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Sound Waves Practice ProblemsPSI AP Physics 1NameMultiple Choice1. dofwave2theresultis:(A) Twiceasgreat(B)One- hthegiveninformation.2. (A) Vair Vwater Vsteel(B) Vair Vwater Vsteel(C) Vair Vwater Vsteel(D) Vair Vwater VsteelUsethefollowingpictureforquestions3and4.3. relationshipbetweenthedistancesisSA AB BC frequency?(A) quency4. relationshipbetweenthedistancesisSA AB BC estintensity?(A) ensity5. gth(D)Speedofsound

6. length(D)Speedofsound7. 3,L/5(D)4L,4L/3,4L/58. ,850Hz(D)50Hz,100Hz,150Hz9. quency?(Vsound 340m/s)(A)85Hz(B)170Hz(C)340Hz(D)510Hz

12. 6.0m13. hatistheresonatingfrequency?(Vsound 340m/s)(A)85Hz(B)170Hz(C)340Hz(D)510Hz14. ,L/5(D)4L,4L/3,4L/515. z,750Hz(D)900Hz,1500Hz,2100Hz16. B)800Hz(C)1200Hz(D)2500Hz17. isthebeatfrequency?(A)5Hz(B)10Hz(C)15Hz(D)20Hz

18. (D)3.0m19. (D)6.0m20. Whatistheresonatingfrequency?(Vsound 340m/s)(A)85Hz(B)170Hz(C)340Hz(D)680Hz21. . (D)Decreasesandthenincreases

23. z(B)100Hz(C)180Hz(D)270Hz24. heobserver?(Vsound 340m/s)(A)1560Hz(B)780Hz(C)390Hz(D)195Hz25. ndatpointP?(A)0.75m(B)1.50m(C)1.75m(D)2.25m

26. cevelocity?DirectionMagnitude(A)TotherightVobj Vsound(B)TotherightVobj Vsound(C)TotherightVobj Vsound(D)TotheleftVobj Vsound27. ndinthatroom?(A) Theperiodofthetuningfork.(B) ) Thetemperatureintheroom.(D) loffluidinthebottledecreases?(A) Thespeedofthewave(B) Thewavelengthofthewave(C) Thefrequencyofthewave(D) Nothingremainsthesame.

Multi- mustselectbothanswers.29. defromthedisplay?Selecttwoanswers.(A) Thesoundwavesaretravelinginthesamedirection.(B) Thesoundwaveshavedifferentfrequencies.(C) Thesoundwaveshavethesameamplitude.(D) Thesoundwavesaretravelingatdifferentspeeds.30. cieswillresonateinbothtubes?(A) 340Hz(B) 680Hz(C) 1020Hz(D) 1360Hz

Free Response1) Twoloudspeakersseparatedbyadistanced 0.5mareplacedatadistanceL 2mfromy- quencyf microphonemovesinparalleltoy- mamplitude.(Vsound 340m/s)a. Determinethewavelengthofthesoundwaves.b. ximumandfirst- ‐ordermaximum.c. Determinethedistancefromtheorigintothefirst- ‐ordermaximum.d. erethemicrophonedetectsnosound.e. Iftheloudspeakersoscillateinanti- pattern?

2) nd 340m/s)a) Determinethewavelengthofthesoundwave.b) taysthesameasitwasdetermineinthefirsttrial.c) hentheaircolumnresonatesforthefirsttime.d) forthesecondtime?thirdtime?

3.Twoloudspeakersseparatedbyadistanced 0.75mareplacedatadistanceL 4mfromthey- quencyf icrophonemovesinparalleltothey- umamplitude.(Vsound 340m/s)a. Determinethewavelengthofthesoundwaves.b. ximumandfirst- ‐ordermaximum.c. Determinethedistancefromtheorigintothefirst- ‐ordermaximum.d. erethemicrophonedetectsnosound.e. Iftheloudspeakersoscillateinanti- pattern?

vsound ime?Thirdtime?

5. ethetubetofindthespeedofsoundintheroom.a. includewhatmeasurementsyouwouldmake.b. thespeedofsound.c. s1.5m0.005s1.7m0.007s2.5m

6. stanceLfromthey- amicrophonemovesinparalleltothey- umamplitude.a. ionxalongthex- ntheaxesbelow.b. functionofpositionalongthey- ‐axis.c. Assumethatd longthelineHH.

7. le.Use340m/sforthespeedofsound.a) Calculatethewavelengthofthesesoundwaves.b) tancethestudentcouldhavemovedtohearthismaximum.c) youranswer. BB26. CC27.BD28. AB29. B,CC30. 0.25m30 ceversa.2m170Hz0.5m1.5m,2.5m5.a) tleast3morepairsofdata.b) !!!wheren 1.Thenuse𝑣 onesetofdata,theaveragecanbefound.c) Thespeedofsoundshouldbeapproximately340m/s.

5.a)b)c)113Hz6.a) 0.425mb) 2.4mc) 2.4montheoppositeoftheoriginoranymultipleof2.4md) tweenthespeakers.e) proportionaltofrequency.

PSI AP Physics 1 Name_ Multiple Choice 1. Two&sound&sources&S 1∧&S p;Hz&and250&Hz.&Whenwe& esult&is:& (A) great&&&&&(C)&The&same&&&&&

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electromagnetic waves, like radio waves, microwaves, light, and x-rays are examples of transverse waves. Longitudinal waves travel through a medium in a direction parallel to the direction of travel of the wave. Mechanical waves such as sound waves, seismic waves created by earthquakes, and explosions are all examples of longitudinal waves.

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c/ gh kh Figure 2: Phase speed of capillary-gravity waves in water of constant depth For gravity waves on deep water, kh 1, tanhkh 1. Hence ω q gk, c r g k (2.22) Thus longer waves travel faster. These are also called short gravity waves. If however the waves are very long or the

Electromagnetic Waves Waves that DO NOT NEED matter (medium) to transfer energy Examples: radiation, TV & radio waves, X-rays, microwaves, lasers, energy from the sun, visible light Electromagnetic waves are considered transverse waves because they have simi

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