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100% Associate OwnedDRIVELINENews and Updates From Jasper Engines & TransmissionsIn This Issue.September 2020pg. 2JASPER Expands Ford 3.5L Duratec/EcoBoost Engine AvailabilityJASPER OffersRemanufactured Chrysler5.7L Hemi MDS-DeleteEnginepg. 3Jasper Engines & Transmissions, the nation’s leader in remanufactured drivetrain products, isexcited to announce the expanded availability of the Ford 3.5L Duratec and EcoBoost engines.These dual VVT engines are now available forthe following Ford and Lincoln applications:Customer Profile:Robinson AutomotiveJASPER Offers 6.6LDuramax LML/LGHContamination Kitspg. 3JASPER AnnouncesCalendar Winnersfor 2021pg. 4Scott Shipman:Big Jobs Require BigEquipmentpg. 5Joe McDonald:What Are YOU Worth? pg. 6Bob Cooper:5 Reasons RepairShop CustomersNever Returnpg. 73.5L Dual VVT Duratec· 2011-Aug. 2015 Explorer & Edge· 2011-2012 MKZ· 2013-2015 Flex· 2013-2016 Taurus3.5L Dual VVT EcoBoost· 2015-June 2016 Navigator, Expedition &F150· June 2016-2017 Expedition & Navigator· June 2016-Dec. 2016 F150· June 2016-2019 Transit 150, 250 & 350· 2011 – 8/26/2015 F150· 2015 – 6/23/2016 Transit· 2015 – 8/26/2015 Expedition and NavigatorFord 3.5L Duratec Engine“Our remanufactured Duratec and EcoBoostengines use JASPER-designed aluminum pistonsthat excel in both strength and durability,” saidJASPER New Product Development GroupLeader, Brad Boeglin. “These engines require aunique cam boring process to ensure exact borealignment, size, and surface finish. JASPER codesigned a coolant-fed CNC machine to meet thecritical specifications for these engines.”Follow Us on Social MediaPublished by:Jasper Engines &TransmissionsP.O. Box 650Jasper, IN 47547-0650Phone: 800-827-7455Fax: 812-634-1820www.jasperengines.comThe Ford 3.5L Duratec and EcoBoost enginesare covered by a nationwide, transferable partsand labor warranty of up to 3 Years, or 100,000miles. Full warranty disclosure is available onour website or upon request.For more information on the complete lineof JASPER remanufactured engines, please call800.827.7455, or visit jasperengines.com.Ford 3.5L EcoBoost Engine

ProfileCustomer2Robinson AutomotiveLake Havasu City, Arizona, is the home toRobinson Automotive, a complete bumper-tobumper automotive and truck repair facility.For 20 years, Darrell Robinson was a certified Ford technician, but over time he saw theneed for a good local repair facility. So Darrellstarted his business with one bay, one lift, andnever looked back.Robinson Automotive is located at 1640Acoma Boulevard in Lake Havasu City. Thebusiness includes six service bays and 7,000square feet of shop space. There’s also 900square feet dedicated for an aftermarket accessory showroom and office area. “We can installtrailer hitches, bed covers, light bars, trainhorns, lift and leveling kits, grills, bumpers,running boards, nerf bars, power steps, air bags,and fuel injection systems,” said Darrell.There are seven employees at RobinsonAutomotive, of which Darrell is the owner, andone of the Service Advisors. Darrell’s wife,Teresa, is the Office Manager and Bookkeeper,and there are four technicians. Three of thefour are ASE Certified in various disciplines.Robinson encourages his technicians to attendany aftermarket training classes, and participatein online automotive courses.Robinson Automotive has been an installerof JASPER quality remanufactured engines,transmissions, differentials, and air and fuelproducts for the past 11 years. “We’ve beendown every avenue and option,” said Darrell.“There is no better option for customerRobinson Automotive owner Darrell Robinson hasbeen a JASPER installer the past 11 years.satisfaction, and warranty, for our customers,whether they are local, or traveling.“When they leave our facility, we know theywill not have any issues with a JASPER qualityproduct and warranty,” Darrell added.It is Darrell’s philosophy at RobinsonAutomotive to diagnose the concern, and repairthe vehicle correctly. “We do what we say,and say what we do,” said Darrell. “Keep thecustomer informed, updated, and do the rightthing.”“We strive to earn our customers’ trust, andwe respect all customers, regardless of the costof the repair, and we thank everyone for givingus the opportunity,” he added.As for Robinson Automotive’s future plans,Darrel says his business will continue thecourse, by providing customer satisfaction andstrive to be more efficient every day.Robinson Automotive in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, is a complete bumper-to-bumper automotive and truckrepair facility.

JASPER Offers Remanufactured Chrysler 5.7LHemi MDS-Delete EngineJasper Engines & Transmissions is pleased to announce theavailability of the Chrysler 5.7L Hemi MDS-Delete engine.This engine is currently not for sale, or use, in California.It is available for the following application:2009-2014 Ram 1500Multi Displacement System (MDS) refers to cylinder deactivation as a fuel economy measure. Once the vehicle reacheshighway speed, the MDS deactivates four of the engine’s eightcylinders. “JASPER offers this engine due to original designissues with the MDS lifters, and solenoid failures,” said BradBoeglin, JASPER Research and Development Group Leader.“This engine option includes a Non-MDS camshaft, 16 NonMDS roller lifters with updated bearing assemblies, and fourMDS solenoid block-off plugs.”Chrysler 5.7L Hemi MDS-Delete Engine“A Diablo Predator 2 tuner is included with the purchaseof this engine to reprogram the ECM, and remove the command for the MDS,” added Boeglin. “The tuner has preloaded 3 years, or 100,000 miles. Full warranty disclosure is availablesettings available for different octane fuels, transmission shift on our website or upon request.time/pressure adjustments, tire size, and more.”For more information on the complete line of JASPERThe Chrysler 5.7L Hemi MDS-Delete engine is covered by remanufactured engines, please call 800.827.7455 or visitjasperengines.com.a nationwide, transferable parts and labor warranty of up toJASPER Offers 6.6L Duramax LML/LGHContamination KitsJasper Engines & Transmissions is pleased to announcethe availability of 6.6L Duramax LML and LGH Contamination Kits for the following GM applications:LML Contamination Kit 2011-2016 Silverado Pickups 2013-2016 Cab and ChassisLGH Contamination Kit 2011-2012 Cab and Chassis 2011-2016 Van applications6.6L Duramax Contamination Kits from JASPER provide a complete service solution related to pump failures,due to the age of the pump or fuel contamination. Thesecontamination kits carry a 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty.For more information on the complete line of JASPERair and fuel products, please call 800.827.7455 or visitjasperengines.com.In addition to the standard 6.6L Duramax Contamination kit, JASPERalso supplies the Fuel Injection Line Kit for your convenience!3

JASPER Announces Calendar Winners for 20211972 Chevy Cheyenne Pickup owned by DonaldJenkins of Frederick, Maryland.1959 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible owned by Edward Harker of Chattanooga,Tennessee.Thank you! Our customers comethrough each year for the annual JasperEngines & Transmissions calendar, andthis year was no exception! We had reallygreat entries for the 2021 edition.Entries received this year were judgedon adherence to the category, equipmentappearance, and the quality of the photograph or image.Entrants whose work appears in thecalendar will receive a special giftpackage.Cody ReevesHill Country Rally for KidsDripping Springs, Texas1969 Chevy Camaro SSJoseph MasonNorth Carolina1957 Ford Thunderbird1968 Pontiac Firebird owned by Jerry Gruber ofNewburgh, Indiana.Michael EllisSnellville, Georgia1971 Ford MustangDonald JenkinsFrederick, MarylandCongratulations to this year’s winners: 1972 Chevy Cheyenne PickupTom & Teri SeilerWellfleet, Nebraska1969 Toyota FJ45 PickupPaul CampuzanoClarksville, Tennessee1967 Ford MustangPerry EidsonGrayson, Georgia1954 Chevy 3100 PickupJerry GruberNewburgh, Indiana1968 Pontiac FirebirdEdward HarkerChattanooga, Tennessee1959 Cadillac Series 62 ConvertibleRichard & Steve HaagMenasha, Wisconsin1957 Chevy 210 SedanWayne PippenWegener, South Carolina1938 Chevy Master DeluxeDean HagerYuma, Arizona1963 Ford Galaxie 5001969 Toyota FJ45 Pickup owned by Tom and TeriSeiler of Wellfleet, Nebraska.Terry HallSt. Peter, Minnesota1969 Mercury Marauder X-1001954 Chevy 3100 owned by Perry Eidson ofGrayson, Georgia.4

Big Jobs Require Big Equipmentby Scott Shipman, Helping His Hands Disaster Response DirectorWhen natural disasters hit, we launch into action! Thesemi is loaded, bags are packed, and our volunteers respond tothe call to help. A few years ago, Jasper Engines & Transmissions contributed a semi to Helping His Hands DisasterResponse so that we could truck supplies to a disaster site. Ithas been such a blessing!Mid-sized equipment like skid steer loaders and miniexcavators are also utilized when we head into a disaster zone,but we know there are additional pieces that could change theway we help people. More equipment means more people arehelped quicker in a disaster zone. Depending on the size andscope of a storm, it can take years to rebuild what was lost.For instance, when the EF5 tornado hit Joplin, Missouri, ourorganization made a 5-year commitment to city officials tohelp them rebuild their community. Five years in, there wasstill work to be done and homes in need of repair.We have ongoing needs in our ministry, but we have someneeds that are at the forefront of our minds when it comesto disaster. Equipment like skid steers and mini-excavatorsare things that get used often, and eventually will need to bereplaced. There are pieces like a telehandler, a semi-tractorwith a reefer trailer, UTV stocked with things like chain sawsand rescue equipment, as well as a hovercraft boat for waterrescue, are pieces that we know would be put to good use in adisaster zone. However, at this time, we do not have them.We have what we call “the scary list.” It is a list of thingsthat we know we can use, but don’t have the resources topurchase them at this time or they haven’t been donated. Ifyou are interested in seeing that list, we’d love to share it withyou!Do you know someone who is replacing a piece of equipment that still has some life in it? Do you know someonewho is willing to donate a piece of life-saving equipment?We would like the opportunity to talk with them. Perhapsyou are compelled to be a part of what we do. We’d love totalk to you and plug you into our ministry. If it wasn’t for ourvolunteers, we couldn’t do anything. When you put peoplewho want to make a difference in the right equipment. Bigjobs get done, and people’s lives are changed.Here’s how you can get in contact with us!Helping His Hands Disaster Response2011 Willow Street, Suite B; Vincennes, IN 47591812.494.2888 SPER contributed a semi to Helping His Hands Disaster Responseto help transport supplies to a disaster. The organization also hasequipment, like a skid steer loader and a mini-excavator, to helpwith disaster cleanup.5

What Are YOU Worth?by Joe McDonald, JASPER Vice President of SalesJoe McDonaldis a Universityof MarylandUniversityCollege (UMUC)graduate withan Associate’sDegree in Business. Joe has 26years of experience in the automotive field and 21 years withJASPER. He served as a RegionalVice President of Sales for 17years, and was recently namedSenior Vice President of Sales.That question has been asked manydifferent ways over time. I will be specifically focusing on you the owner inthe following.There is a maturation process foran automotive repair business. It startswith that dream as a technician of owning your repair business while workingfor someone. For many of you thisdream has become a reality and, unfortunately, sometimes a nightmare. Wehave come across many new ownersin my travels with common traits. Wesee energy and excitement to create agreat business that focuses on customerservice and great work. They are willing to work 70 plus hours per week tomake this a reality. After several years,we see some of them begin to get lost intheir business. It is common to see thisperson gravitating back into the shopturning wrenches and getting back intotheir comfort zone. We understand this,but as we’ve heard recently, this greatlyreduces your worth.“When you’re turning a rotor, ordoing a set of tires as an owner, thenyou’re worth the same as the amountyou pay your technician,” says BuckPandolfi of Hayden Auto Electric inReynolds, Georgia.6We have all heard the old cliché “areyou running your business, or is yourbusiness running you?” Well, you needto ask yourself that question. We getso focused on repairing cars we losesight of the fact we’re running a retailbusiness with revenue in excess of halfa million dollars per year and sometimes up to three million annually. Weequate this to a baker as they follow asimilar growth process. After workingin a restaurant many become businessowners. Yes, they may cook for the initial growth of their business, but therecomes a time when they must decide toeither run the business, or hire someoneto run the business. If we asked youwhat experience you have in running abusiness of this size, what would youranswer be? For most of you, we wouldbet very little. So, the question is: whatare you doing to become an expert inrunning a business?The juggling act of fixing vehiclesand running the business will not work.We’re sure you can relate if you’rereading this article, it will start to burnyou out. You must make the decisionto either hire a qualified Shop Foremanor Service Writer/Manager first. As theowner you must create the strategy foryour business to grow. It is your jobto keep the bays full and provide a safework environment for your employees.This allows the day-to-day activity to behandled up front and for you to be ‘proactive’ vs. ‘reactive’ to your business.The most successful business owners know their numbers. They knowtheir profit margins and understand theirbreak-even numbers. Many of you havebecome resigned to the fact that you arejust another employee, take your pay,and see what is left at the end of themonth. If this resembles your businessphilosophy, you should be deciding tochange what you are doing. Here are acouple of ideas we suggest: Take a business management classat the local Community College Join a local Business networkinggroup and solicit ideas Enroll in a management successprogram such as Elite Worldwide Meet with your accountantregularly to review and understandyour numbers Ask your JASPER SalesRepresentative for ideas tohelp you grow Ask your JASPER SalesRepresentative about joining aroundtableWhat is your worth to the businesstoday? What could you be worth withsome additional training and education?Remember, you are a business ownerfirst, and a technician second.

5 Reasons Repair Shop Customers Never ReturnBy Bob Cooper, President & Founder/EliteWorldwide Inc.Bob Cooperhas functionedas the developer,owner, and anoperator of someof the most successful autorepair shops inNorth America.Bob is a member of the prestigiousNational Speakers Association andis one of the nation’s leadingauthorities on both personaland career success. Today, Bobspeaks nationally, as well asinternationally, to many tradeassociations, universities, privatebanking groups, and Fortune 500companies.Although there are countless reasonsfor customers to never return to a shop, atElite we have discovered these five are notonly the most common, but are reasonsthat can devastate a business.#1. They were the wrong customers inthe first place - By advertising to everyone in your community, you will inevitably be bringing in many of the wrongpeople. A number of these wrong peoplewill be looking for the lowest price, they’llburn out your advisors, they’ll cause yourtechs to give up on performing proper inspections, and regardless of how hard youtry, you’ll rarely please them. Althoughyou may initially see your sales increaseby bringing everyone in (and attemptingto sell them at least some of the necessaryservices), you’ll find your reputation inthe community, your online reviews, youremployee tenure, and your profits, canall eventually tank. This is why the topshops in America follow in the footstepsof every great business by identifying theirideal customers, and specifically targeting them. A couple of the most commontraits of the ideal customers, the top shopstarget, is they want to take good care oftheir vehicles, and are willing to pay forgood, quality service.#2. Apathy - This is widespread in theindustry, and far too many shop owners don’t realize just how intuitive theircustomers really are. If at every point ofcontact your customers feel your employees really don’t have their best interestat heart, and if they feel the only thingyour advisors and techs care about is theircredit card, you can be rest assured you’llnever see them again. Bear in mind, inorder for someone to buy from you, threethings need to happen. The customerneeds to like you, they need to trust you,and they need to view you as a credibleexpert. If they feel you don’t truly careabout them, and their well-being, you’llnever accomplish all three.#3. Failure to deliver on yourpromises - In business, there are twotypes of promises we make: One is anexpressed promise, and the other is anassumed promise. You express a promiseby telling the customer what the price willbe, when their vehicle will be done, etc.Some assumed promises are their vehicle will be repaired correctly, that theirvehicle will be clean when returned tothem, etc. Failure to deliver on either typeof promise creates doubt in your abilityto deliver, which gives your customers agood reason to never return.what’s interesting is this - In all the customer research we have conducted over theyears, we have discovered even the customers you feel are most loyal, will often priceshop you. This is why at Elite, we firmlybelieve you always need to be competitivewhen it comes to value. This doesn’t meanyou need to be the cheapest, but you mustalways be competitive with other shops thatare of your caliber. Developing a mindsetyou can charge substantially more thanyour comparable competitors is a guaranteed way of losing your customers, andeventually, your business.Secondly, when raising your pricesyou should make small, incremental priceincreases, and then monitor and measurethe results before making your next incremental increase. Don’t forget, just becausea customer buys at the point of sale, itdoesn’t mean they’ll come back.Next, I would encourage you to have ateam meeting, and discuss this article. I’dalso encourage you to pick up the phone,call those good customers you haven’t seenfor a while, and simply tell them you realized you haven’t seen them for quite sometime, and would just like to know if youdropped the ball in some way. Then listenand learn. You will more than likely discover they sold their vehicle, moved out oftown, or simply decided not to come back.#4. Failure to properly communicatedue to one of the above reasons. In those- This one is huge. As I am sure you arecases you’ll have a wonderful opportunityaware, one of the most common comto learn more about your business, you’llplaints the motoring public has aboutrepair shops is the shop owners are always have the chance to save the customer, andyou’ll be able to save the reputation of yourtrying to sell them something they don’tcompany, and your people.need. In reality, and with rare exception,that’s the furthest from the truth. If theEditor’s Note: Since 1990, Bob Cooper hasshop owner (or their employees) are notbeen the president of Elite (www.Eliteproperly trained on how to communicatewith customers in a way that puts them at Worldwide.com), a company that strives toease, and validates the need for the recom- help shop owners reach their goals and livemended services at the same time, there is happier lives, while elevating the industryat the same time. The company offers thea good chance the customer will not onlyindustry’s #1 peer group of 90 successfulnever come back, but will tell the worldthat you tried to sell them something they shop owners, training and coaching fromtop shop owners, service advisor training,didn’t need.along with online and in-class sales, mar#5. Pricing - I realize no matter how great keting, and shop management courses. Youcan contact Elite at contact@eliteworlda value you deliver, there will always bewide.com, or by calling 800-204-3548.some people who will leave your shopfeeling like they paid too much. Yet7

JASPER ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION EXCHANGE815 Wernsing Road · P.O. Box 650 · Jasper, IN 47547-0650e-mail: sales@jasperengines.comwww.jasperengines.comJASPER Sponsors Elite’s Online Service AdvisorSales Training ProgramJasper Engines & Transmissions is sponsoring an Elite online University, and get this out to the industry at a time when onlinetraining program called Sales Master University. This ongoingsales training is more important than ever.”program provides service advisors with a consistent flow of salestraining.“JASPER and Elite are excited to be rolling this out to theindustry because we believe there’s never been a better time forSales Master University will be offered through a university- shop owners to invest in online sales training,” said Elite Presistyle learning center that has been engineered to help with three dent Bob Cooper. “In the 30 years we’ve spent helping thousandsthings: retention, real world application, and results. During each of service advisors, we’ve learned when you consciously help adsession, Elite Sales & Leadership Trainer Jen Monclus will bevisors with retention, walk them through the training application,joined by a top shop owner and service advisor to discuss howand help shop owners hold them accountable for what they learn,each training topic plays out in the shop, and the real world chal- extraordinary results follow every time. We couldn’t be morelenges they experience. All participating service advisors willexcited to now be able to offer all of these training best practiceshave their own learning center login info where they can accessin a way that’s so affordable, and can be so easily accessed whenthe video training sessions, assignments to help with immediateever it’s most convenient for the shop.”application, sales tools and resources, and testing to help withretention.Sales Master University is now available for 49 per advisorper month, and can be accessed at: SalesMasterUniversity.com.The new course also places an emphasis on accountability, asall shop owners will be provided with a management account thatthey can use to monitor their advisors’ performance.“We’ve looked at the numbers for our installers that have gonethrough Elite’s training and the ones that haven’t, and thedifference is night and day,” said JASPER Vice-President of SalesJoe McDonald. “So we’re excited to sponsor Sales Master

1959 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible owned by Edward Harker of Chattanooga, Tennessee. 1969 Toyota FJ45 Pickup owned by Tom and Teri Seiler of Wellfleet, Nebraska. 1968 Pontiac Firebird owned by Jerry Gruber of Newburgh, Indiana. 1972 Chevy Cheyenne Pickup owned by Donald Jenkins of Fred

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The road within Jasper Forest was added later for car traffic. After the road was closed it was allowed to erode away, but you can still follow its path if you look carefully for what remains of the gravel road bed. However, if you don’t find the road just follow the general route and enjoy Jasper Forest. Jasper Forest . 2.5 miles (4 km .

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ening (Hanschen), Bye Bye Birdie (Hugo Peabody). National Tour: Spring Awakening (Melchior). Off-Broadway: Brooklynite (Trey), Jasper in Deadland (Jasper). Regional: West Side Story at Paper Mill Playhouse (Tony), Jasper in Deadland at the 5th Avenue Theater in Seattle (Jasper), Giant at Dallas Theater Center (Jordy Jr). Film/TV: Recurring

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the Canadian Rockies. For better views of the majestic and unspoiled wilderness, make your way to the top floor for panoramic views from the Skyline car. We arrive in Jasper by late morning. There is time to explore Jasper's quaint downtown before we ascend the Jasper SkyTram and take in expansive views of the Canadian

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