(1)3-phase 200 to 240 V / 380 to 415 V / 440 to 480 V230 VkW/HP0.75/11.1/1.51.5/22.2/33/4/55.5/7.57.5/10400 V460 VNominal sDimensionsReferencesA6Starter (2)ATS 01N206 width x height x depth45 x 124 x 113 mmCircuit-breaker (3)GV2ME 9ATS 01N209 45 x 124 x 113 mmGV2ME1412ATS 01N212 45 x 124 x 113 mmGV2ME1622ATS 01N222 45 x 154 x 113 mmGV2ME 32ATS 01N232 45 x 154 x 113 mmGV2ME32(1) Soft start - soft stop units available up to 75 kW: please refer to our catalogue.(2) To complete the reference, replace by: “LU” for 200 to 240 V / “QN” for 380 to 415 V / “RT” for 440 to 480 V.(3) Please refer to our catalogue to obtain the complete reference.Model U soft start - soft stop units from 0.75 to 15 kW combined with TeSys model U3-phase 200 to 480 V230 V400 V460 VNominal currentReferencesDimensionsReferencesTeSys model U 6991212222232Model U starterwidth x height x 12LTU01N222LTU01N222LTU01N232LT(1) To complete the reference, replace the by:“A” for a standard unit, “M” for a multifunction unit or “B” for an updateable 113113113113113113113113113mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmPower ontrol unitLUC 05BLLUC 12BLLUC 12BLLUC 12BLLUC 12BLLUC 18BLLUC 18BLLUC 32BLLUC 32BL(1)

MEP Altistart 01 EN/2 4mj10/12/0312:10Page 2The efficiency ofTelemecanique brandedsolutionsSoft start - soft stop unitsAltistart 01Altistart 483 to 85 A17 to 1200 AVariable speed drivesOpt for the efficiency of Telemecanique branded solutions.When used in combination, Telemecanique products offerquality solutions, meeting all your application automationand control function requirements.Altivar 110.18 to 2.2 kWAltivar 380.75 to 315 kWA unique partner,a global presenceConstantly available, worldwide.With more than 5000 points ofsale in 130 countries, you can besure to find the range of productswhich is right for you and whichcomplies fully with the standardsin the country in which they are tobe used.Altivar 310.18 to 15 kWAltivar 58Altivar 680.37 to 75 kW75 to 630 kWTechnical assistance wherever you are.Our technicians are at your disposal to assist you in finding theoptimum solution for your particular needs. Schneider providesyou with all necessary technical assistance, throughout theworld.Schneider Electric Industries S.A.S.Head office92504 Rueil Malmaison CedexOwing to changes in standards and equipment, the characteristics given in the textFRANCEand images in this document are not binding until they have been confirmed with us.http://www.schneider-electric.comProduction : 3000 NRPhotos : Schneider Electric - ImageBank06321912/2003DIA2ED1031001EN89 boulevard Franklin Roosevelt

Altistart 01 model U from 6 to 32 A Dimensions: (up to 6 A) width : 22,5 mm height : 100 mm depth : 100 mm Dimensions: (up to 12 A) width : 45 mm height : 124 mm depth : 113 mm Altistart 01N1 from 3 to 12 A Altistart 01N2 from 6 to 32 A Starting-up assured using the “Boost” function (for

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Altistart 01 model U from 6 to 32 A Dimensions: (up to 6 A) width : 22,5 mm height : 100 mm depth : 100 mm Dimensions: (up to 12 A) width : 45 mm height : 124 mm depth : 113 mm Altistart 01N1 from 3 to 25 A Altistart 01N2 from 6 to 85 A Starting-up assured using the “Boost” function (for

Altistart 01N1 de 3 à 25 A Altistart 01N2 de 6 à 85 A Des démarrages assurés grâce à la fonction “boost” (pour des démarrages difficiles). Connecteur débrochable pour la partie contrôle. Bienvenue dans l’univers Simply Smart*de Telemecanique. L’Altistart 01 cumule com

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