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e Turning Centers

Compact and Large FrameGS-Series PerformanceTurning CentersExceptional combination of features forspeed, power, accuracy, and durability ina compact design and affordable priceGS-Series turning centers are rigid and reliable machinesthat feature a robust one-piece cast iron base, heavy-dutylinear guideways and ballscrews, and many standard valueadded features—heavy-duty dual-wound spindle motor, 40-psithrough-tool and headwall coolant, foot switch, chip conveyorinterface, air hose with air gun, a swing-out CNC controlpanel for ease of operation, and much more. Oi-TD CNCcontrols include many value-added features that are offered asoptions by other machine builders. Choose from the numerous productivity options and you’ll have a truly versatilemachine—and with the level of quality you would expect withany Hardinge product.GS 42GS 51- A2-5, 16C spindle nose- 11-kW (15-hp) spindledrive system- 175Nm (126.5ft-lb) torque- 6,000-rpm spindle speed- 42mm (1.65”) bar capacity- A2-6, 20C spindle nose- 11-kW (15-hp) spindledrive system- 210Nm (154ft-lb) torque- 5,000-rpm spindle speed- 51mm (2”) bar capacityGS 652- A2-6, 25C spindle nose- 18.5-kW (25-hp) spindledrive system- 504Nm (371.4ft-lb) torque- 4,200-rpm spindle speed- 65mm (2.55”)

The Hardinge AdvantageHardinge Spindleshown with ColletThe Hardinge spindle design is both colletand jaw chuck-ready and does NOT require aspindle adapter. Collet ready spindle availableon GS 42, 51 and 65 models.- Collet seats directly in the Hardinge spindle- Minimum overhang from the spindle bearings assuresthat spindle accuracy is transferred directly to theworkpiece- Maximum rigidity and gripping power is transferredHardinge Spindleshown with 3-Jaw Chuckto the part- Minimum weight on spindle- Maximum utilization of RPM- Optimum T.I.R.Minimal distance fromspindle bearings to tool tip- Gripping force directly over the workpiece- Superior tolerances and finishes- Capable of using maximum machine strok capacityGrip onThe Hardinge spindle designbar stockallows quick changeover frombar work to chucking work!- Quick changeover —collet draw tube is easily andaccurately adjusted from the back of the spindle- Longer tool lifeMinimal distance fromspindle bearings to tool tipCollet- Ability to use a wide variety of workholdingdevices: Sure-Grip 3-jaw chucks, collets, FlexC quick-change collets, step chucks, Sure Grip Grip onbar stockexpanding collets, Dead-Length systems, fixtureplates and othersColletExcessive overhangfrom spindle bearingsBar runoutExcessive overhangfrom spindle bearingsColletCollet adapter3Bar runout

Machine ConstructionIndustry’s most reliable motors anddrives. Heavy-duty axis motors anddrives provide superior machinecapability.GS 6512-Station vertical block topplate standard—VDI top platewith or without live tooling isavailable as an option.*BMT for GS65Heavy-duty linear rollerguideways provide optimumstiffness and rigidity, resultingin heavier cutting capabilityand longer machine life.Non-contact magnetic spindleencoder eliminates the need forbelted encoder, increasing overallreliability. One-degree spindleorient included.Heavy-duty, fixed pretensioned double-nut C2-classballscrews provide superiorrigidity, machine accuracy andrepeatability.Best-in-class spindle designincorporates 2-roller and2-angular contact bearing forsuperior rigidity, thermalstability and overall spindle life.Strategically ribbed 30-degreeslant bed design of one piececonstruction.Dual-wound spindle motor providesheavy-duty cutting capabilities.Machine base and all major castings aremade with high quality grey cast iron forsuperior rigidity, durability, and thermalstability.Environmentally friendlygrease lubrication minimizesoverall maintenance cost.Fully-programmable #5 MThydraulic tailstock optionfeatures robust boxway designfor optimum tailstock rigidity.All machines are laser inspected to strict quality standards.GS 42 and GS 5112-Station vertical block top platestandard—VDI top plate withlive tooling is available as an option.Fully-programmable #4MT hydraulic tailstockoption eliminates humanintervention compared tocompetitive designs.High class double-nut ball screwsprovide superior machineaccuracy and repeatability.High quality linear rollerguideways provide greaterpositioning accuracy,faster traverse rates, lessmachine wear, longermachine life and overallmachining consistency.Strategically ribbed 45-degreeslant bed design of onepiece construction.Standard features include: One-degree spindle orient Spindle reference (servo lock) Rigid tapping Run time and parts counter Chuck/collet closer foot switch Chip conveyor Interface Swing-out CNC pendant Air hose with air gun Complete operator’s, programmer’sand maintenance documentation4

Top Plate OptionsStandard 12-station vertical block top plateGS 42 and GS 51Minimal tool interference454mm(17.87”)Bidirectional turret indexing allows shortest path indexing for reducednon-cut time. The non-lift turret indexing ensures contaminant-freeoperation—indexing is by a brushless servomotor with positive hydraulicclamping on a 3-piece curvic coupling. The turret pivot (safety shear)feature helps prevent damage to the machine. Coolant is fed throughround shank tool holders via turret ports, allowing coolant to be preciselydirected to the machining operation. Live tooling is not available.Rigid tappingSynchronization between the main spindle and the Z-axis motion providesprecise and fast rigid tapping operations.GS 65Large machining areaGS 42 and GS 51A 112.5mm (4.429”)C 10.0mm (0.394”)E 11.0mm (0.433”)G 117.3mm (4.618”)BDFH456.0mm (17.952”)152.0mm (5.984”)341.0mm (13.425”)117.3mm (4.618”)*plus 120mm(4.724”) quill storkeVDI top plate live tooling optionBidirectional indexing of the 12-station VDI-30 turrettop plate allows shortest path indexing for reducednon-cut time. Easier processing of part families andfewer setups are realized due to the fact there area large number of tool stations. Fast setup times arepossible by using quick-change VDI tool holders. Thenon-lift turret indexing ensures contaminant-freeoperation—indexing is by a brushless servomotorwith positive hydraulic clamping on a 3-piece curviccoupling. The turret pivot (safety shear) featurehelps prevent damage to the machine. Coolant is fedthrough tool holders via turret ports. This allows theoperator to direct coolant precisely to the machiningoperation, providing enhanced cutting and chipmanagement. Live tooling is available as an option.Rigid tapping is included.Minimal tool interference: GS 42 and GS 51The illustrations represent the maximum part diametersthat can clear adjacent tool holders. A balanced weightdistribution of tooling on the top plate is recommended.*BMT top plate used on GS65 with live tooling5

WORKHOLDINGHardinge spindle tooling optionsHardinge manufactures a full line of collets, jaw chucks and quick-changespindle tooling for the most demanding workholding applications.Collet-Ready Spindle5C, 16C, 20C and 25CCollets, Hardened andGround and Emergency16C, 20C and 25CSpindle Collet andStep Chuck Adapters5C, 16C, 20C and 25CStep Chucks and Closers5C, 16C Collet StyleA25, A26 and A28Spindle Mount5C, 16C and 20CDead LengthFlexC Collet Heads16C, 20C and 25CMaster Collets and Pads3 Jaw Chucks6

Machine OptionsProductivity options forenhanced machining performanceLive tooling/C-AxiscontouringThe 5,000-rpm live tooling optioneliminates the need for manysecondary milling machine operations,reducing additional part handling andsetup cost. All stations of the top plateare live-tool ready with only one stationactively driven at one time. Separateservomotors are used for turret indexingand live tool operations. A disc-typehydraulic spindle brake provides positivelocking during static machining operations.C-axis provides positioning in incrementsof .001 degree. Three-dimensionalcontouring, complex round and prismaticmachining, square shoulder and letteringare accomplished by synchronizing thespindle with the X and Z axes. Rigidtapping can be done with both cross-andend-working functions.Parts catchersRobust hydraulic tailstocksThe catcher option allow the operator toconveniently retrieve finished workpiecesfrom outside the machining area duringthe machining cycle.The fully-programmable tailstock optionoffers a robust design for greater stabilitywhen machining long componentsbetween centers, allowing closertolerances, better surface finishes andhigher speeds and feeds. It is hydraulicallypositioned and automatically controlledby the part program or manually pressureregulated via the control panel. The GS 65machine features a MT #5 tailstock with9354N (2103lb) thrust rating. On the GS42 and 51 a 5.5m/min (216ipm) maximumfeedrate is featured.Arm-typeGS 42, GS 51 and GS 65Automatic tool touch probeThe retractable probe arm provides quicksetup and easy use, enabling automaticinsertion of tool offsets. The four-directionprobe makes it possible to touch off bothinternal and external working tools. Themachine can also be programmed toautomatically touch off tools and be usedfor in-cycle tool wear and breakagedetection. The probe arm swings up tostorage position on the headwall.GS 42 and 51Thermal Stabilization Package20-Bar (280-psi)thru-tool coolantThis high capacity coolant option providesdirect flow of coolant to the active toolcutting operation, providing enhancedchip management, higher permissiblefeeds and speeds, cooler machiningconditions for longer tool life andoptimum surface finishes.Includes a spindle chiller, circulation fanand, X & Z-axis scales. This option willimprove the overal thermal stabilityand minimize the warm up period. Thisproductivity option makes the machinemore thermally stable, requiring lesshuman intervention for offset changesduring the warm up period. Only availableon the GS 42 and 51.Part probeGS 65Steady restThe steady rest is available on theGS 65 long bed model to support longcylindrical parts, allowing heavier cuts andreduced tooling chatter while maintainingprecision tolerances and surface finishes.Other optional features:The part probe with macros allowsin-process workpiece size verificationsand automatic CNC adjustment of workoffsets. The probe is capable ofperforming rapid first-off inspection,in-process reporting and allows “lightsout” machining.- Chip Conveyor- BMT Turret Tooling- Bar Feed Systems- Power Transformers- Stack light- Mist collector7

Spindle DrivesGS-Series Performance Turning CentersPowerful spindle drivesHardinge/Fanuc High WindingHardinge/Fanuc High WindingGS 150 /42Hardinge/Fanuc High WindingGS 200 /5118.530min,S3 60%Operating Zone1614140S3 25% Operating 20075014005400600 1200 1800 2400 3000 3600 4200 48006000RPMPowerTorqueTORQUENm18.530min,S3 60%Operating Zone16013712100CONTINUOUS60kW175150143.112115min operating zone109815min ,S3 15%operating zone655004Continuousoperating zone2520040060080010006440220062511674500500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 40005000RPMGS 200 /51GS nuousoperating zone100045256005min operating zone102109200171815min ,S3 15%operating zone65410095.42Continuousoperating 01200RPMPowerTorquekW5045min operating zone45040918.535317.53001525012.515min ,S3 15%operating zone204107.51501005Continuousoperating zone50083000RPMHardinge/Fanuc Low WindingkW12200850GS 6511024200TORQUENm300502630min, S3 60%operating zone300273GS 200 /66, GS 200/66 L & GS 65PowerTorque150POWERkWS3 25%operating zoneSpindle Speed (4200rpm)Fanuc Spindle MotorHardinge/Fanuc Low WindingSPINDLE OUTPUT POWER/TORQUESPINDLE OUTPUT POWER/TORQUEPowerTorque76.37510987.580GS 4210014S3 25% Operating Zone120114.5PowerTorqueTORQUENmSpindle Speed (5000rpm)Fanuc Spindle MotorHardinge/Fanuc Low WindingHardinge/Fanuc Low WindingGS 150 /4212516151Spindle Speed (6000rpm)Fanuc Spindle MotorTORQUENmPOWERkWSPINDLE OUTPUT POWER/TORQUEPOWERkWGS 65SPINDLE OUTPUT POWER/TORQUEPowerTorqueGS 200 /66, GS 200/66 L & GS 65GS 51SPINDLE OUTPUT POWER/TORQUESPINDLE OUTPUT POWER/TORQUEGS 42TORQUENmHardinge/Fanuc High Winding1503003504505606007502.59001050RPM

CNC ControlGS Series Performance Turning CentersFanuc Oi-TD ControlGeneral213mm (8.4")Color LCD DisplayTwo Interpolating AxesProgrammable Resolution— 0.001mm (0.0001")Tool Offset Capability— 0.001mm (0.0001")Tool Geometry and Tool Wear Offsets (64 pair each)Inch/Metric Data Selection by G-Code1280 Meters (512 KB) Part Program StorageFlash Card Slot Capability (up to 128 MB) Data Input/OutputMDI (Manual Data Input) OperationReader/Punch Interface Connection(RS-232 Software/Hardware)DNC (Remote Buffer)Embedded EthernetSingle USB Port Programming FunctionsAbsolute/Incremental ProgrammingAdditional Tool Offsets (64 pair total)Additional Custom Macro VariablesAI Contour ControlBackground EditingBlueprint ProgrammingCanned Cycles (Drilling)Chamfer/Corner RoundingConstant Surface Speed ProgrammingContinual Thread CuttingCoordinate System Setting (G50)Custom Macro BDiameter/Radius ProgrammingExtended Part Program Edit (Copy/Replace)Graphic DisplayHardinge Safe Start FormatInput of Offset Value by Programming (G10)Interpolation (Linear and Circular)Manual Guide (G-Code Assist)Multiple Repetitive Canned Cycles I (Turning)Multiple Repetitive Canned Cycles II (Pockets)Nano InterpolationRegistered Part Programs (200 total)Rigid TappingSingle Block OperationSpare M-Codes (3)Thread, Synchronous CuttingTool Life ManagementTool Nose Radius CompensationVariable Lead Thread CuttingOperationBlock DeleteClamp/Unclamp Indicator Light SwitchCoolant ControlDry RunDwell TimeEmergency StopFeedholdFeedrate Override (0 to 150%)Incremental JogJog Feed Override (0 to 1260 mm/min)Machine LockManual Pulse Generator (MPG Handwheel)On-Screen Spindle & Axis Load MetersOption StopRapid Traverse Override (Low-25-50-100%)Single BlockSpindle Speed and T-Code Displays on All ScreensSpindle Speed Override (50 to 120%)Fanuc Oi-TD ellaneousAlarm DisplayEnglish Color LCD Display with Full KeyboardFrench/German, Italian or SpanishOn-Screen “HELP” Functions for AlarmsProgram ProtectRun Time and Parts CounterSelf-Diagnosis FunctionSpindle Lock (Servo)Spindle Orient—One-DegreeStored Pitch Error Compensation† Standard value-added features that may beoffered as options by other machine buildersStandardO Optional ††††† 9 O††††

SpecificationsGS-Series Performance Turning CentersGS 42 GS 51 GS 65SpindleChuck-Ready Spindle Config.—ANSI 1A2-5 A2-6 A2-6Draw Tube TypeHydraulic Hydraulic HydraulicThrough Draw Tube Capacity42 (1.65”)Gripping Capacity135mm (5.31”)51mm(2”)67mm (2.63”)7.28”/185mm 7.28”/185mm 7.28”/185mmMachining Diameter—Max.284mm (11.10”)284mm (11.10”)356mm (14.015”)Turning Length—Max.456mm (17.95”)456mm (17.95”)600mm (23.62”)2, 3Hang Weight with Device and Part34kg (75lb)48kg (105lb)1,000mm (39.40”)1,000mm (39.40”)280mm (11”)280mm (11”)432mm (17”)Peak Power Rating18.5kW (24.7hp)18.5kW (24.7hp)26kW (35hp)Torque Rating126Nm (93ft-lb)151Nm (111.3ft-lb)322Nm (237.6ft-lb)Base Speed1400 rpm1167 rpm770 rpmMax. Speed-I-rpm Steps6000 rpm5000 rpm4200 rpmPeak Power Rating11kW (15hp)11kW (15hp)Torque Rating175Nm (128.4ft-lb)210Nm (154ft-lb)Spindle Centerline HeightOperator’s Reach to Spindle70kg (154lb)1,041mm (41.00”)AC Digital Spindle Drive System 4Fanuc Control (S3)—High WindingFanuc Control (S3)—Low Winding *18.5kW (24.8hp)504Nm (371.4ft-lb)Base Speed600 rpm500 rpm350 rpmMax. Speed-I-rpm Steps1500 rpm1250 rpm1050 rpmSwing Dia. Over Way Cover—Max.457mm (18.00”)457mm (18.00”)595mm (23.42”)Travel—Max.—X Axis153mm (6.023”)153mm (6.023”)271.5mm (10.70”)Z Axis406mm (16.00”)406mm (16.00”)600mm (23.62”)30m/min (1,181ipm)30m/min (1,181ipm)30m/min (1,181ipm)17,907N (4,026lb)17,907N (4,026lb)21,991N (4,944lb)Ball Screw Diameter—X Axis28mm (1.102”)28mm (1.102”)36mm (1.417”)Z Axis28mm (1.102”)28mm (1.102”)40mm (1.575”)Carriage and Cross SlideTraverse Rates—Max.X and Z AxesZ-Axis Thrust—Max.With Fanuc ControlEvaluation StandardRepeatability—X and Z Axes (ISO)ISO 230-2ISO 230-2.005mm (.0002”).005mm (.0002”)1—Optional collet adaptation chucks available in many configurations, including 5C, 16C, 20C, 3J, S15,S20, B42 and B60.2—Dependent on type of live center used.3—Maximum turning length with tailstock option.4—Peak ratings used for power and torque specifications.5—Index time (includes unclamp and clamp).6—Original equipment only.7—Available on VDI top plate only.8—Balanced, 3-phase.*—Availability may be limted to certain markets.10ISO 230-2.005mm (.0002”)

SpecificationsGS 42 GS 51 GS 65Turret Top Plate—BidirectionalVertical Block or VDI 30 Vertical Block or VDI 30 Vertical Block or VDI 40Number of Station121212Square Shank Tool Size—Max.20mm or 3 4” 20mm or 3 4”25mm or 1”Round Shank Tool Size—Max.32mm or 11 4”32mm or 11 4”40mm or 11 2”.46 Second.46 Second.3 SecondIndex Time—Adjacent Station 5Vertical BlockVDIVDI Live Tooling/C-Axis Option0.78 Second 0.78 Second 0.78 Second6, 7Tool Shank Diameter w/ER25 Collets2 to 16mm2 to 16mm2 to 16mm.079 to .625”.079 to .625”.079 to .625”Power Rating at Tool Tip 43.7kW (5hp)3.7kW (5hp)8kW (10.5hp)Torque Rating at Tool Tip 425Nm (18.44ft-lb)25Nm (18.44ft-lb)Maximum Speed—1-rpm Steps35.0Nm (25.80ft-lb)5,000 5,000 4,000C-Axis Contouring Resolution.001 Degree.001 Degree.001 DegreePositioning Accuracy 1 Arc Min. 1 Arc Min. 1 Arc Min.Repeatability1.75 Arc Min. 1.75 Arc Min. 1.75 Arc Min.Tailstock (Fully-Programmable) Option 6PositioningHydraulic Hydraulic HydraulicMorse Taper CenterMT No. 4MT No. 4Travel of Tailstock Base341mm (13.42”)341mm (13.42”)Part Length—Max.499.7mm (23.62”)499.7mm (23.62”)2, 8Min. 242.7mm (1.68”)42.7mm (1.68”)MT No. 5625mm (24.60”)20.0mm (0.787”)Feedrate—Max.5.5 m/min (216ipm)5.5 m/min (216ipm)5.5 m/min (216ipm)Thrust—Max.3,470N (780lb)3,470N (780lb)9,354N (2,103lb)52 x 100mm52 x 100mm65 x 160mm2.05 x 4”2.05 x 4”Parts Catcher OptionWorkpiece Dia. x Length—Max.2.56 x 6.3”MiscellaneousPower Supply Requirement 8Fanuc ControlCoolant Tank Capacity220v/67FLA/3phase 220v/67FLA/3phase 220v/74FLA/3phase125liter (33gal)125liter (33gal)290liter (76.62gal)Coolant Pressure—Standard2.8bar (40psi)2.8bar (40psi)2.8bar (40psi)Thru-Tool Coolant Option20bar (280psi)20bar (280psi)20bar (280psi)Machine Weight—Approx.2694kg (5,940lb)2794kg (6,160lb)4950kg (10,915lb)Shipping Weight—Approx.3057kg (6,739lb)3157kg (6,959lb)5290kg (11,664lb)Length1998mm (78.66”)1998mm (78.66”)2988mm (117.64”)Length w/Chip Conveyor Option2958mm (116.46”)2958mm (116.46”)3672mm (144.60”)1650mm (65”)1650mm (65”)2142mm (84.33”)Depth w/Control Unit at Max. Swivel 2153mm (84.76”)2153mm (84.76”)2453mm (96.58”)Height1781mm (70.12”)1812mm (71.34”)Machine DimensionsDepthFloor Area—Approx.1781mm (70.12”)3.3m2 (35.5ft2) 3.3m2 (35.5ft2) 5.1m2 (54.9ft2)11Actual results may be greater or less than those listed due to a number of factorsincluding but not limited to warm up cycles, speeds, feeds, tooling, machinemaintenance, coolant, material, ambient temperature and type of machine foundation.

HARDINGECOMPANIESWORLDWIDEOver the years, The Hardinge Group steadily diversified both its product offeringsand operations. Today, the company hasgrown into a globally diversified player withmanufacturing operations in North America,Europe and Asia. In addition to designing andbuilding turning centers, and collets, Hardingeis a world leader in grinding solutions withthe addition of the Kellenberger, Jones& Shipman, Hauser, Tschudin, Usach andVoumard brands to the Hardinge family.The company also designs and manufacturesBridgeport machining centers and otherindustrial products for a wide range ofmaterial cutting, turnkey automation andworkholding needs.Expect more from your Hardinge products.Choose Hardinge precision and reliabilityfor increased productivity and value!Call us today, we’ve got your answer.North AmericaHardinge Inc.General Information: 607-734-2281Sales Fax: 607.734.8819Workholding Fax: 607.734.3886Service: 800.424.2440www.hardinge.comCanadaCanadian Hardinge Machine Tools Ltd.Tel: 800.468.5946Fax: 607.734.8819ChinaHardinge Machine (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.Hardinge China LimitedTel: 0086 21 38108686Fax: 0086 21 38108681Hardinge Precision Machinery (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd.Economic and Technology Development ZoneTel: 0573-82601088Fax: 0573-82601988GermanyHardinge GmbHTel: (49) 2151 496490Fax: (49) 2151 4964999TaiwanHardinge Machine Tools B.V.Tel: 886 49 2260536Fax: 886 49 2252203cs@hardinge.com.twSwitzerlandL. Kellenberger & Co. AGTel: 41 (0) 71 242 91 11Fax: 41 (0) 71 242 92 22info@kellenberger.comwww.kellenberger.netL. Kellenberger & Co. AGTel: 41 (0)32 344 11 52Fax: 41 (0)32 341 13 93info@kellenberger.comwww.kellenberger.netUnited KingdomJones & Shipman HardingeTel: 44 (0) 116 2013000Fax: 44 (0) 116 l specifications subject to change without notice.All marks indicated by and are trademarks of theirrespective owners. #1326F Litho in USA Hardinge Inc.2014 October 2014

Hardinge spindle tooling options Hardinge manufactures a full line of collets, jaw chucks and quick-change spindle tooling for the most demanding workholding applications. Collet-Ready Spindle 5C, 16C, 20C and 25C Collets, Hardened and Ground and Emergency 5C, 16C, 20C and 25C Step Chucks and Closers 5C, 16C and 20C Dead Length 16C, 20C and 25C

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Hardinge Inc. One Hardinge Drive, Elmira, New York U.S.A. 14902-1507 800.843.8801 (Canada 800.468.5946) www.shophardinge.com Part No. BB -0009500-0126 7 1. Introduction to the Hardinge 16C and 3J Rotary Indexer System 1.1 Description The 16C and 3J Rotary Indexer System is used fo

Hardinge Special-Accuracy 5C Collet Sets are enclosed in a handsome walnut case with a certificate of accuracy signed by the President of Hardinge. Each collet in the set is tested in a Hardinge spindle and guarantees a maximum TIR of .0002" (.005mm). Sets are available in 1 64", 1 32" and .5mm increments.

Hardinge Spindle shown with Collet Hardinge Spindle shown with 3-Jaw Chuck The Hardinge spindle design allows quick changeover from bar work to chucking work! The Hardinge spindle design is both collet and jaw chuck-ready and does NOT require a spindle adapter. Collet ready spindle only available on GS 42 & GS 51 models. Minimal distance from .

Hardinge’s A2-4 (5C) and A2-5 (16C) spindle nose designs allow quick change between collets, expanding collets, step chucks, 3-jaw chucks and face plates. Common spindle tooling can be shared between the

Hardinge collets are renowned for their accuracy and durability with the best total indicator reading (TIR) in the industry. Choose from a large inventory of 5C, 16C, 20C, 25C and 3J collets, emergency collets and step chucks, as well as B42 and B65 stationary collets. Let Hardinge solve your workholding problems such as hard-to-grip shapes

Sure-Grip Expanding Collets (collet-style) Instructions B-97B Hardinge Inc. One Hardinge Drive, Elmira, New York U.S.A. 14902-1507 800.843.8801 (Canada 800.468.5946) www.hardingetooling.com Part No. BB -0009500-0097 Installing 5C, 16C and 3J Sure-Grip Collet-Style Expanding Coll

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