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Your Sales RepresentativeMy job is to.1. T urn the FOR SALE sign into a SOLD sign asquickly as possible.2. To determine the market value of your property.3. Effectively market your property using traditionaland contemporary advertising techniques.Client CommitmentMy commitment to you is to sell your home for themost amount of money in the least amount of timeand with the least amount of inconvenience. I committo providing innovative and industry leading, customtailored services and products on a cost competitivebasis.My Objectives Are:1. To assist in getting as many qualified buyers aspossible into your home until it is sold.2. T o keep you informed of what actions are beingtaken to sell your home.3. T o provide you with regular updates on ourprogress.4. To keep you informed on changing marketconditions.5. T o assist you in negotiating the highest dollar valuefor your property.TORONTO DOWNTOWN CONDOS LISTING PRESENTATION

Pricing Your HomeYour REALTOR does not determine what your homeis worth, the market determines the value basedon analysis that your REALTOR will do for youcomparing solds, competition, trends and economicconditions. Together we determine the price.Market ValueIs the highest price a property will bring if exposedfor sale on the open market allowing a reasonabletime to find a purchaser who buys with theknowledge of all the uses to which it is adapted andfor which it is capable of being used.TORONTO DOWNTOWN CONDOS LISTING PRESENTATIONProperly PricingA realistic and competitive price will attract a greaternumber of potential buyers and increases yourchances for a quick sale and a better price. Pricingyour property closer to market value also encouragesearly activity (within 30 days of a listing beingposted).Results of OverpricingProperties can lose marketability and push the pricedown. The price may come down gradually butthe initial response and enthusiasm may be lost. Indecreasing markets you may also follow the marketdown as you reduce. High price homes are also notbeing exposed to the right buyers. You may hearresponse such as “it’s too small”. Translated - thebuyer was expecting more for the price.

Role of the REALTOR The REALTOR does not determine what yourhome is worth. The market determines value (solds,competition, trends and economic conditions).Together we determine the price.Don’t pick a realtor who promises you the highestprice to get you to list with them. Pick the one whoknows the market and substantiates the price.TORONTO DOWNTOWN CONDOS LISTING PRESENTATION

Target Market StrategyI will leverage the unique, exquisite marketing toolssuch as: A Distinctive lawn sign Custom designed marketing materials Extensive internet exposure Integrated print and online cross-media strategies In-depth knowledge of your neighbourhood andpotential buyers Selective newspaper ads 24 hour listing hotlineBy combining the basic real estate services with thetarget market strategy, I’ll uniquely position yourproperty in the marketplace.Anytime Anywhere Marketing.TORONTO DOWNTOWN CONDOS LISTING PRESENTATIONYour Own Web AddressBy your property having its own web address it willallow for convenient access to details, photos and avirtual tour of the property for sale. This web addresswill be promoted on relevant websites, signs, andadvertisements.Featured on listing

Target Market StrategyFeatured Listing on My Own WebsiteBeing your agent, I will ensure that your home is seenfirst by buyers as a Featured Listing on my personalwebsite. This exposure will increase exposure andinterest in your property greatly.Virtual ToursBy making a virtual tour accessible online it will allowus to showcase your home’s highlights and features.Feature SheetsBrochures and feature sheets designed and producedby our associate design company Iconica Inc., allowfor specific marketing to home buyers. Each featuresheet is designed specifically for your home. Makeuse of text and imagery to highlight the uniquecharacteristics of your property.Interior PhotosIncluding professional photos of your homedemonstrates the full potential of your property tothe buyer. Paired up with the use of web commercialsand slide shows that highlight your home features,allow the property to become more than just a listingit can become a home.TORONTO DOWNTOWN CONDOS LISTING PRESENTATION

5 Star Marketing PlanWhy Choose Imran Khan?Market to 25,000 Residents in the TorontoDowntown Area with Direct Target Marketing! Morethan 500 Previous Investor Clientele get the listingfresh firsthand look! Experience, Honesty & Professionalism! Powerful Negotiations on your behalf! Strong ( 5 5 Marketing Plan) Precise Price Estimations to get the property soldand not stale ! Ears to the ground marketing, buying and selling! Over 10 years experience in real estate ONLY – Noother business but Real Estate!Extensive Coverage on Toronto Downtown Condos.Com website with stress on Social Media Marketingsuch as : Facebook, Twitter, You tube & Wordpress.Professional Photography and Feature SheetsPrecise Marketing to at least 2 Target Condo Towerswith History of Sales Shift – Meaning people movingout, upgrading to better condo space.Extensive Networking with Local Residents and LocalRealtors in conveying the Listing with the use ofWebmail and broad marketing techniques.TORONTO DOWNTOWN CONDOS LISTING PRESENTATION

Mission Statement1. I have unlimited resources of clients who arelooking for real estate in downtown Toronto!2. P eople know me as an expert in downtownToronto and ALL downtown agents are alwayscalling me to find out if there is a listing that isavailable in downtown Toronto!3. I am among the #1 Top Agents in sales at Re/MaxCondos Plus Corp., Brokerage.4. I will not leave any stone unturned to get mylisting sold and I will do whatever it takes to sellthem at the maximum value that they can attain!TORONTO DOWNTOWN CONDOS LISTING PRESENTATION

TDC Company Profile Created to exclusively, fullyand competently representSellers in pursuit of realestate to be sold ‘Market Sensitivity Analysis’ for Buyers Created to have Multidynamic approach towardsthe needs of Sellers Tracking Listing’s Approach on day to day basis With Expert MarketResearch and InnovativeMarket Approach & ‘Ears toGround’ strategy One on One Marketing Approach with provenresults Specialization in One Field and One Field only:Condos and Townhouses Best Network in Downtown Toronto withConcierges and Security Staff Structured and Object Oriented Sales Approach ‘Just in Time’ InventorySelling and Marketing Exact Pricing Techniques that are unique to theSeller’s MarketTORONTO DOWNTOWN CONDOS LISTING PRESENTATION Highly Organized in terms of Listing the Property,Timing the Property and Achieving maximum priceoutput.

Elements of an OfferPrice:Deposit:Terms: The price a purchaser is willing to pay for the property. It takes into accountlocal market conditions, value and market condition- information provided byyour real estate agent. The deposit shows the buyers good faith and will be applied against thepurchase price of the home on closing. Includes the total price offered and the financing details such as closing dates,inclusions and exclusions, etc.Conditions: These might include “subject to home inspection”, “subject to you obtainingfinancing” or “subject to you selling your property”. These must be satisfied inorder for the deal to close.Inclusions and Exclusions: These might include appliances and certain fixtures or decorative items, such aswindow coverings or mirrors.Closing Date: Generally, the day the title of the property is legally transferred and thetransaction or Possession of funds finalized unless otherwise specified.TORONTO DOWNTOWN CONDOS LISTING PRESENTATION

What We Need Copy of any existing survey Copy of the Tax Bill, and most recent assessment Deed Mortgage Lawyer’s Approval List of improvements made to the property A list of inclusions or exclusions An indication of preferred possession: eg. 60 daysor to be arranged, immediate Summertime photos; if available Extra set of keys Rental items: eg. Hot water tank, gas burner, alarmsystem (monthly fees) Current maintenance fees and utility costs inaddition to maintenance Parking space(s) and locker number(s) Pet restrictions Reserve fund/most recent audited financialstatementTORONTO DOWNTOWN CONDOS LISTING PRESENTATIONAppliances Included: (make and model #) Washer Dryer Refrigerator Microwave Stove/Range Oven Cooktop Garbage Compactor Garburator Freezer Wine Cooler OtherExclusions: Electric Light Fixtures Window Coverings Balcony Ornaments and Plants Other

Plan Your MoveUse this checklist to help complete all necessary stepsin order to have a stress free move!Present Home If renting, give appropriate notice to your landlord Make arrangement for the return of any moniesheld as deposit Disconnect telephone, cable & internet if neededNew Home Make arrangements for gas and electric utilities,telephone and cable to be connected on the daythe sale closesGeneral “Change of address” cards Get mail forwarded to new address Cancel contracted services or pre-authorizedcheques Inform household services, of cancellation ortransfer to new address Obtain letter of introduction from current bank toestablish new accounts Cancel or transfer social, athletic, civic, religious orbusiness memberships Transfer medical, dental, prescription and opticalrecords Change driver’s license information Collect items out of storage Make arrangements to move special items such asplants Safely dispose of any flammable liquids (it is illegalfor movers to carry them)Feel free to contact your sales representative with anyquestions regarding your move, or for information oncleaning/moving companies, etc.TORONTO DOWNTOWN CONDOS LISTING PRESENTATION

Prep Home for ShowingA first impression is important in selling a condoso that buyers can see all the unique aspects yourspace has to offer. The following checklist can beused to prepare your condo for showing and mostimportantly to get it noticed by potential buyers.Balcony, Windows & Doors Your Balcony: Eliminate dead plants. Add potted flowers to the balcony. Clean inside windows, sills and around doorhandles. Repair doors and windows, screens and hardware. Clean front door.Locker Tidy and organize. Sweep floors, remove clutter.TORONTO DOWNTOWN CONDOS LISTING PRESENTATIONBathrooms & Kitchen Tidy counters, Appliances and fixtures cleaned/polished. Remove clutter from countertops and cupboards. Check light switches and fixtures. Clean away any mildew in shower or around tub. Clean and deodorize garbage areas. Repair faucets, toilets or any leaking or drippingtaps. Fix grout and caulking as needed. Patch & paint wall and ceiling cracks. Add green or flowering plants. Add scented soaps or potpourri. Add matching towels.

Living/Dining Rooms, Bedrooms & Hallways Keep hallways and foyers clear of obstacles. Remove clutter, and out of season clothing. Clean, polish and re-arrange furniture foropenness. Tidy play areas, arrange children’s bedrooms tolook fun and inviting. Repair ceiling and wall cracks. Arrange fresh flowers on focal points. Put linens on table, perhaps place a setting ondining room table. Carpets should be freshly vacuumed.Things To Remember Keep your home warm and cozy, if in winter, orcool and fresh, if in summer, so it feels inviting! Open drapes and blinds - keep rooms andhallways bright and cheerful. Clean your closets - show off how spacious theyreally are. Cigarette smoke is offensive to many. Keepashtrays washed, and try to smoke outside. Use exterior lights at night. Your home will lookmore inviting. All lights turned on to make a friendlyatmosphere. Stage living areas to emphasize selling points.TORONTO DOWNTOWN CONDOS LISTING PRESENTATION

Moving CostsSellers Costs Legal Fees: range from 1/2% to 1% of the sale price of the property plus disbursements. A real estate lawyer will provide you with details. Real estate commission 13% HST. Effective July 1st 2010 Discharge of Mortgage: may be a penalty of 3 months’ interest, the interest differential between an oldand new mortgage or a combination of the above. Check with your lending institution. The Move: may vary depending on your choice of movers; i.e. professional movers or packing yourself.Buyers Costs Legal Fees: range from 1/2% to 1% of the sale price of the property plus disbursements. A real estatelawyer will provide you with details. Disbursements: include City Tax Certificate, City Zoning Report, City Engineering Report, Sheriff’sCertificate, Registry Office searches, deed registration, mortgage registration, copies, postage, longdistance calls, etc.TORONTO DOWNTOWN CONDOS LISTING PRESENTATION

Land Transfer Tax *:If under 55,000: 0.005 x purchase priceFrom 55,001 to 250,000: (0.01 x purchase price) minus 275From 250,001 to 400,000: (0.015 x purchase price) minus 1,525Over 400,001: (0.02 x purchase price) minus 3,525Toronto Land Transfer Tax:If under 55,000: 0.5% x purchase priceFrom 55,001 to 400,000: (1% x purchase price)Over 400,001: (2% x purchase price) S urvey: if no recent survey is available, a new one will cost approximately 700- 1,000. Fees for larger andrecreational properties vary; individual quotes are required. Adjustments: money owed, pre-payment of taxes, hydro, gas, etc. Home Inspection: will cost approximately 250 to 500. Arranging the Mortgage: usually an appraisal fee of about 200 plus an administration fee of 200- 300.An up-to-date survey may also be necessary. The Move: may vary depending on your choice of movers; i.e. professional movers or packing yourself.*Special taxes apply to non-residentsTORONTO DOWNTOWN CONDOS LISTING PRESENTATION

TestimonialsThank you for all of your help with my condo purchase. You were extremely patient and dedicated tohelping me find a place that met my requirements. I am really happy with the choice I made, and thehelp I received from you. – Angie GandhiImran was very easy to work with and communicated with me in a timely manner. I got my condo inToronto without even being here! He is a genuine person and knew what I had in mind even though Iwas so confused. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in any real estate. – BradI wanted to take a moment to thank you for your service with my recent condo purchase. As youremember, we reviewed several condos over a two month period including placing one offer thatwas not accepted. Throughout the process I found you to be professional, courteous, prompt andrespectful. You made an effort to know exactly what I was looking for and always seemed to havemy best interest in mind. I felt that I was dealing with a friend, rather than a broker. I would gladlyrecommend you to any of my friends and family. – Morry MuradImran Khan was the perfect broker for us. He took our best interests to heart, gave us spot-on adviceon preparing out property for sale (yielding a sale price well beyond our imagining) and used out-ofthe- box thinking to get us in to a house we absolutely love. – Moyra TurkingtonTORONTO DOWNTOWN CONDOS LISTING PRESENTATION

TestimonialsWe only had one suite in mind to buy. He found it, and we purchased it on assignment at a great price!Not only did he find our dream condo, but he also managed to sell our current condo in less thana month! Even we didn’t think it was possible due to the market slow down, but Imran pulled it offwithout a problem. He is an absolute professional, and a class act. Hands down, one of the most savvyyet humble agents out there. Imran gets the job done! – Mark & RichelleOne of the most important factors I consider when doing business with an organization or individual iscustomer service. My personal definition of customer service includes attributes such honesty, integrityand availability. From my first transaction with Imran to the third (to date) Imran Khan has exemplifiedsuch attributes and I could not be more pleased with his performance and results. Whether buying orselling real estate in the GTA, Imran Khan is my first choice. – N. BurkoskiI would like to take this opportunity to offer my praise and highest satisfaction with the work of ImranKhan, who lead me and my wife to our first home purchase. Imran is highly professional and exhibitedtremendous patience and responsiveness, and delivered in the final analysis. You should be proudhaving such a dedicated agent. – Omar JabriTORONTO DOWNTOWN CONDOS LISTING PRESENTATION

Comparative Market AnalysisThe correct selling price of a home is the highestprice the market will bear. To assist you indetermining the correct asking price we haveprovided you with a comprehensive marketanalysis of comparable properties that have beenrecently offered for sale in your neighborhood.This analysis is based strictly on homes that can beconsidered similar to yours, and has been speciallyprepared for you over the last few days.This ‘Comparative’ property analysis is divided intothree categories:1. Similar properties that are currently listed2. Similar properties that have recently sold.3. Similar properties that failed to sell.By carefully studying the comparable propertylocations, features, and the terms under which theyare offered, we can develop a clear picture of theTORONTO DOWNTOWN CONDOS LISTING PRESENTATIONpotential market for your property. By looking atsimilar properties recently sold, we can see whathomeowners have actually received over the lastfew months. This is the acid test that is used bylending institutions to determine how much they willbe willing to lend a buyer for your home. While wenaturally want top market value for the home, wecan agree that there’s a point where the price wouldbe too high. By looking at homes that didn’t sell,we can accurately determine that price point andbe careful not to get too close to it. By doing ourhomework diligently, we can get maximum dollars ina reasonably short period of time.


AwardsTop 60 in Canada, Re/Max 2013Top 1 % In Canada Wide, Re/Max 2013Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR)Re/Max Hall of FameExecutive Club Award 2013Platinum Club Award 2010-2013100% Club Award 2007-2013Top 1% In Sales in Toronto 2007-2013#1 in Sales at Remax Condos Brokerage 2006-2013TORONTO DOWNTOWN CONDOS LISTING PRESENTATION


IMRAN KHANBROKER, ABRCONDOS PLUSCORP. BROKERAGEINDEPENDENTLY OWNED & OPERATEDCell416.670.6588Office 416.640.2661Fax 416.203.1908imrkhan@trebnet.com1170 Bay Street # 110, Toronto, ON M5S 2B4

TORONTO DOWNTOWN CONDOS LISTING PRESENTATION Mission Statement 1. I have unlimited resources of clients who are looking for real estate in downtown Toronto! 2. People know me as an expert in downtown Toronto and ALL downtown agents are always calling me to find out if there is a listing that is available in downtown Toronto! 3.

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