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2017 MAIN BALLROOM PLAYLISTSThis just shows how many events the dances were played at, along with total plays.From the following 14 events: Big Bang Dance Classic, Desert Dance, Line Dance Showdown, Xperience, Line Dance Marathon,Fun In The Sun, Ft Wayne Dance For All, Hotlanta, Palm Springs Line Dance Festival, Windy City Line Dance Mania,Motor City Dance Classic, Vegas Dance Explosion, Florida Line Dance Classic, Holiday WorkshopThe information contained in this list is gathered from people who have taken the time to keep track of the dances while at the event.If you would like to volunteer to assist in gathering information please contact me. The more input I have the more accurate the results.MANY TOTALEVENTS 2626252525DANCE [Date Choreographed]CHOREOGRAPHERPieces [June 2016]Ain't Misbehavin' [Nov 2015]Shady [Dec 2016]Off The Chain [June 2014]Handclap [May 2016]Oops Baby [Dec 2016]Sugar Honey I.T. [Sept 2015]Stomp Your Feet [Nov 2016]Crash [Oct 2016]Take Me To The River [Sept 2016]Whip It [Nov 2015]High On Loving You [April 2016]Italiano [Oct 2016]Pink Champagne [Jan 2017]Stitches [Sept 2015]Have Fun Go Mad [Aug 1999]More Dessert [May 2016]Strip It Down [Oct 2015]Boom Pow [March 2017]How I Want Ya [March 2016]Run Me Like A River [March 2017]So Just Dance Dance Dance [May 2016]Shakin' My Head [Oct 2013]Slowly, Gently, Softly (SGS) [April 2017]Clap Snap [May 2017]Lay Low [Aug 2015]Main Attraction [Sept 2016]Dustin BettsGuyton Mundy, Jo Thompson Szymanski, Amy GlassDarren Bailey, Amy Glass, Fred WhitehouseFred Whitehouse & Darren BaileyBracken Ellis & Brandon ZahorskyRachael McEnaney & Cody FlowersJohanna BarnesShane McKeeverFred WhitehouseJonas Dahlgren & Roy VerdonkShane McKeever & Rachael McEnaney-WhiteWill CraigRachael Mcenaney, Shane McKeever, Niels PoulsenRachael McEnaneyAmy GlassScott BlevinsGuyton Mundy & Klara WallmanRachael McEnaneyScott Blevins & Jo T SzymanskiJoey Warren & Rachael McEnanenyKinsers, Guillaume Richard, Roy Verdonk & Jef CampsJose Miguel Belloque Vane & Guillaume RichardGuyton Mundy & Chris AtkinsonGary O'ReillyRebecca Lee & Philip SobrieloDarren BaileyJoey Warren, Jannie Tofte Andersen & Kirsten MatthiessenLEVELIntIntIntP Int/AdvP IntIntIntP AdvIntIntAdvIntIntIntImpIntP IntIntIntP AdvL AdvNovIntIntIntImpAdv

0202020202019191918181818181717Shake That [June 2016]Thy Will [Feb 2017]New Thang [Sept 2015]Power Mix [June 2017]Cake By The Ocean [Jan 2016]Gypsy Queen [May 2016]Love Remains [Jan 2017]Make It Shake [Oct 2014]Straight To The Castle [April 2017]Sunshine In My Pocket [May 2016]Tick Tick Boom [May 2017]Blessed [June 2016]Hideaway Cha [Sept 2000]Let It Out [March 2017]Levels [Sept 2015]Poetry In Motion [July 2004]Sound Of Silence [Sept 2016]Trespassing [March 2013]Blue Ain't Your Color [May 2016]Gimmie Gimmie [Oct 2016]I Don't Mind [Jan 2017]Keep It Groovin' [Oct 2016]Lonely Drum [June 2017]Pull Me Closer [Sept 2016]Shape Of You [Jan 2017]Tell Your Heart To Beat Again [Dec 2016]Wakey Wakey [Jan 2015]Holdin' Me Back [June 2017]Somewhere With You [Nov 2010]Strip That Down [June 2017]Beautiful Goodbye [May 2014]Chase That Dollar [Oct 2016]Kissing Strangers [April 2017]She Used To Be Mine [March 2017]Throwback Love [June 2017]American Kids [June 2014]Cliché Love Song [Oct 2015]Maddison GloverJoey WarrenPhilip Sobrielo, Rebecca Lee, Raymond SarlemijnMaddison GloverScott BlevinsHazel PaceGary O'ReillyFred Whitehouse & Darren BaileyJoey WarrenAmy GlassTim Johnson, Jean-Pierre Madge, Debbie RushtonJackie MirandaJoanne Brady, Jamie Davis Marshall, & Jo ThompsonRachael McEnaney-WhiteWill CraigMasters In LineGuyton Mundy & Fred WhitehouseFred Whitehouse & Darren BaileyRoy Verdonk & José Miguel Belloque VaneRebecca LeeShane McKeever & Fred WhitehouseScott Blevins & Jo T SzymanskiDarren MitchellShane McKeeverRoy Hadisubroto & Fiona MurrayJo Kinser, Jonas Dahlgren, Michael BarrScott BlevinsShane McKeeverJunior Willis & Scott SchrankMaggie Gallagher & Tim JohnsonMichael BarrDustin BettsRachael McEnaney-White & Simon WardRachael McEnaney-White & Caroline PillarPim van Grootel, Jose MB Vane, Raymond Sarlemijn, JP MadgeRandy PelletierJo Thompson Szymanski, Guyton Mundy, John RobinsonP IntInt/AdvP IntP H IntP H IntBegH IntAdvP AdvP IntP H IntIntIntInt/AdvIntIntAdvInt/AdvIntIntP AdvH IntE IntP AdvIntIntE IntP IntBeg/IntH IntImpP AdvIntAdvP IntH BegInt

131313131313127101212Feel [Sept 2008]No Stress [July 2017]Lady In Red [April 2017]Lay It Back [Sept 2017]Lemonade [Sept 2016]Pontoon [June 2012]Woman Up [July 2016]You're So Beautiful [June 2015]All I Can Say [Feb 2014]Corazon Diamente [April 2016]Dizzy [April 2001]Do Something Crazy [Oct 2016]Ex's and O's [Feb 2015]Mr. Put It Down [June 2015]Showstopper [July 2013]The Queen [May 2015]The Wild Life [Aug 2016]Woo Woo [June 2017]Change My Ways [March 2017]Clap Clap Clap [Nov 2016]Dem Jeans [Nov 2012]Falling [Sept 2016]Tango With Me Darling [Jan 2017]Wild Wild West [May 2000]Yes You Won't [Aug 2001]Beautiful Wonderful [Sept 2017]Die A Happy Man [Feb 2016]Faith & Desire [Jan 2010]Helium [Feb 2017]Nu Flow [Dec 2003]Skiffle Time [Feb 2012]Swing Your Chains [April 2003]The Shape Of You [Jan 2017]Thumbs Up [Feb 2017]50 Ways [July 2012]Come Dance With Me [May 2002]Coming Unplugged [Nov 2013]Scott BlevinsShane McKeeverSimon WardShane McKeever, Fred Whitehouse, Guyton MundyJo Thompson Szymanski & Malene JakobsenGail SmithRachael McEnaney & Amy ChristianLorenzo EvansRachael McEnaney & Simon WardRoy Verdonk, Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'ReillyJo ThompsonGuyton Mundy & Shane McKeeverAmy GlassRachael McEnaney & Trevor ThorntonJo Thompson Szymanski & Scott BlevinsRémi Lemaire, Guillaume Richard, Gaëtan BachellerieScott BlevinsRachael McEnaney-WhiteRoy Verdonk & Jose Miguel Belloque VaneAmy GlassGeorgia GriffinRachael McEnaneyRob Fowler & Daniel WhittakerJerry Siebe & Jason CameronBryan McWherter & Johanna BarnesDebbie Rushton & Jannie Tofte-AndersonRachael McEnaney-White & Joey WarrenJohanna BarnesWill CraigRachael McEnaney & Paul McAdamDarren BaileyDee Soares & Shaun McGuireTrevor ThorntonScott Blevins & Amy GlassPat StottJo ThompsonPatrick FlemingIntIntAdvAdvIntBegIntIntIntIntIntP Int/AdvImpInt/AdvIntImpIntAdvAdvP IntIntP AdvIntIntInt/AdvH IntIntIntIntAdvIntIntIntP IntIntBegInt

rybody's Groovin' [Aug 2017]Girl Crush [March 2015]Heaven On Earth [Oct 2016]Hurts Like A Cha Cha [Oct 2017]Mirrors [June 2013]Better When I'm Dancin' [Oct 2015]Blue Night Cha [July 2010]Brother [Jan 2017]Sexy Beaches [Sept 2017]Worldwide [Jan 2015]AK Freak [June 2014]Chill Factor [Feb 2004]Don't [July 2014]Feed The Fetish [Feb 2008]Homegrown [Jan 2015]Mmm Bop [May 1998]Pom Poms [Nov 2016]Skinny Love [June 2013]The Anthem [Jan 2017]The Fighter [May 2016]Uptown Funk [Nov 2014]Wonderland Waltz [Aug 2010]Worth It [May 2015]Extreme Love [Aug 2015]I Got A Woman [May 2017]New York 2 LA [Dec 2013]Serious Love [May 2017]The Beast [Dec 1998]The Boogie [April 2017]Watermelon Crawl [April 1998]Beautiful In My Eyes [May 2012]Bittersweet Memory [Nov 2010]First Thing First [May 2017]Gyrate [Nov 2007]Imelda's Way [May 2012]Never Been To Spain [Aug 2015]Pump It [March 2006]Jo Thompson Szymanski & Rhoda LaiRachael McEnaney & Alison JohnstoneMalene Jakobsen & Simon WardTeam Int'l: Simon Ward, Daniel Trepat, Fred WhitehouseWill Craig & Amy GlassJulia WetzelKim RayJohn Robinson & Melissa CulbertsonFred Whitehouse, Niels Poulsen, Dee Musk, Guyton MundyKayla CosgroveRachael McEnaney & Guyton MundyDaniel Whittaker & Hayley WestheadAmy GlassScott BlevinsRachael McEnaney-WhiteKelly KaylinGuillaume Richard, Daniel Trepat, Fred WhitehouseRoy Hadisubroto & Raymond SarlemijnScott BlevinsNiels Poulsen, Raymond Sarlemijn, Roy VerdonkRob FowlerRob FowlerLinda McCormack & Maddison GloverNiels PoulsenMichael Désiré-NietoRachael McEnaneyScott Blevins & Megan WheelerRob FowlerShane McKeever & Fred WhitehouseSue LipscombSimon WardRia VosKlara Wallman & Lina HökdahlAdam Berman, Roberto Corporan, Amy SpencerAdrian ChurmJo Thompson SzymanskiMasters In LineIntH IntIntIntInt/AdvIntBegIntP P AdvIntBegInt/AdvP AdvAdvP Int/AdvBeg/IntH IntIntP Int/AdvAdvBeg/IntInt/AdvAdv

777777777666666666666666Spiderweb [Nov 2015]The Bomp [May 2015]Work From Home (WFH) [April 2016]WTF (What The France) [April 2015]Dirty Boots [Aug 2016]Freak A Little More [Sept 2011]Get Out The Kitchen [June 2016]If I Wuz You [May 2016]I'm Mad [Nov 2013]Just Have Faith [March 2016]Larger Than Life [July 2003]Mmmm Yeah [April 2014]Oh Mama Hey [Oct 2017]Running [June 2015]Shut Up and Dance [Feb 2015]Smooth Criminal [Feb 2001]Somebody Wants You [May 2017]The Mack [May 2017]Think I'm Sexy [Aug 2017]Twist Twist Twist [June 2014]Up In Here [Aug 2017]Witness [July 2015]Ain't Too Cool [Dec 2015]Americano [Jan 2010]Blurred Lines [April 2013]Bosa Nova [Dec 2005]Chunky [Jan 2017]Coconut Water [May 2016]Confident [Oct 2015]Crusin' [Feb 1989]Dear Future Husband [Sept 2014]Dirty Work [Aug 2015]Drive Me Wild [May 1997]Electric Love [Sept 2017]Frankie Fever [June 2016]Freaky Skillz [Oct 2007]Funk U Up [Noiv 2014]Brenna StithKim RayGuyton Mundy, Roy Hadisubroto, Fred WhitehouseFred Whitehouse, Darren Bailey, Joey WarrenJohn Robinson & Junior WillisScott BlevinsJoey WarrenNeville Fitzgerald & Julie HarrisBrenda ShattoGary O'ReillySimon WardRachael McEnaney, Roy Hadisubroto, Joey WarrenGuyton Mundy & Jo Thompson SzymanskiWill CraigCody FlowersBarry Porter & Paul HulattDaniel Trepat, Niels Poulsen, Neville & Julie, Roy Hadisubroto, Fiona MurrayWill Craig & Trevor ThorntonRachael McEnaney-White & Laura Andrea LopezJosé miguel Belloque Vane, Roy Verdonk, Sophie DickShea McCaffertyFred Whitehouse, Darren BaileyTrevor Thornton, Brandon Roman, Branden SwiftSimon Ward & Maddison GloverRachael McEnaney & Arjay CentenoPhil DenningtonCaroline PillarTrever ThorntonAmy Glass & Darren BaileyNeil HaleJulia WetzelScott BlevinsScott BlevinsAmy (Glass) BaileyMaddison GloverShaz WaltonJunior Willis, Brandon Zahorsky, Scott Schrank, Sandy RohrbackIntImpP AdvAdvIntIntP AdvBegIntIntAdvAdvIntIntIntIntH IntL IntIntIntP AdvP AdvImpP H IntAdvIntE IntP L IntP IntBeg/IntIntIntIntIntImpInt/AdvH Int

555555555555555555555555Hold Your Horses [April 2001]Hootenanny [March 2013]Islands In the Stream [May 1999]Jukebox [June 2001]Maniac [Nov 2017]One Reason [Nov 2016]Part-Time Girlfriend [Oct 2017]Summerthing [June 2017]Syncopated Rhythm [Aug 1999]Toes [Feb 2009]Versace On The Floor [Jan 2017]Wow Tokyo [June 2013]Yeah [Jan 2017]Askin' Questions [July 2009]Backstreet Attitude [1996]Bang [Sept 2014]Best Mistakes [Aug 2017]Boots [Oct 2017]Cadillac Ride [Feb 2006]Champagne Promise [March 2017]Counting Stars [Sept 2013]Domino [Oct 2011]Dunk It [Nov 2017]Hello Dolly [May 2010]Intrigue [Feb 2012]Legends and Heros [Aug 2017]Mamma Maria [May 2009]My Reason [Aug 2017]One Dance Turn Me On [Sept 2016]Party Night [Feb 2015]Party Train [Oct 2017]Recovering [Sept 2016]Shots With Somebody [Oct 2015]Sock It To Ya [Sept 2017]Sugar Rush [Feb 2015]That Love [Sept 2016]Thinkin' & Drivin' [May 2017]AT Kinson & Tom MickersJohn RobinsonKaren JonesJo ThompsonJonas Dahlgren & Johanna LodinFiona Murray & Roy HadisubrotoTeam USA: Joey Warren, Scott Blevins, Guyton MundyRhoda LaiRob & Michelle FowlerRachael McEnaneyRhoda LaiRia Vos, Kate Sala & The Tokyo Line DancersMichael BarrLarry BassJamie Davis MarshallRhoda LaiJonno Liberman & Jason TakahashiMaddison GloverGuyton MundyTina ArglyeSimon WardRachael McEnaneyNiels Poulsen, Kate Sala, Dee MuskLorraine KurtelaRob FowlerJack Swanson & Aly GlasierFrank TraceRoy Verdonk, Jef Camps, Betty AlartRebecca Lee, Philip Sobrielo, Jose MB Vane, Tomohiro IlzukaFiona Murray & Roy HadisubrotoRebecca Lee & Philip SobrieloGuillaume RichardRachael McEnaneyShane McKeever & Jonno LibermanTrevor ThorntonWill CraigJoey WarrenInt/AdvIntIntIntIntAdvIntP IntIntBegH IntH IntImpBeg/IntIntP H IntIntIntAdvBegIntIntP Int/AdvH BegInt/AdvP IntU BegAdvP IntP ImpP IntE IntIntIntIntL IntN/A

444444444444444444443333Wave On Wave [June 2003]3 Rules [Oct 2017]All Katchi, All Night Long [Aug 2017]All Of Me [Jan 2014]Blue Lights Chasing [Aug 2015]Come Home [Oct 2016]Coochie Bang Bang [May 2009]Crazy Foot Mambo [Jan 2008]East To West 17 (split with Pontoon) [Jan 2017]Fine By Me [June 2016]Fragile [June 2016]Give Me The Beat [May 2017]Happily Ever After [Jan 2017]I Scream [May 2006]If You Ever [Oct 2017]Moves Like Jagger [Aug 2011]Nancy Mulligan [March 2017]No Vacancy [April 2015]Once Upon A December [Nov 2000]One Less [Aug 2014]Peculiar Game [Aug 2017]Play That Song (Out Til Dawn) [Oct 2016]Save the Day [Dec 2015]Soul Food [April 2011]Soy Yo Cha [June 2016]Take It Off [March 2017]Take Me To The Water [May 2016]The Pretty Girls Said [July 2017]Time To Surrender [April 2017]Uma Thurman [Nov 2015]Walk Of Shame [June 2016]We Are Tonight [Oct 2013]Zoom [Nov 2016]1159 [March 2017]A Lesson In Love [April 2016]About Feelings [Feb 2016]After Midnight [May 2000]Alan G BirchallPaul Snooke & Guilluame RichardKerry MausSimon WardJoey WarrenGary O'ReillyScott BlevinsPaul McAdamAlison Johnstone & Simon WardFred WhitehouseGuyton Mundy, Fred Whitehouse, J.P. MadgeWill CraigMaddison GloverScott BlevinsJoey Warren & Heidi OswaldBracken EllisMaggie Gallagher & Gary O'ReillyTrevor ThorntonJo ThompsonJoey Warren & Brenna StithFred Whitehouse & Georgina DixonDerek SteeleKarl-Harry WinsonLorenzo GoLo EvansJoey Warren, Lynda McCormack, Debbie Rushton, Gary O'ReillyTrevor Thornton, Brandon Roman, Branden SwiftFiona Murray & Roy HadisubrotoTrevor Thornton & Megan WheelerSimon Ward & Rachael McEnaney WhiteDerek SteeleSimon Ward & Niels PoulsenDan AlbroWill Craig & Cody FlowersRachael McEnaney-WhiteDee Musk & Simon WardRia VosJudy McDonaldBeg/IntUpper IntP IntIntInt/AdvH IntH IntImpImpP AdvAdvIntIntIntIntIntImpIntInt/AdvP IntIntBeg/IntIntN/AContraP AdvAdvImpIntP IntP IntIntP IntBegAdvIntInt

333333333333333333333333Ain't Wot U Do [Aug 2014]And Get It On [March 2015]Backroads Bump [Oct 2014]Backwood Bump [Jan 2017]Blackpool By the Sea [Feb 2016]Bomshel Stomp [Aug 2005]Bored [Dec 2016]Boys Like You [Nov 2015]Can't Feel My Face [July 2015]Cool Whip [June 2003]Crash A Little [Oct 2016]Cut Me Down [Sept 2017]D.H.S.S. (Delicious, Hot, Strong & Sweet) [Dec 2003]Drive [Feb 2003]Fireball [Aug 2014]Fireball [July 2014]Follow Me [July 2013]Geek In The Pink [Jan 2006]Girls Like [March 2016]Here Right Here [July 2017]Hot Damn [Sept 2017]Human After All [Oct 2016]I Am Your Man [April 2017]I Came To Love You [Sept 2016]I Wanna Live Forever [2017]Jai Ho [March 2009]Jessie James [April 2009]Just Be [Nov 2014]Kreedom [June 2013]Let It Be [Jan 2011]Light It Up [March 2017]Listen [Jan 2016]Madness [April 2013]Perfect Picture [Sept 2017]Put It On Me [June 2017]Sit Still, Look Pretty [Dec 2016]Slow Burn [March 2004]Neville Fitzgerald & Julie HarrisDaniel Trepat & Jose Miguel Belloque VaneDerek SteeleBrandon Zahorsky & Stacy RuggieroGaye TeatherKaren Hedges & Jamie MarshallRia VosRachael McEnaney-WhiteRachael McEnaney-White & Maddison GloverJudy McDonaldJohn RobinsonShane McKeever, Fred Whitehouse, Guyton MundyGaye TeatherBryan McWherterKate SalaWill CraigDarren Bailey, Raymond Sarlemijn, Fred WhitehouseJohanna BarnesNeville Fitzgerald & Julie HarrisDaniel Trepat, The Kinsers, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Jonathan SackScott Blevins & Rachael McEnaney-WhiteRia VosFred Whitehouse & Niels PoulsenGary O'Reilly & Dee MuskShane McKeever, Guyton Mundy, Roy HadisubrotoAmy ChristianRachael McEnaney-WhiteFred Whitehouse & Darren BaileyJo Thompson Szymanski & Michele PerronRachael McEnaneyGary O'ReillyGuyton Mundy & Fred WhitehouseVicky St PierreFred Whitehouse & Jean-Pierre MadgeMaddison Glover & Cody FlowersAmy Glass & Rhoda LaiKathy Hunyadi & John RobinsonIntIntImpImpImpBeg/IntBegIntIntBeg/IntBegP IntBegIntIntP IntInt/AdvIntIntIntInt/AdvH IntIntIntAdvIntH Int/AdvIntE IntAdvIntP AdvIntP AdvH ImpIntInt

332222222222222222222222Starving [Jan 2017]Street Soul [Oct 2004]Stupid In Love [Jan 2010]Swamp Thang [Oct 2000]Swingin' R's [July 2003]Take It High [Oct 2017]Taking Care Of You [April 2017]The Waiting Game [April 2016]Till the Diggy Dawn [Octr 2016]Tush Push [1977]Under The Sun [Oct 2009]Way Down We Go [March 2016]Whatever Happens [April 2003]Wiggle Wop [Sept 2016]Work Work [May 2017]A Little Southern Comfort [Nov 2006]Against All Odds [July 2017]All Heaven Allows [Oct 2016]All I'm Asking [Sept 2017]Amame [Sept 2008]Bard Of The Bronx [Jan 2017]Be My Baby Now [June 2013]Behind The Glass [Feb 2012]Big Blue Tree [Nov 2015]Black Betty's Worldwide [April 2016]Black Coffee [May 1998]Bo [March 2015]Booze Cruise [June 2013]Bound To You [June 2012]Bring Down the House [Nov 2015]Can't Walk Away [April 2017]Caught In the Act [Feb 2004]Chantaje [Nov 2016]Cheesecake [Oct 2014]Chunky [Feb 2017]Click Click Click [June 2017]Come Tomorrow [Oct 2005]Rhoda LaiMasters In LineRachael McEnaneyMax PerryRob "I" Ingenthron & Robert RoystonRebecca LeeRia VosJoey Warren & Fred WhitehouseWill Craig & Danny MalenfantJim Ferrazzano & Kenneth EngelKathy Chang & Sue HsuWill CraigLiz Bogan & Ron KlineKayla CosgroveRob Fowler & Darren BaileyGuyton MundySimon WardJef Camps & Daisy SimonsJef Camps & Esmeralda van de PolRobbie M HickieMichele PerronVicky St. Pierre & Rachael McEnaneyDebbie McLaughlin (Rushton)Ria VosJune ShumanHelen O'MalleyScott Blevins & Maria MaagDonna ManningMaria MaagStephane Cormier & Denis HenleyMegan Barsuglia & Christopher GonzalezAnn WoodGary O'Reilly & Maggie GallagherRachael McEnaney, Joey Warren, Scott BlevinsRebecca LeeBradley MatherMichele PerronImpIntInt/AdvBeg/IntP Int/AdvIntInt/AdvN/AIntBeg/IntBegIntIntP H IntImp/IntH Beg/IntH IntImpH IntE IntBeg/IntIntH IntBegBegBegH IntL IntInt/AdvIntImp/IntIntIntAdvE IntP AdvInt

222222222222222222222222Traveling Cha Cha [June 1999]Crazy In Love [Sept 2016]Dance Ranch Romp [1994]Dangerous [May 1998]Deeply Completely [Jan 2001]Descarada [May 2011]Don't Feel Like Dancing [Aug 2006]Dream Lover [Sept 2013]Evergreen [Dec 2003]Feel Good [April 2016]Feels So Good [Sept 2005]Fight The Feelings [Oct 2015]Flatt Out Dance [May 2017]Free Fallin' [Aug 2011]From The Ground Up [March 2016]Funk N Feel It [June 2016]Get Ugly [June 2015]Give It Back [June 2007]Got Your Number [July 2017]Harden Up Princess [June 2016]Have A Good Time [April 2017]Have You Ever Seen The Rain [Jan 2012]How You Gonna [June 2012]I Can Be A B*tch [Nov 2017]Is It Over [Oct 2015]Just Feel Like Dancing (Sunshine In My Pocket) [May 2016]Let Me Love You [March 2002]LIT [Oct 2016]Little Red Corvette [Oct 2009]Look Good Again [Jan 2017]Loving You [July 2012]Made In the Shade [Nov 2016]Mr Luver [June 2007]Muddy Waters [Nov 2017]My Father's Son [Oct 2015]My Maria [May 1998]No Superman [Sept 2011]Dennis & Connie McQuireRebecca Lee & David HoynJo ThompsonJohn RobinsonRob FowlerJoey WarrenPat StottDaniel WhittakerKaren HunnShane McKeeverAmy ChristianTrevor ThorntonBracken Ellis, Junior Willis, John RobinsonRachael McEnaney, Deborah Szekely, Brennar GoreeRob Fowler & Rachael McEnaneyRachael McEnaney-White & Arjay CentenoJonno LibermanRachael McEnaneyDarren BaileySimon WardRachael McEnaney-WhiteDee MuskWill CraigIvonne VerhagenFred Whitehouse & Niels PoulsenJonno LibermanMasters In LineTrevor Thornton & Candee SegerRob GloverDarren BaileyLinda McCormackRachael McEnaney & Jo Thompson SzymanskiKenny JDarren BaileyRoy Verdonk & Roy HadisubrotoMike Camara & Dan AlbroDarren Bailey, Henrik Gønvold, Daniel TrepatN/AIntIntH IntIntInt/AdvIntBeg/ImpIntIntP IntIntN/AAdvAdvInt/AdvIntIntIntIntAb BegE IntIntL IntIntP IntInt/AdvIntIntIntInt/AdvImp/IntIntP AdvH IntBeg/IntImp

222222222222222222222222NYC Funk [Sept 2015]Outta Control [Dec 2012]Pins & Needles [April 2017]Post Code Envy [Sept 2013]Psycho [Feb 2015]Razor Sharp [May 1998]Roll [Oct 2016]Room Service [May 2010]Rose Garden [Aug 1999]S.T. One [March 2016]Safe In These Arms [Aug 2017]Sentimental [Oct 2009]She's Gone [Oct 2017]Sippin' On Southern [May 2013]Slow Hands [May 2017]Smooth Funk (split with Lay It Back) [Jan 2017]Sorry For Honesty [Oct 2017]Speak To A Girl [April 2017]Stuck [Oct 2012]Sweet Caroline [Nov 2017]Talking To The Moon [March 2011]The Dancing Tree [Oct 2015]The Ghost Of You [March 2017]The Smell Of Your Sweet Perfume [May 2008]Thunder [Sept 2017]Til Ya Hurt [Aug 2016]To Be Human [June 2017]Too Sexy [Sept 2017]Trouble Is [May 2010]Try Everything [Feb 2017]Twisted Sister [Jan 2015]Unsteady [July 2014]Whistle While You Work It [March 2017]Why Baby Why [June 2016]With the Lights On [Feb 2012]Wobble [Jan 2011]Yeeeee Haaaaa [Nov 2003]Debbie RushtonSimon WardBrenna Stith, Dustin Betts, Joey WarrenJoey WarrenJill Babinec & Guyton MundyStephen SunterMaddison GloverRebecca LeeJo ThompsonRachael McEnaney-WhiteFred Whitehouse & Dee MuskRachael McEnaney-WhiteRoy Verdonk, Jonas Dahlgren, Jef CampsGuyton Mundy & Will CraigJose Miguel Belloque VaneKat PainterGuillaume RichardAmy (Glass) BaileyRachael McEnaney & Joey WarrenDarren BaileyJoey WarrenRichard GuillaumeRoy Verdonk & Sebastiaan HoltlandSimon WardWill Craig & Danny MalenfantRhoda LaiNeville Fitzgerald & Julie HarrisDebbie RushtonScott BlevinsGerard MurphyGuyton MundyGuyton MundyThe Kinsers, Ruben Luna, Philip Sobrielo, Rebecca LeeMaddison GloverGemma Ridyard & Niels PoulsenVIC BrentnellSimon WardH IntAdvP Int/AdvP H IntIntIntIntBeg/IntIntH BegIntInt/AdvIntIntNoviceImpH IntIntInt/AdvP ImpIntIntIntAdvN/AP L IntAdvIntAdvIntAdvAdvIntIntInt/AdvBegBeg/Int

111111111111111111111111Yes [Dec 2014]Zydeco Lady [Nov 1990]Head Over Boots [Dec 2015]Rockin' the Wagon Wheel [April 2013]2 Nite [May 2011]24k Magic [Oct 2016]7 YearsA Monster [June 2017]Addicted [Jan 2009]All Shapes & Sizes [Jan 2017]American Pop [June 2004]Are You Ready [April 2011]At It Again (Don't Wanna Know) [Jan 2017]Babylon [Sept 2017]Back It Up [Sept 2012]Bad Girl That Girl [Sept 2013]Dick And Geneva's Western Barn Dance [Oct 2002]Basha [May 2004]Bea [April 2017]Beethovan's Boogie [May 1998]Beneath It All [Oct 2014]Blackout [June 2017]Blank Space [Nov/Dac 2014]Blue Finger Lou [Nov 2000]Blue Sky [Sept 2010]Bodies On Fire [May 2017]BoomerangBooty Swing [Feb 2017]Bring It [April 2008]Bullfrog On A Log [Aug 2013]Cake By the Ocean [Nov 2015]California Dreamin' [May 2016]Can You This [Feb 2014]CanAm Tango [Oct 2010]Can't Handle Me [Dec 2010]Can't Stop the Feeling (3 way floor split)Carolina Moon [Feb 2014]Jo Thompson Szymanski & Simon WardChris HookeJohn DembiecJamie MarshallWill CraigRob FowlerChoreographer?Anna SzymanskiRachael McEnaneyKirsten Matthiessen & Jannie Tofte AndersenMichele BurtonAmy ChristianJohn Robinson & Derek SteeleFred WhitehouseDarren Bailey , Raymond SarlemijnDonna ManningDick and Geneva MatteisMichele PerronRoy Hadisubroto, Raymond Sarlemijn, Fiona Murray, Jonas DhalgrenRob FowlerAmy GlassGemma Ridyard & Guillaume RichardAmy GlassMax Perry & AT KinsonNiels PoulsenKat PainterKat PainterDarcie DeAngelisPaul McAdamCef DecaneyEugene Walls & Betty MosesRona KayeJoey WarrenMichele Perron, Michele Burton & Michael BarrGuyton Mundy & Carey ParsonVariousMichael BarrIntInt/AdvImpBegIntIntH BegInt/AdvP AdvIntP IntImpH BegIntH BegN/AIntNoviceIntIntH IntP IntP Int/AdvH IntIntE IntIntAdvBegIntIntP H IntIntP AdvVariousH Int

111111111111111111111111Cha Cha Sway (split with Sway Me Now)Cha Cha Tonight [Feb 2004]Champagne On Ice [March 2006]Chingford Cha [May 2001]Clap Happy [Aug 2013]Clap Your Hands [Oct 2012]Cold Blooded [Aug 2003]Come Together 2013 [Feb 2013]Cotton Eye Joe [May 1998]Country As Can Be [April 2008]Cowboy Rhythm (Jump Jive & Wail) [Feb 2007]Cowboy Up [March 1999]Crabbuckit [Sept 2004]Crimson Blood [Sept 2015]Cripple Creek [May 1998]Cry To Me [Oct 2006]Cupid ShuffleDabbin' Gold [June 2017]Dame Mas [June 2017]Dance Her Home [Oct 2017]Dance With Me (split w/ Shut Up and Dance) [April 2015]Dancin' In the Neon [May 2017]Deeply In Love [Nov 2017]Déjà vu [Nov 2001]Delilah [July 2017]Dig Your Heels [Oct 2016]DiveDivisadero Cha [Nov 2006]DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love [Feb 2017]Do It [June 2014]Do Your Thing [Oct 2002]Dock Of The Bay [Oct 2015]Doctor Doctor [March 2004]Done Runnin' [May 2017]Don't Let The Sun Go Down [May 2015]Don't Need It [Sept 2016]Double Shot Of Crown [June 2014]Ruben LunaScott BlevinsPaul & Karla DornstedtMichele PerronShaz WaltonJoey WarrenScott BlevinsDebbie McLaughlin (Rushton)C.W. ParkerSuzanne WilsonJo ThompsonShannon FinneganGerard MurphyJoey Warren & Debbie RushtonKip SweenyPaul McAdamChoreographer?IntIntIntIntIntP AdvN/AP AdvBegBegBeg/IntInt/AdvIntN/AIntIntJose Miguel Belloque Vane, Fiona Murray, Roy Hadisubroto, Sobrielo PhilipIntImpImpImp/IntE IntIntBeg/IntE IntP IntEmily Drinkall, Sébastien Bonnier, Guillaume Richard, Brigitte ZérahRob FowlerHailey QuirkJamie MarshallJackie MirandaJP PotterRia VosMaddison GloverChoreographer?Michele BurtonRoy Hadisubroto, Fiona Murray, Raymond SarlemijnMaggie GallagherBarry & Dari Amato, Max Perry & Kathy HunyadiRachael McEnaney-WhiteMasters In LineRuben Luna & Jo KinserNiels Poulsen & Simon WardNiels PoulsenFelicia Harris JonesIntIntIntIntImp/IntIntIntIntH IntL Int

111111111111111111111111Drinking Problem [Jan 2017]Easy Love [Dec 2015]Equal Love [Oct 2017]Everyday Ordinary [Sept 2017]Fairytales and Love Songs [May 2012]Fall For You [June 2015]Fault Line [Feb 2014]Fooling Around [April 2017]Four On the Floor [May 2008]Friday Night At the Dance [March 2017]Gangsta Walk [Aug 2016]Get It Bae [April 2014]Get My Name [May 2014]Get Your Shoes On [Aug 2015]Ghost Train [Dec 1997]Girl In the Mirror [March 2017]Girl Power [Oct 2013]Girls Talk [Oct 2016]Goin' Hamm [Aug 2014]Gonna Cost Ya (aka Love So Soft) [Sept 2017]Got The Vibes [Aug 2017]Guiding Star [Dec 2016]Guilty [Feb 2003]Hairspray [July 2012]Has Anybody Seen My Gal [April 2015]Head Over Boots [Oct 2015]Heart and Soul [Jan 2017]Here It Is [Sept 2015]Hey Soul Sister [Jan 2010]High ClassHistory [June 2012]Honky Tonk Highway [June 2017]Hot Tamales [Dec 1998]Hot Tamales Jr [May 2016]How Did You Love [Sept 2017]How Would You Feel [Feb 2017]Hush HushDarren BaileyKarolyna Caceres LopezNiels Poulsen & Simon WardKat PainterGuyton MundyDebbie McLaughlin RushtonJoey WarrenJulia Wetzel & Simon WardMatt Thompson & Mishi ZiminskiRob Fowler & Laura SwayFiona Murray, Roy Hadisubroto, Raymond Sarlemijn & Eleni de KokWill Craig, Linda McCormack, Joey WarrenWill Craig & Guyton MundyJo Thompson Szymanski & Scott BlevinsKathy HunyadiCody Flowers & Jennifer CameronSimon Ward, Debbie McLaughlin, Jose Miguel Belloque VaneFred WhitehouseTrevor ThorntonJill Babinec, Rona Kaye, Rosie Multari, Debi PancoastDarcie DeAngelis & Dustin BettsKim Ray & Dwight MeessenMasters In Line: Rachael McEnaney & Paul McAdamSimon Ward & Rachael McEnaneyPaul LipinskiLynn CardPaul LipinskiFred WhitehouseRuben Luna & Bracken EllisChoreographer?Gerard MurphyKelly CavallaroNeil HaleJo Thompson Szymanski & John RobinsonTrevor ThorntonGemma Ridyard & Lyn RidyardChoreographer?ImpAb BegIntIntIntH IntIntIntIntImpBegAdvIntIntBegImpIntN/AImpP IntIntIntInt/AdvP H IntBeg/ImpL IntBeg/ImpP AdvIntIntNewcomerIntH BegIntInt

111111111111111111111111I Got Love [April 2017]I Got To Be Me [April 2016]I Hope You Find It [Oct 2013]I Wanna (Dance) [Oct 2012]I Was Wrong [Oct 2017]If I Could Change [Oct 2009]If It Ain't Broke [Sept 2016]I'm No Good [Feb 2011]In Style [April 2015]In The Air Tonight [May 2007]In The End [Aug 2017]Inna's Heaven [Jan 2017]Inside Your Heaven [April 2006]Ipanema Girl [Aug 2016]Is It Desire [March 2016]It'll Be [Oct 2017]It's Going Down [Nov 2013]It's Gotta Be You [Dec 2016]Just A Two Steppin' [July 2017]Just For Grins [Jan 2007]Katchi [Aug 2017]Kick the Dust UpKira's Waltz [Feb 2010]Kiss The Sky [Aug 2016]La Vita Bella [Sept 2017]Last Minute [Jan 2007]Last Text [Feb 2017]Latin & Lace [May 2017]Leave Your Lover [Sept 2016]Let It GoLight On [April 2014]Lights Down Low [Nov 2017]Little Red Book [July 2008]Live Too Fast [Jan 2017]Love Somebody [May 2013]Love Yourself [Jan 2016]Lover Come Back [Feb 2016]Larry BassShelly ZimmermanNiels PoulsenGerard Murphy, Michael Barr, Frank TraceNeville Fitzgerald & Julie HarrisRuben LunaAmy Glass & Darren BaileyRachael McEnaneyDerek Steele & Erin MillerJo & John KinserRona KayeRhoda LaiMasters In Line: Rachael McEnaneyRuben LunaRaymond Sarlemijn & Niels PoulsenDerek SteeleWill CraigNeville Fitzgerald & Julie HarrisJo Thompson Szymanski & Norman GiffordJo ThompsonRob FowlerChoreographer?Paul & Karla DornstedtNeville Fitzgerald & Julie HarrisIra WeisburdRachael McEnaney & Joey WarrenGary O'ReillyAmy (Glass) Bailey, Rob Fowler, Darren BaileyDebbie RushtonChoreographer?Debbie McLaughlinGuyton Mundy, Rebecca LeeDee MuskMichele PerronWill CraigJoey WarrenScott BlevinsIntIntInt/AdvIntIntIntIntIntIntIntIntL IntIntBegIntN/AP Int/AdvIntBegImp/L IntAb BegIntIntIntInt/AdvIntP IntAdvIntP IntBegIntIntIntInt

111111111111111111111111Lucky For You [June 2017]Make You Move [May 2016]Mamma Africa [July 2013]Martini Time [June 2012]Meaning Of Life [Nov 2017]MJ Moves [Sept 2001]Money Maker [Jan 2017]M

From the following 14 events: Big Bang Dance Classic, Desert Dance, Line Dance Showdown, Xperience, Line Dance Marathon, Fun In The Sun, Ft Wayne Dance For All, Hotlanta, Palm Springs Line Dance Festival, Windy City Line Dance Mania, Motor City Dance Classic, Vegas Dance Explosion, Flor

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The Georgian Ballroom, Imperial Ballroom, and Main Lobby can accommodate 1,500 people for a cocktail reception. *The Georgian Promenade adds 672 SQFT more space. , and depending on availability, day-of-week- and event time, can be added to the rental of either ballroom, or to the rental of both ballrooms. The Main Lobby is NOT available as a .

Monday, 08:00–10:00 Executive Ballroom 210E Executive Ballroom 210F Joint CLEO: Science & Innovations Executive Ballroom 210G Executive Ballroom 210H 07:00–18:00Concourse Level Registration, 08:00–10

rules of ballroom dancing and creates his own style of choreography, . From Baz Luhrmann - the director of the award- . watch videos and photos, join . strictly ballroom movie poster. Mar 13, 2021 — Scott Hastings is a champion caliber ballroom dancer, but much to the chagrin of the Australian ballroom

In this section users can combine audio and video files to create a playlist. Users can add content to playlists directly from the results page. Playlists can be attached to assignments directly from the results page, and then distribute it to students. Users can add notes to their playlists in order to give direction or

Grande Ballroom, a dance hall/ballroom used since the 1940's for everything from your standard ballroom dancing, to a roller rink, and even by Detroit DJ Frantic Ernie Durham. In 1966, it was standing idle, and had been closed for some time, filled with old mattresses. Gibb s

AGENDA - AT A GLANCE Sunday, September 30th 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm Conference Registration - Ballroom Lobby 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Welcome Reception - Harbors Edge Room Monday, October 1st 7:30 am - 4:00 pm Conference Registration - Ballroom Lobby 7:30 am - 8:30 am Breakfast Buffet - Ballroom Lobby 8:30 am - 9:00 am Welcome and Opening Remarks - Grand Ballroom

5 room name red river ballroom red river pre-function bass ballroom bass ballroom i 756 27' x 28' 17'1" - 19'6" 94 54 25 21 21 48/60 4 126 screen/projector bass ballroom ii 580 21' x 28' 17'1" - 19'6" 72 41 19 16 16 40/50 3 96 bass pre-function 368 46' x 8' 19'6" 46 - - - - 24/30 2 60 kelley boardroom 348 19'4" x 17'6" 12' 40 20 10 9 9 24/30 2 50

Ballroom dancing as a profession: Translation of selected ballroom dancing texts with commentary and glossary Michaela Polláková Vedoucí práce: Kumar Alok, M.A., M.B.A Katedra anglického jazyka a literatury Fakulta filozofická Západo české univerzity v Plzni Plze ň 2014